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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rabai, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    OOC: My uni finishes I'll be back on Saturday. It's good to have you back, Sai. :D
    Stupid can finally resume once it's all finished. :p
  2. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    IC as Kastré: - [475 credits]
    Inventory - [1 vibroblade, 2 sets of work tools, 1 Nubian comlink, 1 battle droid head]

    In docking bay M94, Eriadu city

    [blockquote]Kastré nodded back to Captain Kart. The clone was talking about a complete sealing off of the bay?not just of the refugees. Leaving the refugees alone inside the bay struck him as odd?but then again, this whole situation was odd. He still didn't know why they were being detained in the first place?and that was a question he doubted he would be getting an answer to any time soon.

    Slowly walking away from the clone, Kastré gazed at the walls. He noted that they were solid durasteel, curved inwards at the tips to offer shade to the edges of the bay when the sun was out. Other than the blast doors that were now opening at the entrance to the bay, offering their escape for the small hovertruck which had given the people from Naboo some respite from their hunger, no obvious exits led away from the bay. Except perhaps for the one his friends had used earlier in the day?but Kastré wasn't sure if it was still viable to access at nighttime.

    Kastré smiled tightly. With only having the small security detail outside of the bay?which Kastré hazarded a guess would consist of around a half dozen?they were saving on personnel for the night, not having to leave clones in the presence of the refugees. So far the refugees had offered no resistance in the clones' eyes?unaware as they were about the freedom fighters outside the bay.

    Darkness was now all around the bay, with only a few meager glowpanels lighting the deepest edges. Before he realised where his feet were taking him, Kastré discovered himself standing by Emet's Liberation. His thoughts narrowed in on one path. The cruiser! If they have all left the bay....

    Quickly glancing towards the blast doors, Kastré could make out the shadow of the hovertruck already some distance out of the bay. Its bulk was turning around, ready to direct itself to whatever destination it now had. Captain Kart was standing by the blast doors, waiting for one final trooper who was jogging towards him, having come from the refugees. After a quick conferral between the two, Kastré saw a sharp nod before one of the figures broke away towards the side wall of the docking bay. A moment later the silhouette of the clone trooper reappeared and walked through the blast doors. Captain Kart was close on his heels.

    As Kastré gazed impatiently, the doors creaked as their motors were turned on. Expecting the slow eminent sliding of the doors, he was surprised when they suddenly slammed together?without a sound. Those hydraulics must still be in order, Kastré thought with amusement. The blast doors had closed in such silence that he wasn't sure if the rest of the refugees were even aware of their sealed fate for the night.

    Finally satisfied that all the clones had left, Kastré turned away from the entrance and looked up at the Consular-class cruiser he stood before. He smiled. For once now, he would have the chance to look over the ship himself. He was sure that the clones would have locked the ship, but he was also sure that he would be able to find a way in. After all, not every indent and paint marks he could now see across the hull of the ship were intentional?this cruiser had been in battle. And that can change things.

    Passing the large engines, Kastré suddenly thought about his friends. He still hadn't heard from them. He had followed with what Je'ru had asked, but had received no more news from anyone. For all he knew, they might have been found by whoever was responsible for holding the people from Naboo in this docking bay and taken away.

    They could be dead! his mind finally spat out. Admonishing himself for the rash statement, he also knew that what Je'ru had said earlier could be nothing more then a hiccup. He could only hope.

    Kastré thumped a palm against the outside of the cruiser, lost in his thoughts.

    "Are you all right, sir?"

    The voice came as a surprise, but K
  3. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    IC as Pergy and Durl:
    Ermed Medical Facility, Eriadu City

    [blockquote]Pergy's current assessment of the nurse they had been addressing since their arrival into Ermed Medical facility was at rock bottom. They had asked her a direct question?or at least Pergy thought he had.

    And they had been abruptly ignored. Again.

    This time Pergy could see why. The nurse had seen someone, a man?with a moustache?at the entrance, who was now walking towards the station they were at. But Pergy didn't care who he was?his own politeness had now reached its shredded end.


    That was as far as the Ugnaught got when a deep explosion rattled through the building. It sounded from above them, somewhere on the upper floors. Immediately the nurse in front of him started to act more frantically. Pergy noticed the important looking man approaching them look completely shocked before running in an rushed fashion closer to them.

    "5th floor, there's some clones too," came the hushed voice from behind him. Pergy turned and saw Durl still at the control monitor but instead of a still image saw what must have been live footage of the floor connected with the explosion.

    He gave a tight smile. "Doesn't concern us. Let's leave this place before we get blamed for it."

    "But we need to find?"

    "Take it with you."

    "Ta..." Durl looked confused. "Take what?" managed to stumble out of his mouth.

    Pergy nodded towards the monitor. "The footage. I'm sure we can find a lead from his companions or appearance. We will gain nothing more from this place." He added an exasperated look towards the nurse who was now being addressed by the more heavyset man.

    Durl replied by inserting a device into the control console and punching some keys. Within seconds he had reacquired his item and jumped down off the box he used to improve his height.

    Without another word?which was surprising for some?the two Ugnaughts walked away from the head nurse's station and towards the exit out of Ermed Medical.

    Durl imagined that the head nurse was smiling.[/blockquote]
    TAG: Anyone....

    [b]IC as Mr. Ermed:[/b]
    [i]Ermed Medical Facility, Eriadu City[/i]

    [blockquote]He was smiling?something that made his entire body seem jolly. From appearances his bushy moustache added to the happy radiance resonating from him.

    And then Mr. Ermed heard. An explosion.

    In a [i]hospital[/i].

    [i]His[/i] hospital.

    Mr. Ermed's slow and purposeful steps came to a halt as shock swept across his face. [i]This couldn't be happening![/i] Everyone around him was moving, and he could already hear the alert alarms.

    Jolly feeling long having left him, he decided to do the only thing he knew too. He ran with a slight amount of discomfort over to the nurses station. His face held a more panicked look.

    "What is going ON?" Mr. Ermed was speaking before he had even reached the desk. He realised that he was a bit flustered. He tried to calm down and took a breath before continuing, at the same time noticing the two ugly aliens talking behind the nurse.

    "What is happening, what just happened?" he repeated to the head nurse. [i]This was wrong, how could an explosion be inside his facility? It had to be those ever-blasted clone troopers![/i] Mr. Ermed was not happy.

