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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    The Miraluka re-arranged the hood on the robe to sit comfortably on top of the scarf he now wore around his neck. The long cloth was a contrasting crimson to the rest of his outfit, which was fully black. The material felt smooth on his lips and nose, light enough to allow him to breath freely but keep sand and larger particles out of his mouth, not to mention shield him from the sun. Little did Angelo know, it was already night time on Korriban...

    The red scarf extended all the way down past his waistline. For some reason or another, Angelo really liked loose clothing. It allowed his body to move freely for the most part.

    Angelo grabbed the pack that he had prepared with water and emergency supplies and strapped it to his back tight enough so that it wouldn't move around on his shoulders. He knew they were here to combat the Dark Side. But until the dark one actually showed himself, he would probably play games with the younger Force Users. If that was the case, then Angelo wanted to be as ready as possible, for he did not know how long the game would last. And it simply would not do, to lose because one was weak from thirst or hunger. He wasn't backed for a camping trip on Endor exactly, he was traveling rather light in fact. But he would have enough water and ration cubes to last them a while.

    His hand fell to the ancient hilt at his side. It's weight reassuring him that he was not alone, even if Khessel and he were separated. He had the blade of Visas Marr. Thought to be the last of his kind back in her day. The hilt was very important to him, if only for that fact. He was now one of perhaps a hundred Miraluka left on this side of the galaxy.

    The 15 year old boy made his way to the access hatch and lowered the ramp with his mind. He didn't want to rush this mission but he was eager to be back at his Master's side. It felt odd for them to be here, for regardless of what Master Gabriel said to them, sending two low ranking Force Sensitives to face a Dark Jedi seemed rather like a suicide mission. Angelo was confident in his skills, but knew his current limitations.

    Was this another test from Gabriel?

    The big difference this time was that there would be no encouraging advice at the end of a one sided battle. If Angelo was thrust into combat here, it would be for his life. Not a moral pat on the back. If he slipped, he would die. And he also had Khessel to worry about. She didn't even rely on a lightsaber. Rather, she depended on a crude blaster. He wondered if she had any specialties in the Force. Something he had neglected to ask her earlier.

    The door slide aside and the ramp met the earth below. A cool breeze met Angelo's skin as he tasted his first breath of air from a planet steeped in the dark side. Oddly enough, to Angelo, the presence of the Dark Side was not as unnerving as he thought it might be. It felt like the Force was inviting him. There was of course the under laying feeling of malevolent intent, but it was something that Angelo could shoulder for the time being.

    He stepped down onto the sandy surface and kept his head tilted down, none of his facial features were visible now. Not the eyes, not the nose or mouth. He could feel eyes on him already. But whether they be from local wildlife or the person that had asked them here, he couldn't tell. Just an uncomfortable feeling of someone invading your personal space. Just to be sure, Angelo called the Force around his body, and extended his senses as far as he could. He felt everything around him. The ship, all of it's contents, Khessel, the lightning bugs dancing in the night air, and even the air itself. Nothing that was directed towards him. All the same though, Angelo kept his senses alert and his hold on the Force light at hand.

    He waited for Khessel to follow, once her preparations were complete, then began walking. All around him were stone structures, rows of tall pillars sticking out of the sand, flanking them on the extreme left and right were actual buildings. Angelo figured that they were tombs of some kind, given the au
  2. Aefernal_Fire

    Aefernal_Fire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 11, 2007
    IC Khessel Zarran

    "In any event, I hope my thought process has not unsettled you. You reminded me of something I found earlier, when you spoke of unpredictable circumstances. I found some light cloth among the clothing on our former vessel. I believe them to be scarfs, though I am uncertain of it. They feel like a scarf should, though light and airy. If memory serves, Korriban is a very dry planet. I personally do not relish dry climate and sand all that much, I will be taking one of these scarfs to cover my face as much as possible. If you wish to do the same, I left the other one in the cockpit."

    "Yes... we are..."

    The statement struck Khessel with nervousness that sent her into an uneasy quiet as she and Angelo made their final preparations as The Guardian made its approach. Everything that took place in the next few minutes, hours, maybe even days.

    Khess took a deep breath as she stood with her blaster cradled in her arms, allowing herself to trust the Force to provide. The brown-skinned girl followed Angelo?s calm example, filling a light pack that only covered the upper half of her back with water, food, energy capsules, a small kit, and blaster packs.

    The teenage girl remembered something she had seen in the glove box of the air speeder, and adjusted the straps of the pack as she moved over to the newly ?acquired? vehicle. Leaning over the passenger door on her toes to reach she opened the glove box and pulled out a black thigh holster for blaster packs.

    Scarf?scarf. Khess fit the sling of her blaster comfortably across her chest as she quickly made her way to the cockpit. She found a faded orange scarf folded neatly in an open compartment it matched the color of an unkind desert. Perfect. The teenager wrapped it around the lower half of her face and then used the rest of the broad cloth as hood over her hair the color dark corellian chocalet. Maybe soon?after all of this?she would truly be like Master Gabriel?a sith hunter.

    Moments later she stepped after Angelo, pulling her strength gauntlets over her hands.

    ?Bleh, its like stepping into a murky swamp you can?t see.? Khess wrinkled her nose at the oozing pools of darkness that seeped from everywhere despite the halting appearance of the seductive, ancient desert ruins that marked the path before them. Echoes of screams of pain and rage whispered on the cold gentle breeze and off the canyon walls.

    Khess put a fresh blaster pack in her rifle with a satisfying, solid CLICK as it locked in place, ?Lets hunt.?

    ?YOU HEAR THAT!? WE?RE COMING FOR YA!!? Khess screamed at the top of her lungs unnecessarily into the valley of the Sith Lords.

    Something howled unnervingly in the distance, eagerly welcoming the sentients aglow with the light side of the Force?just like so many before who came only to be consumed in the dark.

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  3. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Kalos Va

    He felt the engines cease to hum, the warmth of the turbines at his back. Slowly but surely Kalos unfurled himself, like a black snake he stretched. His footsteps made no sound as he exited the hold, his black robes flowing around him, the Sith Hunter dropped his force shadow, his true presence pulsing around the ship. He hated dampening his force powers, however he did as his master requested, no matter the task.
    His eyes blazed in the dark of the ships interior, the lights had powered down and the occupants had left, he could feel them, not too far from here. Kalos' face was grim, he knew what he had to do, he had to confront this dark lord and possibly end this threat himself. He was not new to this life, he had ended the reign of many self appointed masters and tyrants. He was born for combat, he was an orphen of the light and a seeker of the dark, he slew any and all that impeded his master. He had given up love and happiness.....a long time ago....

    The desert was harsh...he has been here before, he knew the feeling of dread, in the darkness he ignited both of his sabers, their startling green pulsing in the night. Kalos deactivated them again, looking into the distance, let this beast come....he would be ready.

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  4. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    A familiar brushing on the back of his neck.

