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Before - Legends The Sith Maiden - Volume Three of the Gessa Saga - Complete!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Casper_Knightshade, Sep 15, 2003.

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  1. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Since he had such a large group of Studies Magus Mathaniel had to really weed out the unready and those who would just waste the hours of the day. There was once a time Mathaniel had thought every Vhinech could use the Force; and then, he grew up. There was a significant difference between being able to use the Force and knowing exactly how to use the Force. Thanks to the active participants in his training program Mathaniel was figuratively able to determine that the difference was the same measurable distance between the world they were on, Isen, and Naboo.

    For months, and despite some flak from siding with Nowen and Nandia on their nuptials, Mathaniel was just continuously swamped. He had turned so many Vhinech away, and before he could really focus on training what he had some of those he turned away would suddenly melt right back into the group. He couldn?t remember exactly when those sneaking back in had actually snuck back in, but after a while he had decided to go with it in order to implement what he passively called a ?Bowels of Lore movement?. The Guardians would call it boot camp and Nowen had provided the Magus with a few of their training tips and advice.

    The combination of knowledge had the collection of Vhinech surrounding Mathaniel looking too exhausted to give Mathaniel a dirty scowl. Even his prized students, the ones that did honestly show the most promise, were put through a series of physical and mental ringers; he couldn?t show favoritism like before; the best had to be pushed. The first important step was to make certain none had combined the Force with their physical talents, and then just tasks them by doing a simple Force exercise such as breathing to find spiritual center in a short period of time -- Mathaniel had so many Studies pass out from that exercise. Today, he had decided that if they were truly, really serious about becoming a Magus, they had to belly crawl?.

    Forearms and shins?.

    Starting from the battrition field?

    Finishing, or at least they tried to, at the Steps of Eternity.

    Mathaniel knew the reality of such a long task was virtually impossible for the untrained, but unfortunately everyone -- even his best -- had taken to the task with reservations on their faces immediately. There were still Studies crawling on their bellies, the slackers some hundreds of yards away still trying; a few got wise, got up, and just jogged towards the group that had reached Mathaniel?s waiting position. The location was not even an eighth of the distance needed to complete the objective. The point was, again, just to point out the futility of trying. The stragglers, the ones not meant to be, were not going to get any better and it was going to take a beating to knock some sense into both their minds. Cruel, perhaps unnecessary, but when even Mathaniel?s Magus authority was not being respected this was short of having to kill the unneeded.

    He did nothing, said nothing, until one of the Studies pleaded, ?My Magus, please, will you speak of the Force??

    Mathaniel shook his head and said loud enough for everyone to hear, ?Not until the rest of your classmates have joined us.? No one could stifle their groans; they were too tired, and that meant they were too unfocused.

    Booming in a loud voice again, Mathaniel repeated something that had gotten very old with everyone. ?Only the serious survive!? It sounded so much like a Nubian view, even something Magus Prophet would have said, but he had heard that from his mother, Magus Parable, in the days when the training was nothing more than his little stick and his little body moving around in an attempt to poke her. It was one of those things from his mother that made the most sense to him.

    ?Only the serious survive,? he had repeated loudly again when he felt they hated hearing that. ?Do you think your fathers and mothers fought lazily for survival in our past? Do you think our enemies in the future will treat their attack on us as some joke? ?Whoops, only kidding that I killed your family?.?

    Those still crawling put a little more
  2. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    What a teacher! Mathaniel reminds me of Nadja crossed with Yoda. (Odd)

    Sorry, finally caught up. DRL was busy ruinning my life.

    And I have a theory....
  3. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    No prob, Delight: DRL just can sack you. ;)

    It's unfortunate Mathaniel has to take such a rude, tough approach, but he has to sort through the mess. I would say, because I really didn't write it up in the story, it's about a few notches tougher than what Magus Orrick had put Mathaniel and the rest in Mathaniel's group through. Also some of the training is a reflection of the Vhinech culture -- only five Vhinech had achieved the rank of Magus during the time of Jurivicious Pern; the other Maguses like Orrick achieved it by default. To be a Magus is to be the best, but it means having only two Maguses try to train too many Studies who may or may not have 'that'. Of course there are the many complexities that go into a Vhinech, so it makes the elimination process so much tougher all around.

    Whereas the Jedi Order goes Initiate, Youngling, Padawan, Jedi Knight, and finally Jedi Master, the Vhinech Order goes from Study to Magus. In that vein, one must be special to make the leap.

    Some of these Vhinech under Mathaniel's monitoring have also tried before with Orrick; they're operating under the illusion that somehow one will be a better teacher than the other. That means they will expect some of the same techniques in ridding them, so Mathaniel borrowed some of the Order of Guardians' 'weeding out' tactics. Being the picture of Military Special Forces, the Guardians can't expect and therefore do not want anyone that can't handle the training let alone what they are sometimes required to do. Some of these practices have a blend of both physical and mental challenges, though they appear to lean heavily into one area or the other. A serious mind, a prepared mind, will recognize it for what it truly is; the insecure, the 'unmade' social mentality individual, would not. Success sometimes will not be determined on completion of a task, but on the understanding of what is truly being done.