    He noticed the two short creatures shuffle away from the station as he looked around like a nervous bee.[/blockquote]
    [b]TAG: Ktala[/b]>
  4. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    OOC: Okay, I'm back online - literally. I've been talking with Deto about how we do things from here and I hope to spend some time over the next few days to catch up and move things on in a direction that is less effort and more fun for everyone.

    I'd just like to commend Ktala for her exemplary demonstration of that concept I've been encouraging - freedom in roleplaying. Her willingness to run with new characters and ideas is a great example for all players.

    Once again, I must also express my admiration for Tyi's continuing streak of highly amusing and brilliantly written characters. You have the most entertaining imagination mate, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

    One final thing before I stop haranguing you with announcements: if anyone has any thoughts about game in general, feel free to drop me a PM. Very little has gone to plan in my life over the past few months, so some of the transitions and other progress that I started with in The Star Wars 4 have never materialised. I tend to feel like I've let you all down a little bit and I'm still trying to assess my long term plans for this project. Any feedback, of any sort, that you can give me about the game and how it currently compares to what it was back at the beginning would be great.

    OOC: [b]Deto[/b] - flashback style as discussed. I know it's vague, but I didn't want to dictate events too much. Look forward to Kotav's version of events. :)

    [b]IC: Kayar Dor'leyn - 840 Credits[/b]

    [i]Eriadu City Spaceport, docking bay 49116[/i]

    [blockquote]Smoke billowed slowly out of a gaping hole in the Ermed Medical Facility's Eastern Wing, joining the throng of pollution that loitered over Eriadu City. Kayar Dor'leyn watched the evanescent column as it dwindled against the dusk and then faded altogether. In the early evening darkness, squads of clone troopers could be seen dashing around, bringing order to what was clearly a chaotic situation. Kayar frowned and began to wonder whether chaos was simply attracted to him. Though he quickly dismissed this thought as overly superstitious, this general line of reasoning seemed disturbingly familiar.

    Watching the scene unfold five stories beneath him, Kayar thought back to his latest brush with death. Ambushed in the [i]Downpour's[/i] docking bay, he had made a snap decision to trust his Gotal pilot - a decision that had, without doubt, saved his own life. Where Kayar had merely offered his blaster and run for cover in an ill-conceived flanking attempt, the Gotal had taken action, skillfully and, Kayar thought, professionally slaying every last mercenary that assaulted them. And then he had returned Kayar's blaster.

    The shock of this deeply meaningful offer had made something of an impact and Kayar turned away from the waiting room window as he remembered his very visible reaction. While trust was never an easy thing, especially on a world such as Eriadu, in that gesture, the Gotal pilot had earned as much of it as Kayar had to give. With an uncharacteristic absence of words, Kayar's bow in response had spoken volumes.

    Things had moved quickly after that. They did not exchange names or tell stories in relief - they were both too pragmatic for that. It quickly became clear that they each had to finalise some matters before leaving Eriadu was viable for either. With clones suddenly arriving to clean up in a bizarre turn of events that Kayar decided was better investigated later, the two had decided to part with the understanding that if they both returned the next day, they would leave Eriadu together. Kayar parted his lips in a slow smile as he remembered giving the Gotal a parting three hundred credits and making it clear that he would find it most useful for the pilot to be...substantially armed.

    It was a neat arrangement, one without traces back to each other or interfering emotions to promise premature doom. All the same, Kayar found himself worrying over his plans as he mentally double checked all contingencies and pulled his newly purchased cloak tigher >
  5. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Daria ~ 115 Credits
    Random street, Port District, Eriadu City

    Daria blinked, to clear her mind, as the feeling left her feeling as if to pit of her stomach had dropped...literally.

    The creature she had been talking to eariler, still hovered nearby, but he seemed content to keeping to himself. That was good. She didnt want to explain that.

    At least it looked like the stupid clone didnt notice anything. He kept droning along.

    The clone Sergeant tapped a few notes into his datapad, he glanced back up and, out of routine, recited a final query.

    "Have you seen or been in contact with any Bothans recently? We have reason to believe that a Bothan separatist contact has been working in the area and any information you can provide towards this creature's capture will be looked on with much favour by the Republic." THAT was intersting news. She was just about to respond when her comlink began to vibrate. It was set on silent. She coudlnt believe it. Not now. Not after all this time of no contact. She refused to answer her comlink. Another flash of pain hit her, and she shook her head, no.

    "Sorry. Cant say I havent seen any Bothans recently." In a sense, that statement was VERY true. She had not seen him since the crash. She had been with Wraith all of this time.

    Daria looked up. "Are you finished...Im rather tired..." she replied. That statement was even more true. She just wanted to get out of the area. The lack of proper rest was catching up with her. And she probably looked it as well. As she had also been crying moments before, she was sure she probably looked a mess. Hopefully, she could play into it.

    TAG: Sai, Deto

    Main Nurse
    Ermed Medical Facility, Eriadu City

    The head nurse sighed with relief, as the two little creatures that had been pesturing her finally up and left. She had BIGGER issues to deal with.

    She looked up, as Mr. Ermed's slow and purposeful steps came to a halt as shock swept across his face. This couldn't be happening! Everyone around him was moving, and he could already hear the alert alarms. He ran with a slight amount of discomfort over to the nurses station. His face held a more panicked look.

    "What is going ON?" Mr. Ermed was speaking before he had even reached the desk. "What is happening, what just happened?" he repeated to the head nurse.

    The head nurse nodded, and began to speak quickly. "The fifth floor nurse just told me what happened sir. The Clone troopers went on the 5th floor, to check out a suspect...and they were heavily armed. The let out blaster fire in one of the bacta tank unit rooms...."

    She winced. "Seems as if one of the jarhaeds managed to him one of the oxy already know what happened next." The head nurses hands flew accross the console. "Fire suppresion units are already working, and the main fire teams are heading up there now. All the patients have been evacuated, and except for a few minor injuries, the floor is secured for now, sir."

    The head nurse, took her eyes away from the console, as she looked up at Mr. Ermed. "But the clones are making progress...difficult." she said, with an exasperated sigh.

    TAG: Tyi, sai
  6. slumvillage

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    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-

    Outside Eriadu City Spaceport

    [blockquote]Je'ru could hear the uneasiness in Tev's voice. The tuskeon was devolping a sort of sixth sense. He was able to pick up on certain tone's in a person voice, aswell as their body language when they spoke. With Titus, the zabrak driver, comming along and Tev staying behind to watch over the supplies, it all didn't matter to Je'ru. He wanted to get these supplies off, then maybe grab some rest at the nearest motel. He was also getting pretty hungry, he had not eaten for a while. Since comming to Eriadu, it seemed he was living off pure adreneline.

