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The Star Wars Starbucks Reunion Thread

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by Sasha Sawyer, Jul 13, 2000.

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  1. Grand Admiral Thran

    Grand Admiral Thran Jedi Youngling star 4

    Jul 22, 1999
    Hey, I know you all thought that I died, but guess what? You're not that lucky =) Anywho, I am bored and now shall bring up a topic that shall make for discussion.

    The destruction of Alderaan: What did it represent and was it truely evil?

    And with that, I'm out!

  2. Padmewan McGregor

    Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I just lost this big a$$ post by hitting the "back" button! NAR!

    OK, let's try it again. This time I post in chunks so not to lose it.

    One thing I find fascinating is how discussion board architectures shape the conversation. In a threaded discussion, you chase down little points and respond post-by-post 'til it dies. In a linear discussion (like this), it's more like a "real" conversation: it's hard to go back and pick up on old topics - which is what's often so frustrating to me in a real conversation, the most interesting things sometimes slip away. The point being that one reason why these posts are so long (LOL Wormie) is that we *do* try chasing every point down, even as they multiply exponentially (oxymoron? exponentiate?)

    Welcome back Thran, I was wondering where you were. In HS I had a band called the Carnivorous Cows; our opening tune was often:

    Welcome to the Cows
    We are home again
    If you like the Cows
    You will fit right in
    Because we are the Cows
    And we like to moo (MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
    Welcome to the Cows
    [depending on audience mood and PG rating]
    We love you
    Hey, %@^# all of you!

    (1) Movies
    I never saw Citizen Kane, thanks for ruining it HAVE. Just kidding (about the ruining part, everyone who's watched cartoons knows what Rosebud is). I really am movie illiterate (uncinemate?). Shocked, are you?
    CHICKEN RUN was excellent; I'm a great Nick Park fan. I liked the Wrong Trousers the best, but I always prefer short stories over novels if you get the analogy.
    TITAN AE I'm with you SASHA, Bluth is just always off. Like he doesn't want to be Disney, but Disney is all he knows.

    (2) Cybercommunity
    Thanks for the link to your other world, EOWYN, it's fascinating that there's this community which is built on another community that's really built on another community. If nothing else it tells us that this is "real." Hey, do you guys even talk about Star Wars at all? Or, for that matter, talk about talking about Star Wars?

    (3) Deep thoughts
    I didn't grow up with any religion so Star Wars really did have a tremendous impact on the way I think. I grappled with that ESB question - how can Luke "face" Vader without going to the Dark Side - like you wouldn't believe. I wonder what Lucas thought when he filmed ESB. (I'm pretty sure it wasn't what he was thinking when he did ROTJ).
    Or Yoda - the little green troll, as VADER would say. Abandon your friends if you believe in what they fight for? Two very different value systems there - one that I think *has* persisted to TPM, where OW/Yoda contrast with QG/Luke. (This was in that article I linked above).
    I was running this morning and watching people walking their dogs - around here no one walks their dogs with leashes - and thinking Luke really is like a big puppy. Totally loyal, trusting to the point of naivete, a tried and true friend. Someone you wish you had as a friend. But someone you want to be?
  3. Padmewan McGregor

    Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    My roommate in college would always make an argument as follows: Point number 1 [the argument], point number 2 - SO THERE!

    (3) Actual Star Wars thoughts

    I'm now reading the Rise and Fall of the Third Riech (put that down on the questionnaire) and I wonder how much Lucas will draw from Hitler in portraying the rise of the Empire. Certainly it's pretty plain in ANH that this is his historic model.

    That article series I'm now referencing twice in one post (sort of one post) had some interesting things to say about how the Jedi Council was really choking off the Force with its strictures and rules. Such that QG and Luke are the ones who truly bring Balance by going with the "living Force" rather than following rules. Luke saves his friends rather than listen to the little green troll; who was it who said that Luke actually transcends Yoda's teaching at the end of ROTJ?

    Since when does / should a Prophecy come true in the Star Wars universe anyway? Did Yoda's come true about Luke destroying all for which his friends have fought and suffered? "Always in motion is the future."