    ANyways, I'm still working on it. Hope to have more very soon.
  4. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000

    [link=]I-Mockery has 'Empire's' back![/link]
  5. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    The initial Guardian operational counter-effect was implemented even before the Council of Towns initiated an emergency private meeting. The plan was time sensitive, implemented very slowly and long after the first debriefing of the Vhinech leadership. Destiny?s Peak became the transceiver point to Operation Aslan. Step two of Aslan was a heavy group of Guardians making a constructive sweep of New Paradasia?s northern frontier, within ten miles of Destiny?s Peak, establishing the rally point and in time created a trench from the point back up to Destiny?s Peak to lay shielded line for communications. Step three had group?s of two Guardians go out in a preverbal straight line towards the possible landing sight of the ships; ten groups to two; twenty Guardians in all, each group a mile a part. Step four was the redeployment of the remaining Guardians and after four days since Destiny had seen the ships Nowen sent his troops to various locations throughout the Gospels.

    The meeting prior to that mass deployment was not cankerous or filled with banter. Neither was the more public meeting when Nowen had decided to brief the populace on almost everything that was being planned. Though Nowen did have the notion to not keep the populace in the dark it was Mathaniel that cemented it for him.

    ?I truly think we should tell my people,? said Mathaniel, both he and Nowen sharing a space after the initial security meeting with the Council of Towns. ?I believe they will understand the threat.?

    Mathaniel really didn?t expect Nowen to say ?Sure, no problem?, so the young Magus was at a loss. Both had the same reasons for the idea. It made no sense to keep giving the Vhinech the impressions they were free and then turn around and home jail them, although the purpose of being marooned on the planet to begin with was a means of imprisonment. The secrecy they had operated on many months ago in trying to solve the Vhinech births had actually emboldened the likes of Ryax and his followers, and though there were no others like Ryax yet, secrets now could create a new one. Nowen did remain true to Ogwa?s mission: the Guardians were to be the protectors of the Vhinech against the influence and presence of the outside universe.

    ?Surely, Headmaster,? Kinder Blessing had pondered to Nowen in a subsequent security meeting, ?there is that chance that they are not hostile. I mean, they have surely seen us, at least detected our technology.?

    ?Because I?m certain they have seen us,? stressed Nowen calmly but with a learned edge, ?and why they haven?t made contact with us scares me all the more.?

    Yet later in the meeting he had stressed to the civilian leadership, ?Fort Angelleia is fully operational and ready, but I will not fully energize it?s reactor for defenses yet.? Fully energizing the reactor core of the fort would light up any passing sensor array, and since Nowen was still operating under the belief that their new neighbors kept to themselves because they were hiding too he wasn?t about to betray their position quite yet to any unwanted; he held the belief because the ships had landed, but at no time was their any indication that they had left. The group furthest from New Paradasia had kept their eyes open. Many of the Guardians were itching to go figure out what it was. Mathaniel couldn?t blame them.

    Nowen was going to send a reconnaissance team northward three days after Destiny had seen the ships until another group of ships had flown over them; their approach was the same as the previous vessels. Two options were born from the new development: hold position, buffer defenses and formulate a comprehensive plan, or launch an immediate offensive operation. He chose option one before the leaders of New Paradasia suggested it. Later in the day the farthest team communicated what they saw for the leadership to figure out.

    ?The ships are Steaders?? Nowen looked amongst the brain trust as the Guardians on the other end of the radio transmission confirmed it. Nandia was allowed in on security meetings; there were plans to perhap
  6. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    And more...

    By the morning of the following day, Nowen tossed the Vhinech-designed clothing over his Saberhide body armor; the clothing was baggy enough to hide all equipment. He was going to lead the assessment and leave Meggie Tanuaght in charge of New Paradasia?s defenses. Along with the six Guardians under Nowen?s command Mathaniel was coming as well; being a Tig to break up the constant appearance of Humans and being able to use the Force gave the team two much needed advantageous.

    Still, even Mathaniel going with Nowen, Nandia had her reservations and like a dutiful wife she expressed them as he prepared to leave their house. ?Do you have to lead the team, Nowen??

    ?I have confidence in anyone I send,? said Nowen as he tested the flexibility of his legs in the pants he wore over his armored bottoms. ?But I feel I need to do this, to make sure nothing goes wrong.? He noted Nandia?s worry, and remembered he wasn?t a widower anymore; a single man once married who was just another soldier.

    He walked up to her and put his armored hands carefully on her shoulders. ?If not for the safety of your people, then I do it for you and our baby.? He put his hand on her swollen stomach. ?This easily can be nothing at all.?

    Sighing, Nandia mused bitterly, ?Nothing at all? I?ve heard that too many times.? She grabbed his hand, used to cool feel of the Saberhide that covered it. She shuddered nonetheless. ?I only wish your hands would only love.?