    "Ok, Tev, if you feel like staying back, your more than welcome to. Before we head in though, I'm going to comm Kastre to see what the situation is inside. I hope everything is all right."

    Je'ru reached down and grab his comm link.

    "Kastre, it's Je'ru. Everything's is good, we're outside the space port with the supplies. Is everything alright in their? Can we haul the bacta in?"[/blockquote]

    TAG:Tyi, FlamingBladeSaber, YoungAngus, DarthReven, Winged_Jedi
  7. DarthReven

    DarthReven Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2005
    IC: "Actualy, i'll stay as well. We have a huge load of Bacta, who knows what low-lifes could try to do with it." While Galak didnt fully trust the taxi pilot, that wasnt the reason for his staying. He knew what could happen to this bacta, and he thought Tev could use some help.

    TAg Tyi, Sai, Angus, slum, Saber
  8. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    IC as Kastré: - [475 credits]
    Inventory - [1 vibroblade, 2 sets of work tools, 1 Nubian comlink, 1 battle droid head]

    In docking bay M94, Eriadu city

    [blockquote]Following Hetré wasn't as easy a task as Kastré had first thought. They were now positioned alongside the hull of the cruiser in what would align with the starboard end of the cargo bay. A stray laser blast had beaten the shields and ripped into this side of the ship, although not penetrating into it as far as he could see, but still caused some titansteel to change to a much darker colour.

    Squinting in the darkness, Kastré saw the figure of the boy slowing in front of him. They had made their way to the opposite side of the ship?but by going under it, instead of around. Luckily Kastré himself wasn't the largest of men, because the gap offered between the connection of the crew rooms and the front end of the cruiser hadn't been too generous.

    He smiled grimly and took a step forward?just as his comlink beeped.

    It was quickly in his hands, his smile having frozen on his face. Kastré wasn't sure what he was about to hear. Lifting a hand to indicate to Hetré to pause, he listened to Je'ru's voice crackle through the line.

    "I am glad to hear that," Kastré immediately replied, relief evident in his voice. His jaw muscles relaxed. "You sounded like you were in a spot of bother back then... nothing unwanted came of it I hope?"

    Kastré thought briefly about the rest of the group. "Are Tev, Anaron and Galak still with you? I haven't heard from them in awhile, I'd just like to confirm you are all here?because the next stage in our struggle is going to be difficult.

    "If you're outside the spaceport, it would be a good idea to come in closer to docking bay M94?that's this one?although do it quietly. Only minutes ago the clone troopers exited the inside of the bay, but I heard that some of them would stay outside. There's only one entrance to this bay, bar the unorthodox ways," he added with a touch of slyness. "So you'll need to scout out just were those troopers are located.

    "You could try a direct approach and walk up to them, but I'm not sure if they'd believe you. And they would probably want to confirm it first with whoever on the peaceful plains is responsible for this mess."

    Kastré needed a breath. "Kastré over," he spoke quickly into the comm, wanting their input.[/blockquote]
    TAG: YoungAngus, FlamingBladeSaber, slumvillage, DarthReven, Winged_Jedi
  9. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-
    Inventory: Vibroblade, Blaster Pistol, Nubian Commlink, Work Tools, Panka's datadisk, datapad

    Outside Eriadu Cit Spaceport

    [blockquote]He hadn't heard the voice of their faithful leader in a while but it was great he was ok and everything inside the docking bay was under control. Je'ru never doubted what Kastre could do. He was so level headed and always knew the right thing to say. Something the tuskeon was working on himself. Being the 'leader' of the group since they escaped the docking bay was exhausting. Many times he was fighting with himself with what to do. He didn't know what was the best option for the whole team, as well as the ultimate safety of the refugees. So far he had been doing a good job and it seemed the rest of the group had respected him so more. The team, however, had mutal respect for all whom had came over from Naboo. It was Titus and the quiet man who had to carry their weight around now to prove that they were worthy of tagging along with the freedom fighters.

    "It was just some clones comming by the medical facility, looking for a bothan. I was neverous their for a moment that they came for us." They had dodged a big bullet when they came in contact with the clones. It seemed Je'ru's honesty was paying off.

    "Yes, Tev, Galak and Anaron all still with me, aswell as the quiet one, whose name I still haven't picked up yet. We also have gotten another team member, a zabrak named Titus whom drove an AirTaxi for us. It seemed he was on Emet's Liberation aswell." Je'ru then heard Galak saying he would stay with Tev. Je'ru smiled and nodded at him. Then continued with Kastre.

    "Ok. We'll probably try a direct approach right now. It has worked so far. I'll get back to you as soon as we know what the situation is with admittance to the docking bay. Je'ru out." Je'ru placed his commlink back on his belt and turned to the group.

    "So Tev and Galak will watch over the airTaxi and supplies. Good. I know that with you two watching over the bacta, know one will be able to get to it." He smiled. Tev and Galak knew how to take care of themselves, Je'ru knew it. He wouldn't have to worry about the bacta with those two around it.

    "Anaron, Titus and you..." Je'ru said pointing to the quiet man. "We'll head inside. Kastre said that the clone troopers had left but were staying outside for security purposes. I'm going to directly talk to one of the clones at the door to see what exactly is going on."

    Je'ru turned around and entered the spaceport.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Tyi, FlamingBladeSaber, DarthReven, YoungAngus, Winged_Jedi

    OOC: More to come tonight, if not tomarrow.
  10. YoungAngus

    YoungAngus Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 7, 2005
    Tev Zett 340

    Blast Rifle, Blast Cannon, Damaged Light Armor

    Tev was relivead to hear Kastre's voice over the Comlinks. He seemed to be worried about the group as the group was worried about him. Jeru and Kastre went over a plan as everyone listened quietly. As Jeru turned his Comm off and finsihed his conversation with Kastre, Galak stepped forward and offered to watch over the supplies with Tev. Tev nodded. He trusted Galak, Galak had earned it with his bravery on Naboo. Unlike the two new additions to the group.

    Jeru was going to confront the Clone Commander guarding the entrance and hope he would let him in. Ever since Jeru took over he seemed to loose his flare. First he avoided a gunfight with the Clones at the hospital and settled everything with words and now he is going to ask the Commander politley to be let into the docking bay. His role as leader really made him use his head more. A quality Tev lacked.

