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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rabai, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    OOC: Sorry, guys, I'm pulling out of this game. I don't think I can give it the commitment it deserves, and I'd rather not slow you all down, as there's some truly brilliant posting going on here. Another important reason was that I wasn't enjoying writing for my character, though I'm unsure why exactly this was. Sometimes it just happens- you make up a PC and find you simply can't get into him/her. Anyway, NPC Titus, do whatever you want with the chap. All right then, catch you all later.
  2. YoungAngus

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    May 7, 2005
    OOC-Sorry to see you go. It's been fun. Guys on team, should we have Titus die? Or just tag along?

    IC Tev Zett 340

    Suddenly three street thugs came running from behind the crates screaming like banshees. One of the two humans had Tev in his sights. Tev quickly tried to pull his blast cannon to bring him down, but by the time he had it up he felt the force of a kick in his chest. He fell to the ground, as did the attacker who had just drop kicked him. Tev watched the cannon scatter to the side. He took a punch in the nose as he looked at his weapon. He still had his rife strapped to his back. He struggled to get it as he took another punch in the face.

    He pulled out his rife, and the attacker moved just as Tev fired a blast. The laser shot by the young man's head. Tev was still on his knees and the attacker quickly stood and kicked Tev accross the head. He dropped his rifle and fell down. He tried to stand, but took another kick from this very well trained human. Tev was never much of a skilled fighter, and this man was well trained in hand-to-hand combat.

    Tev crawled towards his rifle, but saw the attacker's foot kick it away. Tev turned around to look at him. He had a vibroblade clutched in his face. He held it in the air to give Tev the final blow.

    He let out a battlecry. One long enough for Tev to remember he had taken a blaster from one of the other dead thugs. He quickly pulled it from his belt. He flicked his head to the side to get his soaking wet hair out of his eyes to get a clear shot. He pulled the trigger which fired the laser into the man's chest. He shot once more and slowly got up as the man fell. He wiped the blood from his nose, and picked up his discarded weapons.

  3. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    OOC: Sorry to see Winged leaved but no offense to him. Let's kill that human hating Zabrak off.[face_devil] Someone's gotta perish.

    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-
    Inventory: Blaster Pistol, Nubian Commlink, Work Tools, Panaka's datadisk, datapad

    Outside Main City Spaceport, Scuffle in Progress, Eriadu

    [blockquote]Trying to find the rest of his companions with the rain beating down on him was hard. Especially during the night time in Eriadu. Although the bright lights of it's spaceport helped, Je'ru wasn't that used to the rain. And the visibility was only a few feet in front of him. In the distance though, he could see streaks of blue and red as his friends fired their blaster's off into the night towards the other two goons. Je'ru was able to take care of one of the humans, beating him pretty good that he won't want to get back up.

    The tuskeon forgot were he was at, as he looked back trying to see if he was still down. He did see a figure of a man on the ground and figured it was the one who broke his vibroblade, that he had since leaving Naboo. Maybe if he could find one, he would purchase a staff which suited him more. His familarity with the gandiff sticks his people used in battle would give him an edge with the double edged weapon.

    He was still a little beat up, from all the action he recieved against the human who knew a lot about street fighting it seemed. Even his calf, which was injured during their escape from Naboo had begun stinging again. His right side limping because of it. His face was bloody and Je'ru began stumbling to the right, still trying to make his way towards the airTaxi.

    How did I get so far away? He thought to himself. The fight with that human must of taken him further away than he had first thought. With his injuries and his face bloodied, along with an ever growing headache it was becomming difficult to stand. He wondered for a second on how his friends were handling the situation. Wondered wether or not they were doing a good job at fending off the street thugs. They had handled numerous battle droid and droideka's in the past, everyone except for the quiet man. Three young goons from Eriadu shouldn't be that hard. Although it was for Je'ru. He didn't like to make excuses but the rain did hamper his ability to see and predict the movements of his attacker.

    Instead of going anything, Je'ru took a seat. He had to, he didn't know what would happen next. If one of those goons, or if even more showed up, they would come behind him to take his head right off with one of their vibro-axes. All he knew was that he needed a rest. Since they arrived on Eriadu it had been nothing but walking here, or walking there. He also was hungry. He was a warrior and could go long waits without eating but his was too long. He hadn't had anything since he arrived in the underground tunnels on Naboo and it was wearing him down.

    He sat there for a moment thinking about the group. He couldn't let them see him like this, he had to get up and be strong. Je'ru had to be the strong leader he was trying to make himself. If his friends were to see him like this, they would not say it to his face, but they would defenitely be disappointed. He quickly got up and began walking towards where he thought the airTaxi would be. Hopeing to either run into the airTaxi or into one of his friends.[/blockquote]

    TAG: YoungAngus, DarthReven, Tyi, FlamingBladeSaber
  4. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

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    Jun 17, 2005
    OOC: Apologies for not posting. Coming, all permitting, tomorrow. :)

    Sorry to see you go, Winged_Jedi. :( Good luck with your other pursuits!