    Angelo stopped in mid step and turned his head only slightly in the direction of the feeling. He shrugged it off and continued walking next to Khess.

    ?Bleh, its like stepping into a murky swamp you can?t see.?

    Angelo turned and let his sightless eyes drop half closed as they focused on Khessel. He blinked at her slowly.

    ?Lucky for us, I am not hindered by the needs of physical sight. Anything wishing to harm us within your normal eyesight, suffice to say that I will tell you before you know, and you will have adequate time to react.?

    ?Let?s hunt.?


    Angelo turned quickly back towards Khessel and relaxed. She was preparing her rifle.


    Angelo continued to stare at her, blinking slowly. Almost incredulously. His voice came as the polar opposite of his companions.

    ??. Quite?..?

    Angelo took a slow breath as he walked, keeping both arms at his sides, the sleeves of his tunic covering both to the backs of his hands. His sightless eyes flicked from side to side every now and again, searching for something they would never see. Again, his voice came light and quiet.

    ??You know?. Even if you do not feel as though you are a Jedi.. it does not negate the need for a lightsaber?.is there a reason why you do not carry yours??

    His gaze fell upon his hand, he noticed that it had regained a small amount of blue coloring. For the most part however, his aura remained the same colorless gray, flickering back and forth every now and again as if unsure whether or not to burn bright like a star, or to remain cold and out of sight.

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  5. DarkSavior

    DarkSavior Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 1, 2006
    IC: Hu'Ral

    He had been sitting down as he was silent. He was concentrating on keeping those that were around him at bay, they were of stronger strength than him. He was definitely not the strongest in the valley. He was not stronger than the tomb of the sith lord he was sitting in right now. He was concentrating on keeping that which was unseen at bay.

    Hu had been looking down as his white hood was illuminating the tomb that he had been in a deep trance and his eyes were closed. He had heard You hear that, we are coming for you! his eyes sprung open immediately as he felt their force presence, they were very weak, but yet they had a lot of strong power that could be used.

    He stood up and brushed the dust off his cloak an then his pants and his backside. He stood and slowly stretched as he cracked his back and then moved towards the door. He slowly said "let the games begin" he was very silent for a moment after that as if he had reflected back on him, they had no idea on the teams, yet they came here, very foolish.

    His hand raised the door to the tomb as if it were little measure to him. He had felt such a strong affiliation to the soon affrication that would find these poor jedi. Sure of something, that their own strengths would be used against them and they wouldn't be able to do wasn't your weakness' that you needed to worry about.

    His cloak slowly dragging along the floor as it created a wave like pattern as he walked along. He stretched a little more until he was at the door, he breathed out heavy as his mask made it so much easier to tell when he was breathing and as well what he was going to do to take care of these jedi scum exactly.

    He moved outside and looked for their ship, why they would land so close to the tomb, he wasn't sure, but luckily the tomb he was in was actually in the caves an was definitely not something that you would see unless you knew about it, but none the less, he had to make them pay a little price for being so stupid. He used force speed to run quicker an quicker in a circle, eventually you could see almost a cyclone of sand and he stopped momentarily to smirk at the younglings as he used force push to blast a bunch of sand ontop of their ship. He wasn't going to let them use the easy way out, as of a freighter had begun to dump sand from the sky it would head towards them.

  6. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo


    Angelo screamed suddenly and thrust a palm out at Khessel instinctively and used a Force Wave to try and get her away from the incoming cyclone. He himself surrounded his body with the Force and leaped in a high back flip away from the incoming storm. Angelo landed out of the cyclones path as it roared past towards their ship. His arm shot up to cover his eyes as sand blew at him in force.

    He narrowed his vision to concentrate at the cyclone. His sight pressed straight through his own arm and down at the ship. There was an aura down there that he immediately recognized as the familiar feeling he had right when they left.

    Knight Va.

    He was certain Kalos could get himself out of the way of the cyclone. So Angelo used the moment to pinpoint the location that the cyclone had come from.

    Up in the cliffs

    The Miraluka closed his eyes and feel into a kneeling position in the settling sand. The Force surrounded him as it had in his battle with Kalos, back in the Jedi Temple. A deep breath was all it took for Angelo to steady himself. Sand began to raise around his body. It spiraled around his person slowly.

    His mind was concentrated on one thing. The aura that had surrounded the cyclone that had just buried their escape route. He wasn't skilled in making such an attack. But he could sure mimic the structure of the Force that had been sent after him. Angelo's senses spread out to the rock formations before them. The fool was still present in the Force.

    The dark sider would notice that small bits of rock were starting to break off around him. They would begin to surround the dark one slowly at first, and then pick up pace as more and more bits of rock came to join them.

    Angelo's scarf seemed to rise of it's own accord. His clothes were ruffling from a wind that seemed to only touch his body.

    You're mine Sith

    The rocks surrounding the Sith were now thick enough that they formed a complete wall, 360 degrees around his body.

    Angelo opened his eyes slowly.

    "Game over"

    His fist closed at his thigh.

    The rocks closed in on themselves.

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  7. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC Kalos Va

    The blast wave rocketed towards him and the ship, the dark Jedi looked straight into it, his sabers rising from his sides. Kalos breathed slowly and activated both blades, they hummed reassuringly.

    The two hilts left his palms and hung in mid air before him, with a grunt Kalos whirled his arms in a windmill, the two blades began to spin mercilessly, the sand blast pummeled into him. His figure dissapearing in the gale. As the sand died down, the soft humming could be heard in the cloud, then two circles of light. Kalos Va stood, his sabers whirling infront of him, a trick he had learned from the young boy ahead of him.

    Kalos snatched his weapons from the air and sprung forward, his cloak still hung in the air for a moment before dropping heavily to the ground. His speed was amazing, he soared across the ground barely touching the sand. With a powerful kick he burst into the air where the Dark Lord was now surrounded. His black Jedi tunic strapped tightly around his toned frame, he was a Guardian, first and foremost, saber combat was his life.

    Kalos glared at the newly formed rock formation, his sabrs held ready, he knew this was not over. His red eyes blazed beneath his jet black hair, his white face like a ghost on this barren plain.

    Kalos spoke, his voice soft yet frighteningly powerful. "Let us end this..."

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  8. Aefernal_Fire

    Aefernal_Fire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 11, 2007
    IC Khessel Zarran

    You know?. Even if you do not feel as though you are a Jedi.. it does not negate the need for a lightsaber?.is there a reason why you do not carry yours??

    ?What? I never took it off!? Khess laughed and turned her hip to show Angelo (forgetting he was blind) where her lightsaber still hung from under the blue cloth she wore wrapped around her waist, ?I?m not that fool??


    The next thing Khessel knew she was flying through the air and under the attack of an unkind cloud of sand that invaded her clothes, mouth, and nose as she was Force pushed away from the brunt of the cyclone to relative safety. Khess twisted her body to land on her feet, arms protectively over her face.

    The brown-skinned girl?s feet continued to slide helplessly through the sand until what looked like a fading open grave along the path chose to cut her short. She disappeared with a high pitched and surprised yelp.

