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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rabai, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan

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    Apr 18, 2002
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    OOC: One essay down, one to go. Many thanks to Deto for keeping things in order while I've been busy.

    I have to go out now, but I'll be back to write more tonight. This is a quick responce for Ktala because she deserves some sort of reply from inconsistent old me by now.

    IC: Sergeant Ify

    Random street, Port District, Eriadu City

    Data. There was always data. Troop numbers, deployment parameters, questions to ask...

    Sergeant Ify nodded an order to one of his clones and turned smartly towards the latest civilian brought in for questioning - a human female who was siting nearby. Ify composed his data, or thoughts rather, and stepped over to the woman.

    "This is just a routine security check. Please answer all questions truthfully and you will be allowed to leave." The clone glanced down at a datapad. "Have you been inside the Ermed Medical Facility recently and, if so, were you a patient there?"
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  2. Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan

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    Apr 18, 2002
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    OOC: Right. I've had a chance to sit down and catch up with everything now. Great work all. It's fantastic to see that the game can continue to develop in dynamic ways even when I am away. I've dealt with a few things below, but I won't start tying everything together until after Monday when I finish my last essay. Thank you all again for being patient with a busy GM.

    As for the recent departure, I have to say it's sad to see you go, Trimaj. You've been an valuable member of The Star Wars 4 and The Star Wars 3 before it. For those of you who are more recent additions, Trimaj was one of the four people (along with Ktala, Handofskywalker86 and myself) who together pioneered the idea of dynamic, player-generated storylines in The Star Wars 3. This game would not have existed without that group, so I want to say a big thank you to Trimaj for all his work. It's been a pleasure roleplaying with you mate.

    Trimaj's character, also called Trimaj, always struck me as the sort of Defel who would want to go out in, as Tony Russo said, a blaze of glory. As a tribute to your efforts then, here, Trimaj, is your mercenary ending.

    IC: Omniscient Narrator


    Somewhere on the planet Eriadu, an antiseptic silence permeated the harsh white corridors of an utterly conventional Outer Rim medical facility. Overpowering the senses with a pronounced lack of stimuli, the vacuous complex radiated emptiness to all who visited - all, that was, except clones.

    Not entirely human, yet clearly man, definitely alive, but somehow dead, the armour clad squad of clones emerged statically from the elevator like déjà vu multiplied four times. Rendered faceless and emotionless by severely chiseled helmets, the clones nonetheless fulfilled a function in every aspect of their being. Today their function was death - only they did not know it as death.

    Not yet.

    Synchronous tapping echoed down the floor's main corridor as the squad sought out the duty nurse. She was waiting, ready, it seemed, from unseen warning. There were questions asked - flat, monotone words that avoided meaning through some trick of electronics - and fingers pointed in eerie gestures of calm indifference. The nurse could only shrug, robbed of her records by a thief that neither came nor went. But she remembered...

    ...remembered the darkness.

    Flat streaks of lightening splintered down the sky, wrecking the evening in deified splendour. All around the clearing, lamps twinkled and spluttered, keeping watch for the outcast. Vigilance hung in the air like some debut gymnast - amazed at itself, but aloft regardless. Tonight they would end the threat - a being of horror.

    When he came, it was not with a roar of battle or the wail of blasters, but with eyes - nothing but two glowing eyes. And they fell to the darkness - all of them. Unseen, smothering shadows glided through the clearing and snuffed out a dozen lives until there was nothing - nothing but the eyes.
    The door hung in unaltering stillness, both in the room and in the corridor at once, fooling the observer with a fallacious promise of exclusivity. Towards this facade the clones marched, hunting but for the thrill that they could not feel or know. Weapons ready, the embodied ghosts paused and then stormed the room with blatant disregard for both door and stillness. It was empty. There was nothing...

    ...nothing but the eyes.

    Light fled like the wise essence it was and the clones were plunged into darkness - faced with naught but blackness and two red orbs that just stared. There was another pause, then the clones opened fire, scything the room with seething energy as they shuffled around, glowpanes crunching underfoot. Miniature flames erupted everywhere, but as the clones moved, the eyes danced.

