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Saga The SONIM threat a Siri-Wan adventure with fanart completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    And the day after will be fun too

    And what follows will be posted in more chapters


    Chapter 27

    8 welona

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    Ivano was uncomfortable. Was it the fever? No; that was not bothering him anymore. Or was it the hazmat suit? No; that was just feeling icky and rather cold. He heard footsteps coming nearer and felt a gloved hand coming to rest on his forehead. Blinking a few times he opened his eyes and saw the green suited healer and the pink rectangle with the gleaming silver grey eyes. ‘Healer Kaagi Adin.’

    “Hey you are awake early.”

    Ivano saw the serious look in Kaagi’s eyes and mindtalked ‘something the matter?’

    “We have come for your treatment and now that you are awake you will feel that. We have told you about your bladder needing the four times a day care.”

    “I am Nurse Hubert Utliani,” a man in isolation robes appeared for a moment in Ivano’s vision.

    “And he is an expert on the Sonim bacteria treatment.”

    That was Aaqu. There was some movement of the upper sheet. The covers were being lifted by Aaqu and Hubert. ‘Are you removing the hazmat suit? The hazmat suit is becoming quite icky with me pouring out sweat like I am doing when I am fighting a big fire.’

    “You will be wearing the hazmat suit until your fever is gone. The Sonim bacterium is a nasty critter interfering with the Midillamin remains.” Kaagi accented ‘hazmat’ and ‘nasty’ and hoped that Ivano could be distracted. And for that he reached for the controls of the bed.

    Hubert hooked up a bag with clear liquid to the pole next to the IV-bag and began to attach a line.

    Ivano saw that line being coupled by Aaqu to his triway but his attention was drawn to his leg encased from thigh to toes in a white bandage and splint. ‘Not that much to see.’ He followed the hands again and saw a tap being opened by Hubert. ‘Beware nasty critters. Here comes the flood.’ He saw a smile on Kaagi’s face. And he felt the pressure in his bladder and moved his eyes from one healer to the other. ‘Geez this is not comfy. Is it working? Hey guys. Kaagi Adin; do something. Get that stuff out. What’s this?’ He felt his bed being guided in a reclining position.

    “I know it is uncomfortable when the fluid is in. You have to complete the treatment. You don’t want any bacteria coming back when the cells are healing. Look Ivano.” Kaagi hoped that the garden would give enough distraction.

    Ivano followed Kaagi’s hand and saw the big tree just outside his window. There was still a little bit of snow on that tree but also some movement. And observing more he saw what was causing that movement. The snow was gone from what had appeared yesterday as a lump of brown material. ‘Hey you have Monir birds. Did you get them from Moniron?’

    “They were here when I was young. I have seen them raise younglings for many years in those nests you can see from almost all the rooms.”

    Ivano saw a young bird being fed by his parents. The busy birds were nice to observe. ‘Food will be nice. When will I get that?’

    “Your IV is providing you with enough nutrients and liquids. But very soon you will get food.”

    One bird was picking up something from a youngling in the nest and flew away. That ‘bird-diaper’ had Ivano again aware of the discomfort and not asking how soon he would get food. ‘Do what that bird is doing and open the nozzle to remove the waste.’

    “Just a few moments more,” Kaagi said. “You are doing great.”

    Aaqu stroked Ivano on his forehead.

    Ivano felt the discomfort diminishing a bit. ‘Yeah, attached to my bed and wearing a hazmat suit I cannot resist your treatment.’ And moving his tongue he felt the tube. ‘Uh… When can the ventilator go? More than a few days have passed.’

    “Today you have the last surgery to remove the beads and that is a reason we have kept you on the ventilator,” Aaqu said. “We will guide you out of the sedation and persuade you to get breathing on your own.”

    ‘It won’t be that difficult I think. I have been on a ventilator in Noranan for two weeks and could breathe at the first urging of the anaesthetist. Airan, airan was what he was shouting in my ear and I responded and had the equipment beeping. Hey open that other thingy.’

    “He will be an easy case for you Kaagi,” Aaqu grinned and reached for the tap. “Just yell airan airan in his ear and he will launch the respirator tube.”

    ‘I will do that and this is a relief. Keep me sleeping next time. Or give me some big distraction.’

    “I will do that.” Kaagi laughed and had ideas for his guide the patient out of the sedation sequence. Airan had him remembering a Dunai elder dream and tale. A Falgan would be in it and a visit to a cave. And giving Ivano a sleep suggestion or distractions during his flush treatment was another nice idea. “We will guide you in three hours to the OT.”

    ‘And I will see your air-show. And I like to see what has been in my thigh.’

    “You will,” Kaagi stated. “You will be relieved of the tube after the surgery. And you will get drinks and food.”

    ‘Hey what’s that?’

    Kaagi and Aaqu followed Ivano’s gaze and began to laugh.

    “Kenobi and Tachi are continuing their snowball fight,” Kaagi grinned. “I will be going to help. Do you want to join them?”

    “Yes, after I am ready with Ivano,” Aaqu had gleaming eyes. “Some nice relaxation before we have him to treat. I will keep the bed in an upright position.”

    “No snow for me,” Hubert turned to his patient. “I have IC-ward duty.”

    ‘And I can place a bet with you on the winner of the fight?’

    “Most Jedi don’t bet,” Kaagi rushed out of the room before he could engage in a betting competition with Aaqu.

    “But I do,” Hubert grinned.

    Garden near the Healers’ ward

    Obi-Wan was the first to notice the sound. It was coming from the roof where a food-station provided for the needs of the birds. And opening his eyes he saw a green bird flying away to a tree with a nest near the windows of the IC-ward. More was noticed and that was the soft snoring of his companion and the pristine snow on the bushes nearby the shed. Very carefully he disentangled from Siri’s embrace, dressed in tunics, pants and boots and tip toed to the door of the shed. That was opened – still no reaction from the sleeping Siri – and followed by a whispered “poodoo” when a bird – returning to the roof – dropped something. He turned his head, grinned mischievous when he still had no reaction from Siri and dropped on his haunches to gather snow for a large snowball.

    But a second bird coming to the roof to gather seeds did it.

    Bird poodoo landed atop of his hair.

    “Green piece of mayhem,” Obi-Wan – on his haunches – started and felt a push from behind.

    Siri had heard the first ‘poodoo’ and had come to investigate after dressing. And snow and Obi-Wan planning some white-washing for her was irresistible. A soft push had Obi-Wan landing spread-eagled in the snow with his face squashing the snowball that he had been making. “What were you planning Kenobi?”

    “A nice ice-shower,” Obi-Wan sputtered and threw the snow towards Siri who could avoid it.

    It was the beginning of a snowball fight.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    A shirt from the Coruscant fire unit 902 and a cloak were the items used for the bet.

    Hubert had lost the bet with Ivano about the winner of the snowball fight but would receive the shirt from Ivano. And Ivano would get a brown cloak.

    Alco – coming in during the placing of the bets – would contact Chief Calistro for the shirt.

    Jedi Council Spire
    High council room
    Obi-Wan was munching on a piece of buttered toast and carrying a steaming mug with caf when he entered. He sat down after nodding to the two masters that were already present and waiting for just his arrival. And he was glad that only Mace and Yoda were there.

    Mace Windu just observed his younger colleague with an amused smile on his face.

    “Fun the snow did give Master Kenobi,” Yoda winked with his green eyes. “Good excuse for late arrival it is. Win did you or not?”

    “Siri Tachi won the fight but she had help from healer Adin,” Obi-Wan grinned. “Healer Maerhin arrived later to help me but when he did the barrage of snow was coming at full force from Kaagi and Siri. In the end we were all soaked and I had to return to my apartment for a change.”

    “Chance you have for more fun today,” Yoda waited to activate the com. “Crèche masters very pleased with your work they are. After council-meeting assignment this is for you in the afternoon. Guide younglings to wild garden. Help you to win from Tachi I will.” Activating the com had the holograms of seven masters appearing and the war was again the topic of the conversation.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Playful and sweet, and hiding nothing ;) :)
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  3. Valairy Scot

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    Sep 16, 2005
    Obi-Wan IS the healers and other Council members "fav" boy, isn't he? [face_laugh] Or at least, everyone is quite tolerant of his pranks and tricks - but I guess that's because he's such a nice guy. Only the bird apparently made its difference of opinion known with a splat.
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  4. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    And more to come
    It is after Ratatak and before Azure and we all know what happens there. I am following your story, the DH-comics and the books and what happens in the CLW-series is [face_phbbbbt][face_dunno]

    Chapter 28

    8 welona

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    The air-show had been fun. Ivano had felt himself floating from his bed to the operating table. Flying syringes and an order to start finger counting had been followed by a swim with Kaagi to a beautiful cave. That was the dream to guide him out of the sedation. There had been a Falgan in the dream and Kaagi yelling airan, airan. It had become a game between him and Kaagi. Ivano remembered this sequence fondly when he was savouring the little bit of water that was given to him. It helped to dilute the awful taste of the liquid medicine that had been given to bring a bit of relief to a parched, sore throat. His bed was in a reclining position. He swallowed the water and gave a satisfied sigh. “Water never tasted this good.” He wriggled his hands from under the thermal sheets. “I am feeling great. There is no nausea at all. I think that I can have more.” And he accented ‘think’ because that had been part of the game.

    “I think that you can,” Kaagi replied with a mischievous voice and held the squeeze bottle before Ivano’s mouth. “You have no nausea because there were some anti-nausea medicines mixed in the drink to relieve your sore throat.”

