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  1. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    The dust was choking, for hours the battle had raged, lightsaber hilts lay discarded all over the battlefield, their owners cut down around them. This was it....there was no turning back, here the fate of either order would be sealed. It had taken years to track down the Sith Lord, countless Jedi had died investigating strange disturbances and now they had finally found the enemy.

    Jedi Masters and Knights alike roared at their ancient foes, the Sith returning the gesture as they clashed with a ferocity unknown to the galaxy for millenia. Brothers and sisters died side by side, fathers and sons stood back to back against the darkness. No one would leave this place....nothing could survive the hatred on this day. Lightsabers spun and whirled with grace and power, every design and every colour created a macabre scene of beauty and terror, the chaos that had erupted upon this unknown planet hidden from the prying eyes of the galaxy.
    As the sun died so too did the forces on either the snuffing out of souls the light left the world. Soon there was only two colours that peirced the gloom, a green glow that stood for all that was just and fair in the universe, the other the deepest red, the anger of a thousand years. The two warriors locked eyes, they knew neither would escape their fate....but neither would their hated enemy.

    A Jedi Master and a Sith Lord stood on the blasted plains, the wind whipping around them, howling for vengeance. The two warriors raced toward each other, their lightsabers blazing in the darkness. Blow for blow the ancient enemies fought, neither gaining the advantage, with lightning reflexes they parried and struck, the smell of burnt cloth and hair heavy in the air. Their muscles screamed for rest, their breathing ragged, but neither Sith nor Jedi let up, far too much was at stake here, too many sacrifices were made. With a flurry of blows the two warriors stopped, the breathe forced from their lungs. Both hilts lay squarely on each others chests, their eyes slowly dimming, they had paid their debt. As they fell to their knees the Sith and the Jedi never flinched, never looked away, alone on this blasted world they stared into each others eyes, the hate coursing through their very souls.

    Finally they fell away, their lifeless bodies joining those that had fallen that day. As the dust cleared from the field a scene of carnage and loss would have struck an onlooker. But no one would bare witness to their battle, no songs would be sung and no stories written.

    The dataslate went dark, the young apprentice putting it back into the archives, the list of the lost Jedi was endless, he could not help but feel a hopelessness. How could so many that stood for the light be lost in shadow? The temple archives was filled with the bustling of day to day lessons and research. Alone the young apprentice toiled over the histories of the ancient order, a glimmer of hope is all he searched for in a thousand years of conflict.

    Now it is your turn to shape the fates of all...will you side with the light, or fall into shadow? You are an apprentice of the greatest order of Jedi the galaxy has ever known, the council has never been stronger, the universe is at peace...but for how long......who will stand against the coming darkness?

    This is a Jedi Roleplay first and foremost, it is set in the Jedi temple during the republic's brightest years...I have taken the liberty of changing certain story aspects to fit in with more dramatic writing and character creation. The characters of the traditional Star Wars Universe ARE present but will play minimal parts. I wan't you all to have fun with your characters without risk of being snuffed out by the likes of Yoda etc. Fell free to begin your path to darkness, we do need some PC bad guys in the end, if not I will provide =D.

    I play the role of Jedi Master Gabriel, a militant Jedi with strong connections to combat, a Jedi on the crusade to rid the galaxy of Sith. Frowned upon for his aggression by the council he is still a brilliant source of kno
  2. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    Coruscant....the capitol of the Republic, it's spendlour unmatched throughout the galaxy. It is here that the universe is goverened, truth and justice upheld. As the sun rose over the city it's thousands of glimmering windows sent light dancing over the crowded streets. It was here that the Jedi Council resided, the most powerful force in the galaxy, their words could end wars or bring tyrants to justice.

    The Order was at the height of it's strenght, with Jedi Masters such as Qui-Gon and his newly found apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Ploo Koon and of course the Grand Master Yoda. Countless Knights scoured the galaxy, performing tasks to keep balance among the stars, the Jedi could muster great forces to counter any threat from within and without.
    But it was here, at the temple, that the future of the order rested, these padawans and apprentices trained and honed their skills against one another to ensure their place among the heroes of the republic, the Jedi Order and the Galaxy.

    Master Gabriel watched from the balcony as the young Jedi sparred and dueled, the sound of lightsabers humming in his ears. A few tutors stalked among them, offering advice and guiding the Jedi. Gabriel had watched countless padawans become knights, he had yet to take one for himself but times of course were changing, long passed had the days of his youth...he was nearing his fourtieth year and he feared his teachings would never be passed on if he did not take an apprentice soon.
    Master Gabriel was seperate from most of the other Jedi that passed through, his dealings with the Sith far more intense than most of the other Jedi among the order. He had hunted down many of their kind, when Gabriel announced his missions to the council many Knights had offered to fight alongside him. Over the years he began to make close relationships with these Jedi and their apprentices, acting as a kind of unit which specialised in dealing with Sith opponents. Even more so than the teachings of the temple, for these were lessons learnt from experience...sometimes harsh lessons.

    He had lost only a few dedicated to his cause still remained, Gabriel hoped that someday soon he would be able to see his specialists grow in number, he feared the dark side was on the move....and he would be there...alone if he had to.
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    Sep 19, 2007
    GM approved

    Name - Angelo
    Species - Miraluka
    Age - 15
    Gender - Male
    Affiliation - Light Side Apprentice
    Looks - Shoulder length brown hair, normally worn in a top knot. Piercing deep blue eyes, though he does not see with them. 5'9, muscular build.
    Clothes - Loose Jedi apprentice robes, his sleeves reach down past the palms of his hands, leaving only the fingertips visible.
    Weapons - Single Saber staff, Turqoise blades
    Force User Powers/Preferances - General Force abilities, stronger in telekinesis and Force Sight than the majority of his fellow apprentices.
    Personality- Generally laid back, calm and calculating, occasionally he gets stressed about his visual deficiencies as opposed to his naturally sighted human brethren
    Background history- Like most individuals at the Jedi Temple, Angelo was picked up and brought to the Temple as an infant. Being a Miraluka, the Jedi found him quite interesting. For his parents were some of the very few surviving pure blood Miraluka, due to the destruction of their homeworld, thousands of years before hand. Knowing that they could not provide Angelo with a proper upbringing, being rather poor themselves, they reluctantly gave up their only son. As such, Angelo grew up knowing that he had parents in the universe somewhere, but knowing nothing more than that, no memorable facial features like most children have of their mothers and fathers, just the sound of a voice.