    ?I wish too,? said Nowen. He took his hand and lifted her face up by her chin with it. ?But so does evil.?

    He was right; evil would rather prefer he did not have the capability to fight back. Again Nandia sighed and nodded. Nowen gave her a goodbye kiss and went to the door. Opening it he discovered Mathaniel waiting for him in his Magus robe at the foot of the stairs. The Guardian Headmaster knew the Vhinech Magus had a feeling what was transpiring inside and thus did not attempt a knock on the door.

    ?Some of our men are ready below with riding mounts,? said Mathaniel, not approaching the subject of inside the house. ?Keldin; they?re easy to tame, smaller, lighter, and easier to ride than banthas.?

    Nowen was ready for a walk, but one change in the plan was welcoming. ?Very good. Your idea?? Mathaniel nodded. ?It?ll cut our time a tad, taking the path we took to come back.?

    ?My thoughts exactly; the sooner we take care of this, the better we will all feel.?

    Nowen and Mathaniel proceeded to walk down the trail to town. The Human began to notice a few things that weren?t exactly glaring, but he hadn?t really seen it for himself either. There were various Vhinech taking up the old holding positions that the Guardians once occupied; a few had their hand cannons, other with blunter objects, and their eyes were constantly look around. The few Guardians left in New Paradasia as station guards were communicating considerably with some of the vigilant Vhinech and they were friendly and serious conversations. The shop owners had reconfigured much of their outside products layout that allowed for escape as well as defense; a recognized P-pattern offset for shooting back was right out of the Order of Guardian?s handbook. The Vhinech they passed made eye contact with Nowen for the first time in a long time and gave him a nod.

    ?I feel a little too popular,? said Nowen in observation. ?Your doing??

    ?Your doing,? responded Mathaniel. ?We forget words but never action. The people understood what the Guardians did at Flat Rock, what we did when we left here and came back. They may not like what you have done in between, on the other hand they saw your deployment of the Guardians as a strong message that you mean to protect us regardless. They respect that, and some of your harsh critics have to humbly side with you. You?re responding to a threat and ask for no help from them. They in turn are helping the only way they can.?

    Nowen glanced around as they reached the entrance of Fort Angelleia and said, ?The help?s going to be need if it comes to that.? He whispered, ?An
  7. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    Bothans and their spy nets? Coldn't recall the last time Bothans came this close to the TDH universe. are they practicing for the Death Star raid already?

    Looking forwards to more.
  8. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    If not for the Death Star 'run', at least for New Paradasia foot race. ;)

    The whole Si'ing angle is a important plot element further in the Gessa Saga, but for the most part I kinda, once again, took another shot at product variety just as I did with Casper's legs and all the available 'add-ons' for it. I had this idea a while back, and it was mentioned before, that the Bothans are so capitalistic they have more than one spy service and they're in constant competition with one another. In fact the lesser levels of espionage organizations the Bothans have are hired by private citizens, even for the most mundane reasons such as...well, cheating spouses for example. [face_laugh]

    Ultimately, however, there is one that goes on directly based on the Bothans' vital security interests, and that's Si'ing, which if anyone has ever read the 'Forgotten Realms' books they would know where I got the term from and it is a tribute to those stories. Si'ing, which no Bothan will ever admit exists, can be as evil as they come. Again, they prove somewhat important in the Gessa Saga later; I wished I had the idea before, but you know how some of these things go. ;)

    Anyways, more soon.

  9. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    [ot] I'm sure the traffic for step 20 is substantial! [/ot] [face_whistling]
  10. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000

    Hell, I'm afraid to use Google Maps for the Anchorhead to Mos Eisley jaunt myself. :oops:


    The ride went on without problems until they came to a stop many hundreds of yards away from the Fortal Coal. The group stared on in awe, and Mathaniel cursed, ?What is this evil before us??

    Before them was not just the familiar statue of evil they had passed -- of the Sith Exe Kriple and his cursing raised finger point -- but many, many, so many more of the dark statues. They stood tall and in single file line that stretched west and east, eventually bending and slowly on a curve both sides heading northward -- where the statues would wrap around the outer most perimeters of Coal. They stood there in absolute silence, bothering the team but bothering Nowen and mostly Mathaniel more.

    ?Where did these other statues come from?? asked Nowen aloud. He dismounted and told the others, ?Wait here.? Mathaniel dismounted and walked with him unasked. The other Guardians secured the mounts and took positions that offered cover. Their leader and their Vhinech ally felt the coverage on the their backs at all times.

    The two were careful in their approach, unsure what to expect with this new development. Eventually they could see the statues clearly from a distance and answered Nowen?s question: there was clumps of earth and moss and other debris covering the new statues. The statues had always been on the world. They had just recently emerged from beneath the surface.

    As if to feel the presence of the statues Mathaniel held his ground when the both of them had gotten closer. Nowen took the silent response and stopped, turned, and asked, ?What is it??

