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The Sith Order: Aspects of the Force

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Lord Sith, Feb 6, 2000.

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  1. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Startled, Jastiss opened his eyes and looked at the surgeon droid standing over him (standing wasn't exactly the best choice of words-- the droid was permananently connected to the table Jastiss was laying on). The droid tilted his head, and its optic sensors focused on him.

    "You are awake," it said in a poorly synthesized voice.

    Jastiss lifted a hand to his head. "Yeah..." he said groggily... "where am I?"

    "We had to inject anesthetic into your system-- the pain from an operation such as this would have been unbearable to your species."

    Propping himself up, Jastiss looked around the operation room. "Where's Zemai?"

    "Are you referring to the human female who admitted you?"

    "That's her," Jastiss nodded.

    "She is waiting for you outside. I have not yet notified her of your condition."

    Jastiss glanced sideways at the droid as he inspected the long inscision in his thigh, sewed back together by a fine black thread. "And what exactly is my condition?"

    "We were able to extract eighty-five percent of the projectile from your body."

    Jastiss blinked. "You mean there is still some in my leg?"

    "The remaining fifteen percent is lodged into the upper area of your femur. We could not remove it without further damage to your leg. We also noticed something slightly odd about the projectile."

    Jastiss pulled on his pants and tunic, careful not to brush against his still healing cut, and looked at the droid. "Will you get to the point?"

    "The projectile was no ordinary bullet," it proceeded, "I found traces of microcircuitry inside both the extracted piece and the remnants in your leg."

    "What kind of bullet has circuitry in it?"

    "Sir, the Tee-four Tracking Projectile has the same inner workings as the projectile extracted from your leg."

    "Tracking projectile? You mean I have a tracking device in my leg?"

    "I believe that is so, sir. But, not to worry. Having removed most of it, I believe it will no longer function."

    "You better be right," Jastiss said as he stepped outside to meet Zemai.


    Ballis stared out into the cold emptiness of space as the transport Master Zalferix had sent for them sped at light-speed for Coruscant. They would be punished, she knew, for not bringing Akira back with them. Ballis always knew the treacherous snake would cause problems.

    A weak beeping caught Ballis' attention. She looked down at her belt and saw that her locater was blinking. She smiled. So the transmitter she had shot at the boy had started working.... Too bad they were forced to leave before they could se it as planned. Perhaps someday it would become of some use to her master.

    GENERAL RIKKAN Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 28, 1999
    The senate chambers is filled with many beings moving to and fro trying to find their place to begin the all important meeting to determine their place in the war with the Calmonians. The chamber has the look of an large arena, circular and massive to the naked eye. Banners and curtains hung from the rounded ceiling in brilliant streamers, and indirect lighting glowed softly from every corner, brightening the rotunda's cavernous interior. The many doors opening off exterior rampways at many different levels is packed with senators and other assorted aids while droids bustled along the exterior, carrying messages from one delegation to the next. The tall, slender column at the center of the chamber holds the supreme chancellor stands imposing in contrast to the many senate boxes present within the large chamber. Many of sectorial aids and visitors are conferring with each other, some are discussing the topics to be mentioned during the meeting, others are involved in the new gossip concerning the chancellor's new special advisor. Most of the senators have not been familiar with the new member who now speak for the first time since joining the senate.

    It is at this point that the chancellor and his chief advisor now float up towards the semi closed area where their column is seated at. They enter the chamber along with senator Hy'vein Da'or and quickly seat themselves. The elderly advisor cast his aqua blue eyes on the whole of the chamber, sizing up the many members who represent their sector of the galaxy. He brings his head back down to review his notes for the meeting. The chancellor whispers in his ear as Senator Hy'vein Da'or begins to calm the Senate chamber's members. From out of the upper west wing of the exterior rampways enters a small delegation of Jedi Knights led by Ular-Grimm Errar and Tumir Sagedust. Their sudden and unexpected arrival ruffles the many members in their area. Their secretive whispers among each other tells the elder Jedi Errar that their presence along complicate things that will be discussed.

    At this point, he thinks, it really doesn't matter as he motions to the three other Knights he handpicked himself to patrol the surrounding wing while he and Tumir walk the grounds together. Ular-Grimm walks to the balcony area to try and catch a small glimpse of the new advisor to the supreme chancellor. He looks intensely at the elderly alien who at the same exact moment raises his head and turns slowly in the direction of Ular-Grimm. The young Jedi immediately drops his gaze wondering how did he know that he was looking at him in the mist of all the hundreds of beings present in the chamber floor. The presence of Tumir interrupts Ular-Grimm's thoughts at the moment,

    "Grimmy, what is it ? You look pensive." She asks as she leans over to him

    " I am uncertain of the outcome of this meeting today, Tumir." He replies in his high pitched computerized voice as he bends his head closer to her face to insure some sort of privacy in their conversation, " The tides of war will continue to favor the Calmonians as long as these pointless debates continue. Can you not sense the disdain and hatred that suffocates these walls."

    " I can, Grimmy." She responds, " It is most unusual how well these being are able to hide their contempt for each other."

    " Do not be surprised, Tumir. The Senate is legendary for breeding, if you will, certain members skilled in the art of deception..we must be ever cautious lest we become ensnared in their web."