    Jeru set off towards the inside of the Space Port. The quiet man, Anaron, and Titus followed. Tev pulled his blast rifle off his back and leaned it against the Air Taxi. Then he himself leaned against it and continued to endulge on the flavor of his Death Stick.

    "There was no way I was lettin' that Zabrak watch over the supplies, no way. I don't trust him."

    Tev talked towards the stars above, but his words were clearly directed towards Galak who stood next to him.

    "How do we even know if he was tellin' the truth about being on Naboo? All I'm sayin' is we shouldn't put to much trust into this guy. Or that tight lipped one eithier."

    He removed the yellow stick from his mouth and dropped it on the floor, then crushed it with his boot.

  11. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    OOC: This is all I have time for...stupid day's catching up with me, but I'll have more up soon. :)

    [b]IC: Pari Kotav ? 396 credits. Eriadu, Eriadu City, Port District, ?Barter Concourse?.
    [i]Inventory: 1 comlink, 1 SE-14C blaster pistol, 1 bandolier of slug clips, 1 duffel bag containing (1 short-range mechanical toxin sling, 5 biothetic sedative slugs), 3 datacards, 1 identichip.[/b][/i]

    Pari Kotav had never liked clones; vat-grown and unidentifiable, save for their designated production codes, the identical humans in their identical armour were the physical presence of the beleaguered Republic, a galactic government of corruption and neglect that had survived centuries of operation from its equally shady heartland of Coruscant. The clones represented everything the Gotal had come to despise, and everything he had originally vowed to fight against.

    [i]But now?now what have I left to fight for that hasn?t already been long forgotten?[/i] The Gotal shook his head sadly as he watched the milling crowd of pedestrians, clone troopers interspersed among them like virulent weeds. They were everywhere, these soldiers of the Republic. [i]Something must have happened,[/i] Pari thought, pulling the hood of his cloak further over his shaggy-furred face. [i]And yet I have a sneaking suspicion that somehow I am involved in this?[/i]

    After his brief, but harrowing light-fight with the mercenaries in the docking bay, Pari had come to learn that he was way in over his head. His identity ? his entire livelihood ? were in jeopardy as long as he remained on Eriadu, and with every passing day that he stayed on the fetid planet, his chances of survival, of freedom, diminished steadily. But Pari had survived so far to tell his tale; he had fought off, and killed the mercenaries that had attacked him and Mr. Urry in the docking bay, and he had so far remained relatively free from Republic interest.

    [i]And yet I still can?t shake the feeling that they?re onto me?[/i]

    Pari?s brief brushes with the clones over the past few days had been nerve-wracking, to be sure. First, the Gotal had dropped his comlink in the concourse, only to have it returned by a nearby clone. Then, on the rooftop of his motel, a gunship full of clones had seemingly materialized out of nowhere. [i]And after that, there was the lieutenant and his squad who came to my rescue in the docking bay. Hmmm?it can?t all be a coincidence?[/i]

    [i]And I just pray that Mr. Urry can be of some more assistance to me?[/i]

    The Bothan whom Pari had fought to keep alive had been suitably generous with his credits; 300 credits later, he and Pari had parted with the intention to meet the following day. The Gotal understood that both he and Mr. Urry had unfinished business, so until then they would go their separate ways. [i]And if we do meet up tomorrow, then at least I?ll know that our business relationship is more concrete than merely imagined.[/i]

    Mr. Urry had indicated that he had desired Pari to be sufficiently armed; that suited Pari, as a blaster pistol and mechanical sling of military anesthetic would not entirely suffice in such a dangerous city. [i]But, I have to wonder why he wanted me to be ?substantially armed.?[/i] While Pari had suspected at least some trouble in being associated with the Bothan, the Gotal had not entered this working arrangement with any desire to be placed in further danger.

    Pari stayed in the shadows, deliberating and mulling over what had happened already today. Ahead, a half-squad of clones were questioning a small group of well-dressed civilians about thirty metres away. [i]All I seem to be doing is running into more and more clones on this planet. I don?t rate my chances too highly...[/i]

    Were Pari a Corellian, as opposed to a Gotal, he wouldn?t have had any trouble with his dwindling odds. Were he able to adopt a ?such is life? attitude, maybe Eriadu would have suited him. Maybe he would have actually [i]enjoyed[/i] the lifestyle. But [i]because[/i] he was a Gotal ? because he didn?t b>
  12. DarthReven

    DarthReven Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2005
    IC: " I know what you mean, Tev. I trust them a bit, but i wouldnt trust them with my life, the only guys i trust with that are the rest of us. ( might not be clear, i mean Kastre' Tev, Jer'u, Anaron). I especilay dont trust the Zabrak, we dont even really know if he was on the Emet's Liberation anyways? Atleast with Quite, we saw him on it. And those looks the Zabrak gave us, it seemed he had a problem with us or somethin'. And how the kriffing hell did he become a Taxi driver? He didnt folow us, and i doubt he just sliped past the clones. Both ways, he would then have to aquire a Taxi quickly, we met him after that Gear shop, remember? The peices just dont add up some how..." Galak thought he saw a shadow move. And maybe a diferant sound as well. But it was probably just his imagination.

    OOC: Winged Jedi, i hope it is Ok that Galak picked up on the Fact that Titus gave some glares at the group. I didnt say galak knows that Titus hates humans, just that he seems uncomfortable with the group. If it isnt OK, i'll change it with an edit if there is time.

    Also, Angus, it is your desicoun on wether or not something happens while we are there

    TAG Angus, Sai, the freedom group
  13. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-
    Inventory: Vibroblade, Blaster Pistol, Nubian Commlink, Work Tools, Panka's datadisk, datapad

    Eriadu City Spaceport

    [blockquote]The Eriadu City Spaceport was enourmous. One could get lost in it, if they weren't carefuly and knew what they were doing. Je'ru didn't know the first thing about this place and since they had to escape through a back exit, he couldn't know exactly where docking bay M95 was. As with most spaceports throughout the galaxy, there was maps set up to show you exactly where you where, and where you wanted to get. Je'ru quickly strode forward to the first area map he saw.

    It was an interactive map and Je'ru took his datapad inserting it into one of the ports. He made his destination for docking bay M95 and the area map, aswell as directions to their destination was downloaded into his datapad.

