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The Sith Order: Aspects of the Force

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Lord Sith, Feb 6, 2000.

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  1. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    ?We have done it ! Alert our master and inform him that our mission is accomplished !?

    Sith warriors, Hu?aro-Xin, Mer?i and Ja?mis Reel smile in utter delight at the success of
    their task as they rush to the large vault within the Jedi Archives library to pry it open.
    The fourth disciple, Udi-Lendo rushes out the chamber to the sounds of chaos and
    mayhem. Every where he turns, the battle within the temple rages on as Lightsabers blaze
    throughout every hall and corridor. The battle cries is like a sweet symphony to his ears.
    The fulfillment of a ten year stratagem is now being manifest within the temple, with the
    Jedi now recognizing the serious threat that lays before them.

    He rushes down a large winding staircase coming upon some of his brethren engaging in
    battle with a few knights. He quickly activates his Lightsaber and joins in. The Jedi
    Knights continue to fight on, sensing that the momentum is on the side of their foes. Their
    courage will not allow them to surrender as these knights uses all their experience and
    skills to defend their home. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, more of the Sith appear and
    the Jedi quickly becomes outnumbered. The Sith tear into their hated enemies with a
    venom that is both vicious and frightening. The disciple who was sent forth to bring his
    master the news of their success at the vault, comes to a balcony overlooking several of the
    different levels beneath him. He see nothing but Lightsabers flashing brilliantly and the
    sounds of battle becoming louder with each passing second.

    ?Excellent, Udi-Lendo !? Bellows Chamel Zar. The fighting is heavy all around him as he
    yells into his comlink, ?Begin the extraction but also stand by, we will be up there directly

    The Sith master cuts down several other Jedi as he comes within the sight of Drey Jalex,
    who is handling all who stand against him with relative ease.

    ? Lord Jalex ! My students have accomplished their task !? He yells out over the sounds of
    the clashing Lightsabers ?They are beginning the extraction of the sacred scrolls and other
    holocrons ! What is thy bidding, Master ??

    ? Let us ascend to the vault, Master Zar !? Drey yells back.

    Both Sith masters begin to quickly move towards the main staircase to ascend upwards. As
    they walk, the various Sith disciples clear a straight path for them. They bow their heads
    slightly in respect to the almost majestic power that Drey possesses among them.

    His visage remains grim as he speaks again to Chamel Zar. ?Command our warriors to
    press on and not let anyone come towards the main staircase leading to the Jedi Archives
    library! Pass the word to inform Master Del-Xor and Master Isis to begin phase two with
    caution! The Jedi is intensifying their assault near the South passage, we are losing many of
    our warriors too soon into the conflict ! Inform Master Gel-Non to send three units there
    to assist any of our brethren in danger !?

    ?At once, Lord Jalex !?Chamel responds as he motions several Sith to follow them up the

    Master Zar is communicating his message to his fellow masters while Drey speaks into his
    comlink again. Both he and Chamel Zar are making strides up the main staircases followed
    by a legion of darkside warriors, ?Master Fulani-Yin, status report !?

    Over in another part of the temple, Uthor Fulani-Yin is overlooking the battle being waged
    all around him. Scores of Jedi and Sith are fight ferociously against one another. He
    speaks into his comlink

    ?We have secured the upper part of the tower of first knowledge ! We have slain most of
    their council masters ! Master Magnus has fell in battle, my Lord and Master Arel states
    that the fighting is heaving over in the high council tower ! He awaits reinforcements !?

    ?The Lord Shadel is within that tower..? Drey replies loudly trying to speak over the even
    louder sounds of battle and Lightsabers clashing. ?We must protect him at all cost ! I have
    not been successful in reaching Master Lenobi.. locate his position as best as y
  2. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    The evening winds of Tatooine is usually still as the wastelands is also silent. For Jastiss,
    this is his moment of truth. Akira has challenged him to a duel as he moves into a stance
    that he always see Olan perform. The Sith warrior looks at him, even more amused by his
    rather weak attempt to show battle readiness. She twirls her saber slowly, looking directly
    into his eyes. She feels the fear in him, novice that he is. She figures on having fun with him
    before she takes his life.

