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Discussion The St: What Would You Change/Revise?

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy (Released Films)' started by EzraSnoke, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Boiiinng

    Boiiinng Jedi Master star 1

    May 23, 2004
    Thanks for this thread. I've thought about this since the first spoilers of TFA were spilling onto the web.

    Everything that everyone finds wrong with the ST could have been avoided with one simple fix: set it closer to the events of ROTJ. The only reason we are 30 years out is because our original actors are 32 years older and the producers are too short sighted to adjust that fact. Simple makeup and maybe a bit of digital touchup would be all that is necessary to have it be believable. TFA could have started with the last battle of the Empire that is still trying to hold on or the story could have started with Luke's school, Leia in the New Republic and then the leak that they are Vader's kids, the fallout from the knowledge of that, how it affects Leia and Han's kid(s), and maybe ending with Luke running off into hiding, the kid(s) being seduced by some baddie, probably the one that leaked the info, in order to grow back the Sith. TLJ could be set another few years into the future due to that first storyline having a proper cliffhanger ending.
  2. Solo88

    Solo88 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 31, 2018
    First time poster, long time lurker. I love reading this thread. Many of you have some amazing ideas which would vastly improve the sequel trilogy/The Last Jedi. Disney and Lucasfilm had all the pieces to make a great sequel trilogy, but they put some of the pieces in the wrong spot.

    One of the major criticisms I have is the new big three (Rey, Finn, Poe) have never spent anytime together as a group. The reason why most people love Luke, Han, and Leia is due to their interactions with each other. They feel like a real group of friends. That is not the case with Rey, Finn, and Poe because all three of them have never been in the same room before.

    Another major criticism I have is the sequel trilogy feels too much like the original trilogy in terms of galaxy dynamics. It's basically the Empire vs. the Rebels once again with different names. I do really like The Force Awakens, but I still can't believe this is the best they came up with. Don't get me started on Starkiller Base AKA Death Star 3.

    Here is how I would have fixed the sequel trilogy.
    Episode VII: The Knights of Ren

    Opening Crawl

    Thirty years ago the Rebel Alliance defeated the evil Galatic Empire.
    Since then the New Republic has maintained peace and justice in the galaxy.
    Luke Skywalker has established a new Jedi Order.
    Training a new generation of Jedi Knights, including his nephew, Ben Solo.
    Luke journeys to Hosnian Prime, capital of the New Republic, to meet with Han and Leia Solo about an urgent matter.
    While Luke Skywalker is away, a mysterious starship approaches his Jedi academy…..

    Beginning of the Movie

    A mysterious starship lands off in the far distance from Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy. The ramp to the starship opens. Walking down the ramp is an alien named Snoke. He has multiple scars on his face and head and appears to be over 100 years old. Ben Solo greets Snoke at the bottom of the ramp. "Are you ready Ben?" asks Snoke. Ben replies, "Yes, it's time to start our new order."

    Cut to Leia and Han greeting Luke in their house on Hosnian Prime. They have a touching and heartwarming reunion. Han and Leia haven't seen Luke in quite some time. Luke asks Leia how her re-election for Supreme Chancellor is going. Leia says the campaign is going well and believes she will be re-elected. Han cuts straight to the point and asks why Luke wanted to meet with them. Luke replies, "I'm here because I'm worried about Ben."

    Cut back to Ben and Snoke entering the Jedi academy and igniting their lightsabers. They immediately kill any Jedi within their sights.

    Cut to Luke, Han, and Leia. "I think it would be best if you two would come to the academy and speak to Ben in person. Lately, his fascination with Darth Vader and the dark side has become worse." says Luke. Suddenly, he feels a great disturbance in the Force. Luke is in agonizing pain. Han turns to Luke and says, "What is it?" Seconds later Leia feels a great disturbance in the Force as well. She turns and looks at Han, "It's Ben."

    Cut back to the Jedi academy where Ben, Snoke, and 5 other accomplices are continuing to murder Luke's faithful students. After all of the students are dead the newly proclaimed Knights of Ren set fire to the academy. As they take off in their starships, the Jedi academy is engulfed in flames.