    Ivano sipped from the water and had his eyes drifting to the nightstand when Kaagi placed the half empty bottle there. “Not the whole contents?”

    “Your stomach will disagree despite the medicines. It has to get used again to some contents. And don’t worry; you will get more drinks and food today,” Kaagi took a clearplast canister from that nightstand. “Here are the beads that you wanted to see.”

    “They are very small,” Ivano rolled the canister in his hand to observe the little beads with the holes in them. “No wonder I didn’t feel them. I want to thank the Jedi who made them.”

    “You can when we are going to take you on a tour to the gardens. Jeki Eki – the designer – can be found often at the place where we have our animals.”

    “My leg is again zippered shut?”

    “Zippers,” Kaagi laughed “We used sutures. And they will be removed in a few days.”

    “And the other monitoring thingies can go too I think. BP and heart rate are quite normal for me. And when can I have a normal bed and room? Those sheets are very icky you know. I think that my temperature is down to normal.”

    “You are a bit impatient,” Kaagi replied with a smile. And he looked up when he saw Alco Bel Kais choosing this moment to come in. “We will remove the sutures from your foot tomorrow and give you a brace. You cannot be fitted with a Bacta cast and have to do with the form-fitted brace that he has ordered to be made for you.”

    “I took a scan from you foot during the first surgery,” Alco said.

    “I think that you can remove the hazmat suit now,” Ivano had now eyes only for Alco.

    “Are you always that impatient?” Alco remarked.

    “He thinks that,” Kaagi winked with his eyes.

    “I am when I am a patient,” Ivano gave a mischievous wink back. “And I am feeling great. No fever I think.”

    “He thinks,” Kaagi laughed.

    “And what he thinks is right,” Alco had taken a look at the monitors. “His temperature is quite normal. If it is still normal after one hour I think we can remove the sheets.” And seeing Ivano’s gleaming eager look he continued “tomorrow or today. And we will guide you to a room for very impatient patients.”

    “Why? I am not that impatient,” Ivano saw the smiling faces. “But tell me; what kind of room is that?”

    “Patience Ivano,” Alco laughed. “I think you will like it. And I think that Master Kenobi can tell you entertaining stories about that room.”

    “Ah Alco thinks too,” Kaagi roared with laughter.

    “He thinks,” Ivano grinned.

    “What?” Alco looked from patient to healer.

    “We were having a game of thinking about something,” Ivano replied. “He was guiding me in a dream. We were swimming with a Falgan, an intelligent species that lives on Moniron. And Falgans can only communicate with mindtalk. Kaagi asked me what the Falgan was thinking. I didn’t know and Kaagi yelled airan airan. And that led me to breathing forceful to get rid of the tube. Something tasting like burned rubber had me really appreciating the water that was given me. Uh can I have more water? My throat is feeling weird.”

    “Half the bottle is empty,” Alco grinned. “And I know that you have to wait. And before you try again to persuade me I will leave.” And he did before Kaagi or Ivano had a reply.

    “Uh Kaagi,” Ivano began.

    “One hour and take this,” Kaagi stood up, gave Ivano a lozenge and followed Alco.

    Ivano began to move that lozenge in his mouth. ‘Not food but it’s a relief to my throat.’

    Apartment Siri Tachi
    Still sporting red cheeks from the hot shower after the snow fun Siri had now her attention again drawn to her now very crowded apartment. She really appreciated the gifts. Celebrating her birthday this way had been unexpected and very delightful. But the three potted plants were large and had her navigate between them to enter her bedroom to get to her fresher.

    But she was having thoughts about how to care for the plants. Jedi were sent on missions outside the temple quite frequently with the wars raging on. She was a general now with troops. She had placed those troops under the command of one of the republic generals when she heard that Obi-Wan was back from captivity. The Force had led her back to Coruscant and the Jeditemple where her presence had been essential to heal Obi-Wan. Was this a way to keep her more frequently in the temple?

    A beeping comlink showing a message ‘come to the crèche’ sure was. Working with children had been of therapeutic value too for Obi-Wan.

    And maybe the potted plants didn’t need that much care when they were on her balcony. But she had to wait for the snow to go.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    Ivano was feeling more now that the pain-medication was reduced. Gone was the sore feeling in his throat. He saw one of the healers coming in carrying a tray with a squeeze bottle, two covered bowls and a bag with a clear liquid. “I think that I will and will not like that.”

    “You think,” Aaqu had placed that tray on the nightstand when Kaagi came in.

    “He thinks,” Kaagi grinned.

    “Ah your ‘I am thinking about something’ game has done the trick,” Aaqu began to remove the upper thermal sheet.

    “And yelling airan, airan in his ear,” Kaagi helped to fold the sheet after draining it and detaching the hoses. “His temperature is still normal. As promised the sheets can go.” He removed the clearplast wrapping from folded blue-green terry sheets.

    Aaqu hooked the bag to the pole, coupled the line to the triway and held the tube of the squeeze bottle before Ivano’s mouth. “Drink this juice.” He opened the tap of the bag.

    Ivano felt the pressure in his bladder increasing but sipping from the squeeze bottle had him smiling and forgetting that feeling. The bottle contained a delicious juice, reminding him of the juices he had on Moniron after completing an exercise with his mentor Erdin. He finished the entire bottle. “That was briku fruit I think.”

    “It was and you and your thinking,” Aaqu grinned. “We have to distract you more and for that I have this soup and porridge.”

    “First a little bit of help Aaqu. I will continue with my air-show,” Kaagi was busy with the sheet that covered the bed. He had it drained from the liquid and was uncoupling the hoses.

    Ivano didn’t feel the sheet any more. He saw Kaagi’s smile and uttered “floating again?”

    “Yes,” Kaagi moved with his hands.

    Aaqu tugged at the thermal sheet and covered the bed with a terry sheet.

    “And down again,” Kaagi grinned when he saw some movement through the window. And looking he saw what was causing that movement. “Look Ivano.”

    Ivano followed Kaagi’s hand. A green head – sporting pointed ears and wisps of white hair – gazed with smiling eyes for a moment towards them before disappearing. “Who is that little green elf?”

    “Master Yoda,” Kaagi answered with a smile on his face and began to tell more pointing again to where Yoda was swooping up snow from a tree-branch.

    Ivano was utterly distracted from the treatment. That green elf could fly and do acrobatic tricks he had never seen.

    Apartment Siri Tachi
    Red, wet, cold and dirty; that was Siri but she was grinning broadly when she navigated through her apartment garden to her bedroom and fresher. She had lost the snowball fight when Yoda began to help Obi-Wan but that was after having the satisfaction to see him peppered with snowballs by the younglings.

    And Master Yoda grumbling with glee ‘green elf I am not’ after some acrobatic movements to gather snow from a windowsill and tree-branch had Siri doubled over with laughter and unaware of the snow thrown by Kenobi.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    Ivano was very comfortably when he fell asleep. Soup and porridge had been a distraction. And a discussion with Aaqu and Kaagi about the Force and what he had experienced during his years on Moniron was even more keeping his mind from the treatment.

    The thermal sheets were gone. They were replaced by soft terry sheets and covers. And there was a promise made. Tomorrow he would be going to that room for impatient patients.

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    Aug 31, 2004
    :cool: air show and glad the thermal sheets are gone. LOL on the "green elf". [face_mischief]
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  6. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    Ivano was very comfortably when he fell asleep. Soup and porridge had been a distraction. And a discussion with Aaqu and Kaagi about the Force and what he had experienced during his years on Moniron was even more keeping his mind from the treatment.

    The thermal sheets were gone. They were replaced by soft terry sheets and covers. And there was a promise made. Tomorrow he would be going to that room for impatient patients.

    The room for impatient patients, who would have thought! [face_rofl]
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    Jan 24, 2004
    Aww, the snow ball fight was nice! I love the thought of Obi getting peppered by snowballs from younglings :) Very sweet
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  8. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    You will see him and more visiting Ivano in the next chapter
    Someone will explain that;)
    Fun to write;)


    A longer chapter after my week's trip

    Chapter 29

    9 welona

    Jedi temple
    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    IC ward room seven
    “He was sleeping when we were giving him the flush-treatment.”

    “And I hope he will be sleeping when we are removing the sutures and are giving him this.”

    Ivano was not sleeping. He heard the conversation just outside his room and was wondering what ‘this’ was but suture removal and this? It had to be the brace that Alco had made for him. And it was. He saw Alco coming in carrying a thing that had a great similarity to the vacuum splints used by the medics when they were caring for an injured victim. Even the colour was an exact copy.

    “Hey you are awake,” Alco began when he saw the prying eyes of Ivano glued on what he was carrying.

    “You are not going to fit that orange hazard suit copy of a thingy to my foot,” Ivano grumbled. “It doesn’t come equipped with underwear. It will be icky as an Alderaan slimy slug. I have been standing knee deep in water teeming with slimy slugs fighting a factory fire in Alladea and had enough of that for the rest of my life. I am not a floating bath duck. My new mates will invent new names ...”

    “Ivano,” Alco stopped the rant with a loud shout. He had expected some reaction about the colour. “You will come to appreciate the brace when the doctors are putting you on your feet in a few weeks. Your foot will regain most of its use but only if you endure the brace until your bones have healed.”

    “And it will enable you to get swimming and you will sure like that when you see the sea on Lingala,” Kaagi added. “I have had this kind of brace on my leg and yes it was icky when donned but became comfortable if only a bit after some time. It helped me. And it will help you. You will be able to walk again and maybe even run. Don’t fuss.”