    ?Let me give you proper instructions on how to battle with a Lightsaber, boy.? Akira
    beams using Zemai?s quickness in her youthful form.

    Jastiss moves around the Sith who wears the form of Zemai. Malicious intent is all over
    her face.

    ?There have always been seven forms of combat.? Akira taunts as she twirls her humming
    saber from one hand to the other, showing off her expertise in the arts. ?I shall use the
    easiest form to get you warmed up !?

    Laughing manically, Akira jumps to attack Jastiss who surprisingly counters the few blows
    from Zemai?s Lightsaber. She brings her saber down towards his head, but Jastiss is alert
    and blocks each of her moves. He continues to give himself space to size up what the Sith
    would do next. Akira brings her blade back and smile at Jastiss.

    ?Very good, farm boy !? She teases. ?You seem to have a good idea on how to counter
    these moves. That means...I can speed up the pace !?

    She jumps at him again but this time a bit faster in which Jastiss barely got his defenses up
    to counter. He now wishes he took the Lightsaber combat lessons more seriously. If he
    survives, Jastiss knows he will make improvements in that area. Akira is striking quick
    knowing full well that she can overtake him at any time. Jastiss knows she is only toying
    with him, but he must keep her distracted long enough to connect with Zemai without her
    catching on. He swings wildly at her. Akira simply steps to the side and kicks him to the
    ground. He drops the saber that automatically deactivates. Jastiss lifts up his head spitting
    up sand and dust.

    ?This is not working out well for me.? He thought as the laughter of Akira is heard loud.
    He closes his eyes, searching frantically for Zemai?s presence. ?Help me, Zemai ! Let me
    know if you able to fight her. I don?t want to get killed, but I also don?t want to harm your
    body !?

    Within the deepest corners of her inner self, Zemai hears Jastiss loud and clear. She must
    shield parts of her thoughts, as to protect the identity of this child within her, both from
    Jastiss and Akira.

    ?Jastiss, I will help you as much as I am able to.? She responds to his thoughts. ?The
    advantage that I have is that Akira is not aware of my presence. This may be the edge we
    both need to beat her. Try to keep her distracted so as I may gather enough strength to
    force her spirit from my body. I sense that she is not in total control as of yet !?

    ?But your body, Zemai...? Jastiss says , trying to reason with her.

    Zemai angrily cuts him off. ?I don?t care if my body takes a beating ! Just as long as were
    successful. I may be dying without even realizing it ! Whatever happens from this point to
    prevent that from happening is acceptable ! Hurry, Jastiss !?

    The young farmer rises to his feet quickly and turns to face Akira who is looking back at
    him with a wide smile on her face. She is totally amused by his clumsy heroics. Jastiss? face,
    however has a more serious look to it. He holds his hand out to call for the Lightsaber
    which springs from off the ground and back into his possession. He quickly ignites it as he
    holds the saber handle with both hands. He thinks once again of the lessons Olan taught
    him. Control, defense and more control. Akira, upon looking at Jastiss go into a
    stance, simply shakes her head. Her smile and laughter is loud.

    ?Oh, you are good, farm boy.? She says as she brings her saber up. She begins to slowly
    walk towards him. ?Spunk and courage ! I did not expect that from you, especially
    knowing that your traitorous father was
  3. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    "And so, Shadel has his victory."

    Ryel Kirasis nodded silently. He and Zalferix were standing, alone, among the ships in the hangar bay. "Indeed. And soon we shall have ours."

    "Leave that," Zalferix hissed, "to me. You are far too sure this plan will work. Are you not worried of the consequences? Shadel, although a fool, has many fool followers. Your confidence is unfounded."

    Ryel smirked. "Do I sense fear?"

    Hissing, Zalferix stared straight at Kirasis. "No, you do not. Do not mistake rationality for fear. I have planned Seth's fall for many years, and I will not have it thrown away because of your overconfidence."

    Ryel looked sideways. "Lord Jalex has assisted in the retrieving of the scrolls."

    Zalferix hissed appreciatively. "Excellent. And so our plans move forward. Ballis! Karn!"

    The Zal's apprentices materialized from the shadows, their heads hung in reverance. "Yes, Milord?"

    "Our plan for ascension has neared fruitition. Bring Lenobi to me."

