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Saga The Skywalker Prophecy - Episode VI: The Paths of Fate (OT AU; H/L, L/M, A/P, OCs): COMPLETED

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth_Lex, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. LadyPadme

    LadyPadme Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 26, 2002

    Hey, wait just a gosh-darned minute!

    If TKL can get a Byron post, and Gabri and JediArwen can demand a Luke/Mara wedding, then


    :p Hey, it's worth a shot to ask, isn't it? ;)

    - And Authorboy, don't tell me you don't have time because you've got a young baby and all that blah blah...I've got one too, plus a rambunctious 5 year old. You try writing while ducking from "Spiderman" :p
  2. Darth_Lex

    Darth_Lex Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 17, 2002
    TKL: WOOHOO! I am going to hold you to that! I?m counting on it. :D but to have their indomitable men quaking in their boots is priceless! Thanks! And really, I just can?t imagine the men being any other way, not around those women. ;) What a way to end this series, my friend. Thanks, evil partner. [:D] Man, these ladies are serious gotta love that Nothing like beating the best, is there? :cool: Just cuz I want to be pink all over for once Uh oh! Now that your price is revealed? [face_worried] Mine still comes first [face_stern] Did you hear me AuthorBoy? Loud and clear. ;)
    Gabri: Hmmm, that could be interpreted as a challenge. Can?t wait to see how this one turns out. [face_thinking] I'd say the word "slammed" is our first indication that something is very different here. Exactly! Luke isn?t normally one for fierce hugs of desperation. :p I particularly like Luke's "angelic" smile. Hee hee! Don?t you just know he?d grin with the best of them. O:) Padmé must be very sweet and understanding. Nah, she just knows her sons (and Han) were protecting her for her own safety. [face_laugh] Because I want this juicy story about Authorboy, and if that means giving TKL pretty pink colors, I'll do my best. [face_determined] Blast! Just what I was afraid of? [face_worried] You can all be as evil as you like; I know that you all have those deeply hidden softie sides. Not me! [face_not_talking] Luke and Mara's wedding would be a marvelous addition. I?ll think about it ? if you stop calling me a softie. :p
    Bulldog: Such a cute and perfect way to end to series. Thanks! :)
    LP: You so beautifully convey warmth in the Skywalker family Thanks! I?m not sure why I write them so easily, but these kinds of scenes seem really natural to me. :) The only thing is, how did they all get so far along in their pregnancy with NO one telling Padme about it? Oh, I think that?s obvious, isn?t it? ?You were supposed to tell her!? ?No, you were!? ?No, Luke said he?d tell Mom.? ?Did not!? ?Did to!? :p Lexie, is that REALLY the last extra scene? Can't you come up with one or two more? This will be the last post at the POF thread, yes. As for whether it?s the end of the Skywalker Prophecy alternate universe? [face_thinking] loveable, but dangerous Just like [face_batting] Padmé [face_batting] Hey, it's worth a shot to ask, isn't it? Yep. :p
    TahiriSoloFan: I can just see all those men running too avoind the mood swings! Totally! I bet the three guys hid out at the Outlander a lot. :p
    Jedi-2B: You do such an excellent job with their banter - I can just picture them talking exactly like this. Thanks! :) It?s a lot of fun writing these characters, that?s for sure. I miss them already?
    Reihla: three pregnant Skywalker brides!!! The galaxy is suddenly a more exciting place. More exciting or more terrifying? :p Glad you liked the scenes!
    RebelMom: They'd probably rather face a Sith Lord right now. That?s about right, I think! [face_laugh] Besides, don't you want to have those fangirls fawning over you all the time? You'll have to feed them story. [face_laugh] Very important point. I?d better get writing? :D
    JediArwen: No surprise the calvary was so wanted... Exactly. [face_laugh] The poor guys and Danaé were totally outmatched. I'll even promise never to mention the above lines again... All right. I?ll definitely think about it. :)
    lauré: Thanks! Glad you liked the missing scenes. :)

