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The Sniper's Wife by Archer Mayor

Discussion in 'Archive: The Amphitheatre' started by JediTrilobite, Oct 22, 2002.

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  1. JediTrilobite

    JediTrilobite Jedi Master star 7

    Nov 17, 1999
    Well, not really JediTrilobite, but my real name, Andrew Liptak, has been used in a novel.
    The book is called The Sniper's Wife, by Archer Mayor.
    A little about the author. Archer Mayor is a VT author, (I'm from the same state) and writes a helluva good mystery novel series, all based around his character Joe Gunther.
    All of his books are in the first person, and are all set in VT. To those who live here, his books are very realistic. (He does about 10 months of research)
    The book: The Sniper's Wife is different. It is in the third person, from another one of his character's POV, Willy Kunckle. Has anyone seen Hack? Invision him without a left arm and you have Willy.
    The point: Andy Liptak is the main villian in the story. I won't give too much away, in case any of you have any interest in reading it, but he's the guy who gets to shoot a cop, steal cars, the works.
    So, if anyone is interested, or has read the book, let me know what you think. I can pass on comments to Mr. Mayor.
    For those who have read it: what did you think of the book? What do you feel the strong points of this novel were? Discuss it here.

    JT: Andy Liptak

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Thread Status:
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