The Star Wars Starbucks Reunion Thread

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by Sasha Sawyer, Jul 13, 2000.

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  1. Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master

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    ... It's Chinatown."

    (That's an easy one to guess).

    Callie, my *original* OT tapes are my prize too! The widescreen THX-enhanced ones - when they said it would be the time they would be available, I took their word for it, and I'm glad I did. I don't think Lucas would ever backtrack and re-release the NON-SE, the ones we grew up with :(

    Eowyn, when you post here, do you post stream-of-consciousness or do you change words and sentences around, edit, etc?

    BTW, that was pretty funny about re-modeling the Death Star. Do you remember that conversation from Clerks? It was the best in the film - when the Rebels blew up Death Start II, they were blowing up plumbers and carpenters! (I had a hard time imagining any hard-wood floors in the Death Star, which made it all funnier).

    Good luck with the remodeling; I used to work for a general contractor and boy, is it a complicated process!

  2. Wormie2 Jedi Knight

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    Hey! Anyone want a Peanuts preview for old times sake? Yeah? I thought ya we go....







    This if fun! I haven't done this in so long!

    Ok, sorry....

    Frame 1
    Sally and Chuck are at the beach. Sally's building a sand castle, Chuck's pointing out at the lake. He says "Sally! Your beach ball is floating away!"

    Frame 2
    Sally turns to look. Chuck continues "It's going clear across the lake."

    Frame 3
    Sally walks over to Chuck. "Stay calm, big brother...stay calm!" She says.

    Frame 4
    She yells out across the lake "Okay, you stupid beach ball, come back here right now, or I'll see to it that you regret it for the rest of your life!"

    Frame 5
    The ball rolls up onto the beach at Sally's feet.

    Frame 6
    Sally picks the ball up and heads back up the beach. Chuck looks dumbfounded. Sally says "You have to know how to talk to a beach ball."

    The End!

    Cool! I remembered this week! Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Obi Have Jedi Youngling

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    Discussing TPM, filling out questionnaires, voting on online polls, and reading Peanuts's deju vu all over again!

    Callie, sorry to hear about your house getting burglarized! Glad that no one was hurt, though.

    Wormie, when you are going to elaborate on what you meant when you said men are like deep freezers? I've been waiting with bated breath for your explanation! Ok, not really, but still, I'd like to know. For me, I think women are like refrigerators, because just like refrigerators, women are dependable, sturdy, energy efficient, and come with life-time warranties.

    Padmewan, I'd love to hear your take on Homer Simpson's quote...but, you should probably email it to me...we want to keep this thread PG. Or at least, PG-13.

    So, you were able to excavate that old "Is this talking" thread...I'm glad, because it was/is a great thread. I've gone back and forth with that question. And the way I frame it, the question really is, are the connections made on the internet as real as connections made in real life? Are people able to get to know each other on the internet in basically the same way you get to know someone "offline?"

    My answer...yes and no. Ok, yes, that was a nonanswer. In thinking about the questions I raise, here is an interesting fact that I came across....according to a book I read, 60% of communication between people is nonverbal; i.e., through eye contact, body language, etc. So, what are the implications of that fact for internet communication, when the sole means of communicating is through writing?

    Back to Sabe's specific question, whether internet chatting/posting is the same as talking, I think not. Just compare chatting/posting to talking to someone on the phone. There's an immediacy to talking on the phone that obviously isn't there when you post, and still isn't really there either when you're chatting. But, I wonder, is chatting/posting a LESSER form of communication in comparison to talking on the phone/talking in real life, or is chatting/posting a DIFFERENT form of communication entirely? Or is it both? Both different and lesser?

    Whether internet communication is a lesser form of communication than real-life communication really gets to the question of how well we get to know someone through meeting/chatting/posting with others. My take is that internet connections that remain internet connections are inevitably partial, due to the simple fact that there are no actual physical meeting between persons. But, that's not to say that most real life meetings between persons are complete and full, because even in real life, and perhaps even more so, people adopt personas and masks and usually don't present their "authentic" selves to other people.

    But, real life allows for the possibility of "complete" connections, while the internet does not. Only when you meet someone offline are you presented with the opportunity to understand and get to know the full spectrum of a person's personality and identity.