    Lucas is being so blunt about Anakin bringing balance to the Force by killing the Emperor that it's almost anticlimactic. Who cares about Episodes II and III then? So you have to take his words with some salt.

    My WWII-influenced prediction of Ep. II or III: It's the Jedi who exterminate the Jedi when the more independent-minded / braver of them attempt a paramilitary coup of Chancelor Palpatine, their ostensible civilian leader. After they destroy themselves, Palpatine's control is complete.

    Someone once mentioned how Obi-Wan must be the saddest character in the Star Wars universe, having to live with the guilt of creating Darth Vader. Imagine what Yoda's guilt must be if he was responsible for letting the Emperor take over.
  4. Padmewan McGregor

    Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Wow! You have verifiable proof that it took me 12 minutes to write that last post! Whew. That's where my day goes.

    BTW Sasha, when did you end up on the west coast? (LA?) I thought you were in New York. (Did we switch time zones this summer?)
  5. Sasha Sawyer

    Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 15, 1999
    Just a quick note, McGREGOR, your complaint about Lucas staunchily stating that the death of the Emperor is what brings balance to the force is similar to how I feel about Ridley Scott's recent statement that Harrison Ford *is* a replicant in "Blade Runner", --- some things just shouldn't be spelled out! Art is art because it DOESN'T explain everything, -- it leaves room for personal interpretation. I don't want someone to tell me why Mona Lisa smiles. I don't want to know in irrefutable detail what the baby at the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey" represents. Rosebud should always be a question, not an answer.

    And since you mention being filmilliterate (and "Citizen Kane" really *is* a must. Someday, someway, you should see that, if only to say you have), then I should explain to you that the giant, man eating plant from "Little Shop of Horrors" was always hungry and calling out, "Feed me! Feed me!" The movie is off-beat, bloodthirsty, and hilarious. Especially Steve Martin's sadistic dentist bit.

    Now I'm going to show my ignorance....aren't the Senate and the JC separate, like church and state? How could some Jedi die in the defense of Palpatine? I'm not following, obviously....

    Oh, and it took me three hours and fifteen minutes to write my post. I refuse to believe you can write yours in twelve minutes. I'm going to pretend you type it all in MS Word first and then paste it in.... (don't mess with my ego like that, it's in a fragile state)

    You said you grappled with the issues of ESB, and ROTJ, -- what did you decide? *Can* Jedi kill and still be Jedi?

    * refer to "Where did you dig up that old fossil?" 3/22/00
  6. Sasha Sawyer

    Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 15, 1999
    THRAN: I just finished reading your waaaaaay wired post over at Starbucks, then I shoot over here and you're Mr. Deep Thinker, -- I had no idea you were ambidextrous! ü I guess we're not a barrel of laughs over here, are we? They're more the light side and we're more the dark, I guess. It's a good thing you're so adaptable, your genes will survive evolution. I'm just not sure if that's good news for the rest of the universe.... Ü

    As for your Alderaan question.......hmmm......let me think a bit, -- I'm still deciding if Switzerland deserved to call itself neutral.

  7. Obi Have

    Obi Have Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 4, 1999
    Padmewan, since you are an uncinemate, that makes you uncinematical. And, here's the structure of *my* arguments: 1) Point number 1 [the argument]; 2) Point number 2: therefore, you're wrong; 3) *then*, point number 3: SO THERE! And an optional point 4: nanny-nanny-boo-boo, I'm better then you-hoo.

    Now, let me jump in on a really interesting discussion you guys are having. As for who really balances the force, imho, it's Anakin, not Qui Gon/Luke, mainly because GL has said so. (Although I like Eowyn's suggestion that it's a symbiotic combination of Anakin/Luke that balances the force, which is an intriguing point, and an interpretation that still is consistent with GL's pronouncement that Anakin is the chosen one.)

    And I don?t really have a problem with Lucas saying that Anakin is the one who brings balance to the force. I don?t think it takes away anything from the artistic mystery of Star Wars. In fact, that Anakin is the Chosen One is the central premise that runs through the entire SW saga, and the interesting moral dilemmas and questions flow from that very premise.