    A vicious smile could be seen cross across Ballis's face. "As you wish, Milord." The two of them disappeared back into the shadows from whence they came.

    Ryel looked at Zalferix. "Lenobi is loyal to Shadel... he will never assist us."

    "Sometimes," Zalferix explained, "beings can serve a cause better when they simply do not live." With that, Zalferix turned, and walked silently away.
  4. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    Ballis looks at her companion, Karn and smiles at the opportunity to begin their ascension
    in the ranks of the Sith. The battle took a lot out of them, but they are both ready to do
    their master?s bidding. Standing at the door of the private chambers of Scott Lenobi, they
    draw out their Lightsabers. The door opens with a soft whooshing sound, as the two dark
    disciples creep inside. The door closes back quickly leaving both of them in the darkness.
    They walk silently through the chamber, wondering where could the Sith master be.
    Suddenly a voice calls out making them both stop in their tracks.

    ?It is strange that our erstwhile allies creep through our chambers like common thieves.?

    Ballis and Karn turn quickly towards the source. In the far corner stands two of Scott
    Lenobi disciples. They glare at Ballis and Karn menacingly as they begin to walk slowly
    towards them. both of Zalferix?s students doesn?t betray and ounce of fear, more like
    contemp. The dark student speaks again but in a more condescending tone of voice.

    ?Or maybe...they have come to steal... perhaps...someone?s life.?

    Karn fixes his gaze on the dark disciple. ?We have come to do no such thing, Qei'sera
    . We were instructed to inform your master Lenobi of our master?s desire to have
    an audience with him.?

    ?With your Lightsabers, drawn...?? the other dark student asks curiously with a small

    ?Do not presume too much, wretch !? Karn angrily replies. ?I trust no one but my Lord
    and my classmates !?

    Ballis raises her arm to cut her companion off before it escalates into something they all are
    not ready for at the moment.

    ?It is what my classmate has said, Arigar Esin.? She says in a calm voice. ?Our only
    mission here is to deliver a message to your master.?

    ?Then you have failed, Ballis.? Qei?sera says. ?For our master is not here. He is...resting
    and is unable to respond to your master?s request. We shall...see to it, that your message is
    heard, do not fear.?

    ?Fear is but my ally, Qei?sera.? Ballis says rather amused to his response. ?It is the code of
    which we live by. I thank you for your desire to pass on our master?s request. We shall now
    take our leave.?

    She glances at Karn who continues to stare at Arigar. The dark student of Zalferix catches
    the stray thought of his classmate and turns with her to walk quickly out of the dark
    chamber. Leaving both of Scott Lenobi?s disciples to wonder on what has transpired. Ballis
    and Karn quickly walk down the corridor until they reached another empty chamber.
    They quickly entered the room and activated a holographic transmitter. The image of their
    master, Zalferix stands large and bright in the darkness of the empty chamber. His look is
    one of curiosity as to why his students is calling him back so quickly.

    ?Have you accomplished your task, Ballis ?? He asks menacingly.

    A lump almost escapes the dark disciple?s throat as she knows the penalty of failing her
    master. But she will not show fear as this would displease him even more so. Her face is
    stiff but emotionless as she responds.

    ?Lenobi was not within the chamber..?She says. ?Two of his disciples, have stopped us
    before we could proceed further. I did not wish to draw attention to our true motives, so I
    informed them that you simply wished to have an audience with him.?

    There was a dead silence following those words as Ballis and Karn stand completely still,
    not knowing what to expect. It is often said that Zalferix was most calculating when he was
    silent. Karn could feel the intense rage boiling within his master. A few moments have
    passed before the Zal finally responded.

    ?Then let the matter rest...for now !? he hisses in a surprisingly soft tone. ?In the
    meantime, join your fellow Sith brethren and partake upon the victory feast...I have much
    to ponder.?

    They both respond as the holographic images fades quickly away. ? Yes, my master !?


    The early dawn of Tatooine suns rises smoothly over t
  5. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Jastiss gazed down at the sleeping feline, halting in his tracks as he made for the door. Her chest rose and fell silently with ever breath. He gave her a slight, lop-sided smile. She had been through great hardship, he knew, and he suspected that she was probably used to it. Even her unconscious form was intimdating, but he respected her all the more for it.

