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    A small pod streaked through the planet?s atmosphere and landed in an overgrown field. The pod opened and out climbed a 10-year-old girl. She had long, curly brown hair that went down to her waist, her eyes was a dark green. She wore slightly shabby clothing and her feet were bare.
    She left the pod and walked through the tall grass, the wind swept her hair to the side and into her face. She brought her hands up and fixed her hair into a type of bun and continued on her way.

    Five days later.

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan landed on the planet Shiraentu for a Master and Padawan training week.
    ?Master.? 15 year old Obi-Wan began as he came down the ramp of the ship. ?I have a bad feeling about something on this planet.?
    Qui-Gon turned to look at Obi-Wan, ?Nothing is going to happen this time padawan.? He gave him a smile, ?Now why don?t we go check this area out.?
    Obi-Wan gave a low sigh and followed his master.
    As they walked through the woods everything seemed to become silent, except for the sound of Qui-Gon talking about the living force.
    ?Padawan?? Qui-Gon asked as he stopped and turned around to look at Obi-Wan. ?Padawan?? he repeated and walked over to him.
    Obi-Wan?s gaze was fixed on some dense bushes off the side of the trail.
    Qui-Gon?s eyes followed his padawan?s gaze and started as he spotted what his Padawan was looking at.
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    Interesting beginning. Keep it up.

    Just Jill
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    I changed their age to fit with what i have planned.

    Just Jill: Welcome. :)
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    There in the bushes was a bed made out of fresh leaves and feathers laid a girl who was fast asleep.
    Obi-Wan gaped at her, she was so beautiful.
    ?Padawan..? Qui-Gon said as he tried to make his padawan snap out of it.
    Qui-Gon walked in front of Obi-Wan.
    ?Obi-Wan, snap out of it and get your act together!? Qui-Gon commanded him.
    Obi-Wan shook his head out of his daze. ?Sorry master.?
    ?Well don?t let it happen again. Now.?

    Meanwhile the girl was waking up.

    She stretched her arms and rubbed her eyes. Suddenly she turned and saw a man and a boy talking nearby. Quickly she stood up and ran in the opposite direction.
    Obi-Wan looked to the side and saw the girl run into the dense woods. ?Excuse me Master.? Obi-Wan interrupted and walked right past him. ?Wait a sec.? He shouted when the girl began to run and ran right after her.
    Qui-Gon was slightly startled when Obi-Wan ran right past him, ?When I catch him he is going to do extensive meditation tonight he muttered as he went to follow his apprentice.
    The girl ran through the foliage in an attempt to get away from the boy that was chasing her. Looking behind herself she saw that he was catching up to her.
    Stopping suddenly she turned to face the boy.
    Obi-Wan slowed down when she came to a stop. ?You give quite a chase.? He said as he walked up to her.
    Her face remained expressionless.
    ?I am Obi-Wan, Padawan to Master Qui-Gon Jinn.? He said introducing himself.
    A few minutes passed until she spoke. ?My name is Enid-Sri-Sauda-Liv Angerona Mira Zenobia.?
    Obi-Wan almost gaped again but caught himself. ?That?s a nice name aa.?
    ?Just call me Mira for short. Now I will be leaving now. She said as she began to walk away.
    Obi-Wan grabbed her arm before she could leave. A spark of electricity leaped between them causing Obi-Wan to release her arm.
    She looked deep into his hazel eyes and studied him for a few minutes. ?I better go.? She said and walked away.
    Obi-Wan stood there watching her leave, thoughts and questions flooded his mind. His mulling was interrupted when Qui-Gon came up to him. ?Make that 6 hrs of meditation.?
    Obi-Wan turned to look at his Master and groaned inwardly.
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    5 days later.

