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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rabai, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Rabai

    Rabai Jedi Youngling star 4

    Mar 14, 2005
    ~The Star Wars 4: Riot of Passage~

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

    Amongst the stars there are billions of inhabitants, thousands of occupations and endless possibilities. Beings of all types seek to eke out their lives and follow their creeds, or lack thereof, and one may find Jedi, Sith, bounty hunters, smugglers, merchants, dancers, crime lords, pilots, and all manner of others journeying across the galaxy seeking fame and wealth. Fortunes are to be made, power amassed and the destiny of one's life lies precariously in the realm of unlimited choice.

    Though all of these interlocking lives, webbed together by forces unknown, the gaze of the future is unalterably drawn to a small green and blue planet, flooded by hostile forces during the peak of the Clone Wars. Underground, in the capital city of the world known as Naboo, a seemingly arbitrary collection of beings waits in silence for destiny's pen. Welcome to Riot of Passage.


    In this RPG you do not start out with a profession, history, or known identity. You are a nobody, just another face in the crowd. Wealth, power and status must be earned. (The exception to this is the small group of dedicated players returning from The Star Wars 3 - Sai will personally update you on how your characters can slot in with a head start from prior experience.) The game will work much like Star Wars Galaxies. You will create a character and immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars, becoming whatever you want. It will cost credits to do things, buy ships, buy weapons, armor, or even a ticket to board a transport bound for another planet.

    If you want to become a Jedi, you must practice the ways of the Force at Coruscant and construct a lightsaber. If you want to become a dancer you must enlist in a cantina and so on. You can be attacked by anyone at anytime except in 'safe zones' - there will be one of these on every planet. At these locations your character can socialize, trade or simply socialise.

    Each character will begin the game with 100 credits, no armor and either a blaster or vibroblade (but not both).

    I will act as GM, and Sai-Mera_Saa will be my sub-GM. I will control all of the Primary characters (including major vendors) who become relevant as the game progresses (this may include figures such as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker). The exception to this will be Panaka, who will be played by Sai.

    I will also post major events every now and then such as an invasion, new galactic threat, crime scheme, or even small things such as host swoop-races.

    The possibilities, as I said, are endless.

    As far as earning credits, Sai or myself will post 'pay' for certain jobs/tasks that are completed. These jobs can initially be taken on from Panaka (who will be introduced by Sai in the Opening Setting), but we both encourage players to create their own endeavours which we will all reward based on creativity and skillful completion.

    All characters will start at Info Hub 2b, located somewhere in Theed's underground tunnel network (as introduced by Sai below). When characters progress enough, they can make it past the blockade and off the planet.

    If you have any questions PLEASE PM me and ask them, I do not want anyone to be confused and I want everyone to have fun and enjoy.

    In this new version there will be ranks assigned, once you have gained enough experience your rank goes up, and therefore your character is more powerful, a similar system will be used for characters who wish to become Sith or Jedi.

    1. Obey the ToS
    2. Obey The GM
    3. No god-moding - This may be hard but again if there are any questions/disputes please PM a GM.
    4. 1 character per person (unless discussed otherwise)
    5. PM me or the Sub-GM your sheets or they will be void!
    6. I hold the right to refuse players. If I do refuse you, DO NOT argue, or I shall tell NaboosPrincess and she will deal with you.
    7.No OOC chatter pl
  2. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    Greetings everyone, I'd like to add my welcome to Rabai's. It's fantastic to see the new thread up and running so quickly. The Star Wars 4: Riot of Passage represents a unique style of roleplaying and I'm privileged to be a part of it.

    As Rabai has said, this RPG uses an innovative and open-ended game mechanic that places characters into a world without extensive background or status. It is a fantastic opportunity for new players to begin without complicated pre-game considerations and for veterans to become a 'nobody' and rise to prominence through sheer skill. In addition to this, the concept of an economy of credits enables quality posting to be rewarded and allows players to exercise creativity in a game unburdened by requiring a GM every second post.

    The opening setting for The Star Wars 3: Riot of Passage appears below. As soon as your character sheet has been approved, you may make an opening post beginning in Info Hub 2b, the tunnel chamber here described. I will control Panaka, so tag me for interaction with that character - other NPCs (aside from store owners) are left to you.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM Rabai or myself. The game is open to everyone, so if you are a new player feel free to ask for assistance. Finally, as Rabai said, have fun.

    [b]Opening Setting[/b]

    (Continued from The Star Wars 3. Thanks go to Rabai for invading Naboo and HandofSkywalker86 for giving me the underground tunnel idea in one of his posts.)

    Rain beat relentlessly over the city of Theed, now drawn inexorably into darkness following the Confederacy's relentless orbital bombardment. The capital lay half in ruins, once beautiful architecture decimated by blinding Confederacy turbolasers. Only the palatial district had been spared. Yet even now, thousands of Battle Droids marched on the Royal Palace from a collection of recently landed transports.

    It had been the most brilliant move of the Clone Wars. Confederacy warships, striking from an unknown stronghold, had bypassed Republic forces and invaded Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's homeworld. Over recent years, Naboo had grown into a social icon of the Republic, a cultural [i]hors d'oeuvres[/i] for high nobility and the ultimate in galactic taste. The demoralising affect such an invasion would have on the public alone would have been victory enough for Separatist proponents. But if the occupation could go further and be made to look voluntary, then it might just prove the Achilles Heal needed to subdue the idealistically motivated Republic leadership. A treaty, if such a term could even be used, was to be delivered to the Queen for immediate signing - once the Royal Palace was breached of course.

    Across Theed's broad streets, Confederacy troops moved out through the downpour to occupy the city. There were, however, very few residents, or visitors for that matter, to be found aboveground. Yet some distance beneath the cobbled thoroughfares and destroyed dwellings, the situation was somewhat different.

    Theed's underground tunnel system was a hushed legend among the denizens of Naboo's capital. After the blockade debacle some decade ago, the assortment of sewers, ducts and other passages used by that conflict's underground resistance had been expanded and organised for future refuge. At full capacity, the secret underground network was designed to harbour a medium sized resistance movement. However, the sheer unrestrained violence of the Confederacy bombardment meant the tunnels were now overflowing and there was a very immediate risk that the invading troops would be alerted to their location as a result. It was quite clear that the best chance for survival lie in making it off the beleaguered planet. Finding a working ship, though, would not be easy.