    To make an analogy: knowing for certain that Anakin is the one who balances the force is just like knowing for absolute certainty in Oedipus Rex that Oedipus ends up marrying his own mother. Oedipus Rex simply wouldn?t be Oedipus Rex as we know it if at the end we weren?t absolutely sure if Oedipus had in fact married his own mother. In a similar vein, the power of the ending in the Sixth Sense isn?t in any way diminished because we know in absolute certainty who Bruce Willis truly is/was. In fact, the Sixth Sense would be a totally different movie if at the end, we were left guessing as to Willis's true selfhood.

    Similarly, in Star Wars, the central premise that we must accept is that Anakin is indeed the Chosen One. That?s part of the Anakin Skywalker "myth," just as the central premise in the Oedipus Rex myth is that he ends up marrying his own mother. So, in SW, we know from the outset that Anakin?s destiny is to balance the force, and we, as the audience, knowing that, must then evaluate the actions of the various SW characters in light of that prescient knowledge.
  8. Hunter Of Winds

    Hunter Of Winds Jedi Youngling star 5

    Dec 5, 1999
    Hi everyone. I have returned home from summer vacation.

    <<What does emperor signify/symbolize? >>

    Pure evil.

    ~ Hunter of the Winds ~
  9. Obi Have

    Obi Have Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 4, 1999
    Hi there, Hunter! Good to see you again! Your answer to my question reminds me of the movie, Time Bandits. It's that scene where the "bandits" are picking up broken pieces of "pure evil," per God's orders.

    And, I agree...the Emperor represents pure evil, in addition to being an everlasting gobstopper. But, my question to you is, what is the essence of the Emperor's pure evilness?

    And here's an odd piece of information for you: in Hebrew, I believe, "Spirit" means the same thing as "Wind."

    Oh, and SASHA, to clarify, yes, I did refer to James Cameron as the "poster boy of arrogant filmmakers," which he is. But, to tell you the truth, I'm actually a fan of Cameron's stuff. I loved the Terminator films, and Aliens is fun. I just think he's a jerk, and apparently, so does everyone else. I called Cameron arrogant, in response to a thread accusing GL of being arrogant, and I was just pointing out that if you want real arrogance, just look at Cameron. If anything, GL needs a shot of self-confidence in his own abilities; from stuff I've read, he's usually the first one to be critical of his artistic abilities, especially his writing.

  10. Toshi Station

    Toshi Station Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 5, 1999
    Hunter, your absence had been noted and you were missed.
  11. Jedi Eowyn

    Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 28, 1999
    Hi! One addendum to how to write posts: it also takes mulch time to make a post. Which means, read thread. Walk away (without thinking about the subject). Come back, and spontaneously respond. I don't know what goes on during that walk away, but something does. Which I guess explains the introvert thing? I don't know.

    I really have to see Citizen Kane, I guess. : )

    Hi Hunter!

    SASHA: I never took psychology and find myself wondering if that is how the internet is different from real life: opposites attract in real life, but similars attract on the internet? That's actually really interesting and makes some odd sense.

    INTERNET PEOPLE and COMPLETING THE LINK: this week I sent the movers instructions on how to get to the house via the internet. I giggled to myself while doing it -- sending INTERNET PEOPLE explicit instructions for getting to the house!!! Horrors!

    The point being that I think over time even we will get used to having some relationships on the internet which start anonymous & some which have real life roots. Where they both end will never be knowable. We'll just be more savvy about the anonymous ones in time.

    PADMEWAN: 12 minutes? ???? 12 minutes???? It takes me _forever_ to answer these posts! Harumph!

    COMPARING ANY WORK OF ART TO SW: Well, of course it can be done. But is it significant? And the answer to that is also yes, I think. Joseph Campbell was asked by Bill Moyers to sum up his life's work simply and Campbell said it was that all things that rise must converge. I think that theory shines in Campbell's work and also in Lucas'. [following is section of post which takes time to write, rewrite, unwrite, restart, delete & write again!, go off and chat some, come back, write again!!] Lucas' brilliance in these movies is that the movie doesn't seem limited to its own material & that the vision doesn't seem to require that we limit our own in order to share it. [end the hour long section of rewriting. now to delete the other versions.]

