The Strength Inside of Me (Obi-Wan Kenobi) Intertriology. Slight AU FINISHED!

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    Thirty-four years before A New Hope

    Obi-Wan Kenobi sunk deeper in his bed, lacing his fingers behind his head and catching the tuft of hair that was ponytailed there, a sign of his current placement amongst the Jedi Order. There was an undelible smile that graced his boyish features, that added a light to his azure eyes. He had just successfully completed his first solo mission and he couldn't wait to get back to Coruscant and explain everything that had occured to his Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

    It had come as a surprise to him when the Council had summoned him and when he arrived at the Council room his Master had not been there.

    Despite his best attempts to assauge his astonishment, Master Yoda caught it nonetheless. "A mission we have for you, Obi-Wan."

    "Shouldn't we wait for, Master Qui-Gon?" Obi-Wan asked, his confusion causing him to question the intelligence of the Council.

    "This is a mission for you alone, Obi-Wan," Master Mace said, his deep voice decidedly sounding amused.

    Obi-Wan had blinked, unable to put the words together that were forming in his head but refused to escape from his mouth. A Padawan could only take his first solo mission after his or her Master had put forth to the Council that the Padawan was ready. Master had told him nothing of this and he was sure that it was so Obi-Wan would have the very reaction he did now.

    You never take well to surprises Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon was fond of telling him.

    As if fate itself was proving Master Qui-Gon's point, the Republic shuttle that had picked him up on the far rim world of Larsis, shuddered and the overhead illumination lights flickered and the alarming red took its place.

    "Oh, not good," Obi-Wan thought as he jumped off the bed and raced forward to get to the pilotshouse.

    Coming through the metal partition Obi-Wan called. "What happened?"

    "We've been forced out of hyperspace, Padawan Kenobi and were falling towards that planet," the pilot said.

    Running a hand through his close cropped hair, Obi-Wan scrutinized the planet that looked like hovering dirt clog. "And what planet is it?"

    "Tatooine," the pilot answered.
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    Oooh...the Sockie gets the first postie! Nice beginning Zara. I love Obi stories and look forward to where you take this one.

    Upsies the threadsies!
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    Thanks In the Sock of the Night.
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    Four years before A New Hope.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi was settling down to do his morning meditations when he heard the loudest sound that had assaulted his ears. A heard of Bantha had one time passed his little hut and the brays that emit from those creatures had echoed in his ears for a full week. Although this sound did not last as long it was ten times as loud.

    As fast as he could he got to his feet, at 53 he was not as light on his feet as he'd been during his time as a Jedi Knight, he hurried outside to see a large Republic shuttle dug into the Tatooine sand.

    Forgetting that he was in hiding, Ben ran up to the ship to check for survivors. He did not realize that the markings on the shuttle were not those of the Empire but of the Old Republic. Looking around to make sure that there was no one near enough to see the glow of a lightsaber and hoping that the passengers would be to distracted by the recent crash to notice, Ben ignited his blade and bruied it into the door lock.

    Then bringing the Force to bear had slide the door aside in it's grooves. Then returned the blade to his belt and began to run through the corridors of the strangely familiar shuttle.

    "Hello," he yelled. "Is everyone alright?"

    He felt a flux of Force energy at the bow of the shuttle. Suspicion filled Ben. It had been years since he had felt another Jedi and for a moment his heart rose in hope to match the suspicion.

    Dashing through the cockpit partition, Ben found the bodies of three men. Two were slumped over in the pilot and co-pilot chairs not emiting any life Force energy. But it was the young man who was sprawled spread eagle on the ground that caught his attention.

    The young man had ruddy brown hair shaved evenly with a long braid trailing behind his right ear. He was dressed in cream colored tunics and leggins and there was an all too familiar arm-length cylinder on his belt.

    It wasn't the fact that Ben hadn't seen a Jedi Padawan in over fifteen years that made him pause, but the features of the young man of himself.

    They were features he recognized all too readily. They were the features of himself thirty years ago.
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    The two pilots had died from the impact with the sand, somehow the man that was his younger self had managed to escape the crash with only a large concussion and a few scrapes and bruises. If Ben hadn't known better, he would have sworn he had gone delusional, but it was his younger self that had been in the crash. With the help of the Force he lifted the boy/man into his arms and began to weave his way back towards his hut.

