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Saga The SONIM threat a Siri-Wan adventure with fanart completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    And one following this will make yu even more: Obi and Siri will be at it again
    More delicacies are following for the duo;)
    Banter and mush will be a mayor part of the story but first this

    Again ending in a cliffie

    Chapter 10

    1 welona

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward Surgery wing
    O T one
    After two hours of keeping care of his patient’s vitals Kaagi Adin had seen Aaqu Maerhin leave moments ago with a satisfied smile on his face. A leg was saved. A foot would regain most of its function. Skin was sutured and drains were applied in the thigh wound. Bruised – not broken – ribs were bandaged.

    Jaya Pravo was assisting Bel Kais with a soft splint that would keep the right foot immobile. Bones were held together by metal. Tendons and muscles were covered again with skin that sported now many sutures.

    A small muscle sample was in a vial. Aaqu had taken that at a request from Kaagi.

    Karen Ornum had been removing the green sheets and had placed the tray with the metal scrap and the remains of the boot now covered with a green sheet on a cart. She was holding the table and about to place that back on a large equipment cart.

    Kaagi stood up with a determined look on his face. “Nurse Ornum will you get me a lower life support unit? A triway will be necessary. I have to ready Ivano for the IC–ward and want to keep him under sedation.”

    The nurse headed to a supplies cart and came back and handed a sealed package to Kaagi.

    “You want to keep him here,” Alco Bel Kais observed when Kaagi began to insert a triway-catheter with nurse Ornum assisting him. He applied the last piece of tape to the splint. His work was done.

    “I do,” Kaagi answered. “He is too weak to be transported to the university hospital. And you said it yourself before beginning on his foot. He will have a long recovery period. And I have ideas for that. Yesterday I had a bunch of initiates getting their shots for the Lingalan fever and having fun with me and their presents. I was dripping wet as usual after the syringe fight. They are going on a fieldtrip to Lingala. I don’t know when but it will be in the coming weeks. Our friends on Lingala will help him.” He began to secure the catheter.

    “He needs his family and friends here Kaagi,” Alco objected.

    “He has no family here,” Kaagi stated. “When I was putting him under he objected strongly and didn’t want to be drafted into our services. A man with family doesn’t have those thoughts. And he has enough midi-chlorians to be a strong Force sensitive and is probably of my race or one closely related to that. And he is keeping that a secret and he has a tag that states that he is allergic to Bacta and bone knitters.”

    “You saw and sensed all of that before putting him under?”

    “Yes and he is running a fever and I don’t know what’s causing that until I have examined his blood and that muscle sample,” Kaagi pointed to the tray. “And that metal and plast is something for the Intel department and I have a feeling that his fever and the metal scrap on that tray are connected somehow. After I have found out what is causing the fever I will guide him out of the sedation. But I want to keep him on the respirator until his bruised lungs have regained their strength. That BA-mask must have been leaking because there were particles in his lungs.” He reached to the tube and bag held ready by the nurse.

    “His chief will not know that he is here and will start a search.”

    “You can contact the fire department and tell his chief that firefighter Ivano Arvedai is admitted to the IC ward in the Jedi temple.”

    “He is a civilian,” Alco grumbled. “And I have to report this to Vokara …”

    “Don’t,” Kaagi gave his colleague a small smiling stare. ‘Was Alco serious?’

    Alco nodded face lighting up with that mischievous grin. Kaagi sure must have his reasons to keep Ivano Arvedai here. Kaagi had been a senior healer when he was just an initiate. Vokara Che had just the right connections to become head of the healers. On second thought; her formal behaviour had irked him to the extreme and had him opting to do all his tours of duty in the healers’ ward. She wouldn’t hear a word from him. “I will contact his chief and tell him that we have Ivano under our care. I have the scans of his foot. With his bacta allergy we cannot fit him with a cast when the swelling of his muscles is gone. I will make a brace for him and will listen to his complaints.”

    “Sure Bony, make a Bones brace for him and listen to his complaints,” Kaagi grinned sheepishly. He had experienced those braces and had known the original designer. Ben ‘Bones’ Barani had added new improvements to them.

    “I am ready for the blue mayhem and flying soap,” Alco grinned and ran towards the scrub room. Working with Kaagi and Aaqu and having fun afterwards was something he enjoyed thoroughly during his months on Coruscant.

    “I will be busy for a while,” Kaagi started but saw the door to that scrub room closing and directed his attention to the bag now attached to the catheter to see only a little amount of fluid. “Give me another unit of saline.” He adjusted the drip-rate and muttered “a high fever indeed and sweating in his fatigues no doubt before he got injured. I will transport him to the IC-ward immediately and begin my research. Get a bed here.” He disconnected the ribbed hoses of the anaesthesia equipment and attached a breathing bag and oxygen bottle to the tube and began to squeeze the bag, maintaining a steady rhythm. He waited for nurses Pravo and Ornum to guide a sophisticated med bed that was always held ready in the ready room of the OT next to the table and directed the nurses to place the patient on that bed. A sheet was grabbed by four hands and a little bit of Force use and the patient slid on the bed.

    The nurses disconnected the monitors and placed the leads and various bags on the bed.

    Kaagi – squeezing the breathing bag – began with nurse Pravo helping him to guide the bed to the door leading to the IC-ward.

    Senate district fire-department number nine,
    Unit nine zero two
    Chief Calistro was still there. He sipped from his third cup of caf since coming back and was becoming a bit worried. More than two hours had passed since Ivano had boarded that medevac.

    He had contacted his wife and had told her that he had to wait for news about firefighter Arvedai. He had met the pilot of the medevac, had heard him telling that he could leave the Jedi temple with his medevac after receiving the cleaned stretcher back.

    He had seen pilot and medic leaving after sharing a meal with blue shift. And yes they had enjoyed the contents of the fridge.

    A fruit pie was on the desk. It was for the chief of blue shift. He wanted to eat that during his administrative work.

    ‘Was Ivano now somehow involved in some Jedi business?’

    Calistro had heard about the young girl receiving CPR from Ivano and a Jedi woman and he had seen the cleaned Hutt-sized stretcher. ‘It was delivered by a 2-1B droid and it sure was dirty when it left my medevac. There had been a lot of blood on it. And I don’t know if that was coming from the girl or the firefighter.’ The mentioning of blood had Chief Calistro worried. ‘Was Ivano somewhere in a hospital and unable to use his comlink?’

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward
    The IC ward was without patients but that was going to change soon.

    Nurse Tirin Sjirr had remained in the ready room of OT one and had hurried to the IC ward when nurse Pravo came to get the bed and told him that healer Adin had a patient for the IC ward. He was the chief nurse for the IC ward on this shift. He saw Kaagi, nurse Pravo and bed with patient coming after passing the airlock. He had one of the rooms assigned to receive the patient. Monitors were activated and anaesthesia equipment was ready. Bags with saline and glucose were on the poles and ready to use. “Number seven is your room Kaagi.”

    Kaagi nodded and followed nurse Sjirr to that room.

    It had like all uneven numbered rooms a large window overlooking a beautiful garden that was kept in a natural state with trees and bushes growing rather wild. The sight gave a conscious patient something to distract from the ministrations of the nurses and doctors.

    He connected the anaesthesia equipment after removing the breathing bag. “I want to keep him under until I have determined the cause of his fever.”

    Tirin Sjirr nodded. He had been busy with the IV-bags. He saw the charts displaying the condition of the man and the chain with the tag still around the neck. ‘Bacta allergy’ was noted immediately by him.

    “Tirin; keep him under close observation,” Kaagi said after installing his patient in the room. “I have some research to do and will return as soon as possible.”

    Tirin Sjirr sat down.

    Scrub room
    No; Alco had not met the blue mayhem in the scrub room. There was no fun to release the tension after the procedure. Even Aaqu Maerhin – Kaagi’s usual compatriot in the mayhem fun – had just waddled his blue gloves after discarding them in the familiar blue balls before dropping them in the waste bin. A throwing of those blue balls remained absent. A squeeze bottle taken from a cart was only used for quenching a thirst and not for chasing and wetting the colleague. A towel and a sponge just were taken to a changing cubicle and not used for a towel and sponge fight. And soap remained in the changing cubicle and came not sailing every which way.

    Yup Kaagi was probably still in the IC ward or beginning his research.

    Alco Bel Kais saw Aaqu Maerhin leaving the scrub room. No mischief at all and he somehow missed that. He started to throw a wet sponge towards the retreating back of the healer but stopped when he saw the com-station. ‘Before I start my showering I have to contact the friends and chief of Arvedai. But from where is Arvedai. There are at least twenty fire stations here in the neighbourhood. Ah yes maybe his fatigues will reveal more. Names are usually on the shirts.’ He activated the com-station and asked a nurse to bring the remains of the fatigues.

    Nurse Ornum appeared very soon. She had been putting used equipment on the carts and had ordered the droids to begin to clean the room for the next emergency. “I have his clothes in this bag.” She put the bag on the floor and opened it and began to search first in the jacket. “There; a comlink.”

    Alco accepted the comlink that was still activated and showing a ‘one’ and ‘unit nine zero two’ in the display and saw a red button next to a larger black coloured one. And he surmised that this was the contact the chief button and pressed the red button.

    An ear-splitting shrieking sound filled the scrub room.


    and believe me that is very noisy
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Oops! I believe he should've pushed the other button instead :p ;)
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  3. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Well to NEVER push a red button is a jolly good idea.
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  4. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    You will see what that brings in the next chapter
    Red is quite useful as you will see

    Chocolate is playing a part in the next chapter.
    And those alert buttons are based on our real comlinks;)

    Chapter 11

    1 welona

    Enga Mariss was in the office. No more emergencies had come her way and with the open door of the office she saw Aaqu Maerhin walking past that door. ‘Not asleep in a changing cubicle but what was the emergency that had him doing double time?’ She intended to find out and headed to the door and asked “what kept you busy Aaqu?”