    Well, this wasn?t going quite as planned.

    The short teenager looked up at the twilight sky of Korriban and the edge of the grave only a quarter of a meter out of her reach and Force jumped?only to be jerked clumsily to the ground. Khess looked down at her armored boot and screamed at the skeletal hand sticking out from under dirt and loose rocks holding her down.

    She could hear the final screams raging with jealously of the Sith Acolyte corpse. In the same instant she had screamed years of habit loosed her lightsaber immediately, and severed the rotted bone as she jumped to freedom. The startled brown-skinned girl jumped at the sound of rocks crushing violently into each other.

    Khess stared with wide brown eyes flecked with gold as she felt the great power of her blind companion manipulating the earth soaked in so much darkness. Time to make myself useful.

    Her yellow lightsaber hummed as she ran over toward Angelo quickly, her other hand carefully holding her blaster rifle at the ready and out of the way of her blade. She slid to a stop protectively in front of Angelo, ready to defend or attack as necessary, and trying to feel out for enemies.

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  9. DarkSavior

    DarkSavior Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 1, 2006
    IC: Hu'Ral

    He chuckled to himself a he turned and noticed the rocks. He had poked at one of them with a long digit as he poked them it sort of wobbled in the air and he understood exactly what this one was trying to do, but yet he was very weak, ah yes, it was too late by the time he had sensed the presence of blood hound that they had sent after him, but none the less he was sure that this would come to an end that would be most suitable. He thought of the best plan of action. He waited for the rocks to slowly close in on him as the red humming blade hummed to life and with a quick swoop he turned a circular area of the rocks into dust. He jumped through the sudden death trap with a cork screw like motion a he began to roll as he hit the ground, landing on the opposite side of the jedi.

    He knelt as he looked up at him. they were about 10-15 feet in close to one and other. It wasn't close enough to make an escape and he knew that his lightsaber skills were only able to over power the two below, that was what he kept him alive at this time. He knew that they wouldn't be able to beat his lightsaber skills, but this man certainly could. He was no fool and knew who his opponents were ahead of time, they were well known in the galaxy. Kalos, it was strange to see him instead of the grand ol jedi master here. He was some what insulted, actually he was very insulted.

    "You're right. let's finish this. You see the thing is..I've already done it. Korriban has a unique type of sand, it's an almost organic type of sand that is course and can be mixed very well with things, say for example black powder, perhaps an explosive charge. I care not weather I live or die, I come back in these tombs, but're life force isn't strong enough to survive that blast, you most certainly would not be able to do what I am able to accomplish. " he took in a deep breath. All his speak was in basic as his very unique orifice known as a mouth wouldn't be able to speak the dialect of humans.

    He looked towards the jedi as he ignited his blade. "Really, you died the moment you set foot on this planet. There was never a bomb that was planted on your ship, I wouldn't go to the trouble of doing such a thing, but your minds are easy to toy with. " he chuckled in a mono toned sort of way.

    "you forget your place, if you are here...then who is watching your ship? and the jedi temple? you claim that you are sith hunters, are you really that different from us? you strike down in anger, your hatred; all of you. I can feel it, you hate this place, it makes you uneasy, search you feelings. it makes you uneasy. " he began to move his blade to touch the ground, there were some black specs in the sand. "I want the boy and girl to follow me, if you stay out of it, I will spare you that child prodigy, but if not then we all an explosion that will be seen from space. " he didn't turn but just stood there. "Always two, one master" he looked around, he would let the jedi finish his sentence. He pointed to himself to indicate that he was only an apprentice of the darkside and that the real sith was still out there. that there are those who he had learned from were far more powerful than him, though they had already knew that.

    "Make your choice jedi scum" his blade was an inch off the ground now as it hummed and swished a few inches above the ground almost like a pendulum, back and forth slowly lowering. "I could just be lying as well Jedi...but the choice is truly your's live or die, the choice is up to you.." He was actually very calm for a sith, a sort of eerie sort of calm that was un-natural about his kind. "Also, her fathers dying words are inside there. " he jerked his head to point towards the tomb that he had just come from. "so if you wish for the young lady to find her fathers dying wish's, then you can play it smart for once, let that hot head of yours cool down. I would also advise your little mirror down there to stop over exerting himself, for he will cause exhaustion very easily, an also is in the place of my people. His mind i
  10. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Kalos

    Kalos ccoudl not sense the others intentions or the subtleties in the force to detect a lie. He could not be sure that the Sith was telling the truth, and so with that in mind....

    Kalos' sabers deactivated, he now knew his opponent, he was the apprentice of this master they had been hunting...yet did the Sith know of the other apprentice? He was not sure, Kalos spat on the ground near the apprentice...."I am no Jedi...Sith."

    He knew the Sith wanted to use the children for some sick game, slowly he gazed at the two young Jedi, he knew their lives hung in the balance here...he knew either way they would probably die....Kalos' eyes saw the fear on their faces....he could sense the Sith nearby, his saber so close to the ground now..

    Kalos' eyes burned red, his hand flashing outward, gripping the apprentices blade with the force and flinging his arms skyward. Within miliseconds his sabers were activated once more and he was upon the apprentice, his blades humming as they struck time and time again, if they were going to die, he would do so defending the children....


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  11. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo


    The rocks had really been nothing but a distraction for the Sith so that Knight Kalos could close the distance and engage the dark one. Angelo knew that from the start. He knew that as soon as he stepped on the surface of the planet, as he had felt Kalos in the Force, that their fate would rest in the hands of the blade weaver. He had more experience on the issues that they faced. Angelo knew he would have to do his part as well. By making himself stick out with the rock wall, the concentration was divided just enough to give Kalos the time to close the gap and engage. He hadn?t counted on Khess?s protection, but welcomed it as a part of the strategy forming in his mind. It allowed him to concentrate on the Force itself, letting him drop further into the meditation to deepen the effects of whatever he threw at the Sith. But then the deception really kicked in. It was not Angelo?s deception for the Sith. But rather the Sith?s deception to everyone present.

    The whole thing was a trap. His ears perked as he strained to hear the words exchanged by Master Kalos and the Sith.

    Angelo let go of the rock wall and began to augment his ears. He picked up vaguely that the ground was basically a giant bomb. If the beam of anyone?s lightsaber touched it, it would likely ignite and set off a chain reaction that would doom all present to immediate and painful death.

    He gazed upon the ground around him quickly.

    The Sith wasn?t lying?.

    Angelo had not seen the danger before because the planet itself appeared crimson to him. He thought that it was the aura of the long dead Sith Lords that were buried here. And in fact most of it was. But under that was a deeper shade of red, showing patches of danger all around them, under the sand, mixed with it.

    Angelo took a sharp breath inwards between clenched teeth. He had been foolish. It was a mistake he may not live to regret.


    Angelo?s head snapped up at Kalos? urgent voice. He hesitated for a moment before springing to his feet. He saw the danger around them?.