    I agree with slum, let's kill him so we don't have a purposeless character tagging along. Someone up for it?
  5. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Gee..talking to myself again... weeeeee!

    In hotel room - Moving on to Morning...

    Daria didnt sleep. She didnt dare sleep. She was afraid after all this time, if she was to fall asleep now, she wouldnt wake up for a week. And she didnt want to be HERE for a week.

    So instead, she worked like a woman possessed. A pot of caffa kept her company, as she pulled out her comlink, and began to do what was more natural than breathing to her. She began to hack. A serious hack. One that would make the officals here on this disgusting planet sorry they had ever messed with her, and those she had cared for. But she tried not to think about that right now. Because everytime she did, she grew alittle bit darker, and it felt colder.

    Daria curled up, a blanket around her, as her finger tapped her console, and her eyes blazed darkly. Everytime she even THOUGHT about the Bothan, her hate began to blosom. The arrogant... She sighed. No. Not now. Now was getting paid, getting revenge, and getting out.

    She looked over her maps and checked the location once again. Excellent. It was perfect. All she needed now was transport out. She pulled out the cred chip the alien had given her, and looked at it. No. Let see how he did the first part, before she bothered him again. She did a check on the price offered for the data she held. LOVELY. 5 digits. She hoped for another before the day was done.

    She turned her attentions, and worked her hack. All of her anger, tension and hate seemed to flow strongly, as she worked the keys, plotting the program that would both set her free, and with luck get her off this planet. Daria leaned back, in thought. Where would she go? She had not planned that eariler, as she had planned to be with Trimaj. Coruscant maybe? Lots of transports headed that way. It was the planet of opportunities. She didnt feel like going to any of the shadier places. Not until she had her own transport.

    Good. Coruscant it was.

    Daria went back to work on her program, until the first rays of the morning began to break through her window. But it was well worth all of her hard work. She felt drained, but it was a good thing. She looked at her program, and a dark smile crossed her face. She grabbed the items she had bought the day before, and walked into the freshner.

    When she came out, her hair was now a darker color. Her eyes, also changed their color, and she wore a much more 'fitting' suit, which still hid her equipment well. Her hair was up, and fixed, not the ratty mess it had been since she had been here. But she no longer smiled. Something else burned behind her eyes now.

    She checked the nets. She then typed in a message on the hidden bords. [All bidders for item noted. You have 5 hours left. Higest bidder takes it. Payment immediately, in creds. ]

    She closed up her compak, and went down to enjoy a leasurely breakfast. In 6 hours, she would be wealthy. She would need a ship by then. Time to check to status of the spaceports. Also time to start putting her plan into operation.

    She was going to enjoy this.


    ...alone again, naturally....
  6. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    Sorry about the absense...I should have something up tomorrow...
  7. Kartanym

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    May 23, 2002
    OOC: Deto, I'm interested in joining. Send me a PM with the bio outline if you can. Thanks.
  8. DarthReven

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    May 8, 2005
    OOC: I'm neutral, killl himm of, let him live, all the same to me. If we gotta killl him, we should do so soon.

    IC: With then one goon he shot knocked out, he noticed that he couldnt see where Jer'u, or the thug he was fighting. Moving around , he saw a broken vibroblade. That was not good, as these goond only used Axes or their fists. then he saw a small podel of blood, even now being washed away. Knowing time was his enemy, he ran of in that direction, hoping he could find Jer'u, or atleast his body. Maybe he will be able to see the reflection on my armor... was what he thought. " Jer'u!" was what he called out, hoping that Jer'u would hear him.

    tag freedom group
  9. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

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    Jun 17, 2005
    OOC: :eek: Karty! Oh boggy-dee-boy, this just gets better!! :D Join join join! :p

    Wait, that means you'll find out that I named a clone trooper after you. [face_worried]

    I'll just take the plunge, if no-one has any objections... I hope it's suitable....

    For a Zabrak:

    IC as "Quiet" the quiet man:
    Outside Eriadu Spaceport, Fight scene

    [blockquote]Gazing unblinkingly through the harsh rain plummeting from above, the quiet man saw the quick battle unfold around him as he slowly approached. Je'ru and his human opponent moved off as if they wanted a clearer arena just for themselves as their battle grew fierce. He knew, however, that when in the thick of things, many inexperienced combatants lost their sense of position.

    Tev was having trouble with his opponent as he was struck by a kick to the head. The young human opponent had a level of hand-to-hand ability that surprised the quiet man. His attention was abruptly redirected, however, when he saw the Zabrak pilot almost get split in two. His gruff demeanor in front of them had vanished as a Twi'lek jumped at him, having changed into confusion. An aimed downward slash at the Zabrak's horned head caught some flesh on its way down?the quiet man noting that the AirTaxi driver only moved away in the nick of time.