    “A stubborn firefighter,” Aaqu turned and headed to the office and began to tell Enga more and ended with a soft and tired sounding voice “Kaagi will keep him here in the IC-ward. Ivano Arvedai has a high fever and we suspect that the rubble dug out of his leg has something to do with that. Kaagi will do his research.”

    “Go to bed Aaqu,” Enga spoke with a soft voice. “I will keep watch over Ivano and Kaagi. I don’t want to see Kaagi joining Ivano in the IC-ward after exhausting his midis again.”

    “Thanks Enga,” Aaqu stood up and walked with an unsteady shuffle out of the office. He remembered that exhaustion of ‘his’ midis very vividly. He had saved a patient and had been admitted to the IC-ward undergoing treatment with Midillamin to get rid of the dead midi-chlorians. Kaagi had been the one to guide him out of the sedation but had done that days later. Kaagi had dead midi-chlorians too after his stint to save crèche master Cali Jemelia and received the same treatment and he had a broken ankle also due to that exhaustion.

    Senate district fire-department number nine,
    Unit nine zero two
    The pilot from blue shift had been busy to check the fire-ship. He had just installed a sixth comlink on the place for number one and was in the front seat when he heard all six comlinks activating. He took the pilot comlink out of the re-charger and sped towards the office.

    “Chief Calistro,” the pilot shouted “the comlinks in the engine have activated after someone pressed the emergency button. Here is the pilot comlink.”

    Calistro put down his caf in a hurry, saw it toppling over and beginning to soak fruit pie and assorted flimsies but took the comlink and saw on the display the code of number one – Ivano’s place in the engine – on the comlink and waited for the moment that he could activate and contact his crewmember. A blinking green light indicated that he could and he pressed the com-button “Arvedai what kept you so long? State your emergency.” And he waited. ‘Was Arvedai incapacitated? Press your com-button. You have used the emergency button. Use the pre-set codes if you have to. Hurry man!’

    “Bel Kais here and Arvedai is here after…”

    The com was silent again after the pre-set time to communicate.

    ‘Bel Kais not Arvedai? What has happened with the comlink and Arvedai?’ Chief Calistro startled a bit and pressed again the com-button “press the green button and you can talk to me without interruptions whoever you and where ever you are.”

    What followed came out with a staccato voice “I am Alco Bel Kais and the surgeon who has cared for Ivano Arvedai. Is this an open com?”

    “It is and surgeon?”

    “Can I come to your station?”

    “You can,” Chief Calistro answered and began to tell the man where fire department number nine was located. The man had indeed followed his orders to press the green button that had the comlink in normal mode again.

    Serinka’s restaurant
    Serinka was doubled over with laughter. After the piezzaa, cut in pieces after some hilarious comments from Siri and Obi-Wan about pizza’s and pieces, he had made something for those two Jedi causing that fun and sitting at a table. It was a simple fruit salad with added for Siri a helping of chocolate sauce.

    Obi-Wan and Siri were busy with a fruit exchange using the Force.

    “No chocolate Siri,” Obi-Wan tried to avoid a piece of fruit dipped in chocolate that zoomed past his nose and waved with his hand.

    “Wrong flight-path,” Siri started and remembered an earlier flight-path. “We have to see the healers about Kowal and Setiquiyak” and she had the piece in her mouth after a rather hard landing on her upper and lower lip, chewing on the fruit with delight showing on her face.

    “We do,” Obi-Wan cast one look at the face of his friend, suppressed a smile, began to finish his fruit salad and waited for Siri.

    Intelligence department
    Workplace of L'lacielo Sageon
    The pieces of metal dug out of Ivano’s leg had been brought to L’lacielo Sageon and Jeki Eki by one of the 2-1B droids.

    Jeki Eki had one of those now in a clamp on his workbench and was passing a scanner over the piece. “See; lightsaber marks like the container I have examined today. And this, this is the same bio-hazard mark.” He shuffled to a shelf and came back with a magnifying device and held that before the piece. And he started to hum.

    L’lacielo waited. When Jeki Eki was humming he was in thinking mood and not to be disturbed.

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward Surgery wing
    Sporting a little smudge of chocolate in the corner of her mouth and a larger one on her upper lip Siri halted before the receptionist of the surgery wing of the healers’ ward after being directed there by a receptionist at the main entrance. “Good evening Master Nawarra.”

    “Good evening master Tachi, master Kenobi,” Vin Nawarra greeted. “I can tell you that Master Kowal has gone to the halls of healing with padawan Setiquiyak. Master Enga Mariss was quite annoyed but pleased that she had been able to save the padawan. CPR done by the firefighter and her master saved the padawan’s life. Enga could stabilize the padawan after her heart got beating again. A short bacta-soak and padawan Setiquiyak will be alright.”

    A brief smile passed Siri’s face. Master Nawarra knew why they were here. He was always very good informed. But why did he have eyes only for her. “And the medics who delivered Master Kowal and padawan Setiquiyak have returned to their duty?”

    “Enga Mariss ordered the stretcher to be delivered back to the medevac by one of the 2-1B’s but the firefighter doing CPR is admitted to the IC-ward. There was a trail of droplets of blood leading from the hangar to here. Aaqu Maerhin saw that and rushed back. Enga Mariss can fill you in with the details. She is in the office.” Vin Nawarra kept his eyes glued to Siri.

    “Thank you Vin,” Obi-Wan winked with his left eye after seeing what had the receptionist interested in Siri too and headed to the office with Siri following. IC-ward was something serious.

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    “Thank you Vin,” Obi-Wan winked with his left eye after seeing what had the receptionist interested in Siri too and headed to the office with Siri following. IC-ward was something serious.

    Thank you, dear bird. *just composed two class tests & one period planner* But during the week I am supposed to be in bed at 10:00 pm. Otherwise getting up at 5:30 am is a real trial...
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    Again a cliffie at the end of a chapter with some Siri Obi fun or not;)

    Chapter 12

    1 welona

    Enga Mariss had told Obi-Wan and Siri all about the condition of Ivano Arvedai and why he was admitted to the IC-ward of the Jedi temple healers’ ward.

    Siri had seen Enga having eyes only for her and had discovered the chocolate. She was removing it with a tissue.

    “I really liked the chocolate fur,” Obi-Wan grinned. He was still sitting at a desk in the office, reached for a comlink and contacted the halls of healing.

    Siri wanted to give a comment but listened when the com activated.

    Master Vokara Che.”

    “Master Che is Master Kowal with you?”

    She is and I will get her. And before you ask; Padawan Setiquiyak will be out of the bacta in half an hour. I have used boneknitters on her ribs and a few days of rest to negate the after-effects of the boneknitters and the loss of a few midi-chlorians and she will be alright.

    “Your Nerf fur is,” Siri began.

    Obi-Wan didn’t have to wait long.

    One minute and the com activated again. “You heard all from master Che about my padawan. And did you secure some of the containers?”

    A bit baffled by the direct question Obi-Wan answered “I did and had them delivered to the Intel department.”

    I can get ready to resume our mission to Karatak? Master Che told me that recovering of my padawan can be done on the Jedi cruiser Vipero. I will head to the cruiser as soon as my padawan is out of the bacta.”

    Chocolate incident entirely forgotten Siri just listened.

    “The mission to Karatak is of the utmost importance but your padawan’s health too,” Obi-Wan replied quite neutral. Master and padawan were probably more interested in getting on with the mission. The injury was for master and padawan a slight convenience and didn’t interfere with the mission at all. And he expected that answer from Master Kowal.

    The medbay on the Vipero will take care of my padawan if she wants to stay there anyway. I am sure she will want to stay in her cabin. By the way can you give my thanks to the firefighter that helped me to save my padawan?”

    “Ivano Arvedai is a civilian and sure will appreciate words of thanks from who he has rescued. You don’t want to come yourself?” Obi-Wan used a gentle persuading voice and his negotiation skills.

    Uh no, you know that the mission is important and any delay is to be averted. I don’t know where the firefighter is. He can be in any of the hospitals near the Jedi temple after his treatment here or even at his home. Bacta has my padawan recovered after a short dunk.”

    “The firefighter Ivano Arvedai is here in the Jedi temple IC-ward because his injuries were severe and will stay here,” Obi-Wan became a bit annoyed at the rather cold reply.

    IC-ward, that means sedated and I don’t have the time to wait until he comes out of the sedation. Give the firefighter my well wishes.”

    “May the Force be with you and your padawan,” Obi-Wan closed the com abruptly now quite annoyed. “Padawan Setiquiyak barely escapes with her life. And what does her master want? And what does the padawan want if she is out of the bacta? Get on with the mission as soon as possible. Dratted mission. I ‘will’ visit Ivano Arvedai as soon as he is able to have visitors and thank him personally. The man deserves that. Ivano can stay here until he is able to leave the care of the healers. And if Vokara Che asks, I will tell her that the ‘civilian’ can stay here.” He accented the word civilian, knowing about the rules from Che. One rule stated that civilians had to be transported to the nearest hospital, being the Coruscant University Med Centre.

    “I will come with you and explain where the padawan and her master are,” Siri grumbled, irked by the reactions of Master Kowal.

    “That’s droid lover Kowal,” Enga smirked. “For Kowal it is the Force providing at the right time with a rescuer. And she doesn’t care about that rescuer at all. Her saying is ‘the Force had the man coming on our path. The Force will care.’ She snatched her padawan away from my care as soon as I began to order the bacta treatment. Ivano Arvedai can even die if we cannot get his fever under control.”

    “Don’t you worry,” Siri soothed. “We have delivered the containers to Jeki Eki and L’lacielo Sageon. They will find what’s on the containers. They will find an antidote in the archives of Jocasta Nu.”

    “And Kaagi is working too,” Enga got a weary smile on her face.