    And shook his head ruefully. His voice came quiet and measured.

    ?Khessel? the explosive powder is everywhere, even if we ran, one stray slash from a blade would ignite the whole thing, we wouldn?t make in time. And we cannot take off in the ship, it is now essentially a bomb powered by hyperdrive coolant. The only thing we can do is help Master Va? I hope you will choose to fight along side of me??

    His right hand drew fluidly up the side of his hip. As if magnetized, his ancient lightsaber sprung off of his hip, spinning 4 times before slapping into his waiting palm. Angelo gave one last nod to Khess before he sprinted ahead.

    He was running straight at a high stone pillar that was situated in the valley.

    Remember your training Padawan?The Force is your ally. Depend on it?s strength? Angelo began thinking to himself.

    The Miraluka gathered the Force to his legs and sprang up high. He couldn?t bound the pillar with his current skill but he got high enough up to gather enough momentum to move forward again. His free hand flung out and gripped a damaged part of the stone, then wrenched his arm backwards and threw himself feet first straight up and over the pillar. He grunted as he twisted in midair, a slow corkscrew that brought his feet back under him as he landed in a crouch on the pillar. His heart rate was picking up because of his short flight.

    Angelo?s thumb found the activation button of his ancient lightsaber. Hastily he pressed it down and watched as the ?Hyperdrive coolant flame look? sprang to life in a neon white and black outline to his vision. Outwardly, the blade looked normal enough for a weapon of the same type, the blade was a deep cobalt blue.

    ?I am sorry Master Va, but there is nowhere to run?. I hope you accept??

    Angelo drew back his arm and flung his lightsaber as it began to spin rapidly. It rocketed like a disk of death towards the Sith.

    ?? MY AID!?

    His hand was held out toward the flying lightsaber, co
  12. Aefernal_Fire

    Aefernal_Fire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 11, 2007
    IC Khessel Zarran
    The Valley of the Sith Lords, Korriban

    Khess watched as the epic lightsaber battle began in the lethal battlefield. Her brown-eyes flecked with gold looked on almost helplessly. She didn?t have Angelo?s brute force or brilliance with levitation, the teenager had no where near the skill of Master Va with a lightsaber, and she wasn?t comfortable enough with her blaster just yet to hope she wouldn?t set the sand ablaze herself?she didn?t even really have what she considered a useful specialty.

    Mind tricks? What was she supposed to do, mind trick the sand into not exploding?!

    Hold on?

    The brown-skinned girl deactivated her lightsaber and hooked it to her belt. Khess slid her left foot forward, anchoring herself to the ground and gracefully extended both arms before her while leaning forward?and concentrated.

    Maybe, what she was really good at was? finding things?finding how to get someone to do what she willed, how to find a lone blaster shot lost in a full spectrum of countless rays of light, or?how to find explosives woven in sand?She reached outward with her mind? sifting through molecules?and struggling?

    ?Also, her fathers dying words are inside there. So if you wish for the young lady to find her fathers dying wish's, then you can play it smart for once...?

    The words enraged her. If it was true?even if it truly was a message from her real father?HE HAD NO RIGHT TO WITHOLD IT!

    The sand rippled violently, blood red dust and sand levitating low in the air for only a moment from the shock.

    Khess cried out in all the rage and pain she had kept locked down inside, pulling her gauntleted hands stiffly toward her chest. Blood red rippled and sifted through the sand like time through an hourglass toward the girl and away from the Hunters and the Sith Lord.

    The lethal explosives burst past her like a crashing wave. Deadly blood red dust swirled around her legs, and arms, cutting through her clothing into her skin like glass from the speed, staining her clothes. Khessel?s dark hair blazed wildly in the wind.

    Khessel Zarran, daughter of a corellian pirate, looked upward with blood shot eyes irritated from the lethal red dust, a live bomb ready to explode. Had the Sith Lord gone through all the trouble and come this far to set her ablaze and lose her now?

    She was about to find out.

    The brown-skinned girl had felt giddy from the strength surging through her, drunk from the sensation of pain from the sand cutting into her?had any of the Masters at the Jedi Temple known she was capable of this? Perhaps the darkness in the Sith holocron had taken the girl and she had simply never realized it? Or had it only awakened this darkness within her?

    ?You have something that belongs to me.? Khess spoke with quiet venom that amplified in the darkness that reigned on Korriban. Blood-colored sand floated around the girl like the lethal aura around a Sith holocron. To activate her lightsaber now would be suicide, instead, she lifted the blaster rifle level with her eye.

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  13. DarkSavior

    DarkSavior Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 1, 2006

    He watched the jedi master as he had lowered his blade, he knew that he wasn't going to do anything foolish. He sort of narrowed his eyes and watched him as he spit on the ground infront of him and he watched it sizzle for a moment and he smirked at him, though no one would be able to see behind his mask.

    "You've made a wise choice, you have my word that they will be unharmed. " he nodded to him and his white bladed lightsaber had been flung from his hand and he was caught off guard, the two jedi had decided their fate. His blade had been de-activated as the dead man trigger had come into effect. He quickly looked at the man and kept his mind focused. He watched him and jumped back twice only to see a lightsaber come towards him and it had cut along his arm as he was too slow to avoid it, it narrowly missed his chest as he looked towards Angelo...gone was his calm aura replaced with a red aura as he began to sprue forth flames of anger and aggression.

    "I'm going to cut you like the ganguns you are " he acclimated with a rather loud tone as he watched his lightsaber just about to fall and he speed forward and grabbed his lightsaber blade before it had hit th ground. His anger was now showing and it was relevant now that he was most definitely a sith lord. His anger over flowing as waves were crashing, his anger was so thick that you could cut it with a knife around him, you had a sort of feeling that this wasn't going to end well...for somone.

    He had his white bladed lightsaber in his hands and ignited the blade but stopped short when the sand had begun to raise..well actually the explosive power. He looked at had taken him a very long time to get enough power from detonators.

    He looked towards her and de-ignited his lightsaber. His eyes watched her and nodded."Yes, I do. " his head never stopped facing his opponents as he knew that two would be enough to handle. She had fallen, he could feel the anger getting the best of her. "If you wish it, then please come with me. " he had calmed down, this is exactly what he wanted? His eyes covered by the black goggles that he wore. The only black things that he had on him were his goggles and his mask both were to make sure that he was to remain alive in such a hard planet.

    Looking to the jedi master. "the boy may come, but the other. "he jerked his head in an upward motion To the jedi master "stays here. " he looked over at her. the exact imagine that her father had told him that she was. He looked towards her and then over towards the cave. "If you want then you'll accompany me into the cave and we will get it together. I will not go in and get it, I will also not allow you to go in and get it" a long sort of pause. "even the one with no sight can see that I'm telling the truth when I say that you will never find it if you are to try and strike me down, or if you even try to look for it yourself. This trap is little compared to what would await you inside this cold damp tomb...which would then become your tomb as well."