    Thanks for all the replies, everyone. :D

    Now that POF is done, I?m hoping to begin posting again on the Saga board within a few weeks. Hope you?ll all check it out when I do. ;)

    JAGSGURL15 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    OMG! i just found this trilogy... it came highly recommendded by many... and boyyyy wuz it worth the read~ awesome Job Lex!
  4. Lando_Plenty

    Lando_Plenty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 13, 2002
    hey Lex, I'm back...I had read the ending of the story a long time ago but could never find time to reply [face_blush] Nowadays, with ROTS heating up I can't help but find myself back at the boards.
    I loved how you handled it. Especially the similarities with Vengous/Sidious, with their overconfidence being their weak points. The Padme/Anakin ending was SO sad..I thought it was going to be a sort of Romeo/Juliet ending there...but then again how could she do that with Nyklas sitting on her back.
    I also liked Danae's role in the overall story..she's taken on Luke's OT role. She's going to be a great Jedi Master someday.. :)
    And as for the missing scenes, I enjoyed missing scene number 1 the most, where Anakin takes on the role of Threepio's tormentor. :) Quite fun to read.
    And missing scene 4: That particular missing scene was really light-hearted, but in the back of my mind I was wondering "How come Anakin isn't hovering over everybody?" :p
    And the epilogue chapter:
    Danaé smirked ? a grin that looked more like Anakin?s every day. Hmmm. Interesting....

    Padmé didn?t look back as she followed Anakin into eternity. :eek:
    What a perfect ending..She got the chance to see everyone before...before she... :_| :_|
    I found this scene even more poignant than Anakin's death scene. Truly bittersweet. =D= =D= =D=
  5. Darth_Lex

    Darth_Lex Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 17, 2002
    JAGSGURL15: Thanks! :D I appreciate you taking the time to post to let me know you read the trilogy. It?s always fun to find a new reader. :)

    Lando_Plenty: Great to see you! :cool: I loved how you handled it. Thanks! I really wanted to create an ending that would give Anakin a heroic sacrifice worthy of his destiny, yet true to the lightside life I?ve given him in my AU. It?s great to know you think I pulled it off. :D I enjoyed missing scene number 1 the most, where Anakin takes on the role of Threepio's tormentor. Yep. I have to think that tormenting Threepio is something Anakin and Han would?ve had in common. :p I found this scene even more poignant than Anakin's death scene. Truly bittersweet. Thank you. [face_blush] Even more than Anakin?s death, creating a fitting death for Padmé ? and I couldn?t leave her fate unresolved for the story to feel complete ? was a real challenge. I had to find a way for her to accept going on without Anakin for a time, and yet accept when she had done all she needed to do for the galaxy and her family as well. I felt that mystical kind of ending in the Epilogue made it work. :)

    And now a really big THANK YOU to all my readers who nominated POF in the Winter Fan Fiction Awards. :D :D I?m thrilled and humbled that POF has qualified for the voting round in five categories for the Readers? Choice Awards in the Saga forum:

    Drama Story
    Epic Story
    Canon Character Interpretation, Male: Anakin
    Canon Character Interpretation, Female: Padmé
    Villain, Female: Darth Vengous

    Those of you who?ve been reading my stories (and my replies to readers? posts) for a while know that my favorite compliments of all to receive are ones about characterization, so I?m particularly excited by the nominations for Anakin and Padmé (together as always [face_love] ) and Darth Vengous (I guess I don?t need to worry whether she was diabolical enough any more [face_devil] ).

    Thanks again for the nominations ? and to everyone for reading. :)

    As for my next Saga project? It?s undergone a substantial reworking the last few weeks, so it?s not yet ready to begin posting. The muse is flowing, though, and I?m optimistic you?ll see the new thread go up not too long after New Year?s. ;)

    What is it, you ask? Let?s just say it?ll feature Anakin and Padmé? with lots of Obi-Wan and Palpatine and other familiar faces? so you might say - I?m returning to my fanfic roots. [face_thinking]

    See you soon. :cool:
  6. laurethiel1138

    laurethiel1138 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 6, 2003
    I'll be waiting for it, Lex, and eagerly, at that.