    With astounding grace, the twin glows dropped and twirled, mangling flesh and armour alike. Grotesque little fountains of blood erupted wherever they touched and the air grew oppressively thick. Strobes of blaster fire offered jitteri
  3. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    Daria ~ 115 Credits
    Random street, Port District, Eriadu City

    Daria sat on the ground quietly. She looked a picture of misery. She was feeling pretty close to it as well. But for far diffrent reasons. She just wished they would hurry up. She needed to get back to things.

    Suddenly, movement caught her attention. The sergeant who had been pointed out to her, Sergeant Ify, nodded an order to one of his clones and turned smartly towards the latest civilian brought in for questioning - a human female who was siting nearby. Ify composed his data, or thoughts rather, and stepped over to the woman.

    "This is just a routine security check. Please answer all questions truthfully and you will be allowed to leave." Daria looked up, and nodded.

    The clone glanced down at a datapad. "Have you been inside the Ermed Medical Facility recently and, if so, were you a patient there?"

    Hmm. Not bad so far. She could answer both truthfully. "Yes. I was there. And No, I was not a patient." she replied, whiping her eyes. At least it was true. She was NOT a patient. She hadnt allowed them to touch her while she was there. She just waited on the others. She didnt trust the place, and luckily, her injuries were light enough to not really need them. Cept for a bacta patch. And she swipped that one.

    She sighed. Once she was finished with business, she was definatelly going to go commatose. She really needed some sleep. Nerves were freying quickly. She slowly stood up, as she waited for the next question, pausing to steady herself as she did.

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    this shall get interesting.....
    ....really interesting
  4. Winged_Jedi Jedi Master

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    OOC: Apologies for briefness of post below- too tired.

    Titus Damasca
    135 Credits

    Spaceport, Eriadu

    The AirTaxi approached the spaceport streets, and the Zabrak pilot smoothly set it down, flying like a professional. Then again, he was techinically a professional now. And it wasn't really all that difficult. Titus reflected once more that it was beneath him, and turned around to his passengers. Now was the moment that he would decide the course of his short term future, at least. If they said yes, then all was well for the time being. If they said no, he could always go to the Archives as planned. Perhaps continue on with this thankless task for a little longer...then again, maybe not. He hoped they would say yes. He turned to his customers.

    "I have a proposition for you, if you're interested."

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  5. YoungAngus Jedi Youngling

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    May 7, 2005
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    Tev Zett 340

    Tev kept silent as they glided through the skies of Eriadu. He was realived that they were able to escape the Clones without any bloodshed. Not that it was nessacary for bloodshed, the had commited no crimes and they fought against the Confederacy on Naboo. They should of been rewarded by The Republic and given better options than the ones presented to them.

    Tev reached into his pocket and pulled out a deathstick. It was his last one. These sticks were the last things he bought before things got shakey at the Theed. It was just after his rub out of a man who made some Hutts very angry. Since then, he felt he was redeemed for all his couragous and selfless acts. He put the deathstick in between his lips.

    In the distance was the spaceport. The driver carefully manuevered it down and turned towards the passengers.

    "I have a proposition for you, if you're interested."

    'Go on.'

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  6. Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight

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    OOC: Aye, farewell Trimaj?and what an ending. Well written, Sai, and it?s good to have you back with us. Stupid uni? [face_plain]

    IC: Clone Assault Squad 8R-34 ? Port District, Ermed Medical Facility

    Amidst the bustle of the medical facility?s ground floor, the seemingly distant rumble of a detonation caused clone trooper HA8R-34 to look upwards at the ceiling, a puzzled expression cast across ? and hidden by ? his helmeted face. Most peculiar, he thought, turning back to his datapad. The screen in front of him continued to feed data through to the datapad for analysis. And hopefully, once I send the data, Intel will have some success analysing the civilian identities?

    The screen paused for the briefest of instants, then began to play the same footage for a second time. Obviously the security officer had placed the footage in a loop; it was no longer required, anyway. Stored on the military datapad, the clone stood and attached the sluggish device to his utility belt. His hand came to rest on the butt of his short-stocked repeating blaster as he glanced around.

    Everyone, it seemed, had paused in their tasks and was looking upwards. HA8R-34, too, looked upwards. He removed his helmet and tapped his comlink. Surely his own squad would be investigating the disturbance. Surely?