    ?They cast threatening shadows upon my minds,? Mathaniel observed, recalling the same feelings he had when he was close to one form of the statues. However when he was just a mere Study and a lot less mature in matters of the Force months ago he had a better sense of the Force?s two principal sides. He held strong feelings to one side; the other side was cloaked to him unless he stumbled right on top of it.

    Closing his eyes, Mathaniel folded into himself through concentration. In moments he had at least an answer. ?For the most part, the statues keep my energies out. Beyond the perimeter, inside of it, there is nothing I can sense.?

    Nowen thought for a moment and reasoned, ?If you have that kind of trouble, then the rest of your people wouldn?t sense the threat either.? He took in the sight of it all again. There were spaces in between the statues for individuals to walk through. The spaces also held tactical purpose.

    ?They?re battlements,? said Nowen. ?Up against distant threats you can at least find places to hide low and snipe targets. You can catch charging enemies off guard in the space.? He looked along the ongoing row again and said, ?If you destroy the statues you cut off ground assault.? He looked and estimated the tall height of the statues at fifteen feet. ?If you go over the top to land troops they?ll either get cut to ribbons on the landing, or shot out of the air quickly if battery placements are set correctly. But I?ll say this: Si?ing didn?t think this up.?

    ?Then who??

    ?Something, or someone, we might have to go and ask.?

    Nowen moved forward quickly to the statues. Mathaniel said, ?Wait!? When Nowen stopped, the nearest statue that possessed a sculpted stone representation of a lantern glowed with an eerie brightness.

    ?Damn it!? Nowen kicked himself, remembering now what Mathaniel and Destiny had both told him before about the encounters with the two statues at the Last Lines. He backtracked quickly, eyes peering back towards the statues. The lantern faded out and was lightless stone again. During the whole episode Mathaniel had felt a surge of darkness from the light; a shone through the Force like the beacon it was.

    ?Crap, crud, turd, poop!? cursed Nowen over and over again. He reached Mathaniel and the two of them began a quick backpedal. Mathaniel had his lights
  11. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    Interesting there! I like the 'too old to be a child but too young to have formed intelligent opinions' bit. Sounds like some people I know in RL! :D

    Nice mountain too. Very Sithian... is that what it is? A hide-out/away?
  12. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Thanks, Delight. :)

    Yeah, that statement has been a long time coming, developed through years of keen observation in the field of customer service provider and attending college with a bunch of kids that haven't shaved yet (yes, including the girls). [face_whistling]

    (Okay, put it this way: these hyperactive young women came in during our brief warm spell recently, wearing very open tops, and one of them had a really good ZZ Top impersonation going on under both her armpits.) :eek:

    Anyways, it's also sorta the characterization I would apply to young Luke Skywalker in Episode 4: Ten gallon hat full of enthusiasm and spirit, pocket lint in brains and experience. You can only hope time improves the wine if you know what I mean. ;)

    As for the mountain...... ;)

    FORWARD! And Happy Easter!
  13. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    The interior was sparsely lit up by the portable illuminator bubble lights that were tightly strung on the ceiling, each light only two square centimeters in area providing just enough light in a one square meter area; the lights were arranged were their energies overlapped. The two men walked and noted no doorways of any kind; the walls and interior were a dull gray metal that was black in the darkness and bared joining seams every twenty meters. They ascended stairs and the landings connected each separate floor and discovered no detours. No one could get lost in the place. Nowen was apprehensive and shared his feelings in a look he shared with Mathaniel. The way in was the way out with no short cuts, no alternate routes of escape, and no place to hide.

    After another set of stairs Mathaniel and Nowen entered an open chamber that was bathed with the sunlight from outside from a large opening neither had seen from the outside. The light betrayed many things, in particular the long modern table that dominated the chamber with data terminals littering its surface. At the opening in the outer wall stood a cloaked figure, back turned towards them, appearing to be looking out and unaware of their presence, but it changed when Mathaniel suddenly felt a terrible coldness fill his mind.

    Mathaniel pulled out his weapons and lit them before he and Nowen reached the far end of the table. Nowen drew out his blaster. The Magus demanded, along with turning on all four blades of his miniature lightsabers, ?Your trickery is no more welcome than your presence! Show yourself, evil creature!?

    ?Evil creature?? The familiar voice rocked Nowen back but Mathaniel held firm. Turning and approaching the other end of the table, she did not pull the hood back on her fedarok leather Sith cloak until she stopped. With her inherited smirk on a gentile white face, Naressa Rapier pointed out, ?Well, in the view of religious relativism, women are indeed evil creatures and the cause of so many problems.?

    ?Misses Rapier?? bleated Nowen with some relief and lowered his weapon. Mathaniel did not follow his lead.

    ?Oh please, Bealas,? began Naressa politely and with proper air, ?do call me Naressa. We are friends here,? Her yellow eyes leveled themselves on Mathaniel and in particular his weapons ?Although I have been known to be wrong.?