    Angelo developed like most of his peers in the Temple. Learning his strengths and weaknesses through trial and error. On Angelo's part it was more error than trial. He found that even though his gift in Force Sight gave him abilities that most his age did not, the gift itself was not so great that it could always beat a standard pair of eyes. Being naturally blind his entire life, he could easily navigate things due to his enhanced senses. But when it came to combat, he had to concentrate twice as hard as everyone else that had sight. The Force gave him insight and slight warnings when blows would come. But he was not yet attuned enough to the Force to be able to read the feelings quick enough to avoid the blow itself. This fact itself had begun to start to stress Angelo out constantly when he turned 12. Fearing that he would not be chosen as a Padawan before his thirteenth birthday. He knew he was not suited for the Agricultural Corps, which apprentices who did not have a Master before such time, were sent. To his luck and surprise, he was indeed chosen a week before his birthday.

    His Master was a former Baran-Do Sage. A Kel Dor, who had to wear a breathing apparatus to survive in oxygen rich environments. He saw Angelo's handicap much the way he saw his own, as a gift to work with, not against. And so Angelo grew into a fine young man, no longer worried about his lack of sight, but acknowledging it and working with it to expand his other senses. His Master taught him a lot of Philosophy and the Padawan soaked it up like a sponge, reciting quotes sometimes and giving the effect of seeming to be beyond his years.

    Unfortunately, philosophy doesn't always solve a tense situation, as his Kel Dor Master had thought. Angelo's Master had decided to take a fact finding quest to Tython, he wished to look into the ancient Jedi libraries there, if only to study and gain a higher wisdom. The Jedi knew of Tython's existence, but not where the planet was. The records had been lost long ago, Angelo was excited to recover it's location with his Master. During this mission, they ran across a fellow Force User who was also looking for the ancient planet. The mission went along rather well until the new companion turned out to be a disciple of the Dark Side and turned on the Jedi. His Master had tried to calm the man but to no avail. In the end, His Master was struck down because of his misplaced trust in his own skill to convert a Dark Sider. Angelo, in his anger, lashed out and destroyed the man that killed his Master. Since this situation, Angelo has remained in the Temple, now an apprentice again, waiting for the day that he may again
  4. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Firm grip. Hands slightly split away from each other. Keep a firm but easy grip on the wood. No... The hilt. This is a lightsaber, my lightsaber. Find the target in the Force... concentrate thrust


    A padded wooden staff went slamming forward only to be parried away easily. Angelo's opponent immediately recovered from the parry and made a thrust of his own, seemingly inside of his foe's defenses. But Angelo had a double sided weapon. The opposite end of which came in to form a parry of his own. He spun into the parry and sent and elbow into the stomach of the apprentice facing him in the duel.

    A startled cry met Angelo's ears. But no smirk of satisfaction crossed his face for a successful maneuver. Instead, Angelo continued to press into his fellow Jedi. His face a mask of calm features.

    The elbow had pushed his opponent back a few steps, so Angelo had to cross to follow up. In that time, Seth, his opponent this day, recovered enough to meet each of his fresh attacks with a defensive pattern, blow for blow. Angelo's staff whirled left and right in an almost blinding blur, the movement of his weapon quick enough to act as a fan, pushing Seth's robes back as the breeze caught. But Seth did not tire. And he did not falter. He met Angelo blow for blow.

    The duel had been going on only a few minutes. But already both apprentices had begun to show signs of slight fatigue. A few minutes of constant motion in quick succession would tire out anyone, being only apprentices, they knew not on how to fully draw from the Force to ease their straining bodies. Seth had decided that the fight had gone on long enough and tried to end it.

    He parried Angelo wide and landed a kick in the Miraluka's midsection. Angelo used the momentum of the kick to roll backwards and regain his feet immediately. Only to see that the whole thing had been a ruse to buy time. Seth had gathered the Force around himself. Angelo could see it clearly around the blue aura of his opponent. The energy gathering around Seth's hand. Angelo's mind worked quick enough this time to figure out what was happening next.

    Force Push

    Seth thrust his hand forward and Angelo brought his staff up in front of him. The blast of energy snapped his wooden weapon in half and again sent Angelo backwards, but he was unsteady this time, and was sent straight to his back. Seth leaped high over his fallen friend like a bird of prey swooping in for the killing blow.

    But Angelo now had two weapons. He rolled back onto his shoulders and threw his booted feet straight up at the incoming Seth. Seth, not expecting this move, moved his own feet forward and met Angelo's heel to heel, then used them as a springboard to launch himself in a high back flip, landing a short distance away as Angelo got to his feet. The two faced each other down for a moment, gasping for breath.

    Angelo charged, swinging wildly with his left, as he was right handed and not used to having separate weapons. Seth had a hard time keeping up with the separate weapons as much as Angelo did. Wood clacked against wood time and again. But finally Angelo gained the upper hand. He landed a swift combo that allowed him to kick straight up at Seth's hand as it came down. His foot caught the "hilt" of Seth's wooden sword sending it up out of his grip. Before he could grab it again, Angelo knocked it away with one weapon, spun on his heel in a 180 degree turn down to his knee and thrust his other weapon behind him, under his opposite arm.

    The padded end struck Seth firmly in the ribcage and caused him to stagger back with a grunt of agitation.

    "....Well fought Angelo. As always. You win this time."

    Angelo returned very slowly to his feet. His left hand thumbing over a notch in the wooden sword in his hand.

    "No my friend. We both lose this time."

    Seth bent over and picked up his practice sword. A confused look on his face.

    "What do you mean? You scored the killing blow."

    Angelo fingered the notch on the wood again, he had carved it there many times. He held it up for S
  5. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Gabriel

    He watched the duel between the older Miraluka and the human boy, he knew the limitations of both species. Both of the apprentices were very skilled at lightsaber combat, something all jedi should strive towards, it was their shield against the dark forces of the universe, their sword against the evil in the world. Gabriel watched and waited, the battle climaxed with the two boys performing complex maneuvers to engage the enemy. It was impressive, the Miraluka was very promising, without the use of sight he knew what a task it must be, although he was gifted with the purest of vision. One day he would learn to control it completely, that day would be a glorious one for the order.