    I can't imagine what you'll make them go through, but I will sure be there to read more about your Ani and Padmé.

    Until then, well, Season's Greetings!


    Lauré ;)
  7. hansolorox

    hansolorox Jedi Youngling

    Dec 30, 2004
    Lex: Just have to say again, loved the trilogy!! The server wont let me send PM's yet, but you got my first one, so i must say, thanks for replying and cant wait for you to send me the PM scenes
  8. Darth_Lex

    Darth_Lex Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 17, 2002
    Thanks again to all my readers! :D :D :D

    Last night POF won two more Fan Fiction Awards:

    [blockquote]Readers? Choice Drama
    Readers? Choice Canon Character Interpretation, Male for Anakin
    As always your support and feedback, and your votes in the awards, are very much appreciated. :)

    Keep an eye out next week for more news here? ;)
  9. Gabri_Jade

    Gabri_Jade VIP star 5 VIP

    Nov 9, 2002
    Congratulations, Lex! [:D]

    More news? :eek:
  10. JediArwen

    JediArwen Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 12, 2002
    Congratulatios, Lex! [:D]

    What more news?

  11. JediMasterRev

    JediMasterRev Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 2, 2004
    Congrats!!! Very well deserved!
  12. JediJainaSoloFel

    JediJainaSoloFel Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 5, 2004
    Well, I've finally finished POF (After having read the other two first of course). It's a fantastic story. Intelligent, heartwarming, action packed, heart breaking, wholly amazing. Two thumbs way up, five stars, and all that. During this story so many things went through my mind.

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Your pairings were amazing and the way your wrote their relationships was absolutely beautiful. My attachment to your OCs is one that I have come to expect. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that they aren't canon. And whether it was Anakin and Padme, Bryon and Sarre, Han and Leia or Luke and Mara. The couples moments were always perfect. And though I definitely feel bad that Danae's destiny doesn't include that kind of love, I think she is an amazing person.

    There were definitely times when I was thinking that you mean and...evil and...mean. Although I've also come to expect that from you. I thought the cliffies were evil and I didn't even have to wait for the next post. Watching Mara slowly fall, watching her duel with Luke. Anakin and Padme fighting with the sith lord. Being irritated with Luke and wishing he would go after Mara. When it looked like you may have killed Sarre. And about a hundred other evil things.

    And there were definite tears when I reached the end. My mom came home and was like "Are you crying?" And I said: "Yes, it was just so sad". Well, bittersweet was definitely more of the right word for it. Anakin's death definitely broke my heart. And Padme's as well. It was beautiful that she got the chance to see her whole family one more time before she left and the way she died was perfect. Well, lets just say that I'm in tears again as I remember.:_| :_| :_|

    Wonderful Job Lex!=D= I'm looking forward to reading the Bonus Disk and Episode 3.
  13. Mr_Dagobah

    Mr_Dagobah Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 30, 2005
    Alright, I have just finished after a period of a few hours all of your four stories (ABR, and the prophecy trilogy). I have also read most of the comments posted on this thread regarding each of the characters and each of the chapters, so I don't think I can add anything new to that at all. But, sincerely speaking, I absolutely love the Skywalker Prophecy series. I read A Bumpier Road, and although it was good, it wasn't something that I fell in love with. But as soon as I started on the Prophecy Series, I absolutely, irrevocably fell in love with Star Wars all over again. It is stories like this that make me think that GL should have searched out for master writers like you to complete his story. Great work, Darth Lex! Now I'm going to go and start reading on the prequel that you are writing to the Prophecy series, and it would be greatly appreciated if you add me onto your PM list. I don't want to miss any of the action that you churn out! No doubt about that. Thank you for the wonderful stories that fill up my time in the best way possible. [face_peace]
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