The Storm Cometh (Pre-NJO fic, very AU)

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    Disclaimer: I dont own Star Wars and if I did Anakin would never turn and Star Wars would be this fic. I'm wont make a dime on this. SO DON'T SUE!!!!!!!!!

    Dramatis Personae:

    Major Characters:

    Anakin Solo;Jedi Apprentice(male Human)
    Tahiri Velia;Jedi Apprentice (female Human)
    Ben Skywalker;Jedi Apprentice(male Human)

    Supporting Characters:

    Corran Horn;Jedi Knight(male human)
    Siri Tachi Kenobi;Jedi Master(female Human)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi;Jedi Master(male Human)
    Mara Jade Skywalker;Jedi Knight(female Human)
    Luke Skywalker;Jedi Master(male Human)
    Leia Skywalker Solo;Supreme Chancellor(female Human)
    Han Solo;Republic General(male Human)
    Jaina Solo;Jedi Apprentice(female Human)
    Jacen Solo;Jedi Apprentice(male Human)
    Palleon;Imperial Captain Republic's Fall(male Human)
    Dalla;Republic Admiral Kuat Shipyards(female Human)
    Brakiss;Sith Master(male Human)
    Jerec;Sith Knight(male Human)

    Major AU:

    Anakin Skywalker never turned but died after killing Palpatine/Sidious

    Jedi are allowed to marry, have children and leave the Order whenever they wish after Knighthood

    The Republic never died and the Empire is just a group of rebels causing trouble

    There are about 380,000 Jedi

    Ben was born two years after Luke and Mara marry

    The Sith never had the Rule of Two, but were beaten during the Clone War into nothing more than roaming bands of troublemakers

    And here's Chapter 1, hope ya like.
    Chapter 1

    12-year-old Anakin Solo immersed himself in the Force as deeply as he could. His Master, Corran Horn, felt he was ready to begin study of Form 5 lightsaber style, they had spent the last two weeks studying the moves and philophies of Form 5 now thay were sparing to see what Anakin had learned.
    He bought his violet lightsaber(an exact replica of Anakin's Ep2 saber) up to block a sweep from Corran's silver blade. Anakin viciously slashed at his Master's torso but Corran, a certified Form 5 master, easily parried and lunged. Anakin barely managed to block the attack, they cricled each other, Anakin covered in sweat and Corran calm and composed as ever. Anakin's patience broke and he did a Force-enhanced leap and bought his shaft down only to be blocked and thrown accross the room with a powerful force push. He got back up, somehow he'd managed to keep his hold on the hilt through his flight. anakin crouched into a defensive position and prepared to block his Master's coming onslaught. Corran attacked with all the fury of a Jedi Knight, he battered down his Padawan's defenses. When Anakin was near the breaking point he stopped and crouched into his own defensive position, Anakin, genueinely surprised at the course of events, was to worn down to see the trap. He took the bait and attacked with a passion that rivaled Corran's. The Jedi Knight flipped over the pre-teen and stabbed his lightsaber triumphantly at Anakin's exposed back. Had the two been fighting without tuning to the training level, Anakin would have been impaled, even so, it still stung really bad. Corran chuckled at the yelp of pain.
    "You did very well for your first sparing session, better than I did you'll be happy to hear.", he said as Anakin rubbed his back furiously. "Can I go meet Tahiri now?", Anakin, a boy of few words, said. Corran nodded yes and Anakin jetted off with astounding speed for his size.
    The reason Anakin was in such a rush was because today was Tahiri's 10th birthday and though he would never admit it, her brthday was just as special, if not more than, his own. He had spent the last several days of his free time planning a surprise party for her. Everyone was in on it , his parents, siblings, and even Obi-Wan and Uncle Luke. So deep in his thoughts, he did not notice when his older brother came up behind him. "Going to her so early?",he said.
    "If I don't pay attention to her she'll get supicious.", Anakin repiled a little curtly. Jacen gave him a knowing smile and responded, "Well, it just looked like...well you looked like you were a little anxious to see her, i
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