    Deep below Theed's northern quarter in one of the newer, and more spacious, set of underground chambers, a middle aged man talked with a number of Security Force officers. Dark skinned and well built, the man was dressed in civilian clothes, but spoke with recognised authority nonet>
  3. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    glad to see this up so quick. just getting my sheet double checked. i'll have it up as soon as i get a response.
  4. ScaPaCamem

    ScaPaCamem Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2003
    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: Kelik Leviathan
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Medium length dark brown hair. Hazel eyes. Well-Toned body. Wears a tan jacket with two pockets one on each chest, sort of looks like Jacen Solo's outfit. Wears a belt which holds his blaster. Pants are are also tan. Wears black boots.

    IC: Kelik

    Kelik walked up to the obviously well established man. He wanted to find work.

    "Panaka, right? My name is Kelik Leviathan and I live here on Naboo. My home was destroyed by the Confederacy and I am looking to get back at them. I will do anything you ask sir. I am pretty handy with this blaster."

    Kelik anxiously waited for an answer he wanted his revenge as soon as possible.

    Tag: Panaka
  5. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    OOC: Someone pointed out that I made a slight typo in the third paragraph of my first post. Yes, that should read The Star Wars 4: Riot of Passage.

    [b]~Character Sheet~[/b]
    [b]Name:[/b] Kayar Dor'leyn
    [b]Age:[/b] 32
    [b]Species:[/b] Bothan
    [b]Sex:[/b] Male
    ---Height: 5'2"
    ---Eye colour: Sienna
    ---Fur: Mahogany with a thin azure slash from forehead to cheekbone, bisecting the left eye
    ---Build: Graceful, feline, unobtrusively muscular
    [b]Background:[/b] In diplomatic service from a young age, Kayar Dor'leyn was indoctrinated into the Bothan value system of prestige and political power. Yet after a botched task on the planet of Naboo, Kayar found himself thrust amongst Theed's more shadowy occupants, stripped of everything but a blaster and his mind. In the hope of regaining his diplomatic status, he attempted to talk a group of shady cantina patrons into helping him access his old computer terminal. However, when the Confederacy began to bombard Theed, Kayar was severely injured and came to realise that true value lay in the ability to think. Opening his mind to survival, he managed to reach safety and contact the remainder of his group - though only two responded. While still struggling with the drive to regain his old position, Kayar has begun to embrace the worth of others and now places his life on the line to keep the last checkpoint open just long enough for his two teammates to make it through....

    Credits carried over: 0
    Equipment carried over: datapad, comlink, one datacard, datapad transmitter and a rather worn looking blaster.

    [b]OOC: For our two returning players from The Star Wars 3, Ktala and Trimaj, this is your starting post.[/b]

    [b]IC: Kayar Dor'leyn - 0 Credits[/b]

    [i]Theed, Regal Street checkpoint[/i]

    [blockquote]Rain beat mercilessly on the neatly paved street, scouring scorch marks from the brickwork and foreshadowing the rhythmic clank of approaching Battle Droids. Huddled in the shadows of a broken glowpanel, former diplomatic attaché, Kayar Dor'eyn, wondered why humans always grit their teeth when showing resolve. It seemed to be a singularly uncomfortable position and he was already quite uncomfortable enough. Water streaked through the Bothan's mahogany covering, soaking his bacta patches and stinging the lacerations underneath. Normally calm, Kayar's rippling fur betrayed his agitation, even wet as it was.

    He glanced down at the Battle Droid torso which he had hefted as a rudimentary shield. It felt inadequate, like a vibroblade trying somehow to block an oncoming speeder. For a brief moment heS wished he was somewhere underground, in Theed's legendary tunnel network.


    Kayar's head jerked and he refocused on the checkpoint in front of him. The skeletal construction spanned the street's full width, with scanner-filled openings periodically inserted along its length. Beyond the checkpoint, the palatial district's main thoroughfare could just be glimpsed as the street sloped downwards and angled to the left. The area was far too exposed for one Bothan with a lousy aim.

    Kayar stepped out onto the street and assessed the surrounding cover. There was none. Shorted out Battle Droids littered the paving from his earlier electromagnetic pulse, beckoning any patrols that happened to pass with the warning of still-breathing resistance. Two even still sparked.

    The solution hit him even as a nearby blast signaled the imminent arrival of Confederacy troops. After a few moments of frantic, and painful, activity, Kayar crouched behind his makeshift shield and surveyed the newly cluttered checkpoint. Mangled droid remains lay piled against all but two entryways, having been slid down the street to form an obstacle course that droid programming would naturally avoid. At the base of the remaining clear passages, Kayar had strategically placed a few mechanical appendages to hold back some of the water. The rain quickly formed this into a large puddle that stretched across the route any droids were sure to take. Into the end>
  6. Rabai

    Rabai Jedi Youngling star 4

    Mar 14, 2005
    [GM Post]

    ScaPaCamem i do not belive that either Sai or myself have approved your sheet!, i will allow you to enter, but please i ask that you read the first post before making a sheet, it shows ignorance and impatience...[face_plain]
  7. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    GM Approved!

    ~Character Sheet~

    Name: Kastré
    Age: 26
    Species: Human - from Naboo
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: With wavy light brown hair and lively green eyes, Kastré has a genuine boyish look about him. In addition, his slight frame only stands at 5'3". He wears a dark green long sleeve shirt, with a light brown jacket over top. A belt with brown pants and worn boots finishes it off.

    [b]IC as Kastré: - [100 credits][/b]
    [i]City streets of Theed, Naboo[/i]

    [blockquote]Kastré winced as another explosion sounded off in the distance. He ducked around the corner of a still-standing house as if trying to avoid the noise. As he wandered aimlessly around the city of Theed, Kastré tried to block out the image of his hovel turning into smouldering shards of metal. When the Confederacy started to attack his home planet of Naboo, his place of rest had had the unfortunate luck of being one of the first battle casualties. Watching it being shred to pieces had torn his heart apart. Everything he owned had been inside his hovel besides what he had on him. Now he was only left with the hundred credits in his pockets and the vibroblade he had happened to be carrying.