    Cut to Luke's starship landing near the Jedi academy, now a pile of smoldering ashes. Luke descends the ramp of his starship, tears running down his face. Behind him are Han and Leia. Luke falls to his knees. Han and Leia comfort him as they watch the flames burn out.

    Act 1 (2 years later)
    Cut to Rey scavenging on Jakku. I wouldn't have Jakku be a desert planet. It's too similar to Tatooine.

    Cast of Characters

    Luke Skywalker: Went into exile after the destruction of his Jedi academy. Currently on Ahch-To, a planet in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Ahch-To is the location of the first Jedi temple. Only Leia knows where Luke is.

    Leia Organa Solo:
    Was not re-elected Supreme Chancellor when the New Republic Senate learned of the destruction of Luke's Jedi Order at the hands of her son, Ben Solo. Since then Leia has set up a small paramilitary called The Resistance to combat the Knights of Ren.

    Han Solo:
    Has been separated from Leia for over a year now. No longer a General of the New Republic. Han along with Chewbacca have gone back to their old ways of being smugglers. This is partially due to Han and Leia being disgraced from the New Republic after the destruction of Luke's Jedi Order.

    Ben Solo: Leader of the Knights of Ren. Apprentice to Snoke. Ben turned against his master, Luke Skywalker over different ideologies. Ben began to believe a Jedi should be one with the light and dark side of the Force in order to be balanced. Luke disagreed with Ben's new line of thinking. Also, Ben believed the Jedi should have a presence in the New Republic. How are the Jedi suppose to know what is going on in the New Republic and galaxy if they don't have a representative in the Senate? Luke disagreed with this as well as he felt this was a major factor in why the original Jedi Order fell. Luke believes the Jedi shouldn't be directly involved with the New Republic's politics. The Jedi Order should be separate from the Republic.

    Poe Dameron: The best pilot within The Resistance. Long time family friend of the Solos. Poe left the New Republic to serve in Leia's Resistance. He served under General Han Solo for many years. Poe doesn't admit it, but he knows Han has always seen him as the son he wished he had. R2-D2 is his X-wing astromech droid. Luke left R2 with Leia when he went into exile. Poe and R2-D2 have become great friends over the past 2 years.

    Finn: A somewhat new recruit in The Resistance. He is a great pilot and soldier. Serves under Poe Dameron. Finn owns a droid called BB-8. He is a new astromech droid series.

    Rey: A lonely scavenger on Jakku. She doesn't know who her parents are or where she comes from. She gets pulled into the action when she helps Poe and Finn with their mission.

    C-3P0: Faithful and loyal droid to Leia Organa. She sends 3P0 on a mission to Jakku with Poe, Finn, R2-D2, and BB-8 to retrieve a large starship for the Resistance's fleet from an alien crime lord. As always, C-3P0 is worried something will go wrong on the mission.

    Hux: Second in-command of the Knights of Ren. Ben Solo's right hand man and best friend.

    Phasma: A member of the Knights of Ren. In a romantic relationship with Ben Solo.

    Maz Kanata: A highly respected and powerful senator in the New Republic. She is a secret agent working for Snoke. Her father was a construction worker on the 2nd Death Star. He was killed when the Rebel Alliance destroyed it. Maz wants revenge for her father's death. I would have Lupita Nyong'o play herself and not be a motion capture alien.

    Lor San Tekka: Current Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic. He secretly aids The Resistance.

    Snoke: A powerful Force user from the Outer Rim. In between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back Emperor Palpatine sensed Snoke's presence in the Outer Rim. Palpatine communicated with Snoke through the Force. Snoke told The Emperor he wanted to learn the ways of the dark side from him. Palpatine told Snoke he would have to prove himself by killing Darth Vader. The Emperor was always on the hunt for a stronger apprentice. So he sent Vader to the Outer Rim on a hoax mission.