    And then she careened her head in curiosity, her eyes narrowing. Mathaniel frowned, feeling that she was staring at him a little too excessively. She said, ?Cybernetic Saberhide finger prosthetics.?

    Mathaniel eased himself when Naressa?s attention appeared to go beyond him. She said to herself, ?I had never thought to use the Saberhide like that.? A small smile grew bigger and bigger as she spoke quietly to herself. ?My Gessa is a genius.?

    ?She is also kind enough to not hide her presence from her friends and allies,? said Mathaniel, shutting down his weapons but not putting them away.

    Naressa rolled her eyes a bit and said, ?Silly boy?, she then raised both her hands and from that command more illuminators came on, ?forgotten already that I loath your kind.?

    ?I haven?t.?

    ?Then given your response,? she smirked, ?it would have been very stupid of me to just let myself ?out? and cause mass panic in your people, don?t you think? Fear does spur very rash and unnecessary behavior. Besides, this very place alone does such a good job concealing me from the rest of the galaxy through the Force. Regardless, the last thing your kind needs to do is act rashly and unnecessarily.?

    ?Speaking of rash,? butted in Nowen, finding his voice again, ?what exactly are you doing here?? At first he wasn?t sure if he was happy to see her; after some thought he was no where close to thrilled, but he wasn?t to that point of anxiety that Mathaniel was at.

    ?Rash? Oledci?? Naressa tossed in the Old Corellian word for ?me? as she put her hand to her chest. ?Why I?m hiding out.?

    ?Hiding out?? Nowen shook his head. ?So?.you choose to hide where we?re hiding, and then you happened to bring along a few dozen pe
  14. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    :cool: I like!

    Great writing. Now spill the beans and tell us the secret, Madame Rapier.
  15. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Now it was time for Mathaniel to speak. ?You, the cure?? He observed the Sith Maiden Matriarch with reserved contempt. As much as he had tried to convince himself in the past, he found he could not really trust her even though he trusted with his life a once corruptibly dark Juna Rapier.

    ?Yes, I am the cure,? she said. That was it; that was all there was to it in her mind.

    Mathaniel was not as astute. ?I don?t know what trickery you?re up to, but I won?t have you do anything evil against my people.?

    ?You won?t have an alternative to what I am going to do for your people,? she said with heavy emphasis on the end. Before he could deny her again, Naressa said, ?My plan is all ready working. You told Bealas yourself that your people respond to action more than words.?

    Naressa then looked at Nowen and added, ?And you?re right, an air assault would finish New Paradasia. The late Ogwa Newhausen would have concluded such an observation and do exactly what you have done.?

    Dumbfounded, Mathaniel shot a wide-eyed look at Nowen as the Headmaster said, ?Whoa, whoa, whoa,? and began to realize some things.

    Naressa then added, ?And you were right to tell your wife Nandia that the enemies of this galaxy would rather have your hands know love than war.?

    ?How do you know that!? demanded Nowen as Naressa turned away from and went to the opening in the wall again. ?Stop reading my mind!? It was the only way she could had known Ogwa Newhausen was dead, since he hadn?t known until he, Mathaniel, and Destiny had returned.

    ?She didn?t,? said Mathaniel in enlightenment, but nonetheless he was still unsettled by revelation. ?You were in New Paradasia.?

    Naressa turned back to them and smiled. Mathaniel eyed her disapprovingly and said, ?You spied on us!?

    She shrugged and shrugged off the accusatory stares, and lastly shrugged off the silent demand of explanation, of how she actually pulled off her spy effort in amongst a concentration of Force users. Such trickery a large collection of Vhinech, even the most undisciplined of the lot, should have sensed Naressa?s dark efforts. The idea unsettled Mathaniel more for he, a Magus of the Force, an entity trained to focus the Force for positive results, should have sensed something more than just a disturbance if Naressa was so close to them.

    ?You see, I just don?t take anyone?s word, be alive or dead,? she said cryptically. She pointed at Mathaniel. ?Your late friend, the one you all very wrongly called Wobble, told me of a reformed society that did all it could do to let go of the past for the sake of their children. Unfortunate as some of the children were exposed to war a few years ago, there is progress.?

    ?Wobble?told you?? questioned Mathaniel. He recalled how she had made contact with his old friend, through the contact of the collected DNA samples. Out of all the times he found her untrustworthy before and after, it was when she mentioned something Wobble had said so importantly that made him believe in her sincerity.

    Smirking, Naressa said, ?Beyond his childish banter and deep fascination with running around naked dear Wobble possessed quick understanding that consciously he could not address. It wasn?t just his innocence that drew me to take up this cause; it was the innocence he bore witness to. Wobble had no reason to lie, but there was always that chance he might had misinterpreted something.

    ?Of course there is my own?.admitted ignorance of trusting people. For such example,? Naressa then looked at Nowen, ?I might have trusted Muriel Thahada with my Gessa, but I never trusted her enough to begin a rapport of confidence until a year ago. Enothchild did not take as long, but still there was a time I couldn?t trust him. Both had to show me more than would be enough for anyone else in order to trust them.