    “But the colour,” Ivano said with a tiny voice. “Why? Those thermal sheets were black.”

    “We have the technical department to blame,” Alco shrugged with his shoulders. “I ordered your brace at the same time as healer LaKee was ordering a brace for one of her young patients. The techs saw the specifics for braces for Iana Sherru and Ivano Arvedai and went to work. Kids love colours and the added well wishes from their fellow padawans. You cannot scribble them on a black brace.”

    “Alright give me the icky thingy but I will keep it covered when possible,” Ivano grumbled. “And yes; I have that brown cloak from Hubert.”

    “Do you want to see your leg?” Kaagi began to remove the covers.

    “I do.” Ivano used the controls to guide his bed in a reclining position. A splint was removed, bandages followed and sutures became visible. He saw Alco and Kaagi removing the sutures from his foot that was sporting all colours from the rainbow and bruises. It tickled a bit but that feeling was nothing compared to when the brace was guided around his foot and lower leg. The brace fitted securely. “Eech!”

    “Only one eech?” Alco grinned and began to use his scissors to cut away the bandage from the ribs.

    “Eech and eech,” Ivano began to grin when he felt the support coming from the brace. And it began to adjust to his temperature. “I can manage with that icky thingy.” Looking down he saw the large bruise on his chest. “That must have been caused by my hard landing after flying with Roland through the factory.”

    “Master Kenobi’s doing and he will come when you are in your new room,” Alco gave a pull on the first monitor patch.

    “Bye hairs,” Ivano yelped.

    “The hair will grow back in a few weeks,” Kaagi put back the covers after removing the various monitor patches and BP-cuff.

    “We are ready now to guide you to your new room,” Alco took the foot-end of the bed and waited for Kaagi to have the bed in transport mode. “It has number nine and is for impatient patients.”

    Ivano was silent when he was guided through the corridor of the IC-ward to an airlock and through the corridor leading to his new room. He was awed by the pleasing looks and wondered if the Jedi had seen the hospitals on Moniron. He had seen the old Noranan General hospital and the new one ten days after the opening ceremony by the president because his mentor Erdin Felaron was admitted to the hospital. The old hospital had been nice for the patients but the new one was even more with large gardens and views on those gardens from every room. Or were the hospitals on Alderaan an inspiration?

    Jedi Council Spire

    High council room
    “The green elf is coming,” Mace Windu whispered when he bowed over to where Obi-Wan was sitting. He had listened with a big smile on his face to Obi-Wan’s tale about the crèche work. He saw what that work did to Obi-Wan. Lines of worry were diminishing. And he had been – with Yoda helping him – responsible for keeping Jedi knight Tachi on Coruscant. She and the cooks were responsible for the weight gained by Kenobi. Bones were not showing anymore. And he had even lost a friendly sparring match against Obi-Wan.

    “Green elf hummhh,” Master Yoda halted in the entrance of the room. “Visit Ivano Arvedai I will now.”

    “I will get Siri and join you,” Obi-Wan stood up. A council meeting could wait until the afternoon. And that had been evident when Mace began to contact the members and got generals, captains or a clone trooper reporting that the Jedi who had to join the council meeting was busy. Obi-Wan would be busy too, a nice kind of being busy with first a visit to patient Arvedai and after that a repeat of a snowball fight in one of the gardens if he could persuade Siri to guide the initiates again to a snow covered place. But he had ideas for that. Snow made great stuff for Force exercises too.

    Mace saw him leaving and gave a soft sigh. Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin would be returning soon. And that would have the high council again ordering assignments to Jedi Tachi and even Obi-Wan.

    Kenobi – as the most recent addition to the high council and the youngest – would get the missions.

    Room number nine
    “This is a nice room,” Ivano observed when he saw the pleasing colours and everything a patient needed. And there was the view on the garden with the bird-nest tree a bit further away.

    On a chair was a brown cloak. It was the gift from Hubert Utliani. In a corner was a big bag he recognised. He had taken it when he left Moniron. It contained his personal belongings. And on the nightstand he saw the book that he was going to read. But Glyvos interfered.

    “This will be your room for the next six days,” Kaagi guided the bed to the place near the window.

    “Six days and after that Lingala?” Ivano was looking forward to leaving Coruscant.

    “Yes,” Kaagi replied. “You will be going to Lingala with the training group that is leaving on the 14th of welona.”

    “But tell me; why is it a room for impatient patients?” He had seen more rooms before being guided to this particular room and didn’t see any difference.

    “Tell you he can when comes he does.”

    Ivano turned his head to the speaker with the – for him – weird syntax and felt the great and ancient power coming from the little green being that was limping inside. And he wasn’t surprised at all when the being – despite having to use a weird looking cane – hopped with a powerful leap on the chair next to his bed. It was the being that he had seen yesterday on the windowsill and in the trees.

    “Green elf I am not. Master Yoda I am.”

    A green three fingered hand came to rest on Ivano’s left hand and avoided carefully the IV.

    “I am Ivano Arvedai.” Ivano was a bit awed when he greeted the being.

    “Fear you had of us drafting you in our services. Fear you shouldn’t have but fear leading you to the dark it will not. Fear leading to caution it is.”

    Ivano shook his head with a baffled look on his face. He had never met this being before but the words were a sign of great wisdom. He was very cautious before engaging in a rescue. It had earned him a nickname ‘Mr Watch out’ on Alderaan. And had the healers reported everything to this being?

    “Impatient patient you are?”

    “Uh maybe,” Ivano saw the green eyes winking and Kaagi turning away with laughter in his silver grey eyes.

    “Impatient he was. Impatient most healers are when patient they are.”

    Ivano saw green ears twitching. Was the being anticipating something?

    “I tried to be,” Kaagi began.

    “Shh you know what try,” Alco continued with a voice full of mischief.

    Ivano was amazed by the speed of Master Yoda and saw him using the cane. A light tapping on two shins was followed by two ows.

    “Ow! Let’s leave!” Alco was with a few big steps outside the room.

    A book started to slide.

    “Great idea,” Kaagi spurted after Alco. “We have to avoid a lecture about try or do not try and get his breakfast.”

    And Ivano saw the little being jumping back to his nightstand and guiding the book that had almost reached the floor in his three fingered hand.

    “Seen book like this I have long ago when helping on Moniron I was.” Master Yoda began to leaf through the book.

    “You have been to Moniron?” Ivano saw the two humans he had met at Glyvos coming to halt just outside his door.

    “Three hundred and ninety three years and two hundred and sixty days ago left Moniron with little Fay I did. Survivor of earthquake she was and Force sensitive like all members of your race. Brother Jasir Ere-Dun when sensing her future permission he gave to let her be trained by us. Became great master she did. Always on the move to help others she was. Master Fay now one with the Force after helping…”

    “Me on Queyta. She gave her last powers to me and I could escape and return with the antidote.”

    Ivano lifted his hand in a greeting when he saw Master Yoda turning his head to the new comers. The speaker came to his bed and gave a nod with his head when the woman that was accompanying him reached first to his hand.

    “I am Siri Tachi. Your present for my birthday was wonderful and a gift from the soul.”

    “I am Obi-Wan Kenobi and have to thank you for your help.”

    “Ivano Arvedai,” Ivano felt the bond from the two souls when he shook hands.

    “And I have caused you harm but…”

    “Your push saved Roland and me,” Ivano interrupted. “At that time I didn’t know what Jedi were and what they could do. Roland recognised immediately that you were a Jedi and using a lightsaber. By the way that thing makes a great tool for extrication work. And it makes a weird noise.”

    “Like this,” Obi-Wan reached for his belt and ignited his lightsaber and held it aloft after making a few moves.

    “WOW,” Ivano could utter. Seeing the lightsaber up close was very impressive for him. The blue beam was humming. And when Obi-Wan extinguished it and gave it to him he was awed. He held it in his right hand careful to touch none of the switches. “That lightsaber is very powerful. There is something inside that is attuned to you. I can feel it.”

    “That is the Adegan crystal that was calling to me,” Obi-Wan said with a soft look in his eyes when he remembered when he had gotten this crystal. He accepted the lightsaber back from Ivano and placed it on his belt.

    “This one was made by me,” Siri gave her lightsaber to Ivano to let him see the differences. “I have added these bands to the casing to give it a better grip for me.”

    “From the outside it is different,” Ivano began to smile. “But inside there is a very similar Adegan crystal. It is indicating a bond too.” He gave it back and saw Siri giving a wink with her left eye to him and to Obi-Wan.

    “Force agreed it did,” Yoda murmured very softly. “See you again I will.” And he left the room.

    “I heard you are going to Ingal general hospital to recover,” Obi-Wan said.

    “I am,” Ivano saw the twinkling blue eyes of the Jedi master and surmised that the Jedi had visited that hospital too. “And Kaagi told me that the hospital is situated near a beach and farms.”

    “Farms, yes and you should visit my friend Kesh Gonara. He breeds husans. And ask for a ride on Nauran or Nephril.”

    “Nauran and Nephril,” Ivano got a soft look in his eyes. “They are Dunai elder names. Nephril is the name of the white flower that bloomed on your birthday and of the sun in the middle of the day. Nauran is the white cloud as seen on a beautiful day.”