    Ular-Grimm begins to walk a couple of step closer to get a better view of the chancellor's platform, Tumir walks at his side as the senate members continues their secretive whispers,

    "It would seem as if we are unwelcome within these halls, Grimmy." She says in a low voice

    " Yes, their thoughts betray them," Ular-Grimm responds bitterly, "They wonder if the presence of Jedi knights will undermine their attempts to stifle the cries for justice. Master Rylok was correct in saying that if the Jedi hold the keys to true peace and was given the power to exe
  3. JediGaladriel

    JediGaladriel Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 3, 1999
    Ah-ha. Found it. Darth Olashya really must insist -- forcefully if necessary -- that this thread return to action. :)

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  4. JediGaladriel

    JediGaladriel Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 3, 1999
    Zemai heard Jastiss' uneven footsteps before he appeared at the door, and she cast around desperately for a way to cover the bloody handprints on the low wall. At last, able to find nothing else, she took off her outer tunic, baring her arms, and draped it to sit on, then tucked her scractched and chafed hands under her thighs. She looked out at the suns as if she'd been watching the desert for awhile.

    "Hello, Jastiss," she said.


    "Are you all right?"

    "They shot me with a tracking device. The droid thinks it's been disabled."

    "Oh. Are you all right?"

    "Mostly." He sat down beside her. "So, what next?"

    "This is your place, not mine."

    "What do you like to do?"

    Zemai blinked slowly and turned to him. She had never been part of a friendship that hadn't existed as long as her tastes. She couldn't recall ever *needing* to say what she liked; Coris always knew, and no one else needed to (though most of the Temple picked such things from one another by the osmosis of living together). "I am fond of beauty," she said at last. "I would like to remain here and simply watch the suns set. But if something else would make you happier... "

    Jastiss was smiling. "Nah. Everyone likes to watch the suns set. Most people don't admit it, though."

    "I don't understand."

    "It's not very tough." He laughed. "But I guess no one's going to accuse a Jedi of not being tough enough."

    "The Jedi have no wish to be... tough."

    "What *do* you wish for?"

    "The Jedi wish -- "

    "No, no. You. Zemai Laryhi."

    "I beg your pardon?"

    "Aw, come on. Half the point of watching a sunset is to ramble on about what you want."

    "You ramble."

    "You first."


    Another grin. "I have to think of something first."

    "And you assume I've thought of something?"

    "I bet you have it written down and planned out."

    She smiled. "I thought once that I knew what I wanted. I would become a knight, and I would assist people in need. Then I would take a padawan, then another. And when I began to tire, I would have a seat on the Council. A rather silly idea, I suppose... "


    She shrugged. "I'm not well liked at the Temple. I don't work well with anyone but Coris."

    "And me. You work *great* with me."

    She remembered the collapse of the sand dune, and running madly across the desert, and smiled. "Yes, I suppose I do."

    "So, you said you *used* to want that."

    "I still do. Sometimes." She shook her head. "No, I don't. I don't know what I want."

    "There must be something."

    She thought about it. "Order," she finally said. "I want this conflict to be over, and I want to make things work again. I want to heal the hurts, and... " She shook her head. "And make everyone just stop fighting. I'm tired of it. I want to just win it and get it over with."

    "That's all?"

    "Just galactic peace and justice... yes, that's all."

    He didn't catch the sarcasm, apparently. "I don't believe you." He leaned in. His eyes were dancing, but there was an intensity behind them. "Give, Zemai. There's something else. What is it?"

    She shrugged. "I want to be loved," she said. "Do you believe that? I never noticed it before."

    "I believe it."

    "Of course you do. But it's tripe. I made it up."

    "No. You made up the part about galactic peace and justice. The truest things you've said are that you're tired and you want to be loved. You want to achieve peace and justice in order to get rest and approval."

    "I see they implanted a therapist chip in your brain while you were out."

    "There's nothing wrong with it, Zemai. It's okay to want normal stuff."

    Zemai normally would have been put off by such a thing, but Jastiss was conducting his analysis so cheerfully that she didn't think he was taking it seriously. Without thinking about it, she reached up and pushed her hair behind her ear. "You obviously haven't been raised by the Jedi."

    "No, I -- "

    Jastiss voice broke off abruptly, and he grabbed her by the wrist as her hand came down from her hair. O
  5. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    "We are now approaching the moment of truth, my friends..are you prepared?"

    The voice was loud and ominous as the two bounty hunters sent by Grenda the Hutt stand in a bright circle of light inside a darken chamber. The two bounty hunters look around the room to see only a large group of hooded and cloaked silhouette figures standing silent in a menacing circle around them. On a small balcony stands two more hooded and cloaked shadows.

    " We have the information you provided for us, Master Lenobi." One of the hunters said in a boisterous voice, "We will be successful, only if your group will be in place to cover our escape."

    "And in place they are, Xiz'ru Lin." speaks the words of Scott Lenobi as he looks directly at the two hunters, " Our operatives within the conference confirmed that all is ready. Even your ship in which you both shall escape in is designed to fly and travel cloaked in hyperspace. The only difficulty you will encounter in this task is what would your choice of weapon be."

    The bounty hunters, Xiz'ru Lin and Dinan, gather their equipment for their departure as the two cloaked Sith Masters who were on the balcony start to descend the staircase to approach them. The group of cloaked and hooded Sith members move slightly to give the two hooded masters a walkway to the hunters. The aura of darkness that the Sith emits gives even these brave hunters a slight pause, even though their reputation precedes them as fearless and inventive, perfect qualities The Hutts look for in a bounty hunter to hire.
    Scott Lenobi brings his cloaked arm up to motion to one of the Sith disciples to show his two guest the way out. The chamber doors open as another light emits from the doorway filling up the whole of the room.