    Darth Vader encounters Snoke and severely injures him. He barely escapes with his life. It takes him decades to recover and regain his strength and power with the Force. Snoke's ultimate goal is to get revenge on Vader by destroying his children, Luke and Leia. He plans to destroy Luke's new Jedi Order and the New Republic Leia has helped establish. The catalyst to make this happen is to corrupt and use Ben Solo. Snoke does not want to rule the galaxy, in fact he wants to see the galaxy burn and be in total chaos.
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  3. Lt. Hija

    Lt. Hija Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2015
    Change General Hux and the FO from this


    into this:

  4. DarthTalonx

    DarthTalonx Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 12, 2014
    THIS. I think we needed (in both TFA and TLJ) both on screen conversational dialogue to explain the players. Or else Batman Begins style flashbacks to show what happened. There is a need to bridge the gap post ROTJ to show us what happened to the glorious Empire, what happened to the attempt to revive the Jedi Order. What is the New Republic (demonstrate it being as ineffectual and corrupt as the old one). How and who the First Order came to be (on the fringes of the galaxy).

    Most importantly who is Snoke (preferably tying the saga together). I would have gone with whatever Lucas originally wrote also.

    One possible avenue for Snoke would have been seeing both Luke's explanation and Spoke's version. Luke's dialogue on Darth Sidious for instance was golden. We needed more of that.

    We could have had for instance either Snoke being Windu (fallen Jedi who felt the Republic betrayed them and didn't deserve to exist). Or else Plagueis. Have Snoke tell us of how he failed to see his apprentice's (Palpatne's) betrayal. Palpatine arrogantly using lightning to kill him versus a lightsaber. The title of Darth was dropped as Palpatine surprised him (and the irony of Ren's betrayal also unforeseen, but this time successful). Maybe Plagueis prolonged his life using those secret methods discussed in the PT, but at great cost to physical form. Something about discovering the origins of the Force (thus explaining Luke's mission to find the First Temple).

    Go with Lucas' ideas.

    Keep the main protagonist as a Skywalker. Whether they are male or female doesn't matter. But Rey has to be a Skywalker to make this part of the Skywalker saga.
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  5. Random Ax of Kindness

    Random Ax of Kindness Jedi Padawan

    Jan 24, 2018
    (This is a continuation of my edit from Once again, if you're not interested in reading an edit, skip this post.)

    [Throne room sequence with Snoke, Hux, and Kylo Ren proceeds as TLJ with two exceptions: Hux mentions that his fleet is prepared to invade Coruscant and Snoke bids him to proceed, and Snoke mentions the importance of mind control power in his dressing down of Kylo (something similar to what @godisawesome suggested). Kylo throws tantrum and destroys his mask as per TLJ, which immediately leads into first ForceTime session with Rey. Rey snaps out of it, and asks Luke what happened to Ben in the past. Luke explains in the first Rashemen-style flashback, as per TLJ.] After his explanation, Rey asks Luke why he didn't pursue Ben or come back to help the Resistance. Luke explains he came to seek the Jedi Temple, and leads Rey inside. He explains its formation, how it was founded on a major conduit of the Force, was a sacred area for generations of Jedi Masters, and housed the ancient Jedi Texts. After being asked by Rey, he gives bitter commentary about the Texts, saying they're not much more than a detailing of endless conflict between the Jedi and Sith.

    LUKE: No, I didn't come here for that. I came here for this.
    (He kneels by the glowing pool in the center of the temple.)
    LUKE: The Tears of the Force.
    (REY inquisitively approaches.)
    REY: The Tears of the Force?
    LUKE: One who has achieved mastery of the Force can use the see the future. Not as it might be, but will be. I had to come here to find out if what I was seeing was real -- and find a way to save Ben.
    (LUKE waves his hand over the pool, and the waters glow brighter. Various images play along its surface, mirroring what is taking place in LUKE's dialogue as he continues.)
    LUKE: It was even worse than I feared. Not just Ben lost to the Dark Side, but Snoke ruling the entire galaxy -- a rule that would last hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years.
    (LUKE's voice grows heavy with despair as he continues.)
    LUKE: Every day for years, I would sit by the Tears and think of every action I could take to stop this. Every. Day. Starting a new Order, going after Ben, going back to the Resistance, I even thought I might pretend to turn to the Dark Side in order to get close to Snoke. But I still couldn't save Ben. Either I kill him...(image of LUKE cutting down KYLO with his green saber appears)...or he would kill me...(image of KYLO cutting down LUKE with his red saber appears)...but it wouldn't matter. Snoke would still reign over the galaxy.
    LUKE (tearing up): I am weary...weary of it all. If I could snap my fingers and end the Jedi and the Sith for all eternity, I would. Just end everything.
    (REY kneels next to LUKE and places an arm around him.)
    REY: Master Luke, you mustn't talk like that. You may not know it, but you are a hero to countless people. More than a hero, a legend. And you may not feel like it's true, but we need you. Not just the Resistance, all of us. Please, let's continue training.
    LUKE (smiling weakly): Thank you, Rey, but I am...fatigued. We will resume in the morning.
    (REY sadly squeezes LUKE's shoulder, but nods and rises.)
    REY: I understand, Master. Please come to my hut when you are ready.
    (REY departs. As she does, the Tears start glowing again, and LUKE looks into the water with a confused expression on his face. A new image appears on the surface: LUKE reaching out with a hand to tenderly stroke the cheek of a stone-faced and unblinking REY. Cut to close-up of LUKE as he watches the image develop. As he does, his expression slowly changes from puzzlement to uncomprehending horror. In a panic, he force-pushes forward with his palm and disrupts the surface, dissolving the image.)