    ?I had arrived her many weeks ago. Since then, I?ve taken many walks through River Delta and Flat Rock, been up and over Little Mountain, and descended into both the Vhinech and Posspel Valleys. I discovered many people trying, but at least t
  16. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    Nicely done! Nice to see Naressa finding purpose. And Si'ing. :)
  17. Whiskey in the Jar-Jar

    Whiskey in the Jar-Jar Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 17, 2000
    A rather odd situation to be placed's almost Orwellian in origin:

    War is Peace

    Still, if it prevents an eventual second race war like they had before, then while disturbing, it's perfectly logical.

  18. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    Agreed, Jar Jar.
  19. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Delight: Actually what you just said is ironic because I have something to that affect in this last post. ;)

    Whiskey(!): Ah, you are back from giving Barry Melrose another shot with the Flaming Shovel of Doom! ;) He's been going on and on again about the crazy Flames forward Cal Gary again. [face_whistling]

    BTW - Whenever anyone gets the idiots in the Detroit Free Press in a tizzy I would buy them a beer. Apparently Don Cherry only exhaled -- as in breathed out and nothing else -- and that was enough for the writers of the Freep, who have the emotional security of a lemur! I miss Hockey Night in Canada! Where do I send 'The Master' his free beer? [face_laugh]

    As for the posts: that's the general take of it. If in this case the truth can't solve it a lie is just as convenient. Nonetheless I give hints that it does work.....


    AND NOW.....THE CONCLUSION. Oh Lord Above and the Force around us, here it is! Kinda weak I think, but I have my reasons.....

    FIRST AND FOREMOST AND NUMBER ONE: To my fans everywhere and nowhere recently: thank you so much for being there....always! We have many differences, we have many similiarities, but we don't let them get in the way of a good story....

    For those not with us, you are not forgotten.......FORWARD!


    It was none of Naressa?s concern. Not how Mathaniel and Nowen left Coal. Not how they got back to the Guardians she could see miles and miles away. Not how the two men were going to explain her plans to those interested. Not how Mathaniel would make a convincing enough argument to the other Vhinech that she alone was the greatest threat they would all face in New Paradasia. Like the stars in the sky, for at least the rest of the day that is, all she could do was watch them all take the trail back to the others and at least wait for her. They were still none of her concern. All she wanted to do?.

    Naressa had been standing there for a very long time, not alone. She just refused to speak as she tracked the Guardians and Vhinech riding their mounts for many, many miles. She felt the eyes of disapproval upon her, but her uninvited guest was just as patient as she was. There was really nothing to discuss between them. Gloating was not so much an option but a point to make. The question on this day was whether Naressa had done so, or had Darth Rune scored any real points.

    When it became a little hard on her Sith Maiden eyes to view her new partner?s return to the settlement, Naressa turned around and met her late Mother?s eyes. They shared the same appearance, but they still did not share the same outlook, and undoubtedly not the same Dark Spirit. Time for the moment was on either side.

    ?Pish, my little Muffin morsel,? said Rune with mockery in voice and head shake, ?You?re ruining such a great place of power and purpose.?

    ?Don?t call me ?muffin?,? was Naressa quiet retort.

    ?Shouldn?t bother you; I haven?t called you that since I held you in my arms for the very first time. A long time ago. A very long time ago.? Rune scoffed and pointed out, ?I could handle you then.?

    Naressa brooded, ?Yes, you should had killed me at my weakest. Hindsight is fickle, picky boach, isn?t it?? She shook her head and looked away. ?You can?t haunt me forever. Pretty soon you?ll fade away, and try to exploit the newest blood relative of ours.? She reached the opening again in the mountain view and turned around to say with all the sincerity of a falling rock about to crush a suspecting idiot, ?I wish you all the best in that endeavor.?

    ?Your granddaughter, my great granddaughter, will be a challenge,? mused Rune, assuming a position just off to Naressa?s right shoulder. ?She?ll be many things, but she will be that one thing I need. She will always be one of us. She will feel so unnatural in such??happy? surroundings. She will be weaker than her mother. She will wish for much greater power. She will find it within herself, as
  20. Delight

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Oh, for a moment I thought Naressa was really going to raise her beautiful voice and grace us with a song or two. [face_whistling] But it's only Rune....

    I can't believe it's ended! Complete. Done. Argh. But what a fantastic (and stylish! Stylish is important!) ending.

    What an excellent journey, the brave-hearted marching side by side with the deliciously evil. Oh, to review all these thoughts about our raven-haired maidens from Luna to Juna and everyone else snared in the web of prophesy and lies... it'd be another journey in itself. Ah, what would Dizzy say! What would Nadja say? Or even the he-who-would-not-die Prophet say?


    Thank you, Casper, for writing such a wonderful saga. For more than six years this story arc has been a constant companion, a thing to look forward to at the beginning of a day's rest. Thank you for the dedication and love that you've shown to this work; thank you for bringing something beautiful into the world. Your reader salutes you.