    " You are aware of the added security measures, the Alderaan monarchy has included in this conference." The other hunter, Dinan, says as he begins to walk.

    " Yes..." Scott replies immediately, " In fact we have already taken the necessary steps to have this threat neutralized. I assure you, they will not be a problem come time for the conference to begin tomorrow afternoon. You both will receive the rest of your payment upon complement of your mission."

    The two bounty hunters are quickly escorted out of the room. The chamber doors close back to cast the Sith back into their shadowy element. Standing in the circle of light, stands the two Sith masters as their disciples surround them in dark support.

    "You have mentioned the new measures of security the monarchy added, brother." speaks the deep voice of Sith master Oby'ell Magnus, " May I enquire who they may be ?"

    " It would appear that the Jedi Council sent three Knights to watch over the conference..." Scott answers back smiling, " ...for fear that there may be an attempt on the lives of the invited guest."

    "And they would be right." Oby'ell retorts with a small laughter Scott joins with him in.

    " Indeed, Master Magnus." Scott finally says, " In which case, we must change our plans slightly to counter this new measure from our former brotherhood. One that I think you will find most interesting."

    " I am all ears, Master Lenobi." Oby'ell says, " Do you know who these Knights are ?"

    " Two of them, I am not familiar with. But the one who leads them is the Jedi Knight Brendtan." Scott answers with a small smile.

    " The wookie ?" Oby'ell says with a curious look on his face. He slowly turns his back to Scott and cast his cloaked head down slightly, " This is..most interesting, Master Lenobi."

    "In what way, Master Magnus ? It would appear to me that you both have a history together."

    " If you must know, We were never fond of each fact, he and I were rivals for a long time, before I left to join the Sith. He always found faults in the lessons I've taught to the older students. I've always believed that he feared that the children would show their love and loyalty to me more than him. He lobbied to the council to investigate my method of teaching. According to him, Brendtan feared that I was teaching the st
  6. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    The room was dark, and eerily quiet. Zalferix stared into a monitor, his mult-lensed eyes reflecting the image of Ryel Kirasis thousands of times.

    "Master Zalferix," Ryel Kirasis greeted, with a slight hint of contempt, "I was not expecting to hear from you."

    "No... of course not." Zalferix hissed. "You were too busy wallowing in the pity that is your life."

    Kirasis' eyes narrowed, and he looked at the Zal. "I should warn you, Master Zalferix, you are not in a good place to be tossing insults around carelessly." A smile flicked past Ryel's lips. "You are not, as they say, in Lord Jalex's... 'Good Books'."

    "And so it shall stay that way," Zalferix snapped, "I have no need for that pitiful human's approval."

    The image flickered slightly as the monitor automatically changed frequencies to avoid tracking. Kirasis looked down at something not visible at the monitor, then returned his gaze to Zalferix. "Tell me, Zalferix, to what do I owe the pleasure of this contact?"

    "As I see it, Master Ryel, you and I are much alike." Zalferix hissed at such a notion. Of course they were not a like, but if things were to go as planned, Ryel needed to think it.

    "Oh, really? And how to you come about such astounding information?"

    Zalferix hissed. This fool was as arrogant as they came. "You and I both donot particularily enjoy the leadership of our Lord Jalex."

    Ryel leaned back. "Go on."

    If Zalferix could have smirked, he would have. This is what the humans would call, "Hook, line, and sinker".

    "I do believe," Zalferix said, flicking his tongue in and out, "you will enjoy my proposition, Master Ryel-- or should I say... *Lord* Ryel?" *Look at him!* Zalferix thought, *the arrogant fool is eating this all up! By this time tommorrow, I will have control of Kirasis' disciples, and the Order will be mine!*


    "What did you do to your hands?"

    Zemai was silent for a moment, watching the blood trickle down her palm and down her wrist.

    Jastiss frowned. "Zemai?"

    Zemai looked up, as if just noticing that he was there.

    "What did you do to your hands?" he repeated.

    "I-- I don't know." She was obviously lying.

    "Zemai, they're rubbed raw."

    "My hands, they were so--" Zemai pulled her hand out of Jastiss', and looked at it.

    "Go on," Jastiss said, his voice quiet.

    "My hands, they felt... dirty."


    "No, not dirty... filthy. But not with dirt. With... feelings."

    Jastiss narrowed his eyes. "I don't think I understand."

    "When you were unconscious, I--"

    "I know."

    Zemai looked up abruptly. "What?"

    "You saw my dream, right?" Jastiss had felt her in his mind, only slightly, then she had disappeared again.

    Zemai was quiet for a moment before speaking. "Yes. I felt so ashamed, so dirty, that I had to do something."

    Jastiss took her hands in his and looked at them. "And you washed so hard that you rubbed them raw?"


    Jastiss could feel there was something else she wasn't telling him, but something told him to leave it alone.

    "I'm sorry."