    Despite the incredibleness of the situation, Ben found himself feeling slightly annoyed. He already had his hands full keeping a trouble seeking young Skywalker, who far exceeded all the accidents his father had managed to get himself into, all he needed was his just as bad younger self.

    Gently, he laid the boy on the old but remarkably comfortable cot that he had been using for the last sixteen years, Ben backed up and scrutinized him. For the first time his mind finally caught up with the situation that had crashed in his proverbial backyard.

    As much as he tried to convincve himself there was no denying the fact that this was very much Obi-Wan Kenobi. Reach under his tunic Ben felt next to his shoulder where a long scar marred the skin. He had gotten it during a mission a few years after he had become a Padawan and despite the amount of bacta that had been slathered on the wound he had ended up with the nasty scar.

    Walking up to the cot he reached under Obi-Wan's tunic and felt for the same scar. His callased fingers meet with knotted tough flesh.

    With a jerk, Ben backed away. This isn't possible.

    All things in the Force are possible, Master Qui-Gon's words still haunted him today.

    Would he have to live through this hell twice, once in his youth and again now. Seeing the youth and the innocence that radiated from the young man made him want to cry. Where had that boy gone? When had he lost that inner light that had encompassed him through even Qui-Gon's death?

    Slowly the long lashes of the young Obi-Wan fluttered and the eyeslids parted groggily.

    Ben stood up and hovered over...himself. "Don't try to move. You've had a rough day. You're lucky to be in one piece."

    Obi-Wan moaned softly and swallowed working mositure into his throat. "Are you so sure that is an accurate statement?"

    The cockiness of youth, now that was something he hadn't missed until now. Obi-Wan struggled to sit up and Ben restrained him. "You have a concussion and need to stay still. Water here is scarce but I need to keep you from dehydrating." A glass of blue Bantha milk, cooled enough to make it a marked difference to the outside temperature, slapped into his hand as he called it to him using the Force. "You need to drink this."

    Obi-Wan did as he was told but with some difficulty. The young man was still terribly weak and this small effort tasked whatever strength he had gathered. As Ben returned the glass, Obi-Wan crumbled against the pillow.

    "What happened?" the boy asked.

    "I was hoping you could tell me," Ben countered.

    There was a scared confusion that graced the features of the young man, only recognized by Ben because he had worn it often enough. "I can't remember. The last thing I can recall was that I had finished a solo mission on Larsis was on my way back to Coruscant." Obi-Wan started to shake his head but stopped as the pain shot through his muddled head. "I can't remember."

    "I understand," Ben assured him. "You can rest here for the time and then we'll see to get you transport." Your younger self has traveled 30 years into the future and your worried about finding him a ship?

    "Thank you..." Obi-Wan trailed off waiting for a name to be revealed.

    "Ben...," he answered. "Ben Lars."

    "Ben thank you. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi," the boy said with a soft ironic smile. "Sorry to crash in on you like this."

    Ben found an ironic smirk to match that of young Obi-Wan's cross his sand-blasted face. "Get some sleep young Kenobi, you have a long road ahead of you before your ready to go home."
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    Oh very intresting Zara....intresting indeed....

    Want more soon!!
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    When Obi-Wan returned to the land of the conscious he found his rescuerer Ben looming over him. It was only then that he realized that the old man was clad in warn but clean homespun tunics very similar to his own. He couldn't help but think that the older man was somehow familiar to him, although he couldn't place Ben readily. He reached out to the Force and felt Ben coil like a preying serpent.

    "Don't reach too far, you need to give your mind a rest. You recieved a nasty concussion in that crash," Ben said.

    Obi-Wan couldn't disagree, his head was thrumming with the pounding of his blood, and the small movement of sitting up sent his stomach twirling. "I think I'm still on the ride," Obi-Wan replied wryly.

    "You'll feel that way for a couple more days. If you'd like I could take you to the local med center, but my speeder is not in the best repair," Ben said.

    Obi-Wan nodded, looking around the room. Everything around the hut was a little warn if well taken care of. Just as the man sitting before him. Again Obi-Wan felt that sense of familiarity.

    "You're a Jedi aren't you?" Obi-Wan asked.

    The aging man shook his grey haired head. "Was. I'm retired."

