Science Fiction The Strangers: Catch a Fire

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    The Strangers

    "These aren't all of them..."

    "No, no. I'll have to check the calibrations again, make some adjustments here and there."

    "How long will it take?"

    "Hard to say. Days, months... we're flying blind here."


    "Is there something wrong?"

    "Of course there's something wrong, Duncan, that's why we're doing this. But these will have to do for now, until we can get everything running properly."

    "I'll do my best, sir. I know we don't have a lot of time."

    "No. No, we don't."


    Somewhere in Nebraska

    Two weeks ago...

    It was about one o'clock in the morning when the mysterious man entered the bar. It was a night not unlike any other. At this hour, not many folks were enigmatic. Alcohol had overtaken their bodies, and their thoughts and feelings poured out faster than their drinks.

    This particular bar wasn't crowded. In fact, there weren't many people inside at all. A few here and there, scattered around, listening to the music man at the back of the room play his solemn tune. It was mostly quiet. The bartender wasn't so busy as to not notice the new arrival, face cloaked in the hood of his jacket.

    The mysterious man stood in the doorway for a moment, then slowly walked to the bar and took a seat at the edge closest to the exit. The bartender, a heavier man whose age was beginning to show behind his thin greying beard, strode over.

    "What can I get you, friend?"

    The man was hunched over the bar, hood still up, so that his face remained unseen. He gave no verbal response, simply shook his head.


    A nod.

    "Suit yourself."

    The man sat there for a few minutes. The music played on, a piano and a gravelly voice filling the air, accompanied by the scent of smoke and decadence. Another man in the bar took a seat next to the new arrival.

    "Hey buddy," he tapped the man's shoulder. No response. "What, you don't talk?" He tapped his shoulder again, and again there was no response. "Hey, I'm talking to you." He reached his hand up to remove the man's hood, but that was as far as he got.

    The hooded man shot up from his barstool, pressed his hand against the other man's neck, and suddenly his new victim lit up in flames. He screamed violently as this happened. The music stopped, and everyone turned quickly to look and see what had taken place.

    "Son of a-!" the bartender reached for something beneath the bar, but the hooded man pointed his finger at him, and his body was consumed by fire as well.

    The mysterious man began to point at everyone. And every individual, every man and woman at which he pointed his finger were suddenly consumed by flame, and soon the entire bar was filled with crying pleas and the smell of burning skin. The music man was the last to be ignited.

    The hooded man silently observed his work for a moment. It didn't take long for the panic to die down as everyone soon succumbed to the flames.

    And then he turned, and walked out into the moonlit morning.

    Catch a Fire



    This is a game that takes place present day, in our world. With a slight difference, of course. Magic exists in this universe. Now, before I continue, I must warn you that this isn't a Harry Potter, witches and wizards brand of magic. There will be no wands or elaborate spellcasting, no ornate robes or big schools dedicated to the arts of witchcraft. In fact, magic barely exists in The Strangers. Few people are aware of it, and even less actually possess it. It is a mere whisper in the wind. For now.


    As you might have guessed, the characters you play will belong to this small group of people who have magical talents. That is the only requirement, as everything else is up to you. There is no one location you have to reside, no one age group you have to belong to, no one language you have to speak. The world is your oyster here. Athlete, teacher, businessman, hermit, student, beggar, whatever. This is a tale of the ordinary who possess the extraordinary, with an overarching plot that will take place alongside your own individual stories.


    Now you might be wondering what kind of magical talents your character can possess. The answer? Pretty much anything. I won't be too strict here, though I would like to keep the scale of your abilities somewhat in check (e.g. I'm not likely to approve someone who can make planets disappear). Beyond that? Use your imagination! Invisibility could come in handy for a bank robber. Mind reading for a gambler. Shape shifting for a fugitive. Whatever you choose! It should also be noted that powers don't necessarily make themselves known at birth. Different abilities manifest themselves at different times for different people. Heck, your character may not even know that they have magic in them yet!

    Character Sheet

    This is simply a basic template with required fields for you to fill out, as you may add any additional information you'd like. You can be as brief or as thorough as wish with your bio. If you want to withhold certain information from the rest of the players to be unveiled over time, you may do so as well. Nothing wrong with a little mystery! Also, if you have a personal subplot in mind for your character, there's a section for that as well. It isn't required and won't be posted in the thread with the rest of your sheet, but I encourage you to think about it. Is there something your character is looking for? Something they are trying to hide? Do they have an ulterior motive? Let me know there and we will explore it as the game progresses!

    Subplot (not to be posted in thread):


    As always, obey the TOS.
    Send your character sheets to me via PM for approval before posting in the thread.
    One character limit per person.
    If you are absent over an extended period of time without warning, control of your character will be forfeited.
    Please limit your OOC's. If necessary, a thread will be made in the Resource forum for game discussions and such.
    Please do not hesitate to PM me or IM me on AIM (Reynar_Tedros) if you have any questions or concerns regarding the game or your character.
    Have a good time!