    (NOTE: Like I said in my previous post, one of my main issues with TLJ is that there isn't enough reason for Luke to stay on Ahch-to instead of trying to follow Ben or at least aid his friends and family. I'm actually pretty okay with the portrayal of a bitter and depressed Luke self-exiling himself on Ahch-to, but there has to be a reason to stay there -- and so I came up with the Tears of the Force. Not only would it make Luke a more active participant in finding a way to help his comrades, but it also plays into his character flaw of always focusing on the future instead of on the present. And it adds a mystical facet to the Jedi Temple which was lacking in the film. Hope you enjoyed it!)
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  6. DarthTalonx

    DarthTalonx Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 12, 2014
    Good and I wonder if Lucas did involve something along the lines of Luke searching for the secret power of the Force itself?

    Some explanation as to who Snoke is (linking the whole saga together, e.g. Plageuis) and what happened to the Empire (perhaps who sought Luke to lead them and ensure a peaceful transition?) would help. More flashbacks for the Jedi Temple, fall of Empire, corruption of Senate and who the First Order is.

    I like the Coruscant idea. It seems so crucial. And the Jedi Temple being there too.

    Wish we could see Lucas' sequels!
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  7. Random Ax of Kindness

    Random Ax of Kindness Jedi Padawan

    Jan 24, 2018
    I wish we could too...

    A slight misunderstanding; I didn't intend for the Jedi Temple to be on Coruscant -- it remains on Ahch-to, same as TFA and TLJ. Hux only mentioned Coruscant because in my edit, the Republic moved its HQ to Coruscant after the destruction of Hosnian Prime (it's in the "opening crawl" bit of my previous post).
  8. Ricardo Funes

    Ricardo Funes Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2015
    There is a reason Star Trek died. By keeping going back to the same characters, places and stories.

    So TLJ is the most important Star Wars film ever made, as it will keep the franchise alive.

    Until IX, I will not say anything I would change, as there are many pending points that could be covered by IX.
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  9. Darth Smurf

    Darth Smurf Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 22, 2015
    Says who?
  10. Ricardo Funes

    Ricardo Funes Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2015
    Star Trek died for a long time, we all know it. There was a time where Star Trek was king. Then their huge fandom demanded over and over the same familiar environments and stories, and their franchise slowly faded into oblivion.

    The new Trek made by JJ pissed off a large amount of Trekkies, but was the saving grace for the franchise.

    I see TLJ, the new Rian trilogy and the Anthology films as crucial for this process of breaking off from the old stuff and reaching out for new fans. In the process, older fans will be lost, but this is a math exercise thinking about the long run.
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  11. Darth Smurf

    Darth Smurf Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 22, 2015
    You can call me a freak, but me and my friends still love Star Trek.
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  12. Lt. Hija

    Lt. Hija Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2015
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  13. 2Cleva

    2Cleva Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 28, 2002
    My main critique seems to be addressed by Disney - no more splitting up directions of trilogies. Rian Johnson *spit* gets his trilogy, Benioff and Weiss get their own series.

    Having multiple cooks in the kitchen is the root of the biggest problem with the ST for me.
  14. CEB

    CEB Force Ghost star 5

    Dec 3, 2014
    Doesn’t work for me, at all.
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  15. Solo88

    Solo88 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 31, 2018
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you took the time to write that sentence.
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  16. DarkGingerJedi

    DarkGingerJedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 21, 2012
    This is just for fun. So here goes.