    "Have we met before?"

    Ben shrugged. "Not face to face but I've always been around."

    Obi-Wan frowned at Ben's answer. It wasn't as if it should shed suspicion but it was very vague. However, Ben had saved his life and was thankful for that and would let Ben keep whatever secret he was hiding.

    "I'm glad we've finally come face to face, Master Lars," Obi-Wan said.

    "Are you hungry?" Ben Lars asked.

    Now that his stomach had stopped doing flip flops, Obi-Wan realized he was. "Maybe a little."

    Ben smiled knowingly and pushed up from the chair he had roosted in. "I don't have much in the finer delicacies but I've got Permissian rice and vegetables."

    "That would be greatly appreciated Master Lars," Obi-Wan said. Permissian rice had always been one of his favorite dishes although his Master thought it was incredibly without taste.

    "Just call me Ben," the older man said. "I haven't been a Master for a long time." That added more mystery to the man. "I'll be right back."

    "Thank you M...I mean Ben." It was strange not calling an older Jedi by his proper title, he didn't even do that with Master Qui-Gon.

    Ben exited the room and Obi-Wan noted the sadness that permated the man's demeanor. He wondered what could have possibly happened that a Jedi would be full so of sorrow?
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    What an intriguing premise for a story. :)) I really look forward to see how you develop it.

    Thanks for posting this.
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    Nice story Zara! As mentioned before, this is a great premise. I greatly look forward to seeing how you develop it. Good Luck! :)
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    Interesting! I don't think I've seen a story with this premise before. Good work, and I'll look forward to more soon!

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    Ben watched with rapt attention as Obi-Wan wolfed down the rice he had fixed for the younger Jedi. There were so many basic things about himself that he had forgotten, things that Obi-Wan was reawakening inside him. He ate with detachment, food was no longer something to delight in but a necessity to keep him going one day at a time.

    Life had one purpose, to secure the new hope for the galaxy, anything beyond that, Ben couldn't see and didn't dare hope to ponder. Luke was sixteen now and already Ben had tried to give him Anakin's lightsaber to pass on the legacy of the Skywalker family, but Owen Lars had chased him away as soon as he stepped inside the farm proper.

    Just a week ago, he'd had to lead Luke and a friend called Biggs after they had gotten lost during a race in their T-16 Skyhoopers. At the time it had made Ben smile, especially since Luke had been quite embarrassed by the rescue. Luke had studied Ben with a mixture of wariness and awe. No doubt Owen had filled his head with stories about the crazy old wizard Ben Kenobi.

    Obi-Wan forked the last of his rice and swallowed it without chewing. There was a smile of immense pleasure on his face. "I don't know if it's coincidence or just growing up in the same place but you make it just the way I like it."

    "My Master taught me how to make it," Ben explained.

    Obi-Wan's eyes grew wide in surprise. "Mine taught me too."

    Uh-oh. I'm giving him too much information. I don't know how much it will take for him to put it together, Ben warned himself. At twenty-three he had never thought himself as innocent, having seen an incredible amount of death and evil, but Ben now looking into that face full of so much life and light he knew that he had thought wrong. I can't allow that innocence to be diminished, not now, he will experience it all too soon.

    "Are you alright Mas...Ben?" Obi-Wan asked, his high forehead crinckling in concern. "I'm feeling much better perhaps I should head out to the nearest city."

    "NO!" Ben exclaimed.

    They starred at each other for a long while and then Obi-Wan began to pull the cover off his legs. "Definitely, I should go. I've taken too much of your time, Master Lars."

    There was no mistaken the suspicion that was rising in Obi-Wan's azure eyes. Eyes that matched his totally and completely. What do I tell him. Thankfully, Obi-Wan's concussion was still not nearly as healed as it would need to be for him to travel and even as he tried to rise from the cot he fell back.

    "Obi-Wan, please I'm not trying to keep you here, it is just for your safety better that you do. Tatooine isn't known for its affable attitude towards Jedi," Ben said telling the truth from a certain point of view. "When you are well and its time to secure you a ship, then I'll take you into Mos Eisley, alright?"

    Pressing a trembling hand to his forehead, Obi-Wan squeezed his eyes closed. "Perhaps your right. You remind me of my Master."

    That made Ben stiffen. "Really?"