    Suddenly it was all over, Gabriel watched as the Miraluka removed part of his saber staff from the other boys body, he had won this a manner of speaking, Gabriel could feel the boy's embarrassment...he had literally crippled himself, if using a live blade. Gabriel smiled, he knew it was a long road for the young Jedi, but a road nonetheless, one he would choose to walk.

    As the two boys parted ways he felt the force encase him, the Miraluka below him had directed his sight towards him. The boy bowed slightly and began to move away, without a word Gabriel let the force guide him as he vaulted the bannister and onto the arena floor below. He was a tall commanding man, a full six feet tall and built after years of combat and training, his piercing blue eyes gazed out of a rugged face, his slightly greying hair was cut short, almost military with a close cropped beard framing his powerful features.
    "Defend yourself!"

    Before the young boy could react the Master's lightsaber had activated, it's peculiar longer hilt pulsed forth a long blade, he grasped the weapon in two hands, the crisp blue blade humming angrily. Playfully Gabriel struck slowly towards the boy's side, hurriedly the boy activated his own weapon, something he rarely did and parried the blow. Gabriel smiled to himself and continued to push the apprentice back towards the center of the arena. The Warrior Master struck slowly for someone of his calibre, letting the apprentice anticipate his movements. Gabriel was a daunting figure on the battlefield, his stature and blade were imposing to say the least, he weilded his long blade both one handed and two, swirving his stances between many of the different forms, some even unknown to the temple. Gabriel liked the reach the two handed saber gave him, the power he could channel through it capable of crushing a Sith's defences, yet he did not sacrifice speed either.

    Gabriel could sense the boy's strikes speeding up, his presence in the force growing as he concentrated on the task at hand. The master stepped up his attacks, letting his saber whirl and spin in his hands as he delivered powerful strikes, time and time again the Miraluka anticipated and parried, Gabriel could see the sweat on the boys brow, slowly his tunic was becoming drenched.

    Suddenly Gabriel landed a crushing blow, gripping the saber with both hands he swung a the boys defence, the two blades crashing together like a thunderclap. The boy's feet almost left the floor as he slip a good few feet backwards. The Master deactivated his saber and slung it on his belt, no sign of fatigue, no sign of anything at all on his face.
    "Never doubt yourself again Miraluka....your sight is a gift, do not be distracted by things that do not matter, all that matters is your blade and his...."

    Slowly the towering Gabriel moved away, many of the other padawans and knights had stopped to watch this rare outburst from the mysterious Sith Hunter...his presence was always unnerving for most at the Temple, he was not as nieve as he used to be, he had seen darkness and defeated it, but he knew it was there.

  6. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Angelo had just turned to leave when sound waves reached his ear and alerted him to danger. His ear twitched with the sound of flapping robes rapidly descending towards him. Angelo?s hand instinctively fell to the hilt of his lightsaber. The adrenaline hit his stomach as he heard the snap-hiss of a blade that was not his own.

    ?Defend yourself!?

    Was he under attack here in the Temple? Was someone provoking him?

    He ignited his own double bladed weapon a fraction of a second after he heard the first. Through his natural Force Sight, Angelo concluded that the white aura now attacking him was the Master that had been watching him.

    Why was a Master attacking him? Angelo was confused to say the least but he didn?t let it show on his outward appearance. His personality was much to controlled for something like that. He defended himself , letting his turquoise blades buzz in front of his body to block and parry the attacks that came at him. He was trying his hardest to keep up and yet, Angelo felt that the Master laying into him mercilessly was only using a small fraction of his own strength. Was that what it meant to be a Jedi Master? To be able to move like this and never tire? To be so awesomely strong that students beneath you would feel completely and utterly without skill, though they had trained their entire lives to get to where they were.

    The ferocious match went on and on for what seemed like centuries. Angelo soon found himself panting and drenched to the bone in sweat. His sight had become slightly clearer in this fight taking place. The man before him seemed to boom in the Force. A glowing aura of a man, of the purest white. Which seemed odd in itself, for most Jedi glowed a varying degree of blue before Angelo?s eyes. It signified the alignment of the individuals spirit.

    One last swing. But this was very powerful. Angelo caught it full on his staff and was pushed backwards because of the strength of the hit. He nearly stumbled and lost his footing, but Angelo turned his awkward stumble into an ungainly roll and came up with his staff before him, waiting for another assault. But none came. He stood slowly, cautiously, eying the white aura before him. He could see the lightsaber blade itself.

    Many people would find the blade of a lightsaber intimidating by itself. But to one who saw only through the Force, a lightsaber could be a wonderful or, a most frightening sight depending on who you were. Angelo saw only through the Force. The life energy that bound all living things. A lightsaber blade, being made of pure energy, burned a swath of atoms through the space in which it occupied. Angelo could see the atoms vaporizing in a florescent bright glow. It was as if someone had dipped a neon tube into a drum of hyperdrive coolant and lit it on fire. Seeing a lightsaber being wielded by a person with a strong aura in the Force was quite surreal for the Miraluka.

    Cautiously, Angelo powered down his lightsaber staff and listened to the words of assurance from the Master that had just unexpectedly assaulted him.

    Trust in himself? Angelo recalled his former Master speaking of such things. There was a time the year before when Angelo didn?t doubt anything. But since his Master?s death, the Miraluka felt as if he was drifting in a void. He never showed it in his demeanor, but there was still a hole in his heart that his Master had formerly occupied. Not to mention the constant sense of foreboding that seemed to follow him around with new individuals that had some command of the Force. Ever since he had cut down the man that killed his Master, Angelo saw each new person as a possible Sith, or if not a Sith, someone who could betray him. Seth was a friend he had grown up with and as such, constantly trained with him with trust and confidence. While the Master?s words were wise, they were also harsh and very straightforward.

    Your blade and his....

    Angelo mulled over these words again and again, unable to say anything to the man that had just taught him a lesson in the ways of the
  7. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Gabriel

    Gabriel strode from the room his white robes flowing around him. As the automatic doors opened he was greeted by many different expressions from those in the hallway, some were of respect, some disaproval. He was in every way seperate from the mainstay teachings of the temple. The master did not falter, moving passed all those in his way, his only goal in life was to eradicate the menace that was the Sith, any student who wished to be schooled in their destruction could be taught freely, it was never an easy path, Gabriel was a fanatical follower of the Jedi Order, his passion for the good still in the universe led him into the darkest placed the galaxy had to offer. But each time he would return, his white aura pulsing around him.