    Whoa...rambled on and on and on, and not quite sure about what. So I'll stop. And I still haven't given my take on TPM yet! Don't worry, I'll spare you guys that...for now. But, I do want to mention that while I was driving on the highway the other day, and I reflected on your question, PADMEWAN, I was hit with two revelations (or delusions, depending on your perspective) about TPM and its relation to the SW saga as a, that the SW saga is just like The Wizard of Oz, and two, that the SW saga is also a lot like Citizen Kane, except with a happy ending. I'll explain in a later post.


    "Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln
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    I'm back and chilled through and through, to the bone. You know how when you spend a day in the wind and weather, you come back inexplicably tired and worn out? That's how I feel, it was almost too much to have to walk from the garage into the house. The thought of it almost made me cry. I kept wishing I were a little girl again and my dad could carry me in. Did your guys' dad do that? We used to go to drive-in movies as a family, and I remember falling asleep before the movie ended and the next thing I knew we'd be home and my dad would be whispering to my mom and carrying me up the stairs. Sometimes I'd wake up on the drive home but still pretend I was asleep so I wouldn't miss out on the carry in part. ü Anyway, I'm exhausted and frozen and all I can think of right now is soaking in a warm bathtub of water until I'm either thawed out or asleep and drowned. Ü At the moment, both options sound blissful.

    Some quick notes, (I'll come post more later when I'm feeling human again) -- MCGREGOR, you're quoting movies to ME? Now that's a switch! ü I'm impressed. Let's see how good your "Chinatown" knowledge is, -- finish this quote: "Hollis seems to think you're an innocent man" (said to Jack Nicholson) And though the idea of writing a Thread Story has its appeal -- Who or what is the antagonist? Life? Reality? Hmm.... maybe. As Death was to "A Spoon River Anthology" perhaps Reality is to the Internet. WORMIE, I can't believe how wonderful and comforting it was to hear Peanuts again!! I'm so glad you did that, close my eyes and it's yesterday once more. We have a good thing here, I think. HAVE, so.... does Vader say "Rosebud"? ü

    Ok, If I don't drown, I'll be back, -- lured by the thought of a discussion on the Internet and Reality. And maybe, even if I do drown, I'll be back. Ü Watch for your breath to turn to fog.
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    Hah, Sasha, caught you - posting at 12:45 on a Saturday night? Don't you have anything better to do? (Oh wait...)

    No, I don't have Chinatown memorized, just a few lines, mostly because my film buff roommate got a kick out of throwing that quote at me because I was writing my thesis on Boston's Chinatown.

    Yes, I remember getting carried to my room when I'd "fall asleep" in the car. (I fell asleep in ESB, too, I'm pretty sure, since I don't remember any of it except standing on line).

    There's a great Peanuts (btw, I don't think this thread has had its mourning of Schulz... a lot's gone by since last summer, huh?) with Peppermint Patty and Chuck under the tree. I don't remember it exactly, but it's CB explaining how security (I think) "is like sleeping in the back seat of your car" because you know your parents are there driving and keeping you safe - but then you grow up and you can never do it again.

    PP: "Never?"
    CB: "Never."
    PP: "Hold my hand Chuck!"

  6. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    MCGREGOR: I found your Peanuts quote moving and far more meaningful than you know. Thanks.
  7. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    Ok, first things first, -- Your fortune cookies!! ü Before I begin, please keep in mind that these fortunes were drawn in a random fashion and in NO WAY reflect the opinion, or more importantly yet, the writing ability, of the bearer....

    MCGREGOR: "Do not think only of today; plant a tree."

    WORMIE: "A surprise gift from another will leave a lasting impression."

    HAVE: "Always have old memories and young hopes."

    (And MCGREGOR, that quote is completed by Jack Nicholson replying, "Well, I've been accused of a lot of things before, but never that.")

    Now, the Internet and Reality discussion, -- a subject I never tire of and one that seems to generate as many questions as answers. I have some stray, not really fleshed out ideas on the subject, I'll type them in my current zombie state and see if anyone can follow the bouncing ball. (btw, I didn't stumble onto Sabé's "Is this Talking?" thread until about four months ago. I wish I'd found it sooner, it was wonderful reading)

    HAVE, you said

    "Are the connections made on the Internet as real as connections made in real life?"

    and what I want to say to that is, whose to say the connections we make in the real world ARE real? What makes a connection "real"? The more senses it involves? Three dimensionality? What about such things as duration? Quality?