    As the battle continued to rage on around Kastré, he vowed to make the mindless machines pay for the damage they caused in their wake. He just didn't know where to start. His first instinct was to run into the thick of things and slice every single droid to pieces with his weapon. He had the presence of mind to realise that such a brash act would not make that much difference in the overall scheme of things and would most definitely get himself killed. No matter how much pleasure it would bring to him.

    Kastré wrenched his mind back to the present. He needed to find something to do, and needed to now. He was tiring of weaving through the streets of Theed with no purpose. He surveyed his surroundings as he made the next bend. He found that he had travelled far nearer to the centre of the battle then he had intended. Slowing to a stop, he was suddenly startled when a building a block down exploded into fiery shards of metal that started to rain down too close for comfort. Walking briskly in the opposite direction from the blast, he spotted a man standing at the far end of the road. Wanting to try and do something useful, he attempted to get the man's attention to see if he needed any help. When the man finally turned in his direction the man's face registered horror as he glanced above Kastré. [i]I can't look that bad,[/i] Kastré thought. The man shouted out urgently at him but the words were unclear. Suddenly the house right next to Kastré blew up in his face. Knocking him full off his feet, before slamming him into the ground, the last thing he was conscience of was wishing he had taken a few droids down with him.

    * * *

    Groggily elbowing his way to a sitting position on the bed he found himself in, Kastré had a look around him. It appeared at first glance that he was in a makeshift medical facility. He then got the distinct feeling of being underground as he looked closer at the walls. This confused his thoughts for awhile and before he had an answer, a door at the other end of the room opened. The same man he had seen earlier walked up to him.

    "Ah, you've finally woken up," the man said. "Fortunately for you the injuries you sustained weren't actually that bad. A slight bump on the head is the worst of things. It looked mighty scary where I saw from, but you must be made of pretty sturdy stuff."

    Kastré blinked a few times before asking, "Where am I?" Looking more closely at the man, he squinted his eyes as they got adjusted to being opened from their slumber, "Who are you?"

    "I'm nobody really, just a man doing his job. You are currently in a medical wing of the underground tunnels of Naboo. This is where some of us are attempting to make a difference while the Confederacy tries to take control of Naboo. You'll be safe here for the moment. Feel free to stay here and ask around if you need>
  8. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005

    Name: Trimaj Tanos
    Age: 27
    Species: Defel (also known as a wraith or a shadow)
    Sex: Male
    Current Credits: 110
    Apperance: Matte black fur that covers entire body, it absorbs light making him look like a shadow. When actually in shadows practically disappears and as such is very good as stealth, he appears as a slightly darker shadow. . Wears a long dark blue robe with a hood. Has Blood Red eyes that glow.

    Weapons: A vibroblade, vibroscimitar, blaster, E-11 assault rifle, DXR-6 disintigrator rifle, with scope, one datacard and a comlink

    Having lived the majority of his life on a large number of planets he has garned a lot of knowledge. He has been in many professions, many leathal. You name it he has probably done it at some point in his life. Recently his luck ran out and he got caught on Naboo, the city of Theed. Eventually being down to almost no money he kind of forced a meeting with Two beings, both human. One a woman named Daria, a slicer. The other a man named Valen, a member of the shadow league. After this meeting they were called upon to assist a Bothan, Dor'leyn, in getting some diplomatic records worth a lot of credits. They were also joined by a male Twi'lek name Klepta, a thief to the best of his knowledge. However during their meeting the bombardment started. Splitting up to get some equipment for the mission they were about to embark upon Valen went off on his own, as did Dor'leyn. Daria and Klepta stayed with him, and they were off get their armaments. After this Valen rejoined them and they headed for the woods. However at the moment they appear to have lost Klepta and Valen, not knowing if they will see them again. Daria has however consented to stick with him should they both survive this endeavor they are currently on. They are almost to their target as the bombardment continues and the droids are approaching the palace.

    i'll have a IC: post later. got some stuff to do
  9. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: sorry for the double post

    IC: Trimaj ~ Credits 110

    Having finally gotten over that bout of weakness he had risen reluctantly as he was not yet sure how things were going to develop between himself and the mysterious young slicer he had been thrown together with. It promised to at the very least be interesting. So they kept walking, holding hands still as neared the edge of the forest. Motioning for Daria to hold back for a moment he released her hand and crept forward, fingering his blaster rifles trigger and sticking to the shadows as was his wont.

    As he gained a better line of sight he was able to really see what had gained his interest, as well as his caution. He saw a droid army shattered. Nothing moving was left. What the frell caused all of this? It even got the two ATT tanks. Looking around amazed he saw destruction on such a scale that he could barely grasp it. The twisted and mangled droid bodies lay strewn about in a haphazard manner, and the electric fires scattered about that the rain had yet to put out flickered with an errie light.

    Releasing his hold on his weapon so that it swung back against his hip he looked a little more. Then hoping that Daria could see him, but not really thinking about it he motioned for her to join him. Then realizing there was really now way she could see him he turned his head so that his eyes were visible and jerked his head for her to come. He also whispered in a pitch that should carry to her, "Its clear. Something took out a bunch of droids for us." He then turned back to the carnage and waited, wondering what had happened. . .


    OOC: and here's my other character approved by Sai

    Name: Ishtar Gangora
    Age: 24
    Species: Noghri
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is 4?5, with deep black eyes, steele grey skin. Wears a dark brown cloak with black combat boots. Has a dark grey tunic and pants. Has one vibroblade that he wears on his belt.

    Is an expert at hand to hand combat, and extremely strong with the grace of a cat, as all Noghri.