    SIGH! now on to the fun stuff!

    1. If Vader wasn't there, would it have been OK for Luke to kill the Emperor?

    hmmm. legal vs. moral: legally Luke was at war and Palpatine was the lynch pin holding the other side together, so fighting him was ok. Morally? as in, force approved? I would think that it was the will of the force that Palpatine die, and if Luke does it without dad it is still ok. The only problem being that in so doing Luke is not guaranteed to have ended the sith -- the apprentice is still running around.

    1.a. WWYD? (What would Yoda do?)

    guilt nag blame talk-in-committee

    2. If the answer is no, is it OK for Obi-Wan to kill Darth Maul? (Did he use the Dark Side?)

    With what Obi-Wan knew at the time, yes. Obi-Wan didn't conceive of a universe with "turnable" sith. That was Luke's great contribution. With what Obi-Wan had to go on, he did the best he could, which means yes, it was ok for Obi-Wan to kill Maul. (A mistake perhaps, but not a mortal sin.)

    3. How feel you about Yoda's lightsaber (the fact the has one, according to the TPM Visual Dictionary). It's cute and all - but "Wars not make one great."

    I wonder if that line was from a certain point of view. Wars do not make one great, but still we're going to be the best warriors around?

    3.a. I mean, shouldn't Jedi have lots of non-martial powers, like the Mind Trick to the nth degree?

    The Jedi shouldn't have TRICKS as much as amazing diplomatic skills -- getting people to embrace the whole symbiotic circle of life thing!

    4. When Han was bragging about him and Leia in the South Passage, where "she expressed her true feelings," did Luke look
    - jealous
    - betrayed <-------------
    - nonchalant

    Who's wronger, QGJ or the JC about Anakin? Are they both wrong about him?
    That one is going to take more time than is in me tonight!

    Thrawn: blowing up Aldaraan was certainly wrong. why? Because the empire could have pursued other courses of action vis-a-vis the planet, regardless of what was or was not proven a
  12. Jedi Eowyn

    Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 28, 1999
    And for the bits I missed!! :)6. Balance of the

    Balance Force = killing the Emperor or killing all the Jedi? Killing the emperor.

    Question for you: Does Vader think he has already balanced the force when he defeats Obi-Wan (now the circle is complete?)
  13. Sasha Sawyer

    Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 15, 1999
    Ok, I'd love to say something amazing but I'm too tired, and I think I tend to bring the conversation to a dead halt anyway, so for now I'm just going to post THRAN's and HUNTER's fortunes, say "hi" to HAVE and EOWYN (I can't keep up with you two intellectually right now, -- not that I ever could, but I'm not going to even make any attempts tonight), and then I'm off.....

    THRAN's fortune: "You will enjoy life and will share it with others"

    HUNTER's fortune: "You are sociable and entertaining"

    Hi Have, Hi Eowyn, and to all a good night.
  14. Hunter Of Winds

    Hunter Of Winds Jedi Youngling star 5

    Dec 5, 1999
    Ok, direct from Hoth...


    1. If you could be any character in any of the Star Wars MOVIES, and live ONE day of their movie life (example: Bobba Fett, the day he falls in the Sarlacc Pit), -- Who would you be and what day would you want?

    Leia at the moment where she learns that Luke is her brother.

    2. What's the worst movie you've ever seen and why?

    Event Horizon, because that was one really gross movie.

    3. Which would you rather do, -- Pod Race, Trench Run, or Lightsabre Duel?

    Trench Run.

    4. Name something odd/strange that you like.

    Carnivorous plants.

    5. When you order a double scoop ice cream cone, what flavours do you usually order?

    Two scoops of strawberry ice cream.

    6. If you wear a perfume or cologne, what kind?

    Not applicable.