    What flashes through my mind when thinking about this is all the different ways people have of learning, yet most schools only reward one or two learning types. Schools are the framework, so they make the rules, and only the ones who know how to "play the game" win. That doesn't make the other learning styles less valid, or even less effective, just less appreciated. Or the tv series "Survivor",where the given group in power decides what and who is to be valued. It is capricious. The show is based on a series that ran in Europe, but with a few changes. One of those changes is that when someone is voted off the island, they must immediately meet with a psychiatrist when off air, since in Europe they ran into difficulty with people committing suicide, or becoming clinically depressed because they had "failed". The "value" criteria on that island was totally whimsical and subject to change, yet people allowed their opinions of themselves and their abilities to be measured by it.

    In the real world, we have ways we judge each other, rules we play by, yet we rarely question their validity or what led to their creation. We allow ourselves to be influenced by genetics, instinct, styles, politics, mood, and so forth. When people pass judgement on us using that yard stick, we seldom question it, we just question ourselves and berate ourselves for not measuring up.

    For example, say I really enjoy someone's company here, and then meet them in real life and find that they have an annoying habit of clicking their teeth which drives me totally insane. Since I don't enjoy the connection we have as much in the 3D world, does that make the connection we have on the Internet less valid or real? It seems to me that in situations like that, it's the framework we use to judge people that has failed. My real world senses have gotten in the way and hindered me from having made a connection with someone who had something meaningful and interesting to say and offer. I think the way we make connections in real life is very subjective and fails many people.

    The Internet shakes things up. Yes, the talking in the dark can blind us, but it can also remove the scales from our eyes. Sometimes, like in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", our senses and our preconceived notions get in the way. There's a boy I know who is extemely, completely, totally shy. He is so shy, he will not come into the classroom, but rather sits out in the hallway and listens in. But he is marvelous with mechanics. As a favour, he came over and worked on something for me, and he was a completely different guy while doing that. He was so in his element, king of the hill. He just doesn't know how to do the chit chat game, or
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    hello..i thought i'd do the pollSubject: The Star Wars Starbucks Reunion Thread
    Author: Sasha Sawyer Date Added: 7/13/00 11:55pm (PST)
    I don't know who you are,... or where you come from,'s truly wonderful to see ya again, you wretched hive of scum and villainy! ;)

    I watched "A League of Our Own" the other day and got Madonna's, "This used to be my playground, ..." stuck in my head. I've been singing it for days now and as I've gone about sending invitations and preparing this thread, it seemed eerily appropriate. Made me feel like I was haunting this place, a la some Sixth Sense "presence". I can't believe it's been a year already.

    Sooooo.... what do you think of our new planetary system? I should maybe explain some of the quirky things about it, like NO SMILEY FACES!!! :( That one's really crippling me, I'm telling ya. Plus, there's no italics, no images, no links, and, -- this is the really scary one, -- only TEN MINUTES to edit your posts! Can you believe that?? It's a guud thing I's talks and rites so gude....

    Alright, where to begin, where to begin?? There's tons of stuff that has happened in the Star Wars Universe since last year..... Hayden Christensen, Christopher Lee, and now Jimmy Smits. Migosh, -- Ewan MacGregor and Jimmy Smits? Given their bare all attitude, I half expect a Jedi skinny dipping scene in the next Episode! :) And Christopher Lee as a "charismatic separatist", -- what exactly is that? Sounds like a charming contortionist or something.

    And this isn't Star Wars stuff, but it's a close cousin..... Did you hear they're going to do another Indiana Jones? It's supposed to be out in two years, and there's even a rumour that Spielberg is trying to get Shyamalan to write it, though I don't see how "The Sixth Sense" qualifies him for action writing....? Letterman was funny, -- he said he heard that this time Harrison Ford is playing Indiana Jones AND his father. :)

    Ok, direct from Hoth...