    “And I should be making my first report,” Obi-Wan stood up and continued with fun showing in his voice “tomorrow some sparring?”

    “Yes Kenobi and I will try to give your Nerf-fur a nice chocolate colour,” Siri quipped and rushed out of the room before Obi-Wan had a reply.

    Senate district fire-department number nine,
    Unit nine zero two
    Chief Calistro was mopping up the last pieces of fruit-pie and had ordered the pilot to bring a fruit pie to his chief when the door opened. He turned his head and saw a towering man dressed in a well known brown cloak, beige tunics, pants and brown boots. ‘A Jedi?’
    “Chief Joe Calistro,” he reached with his hand towards the hand of the Jedi.

    “Alco Bel Kais,” the Jedi extended his hand and shook hands. “I am the surgeon and I have cared for Ivano Arvedai with my colleagues; surgeons Adin and Maerhin. I have given Ivano’s BA-gear, mask, helmet and thermal imaging cam to one of your men. We had to cut his fatigues in pieces to help him. If you don’t need them back they will be discarded by us. And this is the comlink.”

    “Cut fatigues can be thrown away by you. Have a seat Master Bel Kais.” Calistro accepted the comlink and saw a lightsaber hanging from a belt when the Jedi moved his dark brown cloak to sit on the offered chair. ‘He is Jedi and a fighter too.’ He put the comlink down.

    “All Jedi are protectors and can defend themselves and the ones they are protecting,” Alco said with a big smile when he saw the looks on Calistro’s face. “I am an orthopedic surgeon and a Jedi Knight. I have used this lightsaber once to scrap a droid that was interfering with my work, rescuing a civilian in a speeder-crash on the highway to Coronet City.”

    “I met Jedi once when I was a teenager on Anaxes before moving with my parents to Coruscant,” Joe Calistro said. “The heroics of them during a big fire in a hotel impressed my father and me and I followed in my father’s footsteps and became a firefighter. What happened to Ivano?”

    “Your crewmember Ivano Arvedai was injured by metal debris without knowing that he was injured because he had to save one of our students,” Alco said. “He has a fractured ankle and foot and severely damaged thigh muscles. He needs months to recover and we don’t know if he will regain the full use of his foot. We have ideas to send him to colleagues in a hospital on Lingala. I can show you a recording of the procedure but must warn you for the unpleasant sight.”

    “Firefighters are used to unpleasant pictures,” Joe Calistro began when his stomach made a rumbling noise.

    “Your stomach disagrees,” Alco grinned “and you seem to have missed your meal.”

    “No,” Joe Calistro began to smile as well. He pointed to the smudged wad “The wad contains the remains of a delicious fruit pie that was messed up by my caf. It was for the chief of blue shift and came from the Coruscant University Med Centre restaurant.”

    Alco had now gleaming eyes. He had been there with Morrin Miwert – the Jedi dentist – during a break when they were attending a congress. Morrin had invited him and had many friends in the university. Alco had too after that congress. He had met Larana Hovar. “The CUMC restaurant? You have been there?”

    “An emergency two months ago and Ivano becoming friends with professor Vanrood had our shift getting a pass-key for the restaurant near the emergency entrance,” Joe Calistro grinned. “And I like their cuisine. Only this day we were able to return. Our work had us quite busy elsewhere. We were able to dine there today and got take away dinners for blue and yellow shift. I had the special and had asked for those to be loaded in the boxes.”

    “They are almost the same as the specials in Dex’s dinner,” Alco was clearly enjoying this, meeting with a lover of high cuisine. After his return to Corellia he had become a lover too, entertaining his colleagues with nice dinners. And friends took him to restaurants in Coronet City and had him exchanging recipes with the cooks. Coming to Coruscant and meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi had him accompanying the master to Dex’s dinner that was serving rather unhealthy but very tasty stuff.

    “I have never heard about a Dex’s dinner but I like to sample the specials there,” Joe Calistro grinned. “By the way; the pass-key should be in an inner pocket of Ivano’s fatigues.”

    “I will take you to Dex’s dinner if you want but first Ivano; I will search his fatigues and return the pass-key. Do you want to see the recording?”

    “Sure,” Joe Calistro stated.

    Alco Bel Kais produced out of an inner pocket of his cloak a viewer and activated it. It was a recording taken by the cam situated above the OT-table.

    Joe Calistro paled a bit, swallowed a few times and muttered “I can see why you want to send him to a nice place to recover. It’s bad.”

    “It is bad,” Alco – now in lecturing mode – continued with a friendly voice “and Ivano Arvedai has a bad case of smoke inhalation too. We have him on a respirator.”

    “A respirator?”

    “Ah a ventilator if you are more familiar with that term,” Alco saw a nod and continued “Healers are a bit old fashioned in the Jedi temple. What are you using as masks?”

    “The government issues those masks and yes,” Joe Calistro scowled “they are a disaster. I want to send a complaint and have secured the masks used at Glyvos by my team and me. You should have seen my face.”

    “I can help and add my comments. The firefighters in our fire house have been complaining too. And because of that smoke inhalation and a developing fever our anaesthetist decided to admit patient Arvedai to our intensive care ward. We don’t know yet what is causing the fever and are investigating that. But it might be related to what I dug out of Ivano’s foot. By the way that boot didn’t provide much protection.”

    “We use the standard synthrubber and durasteel strengthened firefighter boots issued by,” Joe Calistro began.

    “The same government,” Alco interrupted. “Years ago after an accident with a firefighter using those boots I have ordered new gear for our fire station. I will show you pictures of them when we visit Dex’s dinner tomorrow.” He talked some more and it was rather late when he left with chief Calistro the fire-department. The mask used by Ivano was now part of the evidence that chief Calistro intended to bring to Sebeler personally.

    For Chief Calistro that had to wait after the meeting with the Jedi healer at Dex’s dinner. And his report? That would be accompanying it. He had contacted all his crewmembers, beginning with Roland Kadecek and ending with Dean Rivas who had told him all about the slamball event and the chief regretting that he had not secured tickets. And slamball was another shared interest between the chief and the Jedi-healer.

    Intelligence department
    Workplace of L’lacielo Sageon
    The two investigators in the Jedi Intel department had been busy all evening.

    Jeki Eki had taken a sample of the metal taken out of the patient’s thigh and had that brought to one of the specialized laboratory droids. He had come back late in the evening with results for that test and had told L’lacielo that the droid did take fifty three minutes and three seconds to complete his test.

    L’lacielo had searched the database, had found the bacteria and had found the antibiotics. And he hadn’t been surprised at all when the bacteria found on the piece dug out of Ivano’s thigh were of the Sonim variety.

    Jeki Eki was busy manipulating grapplers in a closed sterile cubicle after placing a container with little beads through the decon unit and in the cubicle. A syringe was used to fill a bead with a yellow liquid.

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    Saw it before at work, but had no time to react! Wonderful as usual!
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    Jade_eyes AzureAngel2

    And your update was wonderful too;) AzureAngel2

    A surprise with the next chapter ending with some fun for two healers

    Chapter 13

    2 welona

    Jedi temple

    Intelligence departmentWorkplace of L'lacielo Sageon
    “Ready L’lacielo,” Jeki Eki had a triumphant smile on his face when he dropped the last bead – held in a grappler in a closed sterile cubicle – in a clearplast satchel.

    “I will bring them immediately to Kaagi Adin. He will be in the laboratory of the healers’ ward.”

    “Running double duty again,” Jeki Eki mused. “Go L’lacielo and give that healer the means to save the leg of his patient. And tell him to get some bed rest after that immediately.”

    L’lacielo sped away.

    Healers’ ward surgery wingLaboratory
    Finally; two minutes after midnight Kaagi had the results of his tests of the small muscle sample from Ivano’s thigh. Testing and growing enough bacteria to determine the species did take that long. He took his comlink. “L’lacielo, there are Sonim-bacteria in my patient’s thigh wound.”

    “I know Kaagi. I have identified the buggers and I am headed your way.”

    “I am in the laboratory,” Kaagi put down his comlink with a small smile on his face. He had tested Ivano’s blood for minerals and red cells. Low values for some blood counts had him ordering one more unit of A-blood. He didn’t have to wait long to see the Jedi with sparse hair now rather rumpled and clothes matching that rumpled appearance sweeping into the laboratory.

    “There was some Sith business going on,” L’lacielo began immediately. “The marks are made by a lightsaber and there is something more. You see these cracks in the metal. We have found a residual pattern in the cracks indicating that it was made by a lightsaber powered by a red crystal. And this piece was even more nasty and related to a piece found by Jeki Eki. That one had a warning sign for biohazard and had been a container. We have discovered bacterial agents in the plast. These are the results.” He gave a data-stick to the healer.

    Kaagi inserted that stick in his diagnostic unit and saw the data scrolling on the screen. His findings in the muscle-sample matched the data obtained by Master Sageon and Jeki Eki.

    “We have identified the biohazard too,” L’lacielo continued when he saw Kaagi looking at the data. “If your patient has some of the Sonim-bacteria in his leg he will need antibiotic containers to battle the local infection.” He dropped a sealed plast satchel on the desk.

    Kaagi eyed the package with the little metal beads.

    “The beads are designed to give the antibiotics directly to the infected area. You can put them in the wound and replace them with new ones after they are depleted.”

    “You have been very busy,” Kaagi had a relieved look on his face.

    “No it was Jeki Eki searching on the holonet and finding these beads being used in the university hospital as a more effective way to battle a local infection. He found them easy to reproduce and had them ready when I came with the antibiotics. We prepared the beads and here they are. Use them on your patient. And come for a new batch when they are depleted. Jeki Eki was very sure that you will need more beads and will make more. Those bacteria will be multiplying rapidly. And get to bed after you’re done.”

    “Thanks, both of you,” Kaagi stood up, grabbed the satchel and reached for his comlink. He had to disturb one man’s rest and knew who. And he hurried outside towards the ready room of OT one. “Aaqu come immediately.”