    He stepped back some as his yellow flesh blended into the sand as he nodded to her. "please, there is no reason we cannot be civil about this. After all, you are a person of logic, I am a person of logic, I'm sure that you're jedi friends are people of logic, You should understand that this is not how it's suppose to be, I only wish to give you you're fathers dying words. I've read them and when you do, then perhaps you will understand why I went directly into the heart of the jedi to get to you."

    He began to feel a nagging sort of feeling as he looked towards the boys lightsaber. "Where did you acquire that blade?" he exclaimed out of shock, he couldn't hide that part of himself very well.

    He looked back at Khessel "what is your answer youngling. " he turned his eyes towards the present threat(Angelo and Kalos), he knew that the master was a better fighter than his own lightsaber skills, but the sith was better with the force. He waited silently...if he had to then he would end the girl, if only for her own sake, she wa
  14. Aefernal_Fire

    Aefernal_Fire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 11, 2007
    IC Khessel Zarran
    The Valley of the Sith Lords, Korriban

    "Yes, I do. "

    Khess had stumbled, slipped, and managed to find the dark path of screams in shadows?She hadn?t?meant too? Something tugged at her heart that felt like guilt and shame but was drowned out by the war cries of countless soldiers who had died here, alive with rage and blinded pride.

    "If you wish it, then please come with me. The brown-skinned girl covered in red dust had never thought she?d hear a Sith say ?please.?

    "The boy may come, but the other." the Sith jerked his head in an upward motion To the jedi master, "stays here." The Sith looked over at her and then over towards the cave.

    "If you want then you'll accompany me into the cave and we will get it together. I will not go in and get it, I will also not allow you to go in and get it"

    He paused.

    "Even the one with no sight can see that I'm telling the truth when I say that you will never find it if you are to try and strike me down, or if you even try to look for it yourself. This trap is little compared to what would await you inside this cold damp tomb...which would then become your tomb as well."

    He stepped back some as his yellow flesh blended into the sand as he nodded to her.

    "Please, there is no reason we cannot be civil about this. After all, you are a person of logic, I am a person of logic, I'm sure that you're jedi friends are people of logic, You should understand that this is not how it's suppose to be, I only wish to give you you're fathers dying words. I've read them and when you do, then perhaps you will understand why I went directly into the heart of the jedi to get to you."

    Oh, so now they were good friends and going to discuss the whole thing over tea? You know, the whole bomb threat thing and explosive sand, why thats in the definition of logic! How else could he have possibly given the girl her father's dying words?

    Khess lowered her rifle as her eyebrows lifted, her jaw dropping slightly with confused astonishment at the Sith Lord.

    "What is your answer youngling?" The Sith Lord turned his eyes towards Angelo and Kalos keeping his eyes on what he apparently only considered a real threat.

    Khess blinked, mulled it over a bit, then decided with a nod, ?Yeah, I think I?m just gonna take whats mine.?

    The wild haired girl calling on the darkness of the planet at her feet and lifted her rifle level with the Sith Lords dark mask, ?Or at least kill you, Sith, and be done with this.?

    She angrily fired three shots that curved wildly away from their straight trajectory, almost as quickly as the last shot left the barrel, Khess fired off another three and let them take their natural course towards the Sith Lords breathing mask. The blaster rifle extended far enough from the lethal cloud around her that she didn?t have to worry about the danger.

    Did he really think it was going to be that easy?

    Lets see just how powerful you really are.

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  15. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC Kalos

    His eyes went wide as he felt her press down the pressure button on her blaster, before he could move three bolts were streaking towards the Sith. Kalos shrugged off his surprise and acivated his sabers again, launching headlong into the Sith once more. If he wanted his game, he would have to do it through rubble and debris.

    Kalos spun through the air, he would intercept the Sith just as the bolts collided with him, he would have to make a choice, and make it fast.

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  16. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007

    IC: Angelo

    His soaring lightsaber found home as it sliced across the Sith?s forearm. Angelo twisted his outstretched arm and spun the distant blade in an arc back towards him. As it wove it?s deadly afterglow towards him, Angelo didn?t twitch. He needed perfect control if he didn?t want to bisect himself. At the last second he twisted his wrist to position his hand perfectly for the hilt of his lightsaber to slap onto his waiting palm. He let it continue to spin for a few revolutions on top of his palm before bending his arm behind him and halting the blade in his closed right hand. The cobalt lightsaber as held at a diagonal across his lower back. Angelo?s left hand came out in front of him in a defensive position.

    But no attack came. Instead, in a surprising display of raw talent, Khessel began to siphon the explosive powder around them all. Angelo saw her power growing in the Force as the powder raced around her, slashing at her and creating abrasions. He realized that she was learning a lesson of pain and what it meant in the Force.

    ?It was making her stronger. Much? stronger?

    In yet another surprise move, the Sith?. Began talking. To all of them? As if nothing was going on, even while he was clutching his burned arm that had been scored from Angelo?s ancient lightsaber moments before.

    Was this Sith some kind of evil genius? Brilliant in tactics but so lost in his own mind that he was completely mentally insane? He even went so far as to ask Angelo where he had gotten his lightsaber.

    If someone was trying to kill me, outnumbered me three to one, obviously had an upper hand in the combat department and from what I could tell, every part of the battlefield covered, close range melee and long range respectively, the last thing I would be doing is asking them about where they got their weapons.. this must be some kind of trick. Sorry Sith. I didn?t come here to make idle conversation. No? I am a Hunter now?. And you are the prey.

    Angelo stood as the conversation continued. He kept his eyes on Khessel, she was now very dangerous to be around. She had made herself a fuse to the bomb.

    ?Yeah, I think I?m just gonna take whats mine.?

    Angelo felt what he deemed as a twig snapping in an open forest, all in the Force. It echoed in his mind before the action took place, he was already leaping off of his tall pillar right before Khessel pulled the trigger of her rifle. He hit the ground in a shoulder roll and came up running, his crimson scarf flying in a long trail behind him.

    The Miraluka sprinted to Khessel?s side and slid across the sand in a crouch before her, remembering to deactivate his lightsaber as he got close, as not to ignite the powder surrounding her body accidentally. He quickly snapped the hilt back onto his belt and held both hands out to his sides. More rocks tore themselves away from the nearby cliffs and surrounded the duo. Angelo closed his eyes in concentration. His sight still blazed in the Force as the rocks surrounded them as they had the Sith, but this time it was a wall of protection. Angelo left a narrow rectangle in the rock wall so his companion could still fire her weapon through it.

    To his sight, the rocks before him looked like a complete, full wall that angled around them. A bending sheet of neon white with thousands of fractures where the rocks met.

    The first three shots rang out just as he had slid in front of her, the second three snapped through a hole as the formation was coming together. Now the rock shield was in place and Khessel could snipe out of it as needed. Angelo spoke through clenched teeth as he held the shield around them.

    ??show me?. In the Force??where you need an opening?. By the time your trigger is depressed? it will be there? I will pr?protect you? from igniting?. My friend??