    With most of the Sith order destroyed Gabriel had spend most of his years hunting down those who rippled with the dark side, there could never be another Sith Empire, of that Gabriel was certain. His methods were questioned routinely by the High Council, his approach to the Sith problem seemed to resonate with anger and hate, two key determing prequisites for the dark side to exist. But still Gabriel would refute these claims that he had become tainted, he had proven himself time and time again in open battle and in the political arena as well.

    He was a weapon of the council, of the Order and the Republic. He viewed his existance as neccessary to combat the threats in their time, he was a controlled, calm and collected member of the Jedi upper tier. His wisdom on the Dark Side was greatly sought after during times of crisis and his unwavering blade was reassuring even in the most dire of situations. So the council had accepted Gabriel's view, they knew the trials he had endured at the hands of the Dark Lords of old. Their spirits haunting his nightmares, the tortures he had been put through not only physical but left scarring on the force within him.

    Finally Gabriel reached his room, the door sliding silently. Soon he would accept another padawan, he knew this to be true, but who was yet to be decided. He needed new Knights and their apprentices for the missions to come, they would be a pinnacle part of the defense of the Republic. Gabrield knew...this peace would not last forever, the Jedi Order needed to be ready.

  8. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Somehow... someway, Angelo made it back to his room. He had had a single training session that had left him sore enough as it was, then to follow it directly, a sparring match with a Master where he felt as if his own life had been on the line. Interestingly enough, as sore as Angelo was, he was also very refreshed.

    Since his Master had been killed, Angelo had not felt very alive. He was coasting day to day, moping in his own soul about his handicap to others. The single bout with ...whichever Master that was, had energized his soul enough to bring a small smile to his face.

    Angelo would get better. He had to. Not because it was required of him. But because he was compelled to learn again. He now had a yearning to be better than he was.

    He thought about all of this while showering in his quarters. Angelo's room was like that of a typical blind person, neat, organized. Things were placed precisely in their normal spots. He never lost anything because no one ever came in here to move anything. Earlier in his apprenticeship as a Jedi, many years back, some of the trouble-making students had seen fit to use him as their object of play. They would sometimes sneak into his room and disorganize things and wait for him to fret about losing something when it was close at hand.

    But to their dismay, he never lost anything. He simply found what he was looking for and returned it to it's proper place. He also saw fit to use his talents in telekinesis to rip their undergarments skyward when they went to watch him. Blind wasn't really a good way to describe Angelo. He saw a lot more than most people did. He saw much more than they ever could dream.

    He also had his shortcomings. And like any teenager, his flaws were many, though he tried not to expose them for the world to see when he could absolutely help it.

    Angelo changed into a clean set of robes and strapped his lightsaber to his hip once more. He set out to find the Jedi that had just given him more reason to live than any other being in the Temple.

    As he searched the Temple for the White light, he passed a familiar pair of aura's in the hallway. He turned to let them pass with a respectful nod.

    "Master Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, good evening."

    Qui-Gon Jinn nodded his head in response, Obi-Wan seemed to puzzle over that for a moment before greeting him directly.

    "Good evening Angelo. You seem in high spirits."

    "I have recently seen the error of some things and decided to better myself because of them. Things are very well."

    Obi-Wan caught the joke and smiled. Qui-Gon's aura radiated a kind of amusement, knowing that his Padawan obviously did not understand the true meaning behind it.

    "Come, Obi-wan, We need to get to the transport. The mission will not wait for us to complete it."

    "Yes Master, see you when we get back Angelo."

    Angelo gave an amused nod and turned on his way. His senses stretched out around the walls and people around him. The Temple was a big place. Normally impossible to find a single person without sending a comm transmission ahead of time or meeting in a place at a certain time. But Angelo's eyes saw all. Deep within the Temple he found the light he was looking for. His feet carried him steadily towards the Master he sought. He wished to at least find out the name of the person that had inspired him so much in such a small amount of time.

    Eventually, he found himself outside the door of the Master's quarters. He could not only see the white aura beyond, but feel it as well. It was definitely the right room. His thumb reached out and pressed the chime to signal that he was there. Hopefully the Master was in the indulgent mood.

  9. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    Ic: Gabriel

    He sensed the apprentice long before he could hear or see him, he knew he waiting outside the door and he knew he had use his powers to find him in the temple. As the chime rang he moved his hand slightly, the door sliding open. Master Gabriel rose and turned to see the young boy, not many had the courage to seek out the Master Sith Hunter himself. His room was lined with lightsabers, usually of Jedi origin, memories of those who died fighting in the unknown reaches of space, along the wall was a large saber hilt, a rare design, a pike saber, Gabriel was always ready for anything and usually took multiple sabers along to his missions.

    It was like walking into a museum, ancient artifacts rested here and there, all cared for absolute precision. An ancient suit of armour, its white surface prestine and marked with ancient Jedi symbols. As the boy stood dumbstruck, not really sure that opening the door was a good idea, Gabriel stood and waited for the boys response.

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    Apr 23, 2009

    Name - Lunn'ara Dakkar
    Species - Twi'Lek
    Age - 21
    Gender - Female
    Affiliation - Jedi (Possibly Sith Hunter?)
    Looks - Lunn'ara is your average Twi'lek girl. She stands proudly at 5'7, slender and athletic due to the training aquiered at the temple. Her skin is pure white and smooth, decorated with dark purple tattoos that create intricate patterns down her arms, hands, legs, stomach and back. She also has a small, pink star tattoed under her left eye. Her eyes are hazel.
    Clothes - Like most Twi'lek Jedi before her, Lunn'ara wears garments approximating the traditional Twi'lek costumes. Low raise black pants, sleeveless black half top and black boots, black utility belt and a black cloak. (this of course changes when cold weather comes around. In those times, she wears the traditional Jedi apparel in shades of brown)
    Weapons - Lightsaber. Yellow blade, simple silver hilt. She always carries a Twi'lek dagger, but very rarely uses it.
    Force User Powers/Preferances - Aside from the Universal Force Powers, Lunn'ara is especially talented with Force Healing and Telepathy
    Personality- Lunn'ara is kind and bubbly. She is very calculating and mistrusting, and will rather keep a distance with people; she, however, is highly overprotective of those she knows, and can react very violently to threats.
    Background history- Lunn'ara was one of the three triplets born to a twi'lek slave in Coruscant. The slave's master was beside himself with rage, and so decided to punish the young twi'lek by selling the girls... if they made it to their first birthday.