    “Nauran and Nephril, beautiful names and that relation,” Obi-Wan too got a soft look in his eyes. “I have seen Nephril flowers during a visit with my master Qui-Gon Jinn to Moniron. The Nephril flowers are here too for you to see in garden you see outside your window. The garden of a thousand fountains has them near a waterfall. My master had a Nephril bush on the balcony of our apartment. It is now in Siri’s apartment.”

    “I know,” Ivano smiled. “You gave a gift from the soul. That garden with the fountains must be nice. Can I visit it now?”

    “Tomorrow Ivano and patience,” Kaagi came in with a tray with covered bowls and mugs. “I have your breakfast.”

    “Yes and now I want to know why this room is for impatient patients,” Ivano grinned. “Master Yoda told me that you could tell me.”

    “I can,” Obi-Wan started and began to tell more about his numerous visits to room number nine and the healers.

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    “Master Kenobi’s doing and he will come when you are in your new room,” Alco gave a pull on the first monitor patch.

    “Bye hairs,” Ivano yelped.

    “The hair will grow back in a few weeks,” Kaagi put back the covers after removing the various monitor patches and BP-cuff.

    I dearly hope so! @};-
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    :D Enjoyed the visits Ivano got. He'll like it on Lingala. :cool: Loved the detail about the special saber crystal. :)
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    They will and Ivano is just being fussy as is shown in the next chapter.

    Ivano is getting more visitors and Obi and Siri just have more time together before;)


    Chapter 30

    10 welona

    Jedi temple
    Apartment of Siri Tachi
    Was the snow planned by that kriffing Gundark to keep her on Coruscant?

    Siri was now almost sure when she navigated through her apartment garden to her sofa and saw more snow drifting down on the windowsill.

    Sure, snow led to fun when she was with Kenobi caring for the initiates but.

    Potted plants had to stay inside, inhabiting the space where she usually did her morning and evening exercises. She had to care for them. And she did with pleasure when she spotted more flowers about to bloom. She would take her exercises in one of the dojos and hoped that the Gundark was there to retaliate for the lost snowball fight from yesterday. But first breakfast and potted plant care.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    Room number nine
    Was it the comfort from the soft sheets and covers? Ivano was sure that this was the cause for waking up late and seeing broad daylight through closed eyelids when he opened those a bit. And there was some soft noise of a wheeled cart coming nearer. He opened his eyes further and grinned. This was room number nine. And it explained a green clad woman coming in with a cart.

    “Good to see our sleepy stubborn guy awake,” the woman came to the bed. “You have seen me days ago. I am Enga Mariss but you can call me Enga. I will help you first with your breakfast. You don’t want the porridge getting cold.”

    That said Ivano saw a tray with covered bowls and a mug being placed on his nightstand. A bowl was uncovered and he was just in time when a spoon filled with porridge floated to his mouth. This was fun. She was showing him more ways to use that Force. He gave a satisfied smile when the second bowl with fruit and a mug filled with Nerfmilk were finished and said “thank you healer Mariss.”

    “Enga,” the redhead said. “I will continue with some cleaning. Your colleagues will arrive soon. And you don’t want to look like a scruffy Nerf-herder with that growing beard.” On the cart were shaving utensils, a mirror, a washbasin and towels. She reached for the sheets.

    “Brrr,” Ivano grumbled when hands touched his torso. He remembered something from days ago and a warning from Obi-Wan. “Ah you are the one with the cold hands. Did you do the flush thingy too?”

    “No Kaagi did that,” Enga started to use soap and a washcloth. “You were still sleeping and a suggestion to keep you sleeping had you unaware of the treatment.”

    “Hah brrr he had me brr waking up late,” Ivano was shivering now that Enga was washing the front of his torso. “You have cold hands, icky cold hands to scare a guy out of his bed.” And he didn’t feel the soft sheets anymore. “Hey float me down.”

    “You are out of your bed,” Enga grinned. “I have to wash your back too and give you clean sheets.” She was used to those reactions and had her way of humour dealing with patients.

    “Ah now I know why Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn’t like this room at all. He warned me for a healer with cold hands who likes to bicker and keeps him glued and attached to thingies to the bed. You are the commander of this room.”

    “Hey,” Enga floated new sheets on the bed. “If you behave a bit you will be leaving your bed very soon for the first time.”

    “Uh nice. Where is Kaagi?”

    “Healer Adin is examining the blood and urine-samples and will come soon with the results. And he is getting a hoverchair for you.”

    “And Aaqu?”

    “He is gone to the entrance to get your visitors from the fire station.”

    Ivano felt again sheets under his back after cold hands had washed him. “Brrr; Obi-Wan warned me. Kaagi’s air-show was nice but this is icky cold yuck.” But sitting up and getting a hospital gown and the covers again covering his legs before his visitors arrived was nice and he said “thanks Enga.”

    “Now some cleaning of your Nerf-fur,” Enga put a large towel on his shoulders and began to use soap on the stubbles.

    “I want to do that myself,” Ivano protested when soap began to clog his nose and ears. “Leave my moustache alone.”

    “It needs cleaning. Don’t fuss.”

    “I don’t fuss.”

    “You shouldn’t fuss in this nice room firefighter Arvedai.” Chief Calistro came in with Roland Kadecek and the Budianski twins. “You have a nice lady to make you presentable.”

    “Hey chief, Roland, Greg, Steven,” Ivano looked up. “The lady is nice looking but you should feel her cold hands. Meet Jedi healer Enga Mariss.”

    The firefighters shook hands with Enga.

    Suppressed icks and brr’s had Enga smiling.

    And Ivano’s eyes gleamed with laughter when he saw what the cold hands did to his colleagues. Handshakes were short. The four men hurried as soon as possible away from Enga for a place to sit.

    Enga didn’t mind. She was used to those reactions.

    Ivano knew what day it was. He let Enga finish her shaving business and saw her leaving before he asked “now tell me you guys have no duty today?”

    “Not anymore,” Joe Calistro grinned. He had taken a seat near Ivano’s bed after dropping a clearplast package with shirts on the windowsill. “Yesterday I was summoned to come to Sebelers office because I had scared the living daylights out of his assistant. I surprised him when I brought my resignation papers to him. I had to pack my things immediately and am free to leave.”

    “And we did resign too,” Steven pointed to his twin. “We accompanied Joe to the office.”

    “And I followed their example,” Roland was sitting on the windowsill with Greg and Steven. “Back to Corellia is where I am going.”

    “With me,” Joe Calistro said. “Alco Bel Kais contacted me because of the shirts and I told him of my plans. I will leave with my family, Alco, his fiancee Larana and him on the 13th of welona. My wife hopes to get work on Corellia after months of unemployment. And my children will love a new school.”

    Ivano nodded with a smile on his face. He had heard the numerous stories from Joe about his children being teased on their school because of their Anaxes accent. “But you are still wearing your uniform?”

    “We were allowed to keep it because it is rather old and worn,” Joe answered. “But see no more ranks and insignia. And we had to get those shirts for your Jedi friends. Your uniform is in your bag.”

    “We are going back to Naboo and the real ladders,” Greg had gleaming eyes. “We were totally irked by the way concrete slug Sebeler treated you.”

    “Concrete slug?” That came from Kaagi.

    Ivano saw Kaagi coming in with a grin on his face and pushing a hoverchair next to his bed.

    “That was Terry’s name for Sebeler,” Joe replied. “She will stay with Dean and Katleen, who got promoted to chief. They are now meeting the new colleagues.”

    “Hey look there,” Roland had turned his head when he saw movement outside and pointed downwards. “The Jedi that pushed me is busy with snowballs and trying to avoid the ones from his colleague.”

    That had all but Calistro and Kaagi looking his way and observing the acrobatic moves of the Jedi.

    And Ivano was very glad that no one had noticed the orange brace when the covers shifted a bit. Jedi and children playing in the snow proved again a great distraction. But what was Kaagi doing? ‘He is going to get me now in that hoverchair with his Force use.’ He saw the chief with his eyes beginning to follow Kaagi’s moves with the covers. There was something in Calistro’s eyes that had him mumbling “Healer Adin wait.”

    Joe had turned to Kaagi “uh I have to thank you. You saved Jon Calistro. I have seen you on Anaxes.”

    “I was on Anaxes once for a mission,” Kaagi stopped moving the covers and saw now the slightly familiar features of the man. He was getting liquid eyes. “A stay in the Galaxy-hotel ended for me saving a civilian and two firefighters and getting injured on both legs.”

    “You saved my father in that hotel-fire pushing him out of the path of falling concrete. He visited you in the hospital. I was there with my mother when you were brought by him in the fire-truck to the spaceport and boarded the transport to go back to Coruscant.”

    “You became a firefighter and came to Coruscant,” Kaagi stated.

    “Yes, I followed in my father’s footsteps. I was a firefighter on Anaxes and travelled to Coruscant after my wife got a new job,” Joe began and told Kaagi more.

    Kaagi told about his recovery and continued to help Ivano out of his bed and in the hoverchair. He had his patient comfortable sitting in the chair with both legs on supports and bags in their places and reached for the brown cloak when Joe Calistro stood up.

    “We have to return to our homes to get ready for travel,” Joe reached in a pocket of his jacket for a marker. “But first this. No white bacta-cast but a brace that’s asking for a comment.”

    “Nn nno no No,” Ivano stuttered and saw the chief scribbling something on the brace.

    “What’s no,” Greg turned his head and a broad smile split his face. “Guys look. We have to get a twin for that Naboo duck foot. If you don’t like it on Lingala you can come to my place near Varakino. The ducks will love you.” And he took the marker from Joe and placed his signature and more next to the scribbles of Joe.