    But while the Zabrak stumbled aside, having twisted away from the small vibroaxe and towards Tev, the other member of their group?Galak?swiftly came up behind the orange Twi'lek and fired a blue shot into his back. Surprise flitted across his face before the blank unconscious gaze swept him off his feet as he collapsed in a tangle of lekku.

    The quiet man saw the orange flesh of the Twi'lek clearly, as he stood only a mere meter away. He almost appeared out from the rain itself, as its smacking sound and thick droplets covered the area. His approach had been slow, but now he stood next to the Zabrak with one vibroblade still in his hand.

    The confused being beside him had fresh blood streaming down the side of his face, and his face was still a muddle of expressions. The quiet man held a blank face as he watched what happened behind the Zabrak. As the AirTaxi driver took a further stumble backwards, a blaster bolt that dazzled the rain around its rifle shot through the night.

    Straight into the last rascals chest.

    There was a moment, a moment that burns into not only the human rascals chest, but into his brain. As his eyes widened with horror, he knew it. It was the end.

    But he was too pumped with blinding revenge and hatred that it wasn't an instant death. During this moment, before his fast dying body fell backwards, sheer willpower brought strength back into his arm. And the vibroblade swing that the rascal did on his final fall into bliss.

    The quiet man saw the blaster bolt's first streaks as it fired from Tev's rifle. The gaping wound that it caused in the human male's chest caused no reaction in his expression. He was looking at death?not something he wasn't familiar with. But this young rascal must have had fire in his heart. A true loathing that made him into such a dangerous attacker?and survivor.

    For he didn't give in straight away. And the quiet man saw why.

    The injured Zabrak had stepped towards Tev in his attempt to avoid his own attacker. In his bloodied state, he had unknowingly put himself into a position very close to the human rascal. In the last moment of the rascal, his eyes had spotted the Zabrak's form to his right. With a last push of effort, he lifted his right arm, still holding his vibroblade, and swung through the rain filled air, aimed directly for the weak neck of the alien that was apart of the group this rascal and his friends were attacking.

    At the first sign of the rascals hand lifting, the quiet man knew what the desired outcome would be. He also knew that he could take a swift step forward and block the incoming strike with his own blade.

    He remained still.

    The young rascals vibroblade connected into the back
  10. slumvillage

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    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-
    Inventory: Blaster Pistol, Nubian Commlink, Work Tools, Panka's datadisk, Datapad

    Location: Eriadu, Outside City Spaceport


    It was Galak's voice that called out to him. Je'ru's bloody head perked up, hoping to catch Galak's voice yelling for him again. The group must have also lost eye contact with him aswell as they fended off the other two young goons. He heard his call again and slowly began moving towards where the voice was comming from.

    The rain had been able to wash away most of the blood from the tuskeon raider's eyes, making it a little clearer to see. He had managed to make out the blurry lighted sign atop the AirTaxi and began making his way to it. While he moved slowly, he was reminded of the datadisk Major Casinti had given him and felt in his boot for it. It was still there, was the datapad he hoped to use to find out exactly what was in the disk, if there was even anything at all. There had to be though or Casinti wouldn't of given it to him.

    Je'ru stumbled forward after tripping over something on the ground but remained up right. He was able to gain his balance and found himself in the arms of Galak, who said his name once again.

    "Galak, where....where is everyone else? Are they alright?" Je'ru looked up to Galak, able to make out some of his face as his vision was still blurry aswell as the rain hampering it. He knew Galak was fine, which brightened his spirits but what about the others in the group. He'd hope they managed to fend off the other two.[/blockquote]

    TAG: DarthReven, Tyi, YoungAngus, FlamingBladeSaber

    OOC:Nice way to send off Winged_Jedi, Tyi.=D= You gave the alien an honorable death!
  11. DarthReven

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    May 8, 2005
    IC: " The others? Well, i assume there fine. I stunned one of the 3, and then went of for you, as i found the broken vibro blade. It seemed that you would be in danger, and that the others could take the other. "

    When Galak and Jer'u reached the AirTaxi, he noticed he was wrong, partialy wrong. Titus, the Zabrak, was dead. He coudnt belive it. They had lost him to a pack of thugs. Sure, Titus wasnt a fighter, but the rest of them should've been able to protect him. Still, Galak tried to comfort himself, knowing that Titus was most likely hit by a suprise attack, durng the Bandits' furrious charge... " How did he die?"

    TAG Freedom group
  12. YoungAngus

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    May 7, 2005
    IC Tev Zett 340

    Tev took a sigh of relif as he watched the attacker grab his chest and gulp. He leaned back and closed his eyes. As he tried to regain a normal breathing pattern and stop panting, he was suddenly sprayed with a quick blast of a liquid substance. It came straight accross his face, it wasn't rain.

    Tev wiped the side of his face and looked at his fingers. They were covered in a deep red color. Tev quickly shot his head up and saw Titus grabbing his neck, mumbling something, then falling to the ground. The attacker fell with him followed by the vibroaxe.