    7. What things have you been turning to recently for entertainment? (tv, books, sports, etc)

    Reading NJO novels and playing movies on a DVD player. Still waiting for the OT and TPM to come out on DVD.
  15. Padmewan McGregor

    Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    EOWYN: "12 minutes? ???? 12 minutes????"
    Well, in that instance I'd already thought the post through since I LOST it so...

    There's one post over on the TPM board that literally took me an hour to write. Someone needs to get me outta here. >[face_plain]

    HUNTER, you're teasing about carnivorous plants aren't you? I once had a huge purple pitcher plant, several sundews, and of course the ever-popular Venus's Flytraps. Sadly, they didn't survive my college absence. Right now I have a small, under-cared colony of VFT...

    Here's a thought about introvert/extrovert... I will hypthesize that the people who "ruin" the rest of the boards for us are extroverts. "Talking" in this way is less "real" to them, so they don't take it as seriously... thus, flames erupt because of careless wording or careless reading.


    Of course Deckard is a replicant, at least in the Director's Cut. But you're right, SASHA, saying it out loud ends the interest.

    Further, if literature is truly art, authors don't have the last say in interpretations of their own work.

    Related to this (?), I noticed I cut out my American Beauty review in my lost post - first, SASHA, as always, I'm touched... but I found that line in AB one of the flaws in the film. The image didn't need narration - it spoke for itself. So, too, with the wine/sofa scene - no words necessary, just walk out the room. Anyway, that's that.

    (Please don't tell me you were a fan of Mr. Ripley!)


    We can go back to the Brin threads on this one (HAVE's already trying to in a TPM thread) but I do feel that Luke could/should have been able to strike down the Emperor. I guess if he were a full Master he might have been able to do so with the requisite remorse - and kill Vader too. But it's his imperfection as a Jedi that made him perfect as a person. (Imperfection, at least, as Yoda might define it).

    The Jedi are pretty consistently shown as re-directing hate back at the aggressor. Peaceful means such as the mind trick always come first ("This little one isn't worth the trouble") and fighting reluctantly after. (I do love Obi-Wan's "Got a problem?" stare in the cantina - he and Han made good counterparts in that scene). I don't think it was until ROTJ that we see lightsabers being used like Tai-Chi, literally reflecting back to the aggressor. That was a great idea, very consistent with the Jedi order.

    A true Master would have been able to get Maul to push himself into the pit. No offense, Qui-Gon.


    Whadaya think of that one? (EOWYN?)

    (I already made the "Wrinkle in Time" analogy a year ago. And I didn't read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...)

    And honestly, like's article series I also believe that "balance" means, to some extent, wiping out the Jedi order as they exist. Lucas isn't making them out to be a very sympathetic bunch, and this whole "living Force" thing and QGJ's clear protagonist role in TPM shown in contrast to the Council shows that all is right in the Temple. There *is* something wrong about taking children from their parents. Perhaps it's Anakin's fall that tells them this.

    I'm a little unhappy by how I have to re-interpret the Yoda-OW exchange in ESB:

    Yoda: "He is reckless!"
    OW: "So was I, if you'll remember."

    You can really feel the depth of their relationship in this exchange, OW seeing himself in Luke relative to Yoda, and it doesn't have the same ring to it if Yoda was only OW's teacher at a very young age. Not analogous to Luke at all. Maybe we will see more of Yoda mentoring OW in II.

    oop, more later
  16. Wormie2

    Wormie2 Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 22, 1999
    I'm still tripping over Sasha's 3 hour research and post time! Yikes! Mine only take about an hour.
  17. Padmewan McGregor

    Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    I meant "all is NOT right in the Temple."
  18. Hunter Of Winds

    Hunter Of Winds Jedi Youngling star 5

    Dec 5, 1999
    Padmewan McGregor -- I'm serious about my plant research. I have an extensive collection of books on the subject, but don't have room for growing Carnivorous plants. We don't have much more room than Yoda's dwelling on Dagobah. My Jedi Knight attended a Carnivorous plants convention this summer in San Francisco. He also subscribes to a CP magazine. Send me your e-dress and I'll mail you a JPEG from the plant show.