    “We have resigned brother and you know we have no more access to vac-splints,” Steven took the marker from his brother and added a ducks-nest to the duck and ducklings.

    Roland was the last to add his contribution and gave the marker back to Joe.

    Greg had turned his attention to Kaagi and asked “can you give him a matching brace? With Ivano staying here and meeting lovely Jedi ladies there will be soon no space anymore to scribble lovely words on the single brace. That redhead Enga is gorgeous. Jedi do love? Or don’t they?”

    “Jedi do love but don’t form pairs,” Kaagi had helped Ivano to don the cloak. “We have a code that forbids attachment. We will accompany you and let you see one of the gardens.” He began to guide the hoverchair towards the door.

    “Jedi are a kind of monks,” Roland said. “But there are Corellian Jedi and they are allowed to marry I think.”

    “They are,” Joe grinned. “And Alco marrying Larana has us with a nice diplomatic transport to Corellia. I am looking forward to that trip.” And he began to follow Kaagi and Ivano with his crew and telling Roland more about Alco’s interest in the culinary arts.

    And that had Kaagi suggesting a stop at Serinka’s restaurant and all firefighters agreeing to that.

    Jedi temple
    Obi-Wan was expecting her when he finished the flowing leaf kata and extinguished his lightsaber. Tiptoeing inside the dojo and sneaking up didn’t surprise him and he turned with a big smile on his face and asked “you are here Mrs. Tachi to take me to another session of snow-trouble?”

    “Yes but first this,” Siri did the unexpected and flew in his arms and kissed him on his lips.

    Savouring that long kiss Obi-Wan disentangled from her grip. “I did win the snowball fight yesterday. And this was your deliberately forgotten reward?”

    “It was and you know I have to do my exercises here after you helped to turn my apartment into a jungle.” A lightsaber flew in her hands, was ignited and met – no surprise – the ignited lightsaber of Obi-Wan.
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    Squee on the last scene and pretty brace pictures [face_laugh]
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    They had fun[face_laugh] and more to come with Obi and Siri

    Chapter 31

    10 welona

    Garden of a thousand fountains
    There had been an emergency in the garden of a thousand fountains. A fountain pump had clogged and the result was a small fire in the pump-room and a fountain loved by especially the initiates out of action. That fire had led Tad Henny and his crew to the garden.

    Luciano Robi was stowing the hoses back in the hovercart when he spotted a well known Jedi-healer and a patient in a hoverchair coming towards their place near one of the exits of the garden where the pump-room was located. “Hey I have seen him at a celebration but what is he doing here? He is a firefighter from senate-district fire department nine”

    Tad Henny looked up from putting his BA-gear back.

    Healer and patient came nearer.

    “I am Ivano Arvedai and I have seen you too.”

    “Tad Henny, chief of the Jedi temple firestation,” Tad shook hands and signalled his crew to come to the healer and his charge.

    “Buck Owens.”

    “Ivo Callens.”

    “Luciano Robi.”

    “You wanted to know what I am doing here with the Jedi?” Ivano gave a smile when he recognised the man.

    “You heard that?” Luciano had a baffled look on his face.

    Tad indicated that the hoverchair was on one of the hoses.

    “You have to get ready for the next emergency,” Kaagi grinned and guided the hoverchair towards the exit.

    Buck and Ivo began to ready that hose for transport.

    “He has very good ears,” Kaagi saw that Tad and Luciano followed and stopped at the exit.

    “My stay here was caused by the Glyvos fire,” Ivano began before more ear-remarks had him revealing that he was a Dunai elder. “I got injured without knowing that and saved a Jedi and transported her here.” And he told them more, answered questions, revealed even some about his ancestry when he heard that the Henny family came from Moniron and ended “I will be going to Lingala for my recovery and maybe a new job.”

    “Lingala is beautiful,” Tad Henny said. “And with you staying in Ingal general hospital you will meet my brother Dylan. He is a fire-chief in Ingal and always interested in new members for his crew. With you being a licensed pilot he will be able to persuade the doctors to get you to leave the hospital sooner than expected. You don’t need your legs to pilot a recon-craft or medevac. Mom and dad can care for you on their farm. I will contact my family.”

    “Do that and tell him that I want to join the Ingal fire-department,” Ivano said with a voice showing delight and emotion. “Now I am even more eager to go as soon as possible to Lingala.”

    “And we have to leave now,” Kaagi indicated an almost full waste-bag. “Or do you want to be awake during your flush treatment?”

    “No and there will be no distraction too,” Ivano grumbled. “Look, the initiates are coming this way with their guides.”

    “The fountain is out of action,” Luciano grinned. “No Force jumping exercises and trying to wet the teacher for those initiates. I think they will head to the next big attraction today and that’s the roof with snow-slides.”

    “Get me back to my room Kaagi and sleeping,” Ivano urged.

    Kaagi began to push the hoverchair through the exit.

    “I will visit you before you go to Lingala,” Tad Henny saw them leaving, returned with Luciano to the cart and resumed what he had been doing.

    “Look master Kenobi. Why does he have two moustaches? And he too?”

    That had Tad again looking up and replying “blame the government issued masks. They leave smudges on our faces.”

    “Maybe I can bring it to the attention of the fire-chief,” Obi-Wan stated.

    “You have to contact District chief Sebeler,” Tad replied.

    “Ah the concrete slug,” Obi-Wan grinned. “I doubt he will listen to me or to Mrs. Tachi.”

    “Concrete slug?”

    And that question had Obi-Wan telling about his meeting with Kaagi and Ivano and colleagues in the restaurant of Serinka.

    And Siri had to keep the initiates busy when the unexpected and random water squirts from the fountain didn’t appear to make a Force jumping lesson more exciting.

    - - -

    Quite near that fountain was a very old man meditating and he heard all. He stood up and shuffled back to his work-place. He had been the designer of that particular fountain.


    Healers’ ward surgery wing

    Room number nine
    Ivano was very satisfied. He had given Hubert Utliani his shirt and had given another shirt to Enga who had donned it immediately.

    After waking up after his flush-treatment he had been guided by her and Kaagi to the workplace of master L’lacielo Sageon where he had met Jeki Eki.

    And seeing what kept Jeki Eki busy he had given his comments.

    The firefighters of the Jeditemple would get new masks.

    And Ivano would have presents for his colleagues when they were coming to say goodbye.

    Jeki Eki would make one batch with a special colour.

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    =D= Looking forward to the gifts & enjoyed details on the fountain
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    Phew you wrote that much the past days that I had to hurry up to read everthing!

    See you next weekend! =D=
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    That will be fun to read
    I did write most of this story in the Nano-month only some editting and adding details

    The next chapter is about Jeki Eki and here is a picture of him in his younger years. He is the one with the shaggy hairs

    Chapter 32

    11 welona

    Jedi temple
    Garden of a thousand fountains
    Jeki Eki was sitting down to meditate and somehow he felt different. And he remembered something from very long ago, a meeting with Jedi archivist Shh-kir – the big Barkanian lizard – in the part of the temple were the very old records of the Jedi were kept. Shh-kir had been showing him a book, very intriguing and describing in an old and ancient variation on the basic aurebesh what was happening when the end of the material body was near. The Barkanian lizard loved books and preferred to study them above being an active Jedi knight on missions. Sure, Shh-kir had been going on missions with his colleagues who were appreciating his immense strength. With three metres he had an imposing statue. Spiked on his back and wearing only a loin-cloth with the lightsaber clearly visible added to that statue. Shh-kir was long gone, becoming one with the Force and leaving only his loin-cloth, in a way Jeki Eki didn’t know.

    Jeki Eki remembered attending the funeral ceremony for Shh-kir when only that loin-cloth was placed on the pyre. He had been standing quite close to the members of the high council and had heard master Yoda mumbling very softly ‘luminous beings are we’ before Master Jocasta Nu ignited the pyre.

    And there were those events on Naboo where Qui-Gon Jinn had died and more recently Kamino and Geonosis and the beginning of the clone wars.

    Jeki Eki had been meditating when he felt the anguish from Yoda. And he had heard it too. ‘Anakin nooh’ was clearly spoken by Qui-Gon Jinn. Had that master studied the book before his death on Naboo? Was he able to live on as a Force ghost? That was what the book hinted at.

    And those copies from that book from Ivano Arvedai written in the Dorophin and Dunai elder language were referring to the eternal soul. It was a schoolbook for children learning to use the engwa eiaala. Your body is only a vessel for your soul to communicate with the engwa eiaala. Your soul is the essence of your being. Return to the eternity when the end of your body is near. Keep your body only if there is some important business left.

    Jeki Eki got a smile on his face and slumped down. He was one with the Force. He was one with his friends who had joined the Force before him. His body would remain for his friends to remember. It would remain to be burned on the pyre. His friends would celebrate. They would be keeping his memories alive with tales until they were ready to join him.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    Room number nine
    There was some discomfort but Ivano did open his eyes, focussed them for a moment on the clearplast bag that was almost empty and had a smile on his face when he said “Jeki Eki is one with the eternity.”

    “You sensed that too?” Kaagi was a bit baffled. Minutes ago he had given his patient a sleep-suggestion and a nice dream about Falgans before he started with the treatment.

    “Yes. I did have a dream and somehow it wasn’t a dream at all,” Ivano explained. “There were Falgans in it and Sheir-Irel and I saw Jeki Eki and my grandfather and grandmother.”