    Obi-Wan gave a little sigh as he went on a little hike in the woods. It has been 5 days since the first time I saw her saw her and today is the last day we will be here. I wish I could see her again. He shook his head. A Jedi feels no passion. He reminded himself sternly. He made his way back to the ship and went to Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan suddenly gasped and clutched his head as pain radiated through their bond. ?Master!? he shouted as he regained his composer and went to go find him.
    He found his master in the cockpit in a crumbled heap. ?Master!? Obi-Wan cried out when he saw his master. He ran over to him and carefully picked him up off the floor. He scanned his master with the force for injuries. Qui-Gon?s eyes were wide open in a startled gaze. ?Master," Obi-Wan said as he held him close. He?s still breathing and his life signs are normal, except something doesn?t feel right. Its like something is missing. He carried Qui-Gon to the small medical chamber and placed him on the cot. Obi-Wan examined the bond and reached out to him but was met with an eerie emptiness. ?Master wake up please!? Obi-Wan pleaded earnestly. The empty silence remained.
    Obi-Wan hooked Qui-Gon up to the monitors and did everything he could think of to wake his master up with no success.
    Obi-Wan was so intent in waking Qui-Gon up he didn?t notice a figure silently enter the room.
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    Not a good sign....

    Just Jill

    P.S. Thanks for the PM!
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    Just_Jill Your welcome. :)


    Her eyes glowed bright red for a few minutes before returning to their normal color. She walked up behind Obi-Wan and touched his shoulder.
    Obi-Wan jumped and twirled around, in doing so he knocked her to the ground.
    His eyes widened a bit when he recognized her. ?Mira? What are you doing here?? he asked as he helped her to her feet.
    She calmly fixed her hair and replied. ?I felt that you were troubled.? She stated plainly.
    Obi-Wan?s eyes narrowed. ?I don?t understand. You can?t possible know how I feel!?
    She walked around him to where Qui-Gon laid and touched his Master?s forehead.
    Obi-Wan spun her around to face him. ?Well??
    She gave a small smirk and looked into his eyes.
    He in turn looked deep into her dark green eyes. A shiver ran through his spine as he began to sweat.
    She broke the gaze and looked to where Qui-Gon lay. ?You better get your Master to the healers, he?s fading fast.? She stated.
    ?WHAT?? Obi-Wan scanned for his Master?s force signature. He gasped. ?No Qui-Gon!!? he said as he knelt beside his Master and used the force to hold onto his Master?s life force to keep him from slipping away further.
    Behind him Mira?s eyes turned bright red, then her eyes reverted to their original color when Obi-Wan turned to her.
    ?Do you know how to fly a ship?? he asked hurriedly.
    ?Well, yeah. But I?.?
    ?Just get this ship off of the planet and set the coordinates for hyperspace to Coruscant.? He told her as he looked back to his Master.
    She hesitated then began to head to the cockpit.

    She sat down in the pilot?s seat and looked at the controls. She bit her lip as she began to prepare the ship for lift off.
    The ship shudder then lifted off of the ground. She let out a sight of relief as she typed in the coordinates for Coruscant.
    The ship sped into hyperspace on its 24-hour journey to Coruscant.
    She placed the ship on autopilot and headed back to the small medical chamber of the ship.

    Obi-Wan held his Master?s hand and sent, warmth and love through their silent bond.
    ?We our going home Qui-Gon.? He told his Master. ?I?ll get you to the healers and everything will be alright.? He said as he struggled to keep his calm composer.
    ?Obi-Wan.? Mira addressed him as she came up to him. ?We are in hyperspace now, you should get some rest. I?ll watch over your Master for you.?
    He turned to look at her. ?Thanks but I?ll stay here with my Master.?
    She shrugged her shoulders. ?Suit yourself then,? she replied and left the room.
    Obi-Wan sighed. I really need to find out more about her. There is just something about her. He said as he contemplated to himself.

    Mira walked down the hallway, her eyes flashed red. ?Hio exu jawu GURA!!?
    Her eyes became a smoky gray and she collapsed five feet from the room she had just left.
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    She's possessed or being used. And Obi-Wan is FAR too trusting. typical.

    Great job. What's up with the foreign language?

    Just Jill
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    This is short but its something to chew on. This post should be connected to the last post.

    She walked through a swirling gray mist and came upon a village. She walked toward one of the huts as if in a trance and peered inside.
    A mother and her newborn child lay peacefully asleep in their beds.
    Mira turned around and saw a rocky landscape. She noticed the same mother she had seen before with her now two-year-old child. She watched her mother set the child on the ground and gave her a few toys. The mother looked around warily then bent down and kissed the child on the head. The mother crept away from her daughter and didn?t look back. Some thing reddish black rose from the ground and surrounded the child.