    The girls were discovered by the Jedi one day while they were out with their mother. She willingly gave them up, not wanting to see them as slaves or dancers when they grew up.

    The girls were a very mischevious little group, all three of them natural leaders; of the three, the eldest was the most promising. Her name was Mary'shka and she stood out for her skill and the vibrant pink tone of her skin. She was also the first to be taken as a Padawan.

    As the girls grew, Mary'shka's superior talent became more obvious. The girl was a star pupil, and unusually strong in the Force, if a little too impulsive. She tried to help her sisters, but the girls never showed apptitude for the same aspects of their training. They managed to keep their strong bond throught the years, and so no one noticed the youngest girl's jelousy growing, not even Ashantii herself.

    On Lunn'ara's 17th birthday, she was asigned a simple quest. Nothing too challenging, just a trip to Kashyyyk. She said her hurried farewells to her sisters at the Temple, both of whom had their own places to go. That was the very last time she saw them.

    A week later, Lunn'ara came back to terrible news. Mary'shka and her Master had been ambuished in Tatooine by the Sith. Help came too late, though. Master Yohio Hadrian was in a bacta tank, his student had been killed during the fight.

    As for Ashantii, she never did go back to the Temple. The Wookies found her Master's body deep in the jungles of Kashyyyk. The wounds inflicted upon the woman's body were clearly from a Lightsaber; the twi'lek girl was nowhere to be found.

    Two years later, word came from the youngest of the Twi'lek sisters. She was now an Apprentice of the Dark Side, under a Sith Lord's service. Ashantii had been seduced by her new Master, who played on her jelousy and anger, corrupting the once sweet girl and turning her against her Jedi Master in Kashyyyk, then taking her under his wing. Rumor had it her eyes were yellow now.

    Lunn'ara was devastated and ashamed when she heard of this. She admitted she would have rather thought her sister dead as opposed to a Sith, but the truth was there and there was nothing she could do about it. The girl had lost her sisters to the Sith, and nothing could change that. She had the pink star tattooed in memory of her older sister, and set to forgetting the other one's existance.

    Despite her great skill, Lunn'ara has not been allowed to go through the Trials yet. T
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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Angelo had never experienced such an armory. As soon as the door slid open, Angelo's vision burst into neon blue aura's spread almost completely across the walls of the room. The weapons that lined the Master's quarters held the essences of many Jedi, fallen or otherwise. The entire room itself radiated power of those lost to a great fight that spread over centuries, hidden by a veil of mystique and secrecy. Never before had Angelo been subjected to such a thing. And so he stood there for a moment, in complete awe of the radiant splendor before him. Most would find the room itself stacked much the same as an impressive armory. Very few would ever see it the way that Angelo did at that moment. He was nearly blinded in all directions simply from the amount of lights emanating from the room. Though it was not the kind of painful blinding that one with normal eyes experiences with bright lights. More so a pleasant radiation. The analogy could be given that it was as if standing on the surface of Hoth, freezing and bitter, and then having a single ray of sunshine bathe you in complete and overwhelming warmth.

    He stood, looking at it all for a long moment. It seemed to span a lifetime looking at the energy before him. But eventually Angelo stepped forward slowly. Entering the room bidden by nothing but his own curiosity. His left hand outstretched to the light before him, trying to touch the energy that no one else could see. He wanted to feel it's glow within his own body. Next to this room he simply felt inadequate. Next to the man who occupied it, he felt inferior. And for that he felt ashamed. It was not in the Jedi mentality to go wanting. Or to be envious. And yet this day alone had flipped Angelo's priorities asunder. With his former Master, Angelo was happy and content. But he only expanded himself through knowledge, not action. Before today, the young Jedi had never even known that places like this could exist, and was now surprised that he did not see the energy from this room from the other side of the Temple itself.

    His fingers brushed the hilt of a lightsaber that was before him. It was a staff, like his own, it's construction unique, just as complex as the individual who had made it. He felt the eyes of the Master scrutinizing him, but was still in such awe that he forgot to show the proper respects. His mouth traced out words before his disciplined mind had time to stop them. His voice was airy and quiet.

    "Who did this weapon belong to....?"

    Angelo's mind waited for his answer, fingers still brushing the surface of the staff on the wall, the cuff of his sleeve falling slightly from the back of his slender hand. His head rotated slowly to continue taking in the room before him in complete reverence.


  12. darth_Boba

    darth_Boba Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 28, 2002

    Name - Zeno Tarsus
    Species ? Near-human
    Age - 23
    Gender - Male
    Affiliation - Jedi
    Looks - Tall, with light blue skin and brown eyes. His dark hair is usually kept shaved, as are his eyebrows and facial hair. He has a tough, sinewy build and smooth complexion.
    Clothes - Tough brown robes cut close to the body.
    Weapons - Blue lightsaber
    Force User Powers/Preferences - Adept at using the Force to enhance his physical abilities (strength, agility, reaction time, etc.) and to heal his own wounds, at the cost of being unable to use telekinesis, influence the minds of others, or generate any type of external Force energy.
    Personality - Zeno projects an air of smirking confidence that comes from years of training himself to play to his strengths. He seems to be able to say anything to anyone, but generally knows when to keep his mouth shut to stay out of trouble.
    Background history - A genetically engineered hybrid, Zeno Tarsus was created to accommodate a cross-species romance between his Human father and Wroonian mother. The romance was not to last however, and Zeno?s parents were killed by speciesist accountants who worked with his father. With a month left to go in his gestation, Zeno was saved from cancellation by the Jedi, who had discovered his Force sensitivity while investigating his parents? murder. After being purchased by the Jedi, he was eventually born inside the labs of the Jedi Temple. As a result, he came to see the Jedi Order as his family, and treated his fellow Jedi as siblings, regardless of their rank. As he grew, he realized that he was faster and stronger than some of the other students, a result of being created with complete genetic control. Focusing on these gifts, he trained to enhance them with the Force, eventually developing a high degree of self-mastery and self-awareness. Drifting between masters, Zeno was passed around by the Jedi bureaucrats in an attempt to disguise the fact that he was property they didn?t quite know what to do with. He certainly had too much potential to be resigned to the Jedi Service Corps, but there weren?t a lot of masters who could put up with a student as likely to make fun of their beard as show reverence to their wisdom. Seemingly destined to be an afterthought, Zeno refuses to abandon his family despite being a somewhat uncomfortable topic of conversation.
  13. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Gabriel

    "Who did this weapon belong to....?"