    “Jeki Eki is one with the Force after living a long life. He will be remembered fondly by all of us.” Kaagi had now a bemused smile on his face.

    “And by me,” Ivano looked towards his leg. “With his invention he saved my leg. Can I be there for the ceremony to celebrate his life? You do have a ceremony like that I suppose?”

    “You can,” Kaagi replied and began to tell more about the ceremony.

    Jedi Council Spire

    High council room
    Master Yoda had been in the middle of a discussion with Obi-Wan, Mace and Plo Koon about the upcoming missions when he heard a very soft spoken ‘welcome Jeki Eki is in the Force’ and a light brush against his cheek. He blinked a few times with his eyes and murmured inaudible for the others “Master Yaddle, come I will when time it is.” And he continued with a clear voice “felt I did Jeki Eki now one with the Force.”

    “Jeki Eki? Was he with his troops somewhere?” Plo Koon – face unreadable – enquired.

    “Jeki Eki was the assistant of L’lacielo Sageon and a great inventor,” Obi-Wan said with a soft voice. “One of his inventions saved Jedi Tachi and me and his last invention dealt with the Sonim threat.”

    “Very old he was. Remember him we will tomorrow in hall of Fire. Last thing he made please the initiates and firefighters it will.”


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    Thank you and here is more

    A goodbye party and a ceremony

    Chapter 33

    12 welona

    Jedi temple
    Apartment of Siri Tachi
    Gone, the snow was gone and Siri was busy hauling the first potted plant towards her balcony when her comlink started to buzz. Holding the plant hovering above the floor she snatched the thing from her belt, pushed activate and started to grumble “Gund” when a slight warning in the Force had her continuing “morning councilmember Kenobi.” She listened to the message beginning with “come immediately” and placed her comlink back. And she observed her potted plant now tilted on one side and dripping mud and water on her floor and hurried to get the thing towards her balcony. The two remaining plants had to wait. ‘I hope I can meet the Gundark in private before I go where ever the council sends me. He has some cleaning to do.’ With that thought Siri hurried out of her apartment.

    Coruscant University Med Centre
    Cake; there was a lot of cake and caf on the counter in the restaurant where Alco Bel Kais was sitting at a table with Jedi dentist Morrin Miwert to attend the party for Larana Hovar.

    The two Jedi had been invited by the head of the department where Larana had been working.

    Larana was standing next to that table in the middle of the room getting congratulations and presents from her former colleagues. Some presents were from Corellian colleagues and she smiled when she recognised them. Her parents were living on Corellia in Cormond, a small town not far away from Cor Sanol. A nurse gave her a box with Corellian ale produced in Cormond. And she smiled when comments were given to Alco about how lucky he was to get married to the smartest girl of the department. And there were more comments like ‘You are leaving crowded Coruscant to settle in a nice pristine place’ ‘I will come when I can get that job in Coronet city’ ‘Don’t visit Treasure Ship Row’ or ‘beware of the Corellians and their ale.’

    Colleagues were sampling the caf and cake after shaking hands with Larana.

    Alco had seen Joe Calistro and Roland Kadecek coming towards Larana, followed soon by the Budianski twins. And he had heard a short discussion about Corellia and Lingala. And he knew that Larana had her grandfather living on that planet and he planned to visit them as soon as they were settled on Corellia. ‘We will come each year to Lingala to celebrate your grandfather’s birthday’ was what he had told Larana. ‘And he didn’t have to worry about a transport either. Master Yoda had given him the use of the diplomatic small cruiser that was now being readied in one of the hangars of the Jeditemple when he came to tell him that he was leaving for Corellia to marry Larana. ‘Use it as medevac you can’ was what Yoda had told him.

    “Look who is there,” Morrin Miwert began to smile.

    “The guy who gives you a lot of work with all our colleagues going to his dinner,” Alco grinned. “I asked him to come after a cook from this restaurant wanted to know more about a boxed special I gave him. And look what he is placing on the counter.”

    “More of those specials,” Morrin replied. “Dex will miss you and your recipes. But don’t eat them today for lunch or we will get some looks when we are attending the ceremony for Jeki Eki.”

    “No, but Jeki Eki loved the specials too. This evening Larana and I are invited by Dex and sure we will get specials.”

    Hall of remembrance
    The hall of remembrance was located in one of the spires of the Jedi temple and a staircase lead to the top of the spire where the funeral ceremony would take place. The sun was shining through the great windows, casting the hall in a yellow glow.

    Master L’lacielo Sageon ascended with his superior Jika Bale the stairs leading to the room of fire.

    Yoda and Mace Windu were behind them and lead the very small procession of masters, knights and padawans. Three civilians were present. One was Ivano Arvedai, sitting in a hoverchair and the others were Tad Henny and Luciano Robi.

    Obi-Wan stood there with Siri.

    Ivano – guided by Kaagi to the room of fire – saw the two covered by their cloaks like all the Jedi present and had felt their hidden emotions when both came to greet him. On the outside they appeared now as colleagues and not as the bonded pair he had seen in the Glyvos factory, the gardens and in his room. Why? He looked and saw. Among their colleagues they had to follow their code. He understood now why Siri was leaving on a mission without Obi-Wan in a few days and why Obi-Wan was doing that other mission with his padawan. Siri was excellent for the short reconnaissance mission. And the Kenobi Skywalker duo was the one for negotiations. She had told him in the hall of remembrance that she would see him when he was leaving for Lingala. And he had heard her whispering to Obi-Wan that there was some business for him in her apartment. And that? Fun was coming and very clear for Ivano when he saw Siri winking with her eye. He felt a soft tap on his shoulder.

    Kaagi whispered “the ceremony is beginning.”

    Ivano saw the smiles on the faces of Tad and Luciano. They had told him of the new masks – orange coloured – that were a great improvement and were given by master Sageon. He would have his fun too with the new masks.

    Atop of a pyre was Jeki Eki.

    Twelve Jedi surrounded the pyre and Yoda, Jika Bale and L’lacielo Sageon stepped forward.

    Master L’lacielo Sageon held a short eulogy for Jeki Eki and ignited his lightsaber.

    He set fire to the pyre and stepped back.

    Master Yoda ignited his green bladed lightsaber and the other council-members ignited theirs.

    There is no emotion; there is peace.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no death; there is the Force
    You and I will meet again
    And all will turn to silver light
    A light that will ignite the stars
    All souls pass into the light
    That is
    The Force
    The pyre burned.

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    =D= Very nice update. @};-
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Master Yoda ignited his green bladed lightsaber and the other council-members ignited theirs.

    There is no emotion; there is peace.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no death; there is the Force
    You and I will meet again
    And all will turn to silver light
    A light that will ignite the stars
    All souls pass into the light
    That is
    The Force

    The pyre burned.

    I always like the way you write about "door het portaal gaan" as if it would be easy and peaceful. @};-
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    And it should be

    Chapter 34
    13 welona

    Jedi temple
    Apartment of Siri Tachi
    Cleaning, there had been some cleaning business for Obi-Wan in Siri’s apartment. After the ceremony for Jeki Eki he had gone to the garden of a thousand fountains. There he had begun a meditation exercise quite near to a place where a grate gave access to the crawl ducts. And that had led to fun when he opened a grate in the ceiling of Siri’s apartment and dropped down with the message that the mud-cleaner was there for her.

    Potted plants were transported to the balcony using the Force and some push and pull from both. An expected visit from Serinka with two boxed pizza’s had led to a shared evening meal.

    And being dirty from potted plant transport and pizza eating the two Jedi had enjoyed a shower together before retreating to the sofa.

    Obi-Wan was remembering this fondly when he was waking up on that sofa. He had – savouring the last deep kiss from Siri – fallen asleep. It was a soft sound that had him waking up. “Tachi, is that you being busy in your sleep?”

    “No sleepy Kenobi and I like the sound,” Siri emerged from her bedroom fully dressed. “I was quite busy getting presentable and you didn’t notice? No?” She patted him on his back grinning “figures” when he began to sit up. She sat down next to him. “You were sleeping like a hibernating Kraytdragon. You didn’t hear me ordering breakfast. Open door!”

    Obi-Wan blinked with his eyes to see Serinka entering with two boxes.

    “Enjoy your breakfast Siri and Obi-Wan,” Serinka placed the boxes on the table and left.

    “I have a meeting with the Intel department in one hour,” Siri opened one of the boxes. “One more day to prepare for my mission and I will be leaving.”

    “I will meet Anakin in the afternoon in one of the dojos,” Obi-Wan had the other box open. “We will take the other mission. My skills at negotiating are required.”

    “As in aggressive negotiations with Anakin going with you,” Siri began to laugh.

    “I will try to keep them peaceful but you never know. Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Ivano Arvedai. He is leaving with the training group and will face a new future. And I am sure that he will return to Moniron after getting more experience on Lingala.”

    Garden of a thousand fountains
    Ivano had been with Kaagi to Serinka and began to laugh when he was guided back to the healers’ ward by Kaagi past the same fountain that had given work to the firefighters. A group of very young initiates was playing with the random squirts of water. Two crèche masters were sitting on a bench and one was partaking in the game of escaping the water. Older initiates were sitting in a circle around another crèche master and meditating.

    “Timo Herefa, look what you are doing!” Crèche master Rian Solma was following a little blonde boy.

    “Wetting you master Solma,” the three year old boy giggled and ran full speed towards where he suspected that the next squirt would appear. “Catch me if you can.”

    “We can,” Kaagi grinned and pushed the hoverchair towards the running boy and adult.