    The vision left and a voice arose. ?Hiox mkiojkmc dumxeh hih.?
    Mira responded. ?I know.?
    ?Rucmxih Ida-Yew?c cioq!?
    ?No!? She revoked.
    ?Ri hio rexu ruph ju!! Usvqeaw ix hio yaqq duex mku fiwcutouwfuc!!?
    ?Cioq diwr.? Mira replied.

    There was a hissing sound then she awoke.
    She stood up from the floor with a bleak look and managed to get to a cabin, where she fell right to sleep on a cot, before her head even touched the pillow.
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    Obi-Wan lay asleep next to his master on the floor. He woke up suddenly in a cold sweat. Warning bells rang through his mind as he stood up. He looked around and stretched out with the force for the disturbance but found nothing. He ran his right hand through his hair and checked on Qui-Gon. He shook his head after he saw no change in his master?s condition. ?We will be at the temple soon Master.? He told Qui-Gon, knowing that he wouldn?t get a response.
    He turned around when he heard the door open and Mira enter the room.
    ?Did you sleep good?? he asked politely.
    She offered no response as she walked past Obi-Wan to Qui-Gon.
    She placed her left hand on Qui-Gon?s forehead and her right hand hovering over his chest. Her eyes glowed red and her hands turned gaseous green.
    Immediately Qui-Gon?s life signs began to drop.
    Obi-Wan?s eyes widened in horror as the machines warning lights came on as he recovered from her abrupt entrance.
    ?What are you doing?? he yelled as he pushed her away from Qui-Gon.
    Obi-Wan sent healing energies into Qui-Gon and brought Qui-Gon?s life signs back to normal.
    He sighed in relief and turned to Mira with a glare in his eyes.
    Mira stood up at looked straight at Obi-Wan, her eyes still glowed red and became redder as she became really angry.
    Confused and upset Obi-Wan asked. ?What was that all about??
    She retorted angrily. ?He?ll be dead no matter if you bring him to your precious temple or not.?
    Obi-Wan struggled to remain calm. ?You don?t know that.?
    She gave him a smug smile. ?Oh yes I do, I know everything.?
    Obi-Wan stared at her hard, his trust in her was fading fast. ?That is impossible, you?re only a little girl.? Too late he realized that was a bad thing to say.
    Her eyes became a fury red with rage as she took a lightsaber from a hidden pocket in her pants, ignited it and swung at Obi-Wan.
    Obi-Wan backed up startled and dodged the blow. He took out his own lightsaber and counter attacked. Dark purple clashed with blue as they fought back and forth. Obi-Wan was thrown against the wall by a powerful force push, he recovered just in time to avoid being slashed in two.
    The dual continued for five more minutes with Obi-Wan still on the defensive.
    Mira soon had Obi-Wan?s lightsaber in her hand and her lightsaber pointing at his throat.
    ?What a shame, I expected more of a fight from you.? She said mockingly.
    Obi-Wan felt the heat of her purple lightsaber come closer to his neck, he closed his eyes and waited for the end. I am sorry Master I failed you.
    He received a blow to his head knocking him into unconsciousness.
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    And this is even less good...

    Excellent job. I don't like her - or rather, that thing in her - at all.

    Just Jill
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    Just_Jill *grins evily* it gets worse.

    Obi-Wan woke up with a throbbing headache. He carefully sat up and looked around. The walls had strange carvings and writing on them and the floor was covered with a thick white mist. He walked around the square shaped room. He saw no way of getting in or out. Light seemed to come up from the mist making the room a mellow yellow color.
    Obi-Wan however was not feeling calm, he paced from wall to wall in deep thought.
    After a couple of minutes he stopped pacing and began to check out the mysterious carvings etched in the wall.
    The carvings glowed a certain color every time they were touched.
    Without warning Obi-Wan?s force power was suppressed. A surprised Obi-Wan at this turn of events slowly recovered from the sudden loss.
    On the opposite side of the room a door in the wall opened and then quickly hissed shut.
    Obi-Wan turned around and scanned the room. He found a form laying on the mist covered floor.
    Obi-Wan cautiously went over to the person and turned him so that he could see his face.
    Obi-Wan?s eyes opened wide in shock as he looked down at the unconscious form of his friend Garen.
    Obi-Wan rolled Garen onto his back and looked for any injuries. Finding none he sat down and watched over his friend.
    About an hour later Garen woke up.