    Master Gabriel looked to the weapon he was referring to, it's sleek white haft glinting even in the dim light. It was a Sith slayer weapon, it had seen countless battles and fought in some of the fiercest struggles the Jedi Order had ever engaged in. It was an odd weapon by Jedi standards, not many used a pike saber, it was an exotic weapon and required superb control to wield it.

    Gabriel approached the wall and lifted the pike from it's mounting, "this was my masters, and her masters before her, it has fallen now to me after she was killed by a Sith Lord...." Gabriel let his words trail off, he knew that the boy shared similar background and it should resonate differently between them.
    "I know about you young Jedi, but you know little of me, I am Warrior Master Gabriel, I am a Sith Hunter for the Order. These are gangerous times we live in, for light to surive darkness must still be present, and it is young apprentice. The order beleives it to be untouchable, the Sith long defeated....I have seen the darkness of the universe and beleive me, they are not going quietly into the night."

    Gabriel moved into the center of the room, gazing upon the weapon now in his hand, "This saber was created using two sabers, the haft of the Jedi and the blade of a Sith, for once we were one.....and one we must become again.."

    Gabriel seemed to drop from his dream like state for a moment, quickly placing the weapon back. "But these views are not shared by the order and thus I am a neccesity..but not an asset..."

    Gabriel let his words wash over the apprentice, watching his every move and using the force to determine his response.

  14. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Angelo listened quietly. He was slowly getting used to the room around him. The spectacle remained, but he began taking note of the Master and what he was saying. Angelo?s gaze turned slowly and fell upon the Master. At least he had a name now.

    Master Gabriel. But something still felt off about the powerful being before him. That white aura was both comforting and unsettling at the same time. What was it that was bothering Angelo? He thought while the Master spoke. Something just seemed?. Wrong.

    Angelo blinked once and his mind was racing. Had he just seen Gabriel?s aura flicker from white to red? No, it must have been his imagination implanting things into his sight. But how could Force Sight be tampered with? A Master could probably fool Angelo?s senses.. but to what end? If it had been intentional, why would Master Gabriel want to fool him? Was this a test? Or then again it could have just been his own interpretation of something that put him off. His mind could be overcompensating for something he could not explain. But in the reality of the fact, Angelo?s speculation on how or why or what had just happened was simply that. Speculation. In the meantime, Gabriel had finished speaking and was regarding him coolly to see his reaction. And for some reason, Angelo could feel the Master poking his mind with the Force. It was a subtle, passive thing. But still Angelo felt it. How or why? Maybe Gabriel wanted him to know that he was interested in the reaction. Or maybe Gabriel was much simpler than Angelo gave him credit for, and that he was a warrior by nature and breed, but not as subtle in the ways of the Force. Or maybe Angelo was simply growing so rapidly in the Force that he could feel such things better than others.

    You are speculating again?.. pay attention.

    Angelo?s mind snapped back to the present. The whole thought process was drowned out in his mind, but on the outside, Angelo looked the same as the moment he stepped into the room. Calm, yet enamored with the aura and color that filled the place he now occupied. His eyes were sometimes passive in terms of what his mind decided to pick up around him. He could look at two rocks next to each other. One would have the same aura as a rock. Nothing out of the ordinary. However the rock directly next to it, having the same contact and history, would have traces of the aura of someone who had picked it up perhaps a week before hand. Angelo may pass said individual in the halls of the Temple some time later and recognize them from the rock. Such was his vision?s capabilities, though he did not fully understand on how to control that aspect yet. With time and training he was confident that he could utilize that gift whenever he wanted. But for now it was sporadic in it?s appearance.

    It was times like now that he saw it?s use. The pike, (as it turned out it was not a staff like his own, as he had originally thought) had left a glowing history on his right hand. His fingers played across each other as the fine blue mist in his vision danced around them. He could feel that Master Gabriel was telling the truth in who the lightsaber had belonged to, because the misty aura on his fingers told him so. It was only a surface impression but it matched up perfectly with the words that rang in his skull. Never before had Angelo been able to feel such clarity with his sight. There was no reason for Master Gabriel to lie to him of course, but the fact that Angelo could tell if he was lying or not by touching an object began to fascinate him.

    Angelo let his fingers separate and watched the misty blue aura float away into the air, before it dispersed completely. Gabriel must either find him incredibly interesting or think him rather insane for staring at his hands as if there was something there that the Master could not see.

    He looked up at the Master finally and blanked his mind at once. For he remembered again that Master Gabriel was probing him gently to read his reactions. Angelo liked to stay as calm in mind as he did in appearance, though occasionally
  15. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Gabriel

    Master Gabriel smiled, the Miraluka had taken his advice....he knew the child saw the world through the force, he knew his aura was much different from all in the order. He was a being of light, of the purest heart and mind, his dedication to the true order of the Jedi gave him the startling white. Gabriel withdrew from the boy's mind, the child had stumbled across something he was not ready to reveal to anyone...not yet...

    "Your senses serve you well, you have seen me as I am, I am a warrior of light, nothing has ever swayed my convictions. You are very brave to ask these questions of a Master, especially one you have only just met."
    Gabriel shifted, letting his imposing size approach the apprentice, he squatted down to eye level with the boy. "There are many things you do not understand yet, the universe cannot be explained as you teachers have taught, you must see passed both sides of the conflict, for there is another way. Sith and Jedi exist as polar opposites, each one serving an extreme of the two, my master and all of our line have striven to accomplish a balance of the two, for without light there cannot be darkness and vice versa."

    Gabriel motioned towards the door, he was also preparing to leave the room, Angelo might have noticed the Master taking one or two of the sabers off the wall, the master was clever in his sleight of hand.

  16. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Angelo immediately directed his gaze to the floor. He knew he had been in the wrong. And still his mind had persisted. But he was not being reprimanded. That was reassuring.

    Angelo saw Master Gabriel make a slight head motion. Or so it came off as, given the way that the aura moved. It was times like these that made Angelo wish he had normal sight. To see the facial expressions of those around him. It would help gauge reactions.

    But then again.... Wouldn't the Force do the same?

    Angelo puzzled over this momentarily as he followed Master Gabriel from his quarters. He barely realized where they were going, instead his mind continued to mull over everything that had just happened, psycho-analyzing everything that played out. Finding minute detail in sentence fragments and body language.