    The question needs to be asked: will there be a sequel??
  21. Whiskey in the Jar-Jar

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    Apr 17, 2000

    I never thought I'd be tied to a saga for so long, but I'm glad I stuck with it for as long as I did.

    I'm gonna miss checking this story out on a regular basis, but I imagine it probably feels good that it's over for you, Casper. I mean, this story's probably got Frank Herbert beat in terms of length and complexity. I have to go hunting for fresh meat...or maybe even try to finish my own stuff. Oye.

  22. Casper_Knightshade

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    Oct 18, 2000
    Thanks, guys and gals alike. I'll post more soon as I can trust my dial up connection.

    For now.............DIGG! DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (physically dives out of the way!) :eek:
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    Oct 18, 2000
    Delight: Style, yes, as Gallagher would say.....what, no Gallagher the comedian: STYLE! (Starts jumping across a gigantic sofa!) :p

    It was an astounding pleasure to write the tales over that six year time! Though I would have loved to write other subjects and perhaps gotten this done much sooner, nonetheless it was still a joy to write even while it was difficult at times to do so.

    As for a sequel.....

    Whiskey: BEWARE! I bring ill tidings: Alec Baldwin posts on these Boards under the alias Cell Phone Wraith! :eek: [face_laugh]

    I mean, you should see the stuff the guy PMs me:


    I'm like gee, Baldwin, easy: it isn't like I'm your kid or something. :rolleyes:

    But it's nothing, NOTHING I TELL YOU, than Barry Melrose posting under the Board alias of iwishiwasdoncherryandloved. :eek:

    Bring out the shovels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL! I gotta go read Herbert in some form, but I appreciate the compliment nonetheless. I do my best in making it a very complex tale, even if it is bigger than my britches.


    As for now: I can't even begin to write credits of closing like in the past: too damn much to do in that regard, but I still thank everyone that's ever posted on this thread. Which, by the way, the posting on this thread hasn't really ended, not yet....

    As for now: I guess I can try to catch up on other fics and hope, unlike the last time I did it, the writers don't stop writing. I had bad luck: five writers just quit when I started reading their stuff. It was good, too, so I don't know what had happened.

    Let's see: I did go see 'Spider-man 3' and though the Sandman arc of the story felt very out of place it was necessary, and the movie was very, very good. In this franchise, however, I don't want to see a fourth movie.

    The other day I rented 'Casino Royal' and not since the Connery era did I love a James Bond movie this much.

    I'm currently reading the 'Children of Hurin', the J.R.R. Tolkien short novel that Christopher Tolkien finished. Though I could see why Tolkien senior abandoned the tale, it is very underrated and his son did do a good job. Of course whenever the Detroit Free Press condemns anything (from GL being racists to Rosa Parks being evil before she died) I have no choice but to read it. Thankfully it is short because if 'Fellowship' long it would not be a good book. The story does surprise you: at least borrow it from a library first.

    Of course looking forward to reading the last Harry Potter book....

    and seeing the latest movie....

    And dodging Alec Baldwin's phone calls..... :p

    Oh......oh, as for a sequel: well, never say never. Because......

    .......And She Picked Up Her Father's Sword!
  24. Casper_Knightshade

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    The Appendices of the Amongst

    As shown in the first three volumes of The Gessa Saga -- The Dark Hope, The Fading Light, and The Sith Maiden -- the time known as the Old Republic had its last victory over evil in the form of the Vhinech, but such a victory is lost on the conscious of even those who had bore witness to it, and thus the significance of the times is intentional lost between the end of TDH and the beginning of Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Though in The Fading Light Magus Prophet and Helle both raised the stakes with the Vhinech Sleepers, which made the Republic act and began testing its citizens for Sleeping Vhinech, the problem does little to continue the heroics of the previous years since the problem is eventually contained.

    The Old Guard, the Republic, again had used the last of its waning effective self at Evramora. In this universe Supreme Chancellor Valorum assumes his power at a much younger age and lasts to his unseating as depicted in Episode One, which is no coincidence as it is a reflection of the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, except in reverse: whereas FDR would eventually show his courage against enemy and bureaucracy during his end, Valorum would show his courage against enemy and bureaucracy in his long beginning. A man of duty, Valorum refuses to step down so long as he felt the people needed him; a trap, for the bureaucrats needed him more, particular those under the guide of Darth Sidious.

    It was also my intention to have them there for a long time to address the issue of term limits as depicted in the movies. In the United States many districts have term limits but the Legacy Politicians have not stepped down; they are, by virtue of law, ?grandfathered in? to their positions and therefore as long as they win, the term limits do not apply to them. I speculate then that Valorum lasts as long as he does because he?s grandfathered in, thus when Palpatine ascends to the High Chair the term limit laws apply to him. That is until the fearful became afraid to lead and allowed Palpatine to continue -- thus the creating a law that has no chance of being enforced. And when those not stuck on the shores of term limits do get tired, or just bored with their power and wealth, they pass it on to one of their chosen successors, mainly one of their own children, thus creating a Legacy Seat: the Rapier Clan set such an example long before the term limits with the Legacy Seat, but it stands to reason even afterwards they would be savvy enough to gain the seat back. That particular issue is covered in the later volumes of the Gessa Saga: it is a critical and vitally important plot point in regards to the Age of Darkness prophecy and how others not directly linked to the Gessa Saga events view the matter.