    “No Kaagi,” Ivano laughed. “Timo Herefa is very fast and look he is passing us.”

    But that laugh stopped the initiate. He turned and ran back towards the hoverchair. “Master Adin, do you have syringes for us?” And coming to a stop before the hoverchair with the stranger he bowed and said “I am Timo Herefa.”

    “Ivano Arvedai,” the firefighter shook hands with Timo and Rian.

    “Ah you are the man who is going with our group to Lingala,” Rian Solma indicated the group of meditating initiates. “You will like Ingal city and the beautiful nature.”

    “And the sea and husans,” Timo mused. He was too young to go on that training trip but had heard the talk of the four and five year old initiates. “I am not coming.” He turned to Kaagi. “I have not visited you for shots and syringes. Do you have one for me?”

    “We are going to my room and after that little sleep and treatment you had another visit planned,” Ivano grinned.

    “To one of the training dojo’s yes and we can deliver syringes after that visit,” Kaagi began to push the hoverchair towards the exit.

    “Yes syringes and now this.” That shout came from Timo.

    Ivano saw Timo resuming his running and managing to step with his feet on the squirt of water and directing that to Rian Solma. The initiate was fast and had quick reflexes. And he had heard the name Herefa more. Was that boy a Dunai elder and related to the Herefa family he had met in Monir? How did he end up here among the Jedi? He kept those questions to himself.


    Ivano was with Kaagi on a transparisteel encased balcony overlooking one of the training dojos and seeing a sparring match between two Jedi. He had recognised Obi-Wan Kenobi immediately and had asked who the other Jedi was. Kaagi had told him that padawan Anakin Skywalker was the opponent. He was awed. In the Glyvos factory he had seen the lightsabers cutting through rubble to free the padawan. He had held one of the lightsabers now seen in his hands. But he had not seen the acrobatics displayed by two Jedi sparring against each other. Or one; the black and brown clad young man was doing those acrobatic moves. Obi-Wan was almost standing in one place whirling his lightsaber in intricate patterns.

    “Obi-Wan is using the Soresu style of combat,” Kaagi started to explain. “He is the eye of the storm and very difficult to beat.”

    “And Skywalker is getting angry,” Ivano remarked when he saw the intense concentration.

    “Not angry. A Jedi never fights in anger. And look he is now trying something different.”

    “Trying? I thought Jedi never tried,” Ivano grinned.

    “No do or not do,” Kaagi quipped. “Skywalker is telling his master something and that distracts him. And there it is.”

    Ivano saw a lightsaber meeting the other lightsaber and a snug look on the younger man’s face followed by two lightsabers flying in the air and coming back. There was a bow and a grin on both faces. “They sure have fun.” He saw the two leaving the dojo. “Now we have to deliver this.” He pointed at the bag with syringes that he was holding in his lap.

    Healers’ ward surgery wing
    Room number nine
    Ivano was still sporting wet hair after the fun in the crèche. The delivery of the syringes had been the beginning of a water-fight with Ivano and Kaagi participating. He was sitting upright and supported by pillows and saw Alco entering his room with a nice woman. He felt a bond between the two.

    “I have come to say goodbye,” Alco came to the bed with the woman.

    “I am Larana Hovar.” Larana shook hands.

    Ivano moved his eyes with a smile appearing in them from Alco to Larana. “You are allowed to marry?”

    “I am a Corellian Jedi. We don’t follow the Jedi rule of no attachment,” Alco saw those eyes. “Even staying here in the Temple isn’t requested.”

    “WOW that’s great,” Ivano grinned. “I wish you all the luck on Corellia or where ever you will settle.”

    “My new job is in the Cor Sanol hospital,” Larana said. “I have heard from Alco that you are going to Lingala.”

    “Yes,” Ivano replied. “I am going tomorrow with a group of initiates to Lingala. They are on a training mission. I have seen the group in the garden of a thousand fountains this afternoon. They will bring me to Ingal general hospital where I can recover.”

    “You will love Lingala,” Larana beamed. “My grandfather lives there in the capital Ligano and has taken me on trips to mount Ifaan. And you will like the sea with the Lingalans; go Ivano and swim with the gentle beings.”

    “Love after we have settled in Cor Sanol we will pay your grandfather a visit,” Alco kissed her on her cheek. He would like to see Lingala too. As an initiate he had not been able to go on the training trip because of a very long stay in the healers’ ward. A broken leg had led him on the path of the healer.

    “Going to where?” Joe Calistro came in with Greg, Steven and Roland. He had a knowing look on his face.

    “To Lingala,” Alco replied.

    “I can tell you everything about Lingala and if you like I can send a message to my grandfather,” Larana nodded to Joe and his colleagues. “My grandfather is a retired fire-chief but he is still searching for new colleagues where ever he can find them. You know what we have discussed about the Ligano fire department needing experienced firefighters.”

    “I do,” Joe turned to Ivano. “And maybe I will meet you again on Lingala.”

    “Maybe but first I have to recover,” Ivano said. “And Corellia is nice too from what I have heard from Roland and Alco.” He gave a signal to Kaagi who went outside and came back carrying five bags. “With you leaving I have some presents. Alco, for your great care I present you with a translated version of my book.”

    Kaagi gave a bag to Alco.

    “Your present Larana is already in the transport,” Ivano gave her and Alco a smile.

    Alco asked “is it a potted plant?”

    “No more guesses Alco,” Ivano laughed. “Present your love with the Nephril flowers when you are speaking the vows of marriage.”

    “Thank you so much,” Larana kissed Ivano on his cheek.

    “Thank you Ivano,” Alco smiled. “We will place the Nephril bush in the garden of our new home in Cor Sanol.”

    “And for my former colleagues I have this,” Ivano had now a mischievous look on his face when he moved the covers to make his leg with the brace visible. “Jeki Eki designed them and has included a file to make more for your new colleagues. On that file are also the specifics for positive pressure BA-sets.”

    Kaagi gave each firefighter a bag.

    “What,” Greg Budianski was the first to open his bag. “Wearing this, my colleagues will send me to the ducks.”

    “Your comments on that had him planning a prank,” Steven pointed to the brace and took his mask from the bag. “Orange but…” He began to examine the mask. “Nice Ivano and I think I will love the new mask. And I will order the techies to get those new sets.”

    “This mask will keep my face clean and the dirty smoke out,” Joe began to laugh when he extricated also an orange coloured mask from the bag and held it before his face. “Excellent and I like the colour because you can see when it is dirty.”

    “With all of us with presents it is now time to leave,” Alco was looking at his com where a message had appeared. “Our transport is ready. And your wife and children are aboard. Take care Ivano and maybe I will see you again.”

    “Take care and I am sure that the Force is with you,” Ivano grinned when he saw his colleagues leaving with Alco and Larana.

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    Only one more chapter to go after this one and a short epilogue

    Chapter 35

    14 welona

    Apartment of Siri Tachi
    Obi-Wan had spent another night on the sofa in Siri’s apartment after Anakin had asked him if he could spend the evening and night elsewhere. The padawan even had explained that he wanted to share some free time with the clones after instructing them about the upcoming mission.

    The master didn’t mind. Anakin was found more outside than inside the Jeditemple since the beginning of the war.

    Obi-Wan knew even about the friendship of Anakin and the senators and the supreme chancellor. And this Anakin away suited him because now he could spend his time with Siri. He was up early and making breakfast with veggies and eggs frying in the pan when he heard the first sounds of wake up coming from the bedroom. After emptying the pan on two plates he tiptoed to the bedroom where Siri was entangled in her covers and sheets. She was snoring softly with the half open lips very inviting.

    “Siri,” Obi-Wan bowed over, brushed against those lips with his and tugged at those covers “breakfast time.”

    “Whaaaa!” Sleepy liquid blue eyes snapped open, gazed at the hovering mass of pink and ginger and surroundings. “Tiss too earwlllly.”

    “To early Siri? No it isn’t and you know who is leaving.”

    “Ah yes that stubborn guy,” Siri sat up.

    “And more,” Obi-Wan had now the covers in his hands and pointed towards the chrono and a stashed bundle. “I am leaving and….”

    “I have to dress,” Siri swung her legs over the side and hurried to that stashed bundle. “Sneakers will be waiting in the hangar and wondering where his general is.”

    ‘Sneakers? Never heard of him.”

    “Clone commander 1895 dash 239,” Siri disappeared in her fresher. “I had an argument with him when he threw his sweaty socks and sneakers in the laundry bin. And that ended with me calling him sneakers and his mates getting new names as well.”

    “Ah yes the shinies are all getting names,” Obi-Wan returned to the main room chuckling softly when he remembered what his padawan did for the clones. All clone troopers in his command had ended up with nicknames too. And the men deserved names and not the numbers given by the Kaminoans. They were humans.

    “Sneakers get the men in the Larties. I will join you soon but first that.”

    “General, at your orders.”

    Sitting in a wheelchair Ivano looked to where that was coming from when he was guided by Kaagi and Aaqu towards a large Jedi transport. Kaagi had explained that moving that wheelchair around using your arms was beneficial for the coming getting on your feet exercises.

    Aaqu was carrying a large bag with medical supplies, needed for the flush treatment.

    Ivano saw a brown cloaked man passing a large group of men all dressed in the same armour and a woman who was dressed in a flight-suit giving those orders. He recognised the two immediately. The bond was there, not hidden behind shields.