    Tev quickly stood and picked up his rifle. He hovered over the body of the attacker and fired three shots, one after another. He strapped his rifle to his back and picked up his blast cannon and pistol. He took a step towards Titus' blody corpse. He shook his head.

    Tev felt bad that he felt no emotion whatsoever towards Titus' death. He hadn't trusted him from the start, and his death would be no were near the capacity of someone else on his team dying.

    Tev brought his head up to the quiet man who stood shocked.

    "We should dump their bodies before security arrives."

    TAG-Tyi, Team
  13. Detonating-Rabbit

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    May 23, 2003
    OOC: Hokay, here's where we're at. I'm just waiting to hear from Sai before I post. So, I should definitely have something up by the end of today. Also, Kart has shown interest in joining, so I've sent him a pm. I'm sure we all agree that having him here will be a positive... :D
    Happy writing.

    As it turns out, I'll be talking to Sai later tonight. I'll have some stuff up, but not too much today. See how we go, but I'll write some posts... :)
  14. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    IC: Pari Kotav ? 396 credits. Eriadu, Eriadu City, Port District, Eriadu Spaceport, Bay 49116.
    Inventory: 1 comlink, 1 SE-14C blaster pistol, 1 bandolier of slug clips, 1 duffel bag containing (1 short-range mechanical toxin sling, 5 biothetic sedative slugs), 3 datacards, 1 identichip.

    With large droplets of polluted rain pelting the grimy ferrocrete ground of the landing bay, Pari Kotav could do little but wrap his soaking camouflaged cloak around his equally damp body. Walking as he was, it would make little difference whether he ran or slowed down his approach to his airspeeder; the Gotal reasoned quite correctly that he was about as sodden as he was ever going to get.

    And yet I bet that the clones are still out in this rain, regardless of how wet it is?

    As the Gotal reached the cargo airspeeder, he discarded his cloak on the left-side passenger seat and shrugged off his outer garments uncomfortably. They stuck to his fur covered body, damp and sickly smelling, until his fingers managed to maintain enough purchase on the material to wrench the clothes free.

    And if it?s not the clones, then it?s the weather making me feel miserable, he thought glumly. There?s always something?

    Dragging himself inside the airspeeder?s dry and rain-free cockpit, the Gotal allowed himself a self-depreciating smile. It had been an incredibly long day, and would no doubt be a long night if he managed to stay awake. Which I don?t intend to, he reasoned. And I doubt I?ll be disturbed, either, which is a good thing.

    Tomorrow: more of the same. Pari sighed, remembering that he would have to make contact with the Sullustan, Nye Erne. And I?ll no doubt be sending him to his death, too. But, on the off-chance he succeeds and actually survives, then I?ll reward him with enough credits to last him a good few months on this miserable world?

    The unsuspecting Sullustan mercenary would be given the assignment of assassinating one of the Republic?s key intelligence officers on Eriadu. In their bunker, any Republic figures would be difficult to reach, let along lay an appendage on. But more credits to him if he succeeds. He needs them, anyway?

    Then, of course, there was meeting Mr. Urry. This, the Gotal would do after meeting with Nye and acquiring some new weapons. The partnership with the mysterious Bothan, Pari felt, would undoubtedly pay off in the near future. That is, of course, unless he gets me killed or caught up in some scam?

    And these were both likely scenarios. Pari grunted, shifting in the cushioned pilot?s seat; the Gotal did not want to think about that. He?d had long enough a day to decline to give these possibilities any more thought than they deserved at this present point in time.

    Closing his eyes and folding his shaggy-furred arms, Pari drifted off to sleep.

    Tag: No-one

    IC: Sherrik Kae-Ho - Eriadu City, Port District, Manando?s Late-Night Diner

    Seating himself near a pair of Ishi Tib and a drunken human female, Sherrik Kae?Ho allowed himself a sigh of relief. The Balosar had escaped much of the rain, and had not gotten too wet. This, he was thankful for. However, that was only part of his good luck; not only had he managed to avoid the downpour, but he had kept clear of the clone forces currently perusing the streets. Eh?and that is most fortunate, methinks.

    Sherrik signaled to a nearby droid to bring him a pair of Muun sharpshooters. The Balosar smiled as he recalled how the spicy liquid shots had used to make him decidedly, and unconsciously drunk. Now, however, it appeared as though he had become immune to the alcohol?s debilitating afflictions; Sherrik enjoyed the taste and the slight, short feeling of lightheadedness that accompanied the small, expensive cocktails.

    Leaning back into the soft cushioning of his chair, the Balosar glanced furtively around the dimly-lit diner. For a place this close to the Port District?s ?Barter Concourse,? the diner was decidedly em
  15. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    IC: IC: Nye Erne and Retta Coven ? Eriadu City, Morobe District, Newett?s Inn

    Lying on the bed next to Retta as he was, Nye couldn?t help but admit that he could have stayed that way forever. This was what his life was meant to be like; this very moment he could have relived continually forever, had it not been for the fact that it was so transient, so ephemeral. But maybe, Nye had reasoned, this was what life would be like after his assignment was complete. He could lie there, in the dark next to his lover, not a concern flashing through his Sullustan mind, not a worry?