    ?Are you ok?? Obi-Wan asked him.

    Garen looked up to see his friend looking over him. ?I?m alright.? He responded as he slowly sat up.

    ?How did you wind up here Garen??

    Garen gave a small smile that vanished as quickly as it had appeared. ?I was about to ask you the same question.?

    ?You go first.? Obi-Wan told Garen.

    Garen gave a small sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. ?We were heading back to the temple after a successful mission when there was a disturbance in a small area space where we were passing. We came out of hyperspace to investigate and began to scan the area of the disturbance. A planet appeared right in front of us, it seemed like it had been cloaked, the gravity of the planet pulled us in. no matter what we did we couldn?t get out of the planet?s pull. We ended up making an emergency crash landing onto the planet. When I woke up I couldn?t find my master anywhere. I had detected my master?s signature once but it disappeared just I began to the track his signature down.
    I gathered the necessary supplies from the ship since I wouldn?t be able to get it space worthy again and followed the only faint clue I had. I found a girl with dark red eyes while I was walking in the forest. I don?t understand why but I had just asked if there was a village nearby that will be able to get me a ship or at least communications so I could contact the Jedi temple. Immediately she said words in an unknown language and attacked me with her lightsaber. I lost the dual and she knocked me out. The next thing I knew was waking up and finding myself with you.? Garen finished.

    Obi-Wan listened intently and fought down the anger that was trying to consume him.

    ?So how did you wind up here?? Garen asked.

    Obi-Wan sighed, ?My Master and I were on Shiraentu having a Master and Padawan training week. That afternoon after we had arrived I saw this girl in the woods and went after her. We spoke for only a short time and then she left. I wound up having a six hour straight of meditation because I didn?t listen to what my master was trying to say.
    The day before we were going to leave I had not seen the mysterious girl at all and I decided I should just forget about her. I went back to the ship and found my master in the cockpit laying on the floor. I tried to wake him up with no success after I brought him into the medical area of the ship. The girl I had talked to briefly days before came onto the ship and found me in the medical room.? Obi-Wan paused for a second to collect his thoughts. ?To make a long story short the girl and I confronted each other after she did something to my master and we had a dual. She won and knocked me out, later on I woke up to find myself in t
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    Sheesh, you weren't kidding! It does get worse!

    Now what? Although I am glad to see Garen. I'm sure Obi-WAn was, too.

    But - are we sure it's Garen?

    Good grief, Jacen200015, this is frightening!

    Sorry I took so long to post - yesterday was a little strange.

    Just Jill
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    Just_Jill Glad your enjoying it. :) *mischief grin.*

    Obi-Wan woke up with a pounding headache, he started to get up when he realized he couldn?t move. He managed to move his head sideways and examined the room as much as he was able to. A soft light filled the room showing tinges of red mist in the air. The walls were crystal clear glass. He bent his head near his chest to see what was restraining him. To his surprise he found nothing holding him down but every time he attempted to get up he met with resistance.

    ?Don?t try to resist Jedi.? A familiar voice spoke as a light breeze entered the room.

    ?Mira.? Obi-Wan muttered under his breath. ?What have you done with my master? And Garen and Garen?s Master?? Obi-Wan asked.
    A small laugh entered the room.

    ?You are not in the position to be asking questions, however if you look closely to your right you will see your friend.?

    Obi-Wan turned his head to the right and looked hard through the glass, slowly he saw that it was not a reflection but it was Garen in an identical room in the same position that he was in now. Obi-Wan turned his head to where he thought the voice was coming from, ?Why can?t I sense him and what do you want with us?? He asked, knowing that he may not like the reply.

    ?The force is blocked outside of this room and the answer to your second question is that I want you.? She stated simply.

    This shocked Obi-Wan and only made more questions. ?I, um, Why?? He managed to say. Obi-Wan mentally banged his head, that was so unJedi like obi. He said to himself. Jedi don?t stumble over words, fine padawan you are. He admonished himself.

    Mira giggled with delight at his sudden loss for words, ?you?ll see. For now you must focus, I don?t want my favorite Jedi to get hurt.?