    Obi-Wan approached the transport and stopped before the wheelchair. “Take care Ivano. You will like Lingala and beware of a doctor Lew Horrin. And his …”

    “Obi-Wan,” Kaagi interrupted. “I know you don’t like doctors, healers and all things medical.”

    “But Lew Horrin and his team,” Obi-Wan began to grin.

    “Is a very capable team,” Kaagi followed the lead. “Doctor Horrin cared for you and gave you a nice room after your stay in the IC-ward. And he took you to the beach to see the Lingalans. And…”

    “Enga Mariss isn’t there,” Obi-Wan laughed when he saw Ivano’s face with a mischievous grin. “But they have a nurse Julioni and a nurse Akki. Both nurses are in doctor Horrin’s department and are known to give you the shivers.”

    “Ah that leaves me just to beware of two nurses,” Ivano pointed with his right hand to the guidance wheel on his wheelchair and gazed towards his left hand still sporting the IV. “When that pesky thingy is gone I can out-wheel those nurses.”

    “They will be there to give you therapy,” Obi-Wan grinned. “Doctor Horrin will release you as soon as you are able to walk. And when you are recovered you can ride young Nauran or the older husan Nephril.”

    “I will and you take care too. Be there when she returns,” Ivano shook hands with him and nodded towards Siri coming towards him. “You gave her Nephril flowers. You have a bond of love, a bond of the soul with her.”

    “I do,” Siri gave Obi-Wan a soft kiss on his cheek. With two healers knowing about the friendship and her troops being busy she could do that. “Recover soon and make new friends on Lingala. You will like the Henny farm.” She shook hands with Ivano and too the guidance bars and began to guide him to the transport with Obi-Wan, Kaagi and Aaqu following.

    - - -

    Obi-Wan was the first to come down the ramp of the transport with Siri, followed by the two healers.

    The four Jedi saw the transport engaging the repulsorlifts and headed towards the exit.

    Two healers headed to the elevator that would take them back to the healers’ ward.

    “General Tachi, “Obi-Wan took Siri in his arms. “Now it is time to leave but first this.” And he kissed her on her lips.


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    Excellent post. :D Obi /Siri are so tender. Ivano will have a super experience on Lingala.
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    Boah, double update and I was so busy with RL issues, such as the ... Dutch tax forms that need to be filled in by computer. As you also may know.

    Anyway, your two updates made me think about the nice things in life. Fanfics and tender moments between some of my favourite SW characters.

    I just fear the Jedi Council will not like such attachments
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    He will have as you will see in the final chapter. And there are tender moments too and a very touching epilogue
    It's a bond of the Force;)

    And the snow here had me adding the MMM piece to this chapter

    Chapter 36

    New Years Eve

    Ingal general hospital
    36 days after his injury Ivano was limping when he entered the large restaurant. He used crutches and his brace to move to the large window overlooking the bay.

    Doctor Lew Horrin was sitting there at a table with the nurses Tess Julioni and Karen Akki.

    Ivano grinned when he remembered the two nurses caring for him on the first day after he arrived in the hospital. They had given him the flush treatment. Cold hands and the two pointing to what was to be seen outside had him very distracted and unaware of that treatment. That was even more when nurse Julioni removed his IV and was giving him the shivers when she applied a band-aid. But the big distraction was the view from his room. It was breathtaking with the azure blue sea and the playing Lingalans. And getting to the garden in his wheelchair the next day and seeing the garden and the beach had him longing to get on his feet. But he had to wait for his bones to knit and his thigh muscles to build up.

    Doctor Horrin had given the last flush treatment and had inspected his bladder. A remark about following standard protocol had Ivano asking what that was and getting the answer that it would take more days to get rid of the triway because the cells were still healing.

    For Ivano the days became filled with therapy for his legs and going to the beach and garden. The triway thingy had been removed ten days ago. And that was the day that he was put on his feet and allowed to put weight on his right foot for the first time.

    Ivano still got the shivers when he remembered one of the two nurses giving him a diaper or helping him to get on his feet with a very encouraging Lew Horrin urging to take a few steps.

    Lew promising to call for firechief Dylan Henny had Ivano using his Dunai elder powers to cope with the pain and taking those steps towards his wheelchair. He had met the firechief and that meeting was followed by a trip to the Ingal space-port where the Firebird patrol had a base of operations. And contact with the pilots had led to flying a Firebird and getting enrolled in the team. It sure motivated Ivano to use crutches to get walking. With those crutches he could enter the Firebird and slip behind the controls. And that had him experiencing a new kind of work for the fire-department locating wildfires and directing ground-crews and fireships to the incident area.

    Since seven days Ivano had a new home. The Henny family had invited him to stay on their farm when he was guided by Dylan to that farm to say goodbye to the Jedi teachers and initiates. And Ivano wearing a diaper until he had control was no problem for Tara Henny. She told him that she had cared for her children and grandchildren and the children of the guests staying on her farm.

    Ivano liked the old lady and her humour. She had weaned him very soon of that diaper. And she encouraged him to help her with the chickens and nerfs. Tara and her husband Don entertained him with stories about their farming business on Moniron. They had settled on Lingala with Sam – the twin brother of Tad – after a short stay on Coruscant. And she and Don had been there when he was going with the families of Dylan and Sam to the beach to swim with the Lingalans.

    That had been three days ago.

    Ivano had been wearing a wet-suit. And he appreciated the brace. It could be cleaned with ease after that swim. He had been able to swim and communicate with the Lingalans, discovering that they were an old and intelligent species related to the Falgans on his home planet. Telling that to Tara and Don was met by a knowing smile and revealing that he was a Dunai elder.

    He had done that in the hospital when he discovered that Jay Dalair – one of the nurses helping with therapy for his leg – was a Dunai. And he had revealed that more when he met more Dunai and discovered that Lingala was colonised by people from Moniron.

    Yesterday he had visited with Tara and Don the farm of Kesh Gonara. He had been on the back of Nephril, enjoying that ride immensely.

    Dunai firefighter and medic Kevin Kaol had told him that the Sheir-Irel came each year to meet their offspring on Lingala. ‘You have the power of the engwa eiaala and can see the Sheir-Irel, beings one with the eternity after their home Irellion was destroyed by a man craving for power.’

    All of this was going through Ivano’s mind when he came to the window and sat down at the table of Lew Horrin, Tess Julioni and Karen Akki.

    Ivano saw Kevin sitting at a table with his human wife Katja, Jay Dalair and Ana Dalair.

    Dylan Henny came in with his family and parents.

    Ivano was silent like the others when he saw the moon shining on the sea.

    Lingalans and their children were playing and expecting the visit from the Sheir-Irel.

    Ivano had many new friends and a new job but a Lingalan – chief of his tribe – had told him that his destiny was on Moniron. He would wait for a signal.

    Apartment of Siri Tachi
    It was snowing.

    Two Jedi – friends – were watching that snow.

    It was expected snow.

    On Coruscant – a planet with weather control – it snowed only when the controllers planned that snow and snow for New Years Eve was.

    But for the two Jedi it was the celebration of New Years Eve and something else.

    The snow had the two remembering fond moments and funny ones.

    It had snowed on a birthday, leading to a lot of fun.

    “You and those initiates; you let them pepper you with snowballs.”

    “And you were the starter of this Mrs. Tachi. You slipped the first snowball between my tunics and obi. You encouraged the initiates to gather the snow to make snowballs.”

    “It was funny to see you turning red. Your hair began to match your face. And it was oh so sweet to wipe you dry after the snow and fun and…”

    “Kiss me. That was sweet. And the Force agreed just like it did when you were the one to help me to regain my strength after Jabiim.”

    “It did and we have a bond of love, a bond of the soul, just like that stubborn guy told us when we were there to say goodbye when he left with the training group to go to Lingala.”

    “He will recover there and find a new future. You are mine Tachi.”

    “Yes Kenobi.”

    Hands encircled a waist.

    Lips moved.

    A deep kiss followed and two Jedi winked with their eyes when the snow continued to fall.

    Life was good for them on this evening.

    The war was for this eternal moment far away.

    Snow gave everything a soft edge, made things pure and white.

    Love bonded the two Jedi.


    A Jedifighter settled on the landing-pad in one of the hangars of the Jeditemple. A man leapt out landing lightly on his feet. He had a proud bearing, walking with springy steps towards the exit where he entered an elevator. He was Obi-Wan Kenobi and could do that again after visiting Moniron where fond memories had been added to the sad ones.

    True he had lost Siri on Azure but he knew that he was no longer afraid of sad and sweet memories. He could remember his joy. He could live with an open heart.

    There was a smile on his face when he stopped before the door of the apartment of Siri Tachi. At his order the apartment was left untouched. He would take care of her personal belongings if there were. A soft command had the door sliding open and he entered. A fragrant smell was still there. It came from Siri’s perfume; but there was something more. He proceeded to the living room.

    There they were. Siri had placed the potted plants inside before New Years Eve when the controlled weather was bringing snow. And she had had no time to place them again on her balcony. A mission had her leaving on New Years day.

    Obi-Wan sniffed and hunched down near the potted plants. Eyes were turning liquid when they saw the flowers. All three bushes were sporting flowers; pure and white Nephril flowers.

    “My love, Siri; I will see you again in the Force. I will give these bushes a place in the wild garden where we shared so many nice moments. I will place one of them again on my balcony. Seeing the bush bloom will remind me each time of the bond we share; a bond of the soul. Yes Ivano, you told me about that bond and pointed me to the gift. And I know that you have felt the death of my beloved on Azure. May the Force guide you to your destiny.”


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