    "That should make it easier on his." He said turning to the rest of them. Je'ru then took a good look around the spaceport. What caught his eye was a small speeder, which was used mainly to transport luggage, tools or goods throughout the spaceport. He also noticed that no spaceport workers were around the speeder either. Je'ru walked closer to it, not exactly making a move to it but to see if it could be started up. In deed, it was already running and all Je'ru would have to do was get in and take off towards his destination.

    "Hmm, that speeder shall do just fine." Je'ru said as he walked up towards it and jumped in. He waved the rest of the group in; Anaron, Titus and the quiet one. His mind rarely wandered to thoughts of Tev and Galak, as he knew that they could take care of themselves.

    "Hurry up." Je'ru said as his eyes kept scoping for any spaceport workers who might see then commondering one of their vechiles. He had already put the speeder in motion, hoping to get out of their quickly before anyone saw them. He just waited for the others to hop in and he would take off.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Tyi, FlamingBladeSaber, Winged_Jedi, Freedom Group
  14. YoungAngus

    YoungAngus Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 7, 2005
    Tev Zett 340

    Tev nodded. Galak seemed to agree with him about his distrust of the quiet man and Zabrak. He leaned back on the air taxi and inhaled the cool Eriadu breeze. He gazed at the stars above wondering which one was his home planet which he was so desperate to get back to.

    Tev heard a small noise in the distance. He saw Galak move his head in the direction of the racket. He looked towards his partner.

    "I heard it to."

    He gripped his blaster rifle which was leaning against the taxi next to him.

    "Ill go check it out."

    He walked cautiously towards the direction of the noise. The sound of voices were audible. He ducked behind a stack of crates. In the distance was a group of 'street punks'. He spied on the group when suddenly he felt a hard hit on the back of his head.


    He fell down, and his head was bludgeoned again with a hard object. He slowly slipt into unconciousness.

  15. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    OOC: I think Ktala, Tyi and Deto have handled the Ermed Medical situation admirably. Unless anyone specifically wants me to intrude there, I shall refrain at this point in time.

    YoungAngus, I'll leave you and DarthReven to play out that little street assault. Tag me if you want some GM meddling.

    slumvillage, I'm going to preempt the conversation you're about to have based on an idea that YoungAngus gave me via PM. I hope this doesn't upset any plans you may have. If it does, I apologise in advance - PM me and I shall endeavour to correct things.

    [b]IC: Sergeant Ify[/b]

    [i]Random street, Port District, Eriadu City[/i]

    [blockquote]Good - more data. Sergeant Ify filled in more fields on his datapad as the woman before him talked. She was an easy case - no argument, straight answers. Ify nodded as she finished and waved her on.

    "Sure, we're all done here. Thank you for your time. If you see any Bothans, let the nearest clone patrol know - it's a matter of planetary security and the Republic is offering a ten thousand credit reward for this spy's capture."

    Ify nodded and then walked off, pursing his never-ending quest for information.[/blockquote][b]Tag: Ktala[/b]

    [b]IC: Clone Unit CU-11U 'Eyes'[/b]

    [i]Eriadu City Spaceport, outside docking bay M94[/i]

    [blockquote]Clone Unit CU-11U, or 'Eyes' as the ranks called him, saluted Captain Kart in an acknowledgement of orders and proceeded to watch as the hovertruck containing the rest of his squad moved off towards the spaceport's exit. Eyes was, by general estimation, a veteran soldier, having served throughout the galaxy in over two dozen engagements since the beginning of the war. This experience had made him even more implacable than the average clone and a good deal more cynical to boot.

    As the hovertruck faded in the distance, Eyes blinked without expression behind his helmet and double checked the lock on bay M94 behind him. Tasked with guarding the night-sealed bay, Eyes, along with his partner 'Ears', were methodical in their diligence, never leaving anything to chance. From the corner of his viewplate, Eyes could see Ears rise from a cover position and signal that all was clear to turn around. Nodding in return, the veteran clone straightened and resumed his place in front of the main bay door.

    Out across the spaceport concourse, hundreds of beings flowed past on foot, speeder and the occasional gunship. Eyes took all this in and automatically began screening for potential threats. A small speeder soon caught his eye. It appeared to be carrying two humans, a Zabrak and one very out of place Tusken Raider. Eyes alerted his companion to this discrepancy via comlink and then continued to track the speeder's course. Where some guards might have considered such behaviour to be paranoia, Eyes was a clone and only utter commitment would do. This was his training, his instinct - his [i]life[/i].

    While the clones continued to watch spaceport traffic, behind them, bay M94 had settled into silence.[/blockquote][b]Tag: slumvillage, Tyi, Winged_Jedi, FlamingBladeSaber[/b]>
  16. DarthReven

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    May 8, 2005
    IC: " I'll cover you" said Galak, as Tev moved out. While he wasnt certain, he thought he saw a gang of humanoids out in the distance. Since Tev was closer, in the COMlink he said in a hushed voice " tev, do you read me? Whats happenin' down there? " When no response came, he flicked the safety of his repeater. He looked where Tev had gone, but saw only shadows. Damn! If only this suit had a luma... thought galak. He moved closer. The Gang was advancing, weilding crude battons and clubs, though a few seemed to have blaster pistols, though they didnt look like new models. They could still kill though. Activating his COM, he said to Kastre', Jer'u and the others ( does Titus have a COM?) " Guys, there a pack of street thugs advancing, they might've seen us load the bacta! Somebody got Tev, i dont know what happened, i'm checking it out." Moving up to where he had last seen Tev, he heard a reunning sound, and turned just in time to see a Thug come at him. Acting quickly, he side-stepped, with years of experiance in these sorts of matters. *Kneeing* the Thug, he went unconscious as the metal plating added alot of force to the blow.

    Taking a quick look at Tev, he could tell he was uncouncous, though the exact state of his injury was unkown to Galak. Moving the body to a slightly smoother spot, a blaster bolt wized by his side. Stupid punks, dont even know how to use a blaster was Galak's thought as he brought his heavy repeater to bear. He fired a long burst, just barely missing the punks as a warning sign. " get the kriffing outa here, ye punks!" yelled galak, trying to put as much intimidation in his voice as possible. It wasnt that Galak didnt want to fight, but he flet that they desereved a warning; after all, they could be doing this for survival, getting food an all, though Galak doubted that was the reason for this pack of thugs.