    Obi-Wan?s eyes narrowed, ?If its me you want then why do you still hold my master prisoner and have captured Garen and his Master??

    ?Enough questions!? Mira stated in a loud demanding voice that made her sound older then she really was.

    Obi-Wan felt something slimy come away from his body but when he looked as much as he possible could over his body he saw nothing. Obi gave a puzzled look and raised an eyebrow. Something zapped him in his back making a surprised Obi-Wan jump into the air. Obi-Wan stretched his aching joints, relived to be free from what ever was holding him.
    A humming sound filled the air and out of nowhere darts flew into the room. He took a defensive stance and used the only thing he could use, the force, ?To easy.? Obi-Wan murmured as he used the force to deflect the darts. Two sphere like droids appeared and began to fire on Obi-Wan. He grunted as a laser blast grazed his shoulder and he missed a dart that pierced his skin on his right leg. Obi began to feel dizzy and everything around him spun. He stumbled and fell to the ground as a blaster bolt hit his upper leg. The sounds above him seized leaving an eerie stillness. Pain raced through his body and he soon fell into welcoming unconsciousness.

    Mira watched as Obi fell to the floor and was swept away by unconsciousness. ?Everything is going perfectly.? She said in a soothing venomous voice. Her red eyes flashed with satisfaction and eagerness. ?Soon you will be mine, all mine.? She continued with a smile on her face.
    Mira walked from her observation room to where her most loyal officer was waiting for her next orders.
    He stood straight and still with a blank expression on his face. His eyes looked hollow and lifeless. He wore a dark red suit and cloak, his head was covered with a red hood that continued downwards and spread wider to form a cloak. The cloak was clasped with a smooth black stone that had no defect.
    Mira studied it for a sec for it was the key to her officer?s and all or other officer?s life. If the stone ever got broken or bits chipped off the one who wore it would die.
    ?Officer Chortech.? She began in a commanding voice, ?Bring Obi-Wan to the room that has been prepared for him!? She finished.

    Officer Chortech gav
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    Oh, no, that's not ominous at all... not at all...


    Just Jill
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    WARNING: Near the ending of this post there is a really gross part. So make sure you prepare yourself before you read it.

    With that said here is the post.


    Mira entered the dark room that was dimly lit with candles. Obi-Wan laid on a slab of rock in the middle of the room. Mira approached his unconscious form and placed her right hand on his forehead. She closed her eyes and let the force flow through her.
    She was finished an hour later. ?Now you are mine.? She whispered in his ear.
    With a satisfied smile she left the room. ?Officer Chortech take him down to the mouth of the cave and bring his friend there to.? She commanded him as he stood waiting outside the entrance to the room.
    He gave a nod and went into the room.



    ?Obi-Wan wake up.? The voice repeated.

    Obi-Wan opened his eyes, he blinked a couple of times to get his eyes to focus. He saw Garen?s face over him looking down at him.
    Obi-Wan slowly sat up and looked at Garen.

    ?Are you ok?? Garen asked concerned.

    ?Yeah I?m fine.? He said with a small smile. ?Where are we now?? he asked as he became aware of the new surroundings.

    ?Were at the mouth of a cave.? Garen responded.

    Obi-Wan stood up and exercised his aching joints for a few minutes.
    It was then that Obi-Wan noticed that the wounds he had acquired before were gone.
    He narrowed his eyes but didn?t say anything to Garen so that his friend wouldn?t get overly concerned.

    ? How long was I out?? Obi-Wan asked.

    ?I?m estimating about 5 hours but I was brought here 5 hours ago so you could have been out longer then that.?

    ?I see.? Obi-Wan replied as he rubbed the back of his neck. ?Did you find a way out of here??

    ?There is a glass barrier going to one side of the cave to the other. The only way we can go is through the cave but I haven?t gone into it yet.? Garen explained.

    ?Well then what are we waiting for?? Obi-Wan remarked as he began to head into the cave.
    Just as they entered five feet into the cave the force became blocked. They stumbled at the sudden loss of their powers but recovered and continued onwards.

    ?It seems that someone wanted us to come in here.? Garen remarked as he pointed to lit candles on both sides of the walls every six feet.