    IC: Ishtar ~ Credits 100

    Entering the tunnels finally after having had to fight his way here with nothing but a sithspawned vibroblade, one that wasn't even in that great of shape at that, he finally allowed himself to relax for a moment. Looking himself over with a critical eye he noticed that his pants had been torn. Crap, how did that happen. Well at least my cloaks still intact, that's something at least. Thinking back over his time on Naboo, he was not happy with what little he had acommplished here. Nothing really now that he thought about it. His employer was dead, one of the frelling turbolasers had hit his employers home. Not much a guard can do about that. Having barely gotten out of the collapsing building himself he hadn't bothered to look for survivors. He had known there wouldn't be any. So picking up the only thing he had been able to grab on his desperate rush to the exit he slid his vibroblade into its sheath on his belt.

    It had been a very little time before he had seen the first droids, and he had done what he could to take as many as possible out. However he wasn't about to try for more than three. However he had killed at least 20, maybe more on his way to the tunnels. That had at least helped his disposition a lot. However the rain hadn't.

    After reviewing his actions in his mind, and not being able to really find any fault he sighed and started down the tunnels. Being one of the few off worlders to actually know any off the tunnels, mainly because in his spare time he had infiltrated them and mapped them out in his mind, or as much as he could, he made his way to Information Hub 2b. Seeing the sign over the entrance he hoped they had some decent weapons in here, but he had a few doubts about that. He entered and approached the man that was obviously in charge. A dark skinned man, with an air of command about him, probably former military. As he approached he noticed to other men talking wi
  10. YoungAngus

    YoungAngus Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 7, 2005

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: Tev Zett
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Sex: M
    Appearance: Black hair, Brown eyes, Tall, Toned body, wears same outfit as Han Solo in ANH. His right eye is completly white.

    IC Tev 100 Credits.

    Tev leaned against a brick wall, a death stick was clenched between his lips. He scanned the crowded room, many fighters, and refugees occupied it. Every so often the ground would shake, the blast from the confedarcy gunships were powerful enough to be felt miles below the surface. The room was dim, chatter was kept to a minimum. Tev reached to his waste and felt his pockets, his hands could feel the outline of his credits poking through. He was on Naboo to do something he had never done before, he took someones life for money. Tev was broke, needing credits and a friend gave him the job for 100 credits he would kill the man, make look as if it was an accident, Tev did just that. The room rumbled again. The crowd started focusing on a tall dark man who was speaking. He was a Nubian offcial who put himself in charge. Tev pushed his way through the crowed, as he passed a man he bumped into him Tev quickly reached his hand into the man's pocket and pulled out everything inside as he continued to plow towards the Captain. As he reached the other side of the room he stood face to face with the Captain.

    'Listen, Im not supposed to be here. I don't want to fight for your cause or stay down here hiding. Is there any way you could get me a ship to get out of here?'

    Tev's eye twitched from the stress of the situation. He stared down the man hoping for a positive response.


    ooc-Can I get any credits from the guy I pickpocketed? If not it was worth a shot.
  11. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    ***Approved returning Chracter****
    Name: Daria Orin
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Sex: Female
    Apperance: Brown hair with red highlights,tanned skin. She usually likes to wear a green or red jumpsuit, with knee high boots, and fingerless gloves, so that she has access to various equipment, and her blaster.

    Daria ~ Credits 115

    Daria watched as Trimaj slowly gets up. Once he was steady, they started walking, holding hands still as neared the edge of the forest. Motioning for Daria to hold back for a moment he released her hand and crept forward, fingering his blaster rifles trigger and sticking to the shadows as was his wont.

    She scanned the area as he went forward. He soon flickered out of sight, and Daria kept her finger on her weapon, nerviously watching around her. It was strangely silent. Suddenly, a blazing pair of red eyes shone back at her, like a personal beacon. With a grin, she inched her way forward till she was next to the Defel once again.

    "Its clear. Something took out a bunch of droids for us." He then turned back to the carnage and waited, wondering what had happened. . .

    Daria's eyes followed his, and her jaw dropped as she saw the carniage. "You think it was the Jedi?" she whispered softly. She then nudged towards the palace. "Whatever it is, it will keep them off of us. Lets go!"

    She grinned, as she began to inch her way forward, towards the ambassidorial quarters.

    TAG :Trimaj, SAI

  12. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Trimaj ~ Credits 110

    As Daria came up to him he saw her jaw drop, and he grinned in amusement at that. Hoping her assesment of what had done it was accurate he started to creep forward with her, taking her hand again. This time more just because he enjoyed it than anything else, he hoped she felt the same way.

    Walking through the droid graveyard was rather errie to say the least, and not something he enjoyed. For the most part he just wanted out of it. However there really wasn't anything for it though. He kept his free hand ready on his blaster rifle's trigger and kept glancing around, wishing he was a Jedi to a degree, although to his knowledge there had never been a Defel that was one. He almost tripped once over a droid that was almost burried, all but its arm. Accidently firing a few shots he silently cursed as he froze, hoping like hell that here wasn't anything there. Flipping his hood back he held onto Daria's hand almost like a lifeline, just so he knew there was someone else there. This place was really starting to get to him a lot more than he wanted to admit. . .

  13. Rabai

    Rabai Jedi Youngling star 4

    Mar 14, 2005

    Have 10 credits for stealing, ill be posting the jedi/sith ranks soon!

    Jedi/Sith Ranks.

    These are just the ranks for jedi/sith, you can become a jedi by moving to Coruscant, or a sith on Korriban. I already have a jedi character from the game before, I will be posting soon?

    This is only needed if you begin to train as a sith or jedi....

    Initiate-Lv1 +10
    Apprentice-Lv2 +5
    Apprentice-Lv3 +5
    Padawan-Lv4 +5
    Padawan-Lv5 +5
    Jedi Knight-Lv6 +5
    Jedi Knight-Lv7 +5
    Jedi Master-Lv8 +5
    Jedi Master-Lv9 +5
    Jedi Council member-Lv10 +5

    All of the initiates start at Lv-1, for every level you get 5 points to spend on powers

    ~Levels of Mastery for Force Powers~

    You can allocate up to 5 points to each power listed in the post below:

    Proficient: You are proficient in this skill if you have allocated 1 point towards its use.

    Specialized: 2 points allocated.

    Master: 3 points allocated.