    1. If you could be any character in any of the Star Wars MOVIES, and live ONE day of their movie life (example: Bobba Fett, the day he falls in the Sarlacc Pit), -- Who would you be and what day would you want?

    hmm....probably Leia on the day she married han or mara (sorry i'm a girl i can only tryly identify with the girls...although luke on the trench run is close)

    2. What's the worst movie you've ever seen and why? uhhgggg the cable guy

    3. Which would you rather do, -- Pod Race, Trench Run, or Lightsabre Duel? Lightsaber duel

    4. Name something odd/strange that you like.
    ketchup with macaronin and cheese
    5. When you order a double scoop ice cream cone, what flavours do you usually order?
    chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip
    6. If you wear a perfume or cologne, what kind?
    7. What things have you been turning to recently for entertainment? (tv, books, sports, etc) hmm hindi movies..sorry...and the x files...jag

    as for early edition it was good until the shows started going nowhere in teh large scheme....

    gtg now just thought i'd put this on top

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    Ummmm....can I just say this about the "are we really talking and are we really friends" question that you've all been chewing on for so long?

    When it first came up, I was offended. It seemed to me like we were really talking and that we were really friends. Then you all disappeared. I took that to mean you'd arrived at another conclusion.

    Over the next couple of months, I coasted, met new people, continued on as I had before. From time to time, I'd miss you all horribly. When whatever current Starbucks conversation going at the time would turn into something stupid, I'd whine to myself about the deeply intellectual conversations that used to fill the pages, and lement about the absence of such.

    Then I came to a crossroads, a crisis if you will. The questions I'd seen you asking yourselves and others, I began to ask. My answers did not make me happy, and I feared that this was becoming highly unhealthy. I was just about to make a break from it when......

    I met someone online.

    Not just an Internet friend to blow time with, but someone that could easily find a place in my real life as well.

    We talked via this format for months as just Internet friends, then things changed as all relationships do. But instead of drifting apart as we all did, the two of us seemed to drift together. It cemented itself into a stable friendship, and now it's moving even further.

    I discovered that this forum, like any other place people make connections, is a jumping off place.

    My point; look at this as a cocktail party. You mingle, talk about suface stuff, occasionally drift into more indepth discussions, share opinions, find people who are like minded. At this party, you'll meet one, two, three....maybe more, people you're interested in getting to know better. If you do, pursue that! If you don't, have another glass of that cheap wine the host is serving and talk about your favorite place to throw a water balloon from.

  10. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    JADE: Hey, welcome, -- here's your Starbucks fortune cookie: "Your plans are going to succeed." -- Hope that's a good thing. You're not planning on taking over the world, or anything, are you? Ü

    WORMIE: Wow, you always have such a sharp authenticity in these types of posts, a clear, strong voice. Reading you is like being hit with a stun gun sometimes. I've been debating back and forth with whether or not to respond to your post here, or via email, but I decided replying in private was just chickening out, not something I really want to do in front of someone with your grit and spitfire. ü

    For a while I felt like you did as people drifted away, -- a little abandoned. And then I began to think there was something wrong with me that I could make what felt to me like meaningful connections on the Internet, when everyone else seemed to think of it as only entertainment, or a passing phase. I also began to wonder if I was addicted in some sort of unhealthy way, as my day wasn't complete without checking in here, yet others could sever the cord without a backward glance. I wasn't even sure how they did that, I couldn't even walk by the computer without checking for new posts or mail! It was ridiculous, I was checking in every hour! I decided I maybe better leave for a while and give myself a sanity check. I'm sorry if that made anyone feel like I didn't value their company, that couldn't have been further from the truth. I just thought maybe I was a psycho. (And I am, but now I just don't care. Ü )

    Anyway, five months from my exodus, I decided I threw out the baby with the bath water. I've been on a lot of forums now, I'm not a newbie to the Internet anymore, and what I've learned is that "communities" are hard to come by. Most rooms are just a lot of people talking. Sometimes, a community does form, but they aren't always happy, positive communities. I think we managed to pool together, create traditions, have fun, share information, give positive feedback, be supportive as well as interesting, and just genuinely like each other and also try to expand and "use our force for good". If it's psycho to like that, then it's just too bad, I'm back. (just not every hour on the hour ü) I feel like Dorothy, "There's no place like home".

    So, did any of you take any of the personality quizzes? The Kiersey or the Star Wars one? (Even though they don't put a line under the links in my post, you can still click on them, they still work) And did you guys ever see Mark Hamill in "Walking Across Egypt"?