    But Nye Erne knew that this was not to be. This could not be. The Sullustan knew in his heart that this was only transient, and that this could never be. Not for as long as he lived on Eriadu, and not for as long as there was this war.

    And it was then ? as he lay there in the darkness, his short arm draped over Retta Coven?s slim Twi?lek waist ? that Nye decided that this would be his final assignment. Retta had been right with what she had said; the young Twi?lek girl was always right with everything she said.

    And I?m just too stubborn sometimes to realize it?

    She meant so much to Nye that it made him sad to think about all the things he had put her through, all those assignments that could have gone wrong?

    But after this is done, Nye thought, staring upwards at the darkness, we?ll have enough credits to get away from this life. I can finally treat her to the life she deserves?

    But ultimately, even as Nye Erne decided that this would be his final assignment, it never occurred to him that Pari Kotav ? the Gotal who had hired him for the job ? had been right all along. Nye?s lust for credits, for a better lifestyle, would be his undoing. He had played right into the trap that Pari Kotav had set for him?

    Tag: No-one in particular?

    IC: Friq and Furio ? Eriadu City, Port District, ?Barter Concourse?

    Exiting Manando?s Late-Night Diner in the middle of a heavy downpour, the two Valohrrians immediately regretted it. In loose clothing that moreso suited a more temperate and stable climate, they stood little chance of remaining dry. And as they had suspected, within but a few minutes they were soaked through to their skin.

    However, they remained silent; the two mercenaries had an assignment, one which they would execute with merciless precision.

    Winding their way through the night time crowd ? most of whom either wore or held quaint rain shields ? Furio and Friq kept their eyes alert to the constant presence of clone troopers. To their left and right, clones were continuing to patrol and stop pedestrians for questioning. Neither mercenary, however, desired this to happen to either one of them.

    Keeping together in the pouring rain, they continued. Their destination ? dead ahead ? was the space port. The massive complex, still far off, was approaching rapidly. Friq turned to Furio, his hand subtly gesturing to the far-off structure. ?What do you think??

    You know what I think, Furio replied. The Valohrrian hivemind allowed the two to communicate telepathically at short distances.

    To kill, or recruit, is what I mean. Friq glanced aside at his blood-brother. Both have their advantages, and the Naboo refugees will be looking for?employment.

    Or an escape?

    Friq nodded, a gesture that would appear as though he were reasoning with himself. The pair passed an Orlotan couple and their seven younglings. I know it.

    We shall see what method suits our needs, Furio reasoned. Until then, remain focused. See, the clones to our right?

    Tag: With any luck, hopefully someone in the Naboo crowd within the next few posts? :p
  16. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    IC as "Quiet" the quiet man:
    Outside Eriadu Spaceport, Fight scene

    [blockquote]Tev's reaction was immediate. Three blaster bolts later, the quiet man gazed with indifference towards the now tattered remains of the human rascal. He then watched as Tev spoke in a rational and unemotional tone. He was surprised inwardly that the death of the Zabrak didn't seem to affect him?but made a note in his mind of this human's capability to handle death.

    He added another nod in response.

    Besides the hair now dripping with water on his face, nothing was on the quiet man face?no feeling or emotion whatsoever. Looking at where the AirTaxi sat, he saw Galak approach with a struggling Je'ru. It appeared he had been injured in the fight he had had with his attacker.

    Spinning around, ignoring Galak's question for another to answer, the quiet man used his foot to turn the body of the orange Twi'lek over. A lekku flopped onto the alien's chest as the body now lay on its back. His eyes looked down on the softly breathing form, as unconsciousness had a firm grip on the kids mind.

    Lifting his vibroblade, the quiet man rested the blade against the throat of the stunned rascal.

    He turned his head around and looked blankly back at the group.[/blockquote]
    TAG: YoungAngus, slumvillage, DarthReven


    IC as Mr. Ermed:
    Ermed Medical Facility, Eriadu City

    [blockquote]His angered form was incredulous when he heard the response that this man?no, clone?dared to air in front of him.

    And to even see the disrespectful being tighten his grip on his blaster topped it for Mr. Ermed. This trooper had reached his limits. It was time to end this conversation.

    "Trooper, if I do not see your sorry bucket for a helmet outside my hospital in under five minutes, I will be calling all of Eriadu's media and press in the entire city!" He recovered his breathing, his anger sharply turned into a weapon. "I would love to see them crawling all over you pathetic soldiers... pity they aren't here already."

    Mr. Ermed grunted, trying to regain his composure as his moustache twitched. The clone had been polite, he had to give him that. He smacked a hand down on the armoured shoulder exaggeratedly.

    "Nice meeting you, clone."

    Spinning on his heel, Mr. Ermed purposefully walked down the empty hallway, heading for the nearest planet-wide comm device.[/blockquote]
    TAG: Detonating-Rabbit

    OOC: Question: Ktala mentioned it becoming morning in her post. What is going to happen regarding the change from night to morning?