    High Master: 4 points allocated.

    Grand Master: 5 points allocated.

    Elemental Control:-(B) Allows the weilder to control 1 specific aspect of nature, to the exclusion of all others (air, earth, fire, water), and manipulate it to their own gain. It can be used in various ways and the higher the level of the user the more adept s/he is at controling the power.

    Absorb/Dissipate Energy-(B) Allows the apprentice to absorb and neutralize energy attacks from blasters, the force, etc. The higher the level the more powerful the attack can be. When trying to deflect an attack from a player character, your Absorb/Dissipate skill level should be checked against the attackers level in the skill s/he is using.

    Accelerate Healing-(J) Allows the user to greatly accelerate the healing process.
    L1- Can heal small cuts and sprains.
    L2- Can heal broken bones.
    L3- Can heal large cuts.
    L4- Can heal severe wounds.
    L5- Can heal life threatening wounds and injuries.

    Concentration-(B) Allows lightsiders to clear negative thoughts from their minds and channel positive energies of the Lightside of the Force. For Darksiders this is vice versa allowing them to clear positive thoughts and channel negative energies. An apprentice can only concentrate on one task at hand, higher level individuals can concentrate on multiple tasks depending on their skill level.

    Control Pain-(B) Control pain lets Jedi/Sith continue a task despite great pain. Lower levels can control small pains, but the higher the level the more the pain is reduced and the greater the pain that can be dealt with.

    Enhance Attributes-(B) Enhance attribute increases a basic skill, i.e. jumping, running, speed, acrobatics.

    Contort/Escape-(B} Allows the user to escape restraints by contorting into painful and difficult positions. Lower levels can escape from mediocre hand or leg restraints and the higher the level the more difficult the restraints can be.

    Control Disease-(B) Allows the user to direct and control the anti-bodies and healing resources of their bodies to throw off an infection or resist diseases within the body, or to lower the bodies resistence.
    L1- Can control modest infections and illnesses such as high fever or the flu.
    L2- Can control severe illnesses like gangrene or a hive virus.
    L3- Can control life threatening diseases.
    L4- can control massive and long standing illnesses.
    L5- can control fast acting life threatening diseases.

    Detoxify Poison-(B) Allows the user to detoxify poisons in yourself.
    L1- For mild poisons
    L2 -For average poisons
    L3- For virulent poisons
    L4 & L5- For very complicated poisons like neurotoxins

    Force of Will (J)- Allows a Jedi to use his own willpower to fight the effects of hostile Force powers. As Jedi?s level increases so does the effectiveness of his willpower.

    Hibernation Trance-(B) Sends you into a hibernation where your body needs less attention.

    Reduce Injury-(B) Similar to Accelerate healing, except reduces extent of injury, doesn't actually heal.

    Short Term Memory

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    GM Approved.

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: Red Black
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Dark Brown skin, Strong body, 6.1 in height, Short Black hair and carries a Vibroblade with some Unknown text inscribed on its Blade and Handle, in which he carries on on his back with Unknown Tatoo's that covers his whole Right arm(Similar to Darth Maul's Patterns) and wearing a Black combat suit with only his Right arm exposed showcasing the tatoo's and wearing a Black Visor(in the disguise of Black sunglasses like Morpheus from the Matrix) and wears a simple brown robe to cover his suit and weapon and wears black boots.
  15. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    IC: Panaka

    Theed (underground), Info Hub 2b

    [blockquote]The quiet murmur of uncertain whispers settled on Info Hub 2b like a silken veil - sheltering, yet unable to completely block out the horrors outside. The hush was broken only by the occasional reverberation of turbolaser impacts shuddering through the permacrete. For a general, it seemed an impoverished place to fight from. Former general, Panaka reminded himself. He did not have to fix all the ills of Naboo today - just some of them.

    A tall man of solid construction, Panaka stood behind his makeshift bank of command terminals, never flinching at the bass rumbles of destruction above. Leadership, he knew, did not simply call one to go first, but to go first without pause or backward glance. In such dark times, confidence was rarer than a good aim.

    A hollow creaking sound sparked cries of agitation from off in the corner. These tunnels brought only the promise of further terror, thought Panaka sadly as gazed at the beings gathered throughout the chamber. There was little, really, that could be done. This temporary return to leadership was more as figurehead than general.

    Panaka was startled out of his thoughts by a young man speaking his name. Apparently the boy was now homeless and wished to actively do something about the situation. Panaka cracked a tightlipped smile. At least he could still help the willing to help themselves. The irony of the sign above him was not lost on the retired general and when he spoke, it was with more warmth than a situation like this really deserved.

    "Well that's good to hear Kelik..."

    Panak left the sentence hanging as second man, older this time, also approached. He too wanted revenge. It was, Panaka reflected, only natural. After all, this was the second time in twelve years that Naboo had been invaded. After a pause, he continued.

    "And welcome to you Kastré. It is certainly good to have enthusiasm among us tonight, though while the machines above may be mindless, they are certainly not incapable."

    Panaka glanced down at a terminal and punched a few buttons. Cyan backlight bathed his face with inconsistent highlights.

    "Be that as it may," he went on. "I do have a few jobs that would help us significantly if they were completed. And we would pay for your help with credits."

    As he said this, a very alien presence glided up behind the two humans and purred his own offer of aid. Panaka did not recognise the species, but the being looked capable enough. He glanced back at the terminal and punched for more information. When he looked up, a third human had joined the assembled group. This one did not identify himself. He only wanted to escape the planet.

    "Well young man, I cannot give you a ship, for we have none, but I am told there may be one functional vessel left at the Foreign Diplomatic Spaceport. However, the comms are down and we cannot contact them. I was just mentioning to these gentle...beings, that there are a few jobs that can be done to assist us in getting this command hub running properly. Perhaps you would be interested."

    Panaka held the man's gaze for a moment and then read off the screen below him.

    "There has been a cave in at one of our transmitter junctions, Corridor 18e. The Eastern Grid is blank and we think a transformer may have blown. You need to acquire a transformer, use it to replace the broken part and reset the transmitter. It's unlikely that you'll be able to get past the rubble that fell in front of the door, but there is a manhole on the street above that leads right to the junction. The closest surface point is a block away so you shouldn't be exposed for too long." He flicked to the next screen.