    The Miraluka had never done anything like this before, it was straining but he would continue to hold as long as he needed to. If they worked individually then the Sith would have them. Angelo started tactically, and was now workin
  17. DarkSavior

    DarkSavior Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 1, 2006
    IC: Hu'ral

    He was not impressed with the outcome of this situation and it showed as he let out a loud exasperated sigh that sounded more like a hiss through his mask. He looked towards them and this would be the last words that they heard "I hate you'll die" as he ignited his lightsaber and would show them why he was considered one of the most powerful sith's that were alive.

    He shook his head as he pushed his feet down in the sand, he began to concentrate as he let out a loud roar suddenly a great deal of the force could be seen coming around him by those around him. He waited until the bolts were in range. He suddenly discharged a sphere of force energy around himself(force wave) it had 25 ft radius. He began to grawl now as he knew their intentions. He seemed to sense some of the desperation in his voice. He knew that the young jedi would only keep with the annoying rocks, but he now understood why it was nothing more than an annoyance, he was sure that he was only going to keep trying to protect her, but now he was going to end the one who had started it all. She was very surprising.

    He had used force wave to push away all incoming attacks and then force speed to move towards the jedi master with a quick flick of his wrist the white blade had hummed to life and sliced downwards towards the jedi master, the full force of the darkside had come out of this one, he knew that they would try something. a not so smart move. he removed his injured arm from his lightsaber and pointed towards the two young jedi and released a vicious force lightening wave..his calm aura was gone, now it was replaced with the aura that they were used to see, an evil sith aura that would do anything to kill them.

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  18. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    IC Kalos

    The saber came down fast, but Kalos was a master, his left saber easily deflecting the blow, the Sith's blade sliding down and off. The Sith's outstretched hand let loose an immense lightning storm towards the two children, Kalos grunted as he stepped into the Sith's open defences, both of his sabers whirling in his hands. from the corner of his mind Kalos could feel a presence, one he was familiar with. Kalos smiled as he continued his bout with the Sith....things were going to go differently, very quickly.

    Over the combat a high whirring could be heard, the sand creating a dust cloud around the combat area. Suddenly the lightning struck something, through the haze a long blue saber shone brightly, the lightning pulsing from its energy beam. From the cloud the shimmering white form of Master Gabriel stepped forward, infront of the children, his speeder bike laying on its side. As the imposing figure of Gabriel moved towards the Sith another saber sprung to life, Serus Tallarn leapt from the second bike, corkskrewing through the air. Now...three masters versus one Sith, Gabriel was going to give him one chance and only one to surrender, that or face destruction.

    "You are outmatched Sith Lord.....I would suggest surrendering before you fall completely into darkness."

    Gabriels words boomed across the sand, beside him Serus was already judging the nature of the battlefield, her force senses pulsing as she sensed the danger. Without a word she began to project her will through the ground and the sky, lets see him chain reaction things that do not wish to...

    Kalos saw his opportunity and let loose a spinning kick, contacting with the others chest, the Sith stumbling backwards away from the blade master.

    "Choose sith...."

  19. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Angelo

    He felt the presence before he saw it. It was coming towards them at a high rate of speed.

    His concentration was weakened as he divided his attention, and bits of the wall began too fall from behind Khessel. Not in a dangerous manner, but as he lost hold of them, they simply fell to the ground as if someone had dropped them. Sweat began to bead his forehead as he redoubled his effort to hold the wall. Even if relief was on the way, he was still in the danger zone and he was protecting someone else right now.

    His attention was immediately pulled back to reality as he felt the Sith throw a volley of Telekinetic energy at them. Angelo braced for it in his mind, and nearly fell to his back when it slammed into his wall like a 200 story high construction droid into a wall of transparisteel. It utterly and completely destroyed his hold in most places of the barrier he held. The rocks went flying backwards like projectile weapons. But Angelo held true. The only part of the wall still standing now was the portion directly in front of himself and Khessel. The destroyed wall didn?t pose them much of a threat because he held the part that he did. Bits of sharp rocks went flying passed them on all sides but posed no need for concern. Until one slashed Angelo?s face.

    Again, another blow to his concentration. His feeble defenses now waned further as blood seeped from a gash on his cheek. He fought to keep control but it was futile, he was exhausted. He fell to his hands and knees, gasping for air, sweat dripping off of him as if he had just taken a shower. The remainder of the wall crumbled before his helpless form, leaving him and Khess completely exposed. He gazed upon his body in the Force now. His entire being was shaking from physical exhaustion. But the Miraluka knew it was more mental than physical. His mind couldn?t keep up with the power he was putting out, and he had kept pushing and pushing. His body was desperately trying to compensate for the strain but was now left at about 4% of energy. Leaving only enough for him to sit there on the sandy ground holding himself up from collapsing. And Angelo was barely managing that.

    Oh no?.

    Force lighting lanced at the duo, Angelo winced as it raced towards them. He had failed.

    This is going to hurt?


    A sizzling sound and the smell of smoke was brought to his senses. Had Khessel been hit first? He didn?t hear her screaming.

    Angelo looked up still gasping for breath.

    He couldn?t help but break into a feeling of relief as he saw nothing but absolute and complete darkness surrounding a blinding beacon of white standing in front of him. His head craned and saw two figures standing before them, their power in the Force dwarfing his utterly as their strength began pouring off of their bodies in his minds eye.

    Master Serus!

    They were saved.

    Gabriel stood like a white knight before the Sith. Triumphant and true. Angelo resigned to his weariness and rolled over onto his back, trying to let his lungs catch up to the air they sought. He had done his part. He had held long enough for the ?bigger guns? to show up. His role now would be to recover.

    Angelo?s hand brushed the ancient hilt at his side and came to rest on top of it.

    I know I am nowhere near your skill yet Lady Visas?. But I hope that my actions today brought you honor?.

    His face stung. His muscles felt shredded. He knew it wasn?t as bad as that of course but it didn?t stop his nerves from screaming at him for pushing so hard. Even though he felt as though he were lying still, to anyone else looking, his body was trembling from strain on the ground. But the Miraluka was happy. His new Master had come to save him. Both of them.

    Angelo finally began to steady his breathing but continued to lay very still. Whether it was for lack of will to move, or because he wasn?t physically able to, he couldn?t know.

    He just watched from the ground, waiting for the Sith to choose his fate. The words escaped his weary lips before he though
  20. Aefernal_Fire

    Aefernal_Fire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 11, 2007
    IC Khessel Zarran
    The Valley of the Dark Lords, Korriban

    What a strange sight it had to be as darkness and light fought together on the bleak battlefield. Stranger still that the one with sight should hold her strength in darkness and the one that was blind drew his power from the light.

    Angelo spoke through clenched teeth as he held the rock shield around them,??show me?. In the Force??where you need an opening?. By the time your trigger is depressed? it will be there? I will pr?protect you? from igniting?. My friend??