    "Sure. He has an annoying way of always being right," Obi-Wan said. "Were you at the Temple with Qui-Gon Jinn?"

    "Yes, I was. He is a great man to be compared to," Ben said. This was entirely too weird. In such an off handed way, Obi-Wan had just payed him a compliment that he had never expected to received let alone from himself.

    Obi-Wan frowned. "He's probably worried about me. I commed him before we went into hyperspace and said I was on my way."

    Ben hand't thought about that. Qui-Gon would definitely be worried when Obi-Wan did not return to the Temple on time. And what if Ben couldn't get his youngerself home to the time where he belonged, what would happen to the grouping of events that had lead Ben to this very situation? What was the Forces will in this?
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    wonderful Post. ditto on that question at the end.

    What does the Force want in this.
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    It was as Obi-Wan was eating his breakfast that Ben felt the presence of the Empire. It was easily recognizable by the beaten Jedi, after sixteen years avoiding them he was quite adept, but this was the closest they had ever come to his hut. Tatooine had become a haven for him, a place he could hide himself and Luke without worrying about Vader and his henchmen's attention.

    It wasn't long before Ben put together how they had come to this part of the desert world. He looked at Obi-Wan, shoveling in food like all twenty-three year olds did, and breathed a silent sigh. The Force had brought his youngerself here for a purpose, but was it for the purpose of brining the Empire here and endangering Luke.

    After sixteen years of hiding, Ben had formed a close connection to the Force and yet he still couldn't trust it. There hadn't been a doubt in his mind that Anakin had been the 'Chosen One' but the he was now a chosen for darkness. Ben had tried to consul himself with the fact that Anakin had been 'Chosen' only because of Luke. That it would be through his son that balance would be brought. But now the Force was tricking him again by bringing the Empire it his safehaven and the very one to bring him here was the inadvertant actions of his younger self.

    Obi-Wan looked up from his warm cereal, Tatooine morning could jokingly be compared to the frigid afternoons of Hoth without the warmth the rays of two suns brought.

    "Ben? I sense's dark, tainted," Obi-Wan said dropping the spoon into the bowl. He stepped away from the table, swaying slightly before catching his equalibrim. "What is it?"

    Ben's heart caught in his throat and he swallowed it down to allow breath. He could feel them near, probably at the Republic Cruiser that had brought Obi-Wan here. A cruiser that old would certainly raise suspicion and the stormtroopers would come here asking questions. How would he explain the Empire to Obi-Wan?

    "It's getting nearer," the younger Kenobi said. "I can feel the darkness."

    "Draw yourself in, they might be able to detect us," Ben ordered. "Listen to be Obi-Wan. If they come here, they can't know your real name alright?"

    Obi-Wan's brow creased again, in the all too familiar frown that Ben himself had warn long ago. "I don't understand Master Lars. Why would they come here?"

    "They work for a man who is hunting me?" Ben admitted. At Obi-Wan's astonished wide-eyed expressin, Ben continued. "You know as well as I that mission leave behind enemies, even in the best situations. This man who I am hiding from has been searching for me, I was once closed to and loved very much. But he will not hesitate to kill me and you."

    "He was your apprentice," Obi-Wan said, and Ben cursed that he had been such an astute student at the age.

    Solemnly, Ben nodded. "I cannot tell you everything, but know that you are in grave danger. Swear to me that you will do as I say?"

    He was asking a lot of himself, considering that Obi-Wan knew nothing about what was going on, thinking that this was his own time, and that the Temple still existed, and the only thing that they needed to do was escape to the Temple and be safe. But Ben had to save himself not once by twice as he deflected this unsuspecting visit from the Empire.

    "I'll agree if you tell me one thing," Obi-Wan said.

    The side of Ben's face ticked as he considered this. "That would depend on what you were going to ask?"

    "Why can't I feel Master Qui-Gon?"
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    Come on people read this.
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    This is a very interesting story. It's such a mind-twister of a premise.

    Does Ben dare tell his younger self the truth? If he does, he might be able to prevent Anakin's fall in the first place. But then, he might disrupt the natural order of the Force. Or, was it the will of the Force that young Obi-Wan be sent to him in order to change things?

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    Interesting. Most interesting.

    Wonder where you're going with this - you've got Obi-Wan x2 in a real doozy of a snarl right now.