    This is the last day of the Reunion, let's gab! Ü

    (BTW, MCGREGOR, we did have a huge mourning for Charles Schultz when he passed away. On one of the threads people were talking about where they were when Princess Diana died, but I'm always going to remember where I was when Schultz died. It was very poignant and moving to watch people gather and not only grieve, but remember. Everywhere I went people were huddled in little groups and talking about their favourite "Peanuts" moments. It sort of fits the theme of this page, doesn't it? Every life touches another.)
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    WORMIE, i also had to laugh when you said to think of this as a cocktail party. Do you remember that scene in "Sneakers" when Robert Redford has to remember the sounds from his drive in the trunk? And he says, "We passed a cocktail party", -- and it turned out to be a field of geese? Ü We're all just a chattering flock of geese.

    I *am* making an exception to my rule/standard, and will be here today, every hour on the hour, until Closing Time. (I like that old song, btw) Someone come keep me company. They won't let me post fireworks images to pass the time....
  12. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    (grrr! I want to read thread while responding!)

    hi Jade!

    Wormie -- I regret having left you hanging. For me this bulletin board is the place where I got used to text only situations, one of them being that the old chat thread nest changes. I wore myself out trying to recreate the old thread instead of going with the flow of the new one. Sorry.

    Padmewan -- the difference between stream of conscious and "proper" writing for me isn't the 15 min. edit window or the next day edit option, but rather when I write something, put it down for at least a day without looking at it, and then come back and write it correctly. The "stress" of getting the ideas into words and on a page doesn't leave me free to construct well balanced sentences, so that has to be done another day. My tfn posts tend to be minus the 24 hour wait, so though edited, they still are out of the brain grinder fairly raw.

    ARE INTERNET PEOPLE REAL? During this whole go round with me & the house & all, I have to say YES. What's the difference between the strangers who showed up with food, the church people who showed up with boxes & brooms, and the internet people who sent me a care package? They are all people. And Blanche DuBois like, I'm grateful for the kindness of the strangers, but unlike Blanche, I don't think all those people are strangers. Even the ones I don't know aren't strangers. It sounds hokey, but I'm left thinking that strangers are just people to whom I have not yet been introduced.

    HAVE, you brought up that a high percentage of real life communication is non verbal. Perhaps that's why chat rooms & message boards are such a wild ride the first time. But they still are connection, despite being different.

    One of my big internet worries is that these friends will evaporate overnight. But that happens in real life. So many relationships turn out to be venue specific -- grad school friends, college buddies, friends from work place # 1, friends from work place # 2, that next door neighbor, the next nextdoor neighbor, etc. Not all, but some.

    I ride the bus to NYC often, and I used to be clockwork with my bus down to the point of getting the exact same one every morning (they came in 5-10 min intervals at that time) and I had over the years 2 bus buddies with whom I'd sit every morning & chat over this or that, movies or books, clothes or traffic, etc. Both of them disappeared, each on their own day. No words, no warning. I've wondered if the internet is a bunch of bus buddies -- but that's the risk in every connection. I enjoy talking here & I hope you all do too, and enough to still have the annual reunions. I hope we aren't "venue specific" like my bus buddies.

    I think we are a "tidal" community, and I was wondering if we could do reunions. I'm willing to guess that we'll be here for high tide (ep. 2 reactions). I'm glad that we can also be here for an annual reunion.

    Oh, and SASHA!!!! *****WAAAAAAAA***** I'm a "Senator Palpatine" personality type. ******WAAAAAAAA****** Forget the whole question of being friends with a Vader, what happens when you discover your inner Palpatine???????? ***WAILING!!*** **TEETH GNASHING** hee hee Now give me the galaxy, earthling! :)
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    SASHA: you're an INFJ too? :) I am as well! The first time I read a description of an INFJ, I was struck by how accurate it was in describing my personality. It is me to a "t."

    I just came back from seeing "What Lies Beneath" and boy was it good!!!! Go see it, everyone!!! I can't give away the ending, but wow, you will not see it coming (I suspect those of us in here won't, anyway, since... Well, I better not say anything 'cause I don't want to give anything away).
  14. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    Wormie, I hope that wasn't too cold on my part. :( I did feel very bad leaving you Callie & Have (the three there when I pulled out), but I didn't fit on the thread anymore and was taking it personally which is silly & all, but it took me time to realize. :(

    What did I get from tfn? Self reliance. I'd had a bad grad school experience & emerged bruised & convinced that I coudln't put one sentence after another and that none of my ideas mattered worth a damn. Another time to not take things so personally! And it was the tfn talking that got me through it. Since then I've made internet friends, in which I count all of you, including you, Wormie!, and have my regular chat site. (You can find it in my profile. You will be horrified. It is the tpm basher bulletin board.) If you ever want to stop by, please do, and I plan to fly by the current incarnation of starbucks weekly or so, but it's not the same for me as these chats which feel heart to heart.