    "Alternatively, the comm relay wire to the palatial district needs to be fixed. Something seems to have severed it. The break will be somewhere under Theed's Northern Market Square - we're not sure where. You may have to use scanners to locate it. The Square is pretty open, so more than one person might be helpful since you can watch each others'

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Red Black [100 credits]

    Theed (underground), Info Hub 2b

    *"Finally, we need the executive technician, a Sullustian named Gurp, escorted down here to Info Hub 2b. He is the only person certified to hook up all our subspace transmission equipment. The problem lies in the fact that he's been captured. At last report, Confederacy droids were escorting him into a fish shop that survived the bombardment - presumably for interrogation. The shop is located south of the Market Square near the old cantina district. As far as I know, the nearest surface point is four blocks west of that. I warn you, this is the most dangerous assignment." Panaka flicked off the terminal and faced the four assembled beings.

    "I don't care how these jobs get completed. You can work alone, or as a team. If you need equipment, see the vendor in Chamber 11. We will take the level of danger into consideration when paying you for your efforts, but such jobs usually take longer and a series of simpler tasks may bring greater reward," he finished, smiling knowingly at the group...*

    As Red Black heard about the captured technician, he stepped out from the shadows within the Hub and made his presence known to Panaka and nodded.
    "I Accept the task of retrieving the technician Gurp from the Market Square." He said in a tone full of confidence.
    He turned and looked the group and said...
    "If any are willing to go with me that's your choice and i go by one condition is that none of you get in my way or it won't be the droids you will be worried about..." He said with a hint of a smirk forming on his face and faced Panaka again and see what he had to say before the group split up...

    Tag: ScaPaCamem, Tyi-Maet_Nefer, Trimaj, YoungAngus and Rabai and Sai
  17. Rabai

    Rabai Jedi Youngling star 4

    Mar 14, 2005
    IC~Dantius~: Credits-35

    ~As Dantius moved his head up, a fresh drop of blood spread down his cheek, he did not look the best, or feel it for that matter, he had Succeeded in contacting the jedi, although they might not be able to enter through the vast blockade around the planet, which rabai now knew was being headed by count Dooku himslef. There was a loud explosian near him, wind brought the smell of blood and rust to his nostrils. It was hard for him to lay still, and pretend that everything was alright, when it wasent.~

    ~Raising himself off the ground he began to move slowly, his lightsaber damaged he would need to find some replacements to fix it. Stumbling along, rabai raised his head, the force warned him of an explosian to his left, but he was simply too elderly to dodge it. Jumping slightly, the blast blew him to the side, crushing his body against a wall, pain spurted through his body, as a small cry escaped his lips. Falling to the ground, he raised his head and frowned, this was not looking good...~

    A few hours later...

    ~Dantius burst through the doors to Info Hub 2b, quivering slightly, he fell to the ground, one hand raised, his body bruised and beaten, he only hoped that he could be healed in time, after all he was not a young man...~

    TAG:ScaPaCamem, Tyi-Maet_Nefer, Trimaj, YoungAngus,Sai
  18. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    IC: Panaka

    Theed (underground), Info Hub 2b

    [blockquote]As Panaka turned from the group of beings listening to his job offers, a new voice boldly joined the gathering. With a dignity gained through decades of military service, Panaka slowly spun back to face the small crowd. He let the bold voice, which belonged to yet another young man, finish speaking, before offering a parting warning.

    "I do not mind how this job is done, but I note again that our executive technician, Gurp, is being held in the old cantina district some distance south of the Market Square - not in the Market Square itself. Anyone going after him would do well to remember that and to realise the danger this task poses, lest you join him in captivity. Gentlebeings," he nodded. "I leave you to your planning."

    What that, Panaka swung back to the two operators that sat behind him at a second bank of terminals. It was imperative to keep informed of the, admittedly, meagre intelligence that did come though - even if his capacity for response was almost non-existent.

    Just as he bent over the first terminal, a commotion at the entryway drew his attention towards a badly injured man who collapsed at the far end of the chamber. A flash of recognition shut down all other thought processes in Panaka's brain as he took in the figure's robes. This was not just a man, it was a Jedi.

    "Somebody help that man!" he yelled to the room in general.

    "Medical bay," he hammered a comm switch. "Clear a bed now."[/blockquote]Tag: ScaPaCamem, Tyi-Maet_Nefer, Trimaj, YoungAngus, MASTER-OF-EVIL
  19. ScaPaCamem

    ScaPaCamem Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 10, 2003
    "Alternatively, the comm relay wire to the palatial district needs to be fixed. Something seems to have severed it. The break will be somewhere under Theed's Northern Market Square - we're not sure where. You may have to use scanners to locate it. The Square is pretty open, so more than one person might be helpful since you can watch each others' backs." The cyan terminal changed again.


    "I am willing to take on the task of fixing the comm relay while. Of course for my own safety I wish a team to be formed up. I say at least two others should join me. Any takers?"

  20. Nukenin

    Nukenin Jedi Youngling

    Jul 18, 2005
    Name: Neves Wudahs
    Age: 17
    Species: Human, from Bespin
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: A dirty-looking Caucasian face and two constantly glaring gray eyes is what you see when you look at Neves. He wears a ragged blue shirt, and his thick brown hair covers his head, in layers about three inches thick, making him look, at the least, extremely odd. Nevertheless, when one looks at him they get a definite feeling of being hated?