    Khess smiled wickedly, experiencing a high like a death stick user as she continued to draw from the endless darkness that seemed to ooze from the very air as she concentrated on curving the first three blaster shots around the Sith Lord to take him from behind?

    ?I hate you'll die" The Sith Lord ignited his lightsaber and would show them why he was considered one of the most powerful sith's that were alive. In a growl of rage and a burst of power, the Sith Lord?s force wave cast aside the blaster bolts like harmless rain on a transparisteel window.

    Khess watched as Angelo was flung from the force of the wave into what remained of the rocks behind him. The darkness held her still and firm?so much power?she had no idea what to even do with it?

    Then the Sith Lord raised his injured arm and released?

    Force Lightning

    Khessel?s eyes hardly had time to widen in terror. She had never even seen this ability in action, but her shock and disbelief were drowned out by the sudden vision she had of suddenly and dramatically igniting?boom?no more little wannabe Sith Hunters.

    There was no way the wall Angelo had constructed and was fueling so much power into would be able to hold out against it. In that moment, Khessel knew she was going to die.

    The darkness sliding around within her like venom did not like that idea. Khess felt fear and rage like a bad trip and fell to ground in a crumpled ball crying angry tears red from the dust with her hands over her head unable to control the power beginning to consume her from the inside?and then?nothing.

    Where was the explosion?

    Khess cried out in joy and pain at the blinding light of Master Gabriel on this dark world.

    "You are outmatched Sith Lord.....I would suggest surrendering before you fall completely into darkness?choose sith...."

    The words escaped Angelo?s weary lips from where he lay still on the ground, ??Should have done more research into who you challenged?. Faced Hunters? not Jedi. Hunters never hunt alone? Dark one??

    Khess laughed joyously as she got back to her feet, the echoes on the tombs of the dark lords sounding unnerving and cold.

    Oh how beautiful their calls were to her now. Every part of Khessel just wanted to scream and break free and hurt and destroy everything in her path. She almost shook and twitched from trying to stay behind what was left of the protective rock barrier.

    How exciting. Khessel was dying to see what the Sith Lord would do next.

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  21. DarkSavior

    DarkSavior Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 1, 2006

    He was pushed back by the kicks as he looked over at them and smiled, you could see his jaw sort of contort as he smiled as that was the only thing that was able to be seen. He looked towards the young one khess and waited a moment, she could feel him reaching and feeling out to her..he watched her for a moment. He could sense that she was far too gone for anyone to do anything with. The dark power would haunt her for the rest of her life...she would eventually give into the darkside, just as he had, just as his master had, just as all would once they realized the true power of the darkside. He looked over at them and his injured hand was held at his side and looked towards the Jedi in font of him.

    "You think you have won, yet you don't know what lies beyond the cave, you're so sure that you have obtained a victory that you will kill me to get it. I know what a hunter is. " he said as he looked towards them both and de-ignited his lightsaber. "you should have done more research on the think we are all the same, yet you have no knownledge of what we are. You're a very poor set of hunters...I mean, if I were you. I wouldn't leave my base all alone with the threat of a bomb being on it. " it seems as though the injured arm had caught up with him and was deeper than he had originally anticipated. It was no matter.

    He moved slowly towards Selos "Say good night Jedi scum, and your fathers last words are to never be known to you" he looked over at each of them and then thought for a minute. They weren't jedi masters, they were merely acting the part, they might be powerful, but that didn't mean he was going to back down.

    He ignited his lightsaber, he threw it into the air and his deadmans trigger ignited. He shot a blast of force lightening towards Gabriel and then force speed towards Selos, he was going to take one with him. as the hilt came down, he caught it and flipped twice, with a foot over foot movment and then went for one of them dying...him or Selos. He moved to cut off Selos' head with a quick motion. after the foot over foot he immediately moved to slice in a clean path towards Selos' head to remove it from it's body, it was his final ditch effort, he had used too much of the force today, it was far too much ware on him. He knew exactly what he was doing when he went in for this final strike, but he knew what they had lost...what they would soon come to see.

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  22. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    OCC: When you fight Masters, you get hit, any more questions?

    IC Kalos va, Serus Tallarn, Gabriel

    The Hunters listened to the Sith, his ranting out of desperation now, the Jedi could sense his waning power. Gabriel moved forward, his saber lit and glowing. The Sith spat his hatred for them as his anger took hold, they were Masters indeed, Gabriel, Serus and Kalos, yet together they stood, this Sith was doomed if he stayed.

    Suddenly time slowed, lightning sang burning death towards Gabriel and the summersaulting Sith was on route to Serus, Kalos began to sprint to intercept, but he was too far away.

    The saber arced down towards Serus' head, her eyes narrowing as she raised her hands. The force surrounding her like a second skin, she waited as he summersaulted towards her. At the last moment she threw everything she had into a force push, an explosion of sand and wind from her small form.

    Gabriel felt his pupil gathering the energies around her, his saber raised high to absorb the struck home like a turbo laser, his footing slipped a few feet as the arcing energy struck the ground and everything around Gabriel. He was more powerful then he has expected, Gabriel's eyes went wide as he saw the incomming attack on Serus, her blast would not stay this beast......

    Gabriel wrenched his saber high with all his might, trying to throw the lightning towards the two, his muscles ached and strained, the sweat stinging his eyes, with a roar he lobbed the remaining energy. If Serus was to fall, so too would this Sith...he was sure of that.

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  23. DarkSavior

    DarkSavior Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 1, 2006
    IC: Hu'Ral

    The force push was all he needed to really be subdued..he has spent a lot of his energies, he hasn't learned some of the basic forms...such as to control the force and not to let it control you, he was pushed back with a quick force push.

    He looked at her as he was able to cave, his knee's shaking and then seen his own force lightening come towards him. He was already too tired, he tried to move his saber to block it, but it was already too late. He was dead...he knew it before the lightening had hit him. The force lightening which he had spent so much energy to discharge had come back and pushed him back, against the wall...with a thunderous slam. his white cloak was turned to a dark sort of ash color as it was burnt, he tried to get back up slowly as he had fallen against the cave.

    Slowly..he tried to get up and collapsed. The smoke entrails had begun to lift from him as the small of his Kel Dor skin burned. He was laying there and began to reach for something, he drew an arrow towards the pointed inwards. As if a camera had been spun forward his body disappeared an all that were left was his burnt white clothes...and a holocube. He had taken it upon himself to swallow the cube to make sure that no one had gotten it without slaying him..or atleast cutting him open.

    The sith had thought in such odd terms that it was truly hard to understand them at any point that is for sure. One thing was for sure...he had died a fighters death. He wasn't going to let anyone take that from him...his saber was left there, it was such an odd one at that, a white saber, that which was very hard to find. Many of his clothes had the white on them, yet the bad guys never wore white.

    It was obvious that the holocube, was intended for Khessel. She would get to hear her fathers dying words. When she activated the holocube below is what would play.