    Obi-Wan nodded his head knowing exactly who that some one was.
    The corridor started to narrow and the ceiling to lower. Soon they were forced to crawl on their hands and knees. Garen followed right behind Obi-Wan and grunted when he heard the sound of a rip in his tunic. ?This is ridiculous, not only are we crawling through a confining corridor that is pitch black but.? He was cut off when he went right smack into Obi-Wan. ?Oh that smarts.? He remarked as he managed to rub his now aching forehead. ?What are you doing facing me anyway? How did you turn around for that matter??

    ?Obi-Wan rubbed his forehead. ?Sorry about that Garen, I have no idea how that happened. I was just moving foreword when I thought I felt something then a few seconds later I ran right into you.?

    ?Are you sure you didn?t crawl in here backwards??

    Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. ?Look I don?t know what happened so why don?t we just figure out how to continue and.? He was cut off by a whirring sound.
    The section of the cave they were in oddly enough began to spin.

    ?What the.? Garen was cut off again as the floor suddenly disappeared from under them. They began to fall and fought to find something to grab onto.
    Obi-wan looked down as he was falling and saw a lit up bottom. He put his hands in front of his face in preparation for the landing that they might not survive.
    Suddenly they stopped falling and began to float two feet from the rocky ground.

    Garen cautiously opened his eyes scared of what he would see. He gave a sigh of relief accompanied by a grunt as they fell the rest of the way onto the ground.

    ?Why do I get the feeling that some one is enjoying this?? Obi-Wan muttered to himself as he checked himself for any injuries.
    He carefully stood up and walked
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    MINE? What in the WORLD did she do to him?

    And did she do it to Garen, too?

    What happened to the Masters?

    Just Jill
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    Just_Jill Those questions will be answered shortly after this post.


    ?Ok, Garen you take the five on the left and I?ll take the five on the right.? Obi-Wan said as he looked around himself for something to use as a weapon.

    ?Sure, no problem.? Garen said as he picked up a bone with a sharp end. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he felt a piece of flesh that was still on the bone.

    Obi-Wan grabbed a skull to throw at them. ? I really don?t like the idea of using dead peoples parts for weapons so if you can, get one of their clubs.?

    Garen nodded his head in agreement as he took a defensive posture.

    They both charged then within five feet of the beings they split up so that half of them went after Garen and the other half went after Obi-Wan.
    Obi-Wan threw the scull hard into the head of the nearest being. The skull struck its head leaving a giant black-blue bruise on its forehead. Obi-Wan kept on backing away, being careful not to get trapped, and picked up some rocks as quickly as he could.
    Even with out the force Obi-Wan threw the rocks with precise accuracy.

    Garen dodged a blow twirled around and stabbed one of them in the side. Quickly he backed up threw the bone right into the being?s heart. Garen quickly grabbed its club as the being fell and blocked a blow coming from the side. He looked to see what species it was and saw that it was a Bothan as he somersaulted onto its back and clubbed the Bothan in the head. ?Two down and three to go.? Garen mumbled to himself.

    Obi-Wan felt a surge of strength enter through him that enable him to flip the Wookie that was squeezing him over his head and sending the Wookie landing onto the ground. Obi-Wan quickly grabbed a nearby skull and rammed it into its forehead.
    Sorrow for killing them filled Obi-Wan as he took down a Gungan. These beings had been captured and controlled. They didn?t deserve to be killed this way, Obi-Wan thought to himself as he rammed the club he had grabbed from the dead Wookie into a Devaronian?s stomach and smashing it on top of its neck.
    A Tusken swung at Obi-Wan?s neck from the back. He ducked and grabbed the Tusken?s legs from behind and flipped him over. Refreshing energy kept filling him as he fought the last of the five.

    Garen was worn out when he finished fighting the last of them. He wiped his forehead with his sleeve from where sweat had formed.

    Obi-Wan, who didn?t look tired at all, approached Garen. ?Well that takes care of them, although I wish we could have found an alternative instead of killing them.?

    ?Yes, but we didn?t really have a choice.? Garen replied.

    ?You better take care of that cut.? Obi-Wan remarked, as he indicated the blood that was coming from Garen?s shoulder.