    Residential area
    Apartment of Aaqu Maerhin
    Beeweep beeweep.

    Only one alert coming from the comlink had a disastrous result. For the bed. Sheets and covers flew every which way and the man sleeping in that bed jumped up and grabbed the comlink before it could signal again beeweep beeweep. He gave one look at the display and saw OT 1 and hurried to the healers’ ward not minding at all that he was in his sleepshirt and on bare feet. He felt that Kaagi needed him.

    Healers’ ward surgery wingOffice

    Enga had seen Kaagi speeding past and she followed him. ‘Kaagi is doing double duty and I have to protect him.’ And she could barely avoid a man on bare feet with a rumpled sleepshirt speeding past her. ‘It figures that Aaqu is coming too. It must have something to do with patient Arvedai.’ She had seen the reports of the first surgery and had heard the discussion between Kaagi and Alco. And sending patient Arvedai to Lingala with a training group seemed to her a great idea

    Scrub room OT one
    Kaagi exited his changing cubicle when Aaqu Maerhin sped through the door followed by Enga Mariss.

    Aaqu asked “what’s up?”

    “We have to open patient Arvedai’s thigh wound again and put those in,” Kaagi pointed to the satchel that was on a table near the entrance to OT one and turning to see the door to the ready room opening he ordered “Kelsy take that satchel and put it through decon. I will need it soon.”

    Nurse Kelsy Jerta – a Jedi nurse educated at the Jedi chapter house on Rhinnal – nodded only and took the satchel. He would have it in the OT before Kaagi and Aaqu were there with their patient.

    “I will get your patient,” Enga started towards the door of the prep room. “And after the short procedure it’s bed for the two of you!”

    “Yes mom,” two healers said with soft submissive voices. “We will follow your orders.”

    “And no soap and sponge fight,” Enga grinned when she closed the door to the scrub room.

    OT one
    Kaagi was again sitting in his green tent and observing the vitals of Ivano Arvedai. He hoped that the cause of the fever was now found. The fever had risen considerably.

    Aaqu had scanned ankle and thigh and had seen the large infection with the bacteria in the thigh wound. He had removed the sutures and had the wound now open. “Give me ten beads Kelsy.”

    Kaagi righted himself and saw that ten beads were placed carefully in the wound.

    “Give me those clamps. We have to reopen the wound after these beads have ended their use and clamps are easy to remove.”

    Kaagi saw Aaqu applying nine small clamps and covering the wound with absorbing gauze and bandaids.

    “He is ready but keep him under the sedation,” Aaqu applied the last bandaid and made sure that the drain was working. “I don’t know how long these first beads will last. Those bacteria are nasty and multiplying like flitter-flies.”

    “I will keep him under but how long? We need to know more about Ivano. He is a Force sensitive. He doesn’t want to be in a hospital at all.”

    “After the first test on the drain fluid you can wake him,” Aaqu gave a weary smile. “That will be tomorrow I think.” And giving a look at the chrono he grinned “uh today or whatever, tomorrow is alright too to let him regain some strength. Ivano is ready now.”

    “I will transport him to the IC-ward,” Enga Mariss had been waiting for this signal. “And you and you bed.”

    “Yes mom,” Kaagi stood up and followed Aaqu to the scrub room.

    Scrub room OT 1
    Enga was quite annoyed. She had installed Ivano Arvedai again in his room in the IC-ward, had given his stats to the chief nurse on duty and had used a changing cubicle in the corridor leading to the IC-ward. And she had headed to the caf machine and a bit of small talk to the receptionist and had heard after asking that no Kaagi or Aaqu had passed his station. That had her making a beeline to the scrub room and yes, there they were. They were in a bed of sorts.

    Kaagi was in the room very near to a changing cubicle, sprawled on a heap of discarded towels and surgical greens and snoring softly and Aaqu was partway in that changing cubicle on a heap of discarded surgical greens, sheets and towels. The upturned laundry basket – for those surgical greens, sheets and towels – was empty and parked next to that changing cubicle. Sponges and soap-bars were everywhere and a half empty squeeze bottle was standing next to Kaagi’s hand.

    Enga’s foot met a balled up something and it bounced away.

    ‘They had to have scrub-room fun to relieve the tension with sponges, soap, water, flying blue gloves turned into balls and the contents of that basket. And what did they do? Falling asleep,’ she took a towel and covered Kaagi’s dignity. Next came Aaqu and after being sure that both men were comfortable she went to the exit of the scrub room and marked it as occupied.

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    ‘They had to have scrub-room fun to relieve the tension with sponges, soap, water, flying blue gloves turned into balls and the contents of that basket. And what did they do? Falling asleep,’ she took a towel and covered Kaagi’s dignity. Next came Aaqu and after being sure that both men were comfortable she went to the exit of the scrub room and marked it as occupied.

    Hum, I would need them here to clean my house.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Cool stuff withthe beads delivering the treatment.
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    They don't really clean but are making a mess;)
    Beads treatment comes from something I read in a medical journal when I was in the hospital donating blood.

    Next chapter: Obi-Wan has something to do and Siri is planning something devious


    Chapter 14

    2 welona

    Jedi temple
    High council room
    Sleepy eyed Obi-Wan entered the high council room and plopped down in his seat after nodding only to the other two members present. He could do that with those two present.

    Mace Windu was the first to react to the silent greeting and asked with the to Obi-Wan and Master Yoda very well known humour showing in his voice that he almost always displayed when these two were the only ones in the room “was the Sith trap that tiring?”

    “It was with Master Tachi piloting our transport to and from the Glyvos factory,” Obi-Wan grinned. “She had to do her impress me with her copy padawan Anakin flying and I was tempted to use the remote to have Jeki Eki of L’lacielo Sageon in control.”

    “More news from Master Sageon we have,” Yoda activated a holoprojector. “Pieces brought back by Siri and you confirmed that Glyvos used as training facility it was. Dooku I suspect.”

    “And it was the source of the Sonim-bacteria,” Mace Windu pointed to a now visible piece of plast with the biohazard mark clearly visible. “This was found by you. Count Dooku must have been training there whatever he has for apprentice after using the factory to produce the bacteria that were used on the attack on the Sonim colony. And one container ending up in a scrap-yard and being taken by Jeki Eki must have irked him to the extreme and planning his trap for us.”

    “Trap you suspect? Training apprentice not to spring the trap could be real goal of former padawan of mine. Destruction of containers avoiding hurt and bacteria just training it was.” Master Yoda had a thoughtful look on his face.

    “Master Kowal has sent us her report,” Mace nodded. “She has informed us about the trip-wires in both buildings activating the droids and giving a nice exercise. The trip-wires were difficult to avoid and activated only the standard battledroids in the north building.”

    “Flame thrower droids almost destroyed the north building,” Obi-Wan remarked. “The fire could have reduced the Glyvos factory to a heap of rubble, making any identification of the bacteria impossible.”

    “You were lucky that District Chief Sebeler had to take the public transport and spotted your droid-destroying work immediately,” Mace stated.

    “It was Siri setting bins afire in the north tower when she short-circuited a droid,” Obi-Wan had now gleaming eyes. “And those exploding bins had a fire-alert adding to the noise and the flame thrower droids coming to add to the fire. They must have been activated by that fire-alert. It was a multi-layered trap for a trainee.”

    “That fire-alert had District Chief Sebeler making it a mark nine incident with more units coming to the factory,” Mace Windu remarked. “A mark nine made sure that Glyvos was saved. Sebeler will be investigating the cause of the fire and if he calls us, you can go.”

    “Sebeler,” a brief frown passed Obi-Wan’s face. He had heard that name before. “I will visit him if he calls and offer help to remove the remains of the containers from the south tower. The Sonim threat should be gone. We have seen what the Sonim bacteria did after the distribution in the water-supply of the colony when it was ingested through the mouth. Bleeding innards gave a horrible death to the colonists. Our medical corps could save only a third of them being in the first stages of the illness by giving the antidote. Despite all our work we lost the colony to the trade federation and had to transport the colonists to the Garana system. I am sure that Sebeler will find our droid-victims.”

    “And lightsaber marks on the victims,” Mace Windu accented victims. “Master Kowal and her padawan were lucky to have two firefighters searching the seventh floor of the south tower for possible victims.”

    “Lucky,” Obi-Wan huffed. “For Master Kowal it was the Force providing her with rescuers. She has given me the task to thank firefighter Arvedai for saving padawan Setiquiyak. She will be headed to Karatak with her padawan.” That behaviour had him now with scowling looks on his face.

    “Hmmmhh,” Master Yoda perched up his ears and had the holoprojector now displaying the Karatak mission.

    “The padawan and her master are,” Mace Windu had consulted his datapad. “The mission to Karatak is important. Failure can have us with a disaster comparable to the Jabiim disaster.”

    Obi-Wan’s face remained neutral. He knew what Jabiim had cost them. And he remembered the fun Kowal and Setiquiyak had fighting floor after floor against the standard issue battle-droids of Geonosian design. “Kowal must have tripped the trap on purpose. The Force provided indeed for the master and her padawan. Droid fighting had been a welcome exercise for the two.” His face lighted up for a few moments but was soon in a sombre mood. “But never going to thank a civilian is a Kowal trademark. My master once had words with her too. Missions and guided by the unifying Force is all what counts for Master Kowal and her padawan.”

    “Firefighter Arvedai stay here he can until ready to go to Lingala he is. Go with training-group he can. Healer Mariss informed me she has.” Yoda had picked up that sombre mood. He had now a summary of the recording of OT one on the holoprojector with first the major surgery and after that the short procedure to insert the beads. Enga Mariss had added her comments.

    “Jeki Eki sure has been busy,” Obi-Wan remarked when he saw Aaqu Maerhin applying the beads in the open thigh-wound. “Ivano Arvedai will be the last one to suffer from the Sonim bacteria. And if I am right; healers Adin and Maerhin are to be found somewhere asleep in the healers’ ward after having some fun to release the tension.”