    EP 7: The Force Awakens: I'd shift this movie earlier in the timeline, to show the bits we see in the flashbacks in EP 8. This way the connective tissue between trilogies, character and plot wise, are stronger. But keep a lot of TFA, actually.

    We open above the planet of Jakku, where we see an old beat-up Imperial cruiser pass by in shadow. In the foreground a border probe droid sees it and relies a message back to surface base. On the surface, the Imperials land and attack a small village, where Poe is stationed at. He's one of the best pilots and making patrols out this way, securing the border. We see Finn who can't seem to shoot. He's captured by others in the fight and sent up to the cruiser. The rest of the Imperials, along with some dark priest like figures starting hunting nearby caves looking for an ancient shine. On board, Poe is interrogated. They think he's there because he's on to them about the shrine. Poe has no idea what they're talking about. Instead they tape him and send the message back to the NR about his capture. They plan to lure the fleet out here, while their agents sneak into NR territory.

    Back at NR fleet headquarters, Admiral Leia is gravely concerned about this. Taking down the Empire, fully, and setting up the NR hasn't been smooth. We'd get a bit more exposition on how many star systems decided to do their own thing, and how the last hold-out Imperial Remnant territory has been eerily quiet lately. The border has been mostly safe, but this changes things. Leia has called on all NR fleet generals for a meeting. She asks Luke to join the meeting and wants to speak to her brother about this dark presence she's feels around all of this. Luke, Ben Solo, and the other Jedi knights attend. Ben is older, a knight, and full of himself already. He's a good man, but cocky, like his father. The other knights even look up to him. Meanwhile, Luke is the same basic person we basic saw in ROTJ. Same basic character as he was, just 30 years later, with more experience, more patience, and he's now set up a small Jedi academy. Late to the meeting is General Han Solo...who hasn't seen Leia or Ben in some time. You can tell there's an uneasy tension between father and son.

    While Luke returns to his academy for guidance, with an old friend, an NR cruiser is sent to Jakku, where Ben, the other knights, and Han notice there's no sign of the Imperials. They land at the larger trading city and suddenly, Imperial agents attack the city. In the attack they come across the scavenger Rey. Ben is intrigued by her. He senses her strength in the Force. Rey knows that the other village was attack and can take them to it. On the way, they discover the shadowy priests in the nearby shrines and spy on the priests who look to be performing some ceremony. We see Snoke's ghostly hologram visage above the alter. There's a small fight and the priests are killed.

    Meanwhile, on the Imperial cruiser who's hanging out behind Jakku's moon, Finn breaks Poe out. And they crash land on Jakku, where they meet up with the Jedi and Han. They tell them about the Imperials, who have now moved on. Ben invites Rey to join the group. He tells her that she's a good fighter and strong in the force. Luke Skywalker will want to meet you, and train you. Rey can't even believe it...

    While in the Jedi Academy Ben introduces Rey to Luke. However, things go south pretty quickly. Ben starts feels a dark presence that he can't shake. TBH, he's been hearing it for a while now, but the presence now seems stronger since the encounter at the shrine. Luke senses it as well, and asks him about it. By the end of it, Ben and Luke have a major argument. Ben tells him that Luke's ways are too slow. That the NR would be in better shape, if only Luke took a more 'active' role. Says the other knights all agree. Luke mentions that Ben is too much like his own father, he needs to let go of the ego. Luke calmly walks away. Ben seethes, but finds peace again. He looks towards his other knights, and knowingly smiles.

    Luke and Rey share a few moments, but Luke now seems distracted. He senses that she is remarkably strong in the force...and none of this can be a coincidence.

    The last half of the movie shows the NR engage the Imperials. There's no SKB or planets being blown up. It's just a simple battle of small fleets. The Imperials want to take over the Jakku system to carve out a wedge for their own territory. Finn and Poe have a neat side quest adventure. He explains that he was taken as a kid and programmed. But something changed. There's a small space battle and the NR seemingly dominates. During this, Luke and Ben get into another argument. Han is there and tries to help...but gets in the way. Ben Solo tells him he's been fighting for a long time...all these thoughts..these temptations....and they won't go away. Han offers to help. Just as in the movie, Ben kills Han. Luke is furious..his calm demeanor finally gives sway. There's a couple of parting blows, and immediately Luke feels ashamed at his own actions. He knows he failed Ben. The other knights rush into help Ben, which surprises Luke. But instead, Ben tells orders them to all leave. Ben flees.