    <<taking a moment to remember Sasha's fireworks gif>>
  15. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    Oh good, more bodies! Thank you, thank you! Ü I would have been back sooner but someone dropped by. ( I'm afraid I was very fidgetty)

    Ok, EOWYN and CALLIE, here are your fortunes :

    Eowyn, "You will see success ahead, more money is in prospect."

    Callie, "Your luck is about to change" (that'd better mean for the better?!)

    EOWYN, I cannot believe you were a Palpatine! I did not see that coming one bit! If anything, I thought you'd maybe be a Yoda. (Wise but quirky ü ) Hmmm.... I'm rethinking my whole way of seeing you.....No wonder you saw the guys on "Survivor" as strategizing and sizing up for the kill, -- you'd know, huh? Ü Wow, you have mysterious depths, girl. So what are you on the Kiersey quiz? Go take that, I'm dying to know. You're going to turn out to be Patton.

    CALLIE, you're an INFJ, too? No wonder we keep liking the same shows (and Luke), and having such similar reactions. That's cool. I wonder if you'd be Amidala/Leia, too.

    I've been thinking about whether or not George Lucas should have made TPM, or not. I think it does make a dramatic change in the flavour of the original three movies when you connect them up, so for now I sort of view them as separate entities. I'm sort of waiting to see where these new ones go. But what crossed my mind was how Orson Scott Card wrote a new "Ender" book, without it being a sequel or a prequel. Instead, it's another angle, -- it's the same time period as "Ender's Game" but told from the viewpoint of Bean (it's called, "Ender's Shadow"), -- somewhat like "Tales From Jabba's Palace", which tells the behind the scene stories of everyone in the palace the day Luke met with Jabba. (all in black....oooohhhh.....sorry, I just had to say it! ü ) It'd be interesting to see Star Wars told from an Imperial Officer's point of view, or Episode One told from Watto's, -- or, if we could stand it, Jar Jar's, he was there for most the major scenes. Just a thought.

    Ok, someone sent me "George Lucas In Love" and I haven't seen it yet, so I'll go watch that, then come mingle some more. This is fun. Ü

    Oh, while I'm here editing my spelling, -- I thought that was a good phrase EOWYN, "venue specific". That does happen a lot in life, but since I move so much, I grow really weary with that element in relationships. Part of me thought going on the Internet would create some stability and permanency in my life, -- a safe little bubble with a circle of friends that were always there, -- I had no idea how fluid and transitory the web is. I guess it's like they say, the only certainty in life is change. I've just learned how to be ok with that now, I think each moment counts, -- they don't have to be strung together like pearls and endure forever to have meaning and value.
  16. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    Wipe them out! All of them!

    When I read their description of Palpatine, I also thought we weren't talking about the same guy. They talked about him being an idealistic senator who is caught in a net of troubles. Huh? That scheming monster an innocent idealist?

    (And I'm off to take the other test. hope it doesn't make me out to be some meglomaniac as well.)
  17. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    I can't get the Kiersey link to work. I tried even editing out what followed the ".com" Help?
  18. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    Sorry, EOWYN, I inverted the lettres, -- here's the fixed link:

    I'm so curious to see how you test out!

    And Palpatine as an idealistic Senator? maybe Palpatine DOESN'T = Sidious?! Ü Yeah, right.
  19. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    It said that i'm by temperment an idealist & my character style is healer, or, "iNFp." (I ran a search on aol & found it! yay! I found something I was looking for on the web! YAY!)

    Now I'm off to see what yours meant! hee hee! Luke lovers!

    And Jade -- every movie is better by the addition of Jimmy Smits! Oh Yeah! : )
  20. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    That is so weird! Do you know how few INF's I run into in real life? I wonder if everyone who posts here would test an INF? Is that why we feel connected? And is that the difference between connections in real life and connections on the Internet? In real life, people tend to be drawn to opposites, what if on the Internet like attracts like? Hmmm...intriguing.