    Garen winced as he placed his hand where the cut was. ?I didn?t even notice that cut was there.?

    They spent an hour bandaging each other?s wounds as best as they could.
    Obi-Wan had finished wrapping a piece of his tunic around Garen?s side when he heard something. He looked toward where the bodies of those that they had killed laid and was shocked to see them stand up. ?Garen.? Obi-Wan squeaked in an unJedi like tone. ?I don?t think their dead.?

    Garen turned around to see very much alive beings coming toward them. Garen gulped down a lump in his throat. ?What is this? They can?t be alive! I checked them myself.? Garen exclaimed in a very surprised voice.

    The beings halted in their approach as some one new joined their number.
    Garen gasped in reconization. ?Mmaster.? He stuttered in shock.

    Obi-Wan stared in horror at what he saw. Garen?s Master?s eyes looked sunken in and empty, he wore a black stone around his neck and held an ignited lightsaber in his hand.

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    Okay, now, that is just rude. Rude, I tell you!!!

    And did you mean 12/03 in the Subject line?

    What did she do to Obi-Wan, and how are they going to rescue Garen's master without killing him or themselves? Or will it be possible at all?

    Just Jill
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    Okay, now, that is just rude. Rude, I tell you!!! What do you mean rude? the cliff hangar or the part where the zombi like beings come back to life?

    And did you mean 12/03 in the Subject line? Oops.

    What did she do to Obi-Wan, and how are they going to rescue Garen's master without killing him or themselves? Or will it be possible at all?
    lets see. *thinks.* the next post will reveal part of the answers.

    You come up with good questions. :) I just wish more people would read this story.
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    Here it is. :)


    Garen started forward to his master but Obi-Wan grabbed his arm. ?Something is not right.?

    Before Garen could launch a protest someone else spoke. ?He is right, things are not what they seem.? A voice spoke.

    ?Mira, what did you do to Garen?s Master?? Obi-Wan asked as he kept his grasp on Garen?s arm.

    Mira gave a soft laugh. ?I destroyed his soul by absorbing it as nourishment. His tasted better then the other souls. His body lives on since he wears a powerful black rock that is used in place of his soul.?

    Garen clenched and unclenched his fists as he fought to keep his anger at bay.
    Obi-Wan closed his eyes and remembered everything his Master had ever taught him. When he opened his eyes again his anger had dissipated leaving only sorrow.
    Garen however grew angrier and angrier at each passing moment.
    Suddenly the force came back to them and Obi-Wan felt Garen?s anger and hate roll off of him in waves.

    ?Garen anger and hate lead to the dark side!? Obi-Wan almost shouted at Garen.
    Obi-Wan tried to move to put his hand on Garen?s shoulder but found that he couldn?t move.

    ?Nothing can save your Master now Garen. Go on give into your anger.? She lured him.

    Garen lost all the control he had and let the darkside flow through him. He grabbed his Master?s lightsaber out of his Master?s now soulless body and charged at the soulless bodies.

    ?Don?t listen to her Garen, she is trying to get you to turn to the darkside.? Obi-Wan yelled in desperation for his friend.

    Obi-Wan?s pleas fell on deaf ears as Garen fought the Soulless bodies. Ten minutes later all the stones were destroyed and bodies chopped to pieces. Garen stood over his Master?s now dead body and distinguished his lightsaber. Tears filled his eyes as he realized what he had just done. He fell down at his dead Master?s side and sobbed.

    Mira appeared a few feet behind him and gave a pleased smile. ?I never tasted a Jedi soul that has touched the darkside before.? She declared.

    Garen spun around to face her, his face was red with tears running down his face. ?You won?t have mine!? He stated with determination.

    ?Would you rather kill me? I am unarmed, strike me down and your revenge will be complete!? She stated as she spread her arms out away from her sides.

    ?Jedi do not have revenge!? he told her.

    ?Oh but inside you want revenge.? She retorted.

    Garen shook his head and threw his former Master?s lightsaber far out of reach. ?That is not the Jedi way, I will do what I have been taught to do.?

    She raised an eyebrow. ?Fine!? she spat. ?You will regret that you didn?t kill me soon!? she yelled. Using the force she force pushed Garen hard into the wall. She walked over to him and kicked him sharply in the head sending him into unconsciousness. ?Foolish Jedi I am The Soul Destroyer, no one defies me!? she declared with venom in her voice. She bent down and used the force to put him into a deep coma.