    By the way, Sai, I am awaiting your response for Kastré and crew. ;) (lol for Deto *wink*wink*)
  17. DarthReven

    DarthReven Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2005
    IC: " Let the kid live, we could learn something from him, who his employers are, etc. We can kill him afterwards, if so needed. Also, you are right, we hide the body. I wonder if there is a trash compacter somewhere near... We should aslo place a bit of Bacta on any wounds we might have gotten, as there is more than enough Bacta for the refugees."

    ATg freedom group

  18. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Je'ru Evaron -[425 Credits]-
    Inventory: Blaster Pistol, Nubian Commlink, Work Tools, Panka's datadisk, Datapad

    Location: Eriadu, Outside City Spaceport

    [blockquote]Titus...Is dead? It didn't seem real to Je'ru. Although he didn't know the Zabrak that much and had doubts of his asscotiation with the refugee's of Naboo, he felt saddened by the thought of his death. There wasn't time to mourn as he heard Tev speak up. Telling them that they should dump the bodies before secruity or even worse, clone troopers had arrived. Je'ru limped over to where Tev was standing with the rest of the group. He brushed his wet hair off of his face and looked to Tev.

    "No, if we dump the bodies it would look supicious. We don't need any Clone Troopers on our tail for murder." He told him. It was thoughtful of Tev but there was no need to hide the bodies. It was self defense and hopefully if they had to be brought in to the policing authorities on Eriadu, which Je'ru thought were the clone's, that they would understand the situation.

    It was still raining, hard and it didn't look like it was going to let up any. Hopefully the rain will wash away the grime of the planet. Je'ru walked towards the AirTaxi, opening up the back hatch and digging into the bacta supplies. It was for moments like this that Je'ru had asked for more bacta than needd for the refugee's. He knew that they would come across some more dangerous situations along the road and they would need it. He took out a patch and placed it on his right calf which had been strained in the fight with the human. Other than that he was fine. The blood would dry up and the cuts would heal themselves. The Tuskeon Raider was good at rationing supplies that needed to be rationed. There was no point in taking more than he needed at the moment.

    He heard Galak's voice in the background. He was telling the quite man to keep the young Twi'lek alive to ask him some questions. Je'ru turned around quickly, limping to the side of the twi'lek.

    "Keep your blade on his throat." He said to the quiet man. "Wake up!" Je'ru yelled into the twi'lek's face. He also slapped it around a litte, trying to get him to wake up.

    He did want to kill the twi'lek. It was of sear anger Je'ru had for him. These stupid street thugs had killed Titus and could of killed Tev and Galak, aswell as the rest of them. If they had the numbers to do so or one of the group members slipped up while fighting them. He was happy everyone was safe but extremely mad at the fact the young goons even tried to fight them, aswell as kill the zabrak.

    "If he wakes up, we do need to find out why he exactly attacked us." Je'ru said nodding to Galak, who first thought to interrogate him.[/blockquote]

    TAG: DarthReven(For the Twi'lek also, if you want), YoungAngus, Tyi, Deto

    OOC: Glad to see some more joining up.
  19. DarthReven

    DarthReven Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2005
    IC, the Twi'lek: " mm, where am I..." was what the Twi'lek first said, before he felt and heard the coldness of a blade, and the slight humming sound. Galak Kast, a bounty hunter who had joined the freedom group sometime ago said " look, you are going to answer any questions, or my pall here will get to test his new vibro blade" gesturing to the quite guy.

    Galak said " well first of, what gang are you part of? Why did you attack? " The thug anwered quickly, with his life in the balance" I'm part of the Rabid Rancors, the meanist gang on Eriadu! They'll have your blood! We never forgive, nev..." he stopped when he felt the vibro blade on hsi throught move ever closer, cuting his skin. Galak pointed out " I would be carefull for what you say; we have other scources, you lie, you die". Galak knew that was a bluff, but he hoped the Twi;lek would fall for it. The Twi Lek said " Well, we attacked due to the bosse's orders, i dunno past that. Where are my buddies?" " Dead." was the single word Galak said. The Twilek thought to himself there goes the escape plan,,,

    OOC: Somebody else can finish the interogation, have fun with the Twi Lek.[face_devil]

  20. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    OOC:***GM Notice***
    Okay, first and foremost, thank you for your patience over the last few weeks. This plot line is as hectic as it has ever been (the busiest since I joined this game) and - to be quite frank - is difficult to try and comprehend at times. But, now is as good a time as any to put as much time into the Star Warts 4 as I can (and see fit), so that is what I intend to be doing. Again, it's been up and down, so I thank you for sticking with this.
    Sai has now given the responsibility of running the Star Wars 4 to me; he will either be taking a break from writing, or just one from his GMing duties. Either way, I would like to thank him for the effort that he has put into this RPG. He has provided an intriguing background and plotline to work with - one that I will be more than happy to work with with everyone here. Not only that, but he has been a wise and worthy mentor for me in my own writing. So, thank you for your hard work, Sai. Your efforts will not be forgotten. :)

    As is understandable, I will be trying to take over from where he left off. We have a myriad of characters (official and NPC) that we were working with to move the plot line along. I ask that you give me a little while to try and figure everything out; as is, I will be talking with Sai over the coming days to untangle things.