    As pointed out in The Fading Light, the Trade Federation is penalized for its roughshod way into attacking the Nubians at Sanctuary and were penalized by tariffs (the taxation of trade routes that Senator Palpatine underlined as ?the reason? for them invading Naboo in Episode One). A nice penalty without bloodshed, except when it lasts for too long and overtime the taxes increase. What is lost is that this is one of the four economic triggers that cause the Black Days, where the Republic?s trade markets crash. One of the others was covered in The Sith Maiden, when Valorum the prior fiscal year tried to force his fellows into making cuts in the budget by not raising the Republic debt ceiling. Valorum?s action would be the first of a long line of goofs from this point on, particular since the Trade Federation as a whole accounted for 1/5th of the Republic?s tax revenue. Not allowing the Trade Federation to expand growth only drove the Trade Federation to do two things: hide their profits from taxation and eventually invade Naboo. Valorum?s gaffe and the depression that followed were not planned by Darth Sidious, but nonetheless the Sith Master exploited it for his eventual gain to its fullest extent.

    Another slap against the Republic economy that Darth Sidious had no choice but to
  25. Casper_Knightshade

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    The Appendices of the Explained I: Nubian Royalty

    Of Royalty Depictions

    Unique but not covered by the cannon version of the Star Wars universe with any detail is the Royal History of Naboo. Though baselines were establish that Naboo and its member states were governed under a constitutional monarchy, it gave little to nothing about the traditions, the hand downs, and the much broader history of those who assume the Throne. Undoubtedly no one wants to cover thousand upon thousands of years of tradition, lines, elections, and changes in a movie that is meant to be a fast paced 2 hour affair. This weakness allows storywriters, and importantly the storytellers of fan fiction, to create their own arcs of history and situation beyond the assumption that matters and manners are just there.

    Of importance stress, I make it a point that when in the presence of Nubians in the Gessa Saga, or of people who respect it, there is capitalization of importances on words that would appear to be common even when applied in sake of title. One such instance is the Throne -- the assumption is that it is short for the Throne of Naboo. It?s the inherited expectation that it means something vitally important to those associated with it one way and the other. Such an honorific is also applied to the entitlements of power when it comes to His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness, to which is not uncommon in real life. A common question is why I don?t mentioned ?the Crown?, and my answer is the same: it?s to assume there is more than one Royal leader with entitlement to the Throne of Naboo, which just isn?t the case, based on Royal Nubian Law. This is covered in better detail later in this discussion.

    As in all things political, regality in all its forms goes through evolutions of change, often to placate the people that would serve the Throne. In the Gessa Saga, prior to its years and during them, the last of the Long Royals, and the last of the Inheritors of Spite, was Queen Landana. Landana, born Terese Nada, married Terese Maltanaw, inherited the Throne of Naboo from her mother the Queen Tessa, who died during her Long Royal service. One would say constitutional law would prohibit such ascension to high power without a vote to secure it, but then again the real life United States Constitution as common sense provisions built into it for such a problem, therefore it is easy to assume such a tradition of Throne Inheritance would still occur with the people of power, the Nubian Governors, voting in favor or disfavor. Such a process was also relevant and true during old times of England, whereas the lords had to approve of the ascension of Princess Elizabeth Boleyn Tudor, even if she was the direct blood daughter of King Henry VIII.

    In the Gessa Saga, there were many instances of term limits upon Royals on the High Throne, but they were not always enforced and were often provisions in law that sunsetted after some years. The greedy Royals -- good as well as bad, depending how you look at it -- stay on long past their supposed end. It is then ironic that the Last Long Royal, Landana, would succeed in imposing term limits again upon the Throne. The term Inheritor of Spite is not a legal term just a popular one of ill-will, devised by many to shortly explain the new Ruler of Naboo was given power ?in spite? of the people. The tag was not used negatively towards Queen Landana, but it was applied to King Veruna, the Queen Angelleia successor.

    The Known Royals of the Gessa Saga are Queen Landana, Queen Angelleia, Princess Jarah Maltanaw (a.k.a. Landana II), Duchesses Cessa Evannava (a.k.a. Terrama IV (only related to the first Queen Terrama), King Veruna: that is they have depictions in the common text of the story, and therefore not to be confused with any others this early in the volumes. Since Queen Tessa and Queen Amidala have no mentioning and have no lines or much direct connection to the main characters of the Gessa Saga, or do not figure too prominently, they are kept of the short list of Known Royals. Also these a
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