    ?Sergeant Ward, do you copy?? There was no reply. ?Sergeant Ward, this is CT HA8R-34, do you copy??

    Unperturbed, the clone shrugged and fastened his helmet back on. They had gone up to the fifth floor, so now that he was finished he could always go and locate the rest of his squad. But first, to send the data to Intel?

    This, the clone completed within a matter of seconds. ?Operations, this is CT HA8R-34 of Clone Assault Squad 8R-34, currently in Ermed Medical Facility.?

    ?Ten-four,? came the reply. ?What?s your situation.?

    ?I?m sending you some security data for analysis,? the clone said. ?Security level three, access code Neyo.?

    There was a pause of only a few seconds. ?Data received, CT HA8R-34; over and out.?

    The clone trooper turned, releasing his blaster carbine from its holster. Now, to find my squad?

    Tag: Sai, Ktala, Tyi?

    IC: Lieutenant Shyre ? Port District, Five Seasons Motel, Outside Room 56

    In his slate-gray clone trooper armour, Lieutenant Shyre failed to appear nervous. Surrounded by six flash-trained clone troopers who appeared to show no fear, the young lieutenant had to try extremely hard to remain composed. Beyond the motel doorway was the one obstacle between death and success, and possibly a promotion. Shyre didn?t want anything to go wrong.

    Up to this very moment, the lieutenant from Commenor had come a long way in his military career. He had joined the Eriadu Security Agency at eighteen years of age, and had progressed steadily through the non-com ranks until the war had broken out. Then, only once the Republic realized the military significance of Eriadu, he had been hand-picked to work for Republic Intelligence as a 2nd Lieutenant for Lieutenant Reyl Buth?aal.

    Along with the Gand Intelligence Agent, he had been promoted to 1st Lieutenant and assigned his own squad, his own LAAT/i Gunship. It was this event alone that preempted the lieutenant?s lust for rank and power, for fame and recognition. He had always been a professional ? even Commander Tsun had acknowledged his potential as an agent, as a leader ? but like all those who sought power throughout the history of the Republic, and even before its establishment, Lieutenant Shyre had become jaded and disillusioned.

    Now, standing outside the dingy motel room, Shyre wanted nothing more than to neutralize Seln Syan, and receive the glory that was taken from him with the escape of the infamous Captain Luth?aar only hours earlier. So, sweating and trying valiantly to hide his nerves, he signaled to the clone trooper manning the light repeater.

    ?Okay,? Shyre said, clutching his blaster pistol. ?Let?s do this. O/>/>
  7. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    Head Nurse
    Ermed Medical Facility, Eriadu City

    The head nurse quickly moved to finish her schedules, before he made it to her desk, the little creatures forgotten once again, as she sat down, and began printing out her documents.

    Suddenly, there was a rumble throughout the building. 'What now?!' she thought to herself, even as her hands moved to her communications console. The fire alarm suppression system suddenly became active. With dread, she looked to see what floor.


    She moved, trying to hail the nurse on that floor.

    TAG: any

    5th Floor Nurses Station
    Port District, Ermed Medical Facility

    The kind nurse on the fifth floor had barely gotten the alert from Nurse Hadly's station, when the lifts had opened, and the Clone troopers had stepped out of the lift. They came over to her, and asked her a few questions. She pointed towards a room down the hallway, curious as to why they would be so well armed. Especially for a hospital wing.

    She watched them, as they moved down the hallway, and into the room.

    Her eyes grew wide at the sounds that issued forth from the room. She almost fainted when she heard what sounded like blaster fire. IDIOTS! Didnt they realize this was a HOSPITAL? If one of those blasts were to hit any of the equipment in that room. Especially with the bacta and oxygen...

    Almost as if on clue, an explosion ripped from the room. The nurse ducked behind her console, as debrie flew from the room. The emergency systems began to come online. She signaled an alarm, to clear out the rest of the patients from the floor, just in case.

    She moved, doing her duties as organized pandimonium broke out.