    Rey consoles Luke and wonders where they're going. But Luke already knows where they've headed. Back at the Academy we see Luke and Rey land, but most of the place is engulfed in fire. They enter the temple and see a few knights fend off Ben and his posse. Sadly, they're all killed. Ben and Luke lock eyes and again Ben rushes toward him, when Luke force freezes Ben in his tracks. Luke looks saddened and unable to control the power or feelings he's facing. Suddenly, the place explodes.

    Rey wakes up and pulls Luke out of rubble. Ben and the others are long gone. She asks to be trained. She wants to help. The galaxy needs us. Luke is sullen and ashamed. He can't even look at her. He walks off and says "there will be no training ever again. I'm not fit to do this. I have failed. Rey looks down and sees Luke's (Anakin's) saber on the ground. She picks it up.

    Rey meets back up with Leia and the NR fleet and tells her what happened with Luke, Ben and Han. Meanwhile, Ben and his other fallen knights are seen in a shuttle fleeing into the same Unknown Regions as the Imperials went.


    EP 8, opens 5 years after all of this. Luke is still missing. The galaxy thinks he's dead, everyone is losing hope, but Leia knows better. The galaxy, the NR, has gone into chaos, the FO is overtaking the galaxy bit by bit, slowly, (not all at once) and Ben is now calling himself Kylo Ren. Him and his other fallen knights, now called the Knights of Ren, are in league with the evil FO and Snoke.

    Rey has joined the Rebels, who are trying to defend all of this, but it's not working. Rey has taught herself a few force tricks, but has no training yet. She still has Luke's saber, but honestly doesn't even use it. Leia is desperate for Luke's help asks Rey to go find him. She tracks down his whereabouts over the first act, and discovers on Ahch-to, where the first Jedi temple is said to be. He's still grumpy, disillusioned possibly, and doesn't want to get involved. On Ahch-to he has discovered the ancient Jedi wisdom and learned why he failed. He thinks the Jedi must end. He knows his lesson now. He reluctantly begins teaching Rey, and learns to trust himself again and the Force again, thru that teaching. The transformation back to proud Luke happens on screen. Luke sees that Rey doesn't hold the same ego, hubris, or anger as Ben did. They form a mentor / student bond and eventually race back to help the Rebels, who are now under attack by Kylo Ren. Luke confronts Ben, just like we saw, and tells him he's sorry for this. Same ending. Only this time, Rey has now been properly trained and passed the torch. Her place in the story makes sense, and she has motivation to face Kylo...because she saw his fall 5 years ago. She understands it.
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  17. godisawesome

    godisawesome Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 14, 2010
    More generally thought out military conflicts in TLJ would have gone a long way towards making the meta-narrative work well.

    How's this for an idea: Replace the Space Chase with a multi-phase battle over a strategically important planet, like Kuat with its shipyards, Mon Cala with its shipyards and stalwart species, or Chandrila (Mon Mothma's Core World home). Just have this huge, strategically important battle taking place in the background, with out here is slowly being pulled into it.

    The Set-Up: Republic-aligned forces are attempting to rally and rebuild their capital ship fleet at this important planet, and the First Order, having commenced on a general invasion of the Galaxy, is trying to stop this, seize the strategic resource, and convince some systems and galactic states to join the First order as members or at least as allies.

    - First Order forces are numerically inferior to the Republic and Resistance forces massed at the planet, but contain more Ships-of-the-Line. They will slowly advance forward, concentrating their superior fire on what few large ships the heroes have, while being protected by their TIEs. The battle will also include numerous little moments where Hux will demonstrate the cunning and competency to make himself more dangerous; for instance, he rotates in fresh Star Destroyers at different times, or when the Supremacy arrives, it remains behind the line to cut off escape and act as a repair dock for the FO.