    Obi-Wan watched as this took place and soon fell into a deep meditation state to ward off his anger and fear.

    Mira took out her communicator and contacted Officer Chortech. ?Come down to the ceremonies room and take Garen to where the Jedi Master is immediately.? She commanded him.

    ?Yes M?lady.? He replied.

    Mira approached Obi-Wan and released her force grip on him. ?You will come with me now.?

    Obi-Wan came out of his meditative state and looked at Mira. ?Why are you doing this?? he asked with a calm voice.

    ?I don?t do it by choice, I do it because it was my destiny from the time I was born.? She replied.

    ?Destiny?s can change.? Obi-Wan answered.

    She looked down at the floor then back at Obi-Wan. ?It?s to late for me. Now come with me and I?ll tell you why I want you!? she demanded and began to walk toward a corridor.

    Obi-Wan shook his head and followed her, his instincts screamed at him to not to trust her but the force gave him a nudge to follow her. I may not be able to trust her but I can trust in the force. He said to himself as he followe
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    I'm not even sure the Force can be trusted, if she can use it....


    Destinies are not fun. And she could break it if she wanted. It is never too late - but how does one explain that?

    I wish others would read, too.

    Just Jill
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    They entered a luxurious room that Obi-Wan assumed was Mira?s room. Clear white-laced curtains surrounded the bed in the middle of the room, the bed almost took up the whole room. They entered another room where the refresher, closet, kitchen and living room were. Mira sat down in a soft, red chair and waited for Obi-Wan to sit.

    ?I think I?ll stand.? He told her as he felt very uncomfortable and out of place.

    ?Very well then, have it your way.? She calmly replied.

    Obi-Wan stood where he was and waited for her to speak again.

    ?The Soul Destroyers have been around long before the Jedi ever existed.? She began. ?Over the centuries they have occupied different species bodies and used them as a host. If we did not have a host we would die. About the time during the Sith war, the Sith were not just fighting the Jedi, they were fighting us for we found their powers delightful. That was are downfall, the lust for power and the dark energy from their souls was overwhelming. I however survived since I rejected the need for power and believed that we already had enough as I saw what was happening to us. From what there were hundreds I was the lone survivor, I survived by going from body to body and secretly hunting for souls. My race cannot be revived, so I live alone in my hosts? body. I always choose a female for my host for it is easier to find a host that can bear young that will be my new host and easier to control. Mira?s mother was my former host, now Mira is my host. Every 8 years I must have rest, for I don?t sleep till then, by tomorrow I will sleep till my host bears a female child that will be a suitable host.?

    Realization soon dawned on Obi-Wan?s face. ?You want me to be her mate?? He questioned in shock.

    ?Yes, you are the perfect choice.?

    ?I will not do it.? Obi-Wan stated firmly.

    ?Then your Master and Garen will die. Are you willing to sacrifice their lives all because of a refusal? And what about Mira? You may be able to save her life as well as her soul.
    Your friend Garen right now is vulnerable, I can easily take him as a host. What if I told you that I could even destroy the Jedi order? Would you sacrifice the Jedi order because of you refusal??

    Obi-Wan bit his lip as he mulled over the questions in his mind. Oh Master what should I do? Listen to the force Obi-Wan let it guide you. He remembered that Qui-Gon had taught him this a year ago. He inwardly smile, closed his eyes and meditated.

    A half an hour later he opened his eyes. ?I will do it, but first you will let my Master and Garen go. Plus the real Mira and I will discuss the timing since she is still young.? He replied without a stammer in his voice.

    The being inside of Mira nodded her head. ?That is acceptable. Now no tricks because I can still wake up and transfer to another body if you try anything.?

    ?No tricks.? Obi-Wan replied. ?I promise.? He finished. Inside Obi-Wan was still unsure of this and wondered if this was a good idea.

    The being inside Mira nodded her head and closed her eyes.
    Obi-Wan felt something change in Mira?s aura as she slumped in the seat.
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    Wrong answer. WRONG answer... Oh, Obi-Wan, wrong answer...

    Just Jill
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