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  8. DarthReven Jedi Youngling

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    May 8, 2005
    IC: As Galak looked out of the window, he found himslef in the rare moment of peacefullness that came very rarly to him now. ever since the invasion of theed, he had put his mind to the now, rarly, if ever, to the later. He rememered joing the freedom group, helping to fight the spereatists. Now however, the line was becoming more complex then he could've imagined when he first joined them. Ever since they got to Eriadu, they had ran into complications. From the Captain getting captured, shouting that name, to escaping the refugee quarntine, it almost seemed as if someone, or something, did not want the groups actions to continue.

    His thoughts vanished in an instant when the driver said something about a propostion, with Tev asnwering "go on." Galak leaned into his chair, interested in what the iridonian had to say.

    GEAR: Lr 40(scope) blaster pistol, vibroblade, heavy armor,120 credits
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  9. Winged_Jedi Jedi Master

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    Titus Damasca- 135 Credits

    Spaceport, Eriadu

    "It is simply this," said Titus and let them glimpse the vibroblade he had sheathed on his belt, underneath his robe. "I am a capable combatant...I have seen firsthand the nature of war...I have skills that may come in useful to you. I would like to join you in your work for the Republic."

    He left it there, and waited for his passengers to respond.

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  10. slumvillage Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 16, 2005
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    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-

    AirTaxi, Streets of Eriadu City

    Je'ru was very interested in what the zabrak had to say. He figured his intentions where true and not to be deciteful in any way as he showed his compassion for Naboo and it's refugee's by not charging any price for the fare. Asking to join along with them seemed like a good idea to Je'ru. His AirTaxi would be of great use, especially on other planets as well, if he'd go that far with them. And on Eriadu it would be nice to have an easy, effective, costless way to get around. And another able body to help in combat wouldn't be bad neither. Je'ru took a look around at everyone else, first. Then gave the Zabrak a smile.

    "We do not work for the Rebuplic, or any other political organization or for anyone. We soley keep working for mainly the refugee's themselves, to see them to a planet which will be safe and suitable for them until Naboo can become peaceful again. Just wanted you to get that straight first and foremost. And if my friends here do not have a problem with it, I'd like to welcome you aboard to our team...my name is Je'ru. And you are?"

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  11. YoungAngus Jedi Youngling

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    Tev Zett 340

    "It is simply this," said Titus and let them glimpse the vibroblade he had sheathed on his belt, underneath his robe. "I am a capable combatant...I have seen firsthand the nature of war...I have skills that may come in useful to you. I would like to join you in your work for the Republic."

    Jeru quickly responded. He would be willing to welcome this man into the group. Tev didn't share his optimism. He didn't feel it was right for another man to suddenly jump in. The team worked hard together on Naboo and risked thier lives, they were brothers now. He wasn't happy about the quiet guy joining in eithier. After all was said and done these two 'Tag-Alongs' would be getting just as much credit and reward for all that happend on Naboo that they were now part of the group.

    Tev swallowed his personal feelings, and did what was best for the group,

    'Yea you can help out. We might need you down the road.'

    TAG-Team, Driver
  12. DarthReven Jedi Youngling

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    May 8, 2005
    IC: When Galak heard the proposision, he was very suprised. He had expected anything from that iridornian, except to join the group. He covered his supirse by doing a small smile. It seemed that Jer'u had acepted him, and Galak trusted Jer'u's judgement. But he would have to change his thoughts bout humans, Galak didnt want to be bimbarded by sneers all the time do to what species he was.

    TAG Airtaxi guys
  13. Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master

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    OOC: Sorry, people. I've been sick for the past 4 days, and in bed for the majority of the time. I'm feeling better now, recovering, but won't get to writing till the end of the weekend. Sorry again for the delay!
  14. Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight

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    May 23, 2003
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    IC: Seln Syan ? Port District, Five Seasons Motel, Room 56

    With visible annoyance and distaste, Seln Syan glanced across the pile of clone corpses that were massed by the blasted-in doorway to the motel room. Evidently, no matter how much he could have tried to hide what had happened only minutes before, it would not work. Which is a pity, Seln thought, because locating Pari Kotav by any other means will be difficult.

    The humanoid hissed through his sharpened teeth, his eyes slowly returning to their natural yellow-gold colour. His almost-reptilian gaze slid across the debris-strewn floor until his eyes locked onto the still corpse of his pilot. The deceased Valohrrian lay sprawled on his back, small spirals of acrid smoke rising from the many blaster holes in his chest. He wasn't to know how many of them there were, those festering clones. To die in the Hunt...what a way to be remembered.