    ~ Hunter of the Winds ~
  19. Obi Have

    Obi Have Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 4, 1999

    "Just trust yourself. Then you'll know how to live." Goethe

    Hey everyone. I won't even say how long it takes to write one of my posts, except that it take a long time. But, often, it's not the actually writing, but rather, the editing and revising that makes posting such a time consuming task. Although sometimes, writing a single, solitary sentence can be an extremely painful experience.

    Can I say that I despise the 15 minute editing time limit? It truly bites. Anyway, since trying to write things of intellectual substance can be difficult, and since I'm lazy, I've decided to answer some of the questions posed by quoting from George Lucas. The quote below is an interview in which Lucas gives his thoughts on Qui Gon, Anakin, and what balancing the force means.

    CUT: When I think that Anakin will become Darth Vader, I feel it is better he not be trained as a Jedi - has Qui-Gon Jinn made a mistake?

    GL: ***I think it is obvious that he was wrong in Episode 1 and made a dangerous decision, but ultimately this decision may be correct. The Phantom Menace refers to the force of the dark side of the Universe. Anakin will be taken over by dark forces which in turn destroy the balance of the Galaxy, but the individual who kills the Emperor is Darth Vader - also Anakin. The tale meanders and both the prediction, and Qui-Gonn are correct - Anakin is the chosen one, and he did bring peace at last with his own sacrifice. Luke couldn't kill the Emperor himself, but he could make Anakin reflect on his life and kill the Emperor.***

    Very provocative. And Lucas's last statement about Luke and Vader seems to fit with Eowyn's symbiotic theory about them. And Lucas seems to equate balance of the force with "peace at last" in the galaxy. And I agree with Lucas about Qui Gon; he may have been wrong in pushing Anakin's training, but he's not to blame for his mistake.

    Here are some random thoughts late at night. Yoda makes me think of Jon Lovitz for some odd reason. And Yaddle reminds me of the female Gremlin in Gremlins II. Gremlins II, by the way, is pretty awful, but I have to admit, I enjoyed watching it. And EOWYN and MCGREGOR, I agree with SASHA...both of you must see Citizen Kane. It's actually lots of fun to watch.
  20. Padmewan McGregor

    Padmewan McGregor Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 12, 1999
    Fie! Our thread had sunk to the depths of Page Three.

    HUNTER, do you study carnivorous plants as a hobby or for some professional reason? What are your "favorites"? I'd always wished I could be able to care for a Nepenthes - they'd be so cool if you could drape them around your window like a curtain and let them take care of all those annoying flies that are always attracted to windows. And you don't even have room for one Pygmy Sundew?

    Where is everyone? Did we run out of steam or collapse under the weight of our own erudition?

    I'd been trawling (trolling?) the TPM boards - and I see you are too, SASHA, HAVE, and of course EOWYN, there are actually some interesting things going on there. Somehow that "Unseen Footage from ESB" thread turned into a debate on Hitler and relativism. I find intriguing the assertion being made in the Ivory Tower Gushers thread (too gusher and too ivory tower even for me though) that TPM was more of a "European" movie in which the characters are simply presented as-is rather than explicated. SASHA, want to fill me in on what that really means? Does The Professional count as "European"?

    (I'm afraid my opinion is that Natalie's never been better than in her debut... though *gasp* I haven't yet seen either Anywhere But Here or Where the Heart Is. Can you believe it?)

    HAVE - Do you think, then, that Lucas is saying that Anakin both helps unbalance, and then ultimately re-balances, the Force? If so, is this akin to the logic of banging your head against the wall because it feels good to stop - Anakin is a hero because he puts an end to the destruction he himself sows?

    I guess my question as phrased is whether the Force is *not* in balance in TPM. Are the Jedi themselves unbalancing the Force with their strictures and rules?

    SASHA - The Jedi osensibly serve the Chancellor, which is how the whole TPM mess started. Like the Queen is titular head of the Anglican Church.
  21. Sasha Sawyer

    Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 15, 1999
    We sunk to the third page?! I guess I haven't been doing my bit for god and country...