    - Resistance/Republic forces are huge in number and diversity of ships, but clearly a bit disorganized, and are shown as being Starfighter dependent. The few capital ships they have are much smaller and clearly not ready to duke it out directly with FO Star Destroyers; I'd through in some more old Raddus-like Mon Cala designs, some clearly rickety rust buckets, and maybe some surplus and reconfigured PT and OT capital ships, so just imagine Republic Starbird designs adorning old Star Destroyers or CIS dreadnaughts. Species and peoples that should be shown present: Mon Cala, Corellians, Wookies, Twi-Leks, Mandalorians, and just for some fun moments, some old Imperials who see the FO as an enemy, just to add some more tension. The biggest issue they have outside of their lack of capital ships is issues in command: Holdo is the highest ranking New Republic regular officer, but Leia and Ackbar both once outranked her, and some groups like the Mandos never joined the Republic.

    - The Battle slowly goes the FO's way, with them seizing or destroying what defense stations the planet has in orbit and destroying most of the older capital ships. We see Hux is in contact with someone throughout as wel. Eventually, the Republic and Resistance realize they will lose the battle, so they destroy the shipyards and try to breakout... Only to be cut off by the Hutts, who Hux has just convinced to join the war on the FO's side. Only a few R ships get through, the rest are blown up or driven back to the planet, where they hole up and the FO launches an invasion.

    - Finn and Rose, who've infiltrated the Supremacy, manage to sabotage it enough to enable a second breakout attempt by having it open fire on its own fleet, though again a huge number of the ships are caught, and the film ends with the heroes knowing they still have numbers in the Galactic scale in terms of people, but that they cannot mount another fleet action.
  18. obi-arin-kenobi

    obi-arin-kenobi Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 10, 2005
    I would have Luke be a jedi master like no other before, and NOT be a sith lord.
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  19. CEB

    CEB Force Ghost star 5

    Dec 3, 2014
    @Pro Scoundrel can I make a pitch for @Satipo’s original thread to be unmerged/restarted? This thread seems to be a mishmash of wholesale “my ideal ST would be...” flights of fancy, which is fine, but is a totally different thing to the idea of “let’s try and work with what we have, tweaking it, to see what a compromise aimed at pleasing everyone would look like”
    I really think the last page or two demonstrates that the two approaches can’t work on the same thread.

    No biggie, but for me, it was potentially a really interesting thread
  20. LordDallos

    LordDallos Jedi Knight star 3

    Feb 2, 2016
    I have no problem with Rey Rando. But I have a huge problem with the way they executed it. Rey Rando should have been introduced as a force adept, untrained but aware of her abilities, though barely able to tap into them. With a bit of self-belief and guidance, she is able to gain a better grasp of her abilities and put it altogether.

    I believe that’s far better character development and story telling than: The Force is real? Kool! Woah, watch this mind trick! I’ll take that saber, thank you. What’s this thing anyway? Oh yay I won! Ok Luke, teach me stuff. Ooooh, you mean don’t reach out literally. Got it. The Prequals sucked? Damn! I’m gunna go win another saber fight now. BYE!
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  21. Pro Scoundrel

    Pro Scoundrel New Films Lawgiver & Casual Flyer star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 20, 2012
    It can't be unmerged. The last attempt at this idea with TFA crashed and burned, but if you guys really think the interest is there, and if @Satipo wants to give it another go, you have my blessing. However, we'd request that @Satipo keep it organized and forward moving.
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  22. Satipo

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    Mar 29, 2014
    I'm more than happy for someone else to take it over and run with it? My problem was I really love TLJ and I couldn't get onboard with the majority of the suggestions or compromises so it's probably better if I stay out of it.
  23. 3sm1r

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    Dec 27, 2017
    I also don't love the way they made her realization. "they are nobody" Doesn't it sound weird when said by a daughter talking about her parents? Even if my parents were awful human beings, I wouldn't use that vague, empty expression to describe them. Feels so unnatural to me.
  24. LordDallos

    LordDallos Jedi Knight star 3

    Feb 2, 2016
    Just one example of a long list of discrete 4th wall breaks in TLJ. Definitely doesn’t help the narrative. I’d take those out too.
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  25. Jedsithor

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    Oct 1, 2005
    What would I change? Everything. I'd have either gone with what Lucas came up with, for better or worse, or not made these films at all.