    I'm not a big Jimmy Smits fan. You know who I'd like to see play a Jedi? Denzel Washington. Or that gu from "Hunt From Red October" - the one who liked Paganini. Who is he again? He had a classy, confident style, I liked him.
  21. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 28, 1999
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    Sam Neill? (In other words, I don't really remember.)

    Maybe Palpatine was a misunderstood healer turned to the dark side by people telling him to be practical (just using that site's suggestions!).

    "But mommy, if I clean my room instead of playing make believe, I might grow up to be Sidious!"
  22. Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master

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    Jun 15, 1999
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    Jonesy!!! That's who it was, Courtney B. Vance playing Seaman Jonesy. And it's Jonesy I'd want to see as a Jedi, not Vance, because it's the character of Jonesy l like so much, not necessarily the actor who brought him to life.

    And while I'm at it, it's Cyrano de Bergerac. I haven't been sleeping much lately, so my spelling has gone out the window, not to mention sentence structure. (and coherency ü)

    I watched "George Lucas In Love" (for those of you with good enough computers, you can probably watch it on sites like It was the perfect student film! I watched it twice, -- George Lucas loves it and supposedly said, "I WISH that were my story..." Ü And even though it's all tongue in cheek and poking fun, there was one brief moment when the Leia lookalike is encouraging Lucas and she says something like, "Let people inside your dreams" and when she said that, the power of everything he has accomplished hit me full force. Wow, look how many people have caught his dreams. I've been so jaded sometimes in my reaction to the saga, but migosh I'm glad he wrote it.
  23. Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master

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    ... Don't get all mushy on me now.

    Well, how DO you end one of these? It's not like a bar, where everyone leaves and the proprietor shuts off the lights. Here, everyone has to *see* you shut the lights off - but then they are still here, in a sense.

    Odd, isn't it, that everyone can all be in this space, yet it's not the same as to be OF this space.

    OK, in no particular order:

    Glad you got that link working, SASHA. Wouldn't you know it, I'm:

    * Uncle Owen
    * an "Architect" (iNTp):
    "As the engineering capabilities [of] the INTPs increase so does their desire to let others know about whatever has come of their engineering efforts. So they tend to take up an informative role in their social exchanges. On the other hand they have less and less desire, if they ever had any, to direct the activities of others. Only when forced to by circumstance do they allow themselves to take charge of activities, and they exit the role as soon as they can without injuring the enterprise."

    You don't know how appropriate these words are at this moment for me...

    So much to respond to, so little time.

    WORMIE - and SASHA too - I never knew the depth of your feelings for this "place." Although I sort of did, because I just didn't know how to leave, like I was abandoning someone or something. Like Sasha, I felt I had to - moving on in a way, seeing if Starbucks had become a social crutch in a way, keeping me out of "real" life. (Sasha, I used to check the TFN forums every 15 minutes! Killed my productivity like you wouldn't believe).

    I *do* think this is real - that we're really talking - and in some ways even superior to face-to-face. The textuality of it makes us more thoughtful, more considerate, (dare I say more logical, like an archetypal architect should?), more our "self" and not our trappings. "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

    EOWYN ("My tfn posts tend to be minus the 24 hour wait, so though edited, they still are out of the brain grinder fairly raw") --

    But I think most people in cyberspace give hardly a thought at all to what they say. That's what makes this group different. If it's stream-of-consciousness, well, you all have amazingly clear minds. I would guess that all of us spend some good amount of time thinking through what we say here before we say it.

    SASHA/CALLIE on "venue specificity" --

    The Internet was built for verticality - it was made to drill deeper and deeper, not to cast wider and wider. People come to achieve a specific task, then go. Or so the theory is.

    Then there is this talk of "community." Besides being my personal/intellectual obsession, it's also now my business. (I hope.) Everywhere you go, online people strive to make their experience "real." You start talking about Star Wars or cooking or special education, and the next thing you know you want to find out about each other... Who they are. What they think. What they believe. (Whom they are dating...)

    The question then is how you jump from one to the other - and what's the value of doing so? It certainly makes it easier for "fringe" groups, whether nerds or Nazis, to find like-minded people. You certainly couldn't imagine a real-world Star Wars Starbucks, now, could you?

    And yet, is this any different from a RW neighborhood? What do you share with your next-door neighbor other than the accident of choosing the same street to live on? Does that make you care for each other? (For each other's property, I guess). So the chances of connecting with people is no greater in geographical proximities as on the Internet, and perhaps worse.