    Stepping up next to her, he ran a finger across the white fur on her face. "Sleep well, master Jedi. I am now a student of the Jedi order. Perhaps someday you'll teach me a thing or two..." Jastiss smiled and stepped away. "Yes. I would like that."

    * * *

    So, he was really going. Jastiss would be a Jedi, like his father.

    Hopefully things would be different.

    Olan gazed out at the overwhelming starscape. "You know, Coris, this is the first time I've ever really looked at the stars. Not just glanced, but really looked. They're always there, and together they make up something so massive and overwhelmingly beautiful we push it into the background and ignore it. Does that make any sense?"

    Coris stepped up beside Olan and looked at the stars as well. "I understand completely, Olan."

    Olan nodded. He did understand. And so would Jastiss. Some day.

    Olan turned to see Jastiss standing behind them, silently, gazing up at the stars as well. "And so my new home lies out there somewhere, does it?"

    Olan shook his head. "Keep your home here, Jastiss." He tapped his chest. "That way you'll never be alone."

    Thoughtfully, Jastiss nodded. After a moment, he spoke again. "You know... I wish my father could see me right now."

    Olan shut his eyes tight. The boy had come to terms with his father's ordeal.

    "He's always watching you, Jastiss..."

    Perhaps, someday, he would come to terms too.

  6. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
  7. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Uppity Uppersons!
  8. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    As the Sith travels back to the Em?raan system, the victory celebration within the
    Calmonian flagship is loud and festive. Many of the Sith warriors along with those Jedi
    who defected to their, sit and toast their victory in battle over their hated enemies. Many
    have died in that epic battle within the temple but many others have now joined their ranks
    to make their cult even more stronger. Among those who are over seeing the feast are the
    Sith Council masters, all of which had survived the battle save for Oby?ell Magnus, who
    did not survive. His students are noticbly not as festive as their other Sith members, but
    doesn?t disturb the others with their somber mood. Mu?alan Isis and Lo?kis Gel-Non are
    engaged in small talk as is Chamel-Zar and Uthor-Fulani-Yin. The calmonian king, Rimar
    sits on a large chair silently looking at the celebration of his disciples and other members of
    the order. The other Sith masters are now walking around congratulating and joining the
    warriors in food and drink.

    The atmosphere is surprisingly light, which is ironic due to the nature of the Sith?s
    teachings. The large banquet chamber doors slide open in which both Seth Shadel and
    Drey Jalex steps through to arrive at the feast. The entire chamber gives a rousing
    thunderous applause for their high council chief. All of the Sith masters salute their chief as
    Seth acknowledges their gesture of respect. To the high council chief, this is the fruition of a
    ten year plan that was a complete success. He looks upon the crowd and gives a wide grin.
    His army of darkside warriors will bring him glory the likes no one has ever seen. The fact
    that hes has finally bested the venerable Jaden Rylok in combat shows those who may have
    doubted him before that Seth Shadel is truly destined for greatness.

    Drey Jalex gaze upon the crowd is as emotionless as ever but he then gives a short speech
    congratulating all who has participated in this huge campaign. As Drey speaks to the
    congregation, Seth notices master Rimar sitting silently alone in his chair. He walks over to
    Calmonian king. As he approaches him, Rimar stands to address his council chief. In a
    rare display of emotion Seth embraces Rimar, to which catches the monarch completely by

    ?I am most grateful for you and your empire, Master Rimar.? Seth says ?Your people is a
    very large part of our success here.?

    Rimar gives Seth a slight bow. He didn?t expect this type of reception towards him. Seth
    places his hand on his shoulder and makes a gesture to follow him. The Calmonian king
    smile and follows his leader.

    ?Also, please forgive me for not...trusting in you as I should have.? Seth said in a low voice.
    ? I initially believed when the opportunity presented itself, you would try to upsur my
    authority within the Sith.
    But you have performed tasks that confirmed certain qualities I have always believed
    you possessed...?

    Rimar cuts him off ?My Lord...we are successful and of may have had your
    reasons for not informing me of your plans. I hold no bitterness.?

