The Sith wants you.

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  1. DARTH-KAST Jedi Youngling

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    How do the sith get their recruits for new knights? Is it like the jedi? Do they look for those strong in the force, but have a inner sense of evil. I am a sith. Of course, I converted after being a jedi for 3 years.
    I like knowing that I am in charge of my destiny. Okay?
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    I don't understand what you're talking about. Are you talking about the movies or something on the boards?
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    If you're indeed talking about the movies, then I think that this question is more suited for the [link=]Classic Trilogy [/link]- there are only two Sith in the time of the Old Republic, so finding your apprentice is basically scrounging the galaxy for one.

    As far as the OT trilogy Sith go - no, there are no Sith in the OT trilogy other than Vader and Palpy.

    Remember the rule set by Darth Bane (I believe): "Only two Sith there are: A Master and an Apprentice."

    All else who claim to be Sith are actually only Dark Jedi pretending to be (in their arrogance) Sith Lords. 8-}

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