    “Sleeping in scrub-room they are,” Yoda had gleaming eyes. He too knew what Obi-Wan sensed from healer Maerhin. And he was very familiar with Adin antics. That healer had turned into a very capable professional adult but never lost the innocence of a child. The welcome relief to release the tension after a difficult procedure amused him always. And he had now a way to change Obi-Wan’s mood. “And your companion hmm?”

    “Jedi Tachi?” Obi-Wan coloured slightly.

    “Go to her. See if recovered she is. Flying strenuous it can be. Fighting flame-throwing droids too,” Yoda blinked with his eyes, mischief showing in them. He had been the one to encourage Siri to follow her heart. He knew why Obi-Wan had regained the Force. Siri had a large part in that, an essential part. And the Force agreed.

    “But the ses,” Obi-Wan began.

    “Ended it is,” Yoda waved with his gimer stick. “Visit healers I will.”

    Obi-Wan left the chamber and saw the amused smiles of the two masters.

    Residential wing
    Apartment Siri Tachi
    The excitement of the short mission and a late dinner with Obi-Wan had Siri Tachi waking up rather late. She was lazy stretching her legs when she saw the sun painting dappled patterns on her orange and yellow coloured covers. The patterns reminded her about something else when she observed her covers more closely. ‘The Glyvos fire. The containers and that firefighter; will he be alright?’

    She reached out with the Force and felt no disturbance, none at all when she felt that another was quite busy explaining something to Master Yoda. That quite busy changed the next moment and she pulled her covers up to her nose. ‘Breakfast in bed will be nice for a change. Kenobi did spoil my pizza. But the fun in Serinka’s restaurant was nice with the chocolate. Aw but he didn’t warn me that I had a chocolate moustache. Vin Nawarra and Enga Mariss saw and I had to discover it when I saw my face reflected in that window. That snickering Kenobi even had comments when I removed the smudge telling me that I had chocolate fur. But this afternoon I will have my sweet revenge. Sparring with Kenobi will be nice. One of the gardens in the basement will be our arena.’
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    She reached out with the Force and felt no disturbance, none at all when she felt that another was quite busy explaining something to Master Yoda. That quite busy changed the next moment and she pulled her covers up to her nose. ‘Breakfast in bed will be nice for a change. Kenobi did spoil my pizza. But the fun in Serinka’s restaurant was nice with the chocolate. Aw but he didn’t warn me that I had a chocolate moustache. Vin Nawarra and Enga Mariss saw and I had to discover it when I saw my face reflected in that window. That snickering Kenobi even had comments when I removed the smudge telling me that I had chocolate fur. But this afternoon I will have my sweet revenge. Sparring with Kenobi will be nice. One of the gardens in the basement will be our arena.’

    A snikering Kenobi! What a cute image!
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    And who will have the last laugh? He is planning[face_mischief] And Siri is [face_whistling]


    Chapter 15

    2 welona
    Dacho District ‘the Works’
    Glyvos factory
    District chief Chuck Sebeler was back at the place of the incident. Yesterday he had seen the efficient work of all his units to deal with the fires raging in the north building. The south building had only a few small fires that were snuffed out easy and a collapsed roof, causes still unknown but that investigation had to wait.

    Sebeler – wearing BA-gear and full fatigues like the rest of his crew of investigators – was busy to determine the cause of this fire in the north building. He had led the previous investigation too.

    “Who cut this droid neatly in half?”

    Sebeler looked up to see one of his investigators pointing to a droid. That they had found battle droids of Geonosian design was intriguing but this? Sebeler had heard about Jedi making short work of droids. Sebeler had more meetings with Jedi after incidents. One incident was remembered vividly resulting in a certain aversion to Jedi because he had been reprimanded by the District chief. It was almost the opposite from what he was seeing now. Years ago he had seen the results of a Jedi dealing with a speeder with a bomb and pushing that to a wall where it couldn’t damage that much and pushing a freed civilian away using his powers. The Jedi had saved the shopping mall from total destruction. The bomb had been aimed at a weapons-store. That badly injured Jedi was brought by two of his crewmembers – despite his order to bring the man to the nearest hospital – to the Jedi temple. District chief Eastman had dealt with the two medics disobeying his order and had degraded them. And where did those two medics get a new assignment? A Jedi had argued with Eastman, had won and the medics became chiefs of the Jedi temple fire-department. And Eastman had decorated the two Jedi.

    “There must have been some of your Jedi friends here.” That came from another investigator. “Did they cause the fire? Look I have a droid fused with the remains of an oil bin. It has a neat round hole in its carapace. And this is a piece I recognise from a flame-thrower unit.”

    “That up there was the first sprinkler becoming active,” an investigator was busy with a datapad. “We were lucky that the previous owners had installed a system designed to put out fires. The fire-accelerants used by those flamethrower droids didn’t have a chance at all after the first units arrived with their fire-retardants.”

    “Just let’s ask those Jedi after I have completed the investigation and have received all the reports from my crews,” District chief Sebeler said. “Bring one of those smaller droid pieces to the lab of Senate District fire department one zero one. Secure the buildings and the area around them. The south tower has a collapsed roof and the north tower is floor to floor covered with droidparts.”

    “And do you want to start an investigation to determine where the transport that had followed the medevac came from?”

    “No,” Sebeler began to smile. “That must have been the Jedi transport. They must have finished what they were doing here. I will ask them to clean up their mess.”

    Jedi temple
    Intelligence department
    Workplace of L'lacielo Sageon
    And unknown to Sebeler the Jedi were already at work.

    “We have to clean up the mess at Glyvos,” Jeki Eki – feet only visible – grumbled from where he was working and that was under the bulky structure of a loadlifter droid.

    “Chief Sebeler will like that,” L’lacielo Sageon hunched down. “And you are working on a clean-up-the-mess droid I see.”

    “Yes and who ever designed their guidance systems to be under the repulsorlift should get a recommendation for making a techs life miserable. I am programming these droids to search for Sonim-infested material. I will have them and a transport ready by the time one of those fire investigators calls. You said that Sebeler was the chief.”

    “Yes Sebeler and he will have the buildings secured. He is a stick to safety and to the rules type.”

    “Sebeler,” Jeki Eki grumped. “Our chiefs Henny and Harrar once had Sebeler as their chief. You should hear them complaining about Sebeler this and Sebeler that. And Sebeler has no high opinion of Jedi at all.”

    “Maybe this help to clean the mess will have him in a mild mood.”

    “I doubt that. And visiting Ivano Arvedai will be a no for him. That superior District chief doesn’t want to deal with his minions.”

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    Scrub room OT 1
    “Oops,” Kaagi stretched his legs and felt a towel gliding from his body. That he felt that was because he was waking up.

    “Oops, youngling you are.”

    ‘Master Yoda?’ Kaagi opened his eyes. ‘Uttering Oops? That is something I have never heard from him.’ He reached for a towel in a hurry. And that had some results. Aaqu startled awake.

    “Whaa, what? Oops.” It had been the towel covering Aaqu’s dignity and hands began to tug at the towel.

    “Oops clean greens and breakfast I have for you.”

    Kaagi grinned when he saw what the master was holding in the air with the Force. Two clearplast packages with greens and two trays with breakfast were now glided softly to the ground and to two certain places. He let go of the towel when the package landed on his body.

    Aaqu did the same with the towel, took the package and had only a short way to go. He sat up, pushed backwards into the changing cubicle and closed the door.

    But Kaagi – slipping on a piece of soap when he entered the changing cubicle next to that of Aaqu – saw that soap sliding towards Master Yoda before he closed the door.

    “Soap needed it is to clean you younglings.”

    “Youngling I am not,” Kaagi grinned when he saw the soap airborne and descending towards his face. A bit of Force push and the soap sailed over the wall that separated the two changing cubicles. And there was more; a clean towel was the next thing to appear in his cubicle.

    “Caught it,” Aaqu had it in his hands and began to use it or tried. He had turned on the shower when the soap slipped from his hand and slid under the door.

    “Back it goes there.” Yoda was enjoying this thoroughly.

    “And back again,” Kaagi had the soap again flipping over the wall towards Aaqu. And he waited and heard some splashing sounds inside.

    “Use it Adin,” Aaqu was now covered in soap-suds and floated the soap towards Kaagi’s cubicle.

    “Ready you are not,” Kaagi gave the soap a Force push and heard a mischievous ‘hmmhhh’ outside after a soft splash. He had to shower without use of soap and did this, towelled himself dry and opened the package with greens. He had donned the trousers when a soft ‘eech’ had him opening the door of his cubicle.

    That ‘eech’ came from Aaqu who – fully dressed in greens – had a teacup in his hand. “Was this your target Kaagi?”

    “No,” Kaagi laughed and had the soap – what was left of it – out of the teacup and flipping towards Master Yoda.

    “Breakfast younglings,” Master Yoda had the soap sailing towards the sink.

    Kaagi hurried to don the rest of his greens, sat down on the heap of greens, grabbed a piece of bread and gave a wink with his left eye. He began to spread it with butter.

    Aaqu understood and had that buttered piece going towards his mouth.

    “Forever younglings you are,” Master Yoda observed with a bemused look on his face when Aaqu spread marmalade on his bread and had that travelling to Kaagi.

    More pieces were exchanged in the same way. Little bread-crumbs began to litter the floor.

    A sound of an opening door and the inevitable happened.

    Two heads turned, two pieces of bread sailed not to two mouths but towards Master Yoda who caught them.

    “The boys are having fun again,” Enga had a rather agitated red face getting a brief smile.

    That was noticed by the three males.

    “Why is the red matching the red of your hair?” Kaagi began.

    “Something is bothering her,” Aaqu added.

    “Kowal and Setiquiyak left they have,” Master Yoda finished.