    Jastiss looked up. "No. Don't be. When you entered my dream, it changed. It became... better, somehow. As if the thing I had lost, wasn't lost anymore."
  7. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    The beautiful sunny skies provides the perfect backdrop for the conference that is to take place within the imperial palace of the Alderaanian monarchy. The palace stands tall to the naked eyes of any who would gaze upon its structure. The many dignitaries that are present is walking around the sprawling grounds, taking in many of its beautiful sights. There are many gardens within the palace grounds, all of which is open to both royalty and its common citizens. The coming and going of the shuttle crafts which carry many of the invited dignitaries of both the senate and the four invited systems' kingdoms is seen in the background. While many others are seen being escorted through the grounds leading to the palace. The arrival of another small shuttlecraft lands on the palace grounds docking bay. It doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary until the doors open up to allow two weary travelers to finally step out onto the ground. The two men is greeted by some of the docking bay crews who escort them promptly to the small land speeder waiting outside.

    Jedi Knights Coris Hakim and Olan Tennaris quickly board the craft that would take them to the royal palace. Both men has many things on their mind due to the adventures they've just experienced back on Tatooine.

    " With all the difficulties we've had to come here, I am pleased that we've arrived so quickly." Olan says.

    Coris gives him a glance, "With the Conference that is to take place and the people that would be involved, I had no doubt that security would be high. I am uncertain as to what will occur during this conference, but the fate of our continuing conflict with the Calmonians hangs in the balance. There is also a contingents of Jedi placed here for the sole purpose of overseeing the meeting."

    " A beautiful planet this Alderaan is, Coris." Olan says as he looks around to take in the sights, " Remind me to seek employment and housing here once we have concluded our business."

    " My business will be far from concluded once we leave from this place Olan." Coris replies in a tired voice. His face is clearly strained due to all the things he has gone through the past four days since being in the Outer Rim. " I am seeking out a fellow Knight and old friend who thoughts have touched me while on Tatooine. He is here and for what I am about to do, I will need his sage advice. He is probably one of the Knights assigned to this meeting."

    The speeder quickly arrives at the palace gates. After a quick security check. The speeder is on its way towards the main palace.

    " I think that you are taking an unnecessary risk in this excursion, Coris." Olan says in a low voice, " If Zemai's apprenticeship is in jeopardy, would it not be wise to wait until we return both children to Coruscant before we start off on this search...I mean let's face facts, there is no concrete proof that this Jai'ana-Din is still alive."

    " I happen to know now more than ever that she lives, Olan." Coris replies, " Hearing Jai'ana-Din's voice combined with my sister's bold words of temptation has confirmed what I had always believed. I will not abandon Zemai, but Akira has tested my resolve for the last time."

    Olan doesn't respond to his fellow Knight as the speeder finally comes up to the imperial palace. They're greeting by some of the royal guards stationed at the gates. Who discuss the purpose of their visit. Knowing that they are Jedi Knights, the guards quicky escort them inside the building. The beauty of the palace is as breathtaking as the outside. Many of the nobles that dwell within are seen mingling with many invited guests of the conference. The atmosphere has a look of a banquet as the Jedi is escorted through the crowd towards the quarters set up for the Knights who are already here. They reach the private dorm as the door slide silently open.

    The two Knights walk inside slowly to find the chamber as highly decorated as any other room within the palace. Soon a lithe and beautiful Twi'lek Jedi emerges from out of side room. She recognizes the Jedi robes of Cori
  8. Ladyx_los

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    Jul 23, 2000
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    Aug 19, 1999
    I know how you feel, JG. :(
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    Aug 19, 1999
    I know how you feel, JG. :(
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    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999
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  13. JediGaladriel

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    Sep 3, 1999
    <JG, grimly determined to post here, steps up to the computer and barely resists the urge to chalk up her hands before the routine...

    Sorry, attention's in Sydney. Great men's gymnastics competition tonight!>

    "...When you entered my dream, it changed. It became... better, somehow. As if the thing I had lost, wasn't lost anymore."

    Zemai just looked at him, feeling slow and stupid, not knowing at all how to respond to that. He had *liked* her being there? She tried to remember the last time anyone other than Coris had been glad of her presence, and came up blank.

    He was staring back at her in an unnerving way, holding eye contact. She felt like she couldn't break away, so she forced herself to glance down at her hands. They were worse than she'd thought -- the wall had rubbed little pebbles into the wounds.

    Good. It gave her something to think about and focus on, other than those piercing eyes on her.

    She glanced down at her hands, then plunged them into the water again. "I'll just get scratches clean and put on some gloves. Is there somewhere around here where I can get thin work gloves?"

    No answer. She looked up, and he was still staring intently at her. So far, he had been the talkative one. But his silence made her feel like she needed to fill the gap.

    "Look, Jastiss," she said, "I'm fine. I've been hurt worse than a few scrapes on my hands. I fell off a high wire in the gym once and broke four ribs. One of them poked right out through my side."

    She expected him to counter with a farm accident of some sort -- comparing injuries was a game that padawans at the Temple played (well, not Zemai herself, but she'd seen them), much to the annoyance of their Masters. But Jastiss seemed not to know the game. He just reached out and took her hands.

    The moment their skin touched, the bond she'd forged with him back on Coruscant flared into a strange and frighteningly vibrant life. She felt the suns on his forehead, as well as on the back of her own neck. She felt the dull ache in his leg where the bullet fragment remained. She felt her own hands, small and cool to the touch, taking up less than half of his hands. And she saw, through his eyes, a girl she didn't know, a girl with long, wild hair and eyes both flashy and shadowy, like a lightning storm. She was small and young, this girl, but carried herself as tall as Brendtan and as wise as Coris.