    1. The one person you'd like to meet...

    This hasn't really changed since the last time I answered it, so I'll just add that one of the reasons I wanted to meet Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was because she always presented as so sweet and demure, yet she was pure steel beneath a velvet coating. In anything that truly mattered to her, she got her way. Not only was she amazingly resourceful and persuasive, but she also managed to hold her own against the Kennedy clan; she never merged, melded, or lost her identity, -- no easy feat when you're mingling with that strong willed bunch. Everyone also says she had the ability to make people feel that they had her complete and rapt attention; that's a skill I would love to have. Not because of what it would net me, but rather because of what it gives. I think it would be wonderous to be able to help people see their value in each and every interaction they had with me, to feel their own significance and worth.

    2. Superpower you most want...

    Still the same one, -- to read other people's thoughts. If I can't have that, then I'll take being invisible and I'll wander about and read their mail and journals. ü 'Course, if I could just make friends with a really good hacker, I could swing that reading mail part right now...... don't think I haven't tried...

    3. Favourite munchie at 2am...

    Ice cubes, blueberries, diet caffeine free Coke (that last one is a backslide on my part, I'm trying to quit). And when I'm really desperate, a square of Dove's dark chocolate. And lately I have a fetish for squeezing lime juice on everything.

    4. Things you collect...

    Well, this year I'm beginning to have a whole stack of relationship and psychology books. ( And they're about as useful as collecting Star Trek cards ever was... )

    Oh! I forgot, I've also started collecting sea washed glass from beaches throughout the world. When friends want to bring me something from their vacations, that's what I say to bring. It doesn't cost them anything, it doesn't take up a lot of room when I move, and it looks pretty when they're sitting in a beaker on a windowsill with the light shining through. So far I have pieces from as near as Lake Wenatchee, and as far away as Hawaii and Italy.

    5. Favourite cartoons...

    I don't watch cartoons anymore except for Simpson's, occassionally. Old favourites were The Jetsons, "The Sword in the Stone", and I remember getting hooked on She-Ra, and Voltran for a bit. Oh, and I liked that Humphrey from Yogi the Bear. Do you guys remember that one where they had to pick up all the trash in Jellystone before they could eat and Humphrey hid it all in a hole in the ground, which turned out to be Old Faithful? I still sing that little song when I have to straighten a room, "First you pick it up, then you put it in the sack, << bump, bump>>".... hey, it has neat hip action and it's not as syrupy as singing, "Just a spoonful of sugar..."

    6. Person you would most want to work with...

    Shyamalan (and someday Django ü)

    7. Favourite musical performers...

    I like certain songs more than specific performers. If forced to choose at the moment it would be Sting, Brian Setzer, and some Cure.

    8. Favourite TV show...

    Oh, man, I have to put it in writing again?....... "Survivors" and "The West Wing"..... but at least I have sense to be embarassed about the "Survivors" thing.

    9. Last good movie you saw...

    (By good movie I'll assume "well done" movie, because otherwise I think "The Sixth Sense" is still the last "good" movie I've seen) "What Lies Beneath" and on a personal level I really liked "Return to Me" even though it wouldn't win any awards. I just thought it was pleasant, and I didn't mind spending two hours with it, it was good company. Besides, it was fun seeing Bonnie Hunt's work.

    10. Last good book you read...

    All the ones I mentioned before and also "Timeline" by Crichton, and (I'd forgotten we could count non-fiction) "
  22. Sasha Sawyer

    Sasha Sawyer Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 15, 1999
    I've been thinking a lot about MCGREGOR's collapsing under our own weight comment.... (prepare yourselves for some raw honesty)....

    I think I just don't have it in me to be philosophical. I sincerely try, because there are some of you who live, breathe, eat philosophy for breakfast and frankly, I enjoy your thoughts and company and want to entice you to hang around, but I'm not really up to the task. Everytime I try, it just sort of rubs my nose in it as to how pitiful my efforts truly are. I've said this before but I often feel like Salierie from "Amadeus": appreciative of your talents, envious of your talents, but totally devoid of any of the talent I so covet...