    TAG: Angus, freedom group

  17. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003
    OOC: DarthReven, that's fine that he noticed Titus glares at them, I was just pointing out that he doesn't say anything explicitly. Anyway, apologies to you all- RL has meant that my posting here has fallen behind my other games in both quantity and quality, but hopefully I'll remedy that soon.
  18. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Daria ~ 115 Credits
    Random street, Port District, Eriadu City

    Daria watches as Sergeant Ify filled in more fields on his datapad as the woman before him talked. He then nodded as she finished and waved her on. "Sure, we're all done here. Thank you for your time. If you see any Bothans, let the nearest clone patrol know - it's a matter of planetary security and the Republic is offering a ten thousand credit reward for this spy's capture."

    Daria didnt make a face, but, ten thousand credits was nothing to sneeze at. This was getting intersting by the moment.

    Ify nodded and then walked off, and Daria wasted no time in leaving the area, as quickly as she could, without looking like she was moving out too fast. As she passed the strange alien she had been talking to eariler, she spoke quietly. She had noticed a eatery on her way from the Not too far from the park. It was a convient place. "Try Echers Eatery. In an hour. Good stuff there."

    She never slowed down, as she spoke and she quietly got out the area as fast as she could. She decided to walk a distance from the hospital, and see if she could see any troups near it. She was sure there was some there. But she wanted to at least scan the outside of the area. She would have to go back later, once things calmed down. As she did, she reached into her pocket, and caught the message that had been sent eariler. She cursed, as she flicked on her comlink.

    "Envoy to Artifice. We have a slight problem..."

    Worlds greatest master of understatemnt there. Daria mused to herself, as she moved to respond. "Still there Envoy? We gotta meet. Something just..."

    Daria froze for a moment, as she looked up. She could see smoke comming from the hospital. Her stomach plummeted, as she counted the floors...and then blinked.

    5th floor.

    She turned, shaking her head, as she left the area, staying far away from the troupers. As she walked, she could feel a rising anger building up dangeriously inside her. They will pay. All of them. She would crash this entire planet.

    Daria flipped on her comlink, and fairly snarled into it. "There is alot of money out there for a certain pelt. Make sure they dont find it." She flipped off her comlink, and stopped, not sure where to head to. The landing bay was probably too hot. Their room was most likely gone now. Daria looked around. She decided to head for the eatery. She needed a place to sit down, while she decided how to make them pay. Hopefully, the silly Envoy would repsond as well.

    She slowly walked to the place, and found herself a convient table. As she sat at the table, she shipped on a large caffa as she slowly tapped her fingers on the table. Her mood was growing more deadly by the moment, and right now, the only thing she wanted was payback.

    Tag: Sai, Deto

  19. Detonating-Rabbit

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    May 23, 2003
    OOC: More to come?

    [b]IC: Sherrik Kae?Ho ? Eriadu City, Port District, Random Street[/b]

    [i]Clones?with their never-ending questions?[/i]

    Sitting now, the humid night air irritating his skin, Sherrik Kae?Ho could do little but wait. The clone sergeant questioning the human female would no doubt come to question him, and if the clone was smart enough, he would run a scan on the Balosar?s identity. [i]Because I know that?s on file, somewhere. All I need is for some information-loving clone-inbreed to come and talk to me, and I?ll be done for. But such is life, eh?[/i]

    With their proximity to the spaceport, less than a kilometre distant, the constant sound of air traffic was unabated. Freighters and cargo transports passed overhead, thankfully high enough so that the downwash from their engines did not set those gathered alight. But it [i]did[/i] end up making the situation more uncomfortable for a certain heavily dressed Balosar information broker.

    Waiting, as he was, Sherrik had little desire to be here. [i]Eh, but I knew talkin? to that woman was a bad idea. There was jus? somethin? about her that intrigued me, I guess?[/i]

    Tugging on the tailored sleaves of his crimson overcoat, Sherrik glanced up to find the clone dismissing her. Sure enough, the female walked his way, and despite looking preoccupied she managed to utter a few words in the Balosar?s direction. [i]"Try Echers Eatery; in an hour. Good stuff there."[/i]

    Sherrik?s two antennapalps pricked with interest. [i]So she is interested! That?s good enough for me?eh, business is business, methinks.[/i]

    The Balosar nodded, but the female had passed; she failed to catch the gesture. [i]But these clones?eh, maybe they?ll lose interest, or something. I?ve a business deal to make, so they?d better not keep me from makin? some creds?[/i]

    [b]Tag: Sai, Ktala?[/b]

    [b] IC: Pari Kotav ? 396 credits. Eriadu, Eriadu City, Port District, Black Sabbath Inn.
    [i]Inventory: 1 comlink, 1 SE-14C blaster pistol, 1 bandolier of slug clips, 1 duffel bag containing (1 short-range mechanical toxin sling, 5 biothetic sedative slugs), 3 datacards, 1 identichip. [/i][/b]

    Pari Kotav ? much to his surprise ? managed to struggle successfully through the streets of the ?Barter Concourse? in the now all-too-familiar Port District without attracting any further unwanted attention. On his way to see the infamous Seln Syan ? [i]Captain[/i] Seln Syan, Pari reminded himself ? the Gotal had expected further grief from the frequent patrols of clone troopers, or their thrumming gunships.

    [i]But nothing so far,[/i] Pari reflected. It made a change, that was for sure.

    The Gotal finally reached the Black Sabbath Inn, the very place rumoured to be hiding the Valohrrian. It was a stunted building, out of place and surrounded by taller [i]contemporary[/i] buildings more suited to the industrial heartland of Eriadu City. Amidst the pollution, pedestrian and speeder traffic ? Pari had yet to decide which, in fact, was worse ? the almost resort-looking complex was small and pristine-looking. With stained white walls, and a permacrete-shingled roof, the inn was hardly understated and subtle in appearance. However, considering the wide range of architecture spread across the city, the appearance of the inn was hardly unusual.

    [i]But,[/i] Pari reflected, [i]I suppose he?s had little choice. After all, he originally wanted to contact me at the Five Seasons?[/i]

    Stepping inside the inn?s drab foyer, Pari was instantly pulled aside by a lanky humanoid with a golden-tinted gaze. Appealing for assistance with his eyes, Pari found none; the reservation desk was at this time abandoned, and the Gotal was now alone with this [i]creature[/i].

    [i]So much for that,[/i] Pari thought, forcefully removing the humanoid?s grasp from his arm. The Gotal made no move for his holstered blaster pistol; he already recognised that the alien was a Valohrrian, the same understated species as Seln Syan. Attempting to fight would do little good.