    Hello My Daughter,

    If you are reading this then I assume Hu'ral has succeeded in giving you this holocube, his father was a great man. Well the senator was a great man. He helped me a great deal of times, which is why I ask you to take care of Hu'Ral...he was mis-guided but strong in the force, only out matched by his much younger brother. Hu'Ral was taken in by a Senator who's name I wish you never to know, a sith had led him astray at the age of 23. He was knocked into the senator's transport and was sure that he could help him...but one night Hu'ral left. This left the senator's son devastated. I ask you to only look after him, he has so much to live for, but has no idea how harsh of a world this can be. His brother is Kal Blackmoor. He was taught the ways of the force by this young man, but like I am now no longer with you, he is no longer with Kal. He was trained at the age of birth to be noting more than a Jedi...I'm afraid I cannot tell you more than'll have to find out more from Hu'Ral. I know that he has kept a watchful eye on his 'brother' Never forget...that you always have a choice in life. and *the transmission ends there abrutly*
  24. Aefernal_Fire

    Aefernal_Fire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 11, 2007
    IC Khessel Zarran

    5 DAYS AGO

    Khess had never been this far from the safe security of the Jedi Temple walls. She was now a Jedi Apprentice and already dreamed of the day she would stand tall as a Jedi Knight.

    The brown-skinned girl had never seen such wild, uncultivated beauty. The short human girl stepped lightly on the sharp edge of the blackened rock jutting out of the midst of the bleak yellow-grey field that spread seemingly for eternity in every direction. The only walls on this untamed world were the thick black clouds and soundless lightning striking miles, and miles away.

    The moss on the black rocks glowed slightly?how beautiful it was. Khess leaned over the precarious edge of the tall rock formation and delicately poked at the alien growth on the side of the rock. The cool breeze blew at her thick dark hair.

    ?Come Khess,? The deep voice of her Master was deep and clear from beneath her, ?We did not come all this way to play.?

    The blue-skinned Feeorin was visibly young and strong for his species as he gently pushed aside the tall grasses. Master Tahj was an easily admired Jedi Master known for his skill the construction of weapons. Three lightsabers were clipped at his broad belt; one next to each hand, and the third horizontal at his back?He wasn?t really trying to make a statement or get any particular edge?the Feeorin simply loved to create beautiful and lethal weapons.

    So far?Khess was his favorite project.

    The girl leaned forward into an elegant flip and landed lightly next to her Master, ?I saw something up ahead?some kind of shrine or marker?It?It feels funny--?

    Khess tripped on her own feet and disappeared into the grass with a painful ?thunk? as she managed to hit another upward jutting rock with her head. Master Tahj stroked his temples tiredly. Of course?the girl still had a long way to go until she had reached her
    true potential?

    Nothing living grew within ten feet of the flat bed of round black stone. In the center was a deep hole that could have been a well. Black water bubbled upward level with the ground. Next to the well an ancient sith spear was stuck into the rock?bearing a pale, staring skull.

    ?Master Tahj?? Khess lingered at the edge of the rock, not daring to follow after the feeorin, ?The skull?It-it?s whispering?we should go?

    Master Tahj turned a stern eye over his shoulder, ?We are
    Jedi Khessel Zarran, on a mission from the Jedi Temple. We do not feel fear.?

    ?I think it?s a warning.? Khess deflected the lecture like a blaster bolt off her lightsaber. The girl?s statement was punctuated by lightning striking audibly behind her.

    She was not moving.

    Tahj sighed and continued forward to the edge of the well. He smartly activated the blue lightsaber from his left side, held it vertical with his center, and then plunged the blade into the black water. An angry cloud of steam hissed upward to join the black storm clouds.

    Khessel watched nervously, jumping with shock when Master Tahj cried out in pain and pulled away his blade, ?What? What is it??

    ?I?hit something?? Master Tahj deactivated his blade and knelt at the edge to get a better look at the strange red glow now emanating from the well.

    Master Tahj gasped slowly in surprise, ?Never have I beheld??

    The strange glowing crystal in his hand like fresh spilt human blood.

    His agonizing screams as it took hold of his mind. Even as he screamed he was in awe of the devices beauty, the craft of it. The Feeorin?s eyes were still aglow as he fell, seizuring, and mouth foaming to the ground the sith holocron still in his outstretched hand.

    Khess kneeled at his side, yelling at the top of her lungs in the middle of nowhere where no one could hear her, ?Drop it! Let it go! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP!?

    Suddenly Master Tahj gave a cold and sharp-toothed grin and hissed in a voice that couldn?t have possibly been his own, ?Oh HoW I WiLL SSsaVOR Your SSSSHRILL liTtle GIRL ScreAMSSS as I deVour your FLESH and liFFe forcSSSe.?

  25. DarkSavior

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    Jun 1, 2006
    Sheet Approved by GM.

    Name - Kal Blackmoor
    Species - Firrerreo
    Age - 21
    Gender - Male
    Affiliation - Unknown(Beleived Jedi)
    Looks - He has a set of emerald color eye's. His hair is long, it is dark red, with gold running through it.
    Clothes - He wears only Jedi issued robes, and only his jedi issued cloak.
    Weapons - Two lightsabers.
    Force User Powers/Preferances - Shatterpoints, Telepathy, Animal Friendship,Force Jump, Saber barrier, Force Storm, Force Illusion
    Personality- Very calm(un-eeriely so), protective, hard headed, an individual.
    Background history-He is the younger son of Ryyder Horox who is a senator who is currently serving his term. He was not a child of normal standards, he had red hair and also a sort of golden ray down the front of them. He was born of two people who didn't wish for him to be forced to live the way that they had...his parents were no more than common criminals. He was just the son of a Criminal, a very well Established criminal, but still one.

    He was trained by the Sith lord Hu'Ral,after his 'initial' jedi training. He was trained when his 'father' had taken him in(6 months). Not much else is known about this man. There are a lot of documents that lead to only one thing for him if you look up his name, you can find it in just about any newspaper. He threw his lightsaber infront of the jedi council. He said "what good are our weapons if they are only for show!" he was kept under the carpet after that.

    He still retains the rank of a Jedi...but never truly is looked at more than the "weird guy" who is dealing with a lot of things. He is always feeling the pull of the darkside, he can use darkside powers and feels that it's not in if you use them, but how you use them. He was sure that he was right and wasn't going to deal with anyone telling him that he was wrong.

    His power is beyond that of any current jedi knight, but he will not be moved to the rank of master due to his views. He only deals with a lot of the political views. He is said to be the best Jedi Knight in current 'unactive' duty. He will not allow those to sit by and die, he has a kind heart and an appealing mind. He has never stopped looking for his 'brother' though he would never admit that to anyone. He keeps a picture of his brother with him at all times to just show to people incase they might have seen him.

    His lightsaber combat is matched by few in the duty, he is studying a lot of old text and holograms on how to prepare himself for the opponent he knows one day he will face. He won't ever admit that his father is who he is...but the higher jedi ranks know about it, but he believes for his fathers safty, he should keep it quiet.
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