    Yet I also agree with HAVE (wherever you now are) that usually, you need some kind of full-sensory interaction to "close the circle." I think this will slowly erode over time, as people actually are born INTO the internet rather than grow into it, as we have, yet I don't think that the fundamental need for a human touch (literally) will ever die.

    That being said, it's not just that "all connections count," Sasha. It's that every connection you can make in this
  24. Obi Have Jedi Youngling

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    Hey all!

    First off, since we're talking about personality types, I've taken that test several times before and I come out an INFP. A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I used to be an inTp; but I guess I've become a softy in my old age.

    Wormie, Sasha, Eowyn: about the internet and reality, I agree with a lot of things all of you have said, although I consider Starbucks more like a reading group/coffee klatsch rather than a cocktail party.

    Let me first, say, I hope people didn?t take what I said in my last post as me questioning whether you all are real or not. After I posted my last post, I realized that I wasn't really asking if internet connections are as real as "real life" connections. Unfortunately, snowballboard's editing time limit prevented me from going back and revising my post. That 15 minute editing limit really bites. (by the way, does anyone else laugh everytime you read, write, or say the word "snowballboard?"). I *used* to think of the internet in terms of whether it?s real or not, but now, I think it's a given that cybersocialspace is real, and the question for me is, what is the nature of internet communication and connection? And how does it differ, or is similar to, communication or connections made "offline?" Which was Sabe?s original question.

    The more I reflect on these questions, the more I realize that we create our own reality on the internet. As Sabe pointed out in her thread, a major assumption we make about the internet is that it an anonymous form of communication, and that in some measure, it is the anonymity or blindness that makes internet connections different from real life connections. (another big difference between real-life and cybersocialspace is that cybersocialspace is not place-bound).

    But, is the internet inherently anonymous? Not necessarily. Anonymity is a construct we impose on the internet. In other words, we have the power to make the internet as anonymous or un-anonymous (yes, I know that isn't a real word!) as we want it to be. For example, when people join an online community like JCF, they have the choice of using their real name as their username. For whatever reason, most choose not to. Some do. But most choose to wear a "mask." Or even multiple masks. Point being, the internet can be whatever we want it to be; it can be a place for a limited type of conversation/connection, or it can be more. And that?s true as well with real life.

    EOWYN, I really like your "bus buddy" analogy, and I want to say that I'd like to consider you all more than just bus-buddies. Although I haven't posted in awhile, I have been lurking around, and I've been wondering how you all have been. And I promise not to do a bus-buddy disappearing act again! By the way, what is the real-life equivalent of "lurking?" Being really quiet in a social group? Being a voyeur?

    Anyway, JADE filling out the questionnaire reminds me that I still need to fill it out. I?ll get to might just take me a bit. Here?s one answer: I agree with Jade on her choice of double scoop ice cone...a mint chocolate chip and cookie dough cone sounds really good. Speaking of polls, why don?t people refill the original Mark Hamill questionnaire? Those questions were great, except for the Beyonder one, and my guess is that for most people, a lot of their answers have changed in the last year.


    "The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused." Shirley MacClaine
  25. Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling

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    This get together is/was wonderful.

    Sasha -- in case you want to see your old thread, I killed it most recently, but it's still around! :)

    Have -- one of the odd things about this internet is the way it distorts time. The words are still here when we step away -- and it's like we aren't really gone. _Clarissa_ is a novel built from letters. It has the odd moment where Clarissa dies, and then the novel goes on, because her letters are still being received & read. Not that we are 18th C helpless heiresses at the mercy of land scheming villains, but our words do echo here even while we are off either basking in the sun or suffering in the florescent.

    If you take a break, that's fine! Sometimes a break is good for the soul -- I have on occasion needed them & taken them. I respect that, and will be happy when you wander back, but if you are wandering back right now, don't be surprised. Pickings are slim in the forums right now. :(

    You might enjoy this site, but it feels like most people are on vacation right now.

    I don't think we're bus buddies at all, but I wanted to make it clear that surprise-disconnects were not the invention of the internet.

    One thing about the internet & masks -- I've been surprised to find that I hadn't embraced my real identity in real life, and I only got the chance to realize that because of the internet & running into this person who is more me than the one who runs around real life. I'm alot more outgoing & confident here. And I would like to believe that is the real me.
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