    “Yes,” Enga grumbled. “After I played bedtime mom for you and you I was going for a quick snack to one of the self service cafeteria and saw Master Kowal guiding a hoverchair with her padawan towards one of those Larties. It was deep in the night. Did they want to catch the red eye flight to Karatak? They saw me. Padawan Setiquiyak wanted to tell me something but her master said ‘give our well wishes to the injured man’ and hurried inside the transport. The mission is all important I presume.”

    “Important it is, compassion and friendship essential they are.” Master Yoda guided the two pieces of bread back on their path. “Help Ivano guide him on new path. Alright he will be.”

    Kaagi nodded. He was munching on his bread.

    Aaqu too.

    And Enga smiled, she would be there if Ivano needed help. She gave one look at the bread-crumbs and said “clean that and meet me in the swimming pool. You need some time to relax. Shika Diir and her team have ER-duty and will watch Ivano like a hawkbat.” And she left the room.

    “Follow mom Enga you do younglings.” Master Yoda followed Enga.

    Residential wing
    Apartment Siri Tachi
    “It’s taking him long to come here,” Siri grumbled when a soft knock on her door alerted her. “Come in with the breakfast.”

    The door opened. Obi-Wan – carrying a box with the elegant lettering ‘Serinka’s restaurant’ on it – swept into the room. “Flying strenuous it could be. See if recovered you are. Ordered by Master Yoda I was.”

    “Don’t let him sense your Yoda talk,” Siri grinned.

    “He is occupied in a scrub room with two healers and bringing greens and breakfast,” Obi-Wan began to laugh. “I met him at Serinka’s.”

    “Master Maerhin and Master Adin I suppose.”

    “Those two,” Obi-Wan placed the box on the covers and opened the lid. “I have a nice breakfast for you and it will have me at an advantage when we are sparring.”

    “Not at all,” Siri grinned and took the first item out of the box and began sampling it.

    “Stuff yourself and become a little slow,” Obi-Wan got a mischievous smile on his face and headed to the kitchen unit. “I will make some tea.”

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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Oh, how unabashedly fun this was and Obi-Wan plying her with a yummy, filling breakfast ;) Get under the covers with her & sparring will be forgotten entirely LOL [face_mischief] :oops: :)
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    I love it when you write Obi & Siri! @};-
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    and you will see what they were doing in the next chapter
    They were having fun


    Some fun with....;)

    Chapter 16

    2 welona

    Jedi temple
    Main entrance
    Alco Bel Kais was very satisfied. He had met Kaagi and Aaqu telling him about the second procedure and had seen the first results of the tests on the drain fluid. A fever was still high but he surmised that the fever would be going down when the bacteria were neutralised. He could tell Chief Calistro that a leg was saved. Giving a nod to the clone trooper standing guard at the entrance he headed to one of the public transport ports.

    Serinka’s restaurant
    “You lost,” Obi-Wan grinned when he heard the rumbling stomach from Siri but his attention was drawn to the two green clad healers with satisfied looks on their faces sitting at a table. He began to select Mujaa-juice, a green vegetable salad and fresh fruit.

    “Collect the seeds and plant them in the mud harvested from your face-fur,” Siri had her plate filled with a Nerf-burger and fries with sauce and was following Obi-Wan. Breakfast in bed had been very nice. She had been able to persuade Obi-Wan to engage in a butter-the-toast fight and had a lot of that buttered toast ending up in his stomach instead of hers. And the tea had helped a lot. Siri’s brand of tea – discovered when she had been caring for him after Ratatak – had him hungry and stuffing himself with more bread and caf when he headed with her to Serinka to satisfy his rumbling stomach.

    A visit to the swimming pool, some nice moments after that swim on a large towel and a basket with shared lunch had led to the sparring match in the basement garden. She had her revenge seeing Obi-Wan getting very dirty after the sparring and her being deliberately a bit slow had led to a mud-pool in the basement garden. She had stepped aside when he charged her with his lightsaber and about to execute the final kata that would defeat her. A ‘touché’ from him and giving him the victory was followed by an ‘eech’ when he landed in that mud. The man was still sporting mud in his moustache. She had insisted to go to the restaurant immediately because of a ‘rumbling stomach’ and he had agreed. “You want to join the healers and spoil your early dinner listening to their stories?”

    “Just wanting to know how Ivano Arvedai is doing,” Obi-Wan headed to the table and halted there.

    “Ah Obi-Wan and Siri wanting to know more about our civilian patient but without the details,” Kaagi looked up from his almost empty plate giving Siri a mischievous wink with his left eye when he saw the mud-signs. “Ivano is still running a fever but we have him on antibiotics and on a respirator and sedated.”

    “A respirator,” Obi-Wan grumbled. “Was it that bad to have him with a tube thingy?”

    “He has a bad case of smoke inhalation and bruised lungs caused by some impact,” Kaagi replied. “Your doing?”

    “I did push him away with his mate when they were in the path of a blaster-bolt,” Obi-Wan said. “We did save the two from further harm when a bunch of clankers came to make the place very interesting. Master Kowal was busy to extricate her padawan from the rubble and she sent us after the last droid was scrap-material to get the evidence. I didn’t sense that Ivano was injured at all.”

    “And we presumed that he and his mate would help Kowal and Setiquiyak,” Siri added. “We followed the orders from leader Kowal.”

    “Ivano was focussed on rescue, had shields up to prevent any Force sensitive from sensing him and is probably of my race or close related,” Kaagi stated. “I am intending to find out. His further treatment may depend on it. I will guide him tomorrow out of the sedation if his fever permits it.”

    “You are ready to find out?” Aaqu had his plate empty.

    “I am,” Kaagi had the last piece of fruit in his mouth and took the tray.

    “Tell Ivano that we want to visit him as soon as he can have visitors,” Obi-Wan said. “We have to thank him for saving padawan Setiquiyak.”

    “We will keep you informed,” Aaqu stood up and began to leave the restaurant.

    “Be careful with those seeds,” Kaagi grinned. “You might grow a tree beard.” And without waiting for a reply he hurried after Aaqu.

    “A tree beard,” Siri was doubled over with laughter when she saw the mud detaching from that beard and some of it landing on the table. She used the Force and floated a piece of fruit towards the mud. “I like fruit trees and more so the flowers they give.”

    “Siri Tachi, I have,” Obi-Wan began but stopped when an idea was forming and continued “like my fruit mud free” and began to attack said piece of fruit.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward
    The fever was still high but not as high as it had been developing after the initial surgery and the multiplying of the bacteria. Kaagi observed the stats on the monitor above Ivano’s bed and added the results of his investigations. He had analysed the waste coming from the drain and had seen that the beads were working.

    “You want to wake him?” Aaqu had come in.

    “I do,” Kaagi turned. “He sure wants to know that we don’t want to draft him in our services. And he has to know that his CPR has saved padawan Setiquiyak.”

    “Even with master and padawan away on their next mission to Karatak,” Aaqu muttered. “You have heard Enga.”

    “She was quite agitated yes when she came into the scrub room and saw us having fun with our breakfast and Master Yoda.”

    “She was,” Aaqu had a bemused smile on his face and turned to the monitor screen. “And she was right when she ordered us to take some R and R in the swimming pool. We had a nice day.”

    “The beads are about one third depleted. You can see this here.” Kaagi pointed to the laboratory results. “Bacteria are being neutralised rapidly.”

    “We have to give him new beads on the 4th of welona. You want to keep him on the respirator I presume.”

    “Yes. Ivano had a nasty case of smoke inhalation and bruised lungs thanks to that Force push from Master Kenobi. Ivano won’t mind. I have seen the scars on his body indicating at least four broken ribs and a long period of being on a respirator. And we have that procedure to plan. I want to know if Ivano is related to my race. I will use a Dunai elder dream to guide him out of the sedation. Tomorrow morning will be alright for me.”

    “And for you my friend it’s now back to your apartment to take some rest. Dream-sequences are taxing for you. I have to go too before Shika Diir comes and chases us away.”

    “It’s her shift,” Kaagi grinned. “Ivano won’t be fighting again. I will let him dream about husans and if he is of my race he will love it. Riding a husan you don’t want to fight with the one who is taking that nice ride with you.”

    “I know,” Aaqu had gleaming eyes. “I have been with you to Moniron and the husan rides were a tranquil experience with the animal guided by words and wanting to please the friend on his back.”

    “And they are good therapists too. I will tell Ivano about the farm of Kesh Gonara where the initiates go for their training. And I think he will love the Lingalans.”

    “Bed Kaagi,” Aaqu saw nurse Sjirr headed to the room and took Kaagi by his arm.

    “Changing clothes, no fight in the changing room, some fun playing cards with you and then it’s bedtime for me.” Kaagi let Aaqu take him to the changing room.

    Dex’s dinner
    “Two specials and two Mujaa juice coming for my Jedi friend Alco Bel Kais and his guest Joe Calistro,” Dexter Jettster bowed with his considerable bulk after greeting Alco in the same way as he greeted Kenobi. But with a difference; Alco was large and not dwarfed by the four arms and towering form of the Besalisk. “Take a seat Chief, Alco.”

    The two slid in a booth with Alco sliding to the window when Dexter propped his large bulk on the bench beside him.

    “What’s taking you and your friend to my dinner?” Dexter put two big hands on the table.

    “An injured firefighter serving under Chief Calistro,” Alco began and told more. He had heard about the second procedure from Kaagi and Aaqu and had informed Joe just before entering the dinner.

    Joe Calistro added details about the fire and what preceded it and had Dex grinning broadly when he began to tell about his recipes.

    - - -

    It was late in the evening when Alco and Joe headed to Joe’s speeder. Recipe-exchanging had become a major part of the evening. Dexter was very interested in those recipes.

    “Thank you for the nice evening,” Joe Calistro took the package from Alco when he slid behind the controls. “I will bring these pictures of the boot, the masks and my report to District Chief Sebeler before I begin my duty.”

