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    Years ago when there were a huge cult of Sith lords...there was only one leader and many of the Dark Lords all fighting to be the top. The fight was yes, against the Jedi, but amongst the Sith as well. This would be a recretion of the whole bloodbath of the Sith and all but one will be killed. I need Jedi and Sith Lords...
    name:Bellatrix Black
    affiliantion;(jedi, sith)Sith
    rank:(master, padawan)master
    sabre:double ended
    brief appearance description:creepy, evil when seen...mostly hidden beneath hood of cloak
    small bio:Mustafarian.Jedi turned Sith. taught the ways of sith and plans to kill the leader.

    *whoever wants to be the lead sith, it' first ocme first serve.*

    1.minimum cussing
    2.use the IC/Tag
    3.posts in VIVID detail.
    4.No godmoding!
    5.I'll tell when the killing begins! it must be fair! no...I say I win..so I win...you actually have to fight...

    *-*-*ROCK ON![face_peace] [face_skull] *-*-*

    NP edit: I'm concerned about any thread where the premise from the outset is to kill everyone. You need a more developed, appropriate story than that.
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