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Saga "The Siths of Winbledt " (Vader is sent on a secret Sith mission...)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Leonette, May 23, 2005.

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  1. Jedi_Leonette

    Jedi_Leonette Jedi Youngling

    May 18, 2005
    DISCLAIMER: Regretfully, I don't own any of this.

    TIME: Four months after ?The Empire strikes back?.

    WARNINGS: AU, non-compatible with ?Return of the Jedi?. Will contain abuse and torture. Possible rating: PG-13, but may increase.


    A long, long time ago in one of the galaxies scattered around the universe...


    ? 'Come to me, sweetheart! I have a present for you. Eternity. Wonderful eternity. Eternity without pain, without hunger, without remorse. Without poverty, without hate. Without father and your seven sisters. Come to me and I shall grant it to you!'
    The girl looked at the Ghost with tearful eyes. Her lips were trembling, her courage living her. She wanted this. Eternity. Nonexistence.
    And then the leaves rustled and the ground crunched. Her wild pony was looking at her sadly. She gulped.
    'But Sir... Without love?' ?

    ?The Girl's Innocence? from The Dark Legends of Winbledt

    >>FROM: Agent ?Devil? Molguardo
    TO: Lord Vader
    PRIORITY: Zero class
    SECRECY: gold ID
    SUBJECT: Sith business

    My Lord, I'm on my way to Coruscant. Will be in three days at the most. Winbledtians are preparing for your visit on their planet. Their king, Daniel Stuart, seems to think that the negotiations will be held in his favor. He demands the unconditional independence. Positively thinking, this one. Mood between the citizens differs a lot, from the mild approbation to the outright hate. The same applies to the government. I didn't notice any Rebel activity, nor any traces of your most wanted enemies. However, their own resistance group, calling themselves ?The Warriors of Peace?, or simply ?The Black Scarfs? may cause a bit of trouble. There are well equipped for the ground battle, numerous (about four thousand of people) and have their secret supporters in the government, especially the Senate. If you wish their names, I will provide you with them personally.
    Also, I have sought out this ancient Sith temple about which you were asking me. It contained no items you are so interested with. To tell you the truth, it contained nothing, except for a few crumbled walls, a twenty centuries worth of dust and a couple of secret corridors, all of them long inaccessible. No books, no tapes, no carvings. Nothing. I have started to believe that the actual temple was situated in a different place, today long gone in Al'Dara - Huge Woods, the wild part of the planet. But, there are no traces of it, only the old dark legends remained. I have sent you the transcripts. Wish you better luck with them.<<


    ?This is Imperial City calling. This is Imperial City calling. State your name and destination!?

    ?Imperial City, here is Idan Molguardo. I have inboard three tones of first quality Kashyyk bricks. Special request from Lord Vader.?

    ?And what is Lord Vader supposed to do with them??

    ?To Hell if I know! Top-security. Well, there are rumors that he wants to build a dividing wall between his living room and kitchen... Aisha is pursuing cement just now.?

    There was a soft chuckle and a small holo of a woman appeared. She was clothed in tight, black jacket and leather trousers, her angular face set in grim determination to look seriously. But, if only the hologram was more exact, he was sure he would be able to see an unusual spark in her dark eyes. ?Welcome home, Devil. I was greatly missing your incompetence. Our boss too. He is waiting for you as we are speaking.?

    ?Love you the same, Sa'sani. Tell him, that I would like to fly to him at the light's speed. But firstly I want to make sure, that I won't burn his precious tapestries.?

    ?You monkey. Better hurry up. He hates waiting.?

    ?Tell me. Devil's out.?

    He turned off the connection and hit buttons on the control panel to initiate the programmed landing. Above him, Coruscant was a bit sleepy and misty, as usually at 4.30 in the morning. Bluish lights, marking the air-roads, were winking at him. Most of the windows were still dark. On the starry sky two destroyers were taking a nap, only the little
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