    _It's me,_ she realized, finally recognizing at least her own stance. And then, _It's me as I wish to be, as I long to be, as I am in my most secret dreams. How does he know?_

    She looked down at their hands, saw her fingers wound through his, saw him draw their hands closer together. Could he see through her eyes? Could he feel how the kindness of his vision of her was so wonderful that it nearly hurt to see it?

    "Zemai," he whispered, and she looked up at him. The sun had sunk further, and it cast a red-gold glow across his hair. And then his head dipped down toward her and she was reaching up to him and...

    She stopped, letting go of his hands and pulling away from him. This was wrong. It wasn't her at all. She had wanted a kiss from Coris earlier, now she was trying to take one from Jastiss. That wasn't what Zemai Laryhi was about, some romantic drama of --

    She felt him moving away from her, and turned back, unable to stand any more space between them. He must have felt it across their bond, because he swept her into his arms with no hesitation, and when he kissed her, all she could think was, _I'm home. At last._

    She sank into it, letting herself fall into his embrace, running her hands over his tunic, pressing them into his cheeks, leaving her bloody handprints on his face.
  14. JediGaladriel

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    Sep 3, 1999
    "...The sun had sunk further, and it cast a red-gold glow ..."

    Ooops. Better review my Tatooine geography there!

    (Oh to have editing back...)

    That sentence should read, "The suns had sunk further, casting a red-gold glow..."
  15. JediGaladriel

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  16. LordSith

    LordSith Jedi Youngling

    Sep 15, 2000
    Hey JG, I don't know if you saw my message in the planning thread, but we've been talking via a message board located at:

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  17. The Rover

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    Dec 28, 1999
    " Lord Jalex, this is an unexpected pleasure."

    The words of Sith master Rimar echos throughout his large but empty throne room. The only one present with him is his fellow Sith master, Tati'an Arel. They are both garbed in the dark Sith robes knowing that no one would dare enter the throne room of the king without his permission. The holographic image of Drey Jalex looms large and clear. His face is grim as he addressees his fellow masters,

    " You may dispense with the pleasantries, Master Rimar. My call is not of a social nature at the moment. I've just received word from Lord Shadel that it is time for us to begin our conquest of Coruscant."

    " Finally !" The Calmonian king barks excitedly at the good news given. Tati'an Arel smiles more subtly as he steps a few paces closer to the hologram.

    " What is our current status, my Lord ?" Tati'an asks, " My students grow a bit impatient and wishes to find an outlet for their hatred for the Jedi."

    " Then tell your disciples to prepare for their departure." Drey replies, " As this brings me to the purpose of my call. You are to both gather yourselves and your pupils and leave for Coruscant immediately."

    A small soft laughter escapes Tati'an's dark lips, " After ten years in exile, we will now... extract our vengeance upon them. I shall make preparations, now my Lord."

    Tati'an Arel turns and quickly walks out the throne room, leaving Rimar alone to continue the discussion. The king walks back to sit on his throne. He gaze intensely at the hologram.

    "What vengeance is Master Arel referring to, my Lord?" Rimar asks in a confused tone.

    " The Jedi, Master Rimar..." Drey replies softly, " We will now take vengeance against the order for our forced exile."

    " I thought we was doing just that." Rimar says, " Our order has successfully crushed the Jedi across the galaxy. There is now, no resistance to my armada's conquest of the occupied systems."

    " The task is not yet completed, Master Rimar." Drey breathes evenly through the burst transmission, " I will explain more in detail once you and your disciples have arrived on Coruscant. Meanwhile, you are to send as many of your battleships as necessary to the planet, so as we may begin the invasion."

    " Of Coruscant ?" Rimar retorts back excitedly, " It will be my pleasure, Lord Jalex. Strange... why did it take us so long to decide on this task ?"

    " There were other things that needed to be accomplished first." Drey says, " As you've said before, with the Jedi vanquished, there will be no one to oppose us on this campaign. You will alert your commanding officers to begin the attack when the order is given by either myself or Lord Shadel."

    " As you wish, Lord Jalex." Rimar says as he rises from his throne. The grim visage of Drey Jalex is heard one last time,

    " I will caution your, Master Rimar." He says, " What we are about to attempt will push all of our collective abilities to the limit. It will be imperative that we have a large cruiser to escape Coruscant in. Make certain that one will be available."

    The Calmonian king acknowledges the request and bows as the holographic image of the Sith Master disappears. He stands silent as he ponders the words of his leader. He frowns as he walks back over to his throne and presses the small comlink on the throne's armrest. The voice of one of his royal advisors is heard addressing his ruler.

    " What is thy bidding, my king ?"

    " I wish for you to place a call to the Republic on Coruscant..specifically to the private quarters of the director of administration."

    " He may be still involved with the Supreme Chancellor. I have tried to contact him for the past three days with no success."

    " Keep trying and leave a message for him to make contact with me aboard my private battlecruiser. It would appear that I will be heading to Coruscant and the plans that we have set forth must be implemented as soon as possible."

    " Right away, my king."

    " I am not certain as to what Drey Jalex is planning but my plans will not be compromised by anything the S
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    Okay. I think a month is probably long enough for a first kiss to be lasting. :)


    _Am I breathing?_

    Zemai tried to open her eyes, tried to pull herself away from Jastiss, but she couldn't. Someone was breathing; she could feel breath on her lips. Hers? His? Were they different?