    Seth turns to him and smiles, ?Truly... you are worthy, Master Rimar....I have a gift for
    you. No other within the Sith will receive such a present...?

    ?I am honored beyond words can describe, Lord Shadel.? Rimar beams

    Seth suddenly stops and turns towards Drey Jalex. He gives his brethren a small wave.
    Drey walks up to both men and gives them both a slight bow.

    ?Accompany us, Lord Jalex.? Seth said with a wide grin. ?Your presence is also needed in
    this task.?

    ?As you wish, Lord Shadel.? Drey replied as he begins to walks along side Rimar.

    The three Sith walk out of the banquet chamber and down one of the many corridors of the
    Calmonian flag ship. All three men are entertaining themselves in small talk as they finally
    reached the end of the corridor to enter into another darkened chamber. All three men
    stand still within the darkness for a few moments before small light appears before them.
    Rimar instantly sees the light shining on two metal. objects
  9. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Zemai cast a long, quiet look out over the Coruscant skyline. She leaned against the railing slightly, running a hand over her stomach. The healers had found out two weeks ago. She refused to tell them who the father was, and even the masters could not devine the truth. She had a vague notion in the back of her mind as to why it was-- it was like a small bird you could hear up in a tree full of thick foliage. She knew it was there, and she knew why-- she just couldn't for the life of her grasp it and hold it in her hands.


    Her own name startled her. She had not realized anyone had entered, but in the same instant she was at peace once again. "You should be going to the assembly right now. You'll be late."

    Jastiss approached her from behind, and put his arms around her waist. "Probably, but I think I can spare a few moments."

    Zemai smiled as she felt his breath on her neck, then turned around. "Now, Jastiss-- everyone is waiting."

    Jastiss gave her a boyish pout. "But I feel silly standing with those ankle-biters... they think I'm stupid or something because I'm so old and not even a padawan yet."

    Shaking her head, Zemai smirked. "They do not. They are mature beyond their years. I wish I could say the same for you."

    "I'm not disputing anything. I'm quite open with my faults. I wish I could say the same for you."

    "Touche. Now get going!" She laughed and kissed him quickly on the mouth, and Jastiss reluctantly let go. He stopped at the door, smiled at her, and disappeared out into the hall way.

    Zamei called after him. "Oh, and Jastiss...."

    He had already gone.

    ".... I love you."

    I love you too.

    Zemai smiled as she heard him in her mind. He was so good at that.

    * * *

    Rogue you can post your part then I will continue.
  10. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    for the sake of humanity, up!
  11. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Three or so years ago around this dark time we started this saga... I think it deserves an upping.
  12. The Rover

    The Rover Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 28, 1999
    Jaden Rylok sits quietly in his council seat. He is in deep thoughts concerning the activities within the temple but some of his thoughts still turn to the tragedies of last month. He has healed well from the injuries he sustained in his battle with Seth Shadel, but his heart is still deeply wounded. He had truly underestimated the strength and resolve of the Sith. Their utter lust and complete dedication to the Jedi?s destruction left him to rethink much in terms of their code and the philosophies of their order. It is a thought that weighs heavy on him, but for now, his immediate task is to rebuild the Jedi to the prominence it once had.

    He has many obstacles in his path now, most of which is the Republic itself. The senate has cast the blame upon the Jedi for allowing this as well as the Alderaan massacre to happen and also withholding information on aspects of the Calmonian strength of arms. Jaden knows that the Republic must never discover that the king of the Calmonian empire was a former member of the Jedi, for it would bring them to ruin. He then brings his gaze to the council doors opening to herald the arrival of Master Dur Slew who walks in a brisk pace. A small smile comes across the Twi?lek?s face as he addresses his friend and fellow peer.

    ?How goes the preparation for the assembly ??

    Dur Slew comes to his council chair and sits. ?All is ready, Jaden, although the class of students is small, early reports from various instructors indicate that these initiates will do well once chosen.?

    ?Excellent.? Jaden says with a hint of sadness to his voice.

    Dur Slew picks up on the look of his friend and council member. He knows that the wounds have not fully healed from their battle with the Sith. The death of several of their council members including senior member Eril?ta Bor still leaves a scar on the heart of the Jedi. It is said that Freya Diluk?s presence still haunts the walls of the chamber. He turns towards his friend.