    I also would like to give players here more responsibility for the direction of the plot line, and for the end outcome of The Star Wars 4. I will be considering a few things over the next few days myself, but if anyone would like to suggest some ideas to me, then that would be great. I'm open to suggestions, but I will be adopting 1-2 co-GMs of my own to assist with the overall development of the RPG. :)

    Now, with regards to Ktala's post: for most of us, it is still midnight/early morning. As is, it is still dark. I've put one of my chatacters to sleep, but it is up to you what you decide to do with yours. The clone operation will be scaled back considerably in a post I shall have up over the next couple of days; it will go back to how it was when the Naboo refugees arrived. There will still be clones, but they will not be interrogating everyone. :)

    Furthermore, I would like to welcome Kartanym to our little corner of the RPF. He is a valuable, and skilled writer, and I am sure he will be a welcome addition to The Star Wars 4. :)

    That is all for now...carry on.
  21. YoungAngus

    YoungAngus Jedi Youngling star 5

    May 7, 2005
    IC Tev Zett 340

    After the adreneline started to fade away, the pain set in. Tev's head was throbbing from the kick he took. It felt like a bad hangover. The sound of the rain pounding on the concrete was amplified and drilled into his skull making the headache worse. He stepped over Titus' body and walked towards the rest of the group who had surronded a Twilik. Galak was hovering over him with a blade stuck to the thug's neck. He began questioning him the moment he became concious again.

    Tev took a peek over his left and right shoulders to make certain they were still alone and away from the Clone Troopers. He took a step towards the young man who was undergoing an intense ineterogation. As he looked at the kid, he couldn't help but see himself. This Twilik thug was no different then Tev a few years ago. He knew somewhere on Eriadu he had a family who missed him, and he could still change his life. He hoped this expirence would set the kid straight.

  22. Kartanym

    Kartanym Jedi Knight star 6

    May 23, 2002
    OOC: Thank you for the warm welcome, Deto! Glad to be around.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Tiafe.
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Sex: M
    Appearance: Pure white hair, pale white skin, green eyes. Wears simple clothing, tight fitting, normally a light brown colour.

    IC - Tiafe
    Eriadu - The Kalahaan District
    Credits: 0 Inventory: None

    Tiafe hudled in a corner of a narrow walkway, hiding in the darkness as best he could. He couldn't help but shiver from the damp cold that surrounded him, his clothes sticking to his skin like a heavy glue. Such was the life of an unemployed bum. No shelter, no food. He was surprised at how long he'd lasted so far. Certainly, before he came here, he had higher hopes for his future. But now ... well all dreams were thrown in the trash. Possibly even the can that he leaned up against.

    tag: None as yet.
  23. Tyi-Maet_Nefer

    Tyi-Maet_Nefer Jedi Master star 6

    Jun 17, 2005
    OOC: Sorry to eventually see it, Sai, what you've done for this game has been extraordinary. This game still rocks in my opinion, and it's been an honour to play it under such well thought and open leadership. =D= And the best writing around! :D

    (Yes, I'm adding confirmation that Sai is stepping down for the time being. He should be posting soon to tell you himself. :))

    That said, we welcome you Deto!! :D I know you're quite capable of continuing this in a brilliant fashion. :)

    *adds a warmer welcome to Kart*

    IC as "Quiet" the quiet man:
    Outside Eriadu Spaceport, Fight scene

    [blockquote]Rain splashed over the Twi'lek's face as the quiet man stood, indifferent, by the beings head. A soft mumbling bubbled out of the kid's mouth when his mind became aware that he was still alive. Something that I'm sure he would not expect.

    The quiet man noted that the Twi'lek was at least smart enough not to make any sharp movement when he realised that a vibroblade was at his throat. Seeing him awake, Galak immediately strode up to the rascal and started to question him, wanting to know why they had attacked. The Twi'lek at first obliged, his fear of death overwhelming the need to remain silent.

    Tev took a step back, seemingly disinterested in any further answers. The quiet man could see why. It appeared that this young rascal knew nothing more than what his 'Boss' let him. But the simple fact that a street gang had been hired to attack them was a cause for worry.

    However, they may just have been after the bacta, the quiet man reasoned. What struck him as odd, though, was that it sounded as if the orders were pre-planned. Not a coincidence of them spotting the AirTaxi and deciding to act.