    As he thought of all of this, Angelo continue to follow Master Gabriel to wherever they were going.

  17. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Gabriel

    The master strode out of the room, his pace fast and purposeful. Jedi moved here and there in the quiet hallways of the temple, it's beauty unmatched across the galaxy, the soft sound of the fountain room could be heard. Gabriel knew he had to depart soon, the other hunters were to meet him and he was late.

    Master Gabriel could feel the young apprentice behind him, he smiled to himself, this should be an interesting lesson for the Jedi. Every so often Gabriel would receive a nod or a slight bow from those he passed, his reputation in the temple one of awe and respect from those who had heard of the stories.

    After a time Gabriel had led the apprentice to a secluded part of the temple, one of the meditation rooms loomed before them, the automatic door opening silently. As the pair entered the room two figures stood from their meditation.
    "I am sorry for my lateness, I was....occupied.." Gabriel motioned to the apprentice beside him, "I hope you are both ready, Angelo, let me introduce Kalos Va and Serus Tallarn. Both able Jedi guardians and members of my Sith Hunter unit."

    Kalos Va nodded silently, his white skin stark against his black robes, he was a Nagai, rare to be seen in the Temple but an able Jedi or the highest order. Kalos had encountered Gabriel on a desolate world, trapped by dark siders, back to back they fought their way out and back to the Jedi ships in orbit. The other present was Serus Tallarn a beautiful human Knight, her long flowing silver hair framed her perfect features. Gabriel had been there when her master was killed, her rage almost consumed her, it was only through gentle persuasion did Gabriel bring her back to the light. Of course he did not disclose all the events to the council, she was quickly assigned a new master and she completed her training, the silent tutor still shadowing her every step.

  18. RockDragon

    RockDragon Jedi Master star 4

    May 2, 2002
    Name - Hylas Errias
    Species - Firrerreo
    Age ? 24 (appears to be no more than 17)
    Gender - male
    Affiliation - Sith

    Looks ?
    -Height: 5?10??
    -Weight: 140lbs
    -Hair Color/Style: tousled two-tone (copper, black)
    -Skin Color: gold (silver with adrenaline)
    -Eye Color: grey
    -Build: lean, muscular

    Clothes -

    Weapons ? a white, dual-phase lightsaber

    Force User Powers/Preferences ? telekinetics and telepathy ? Hylas will often use his ability to see into the thoughts of others and to manipulate his surroundings before even igniting his blade.

    Personality - cold, calm, and analytical, Hylas lusts for power, control, and recognition. He is disinterested in and even dislikes most people; especially aliens outside the realm of human or almost human.

    Background history ? Hylas was born into the most wealthy and respected family of a notoriously heartless and power-hungry clan on Firrerre. Raised from a young age to realize the importance of power and respect, Hylas was a fierce child. Fearless and commanding, he was always the center of attention. On a leisure trip to Coruscant with his family when he was only 5, they came across a Jedi who found it incredible the way Hylas used the force to manipulate simple objects around him the way other children would with their hands. The Jedi asked to take Hylas to train at the Temple, assuring that he would become a great asset to the Order, but Hylas? parents refused; thinking of the Jedi as shady and somewhat weak, not something they respected.

    As is clear though, the dark side runs deep. Hylas? father had wrought enough connections over his long life to know a thing or two about a thing or two. Seeing the Jedi?s reaction to his son, he knew there was potential for even more prestige with his son?s talents. Clearly he didn't know enough though, he finally arranged a meeting with a darksider on Nar Shadaa. The darksider agreed to take on Hylas as an apprentice, but immediately thereafter murdered his father, in a successful attempt to incite fear and hatred in Hylas.

    Hylas was then taken to a mystery location where his training would be based for close to 2 decades. He trained there and traveled the galaxy, even parts of the Unknown Regions, during this time, and then on an occasion nearly 3 years ago, his Master had left him, telling him to await instructions on the mystery planet while he headed on a journey into the unknown. Hylas stayed ? training, patient, and awaited orders from his Master. Finally he got word. It was time to set things in motion.
  19. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007

    For those who are new to this thread, please feel free to write your characters into the story, we need to get the ball rolling so yeah =P
  20. RockDragon

    RockDragon Jedi Master star 4

    May 2, 2002
    IC Hylas Errias

    Undisclosed Flat, Galactic City, Coruscant

    From his balcony, probably a mile in the air, the rains coming in on the horizon were almost intimidating. Hylas puffed on his cigarra, the smoke lingered heavily in the thin, moist air. As he sat, he watched the twilight sky slowly fade to dark, the buildings in the distance, golden with horizontal sunlight, were seemingly engulfed with a heavy steam that rose up from the cold rain pouring on a ground that had been uncomfortably hot for days. The cigarra was calming, as was the view as the bottom levels of the Jedi Temple were covered in steam, by this time it was fully dark. Stars, satellites, ships, planets, and a thousand mysteries of the galaxy lit up the night sky. Like the stars, Hylas glimmered with anticipation. The Temple spires seemed to eye him knowingly, but even so, his guise was so friendly and familiar. He hoped no one important would be so clever as to draw suspicion from him.

    Outside the Jedi Temple, Galactic City, Coruscant

    Though he felt naked and vulnerable without his blade, this helped Hylas to better disguise his intent. Dressed in the clothes of any Coruscanti teen, and looking just as young as one, he approached the Temple. He allowed his mind to be inundated with positivity and happy thoughts. He drove the darkness as far from his mind as possible. Hylas thought to himself; "I will appear, perhaps, as a troubled youth who needs to molded. The Jedi will sympathize, and though they may sense my angst-filled frustration sometimes, they will persist in the light side, they will guide me - they will trust me." He finally entered the Temple. Not knowing where to go or even what exactly to expect, he abstained from feeling anything with the Force. Instead he immersed himself into character. He was young, a lost cause, and afraid, but most importantly - Force sensitive.