    ?You must ease your grief for a small moment, Jaden.? He says. ?Our assembly needs the members of the council there in mind and spirit. It is not your fault that we we?re caught unawares.?

    Jaden lowers his head, still somber in his response. ?I should have seen through his disguise. He should not have been able to deceive me as he has.?

    ?The darkness, as we have discovered, is very hard to see.? Dur Slew replies. ?We have survived their assault and will strive to rebuild all that they tried to destroy.?

    Jaden rises from his seat and begins to walk towards the window. The sun is shining bright but starting to show signs of its descent into the horizon.
    ?You are right, my friend. And rebuild the order we shall. It is the words of Seth Shadel that fills my thoughts at the moment. The reasonings for his madness and the philosophies behind the Sith?s vision of conquest troubles me greatly.?

    ?Master Bor has always said that the Sith will never cease their actions unless they are stopped.? Dur Slew added. ?But it would have to be on a more permanent nature.?

    Jaden turns slightly in response to his words.
    ?Take heed to what it is you may be suggesting to me, Master Slew. I did agree to using all of our powers to stop the Sith...but aggression of that nature could not lend us the victory that we seek.?

    ?Our victory will not come in the manner we have been performing so far, Master Rylok !?
    He replies in a raised voice.
    ?Many of our comrades, students, even our most precious treasures...our children have been brutally slaughtered by the Sith with no such remorse! Those of us within the temple that survived that massacre crave justice that many have felt was long overdue !

    The words of Dur Slew hurts jaden to the core of his being. The truth is becoming more painful to him. The Jedi has braved and overcome many adversaries. But all who survived the battle will freely admit that the Sith is the most powerful foe they have ever faced. Indeed for they realize that they are facing the darkness each of them has the potential to become.

  13. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Lenobi sat in his meditation chambers. His breathing was slow, almost undetectable, as he stretched his awareness outward. He was scanning the minds of those in the close vicinity, as well as looking into what the future held for him.

    "You need not look far, Lenobi."

    Lenobi's eyes shot open and he was up to his feet in a fraction of a second. The room was dark, as he preferred it during meditation, and he scanned the room with his eyes. "Show yourself, Zalferix."

    A rasping sound that could only be described as laughter echoed throughout the chamber. "What need do you have for such a primitive sense? Your sight blinds you, Lenobi. Have you not heard of the proverb, 'A man who trusts his eyes first dies first'?"

    Lenobi turned in a full circle, his hands hanging at his sides. "Seth will not stand for this. Do not start what you cannot finish, Zalferix."

    There was the rasping sound again. "Oh, I do agree with you on that, Scott. What you don't know is that this has started long ago, long before me, you, this order, or even the cursed Jedi. What you don't know is that what has been set in motion by Seth and Drey's maniacle bungling is beyond all of us. What you don't know is that your 'revered leader', Seth Shadel, is a blasted fool. But," Zalferix chuckled as he emerged from the shadows, "who is more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him...?"

    Suddenly, Lenobi felt the presence of two others behind him. He whipped around to see Ballis and Karn, lightsabers drawn but not activated. "You are the fool, Zalferix! You shall never achieve whatever it is you are attempting!"

    "NO!" With daemonic speed, Zalferix whipped around to stand in front of Lenobi. His multi-lensed eyes levelled with his as his slender forked tongue flicked over his thousands of needle-like teeth. "You are drowning in your own ignorance, along with everyone else in this blasted order! You are becoming nothing but perverted versions of the Jedi, existing for no other reason than to destroy! Such senseless purpose will lead only to your own demise, as I will soon prove."

    Lenobi glared back at Zalferix. "You're amazingly dense. Only through our combined strength can we achieve what is rightfully ours. You are destroying that, and make yourself out to be no better than what you accuse us to be."

    In a flash, Zalferix's three-clawed hand wrapped around Lenobi's neck and the Sith Lord was lifted off of the ground. "Yours is not to wonder why. Yours is to follow and bow to your masters. The only destruction this Sith Order will achieve as a group will be their own. Change is inevitable, Lenobi, and you will be the first of many." Zalferix's clear eye-lids flicked down over his eyes as he tilted his head thoughtfully. "Yes... the first. Of many...."