    Knowing that he had to move, Seln quickly glanced about the room; there was nothing else that he needed. So, having already stripped his pilot of the airspeeder's access cards, he darted through the broken doorway and into the corridor beyond. Already, occupants in neighboring rooms were unlocking their doors and cautiously peering out. Seln continued to move, his DC-17s holstered and his comlink in his grasp.

    As he lightly ascended the long staircase up to the motel rooftop, he activated his comlink. He would need help if he was going to remain hidden from the Republic Forces currently out on display throughout the city. "Furio, do you copy?"

    There was a pause. A few more steps...

    "This is Friq," came the reply. "Captain Syan, how may we be of service?"

    Friq and Furio, both Valohrrian Blood-siblings and both loyal to Seln Syan and the Separatist cause. Mercenaries, ruthless like Seln Syan, they would be very reliable assetts at this point of time. "Meet me at the Far Cry. Bring Furio."

    "It will be done, my Captain."

    The connection went dead as Seln continued upwards. Not long to go now...

    Tag: Any

    IC: Clone Assault Squad 8R-34 ? Port District, Ermed Medical Facility

    Short-stocked blaster rifle securely in his grip, Clone Trooper HA8R-34 trotted clumsily up the stairs on his way to the medical facility's fifth floor. Panicked patients and visitors pushed past the armoured clone as they attempted to reach safety. Irate and still attempting to hail his squad leader, the clone shoved through the descending mob, finally deciding to fire his carbine into the air to control the crowd. Suprisingly, it worked, leaving a blackened scorch mark in the ceiling of the staircase, and a large gap in the quickly parting, scared group of evacuees.

    Reaching the fifth floor now was only a minor irritation, which the clone managed to do in less than a minute. Readying his blaster, the clone emerged from the staircase to find utter pandemonium. Something must have happened here...but what?

    Ignoring a human female that appeared to be the head nurse, and ducking past two gloved surgeons, the clone finally reached the source of the explosion he had heard. Down a branching corridor filled with rolling smoke and red klaxon light, the clone made out a burning medical ward. In the demolished room, amongst the littered debris of cots, prepped bacta tanks and medical supplies, lay several well-burned clone troopers.

    Making sure the room was secure - which is was, as there were no pesent threats apart from the dwindling fire - the clone turned away and activated his comlink. "Headquarters, this is CT HA8R-34, do you copy?"

    "Ten-Four, trooper. What's your present situation?"

    "There's been some sort of explosion in the Ermed Medical Facility," the clone said, glancing behind him. "Looks like a firefight. I'm requesting backup from the nearest squad; the facility needs to be locked down and secured according to level one operational parameters."

    There was a pause. "Understood," the dispatch clone said. "State your cur/>
  15. FlamingBladeSaber Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Anaron Nexon (450 credits)

    Location: Eriadu City, Air Taxi, nearing the starport.

    Anaron could tell they were nearing the starport, as the hotline for passengers had grew and many people grew restless to get in line for the starport, although they weren't quite there. Anaron turned his attention back to the group, having normal banter until the iridonian pointed a very understanding offer towards them. He didn't want to decline, because they could use some help. There were times when they needed that extra person, like the moment on Naboo when Anaron was overwhelmed with droid fire and relied on a petty steel drain cover to defend.

    Je'ru and the others stated quiet cleanly they were all for it, of course if the group did not have anything else to say except to add him to the group. Anaron's wisdom and decisions had lead him down paths unbelievably bizarre over his lifetime but he was willing to accept.

    "I think it's fine, if anything it helps us. Glad to have you aboard, my name's Anaron Nexon. I fight using my fists, but most of the fighting I do is mental aswell. Once again, we're glad to have you."

    It was a meaty proposition and could help them gain steps further into helping the republic, which is really what Anaron wanted to do after helping the team out. He was gaining tremendous friendship and experience in fighting with his fists. He begun to think he had mastered the art of iron fists, but he wasn't even close. He turned back to the group, fresh air collapsed into the windows and dived onto the heated justice figters.