  20. Detonating-Rabbit

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    May 23, 2003
    IC: CT-HA8R-34, Clone Assault Squad 8R-34 ? Port District, Ermed Medical Facility

    With the fifth level mostly abandoned, clone trooper HA8R-34 had little difficulty descending two levels to reach the nearest accessible security station. Amidst the bustle of activity, it took the clone slightly longer to ready himself for the technological onslaught he would no doubt receive from the facility?s security feeds. While the clone ? as his squad?s comm-tech specialist ? understood the ins and outs of private, non-military security systems, he always found them to lack the straightforwardness he was used to with the Republic Military?s security systems.

    But such was life, and in the present situation this mattered little to the clone who knew he had a vital job to complete. Unfastening the boxy military datapad from his belt, he jacked it into the security station and began the painstaking task of analysing the security footage. There must be something here?perhaps if I take a look at the data from level five.

    His helmet comlink hummed, indicating an incoming message from Republic Intel Headquarters. ?All units, this is Clone Commander Sake. This order is for all units currently in operation in second and third division of Republic Intelligence. This is a request for all squads in second and third companies of the respective divisions, currently not involved in any action, to remain in reserve, on standby for the duration of the operation. That is all; as you were.?

    Well, that doesn?t apply to me, HA8R-34 thought indifferently. Now, what have we here?

    ?CT-HA8R-34, come in,? came the comfortably familiar voice of another clone. ?This is Sergeant Vale of Veta Squad.?

    ?I copy, Sergeant.?

    ?You heard the order; I?m moving my squad to Gunship Hiatus,? the sergeant said. ?As ordered. You can contact us there, if need be.?

    ?Ten-Four, Sergeant,? HA8R-34 replied, turning back to the security station. Frozen on screen was the slightly blurred image of a Bothan in the loose medical attire of a patient. Well, it?s a slightly odd look for a Bothan; I?ll have to send that to headquarters for analysis.

    Tag: Any

    [b]IC: Dae-Muhr Tsun ? [100 credits] ? Eriadu, Eriadu City, Industrial District, Republic Intelligence Headquarters. [i]
    Inventory: 1 comlink, 1 electrobinoculars, 1 DC-15A blaster, 4 clips, clone trooper body armour.[/b][/i]

    As the two clones approached him, Dae-Muhr knew that something had happened. However, judging from the emotions he was sensing from the two, the news they brought was positive. [i]Rather unexpected,[/i] he thought. [i]But at least telepathy saves me some time and anxiety?[/i]

    The two clones ? Lieutenant Vee-Jay and clone dispatch officer High Five ? both saluted smartly, standing at attention before the Iktotchi until he regarded them with his cold, unnerving eyes. The dour look they received from the alien, though, did nothing to distract them from their current duties; both clones were used to Commander Tsun?s lack of positive facial expressions, and therefore assumed that everything was usual, nothing was amiss.

    Dae-Muhr looked from one clone to the next. Aside from Vee-Jay?s rank-marked white clone trooper armour, the clones were identical. Were they to wear similar attire, Dae-Muhr was almost certain he would have had difficulty telling them apart. ?At ease, gentlemen. What news do you bring??

    High Five, naturally, let Vee-Jay talk first. The officer relaxed his stance, his hands coming to rest by his side. ?Sir, you asked to be kept informed. I?m pleased to report that the operation is running smoothly with a minimum of casualties or disruptions. The forces to the north and south of the Port District have scaled their operations back. Of those that remain, most of them are on routine patrol and mop-up; the rest are in reserve.?

    ?Very good, Lieutenant,? Dae-Muhr said, inclining his horned head. ?Has there been any news from the [i]Firespray[/i]??

    ?Yes, sir,? the clone replied, qui>
  21. Sai-Mera_Saa

    Sai-Mera_Saa Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 18, 2002
    IC: Kayar Dor'leyn - 840 Credits

    Eriadu City, Port District, ConCor Building, 42nd floor

    [blockquote]Kayar stood at a forty-second floor window, still but for the credit chit looping slowly through his fingers. It was a deliberate motion, designed to distract and vent anxiety simultaneously - one more legacy from his diplomatic training. He frowned at the galaxy in general and the past specifically, annoyed at the latter's ability to haunt simply by existing. Before Kayar could progress these thoughts further, a soft beeping sounded from his comlink, saving him from the need for more despondency. The message was from Daria and sounded stressed - even for a human. Kayar keyed for the channel.

    "My presence persists, if that is what you mean. I assume your room is the one currently adding to Eriadu City's pollution. Acknowledge your pain, for it seems that our companion of late has departed. When you are ready, send me a location and we shall meet. I am nearby. Envoy out."

    This was a complication, Kayar realised - a rather large, gaping complication. He paused in silence for a moment, reflecting on the reality being played out below. Life was cheap - the ultimate irony. Kayar bowed to the darkness and moved off to find a turbolift, acutely aware that his descent into shadow was far from over.[/blockquote]Tag: Ktala
  22. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

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    Jun 17, 2005
    OOC: Replies tomorrow... sorry, it's late here.
  23. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Daria ~ 115 Credits
    Leaving Echers Eatery for Tal'agurs house of alien fashions, Eriadu City, Port District

    If she had claws, Daria would have driven them through the table by now, as she sipped her drink. She had close to an hour, before she was to meet the other.

    The 'Envoy' had replied...and his reply seemed to anger her even more.

    "My presence persists, if that is what you mean. I assume your room is the one currently adding to Eriadu City's pollution. Acknowledge your pain, for it seems that our companion of late has departed. When you are ready, send me a location and we shall meet. I am nearby. Envoy out."

    Adding to the pollution of the CITY?!! Daria's anger was threating to seriously errupt. Wraith was GONE...and that was the way he put it?!?! She wondered if she should just leave. This Bothan was hot. Very hot. But she wanted the creds for the info she had. She needed money to get off the rock. And a ship. She was sure the other ship was now crawling with clones. She was glad she had put that virus in the hospitals records. They should be pretty much erased now.

    She sighed. She needed a palce to meet him. She paid her tab and left. She would be back in time for her other meeting...she hopped. She left the eatery, and began to walk around. Where to meet, someone worth a good sum of creds that woudlnt draw attention? Where would the clones NOT look? Cant be too obvious.

    Daria stalked away, heading towards the many businessess. Hmmm. She pulled up her hood, and closed her cloak as she walked. She headed for what looked like the more Alien part of the area. Not soo sickning clean. Clones would stick out like sore thumbs. Plenty of warning. She walked for abit...until she came upon a shop. She stopped and looked, squinting to read the writing on the hand scrabbled board...and almost broke into laughter. [Tal'agurs]

    She stepped inside.