    “I will see you when you come to visit Ivano,” Alco greeted and waved with his hand to a passing droid taxi. It would take him back to the Jedi temple.
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    Great blend of playfulness & recovery :)
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    You have Dex in it. Cool!

    PS: Could only read that because I have a different time table at work due to the "toetsweek".
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    And more to follow in the next post. Is Ivano awake or not?
    I know about the 'toetsweek' My colleagues with kids are all muttering about that.

    In the next chapter. Are there more threats[face_worried]

    Chapter 17

    3 welona

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wingIC ward
    Was he somehow transported to Moniron? There that was a snow white husan and he was riding and there that was a man with the braided raven black hair guiding him and sitting on another husan. The husans faded. A faint green blur appeared for a second and more. He blinked with his eyes. ‘Sticky’ A cloth was on his face, wiping his eyes. He opened his eyes again. Now he was seeing those silver grey eyes framed by green and gleaming with laughter.

    “Yes Ivano open your eyes.” That came from the green rectangle.

    Something was there in his throat. Not a mask?

    “You are on a respirator that’s aiding your lungs.”

    ‘Respirator?’ Ivano moved his tongue and felt a round object. Quite familiar. He had once – long ago after a large accident – being guided out of the sedation by a Dunai elder healer and woken up with the same kind of tube in his mouth. ‘Is that the same as a ventilator?’

    “Yes Ivano.” A grin. “We are a bit old fashioned here calling it a respirator. Don’t fight the res uh ventilator. You need it for more days. You had a bad case of smoke inhalation and bruised lungs.”

    ‘I won’t fight the ventilator. I have been on one for two weeks after an accident here on Moniron. Are you a Dunai elder doing mindtalk? Am I back on Moniron?’ Ivano was now sure that he was back on his home planet. The man with his hands on his forehead was a Dunai elder anaesthetist. He had met those anaesthetists numerous times after various procedures. Firefighting was hazardous. So much for Jedi drafting him into their services; they somehow had found a way to bring him home.

    “I am Kaagi Adin and yes I am a Dunai elder and a healer. We didn’t transport you to Moniron. You are in the intensive care ward of the Jedi temple.”

    Yes looking better Ivano saw the green features he recognised. ‘Ah you are the healer with the air-show and I did hit you.’

    “I am and yes you hit me but that’s of no concern. And to ease your mind; no we won’t draft you in our services.”

    Ivano felt the air being moved into his lungs and he accepted that. The ventilator had aided him all those years back; two hundred and four years to be precise. ‘Uh that’s nice. But those blue beams uh lightsabers were nice tools. Not for me?’

    “No Ivano. Jedi start their education at a very young age. Building a lightsaber takes a lot of study. You will see some of that education when we take you on a walk towards one of the gardens. I was two and an orphan when I was found on Moniron by Aaqu Maerhin and my future master Glinis Ra-Ond. The authorities gave permission to the Jedi to take me to their home.”

    ‘I am a Dunai elder and left Moniron twenty nine years ago to see some other planets to gain some more experience for my job. I have kept my ancestry a secret.’

    “We will keep it a secret too if you want that.”

    ‘Yes. Here on Coruscant I am just a guy about to retire in a few years and can head home after that retirement. After leaving Moniron I stayed on Alderaan in the village Alladea for twenty six years.’

    “Alladea? That place is known to us for the Jedi agristation breeding husans, mearis and nerfs. Did you see it?”

    ‘No, but I saw the drawings for a new stable for that agristation. On the day I left the village I met Fikri Rinuon of the agristation at the spaceport. I was discussing with him the new stable he wanted to build when an old man using a walking stick and a young boy arrived. I felt that they had the power and kept up my shields.’ Ivano heard soft whooshing sounds and some more sounds. Moving feet? A nurse? Beeping?

    Beeweep, beeep.

    They were definitely soft beeping sounds and there was a soft sound of footsteps coming nearer.

    “He is awake and accepting the respirator?”

    “Yes Aaqu. Ivano Arvedai is accepting the ventilator. He is a Dunai elder and wants to keep that a secret.”

    “Good to see you awake Ivano. I am Aaqu Maerhin.”

    Ivano followed with his eyes a blue gloved hand that guided a bag on the pole and connected it to the line. Hands moved and appeared again with an opaque bag filled with a yellow fluid. ‘Urine? Hmm full lower life-support too. How long have I been here?’

    “You arrived here on the first of welona and now it is the third and early in the morning. You are on lower life-support because you were sedated.” That was Kaagi Adin and the man continued “will you tell him about his other injuries?”

    “I will.”

    There that were the gleaming eyes of the healer he had seen at the reception in the university and those days back when he was quite convinced that the man wanted to draft him into the Jedi services. A green mask was now obscuring half of the face and all hair.

    ‘I seem to be in a messy situation.’ Ivano felt now more hands on his forehead and the warmth from those hands coming through the thin synthrubber.

    “Your right leg was a big mess,” Aaqu began. “You had a piece of the metal coming from a container embedded in your thigh-muscles and sustained heavy damage to those muscles. You were running a high fever until we discovered that you have a bacterial infection in your thigh. We opened you thigh wound in the night after your first surgery and have you on locally administered antibiotics. That means more surgical procedures to put new antibiotics in and to remove waste. And your right ankle and foot were broken in several places. It’s now held together by plates and pins.”

    ‘My boot must have held the mess together.’ Ivano surmised. ‘And to have been moving with a broken ankle and my mangled thigh; the adrenaline and my Dunai elder stamina must have been responsible.’

    “That sure was and your determination to save padawan Setiquiyak,” Aaqu replied. “Before you ask; the padawan will recover completely and has already left to go on a mission with her master. Your CPR saved her. Healer Mariss could get her heart beating. Before she could treat her other minor injuries Master Kowal wanted her padawan under the care of Vokara Che and her droids. Master Kowal prefers droids and the healing crystals used by Vokara Che.”

    ‘You don’t like droids and Vokara Che.’ Ivano felt the slight disgust from the two healers.

    “Healing by Che using Force crystals is fast but can have some after-effects. And for the other more common injuries she uses Bacta and boneknitters. You are allergic to both. Be glad you are here. Droids have no bedside manners. You only have to deal with the cold hands of…” That was Aaqu.

    ‘Master Mariss,’ Ivano completed with laughter rippling through the mindtalk.

    “Enga Mariss yes,” Aaqu grinned. “And she is glad that Lanei Setiquiyak and her master are gone. Both are escape artists when it comes to having to stay in a healer’s ward. And both can be quite rude.”

    ‘Most beings are escape artists.’ Ivano remembered his numerous stays in hospitals.

    “Here you cannot escape,” Kaagi laughed.

    Ivano felt a bandaid moving when he moved the fingers of his left hand. ‘Yes an IV in my left hand, lower life-support and a ventilator; I am forming a unit with my bed with all the tube thingies.’ He saw Kaagi turning his head away and heard the now roaring laughter coming from Aaqu.

    “Thingies! Are all Dunai elder obsessed with thingies?”

    “Yup and Obi-Wan Kenobi our chief escape artist tries to avoid the thingies at all cost.” Kaagi had one hand picking up a wad and wiping the tears of laughter away before putting that hand back on Ivano’s forehead.

    ‘A Jedi named Kenobi was at the Glyvos factory with another Jedi. Did they find what had caused the fire?’

    “Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi sure did,” Aaqu replied. “You will meet them. Obi-Wan Kenobi – as member of the high council – will want to thank you for helping to make the mission a success. The pieces we dug out of your thigh and foot helped the Intel department to reconstruct what was going on at Glyvos. And coming to the main reason for Obi-Wan to visit you; there were no lives lost thanks to your action to rush padawan Setiquiyak to our care.”

    “Kenobi and Tachi don’t want to leave the temple in the coming days,” Kaagi laughed.

    Ivano felt the amusement coming from the healers. ‘No urgent business for them?’

    “Uh no,” Kaagi grinned. “With Tachi and Kenobi having a tradition of celebrating birthdays, both masters will stay here.” And eyes became sad and Kaagi continued with a soft voice “Kenobi’s last birthday was spent in the captivity on Ratatak.”

    “Siri was there for him when he returned,” Aaqu said. “And our care and the care of the mind-healers wasn’t enough to heal his midi-chlorians. Siri’s love for him did what we couldn’t accomplish. When Obi-Wan was fully recovered Siri took him to her apartment to celebrate his birthday. And now he sure wants to celebrate her birthday here.”

    ‘To give Siri a Nephril flower would be very nice. A botanical garden or a shop should have them. When does she celebrate her birthday?’

    “We don’t have to go shopping. We have Nephril bushes in the gardens,” Kaagi said. “In four days she will celebrate her birthday. And you want to give flowers to Siri? Why do you want Nephril flowers?”

    ‘I felt a strong bond between the two, a bond of the soul. Nephril flowers are for soul-mates.’ Ivano saw the gleaming eyes of the healers. ‘Will you give them to Siri?’

    “It is a promise,” Aaqu said. “And I am sure Siri will come to thank you for the beautiful gift.”

    ‘I can tell you more about the flowers and their symbolism.’

    “We like to hear that,” Aaqu grinned. “And you felt that all during your brief contact with the two?”

    ‘Yes. They were fighting as a bonded pair and bickering and bantering when they jumped to the roof. Uh what are midi-chlorians?’

    “They are symbionts that live in every cell and a Force sensitive has a high midi-chlorian count,” Aaqu explained. “You must have them too but we didn’t test your blood for them.”

    ‘Midi-chlorians must be the same as the engwa eiaala,’ Ivano mindtalked.

    “Yes,” Kaagi replied with eyes becoming soft. “My parents used the Dunai elder language to explain my powers when I had a toy floating above my head. Engwa eiaala is the Dunai elder word for the symbionts.” He saw Aaqu’s eyes lighting up. His friend remembered too.