    TAG: Tyi, slumvillage, DarthReven, YoungAngus, WingedJedi and Sai-mera.
  16. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Lead Nurse, 5th Floor, Port District, Ermed Medical Facility


    The nurse fumed, as she began a quick message down to the main level. After that she ducked, as other clones pushed their way into the panicked patients, one of them firing a weapon.

    'Great..another idiot.' she thought to herself, as she ducked behind her desk.

    Once those clones were past her, she moved quickly, as she moved to help the doctors and other staff to finish removing the rest of the patients that were still left on the floor. The fire suppresion crew should be up immediatey, to take care of any other issues, before anything else that was volatile here on the floor.

    Only once she was sure the others were clear, did she get on the lift, to help guide the other patients to safety. It would be awhile before clean up, and they could return to the floor. Oh, there was going to be a mess after this!

    Head Nurse, 1st Floor, Port District, Ermed Medical Facility

    She did NOT need this. Not as Mr. Ermed entered the facilities. Her eyes went wide in disbelief at the parting message she had just received. She was NOT responsible for this.

    She waited for the inevitiable questions that were to follow, as she checked to make sure the displaced patients were being moved to someplace safe.

    Tag: you guys, Sai.
  17. Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight

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    May 23, 2003
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    IC: Dae-Muhr Tsun ? [100 credits] ? Eriadu, Eriadu City, Industrial District, Republic Intelligence Headquarters.
    Inventory: 1 comlink, 1 electrobinoculars, 1 DC-15A blaster, 4 clips, clone trooper body armour.

    ?Commander Tsun! Sir, come and take a look at this.?

    The clone?s distinctive voice snapped Dae-Muhr Tsun back to the reality that was the monumental military operation currently underway in Eriadu City. Hundreds of clone troopers were involved, with dozens of military transports ? gunships, speeders and speeder bikes ? transporting units across the city as needed. And all under my command?I must stay focused.

    It was a difficult thing to do, however, especially when one considered how long this day had seemed to go for. The Iktotchi was reaching the point of exhaustion, and little else but caf and stim sticks would be likely to keep him conscious. Drumming the fingers of one hand upon his right vestigial horn, Dae-Muhr shook his head and turned to the clone.

    Ah, Lieutenant Vee-Jay, he thought, nodding towards the uniformed clone.

    Second in command to Captain Newbie, the clone dispatch coordinator of Republic Intelligence Operations, CT VJ/6352 stood at one of the flat screen displays, his arms folded and a stern expression cast upon his face. Already, Captain Newbie was approaching to investigate what was happening; Dae-Muhr waved him back and told him to continue to supervise the dispatch operators.

    ?What is it, Lieutenant,? Dae-Muhr asked. The screen displayed only the footage from some clones in an indistinguishable street in the Port District; clearly, however, it was not this that the clone officer had in mind.

    ?Over here, sir,? the lieutenant said, gesturing towards the massive holo-display in the room?s centre. Hundreds of small flecks of light could be seen moving above the triple holo-projectors; civilian and military vessels alike bustled for room in the display?s blue-hued skyline. On the ground, massed clusters of troops ? squads to entire platoons ? milled through the city, some supported by smaller bipedal walkers in the wider sections.

    Dae-Muhr squinted at the display, beginning to understand what the clone wanted as areas began to glow with reddened ambience throughout the map. ?Here, sir, highlighted are the hotspots of the city ? those areas where clone forces are currently engaged with enemy forces??

    ?Separatists, you mean,? Dae-Muhr said.

    ?Well, nothing yet is conclusive??

    Dae-Muhr shrugged. ?But it?s safe to agree.? The Iktotchi glanced across the map. ?Are these areas being reinforced??

    ?It?s all under control, sir,? Vee-Jay replied, nodding as his brow creased. ?Clone Commander Sake has troop movements under control, and Captain Newbie has some of the operators sifting through the information our forces are sending us??

    ?I know,? Dae-Muhr said, growing impatient. ?I ordered him to do that.?

    All I?m really concerned about at this time is Lieutenant Shyre and his operation?

    ?Of course, sir,? he said, turning away slightly. ?But here, and here,? Vee-Jay said, pointing. ?They?ve both lit up within the last few minutes. Their proximity is alarming, and they are both?well, to be blunt, interesting targets of opportunity.?