    She smiled, as she got plenty of intersting looks. It was a beautifacation palor. One for aliens. Want your fur groomed, come here. nails trimmed...they had you covered. Daria smiled darkly. It was perfect. She walked over towards the counter, as the ...whatever it was, behind desk looked at her, trying to say something.

    "Its for a friend." she said with a grin..and the being grinned, nodding. "You got a saunaroom?" she asked. The being nodded, especially after Daria showed she did have some creds on her. "You can wait for friend here..." the bird like creature told her, showing her a small but very nice looking room. With a nod and smile, Daria took a seat.

    A few moments later, she sent the Bothan a message, with the name and address of the place. She would wait for him inside.

    Daria sat back, rubbing her temples, as she stimmed the anger and dangerious levels of hate she was feeling right now. This planet would know of her, before she left, if she had her way.

    Tag: Sai

    *snicker*...chair for one, mr furry!
  24. Sai-Mera_Saa

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    Apr 18, 2002
    OOC: This Bothan was hot. Very hot. [face_laugh] Ah...this conjures up mental images that are wrong in so many ways...

    [b]IC: Kayar Dor'leyn - 840 Credits[/b]

    [i]Eriadu City, Port District, ConCor Building, somewhere between the 23rd and 24th floor[/i]

    [blockquote][i]"Progressing in a downwards direction."[/i]

    Kayar scowled violently at the turbolift's annoying vocabulator and mentally imagined a pile of shredded circuitry. The thought did him little good and he continued to brood as the ellipsoid enclosure carried him back towards street level. That this phrase was something he himself could have uttered only served to frustrate him further.

    [i]"Arriving at street level - alight here for reception services."[/i]

    Various beings smiled warmly as the turbolift door slide open.

    Various beings received no response.

    Cloaked against the night breeze and unwelcome eyes of prying clones, Kayar strode purposefully out of the mysteriously named ConCor Building and headed off in a random direction. Eriadu City's streets were no less busy for the late hour and more than once Kayar found himself glad of the extra concealment. Clones marched everywhere in small patrols, questioning pedestrians, shopkeepers and virtually every alien they passed. Mindful of Daria's warning, Kayar kept to the shadows and moved erratically, hoping to confuse any pursuit.

    After a short while, another message came through, this one simply listing the name and address of what Kayar assumed was a cafe. Without a map, finding the location proved difficult. Since most public terminals seemed to be watched, Kayar resorted to questioning the occasional passing tourist, picking his marks for those who were unlike to be aware of planetside news - or warrants. A short while later, he managed to stumble upon what turned out to be an alien beauty parlour.

    Though this development was, on the surface, somewhat unexpected, Kayar thought back to his earlier assessment of the female slicer and made a further mental note about her competence. Clearly she was short on trust and long on deviousness - a combination to be wary of, especially if you were a wanted fugitive.

    Kayar double checked the small holdout blaster hidden up his sleeve and then stepped into the building. Instinctively putting on a well practiced air of confidence, he glanced casually around, noting the establishment's varied clientele. As very few of the beings paid him much attention, Kayar moved deliberately on to the counter. A polite bow and some basic description of the being he was meeting soon found him being led towards a small sauna. Daria sat quietly inside, so Kayar choose to pause at the door.

    "Good, or perhaps troublesome, evening to you."[/blockquote][b]Tag: Ktala[/b]>
  25. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

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    Jun 17, 2005
    IC as Mr. Ermed:
    Ermed Medical Facility, Eriadu City

    [blockquote]"Those clones need to take some society lessons," the somewhat more settled Mr. Ermed commented. "They think they own everything?at this rate they'll be the death of the Republic."

    Turning to his Head Nurse, he nodded his thanks. "It sounds like you have things covered. Just what could be so important that they wanted to blow up part of a hospital concerns me."

    Owning a private medical facility had its ups. Focusing on the task at hand while emergencies continued on around you was one of them. Mr. Ermed left his thoughts until duties were accomplished.

    "Make sure all evacuated patients don't leave the building?we have a reputation to uphold. We can use the facilities up on the 34th floor, where Too-Jay is upgrading the computer systems. Tell him to have a day off," Mr. Ermed had to laugh at the absurdity of a droid having time off. "Better yet?tell him to clean the rooms so they can be ready for use. Start moving everyone suitable up there."

    He clasped his hands together. "Also make use of the closer suites that are empty for those that are more panicked?it should settle them more quickly," he added with a wink, jolly smile returning as he spoke to his favourite nurse.

    "I want to hear an explanation from the clones themselves, so I'll be near the damaged floor if you need me." Mr. Ermed idly glanced behind him, just in time to spot two ugly aliens exit the hospital. He remembered that they were the ones who had been with the Head Nurse previously.

    "What did those short... things want?" he quickly asked offhandedly, voicing his thoughts aloud.[/blockquote]
    TAG: Ktala

    OOC: The last post for your nurse, just ending this part of the interaction. ;)

    [b]IC as "Quiet" the quiet man:[/b]
    [i]Eriadu City Spaceport[/i]

    [blockquote]Nodding a blank understanding, he left the presence of the AirTaxi and followed the Tusken Raider inside the spaceport. Two other men followed, including the Zabrak that had just joined them.

    The bustling and busy Eriadu Spaceport flowed around him as he followed Je'ru. The intelligent man leading him soon found a map that allowed them a clear view of where they would find docking bay M94 and the group of refugees. The distance was a fair way?the spaceport stretched across a large area of this part of Eriadu's industrialized surface.

    Watching as Je'ru looked around them, his own eyes soon fell upon the lonesome speeder hovering only steps away. The Tusken Raider seized the opportunity and jumped aboard?followed closely by the quiet man.

    Once all of them were inside the speeder's humble sides, Je'ru guided them smoothly towards their desired docking bay. As they neared the bay, two clones became visible to the quiet man's eyes, standing at attention outside the main entrance.

    He silently waited for his companions to make their move.[/blockquote]
    [b]TAG: FlamingBladeSaber, slumvillage, Winged_Jedi[/b]

    [b]OOC:[/b] I followed along with what [b]Sai[/b] posted, hence the mention of troopers and our trip to the docking bay. Oh, and [b]slum[/b], I think you got the wrong number for the bay. ;)

    Kastré will have to come tomorrow. :)>
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