    Jastiss leaned back a little, then seemed to realize what he was doing, and pulled her to him again, pressing his lips against hers in a second kiss (though they'd barely stopped touching from the first).

    She felt him smile. "Can't seem to stop," he muttered against the side of her nose.

    The tip of his chin was beside Zemai's lips, and she tasted it lightly. "I wasn't expecting this."

    "I thought Jedi" -- another kiss, this one against her right eyelid -- "always knew what was going to happen next."

    "Only when it's... sensi... when it... makes sense."

    He laughed, and stopped kissing her face, pulling her against him, and that was good too, feeling his arms crossed behind her shoulders and his chest beneath her cheek. "What doesn't make sense?" he asked.

    "What *does*?" She pulled herself closer to him. "How can this even be real? I just met you. Four hours ago... "

    "Was four hours ago. Don't talk about it."

    "But Jastiss... "

    "You're overthinking this."

    She shook her head, then tore herself from his arms, turning quickly so she wouldn't need to look at him and be tempted. "I *have* to, Jastiss. This is too quick. This isn't like me. Do you understand that? I've never kissed anyone before, and now I'm kissing two people in one day."

    "You know what? All right. If that's what you want."

    She couldn't take the hurt tone in his voice, and turned, planning to try and say something comforting (she had no idea what). Instead, she gasped.

    She had not looked at him since their lips had touched, and something terrible had happened. Blood was streaked down his cheeks and spread into his hair. He looked like the walking dead, the victim of a brutal crime...

    "What is it? What's the matter?"

    "Your face! What happened to your face?"

    He reached one hand up, wiped away a bit of blood, and smiled. "Zemai, your hands. Remember?"

    She laughed nervously, embarrassed by her mistake -- of course, what else could have happened? -- but still...

    _He is marked with my blood._

    She could see her handprints now. The blood wasn't copious. It stood out on his face because it was so terribly out of place there, but it really was only a little bit. Many faint red handprints marked the front of his tunic, and she saw a smudge on his left wrist. She couldn't remember *ever* touching another person in that many places, and of course, it had stained him.

    _(she is on Emra'an and the knights are around her, defending her, then one falls before her, cut in two, and she pulls the body back together, blood smearing onto her hands and staining her clothes...)_


    _(...and then she is lost, and the Sith, the three men in the woods, with the fire around them and the smell of blood in the air, and they... important to us... )_


    _( us... you are... the girl... help us... olashya m'traet... carrier of the dead...)_

    There was a sharp pain in her neck as her head snapped back and forth quickly. The whispers in her mind ceased, and she saw Jastiss looking down at her, frightened. He seemed very tall.

    "I'm okay," she said. "The gates opened, and everything's trying to get in. I just need to sort."

    "What *was* all that?"

    "Bad memories. Visions. You name it. How much did you see?"

    "Fire and blood."

    "Then you got most of it."

    He let her go warily and looked out at the reddening sky. "Is it always like that, when you're in training?"

    Zemai supposed she could lie, or tell a version of the truth. It was technically the truth that it wasn't *always* like that. But that wasn't what Jastiss really wanted to know. He wanted to know what she and Coris were asking him to commit himself to. He was... afraid. Yes. That was it
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    Ah, this new Halloween color scheme seems appropriate for this story, no? Brings back some memories... :)
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    (Note: Since we now must write without italics *grumble grumble* I?m going to use brackets [] to separate Brendtan?s speech from ordinary Basic.)

    The royal palace was positively alight, a fiery torch glowing in the otherwise dismal night. Spirits were high. Thanks to the vigilance of the Jedi Knights, the mercenary assassins had been dealt with and now both Alderaanian hosts and Republic delegates planned to relieve the tensions of the previous days in a huge banquet, honoring the success of the negotiations. Food from across the galaxy was served. There was dancing and celebrating. For once, the ambassadors put aside politics and turned their focus to enjoying themselves.

    But not everyone was at ease.

    A tall figure stood away from the main revelry, half-hidden in the shadows of the palace?s massive Dining Hall. Many guests mistook him for an exotic statue when they passed; the Wookie neither moved nor spoke to anyone. The only signs he was even alive were his eyes, which were constantly in motion, scanning the room and its carefree occupants. Always searching for the danger he knew was there.

    A giggling group of children scampered by, kicking a ball back and forth across the marble tile. One Human boy slowed to a stop near the sentry, letting his playmates race by. Dal, the king?s youngest son, looked up and leveled a commanding chubby finger at the Jedi?s face.

    ?Come play with us!? he said.

    Intent on his observing, Brendtan did not respond.

    The corners of the boy?s mouth drooped in an almost comical frown. He gripped the Wookie?s fur for better purchase and attempted another pull, harder this time.

    After several minutes, Dal?s efforts produced results. For the first time that evening, Brendt glanced down and the pint-sized antagonizer, upon seeing he had gained his subject?s attention, repeated his demands.


    Like his friend Coris Hakim, Brendtan had never been much inclined to children. He grunted and gave his head a curt shake, hoping the youngster would take the hint and depart. Still, the young prince was not to be deterred. Folding his arms across his chest as he?d often seen his father do, he stamped his foot impatiently. ?Why?? he said.

    Brendt finally dignified him with an answer. [A Jedi does not play.]

    Although Dal did not understand Wookie - that much was evident from his expression - he still knew a refusal when he heard one. ?Why?? he asked again.

    [Because it is inappropriate.]


