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    It has been 5 years since the imperial remnant signed a peace treaty with the New Republic. So once again smugglers cutthroats and criminal lords are thriving. But with so much cash to be made a war has started betwwen the hutts of different planets. They have hired smugglers and all manner of criminals to do their dirty work. that includes.

    killing agents of other hutts

    Running Spice for the Hutt (in this game spice was never legalized)

    and of course killing the other hutts.

    trust me there will be lots of character devolopment time and tons of player to player fighting

    The Planets the hutts reside on are as follow

    Nar Shaddaa

    Nal Hutta




    The first few people who join will be the hutts you can still make your person but you will also act as the Hutt dealing out missions. I will act as the Hutt for Nar Shaddaa.

    Character Sheet

    Name:Dacen Mano

    Species: Human

    Home Planet:Nar Shaddaa


    Hair Color:Black



    Eye Color:brown

    Apearence: a lean looking man about 5'7 who has piecing brown eyes and a mysterious smile to him.

    Affilaition:Nar Shaddaa hutt

    Clothes: A torn and tattered white undershirt over the white undershirt he wears a heavy fight suit (like Han Solo's.) The suit is made with armorweave to give defense against blasters. He wears black Rancor hide boots and he wears a silver utility belt.

    Weapons/gear:2 DL-44 heavy blasters 2 Thunderer heavy blaster pistols and a Vibrosword. A wrist link to summon his Yt 2000 and to detonate remote mines and an assortment of other things.

    Ship: YT 2000

    Bio:Born on Nar Shaddaa to poor parenets he learned to survive on only his wits and count on no one but himself. His parents were killed by a local gang for fun. He was alone already at only 8. He did some work for the local Hutts until he was 15 he could buy a ship to get off the planet. He worked discreetly for Lord
    Vader throughout the war. When the Imperials were defeated he went back to Nar Shaddaa to make his living as a Hutt's right hand man. But he discovered the Hutt's were fueding. He saw a chance to make a huge earning working for this Hutt. So he did.

    NP edit: Locking at author's request.
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  3. T_DOG94 Jedi Youngling

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    I'll join and that makes me a hutt, so heres my bio.

    NAME:Jabba The Hutt
    Home Planet:Nal Hutta
    Hair Color:N/A
    Hieght:3.6meters long
    Eye Color:eek:range
    Ship:Different everyday
    Bio:Most unknown, but, some say jabba was born on Nal Hutta and he moved to Tatooine at a young age.From thier it says Jabba built his empire very slowly till it is what it is today.

    Plese tell me if this is right.Thanks.
  4. Darth-Leahmic Jedi Youngling

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    THANK YOU WiseJedi.

    I was looking for the right RP to be a Hutt, wanted to try it out.

    I want Nal Hutta, let me write up the sheet real quick.
  5. Darth-Leahmic Jedi Youngling

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    Name: Tooka The Hutt

    Species: Hutt

    Home Planet: Nal Hutta

    Gender: Hemrophodite

    Hair Color: None

    Height: 3.2 meters long

    Weight: ???

    Eye Color: Yellow

    Apearence: A huge grotesque Hutt

    Affilaition: Nal Hutta Hutt

    Clothes: None

    Weapons/gear: He/she has hired Gammorean guards while he is in his domain, when he is out and about, he has hired armed Twi'leks to protect he/she.

    Ship: A Correllian Cruiser ship. Plans on stealing Mon Calamari ships though.

    Bio: Born on Nal Hutta, the grumpy Hutt has lived for 300 years and for Hutt, he is still young. Other Hutts doubted that he could own such a crime empire, that it would fall. To him though, it is all about proving the other Hutts wrong. Tooka was born under the previous Nal Hutta Hutt, Veilu the Hutt. The one that bought him into this world. His carrier was successful, and everyone was wary that Tooka would become a great successor. Now with his carrier dead, he will have to prove to the galaxy, that he is not the Hutt you should mess with.

    Is that okay?
  6. WISE_JEDI12 Jedi Knight

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    yea but you can also make a Smuggler or Mercenary or a bounty hunter too if you want
  7. T_DOG94 Jedi Youngling

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    NAME:Tyler Starkiller
    HOME PLANET:Tatooine
    EYE COLOR:Brown
    Clothes:Black Mandolorian Armor
    WEPONS/GEAR:2 Heavy Dual Blasters, Jetpack, Jetpack-Mounted Missle, Jetpack-Mounted Cluster Missle, Holster for Dual Blasters, Vibro Sword, Holster for Vibro Sword on back, Main Weapon EE-3, Computer Installed On Wrist Armor to Call Fire Spray and medical droid inside fire spray.Also there are other hidden features.
    SHIP:Fire Spray

    BIO:I was born on Tatooine at 20BBY, my parents dissappeared when I was 2, so a Bounty Hunter by the name of Boba Fett took me in, on his free time the times when he wasn't on a mission he taught me the ways to shoot a blaster to kill and how to shoot a blaster not to kill that took a precise shot, he taught me how to use mandolorian armor including the jetpack, he taught me how to make my fists and feet a lethal weapon, he taught me how to disable ships, capture prey, and he taught me how to use many other weapons like the vibro-sword.The one thing he pointed out the most was never take a side in a fight and there will only be one side for bounty hunters thier side.When I was 18 I guess Boba thought I was ready because he left me with custimized mandolorian armor with Jetpack and everything.He also left me with 2 more things a note that READ I HAVE TRAINED U ALL I KNOW GOOD LUCK P.S.GO TO THE HUTTS ON NAR SHADDAA, Nal Hutta, Tatooine, Kashykk, and Malastare.
    Boba also left me a custimized Fire Spray.

  8. WISE_JEDI12 Jedi Knight

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    i got it you change sides every so often

    when we get 3 more players we will begin
  9. WISE_JEDI12 Jedi Knight

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