    Rats, my time's up.... I'll come back later and finish this thought...

    (PMG: I sent you a private message -- nothing amazing -- tell me if you received it, because my site stuff doesn't seem to be working. I'm not receiving post notifications, or password prompts when I ask for them, and my little Yahoo smiley face won't smile when I have messenger on.... :( ... very sad)
  23. Casta

    Casta Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 23, 2000
    Response to the first poll:

    1. If you could be any character in any of the Star Wars MOVIES, and live ONE day of their movie life (example: Bobba Fett, the day he falls in the Sarlacc Pit), -- Who would you be and what day would you want?

    Chief Bast, on the day right after Death Star I's destruction, or General Veers, during Battle of Hoth.

    2. What's the worst movie you've ever seen and why? Giving up movies except SW for long time.

    3. Which would you rather do, -- Pod Race, Trench Run, or Lightsabre Duel? Trench Run.

    4. Name something odd/strange that you like.
    Math is my prime obsession, so is military tactics. And you can count GA Thrawn in too.

    5. When you order a double scoop ice cream cone, what flavours do you usually order?
    Gave up ice cream for since last september.

    6. If you wear a perfume or cologne, what kind?
    None. I don't wear any perfume.

    7. What things have you been turning to recently for entertainment? (tv, books, sports, etc)
    Read, read, read.

    It's easy too tell--I'm leading a Spartan life.
  24. Hunter Of Winds

    Hunter Of Winds Jedi Youngling star 5

    Dec 5, 1999
    Padmewan McGregor -- My hubby and I are lovers of carnivorous plants and nuts about Star Wars. One of our favorite books on the subject is titled: "The Savage Garden" by Peter D'Amato. It's subtitled: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants. Our favorite plant family is the North American Pitcher, called Sarracenia. We like them because they have brilliant, beautiful flowers and are easy to grow. We are into plants as a hobby. Your remark about growing Sundews has us thinking. The Florida giant, Drosera filiformis is another type of Sundew. It's a bit larger than the Pygmy Sundew, but should fit into our humble abode, which happens to be overflowing with books, including a collection of Star Wars novels. Having a carnivorous plant around will most certainly provide us with peace of mind knowing that insects that may harm our books will be providing nourishment to a Sundew.

    ~ Hunter of the Winds ~
  25. Grand Admiral Thran

    Grand Admiral Thran Jedi Youngling star 4

    Jul 22, 1999
    Yeah I pop in and out when life permits. Anywho, getting back to the alderaan topic.

    Understand this from the point of view of the Empire. I will use a similar occurance that occured during WWII. The A-bombs that were dropped in Japan were civilian targets, and many casualties were suffered. But it meant ending the war and saving both American lives and Japanese. Taking the Japanese main land would have cost the American's and Japanese in the upwards of 17 million lives total. About 1 million US and 16 million civilian/military plus trilions of dollars of damage. So it was a wise descion for the American forces. Now the Empire has the ability of destroying a planet. Instead of going around blowing up planets they choose a new form of thinking.

    The Tarkin doctorine stated "Rule through fear of force, rather than force itself." What he meant was, instead of using military force to gain control of worlds that are in a state of disorder, use the fear of the application of that force. Thus saving lives and money, a very prudent approach to wiping out the rebels. The destruction of Alderaan was valid; they were offically rebel aligned, they were opposing the Empire, and they housed several traitors to the Empire. Thus when they were destroyed, it was a demonstration of what other systems would suffer if they defied the Empire. A good strategy for the Empire to keep their reign, it was a choice that was only evil for the rebels because they lost an important system.

    In conclusion, the destruction of Alderaan was the example to the galaxy of the penelty of being a tratior: Death. Yes they were traitors, and even under the US law, all traitors are to be executed. They were simply executed by a space station instead of an electric chair.

    And that was my brief rambling, if it made no sense, well its late here and I'm tired.

    GAT out!
    "Moo? Moo. MOO!"
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