    ?Why?? Dae-Muhr asked, frowning and looking dour.

    Again, Vee-Jay looked uneasy. ?They?re in the Port District: Ermed Medical, and a small commercial complex just off the main concourse surrounding the space port.?

    In his gut, Dae-Muhr already knew what had happened. Like de-ja-vou, he had already foreseen what was going to happen, but the remnants of the telepathic vision only came to his memory at that very moment. An explosion?then blaster fire?armour hitting the floor. Clone armour. Grey?

    ?Have squads been sent to secure the facilities??

    ?At Ermed Medical we?ve sent Veta Squad, with Fife Squad in reserve; both Second Division squads from B-Company?s Second Platoon,? Vee-Jay said, his arms folded across his uniformed chest. ?As yet, nothing but r
  18. slumvillage Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-
    Inventory: Viborblade, Blaster Pistol, Nubian Commlink, Work Tools, Panka's datadisk, datapad

    Outside Eraidu City Spaceport, AirTaxi

    It was nice that the group accepted the Zabrak as another member. In his heart Je'ru knew that some of them possibly did not agree with this decison but decided to hide their feelings for now. It was fine with him, the zabrak's intentions seemed to be true. As he was a refugee from Naboo and had seen exactly what was going on with them, same with the quiet man. The two newest additions didn't seem to hamper any of the groups efforts, only help. In a time of need, they would have to call upon them and find out wether or not they have the same type of make-up that, Anaron, Galak and Tev had. They were brave, selfless, intellegent humans, willing to risk their lives for the lives of others.

    "That fresh air feels good." Je'ru said as he felt the rush of Eriadu's cold night air comming into the airTaxi as Anaron rolled down the window. "Look's like we are here. Activity at the spaceport seems to die down a little after dark. We shouldn't have too many problems getting the supplies to the refugee's."

    Stepping out of the taxi, Je'ru's eyes began to scan the area for any unusual activity. After their little run in with the clone troopers outside of the medical facility he had been on edge. He didn't want any problems to arise so they could get the bacta to whom needed it. Je'ru turned to the newest member of their group.

    "If you don't mind, I suggest you stay and watch over the taxi and our supplies. We will go inside and try to get some help moving these supplies to the refugees." He then turned to the rest of the group. "Is everyone alright with that? I'm open to suggestions. If not let's get moving."

    Je'ru hoped to get in and out as quickly as they did at the medical facility. He wanted to either grab some rest, or if some starship manufactuers were open this late in the industrial sector, get started on gather the parts they needed to get Emet's Liberation off the ground.

    Freedom Fighters minus one plus two
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    OOC: DarthReven, your characters won't know anything about my Zabrak's anti-human prejudices. He hasn't said anything about it (yet), he's only thought it to himself. Sorry, I'm nitpicking, but I thought I might as well point it out.
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    Tev Zett 340

    Tev stepped from the air taxi as it made contact with the ground below. He took a deep breath of the cool Eridau air, and turned to face the Spaceport. Jeru stepped from the air taxi and made a suggestion.

    "If you don't mind, I suggest you stay and watch over the taxi and our supplies. We will go inside and try to get some help moving these supplies to the refugees." He then turned to the rest of the group. "Is everyone alright with that? I'm open to suggestions. If not let's get moving."

    Tev scratched his head. He hadn't yet trusted this man. If he was left alone with these supplies he could take off with them, and sell them back to the hospital for a profit.

    Tev stepped forward and spoke.

    'You know what, Ill stay back and watch the supplies. Titus I'll let you go in and see the Spaceport.'

    There was no way Tev would put so much trust into a stranger.

    TAG-Team, Titus
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    Titus Damasca- 130 Credits

    Spaceport, Eriadu

    "Thank you," said Titus to Tev, who had offered to stay with the taxi. "It gets quite tiresome, sitting around. And thank you all for letting me join you. I'm sure we will all benefit greatly from this relationship."

    Without further ado, the Zabrak began to help unpack the supplies, and waited for the Tusken Raider to direct them into the hospital, as that one appeared to be the leader.

    Tag: the team
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    Daria ~ 115 Credits
    Random street, Port District, Eriadu City

    Daria was busy answering the clone trooper, and waiting for him to respond with any other questions, when suddenly her vision swam. "'Oh..!" she muttered as she qucikly turned away from him, and grabbed her head. What the frell...?