    There was suddenly an icy coldness in the room. Zalferix narrowed his eyes as he looked around. "Ballis... Karn... we are not alone."

    The two students disappeared back into the shadows as Zalferix returned his gaze to Lenobi. He set him down again on the ground roughly. "Of course... you cannot even meditate without guard. A true sign of both your weakness and the treachery that has already begun in this order."

    Lenobi stepped back. "The treachery is yours, Zalferix! Do not blame the council for being victim of your own dealings!"

    Zalferix followed Scott's steps. "I find it amusing you use the word 'victim'. The council is trully a victim to my affairs, isn't it? But, victims are only those who cannot defend themselves. If this order were trully powerful, it would have made the victim out of me. So far, it has not. The true test to any institution is insurrection. If it can survive itself, it can survive anything. I trully doubt it shall survive me."

    Lenobi shook his head angrily. "You will never defeat Lord Shadel! He is the founder, and if not for him--"

    "--then someone else would have founded this blasted order. Your naivete never ceases to amaze me. Scott, there is one reason and one reason only why Seth does not have what it takes to keep this o
  14. Loka Hask

    Loka Hask Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999

    Jastiss watched the final strand of hair fall from his head, impacting lightly with the white floor, scattered with thousands of his dirty blonde hairs. He looked up into the mirror in front of him, and a slight intake of breath whooshed over his lips.

    There, with Master Coris standing behind him, was a padawan learner staring back at Jastiss.

    Coris smiled. "It suits you."

    Slowly, Jastiss lifted a finger to a small tuft of hair jutting from the side of his head that would soon be braided. "This will have to go."

    Coris laughed. "Don't get ahead of yourself, Jastiss."

    "The boy lives with his head everywhere but the present. Not getting ahead of himself will be a challenge," came a quiet yet powerful female voice from behind both of them.

    Coris turned to greet Jai'ana Din. "You have no idea, love."

    Jastiss snorted. "Hey! I'm sitting right here, you know."

    The two laughed. "Come," Jai'ana said, "it is time."

    * * *

    "The boy will not be your padawan learner."

    Olan's face sank instantly, a wave of utter dispair assaulting him. He swallowed and looked up at the old Twi'lek. "Why?"

    "Another has requested the boy's apprenticeship. Also, we believe you unfit to train the boy."

    "Unfit!" Olan repeated his words incredulously. "Please clarify!"

    "The boy has an attachment to you not unlike one a son would have with his father. We do not allow paternal or maternal training of apprentices. You are aware of the code of conduct concerning these matters."

    Olan shook his head. "All he has known is me. I'm all he has."

    "And how will this benefit him in the future? He has had little to no contact with the outside world. He has been hidden and sheltered along with yourself."

    "And I protected him, as I was ordered to do!" Olan stepped defiantly forward.

    "Steady, knight."

    "My instructions were to watch the boy and his mother, to protect them at all costs. To keep them from Karik's enemies. How was I to know that Karik's greatest enemy would be himself!"

    "Karik's fall was unfortunate, and unforeseen, but it is also beside the point. Jastiss' father--"

    "The boy had no father!"

    "Jastiss' father fell to the darkness and returned prior to his death. Had he not, Jastiss would still be hidden on Tatooine. The boy had a true father-- you. He is now a grown man, and like any father, you must let him take his own path, without you."

    Olan's shoulders sagged resignedly. "I'll never see him again."

    "Perhaps not, but I believe you know the true reason for your sadness. It is not your fear for the boy's wellbeing."

    Olan shook his head. "No... it's... for my own. He is my everything. He is the reason I live. I... I never had my own son. He is the only thing I have love for in this universe. Without him... I am not a Jedi."

    "You are a Jedi. You have proved your worthiness long ago."

    "But without love... how can I rightly call myself one? I cannot." Olan looked down at his hip. He no longer carried Karik's saber, and none replaced it. "I have nothing to protect. Nothing to love. To be called anything other than Olan Tennaris the moisture farmer would be... a lie."

    "What are you saying, Jedi Tennaris?" Master Rylok steepled his long fingers against his chin.

    "You know what it is I'm saying. I am resigning from the Jedi order."
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