    Galak paused as he flatly informed the rascal about his former companions. The quiet man could see that the Twi'lek appeared more wet than any of them. Squinting in the rain, he saw that sweat had started to pour from the orange alien's face, the result of having a sharp blade pressed against him?sharp side in.[/blockquote]
    TAG: YoungAngus, slumvillage, DarthReven

    OOC: Um, I'm not in exactly a... prime ...position to interrogate someone.... ;) Someone do something.... [face_laugh]
  24. Sai-Mera_Saa

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    Apr 18, 2002
    GM Farewell

    As you've all heard by now, I'm stepping down as GM of The Star Wars 4. I've made this hard decision for a number of reasons, all of which have to do with other areas of my life. It's been an absolute pleasure roleplaying with everyone in this game and I'm going to miss it. However, right now my heart just isn't in writing - I'm what you could call...preoccupied with other things.

    In my place, I've appointed Deto as GM to continue this excellent RPG in the path of innovation that it has become known for. Deto is an exceptional writer and high class roleplayer - The Star Wars 4 is in good hands indeed. In accordance with Deto's recent announcement, one or two co-GMs will shortly be appointed to help move along areas of the plot. You can expect an update on this from Deto soon.

    I'd also like to take a moment to say goodbye to Winged_Jedi - it was great having you with us mate. Good luck with your future roleplaying.

    On another note, it's nice to see Kartanym wandering back into the RPF. Good to have you aboard - you'll be a great asset to The Star Wars 4.

    Though it's been a tough call, I'm going to be taking a hiatus from writing in general. This means I won't be playing in any games for the foreseeable future. However, I will still check in every once in awhile and I do read all my PMs, so if you ever have a question about writing or roleplaying, or simply want to say hi, feel free to drop me a PM anytime.

    Before I sign off one last time, I do want to encourage everyone to experiment with their writing and take advantage of the tremendous freedom afforded by our unique game format to contribute individually and as a group to the overall plot. Few RPGs offer such a chance to develop your skills as a roleplayer and as a writer, so try new things and, as always, have fun.

    I just want to say a special thanks in closing to Deto for his excellent work as co-GM and ongoing support as I've struggled with life of late. Also I'd like to extended a big thank you to Tyi for his invaluable contributions to the game as a group leader and master of inventing hilarious random characters - your help with everything is something I deeply appreciate.

    Till sometime


    OOC: One last time...

    IC: Kayar Dor'leyn - 840 Credits

    Eriadu City, Port District, Tal'agurs House of Alien Fashions

    [blockquote]A long silence filled the small room, annoying Kayar by confounding cliché to last but a moment at second glance. Daria had not reacted as expected and it made him agitated. So many schemes, so many plans - all too much, it seemed, in the end. Life had a way of making even the most clear intentions murky.

    Kayar smoothed his fur and glanced at the door with a resigned half smirk. There seemed no way out - every step from now was a failure and each word a disappointment. Such irony, really.

    Some of Eriadu's textured smog filtered in through the room's only window. Outside, the faint hum of a gunship could be heard drawing rapidly nearer. Kayar finally smiled. No one, after all, was that good - no one ran forever without being caught.

    As he sat, deep in thought, his back began to tingle and memories of Naboo, of the inspiration, came flooding back. Maybe he could not fight it, but then, courage is sometimes found in just walking away - of giving up one's own dreams so that no one else has to fall as well.

    Besides, Kayar thought, if he believed tomorrow could be amazing, then there was a chance it would be.

    The booted feet of clone troopers could now be heard nearby, scouring the night. Kayar rose slowly, the azure slash of fur across his left eye glinting in the room's muted light. Then, cloak billowing behind him, he walked straight out the front door and off into the night.[/blockquote]Tag: Nobody
  25. Detonating-Rabbit

    Detonating-Rabbit Jedi Knight star 5

    May 23, 2003
    GM Update

    Okay, this is just brief. Over the next two days, I doubt I'll be able to get much writing done. I had intended to do some later today, but I'll see how that goes. I will if I can. My partner is going away for a bit, so I just will be spending some time with her over the next two days. But, on Monday (absolutely and definitely) I will be back to confuse things... :)

    Now, onto other things. After thinking of this for quite a while, I've decided that - for the sake of the plot line, and to give players a greater ability to contribute to the story arcs in general - Star Wars 4 requires two Co-GMs to assist me in ensuring the quality of the gameplay here. This will also mean that GMs will be able to be more responsive and proactive in the coming months, hopefully ensuring that we have more timely gameplay with less confusion. That said, however, much of the confusion comes from the present plot line... [face_worried]
    At any rate, I believe we'll all benefit by sharing the responsibility and story development across several players, rather than just one or two. :)

    So, after much deliberation, I've decided who they are. It was a difficult choice, and I don't like descriminating between players. There were several people I had in mind for this - including Kartanym - but, as I said, there were only two I could choose. It was a difficult decision, but I believe - at this point, at least - Slumvillage and Tyi are very well suited for the positions. Both being creative and very talented writers, I think they will benefit the Star Wars 4 greatly. :)

    I look forward to the future of this rpg, and to writing with everyone involved. :)

    Happy gaming.
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