    IC: Neves Wudahs
    100 Credits

    The man known as Neves Wudahs stepped through the virtually ancient Bespin Mining Station #521, holding his Tibanna gas vacuum forward. The blaster was at his side, and he still looked like the sort of man who had had his left arm chopped off and didn't give sithspit.
    The reader began to beep vaguely and he started to walk faster, the machine giving out large readings of Tibanna nearby.
    He had been hired by the WeytaniCorp Mining Industry a year ago to mine on his home planet, and he had politely agreed. In short, it was indeed the most awful job one could expect, other miners dropping dead from Tibanna exposure.
    Neves, however, considered himself tougher than nails, and grinned. Ahead was a large Tibanna repository. Credits...he desperately needed them. He had bought an illegal blaster recently, one he considered elite. Although it didn't have as much range as a blaster pistol, it sure as heck had the power, and more. Unfortunately this whole ordeal had left him with 100.0001 credits, but, in his opinion the blaster was far more than worth it.
    He held out the Tibanna collecting device and activated it. The canister was getting more and more full of Tibanna. Just a bit more and--
    The sound of blasters filled his ears. He let out a yelp of horror, and jumped from the Tibanna room. ((Tibanna is an extremely explosive blaster power thingy, for those who know not.))
    He was now next to the edge of the station, and the gaseous wind blew harder than he had ever witnessed. He clasped onto a large crate, and, abliet gradually, the wind stopped.
    "FREEZE, MINER." a mechanical voice shouted.
    A seperatist battle droid. Actually about five, but he didn't care about the numbers.
    "Neves Wudahs, Bespin."
    He kicked the droid back and drew his blaster, fear surging through him. Neves felt a blaster bolt whizz past him, creating a huge gash on his arm. He leapt behind the box, remembering the games he played as a child. Like a game of Jedi and Sith, except...
    He could die. He ignored the thought and blasted away, hitting three droids. The other two made no sound, but there was a click and a beeping was heard.
    Neves let out a gasp of horror. They got him. One was holding a thermal detanator, and he couldn't get past them or he'd be blasted to pieces.
    "I give," Wudahs murmured.
    "WHAT DO YOU GIVE, REPUBLIC SCUM?" the idiotic droid asked.
    "Up. Where do you want me to go?"
    "THIS WAY, 'SIR'."
    TAG-Nobody, really. Maybe Sidious, or Gunray. Can't really think of a major Seperatist character an actual player controls. Crud. :p
  21. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    IC as Kastré: - [100 credits]
    Info Hub 2b, Theed underground, Naboo

    [blockquote]The dark-skinned man turned from where he seemed to have begun to talk to the young Naboo man and acknowledged Kastré's presence. As the dark-skinned man then glanced down at some of the terminals he had arrayed in front of him, Kastré anxiously waited for the man to give him something that he could do. He was itching to go and do something, because he knew that he would not get far if he tried to mow down all the battle droids he could find. He wished to help by doing something more technical, something he could apply his enthusiastic and jittery mind too.

    The dark-skinned man looked up at them again and stated that he did, in fact, have some jobs they could accomplish. Suddenly a voice mewed from behind Kastré's ear, so close he thought he might have been able to feel the hot breath coming from the very alien mouth. Realising the voice was again directed at the man in command, he listened in to what the alien voiced. He too said he would like to help and Kastré thought he heard quite a bit of honour in the aliens remarks. The creature also looked a very capable fighter, the strength behind those wiry arms was undeniable.

    As Kastré was distracted by the alien, another young man had come up opposite him. He seemed a bit uptight and chose to ignore the people already assembled before the dark-skinned man, impatiently asking what he could do to get off this planet he didn't want to be on. Kastré chose to let him be for the time being. The dark-skinned man then preceded to cordially invite the demanding man to listen in on the jobs he had to offer.

    "...Good luck," the dark-skinned man finished with as he concluded his job offers. Kastré had significantly brightened after hearing what the man had had to say. I used to work in the field of comm setup and repair with Naboo Comm Central, Kastré thought. I know how to fix that severed wire! Taking the dark-skinned mans advice, Kastré was about to ask if some people would accompany him to make sure he could be warned if the job got dangerous. Before he had a chance to open his mouth, an intimidating man stepped out from the shadows and boldly stated that he would rescue the captured technician. Kastré was taken aback by his devilish appearance and the words he ended with. He'd watch this man, he didn't seem the type to mess with.

    Kastré then turned to the wiry alien and the two young men still standing near him. "Gentlebeings, I know a thing or two about comm systems. Fixing the broken relay wire shouldn't be a problem if I had the proper time and tools at hand. The vendor in Chamber 11 would most probably have the required items in stock. But to be truthful, I've never shot a blaster in my life. Having a partner or two watching my back would be very helpful. If any of you want to team up with me to complete this?"

    Kastré abruptly broke off mid-sentence as a commotion started at the entrance to Info Hub 2b. Scanning his eyes across the crowd, he finally found what it was all about. A lean man had stumbled into the room, his body appeared weak and bruised all over. There was a trail of blood from where he had floundered into the room. Kastré knew he had to help. This was a chance to do something, but he didn't know anything about treating wounds or what to do in the case of injuries this bad. There must be something I can do. Behind Kastré the dark-skinned man shouted out that someone should help, and for the medical bay to clear a bed...?medical bay! I just came from there, I know the way! Kastré spun around to the beings still hanging around the terminals. He looked at the small alien's powerful arms and legs knowing that he alone could probably lift a human with ease. "Guys! I just came from a medical bay! If someone helped me lift this man, I can lead the way there! We must help him!" Turning back to face the room, he sped off towards the bleeding man, who was now kneeling on the floor. He hoped some of these people s
  22. YoungAngus

    YoungAngus Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 7, 2005
    IC Tev Zett 110

    Tev thought to himself, he wouldn't be able to get off this planet as easily as he first thought, he would have to first help. The man did say there would be a reward whhich Tev was happy to hear.

    "I Accept the task of retrieving the technician Gurp from the Market Square."

    Tev smirked.

    'Good Luck.'

    He said it in a sarcastic manner suggesting the mission would me impossible.

    Then another man standing in the group stood forward.

    "I am willing to take on the task of fixing the comm relay while. Of course for my own safety I wish a team to be formed up. I say at least two others should join me. Any takers?"

    Another man volantered for the job aswell, saying he needed a gunner. That is when Tev decided he would be useful. But suddenly a comotion started, Tev quickly turned his head and saw a man had passed out. Tev grinned, he put another deathstick in his mouth and watched, The man who he was standing with had ran over, and tried to pick up the body, Tev saw no one else was helping, just watching. He sighed, then ran towards the injured man.