    [Because I cannot focus on my assignment when I am making a fool of myself.]


    Brendtan inwardly sighed. He gave the boy his best toothy/growling/leery/stern expression. Usually that was enough to convince most people that it was best not to talk with him

    Instead, Dal giggled.

    There was a commotion nearby and the rest of the royal brood came stampeding back toward them, their game still in progress. Brendt saw his chance. A simple manipulation of the Force sent the ball soaring over the children?s heads. Defying the laws of physics, the flying projectile proceeded to complete orbitals around several heads, bouncing off a few more before finally landing in the hands of a delighted Dal. Shrieking, he ran off - his mission to recruit the Knight forgotten - pursued by his laughing companions.

    Watching the boy depart, Brendt could not hold back a smile at the child?s innocence.

    Thus distracted, the Jedi did not see or sense the Sith until the first ambassador screamed and collapsed over the table, a lightsaber?s glowing blade through his belly.

    * * *

    Coris wasn't in the mood for celebration. In fact, what he wanted most was to be alone. He?d even forsaken Olan's company for the evening. While everyone else remained in the dining hall, he wandered the palace grounds along with the rest of the security men, absorbed in his own thoughts.

    He was sure the guards found his behavior a bit unnerving. He didn't speak, merely glided along in their wake, a cloaked phantom that moved with all the noise of the whispering breeze. As a result, he was left to his ow
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    OK, it's time to get the ball rolling...

    this has laid stagnant for quite some time now. This isn't anything with Jastiss and Zemai, but it is SOMETHING....

    There was darkness here. Now.

    Olan looked up from the goblet he was drinking from. His eyes darted about the room, examing the patrons enjoying themselves without a worried look on their faces. It seemed that the other Jedi in the room, however, shared Olan's obvious lack of enthusiasm.

    Excusing himself from the table he was sitting at, Olan set his goblet down and took up the lightsaber hanging from his belt. Those he were sitting with seemed to notice his uneasiness, and drew silent.

    A flood of pain and silent screams suddenly flooded Olan's mind.

    Whirling around, Olan shouted to those behind him. "Get out!" he shouted, "get out now!"

    Almost on cue, the sounds of dozens of lightsabers flashed to life somewhere above Olan. Looking up, he saw the lightsabers' owners, clad in dark robes descend from the banquet hall's rafters.

    Screams of horror instantly filled the room as its patrons scattered in every which direction. Olan charged the nearest dark warrior, who had just touched down on the marble surface with the grace of a dancer, not a deadly warrior. Hoping to get the element of surprise, Olan stumbled sideways as it was he who was caught of guard. The Sith swung his blade with a flick of his wrist, causing Olan to fall on his side. In another instant he was back on his feet and clashing his saber with his opponent's amidst the screaming party-goers.

    Olan had intended to back the knight into the table behind him, hoping to pin him. Instead, the knight swiftly jumped up onto it as easily as if he were looking straight at it.

    Olan followed suit, and soon they were fighting above the heads of the other Sith warriors who were either engaged with other Jedi knights, or were busy chasing down helpless civilians.

    Olan gritted his teeth as he saw one warrior chase down an old dignitary and bring his saber down through his back. The man crumpled without so much a sound, and before he hit the ground the dark warrior had gone off in search of another victim.

    Parrying another blow from his own opponent, Olan pressed harder against him. He got closer and closer, bringing in his attacks faster and faster to a point of near recklessness. The young sith could have been no more than twenty, but he fought with skill of a Jedi Master.

    [This is going nowhere,] Olan thought. [I have to end this. There are others who need my help.]

    With a flick of his wrist, Olan threw his saber into the air, and with almost kid-like fascination, the dark warrior's eyes followed it up as the blade deignited.

    Using this to his advantage, Olan brought his fist back and struck the Fallen One directly in the face, spraying blood over his robes and sending the attacker directly off the table, where he lay still on the smooth floor.

    Olan's saber fell from the air back into his hand, and he ignited again. [I have to find Coris... there is much to be taken care of.]
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    The sounds of chaos filled the banquet hall of the royal castle. The Sith is attacking from all directions causing many of the guests who've attended the feast to flee panic stricken fearing for their lives. The sounds of the Lightsabers slashing away at their victims is loud and terrifying to all within listening range. High atop a balcony overlooking the carnage stands Sith masters Scott Lenobi, Lo'kis Gel-Non and Oby'ell Magnus. All of them taking silent pleasure at seeing each of their disciples master the art of destruction. The Sith wastes no time in killing everything in their violent path.

    In another part of the hall, The Jedi Knight Adayla Rangara battles valiantly against two Sith disciples, moving with quick graceful steps, she keeps the dark warriors at bay. Lightsabers singing in a symphony of harmonic sound as the three combatants fight using a vast array of combat moves. Adayla ducks and parries her foes blow for blow as a small group of Sith disciples start to form a circle around them.

    Within the opposite hallways, the other knight, Vornt Ny'iro is engaged with a Sith disciple as more people is seen screaming and running in terror. They stopped their battle for a moment to gaze in each other's eyes. They know that only one will survive this duel as many bodies lay silent all around them. The Jedi knight senses the hatred within his enemy to be like a rushing tidal wave ready to crash violently, disrupting the serenity of the land before it. His vile thoughts have now found its into Vornt consciousness, probing his thoughts as the Jedi searches into his.

    "I sense something within you, Knight !" The dark warrior sneers.