    ‘I can have dead engwa eiaala. My mentor once had them and had to undergo Midillamin treatment to remove them because he had a high fever.’

    Kaagi took a look at the monitor. “I will test your blood for dead midis. You have a fever.”

    Ivano felt a band around his right upper arm constricting. ‘Another thingy?’

    “The equipment is controlling your BP every ten minutes. It’s rather low and so is your heart rate.”

    ‘It’s the usual thingy again. The doctors in Noranan always complained about my low BP and heart rate.’ Ivano felt the BP-cuff deflating. ‘Uh is this going on every ten minutes? What about getting sleep with that thingy disturbing my sleep?’

    “We have sleep medicines for that,” Kaagi reached for a syringe. “I will let you sleep now. You need a lot of sleep to recover and look at it on the bright side” and he grinned when he had the needle in the tap of the IV. “With sleep the time passes more quickly.”

    ‘I see.’ Ivano felt himself drifting into oblivion. Questions about his mates and Chief Calistro had to wait. But somehow he felt that those were not that important.


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    Oh, I love reading more about Ivano's and Kaagi's histories =D= :cool: Nephril is for soulmates. How squeelicious! [face_dancing] [:D] !!! I feel like the wonderful Dunai could've helped Jacen after his Vong-experiences -- [face_thinking] If only ... :p They really belong in SW profic land. :) :)
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    “Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi sure did,” Aaqu replied. “You will meet them. Obi-Wan Kenobi – as member of the high council – will want to thank you for helping to make the mission a success. The pieces we dug out of your thigh and foot helped the Intel department to reconstruct what was going on at Glyvos. And coming to the main reason for Obi-Wan to visit you; there were no lives lost thanks to your action to rush padawan Setiquiyak to our care.”

    “Kenobi and Tachi don’t want to leave the temple in the coming days,” Kaagi laughed.

    Can´t wait to get more of those meetings, granted by fate!
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    Myabe they could have helped Jacen. And the Nephril bush will come but first some teasing and bantering between the soulmates.

    There is a birthday coming;)



    A fun chapter and some serious business for Ivano

    note: Snow and changing shoes at work led to some fun. ‘Swiffer socks’ was remarked by a colleague who saw the dirty socks with dog-hair and more of another colleague.

    Chapter 18

    3 welona
    Jedi temple
    Residential wing
    Kenobi – Skywalker apartment
    Barefooted Obi-Wan was tidying his apartment – Anakin’s room not included because with droidparts and other stuff cluttering that room he had given up to tidy that and had asked said padawan to do that himself – when he spotted his discarded socks with the mud-marks and more.

    ‘Swipper-socks; I will get socks of a different material the next time I visit supplies. They are my last pair of Swipper-socks.’ Stroking through his beard a big smile appeared on his face when he remembered who had remarked that the first time. During his recovery from his ordeal on Ratatak he had spent days in his apartment walking on those dark coloured socks. And too tired to do some tidying he had collected dirt with those socks until Siri came to help him. She had brought enough tools to tidy his apartment, had urged Anakin to do something about his droid heaven – a clean padawan room had lasted five days – and had pointed at his swipper-socks when she began to use the swipper to clean the floor.

    Another female touch had been a potted plant with brightly coloured flowers. It was still on the table in the common room. He took the socks to the laundry basket and headed to his balcony and hunched down to observe the potted plants. ‘They were treasured by my master and a sweet inheritance for me appreciating the living Force they present. I will give one away but which one? The Force will lead me. I will give Siri her ‘mud’ present.’

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    “Ivano is out of the sedation?” Alco Bel Kais came in when he saw Aaqu and Kaagi busy with their ‘paper’ work.

    “He is and sleeping again after grumbling about thingies,” Kaagi had gleaming eyes. “Mindtalk was easy with him. He is a Dunai elder, wants to keep that a secret and has told me that he has used a considerable amount of his powers to save the padawan and keep his shields up. Here are his stats.” He activated a monitor that was linked to the IC-ward.
    “Ivano still has a fever,” Alco observed. “And it’s not because of the bacterial infection. The drain-fluid you have in that vial is only showing a slight discolouration. The beads are working as planned as you can see. His temperature should have returned to almost normal.”

    “I have a blood-sample to test for dead midi-chlorians,” Aaqu said. “Ivano told me that he can have dead midi-chlorians or engwa eiaala as they are named in the Dunai elder language. We have to start the nasty Midillamin treatment if they are showing in a high percentage. That will explain the fever too.”

    “I will put him on thermal sheets,” Alco stood up. “The fever is now the main concern. The leg is saved but our antibiotics will be less efficient leading to more procedures to insert beads when he is running a fever this high.”

    “Do that and I will come as soon as possible to have the Prop-A-sedation activated again when we begin to lower his temperature,” Kaagi left the office with Aaqu and Alco.

    “I will get the Midillamin,” Kaagi headed to a supplies room. He was glad that he had put Ivano asleep.

    IC ward
    Nurses Jerta and Utliani had helped Alco to guide a bed-sized thermal sheet under patient Arvedai and covered the patient with another one. Nurse Utliani had returned to the office where he could monitor the patients. Four rooms in the ward were now occupied; three with Jedi coming back from a mission and guided from their Jedicruisers to the ward in mobile intensive care units and one with a crèche master, who had suffered from an aneurism.

    “Now we hope that the fever will go down,” Alco looked up when Kaagi and Aaqu entered.

    Kelsy Jerta was coupling the hoses to a circulating unit. He had become an expert on thermal treatment on Rhinnal and his love for technical equipment had him becoming an IC ward nurse.

    “He has a high enough percentage of dead midi-chlorians to require the treatment of Midillamin to get rid of them,” Kaagi hooked up a bag with sickly green fluid and connected that to the IV-line. “One bag is enough I hope.” He connected a line to the anaesthesia-equipment. “I will start the sedation. Ivano is already on the ventilator.”

    “Ventilator?” Kelsy Jerta looked up. In the Jedi chapterhouse on Rhinnal he had never heard that word.

    “That’s the modern word for respirator,” Alco said. “And look on the bright side; with Ivano sedated he won’t be going through the procedure to complain tomorrow about your air-show Kaagi.”

    “No,” Kaagi grinned when he programmed the sedation. “We have him on our schedule for bead-renewal tomorrow.”

    “And keeping him under will have him unaware of the nausea that comes with the Midillamin treatment,” Aaqu said when his stomach gave a loud rumble. Breakfast had been early for him.

    “Anyone interested in caf with pie?” Alco heard that rumble.

    “Yes,” Aaqu said.

    “Yes and Kelsy you should sample the fruit-pies made by Serinka,” Kaagi gave a nod to the nurse.

    “They are nice? I have always followed the advice of nurse Pravo to go to one of the other restaurants,” Kelsy said. “For pancakes you don’t want to visit Serinka’s was what she told me when I came to work here and I have never visited his restaurant.”

    “We will see you at Serinka’s after your shift,” Kaagi left with Alco and Aaqu the room.

    Apartment Siri Tachi
    “Kaagi has Ivano Arvedai sedated again,” Siri finished. She had seen Aaqu, Kaagi and Alco and – to her surprise – nurse Kelsy busy with trays loaded with pies and caf at Serinka’s and had heard about the progress. And Obi-Wan coming to get her to do some meditating in the garden of a thousand fountains had her preparing some tea first and telling about Ivano. “And has the District Chief contacted you already about our droid destructing work at Glyvos?”

    “No and the District chief is known to follow the rules up to the last paragraph and point,” Obi-Wan stroked with one hand through his beard. “Siri, do you remember that name Sebeler?”

    “Sebeler,” Siri’s eyes became stormy. “That was the former chief from Tad Henny and Josh Harrar. You know; Sebeler instructed them to bring you to the nearest hospital after the incident in the shopping mall. Your master urged to take you to our healers and Henny and Harrar complied. Sebeler advised Eastman to degrade them.”

    “And my master got them a promotion to become chiefs here at the fire-department after a very short visit to Eastman,” Obi-Wan remembered that now vividly. It had earned him a stay in the healers’ ward. A visit to Tad Henny and an advice to go to Lingala had him recovered from his injuries and he had made new friends on that planet. “Eastman was very friendly when he visited me to give my master and me that reward for saving a civilian. I will wait for Sebeler and if you like you can come with me.”

    “I do,” Siri began to pour the tea “tea first and meditation next. Or do you prefer another obstacle course in the basement with a mud-fight?”

    “Siri, you are obsessed with mud,” Obi-Wan grinned. “You like flowers I suppose?”

    “I do and,” Siri gave him an expectant gaze.

    “Uh nothing,” Obi-Wan took his tea.

    “I will wait,” Siri had a snug smile on her face.

    Coruscant University Med Centre
    Larana Hovar saw her friend Alco Bel Kais sitting at a table in the restaurant near the emergency entrance when she was coming to him with a tray loaded with fruit-pies. The blonde haired nurse with the blue eyes had just ended her duty and had planned the meeting with the man that was soon to be her husband. But why was his gaze directed at the vase with flowers standing at that table? She hurried to him, put down the tray and put her arms around his slim waist and gave him a kiss.

    Alco returned that kiss with twinkling eyes.

    “You were thinking about flowers? I saw you,” Larana began after sitting down.

    “I was and that was after Kaagi was telling me about the white Nephril flowers,” Alco grinned and began to tell more about flowers and who would get those. And he ended “you will get the biggest bouquet of white flowers on the day I am marrying you.”

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    “I was and that was after Kaagi was telling me about the white Nephril flowers,” Alco grinned and began to tell more about flowers and who would get those. And he ended “you will get the biggest bouquet of white flowers on the day I am marrying you.”

    [face_love] Sweet!
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    Yum for Lana and Alco :) and LOL on the swipper socks. ;) [face_mischief] Glad Ivano is making expected improvements. :)
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