    'You get the head, i'll grab his feet.'

  23. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Ishtar ~ Credits 100

    Having heard everything that Panka had said he knewe which mission was for him, the tech Gurp sounded like it was right up his alley, however having help would be a good thing, but before he could say or do anything a man in rather interesting garb, as well as a tatoo on his right arm that was unrecognizable. . . The man had a very intense way about him, and would be rather useful for getting Gurp out, should that be his idea. . .

    As Red Black heard about the captured technician, he stepped out from the shadows within the Hub and made his presence known to Panaka and nodded.
    "I Accept the task of retrieving the technician Gurp from the Market Square." He said in a tone full of confidence.
    He turned and looked the group and said...
    "If any are willing to go with me that's your choice and i go by one condition is that none of you get in my way or it won't be the droids you will be worried about..." He said with a hint of a smirk forming on his face and faced Panaka again and see what he had to say before the group split up...

    Hearing this he grinned his toothy grin, "Then on that we see eye to eye. I will be much more of an asset than a weakness, I tell you this now." Approaching the man he was more careful in his inspection this time. The man was obvioulsy strong, not to mention he carried himself like a warrior. That would be useful, but was he honorable? That would remain to be seen, that much was certain. "I will join you on this excursion, as I am ready to kill some droids, as I assume you to be. I will need to consult with the vendor momentarily though, as I lost all of my weapons in a buidlings collapse." This last he sopoke of very bitterly, as one of those was a vibrosword that his father had given him on completing his training as a Noghri warrior. That lose gnawed at him momentarily, but he knew there was nothing for it at the moment.

    However before he could get a response a man burst into the room and practically fell to his face, he was so obviously exhausted, and for a Jedi to be so exhauseted was truly something. He was also obviously not a young man, his face lined with cares and worry, his robes torn and bloodied. Unless he was treated soon, he would likely die. One of the other men who was talking about repairing the comm line said something about helping him, and ran over to start to pick him up. Ishtar thought about it, but he didn't move at the moment. Any apperent weakness in front of his new partner would be a mistake, that was very obvious. Thankfully one of the other two, a shifty man who smoked death sticks, repugnant things, went over and helped. So turning back to his associate of the moment he said, "Shall we go to the vendor to prepare for this. . . for lack of a better term, mission?" Waiting for his response he continued to observe him. His combat suit was obviously used, but in very good repair. He found himself wishing he had been able to get his armor, but he simply hadn't had the time. He also wore a cloak remniscent of the Jedi's. That was interesting, and made him start to wonder about this man's history, however he was not going to ask, nor was he going to offer his own to this man. He could find no trust to give him, other than the trust of making credits in a business venture with shady characters who would likely off you for your share. . .

    TAG ScaPaCamem, YoungAngus, MASTER-OF-EVIL, Rabai, Tyi-Maet_Nefer, SAI
  24. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Daria - 115 Credits
    Nearing the Ambassadorial building, Theed

    Daria did not complain this time, when Trimaj held her hand again. It was comforting, expecially when walking around this strange graveyard of droids. As she walked through the area, she suddenly got the strangest sensation. Luckly, it was very difused...but it was of pain. She rubbed her hand on her face, frowning. This place was beginning to spook her.

    They moved through the area, that looked as if something had suddenly just pounded all these droids to bit, she trying to keep her attention on what was left of the building they were approaching. The Bothan had said something of a checkpoint. She looked at her map. Daria pointed out a direction, and Trimaj almost tripped once over a droid that was almost burried, all but its arm. Accidently firing a few shots he froze, as she hopped back, looking around.

    "You too...?" she asked softly.

    Flipping his hood back he held onto Daria's hand, a bit tighter than before. She gave him a slight smile, as she focused on her map. She pulled out her comlink, as they bent down, near a huge pile of droid parts.

    "You still there?" she called out, hoping the Bothan would respond. She looked at Trimaj, showing him the map. "How fast can you run?" she asked, grinning slightly.

    TAG: Trimaj, SAI
  25. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Trimaj ~ Credits

    "You still there?" she called out, hoping the Bothan would respond. She looked at Trimaj, showing him the map. "How fast can you run?" she asked, grinning slightly.

    Hearing this he barked a quick laugh, however he kept it quiet. "Faster than you I would wager, however that isn't much of the point at the moment. I shall pace myself to your speed my friend." He squeezed her hand, and then looking at the map, and their position relative to their goal he started to sort out landmarks, waiting for Daria to be ready. "Well slicer lady we may have a problem. . ." Pointing he saw three active droids, moving erratically, but still armed and coming their way. "Looks like my blunder drew some unwanted attention after all. I'll take care of it, you hide behind something. I'll be back shortly." He faded into the night suddenly. Looking back he hoped that she wouldn't try to pull some heroics or something equalky dangerous at the moment.

    Circling to get behind them, which was easier said than done considering their erratic movement. He just didn't know how they were going to move, muchless where. Watching for a moment, and realizing that their danger of being found, and subsequently killed, or at least an attempt made at it, he decided to end this now.

    Moving steathly still he started to close in on them, hoping like hell that he wouldn't be spotted, scanned or whatever it was theses droids did, he was finally almost in striking distance. And of course that was when things fell apart. They always did at the worst possible time. He tripped over a rock. A frigin' rock, and made a noise which of course alerted the droids to his presence. Ducking behind the nearest rock he hoped that Daria would try something now, at least draw their attention as the droids opened fire. Most of it was way wide, however a few were a little to close for comfort ast they knocked rock splinters into his face.

    Cursing his luck he reached his arms out and started to fire his blaster rifle in the general direction of the droids, firing a quick burst he drew back quickly, hoping he'd hit something. No such luck on this occasion, he would have to be able to see to actually do any good, and the likely hood of that was not good, considering he had three blaster rifles trained on his position. C'mon Daria, do something soon. Please do something soon. . . Was all that ran through his mind at the moment. Sliding his head around the other side to at least see how the droids were set up he fired another quick burst, and missed. The droids still had enough sense to at least not be clumped togther, unluckly for the trapped Defel. . .

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