    "You sense no fear in me , dark one." The knight replies

    "Ah, but that is where you are wrong, Jedi." He says with a manic excitement in his voice. " For what I sensed in you was not fear...but a hidden desire."

    The Jedi continues his attack. The Lightsabers strike each other in quick hard strokes lightening up the darken halls. The corridors is not large, but they each move in strides that cover the distance in a matter of moments. The two combatants counters and parries each other with precision and grace. Vornt switches his saber to the opposite hand and attempts a low range attack hoping to catch the Sith warrior off guard, but his opponent easily counters his move by moving side ways away from him as he parries the blow simultaneously.


    Brendtan uses his wookie strength to overpower his smaller opponents. He has vanquished three Sith disciples so far and is engaged with two more. Each of the Sith disciples is attacking from high and low angles, with Brendtan easily countering each of theirs moves. He is clearly more adept in the Jedi arts as it shows the longer the battle continues. The smell of blood and carnage is heavy in the air. Bodies of many dignitaries are lying on the floor with some of them being dismembered in the most hideous of ways. He carefully step over the fallen as he continues the battle. High up on the balcony. The Sith masters look on with obvious delight. Coming into the foreground is the Sith master, Zalferix who was noticeably missing a few moments ago. He uses his multi lens eyes to scope the entire banquet hall, silently enjoying the spectacle of death. Scott Lenobi is the only one who doesn't face his ally as he approaches the group, while the others turn to greet him.

    "Master Zalferix, It pleases me to know that you are here." Scott says with subtle sarcasm. One that the Zal was still able to pick up.

    "I am." Zalferix responds as he turns to face the human, "Although the tone in your voice leaves little to be desired of."

    The other two Sith masters step back to look on with an almost anxious curiosity to the face off between their fellow council members. Scott catches the passing thought of Oby'ell Magnus, a thought filled with joy in Zalferix's response. He finally turns to gaze upon the monstrous alien,

    " I meant no disrespect...please, Lord Jalex implored us to work together for the succ
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    "Tell me, Zemai... is the life of a Jedi always filled with danger and conflict ?"

    Jastiss turns to the young Padawan with a look of genuine concern that touches Zemai. She catches his passing thought, knowing what was behind the question he just posed. No one but Coris, has ever taken such an...interest in her well being. Both of them is still walking through the rough terrain of Tatooine. The suns have all but departed, leaving nothing but the many beautiful stars to shine like so many shards of crystals. The land itself was silent where the only sounds that was heard was the warm breeze that blew past the two wanderers. Zemai adjusts her belt where the Lightsaber rested.

    " This life is not always filled with danger, Jastiss." She replies in a soft almost haunted tone. " Most of the time, a Jedi can be found simply studying the tenants of the Force to increase his spiritual growth to the highest level possible. It is a goal that all of us wishes to achieve."

    Jastiss frowned. " My...father, I guess, didn't reach that particular goal."

    " He died...most heroic, and honorably."

    " He didn't live most of his life like that , though."

    " But it is important to know that Master Karik Otonna didn't perish with the ways you've always known him to have." Zemai says as she finally stops to rest at a nearby rock. " He died as a true servant of the Force."

    " A true servant of the Force ?" Jastiss stood staring at the night, taking in everything that Zemai has said to him so far. He then let his gaze fall back on his companion. " My father... spent his entire life in the service of the Jedi, you would think that one would hold all the lessons that was learned close to one's heart. Not Karik.. He did everything else but that. All the images that I've seen in you mind, Zemai, is filled with...pain and death. The same things I've felt the instant my father returned here to..."

    Jastiss suddenly stops in mid sentence, catching his own rising emotional state as he reflects on his words. Zemai continues to stare at him. He turns to finally look at her as their eyes meet. She is even more beautiful in real life than the visions he had of her. Zemai, seeing that his gaze is as intense as hers, turns away, embarrassed that she was even looking at him for as long as she did.

    " Forgive me." Jastiss urged, gesturing for Zemai to rises and come to him. The Padawan without even realizing, gets up, walks to stand next to him. " I really don't know what to make of it. On one hand, even though you said that being a Jedi is not all about conflict, the moment you've all arrived here, there has been nothing but one conflict after another."

    " I can see how this looks to you, Jastiss." Zemai consoles. " But don't underestimate the power of the Force to bring peace and serenity to your heart."

    Jastiss laughed softly. " Wow. Its amazing how peace and serenity can reach one who is so opinionated and aloof..."

    " Don't mock me, farmer." Zemai says with an aggravated tone. " I'm merely stating a known fact. Our order of knights has been proven over the thousands of years we've existed. We wish for you to come and learn the ways of the Force. To become a even better Jedi Knight than your father was.. and to safeguard those that are weak and oppressed."

    " It was through Olan that I now have the desire to become a Jedi, Zemai." Jastiss explained. " I'm not certain that I can surpass the knowledge my father, or even Olan obtained. Look what the Force has shaped my father to become. How do I know for sure that I wont end up like him."

    " You just have to put your faith in the Force to guide and shape you." Zemai replied. " Your father, in the end, finally allowed the Force to give him that which he had worked his whole life to obtain. He betrayed the very same group he helped to create, and brought balance to the Force. Coris was with him. He told me of the thoughts that he possessed in the last moment before he passed was one of peace and... serenity. He died to preserve life, Jastiss, and even though Karik did many
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