    She suddenly felt as if the bottom of the planet had suddenly dropped out from her feet. Her head suddenly pounded worse than it had when they were on Naboo. Something had happened. Something bad. The feeling that she got, when something was wrong, seemed to blossom and explode.

    She looked around. Didnt seem to be anything going wrong here. But if not here...then where?

    Where was that BOTHAN.

    Tag: Anyone
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    IC: HA8R-34, Clone Assault Squad 8R-34 ? Port District, Ermed Medical Facility

    The sole survivor of Clone Assault Squad 8R-34, Fourth Platoon, First Division of Republic Intelligence, CT-HA8R-34 was in a state of confusion as he watched the fire suppression crew douse the dancing flames of the fire with a foam-like coolant. With smoke drifting into the corridor, it was safe to say that this floor of the Ermed Medical Facility would be inaccessible to patients for at least a few hours. After the crew was finished, cleanup droids would repair the damages.

    But amongst those damages were the corpses of Clone Assault Squad 8R-34, and how they had met their untimely end was of utmost interest to CT-HA8R-34. A flash trained solder of the Republic, the clone had been with the squad for three months. Squad Sergeant Ward had been a stoic and valuable leader, and to see him and the rest of the squad in their current state was?Regrettable.

    By now, Veta Squad had arrived from the facility?s rooftop. The squad sergeant had poked his head around the corner, mumbling something about ?blasters? and ?bacta tanks.? CT-HA8R-34 was not interested, however. He had explained the situation to the sergeant, to which the non-com had replied that clearly no Bothan had disintegrated in the blaze. ?The Bothan must have left the facility before we arrived.?

    The clone trooper mulled this over for a few seconds. ?Perhaps that would explain why there?s no footage of him on the surveillance records I sent to Headquarters.?

    The sergeant nodded. His blue and white armour had gradually grown grey in the smoke still rolling from the room. ?Maybe you should check the records again. Whoever started this was with your suspect Bothan at some stage, so perhaps finding out who it was will shed some light on the situation.?

    ?Yes, sergeant,? the trooper replied, nodding.

    ?My squad will have a look around, anyway. I think it?s safe to say that your squad got whatever it was that attacked them,? the sergeant continued. ?Nothing would have escaped that explosion; not if it was in the room, anyway. Let us know if you find anything.?

    ?Will do,? HA8R-34 said. He turned to head back to one of the floor?s security stations. Back to the drawing board, I guess?

    Tag: Sai, Ktala?anyone.

    IC: CT-OM/3N ? Port District, Five Seasons Motel, Room 56

    As mentally slow as clones were considered to be ? at least from the Separatist?s understanding of their enemy ? the platoon of clones sent to investigate the gunfire in the Five Seasons Motel had not taken long to realize that their quarry was long gone. Instead, what had greeted the clones on their arrival were the fresh corpses of First Division?s Bright Squad, along with their squad leader, Lieutenant Bibeq Shyre.

    The clones, lying where they had fallen, were also joined by the corpse of a lanky humanoid mercenary of unknown origin. Platoon guide, CT-OM/3N ? Lieutenant Omen ? had made sure to send imaging analysis back to Headquarters so that the body could be identified, but as yet there had been no reports from the clones there. Clearly there had been more than one assailant; that being was almost certainly Seln Syan, the proclaimed Butcher of Ando.

    Lieutenant Omen frowned, looking puzzled. Given strict orders to contact Commander Tsun, the clone could do little else but oblige. He typed in the access codes for a secure communications channel to the Iktotchi commander?s personal comlink. He waited as the signal was scrambled, crouching besides the blaster stitched body of Bright Squad?s new Corporal, Juke.

    ?Commander Tsun here,? came the accented reply.

    ?Commander, this is Lieutenant Omen of Third Platoon,? the clone said, slowly glancing across the other assembled bodies. ?I?m afraid that Bright Squad is no longer, sir. They must have come under attack; no survivors. But the motel is secure.?

    ?Thank you, Lieutenant,? Tsun said, after a moments pause. His voice sounded heavy, sad even. ?I?ve ordered a mo/>
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