    TAG: Anyone in the Temple
  21. darth_Boba

    darth_Boba Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 28, 2002
    IC: Zeno Tarsus
    Jedi Temple

    Night shift. Awesome.
    At least I've got the place to myself, Zeno thought, prowling through the empty halls of the Jedi Temple.
    "No you don't," he said quietly. "Or did you not notice the cameras?"
    It was times like this, when he was alone or bored or both or neither, that he found himself arguing with his inner monologue.
    You say it like they're spying on me.
    Although he'd been assigned to security detail by his Master, Zeno found that he had no actual responsibility. The real work was being done in the communication center, by the professionally trained Temple Security Force. The only reason Zeno was there at all was so his Master wouldn't catch flak for ignoring him all day.
    Let's be fair; If my padawan was older than I was, I'd avoid him too.
    "After you destroyed his self-esteem."
    Well sure. After that, what's there to talk about?
    Zeno's current master, a barely-knighted Togorian, and been in the Wolf Clan with him and was at least a full year younger than he was. The security job was explained away as Night Training; a sort of take-someone-else's-kid-to-work-day situation.
    Zeno's comlink chimed, and desperate to talk to someone other than himself, he answered it immediately.
    "This is Falcon," Zeno growled, doing his best approximation of a grizzled war-hero on one last mission before giving up a life of violence.
    There was an aggrivated sigh on the other end of the transmission.
    "We're not using codenames, Zeno."
    "Define we."
    Another sigh.
    "Go check the front gate. There's some kid on the premises."
    "Will do. Falcon out."
    Quickly and quietly, the Falcon stalked towards the gate of the sacred Jedi Temple. Whatever horrible creature he was about to encounter, he was ready.
    "You're being redundant."
    Zeno jogged to the entrance of the Temple, his boots loudly announcing his presence to whoever had decided to walk right into the Jedi Temple.
    So much for stealth.
    When he arrived he saw a young boy, probably not much older than 17, who carried with him the spark of the Force.
    He doesn't look familiar, Zeno thought.
    "Neither do most of the other ten thousand Jedi running around."
    Quiet down. He'll think you're talking to yourself.
    "Hey, what can I do for you?" Zeno asked the boy.

    Tag: RockDragon
  22. RockDragon

    RockDragon Jedi Master star 4

    May 2, 2002
    IC Hylas Errias

    Jedi Temple, Galactic City, Coruscant

    Hylas felt himself being watched. He chuckled slightly to himself, not being able to resist doing so, he gently used the the Force to feel around him, and to toss a few pebbles across the walkway out of habit. At this point someone was coming for him, hurriedly it seemed, but Hylas remained just calm and nonchalant, knowing that it wasn't some watchman he would need to fool. For a moment Hylas looked up, beyond the Temple spires that loomed so far above, and again into the night sky...wondering about his Master's whereabouts, but also about the whereabouts of his fellow Sith; children he had grown up with, rescued from their menial lives of unfruitful servitude just as he was. He wondered about them, and for tiniest fraction of a second, he missed them.

    Nearly becoming entranced, it was the sound of boots clomping on the stone floor that gripped him out of his muse. Hylas pretended not to hear. Instead he just continued gazing, not allowing his curiosity to be quenched until a voice shot through the dark.

    Hey, what can I do for you?

    Hylas stared, not quite for a moment. Not quite long enough to warrant a repeat of the question. Not quite long enough to make this stranger question Hylas' ability to hear. No, just long enough seem nervous, or perhaps, calculated; ambiguous. Fixing his gaze to make eye contact, Hylas meekly began to respond.

    I've come a long way, Jedi. From beyond this world and into the depths of this planet - I've been chased by darkness, and finally, I have reached this temple... I need the Jedi to help, because the darkness won't leave me alone...

    Immediately Hylas began to contemplate what he may have construed. This was not what he had planned, he never expected his lips to utter such a blatant lie; but what a perfect lie - shelled right inside the truth. Hylas let himself become awash in fabricated fear - the Jedi would surely sympathize.

    TAG: darth_Boba
  23. darth_Boba

    darth_Boba Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 28, 2002
    IC: Zeno Tarsus
    Jedi Temple

    "You probably shouldn't have come at night, then," Zeno said to the kid.
    Maybe he's being ironic.
    "Just a sec," Zeno turned his back to the kid as he pulled out his comlink and opened the channel to the TSF.
    "Hey, Falcon here."
    The aggravated sigh returned.
    "No, this is for real." Zeno explained the kid's situation as best he could, and was instructed to bring him up to the comm center to make sure he wasn't a security hazard.
    Turning back around, Zeno motioned of the kid to follow him.
    "There's not a whole lot I can do for you personally, so what's going to happen is I'm going to take you upstairs to our comm center and you can explain exactly what's going on to someone who might be able to help you out."

    Tag: RockDragon
  24. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    Angelo remembered his discipline this time, in the presence of the Jedi before him. It was a different feeling before them. Perhaps the spectacle in Master Gabriel's Chambers had somewhat dumbed him down to a point that new sights just didn't effect him as much as they would normally.

    Master Yoda looked to Angelo as if he were slightly radioactive. His aura pulsed off in waves of deep blue. The two before him however, had the blue aura like many before them, the difference was that it did not radiate. Their aura's seemed to extend into thousands of tiny tendrils that seemed to spark off of the outline of their bodies. Upon looking at their lightsaber hilts, Angelo could tell from that same aura that both hilts had seen a lot of action.

    He tried not to think of this however, as Master Gabriel had just introduced him and it was impolite to remain silent.

    "It is an honor, Masters."

    Angelo bowed slightly and tilted his head down in respect. On the outside, his features remained impassive. He slipped his wrists into the opposite sleeves behind his back and clasped his wrists lightly.

    He knew that Master Gabriel must be gearing up for a mission, even this late at night. And that Angelo himself had not been invited to attend said mission. However, Angelo had had many revelations this night, and would not leave the interesting Master until he was told to do so...

  25. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Gabriel,

    After introducing the interesting apprentice Gabriel silently moved out of the room, the two knights flanking him, not a sound was uttered between them. Their faces were stern, their eyes sharp and focused. The three warriors were veteran Knights of the order, they had seen many battles against the Sith enemy, their bodies were covered with scars from near misses and catastrophic force battles. But all of them shone in the darkness, they were the light when all others had gone out, as diligent members of the Republic they served it's people to the upmost of their abilities.

    Gabriel knew the young Angelo was present, struggling to keep up. As they crossed through the many hallways Gabriel noticed two figures near the entrance, one was clearly a Jedi...the other he was not sure...a member of the public? They were not permitted inside the temple, at all times the temple is guarded by Jedi Guardians and security teams. To storm the temple would require an army that did not exist.

    Gabriel stopped, the others doing likewise, their gaze watching the two figures move off in the direction of the comm center. "Follow me...something is not quite right here, the public don't just walk into the temple."

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