    I like the way you've juxtaposed the younger and older personalities - so close, yet different with the addition of age and (sad) experience.
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    Just found this - what a brilliant idea! I can't wait to find out how Ben is going to answer Obi's question about Qui-Gon!
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    Breathtaking - I love the whole idea - its exceptionally creative and I can't wait to see where you take it!
    That question at the end is haunting indeed....that must be troubling the young Obi Wan to not be able to feel the presence of Master Qui.
    Write more soon!
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    Obi-Wan had been trying to reach for the Temple the whole morning, hoping to relieve
    his Master of any worry by linking just long enough to let Qui-Gon know he was alright. But no matter how hard he tried all he felt was a void, not just a void where Master Qui-Gon was, but where the whole Temple and the thrum of a thousand Jedi that roved around the galaxy. It scared him more then anything in his life had been able to. In the place of the light he found only darkness, not immense compared to the light the Jedi had represented, but far reaching like a shadow before dusk. What was going on?

    Ben didn?t stutter and answer but seemed frightened by the question, yet again causing a suspicion to rise in Obi-Wan to couple with the infuriating sense of familiarity he felt with Ben. He could not deny that he enjoyed the older Jedi?s company, Ben seemed to understand exactly
    what was inside of him, caught his dry humor before even his Master would. But there was a deep pain imbedded in the mas heart and soul, shielded heavily but still felt by Obi-Wan that confused the younger Jedi.

    The older Jedi seemed to still himself and opened his mouth as if to finally answer, when the whirring sound of several speeder bikes approached the hut that Ben had brought him to. That more then impending answer frightened Ben. He looked out through the hut?s small window to instantly snap back to Obi-Wan.

    ?You are my son, your name is Ornsar Lars. They must not know your true identity Obi-
    Wan, swear it to me.? Ben?s azure eyes burrowed into his with such intensity and the power of the Force that stood beside him was like an unquenchable fire.

    Obi-Wan stiffened as Ben chose the first name of his biological father to call him by. Was it coincidence or did Ben know about his lineage. There wasn?t many in the Order, besides Qui-Gon and the Council that knew about Ornsar Torvellori, but perhaps Ben had been at the Temple at the time of Obi-Wan?s arrival.

    ?I give you my word, Master Lars,? Obi-Wan whispered. Despite his suspicions, the
    Force was still propelling him to trust Ben and until he felt otherwise, he would obey the feeling.

    Ben deflated in relief, and his lined eyes began to search the room around them, as if
    checking that everything was in place, when suddenly his gaze returned to Obi-Wan and centered on his long Padawan braid. ?We have to hide that,? he muttered and Obi-Wan felt now as though he was just another piece of furniture in the sparsely decorated hut.

    Opening a beautifully crafted chest, the only thin g that had not suffered the harsh
    elements of Tatooine and maintained it?s rich luster of lacquer, Ben with drew a strange hat with a boarder all around the edges and a pack of pins. Unceremoniously, Ben pinned Obi-Wan?s braid to the top of his head, plopping the ugly hat on top of it before snatching at Obi-Wan?s waist where his lightsaber rested. Ben walked away with it in hand and Obi-Wan gaped that the man had been able to so deftly rob him of his weapon.

    With much greater reverence Ben placed Obi-Wan?s lightsaber into the trunk and snapped the lid down, before pressing his thumb to the locking plate.

    ?Ben,? Obi-Wan tried again. ?What about Master Qui-Gon??

    There was a harsh pounding on the front door and Ben suddenly morphed from the kindly
    old man to a caged animal. He knew how an apprentice could hate their Master to the point of wanting them dead from his experience with Master Qui-Gon?s former Padawan, Xanatos, but Ben acted as if the whole galaxy was after him.

    ?We?ll discuss it later, I promise,? Ben said as he walked stolidly to the door. With a steadying breath, the older man activated the door and it slid open to reveal an ominous trooper.

    Dressed all in white and black, with a helmet that shielded the face, the trooper was taller then both he and Ben and was heavily armed. Behind him, Obi-Wan saw that he was not alone.

    ?May I help you?? Ben asked, and now there was no trace of the terror that Obi-Wan had
    been able to sense from t
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    Oh my!
    This is superb! Please write more!
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