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    The Summer Camp RPG
    Lake Saint Fictivea

    Welcome one and all to the Fan Activities Summer Camp RPG, hosted (initally by your old friend, Imperial_Hammer) and taken over by s65horsey.
    Started while we were in exile now to be continued on the boards. I have old players returning and am welcoming a few new ones, just shoot me a PM with a CS in it!

    The Premise
    "Looking for a fun place to spend a month or two this Spring? Look no further than Camp Remote, a supportive environment for young people to be in the great outdoors, developing crucial life and social skills. Located next to serene Lake Saint Fictivea in the Antis Mountains, Camp Remote has been entertaining youths since the 1950. The camp's original four log cabins can handle any the busiest of summers, and its mess hall serves up three warm meals a day. Staffed by our experienced camp counselors, you or your young adult will always be in safe hands. Our normal camp activities include:
    • Art Class
    • Swimming Lessons
    • Theater Class
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Cooking Experience
    • Nature Walks
    And plenty of time for the development of social skills! After a summer at Camp Remote, your young adult will return confident and with a tool-kit full of life skills.

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, cal
    l 1-888-556-5656 and apply now!"

    One of the many cabins you will be staying in

    The Game

    Welcome to Summer Camp. You play the role of a teenager who has been sent to Camp Remote, willingly or by their parents. How I envision this game to go something like a typical but more unstructured summer camp. There will be a lot of socialization between campers. Periodically there will be writing-based challenges associated with the classes/activities campers will be doing at Camp Remote. Players will make friends and enemies along the way, and hopefully enjoy themselves doing it.
    This game was purposefully made for everyone in this board. You don't need RPG-playing experience to play this game. This is a great game for trying something new. As a GM, I fully expect new RPGers to be getting used to the ropes. Please don't be discouraged!

    On that point...


    In RPing, it is standard practice to post in this or some close variant to this format:

    IC: [Insert Character Name Here]

    Location: [Insert where your character is here]

    *Body of the post goes here*

    TAG: [Insert name of player you want to talk to here]

    That is about as hard as it gets! Longer and more detailed posts are appreciated but not required! Remember you play as one character and one alone.

    Camp Remote's Mess Hall

    Co-GMing Opportunity

    Like the game idea as it stands? Or have some ideas you would like to play with? Have some experience RPing from the old board? I'm looking for
    *at least*
    one other experienced user to help keep me keep this game on its tracks. If you would like to do this, send me a PM and
    do not post a player sheet.
    If chosen, you will be playing as a camp counselor.


    1.) Respect the all the rules of the forum
    2.) No Godmoding please
    3.) The GM reserves the right to add, subtract, and change any element of this game to further its playability
    4.) Any other questions can be PMed to me
    5.) All characters should fill out the character sheet below and
    PM it to me
    . While I do not expect to be rejecting many sheets at all, PMing them to me is an easy way to make sure we all get off on the right foot.

    Campers enjoying our water sports

    Character Sheet

    *Remember: All characters for this game will be human young adults

    Age: [Must be 14-19]
    Other points of appearance: [think hair style, glasses, body markings, etc.]
    Why they are at camp:
    Username in the old forum (if available):
    Home Forum: RPF/FF/FanArt/Collecting/Other:

    Counselor's Quarters
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    Previous posts can be seen here (if you click the link it will log you off the boards. For ease of checking the old thread you can use a different browser to eliminate this problem). I am going to post the previous several posts so we're all on the same page. New people can still join though and I'll catch you up!

    Camp Morning Day 2

    Mess Hall

    The two camp counselors were sitting at the table discussing today's events. The rain this morning had lightened up and according to the radar Blinkfellow was looking at on his phone would clear up in another hour and achieve temperatures nearing 100 degrees. The plan for day 2 was to go swimming in the morning. Each camper needed to pass a swim test in order to be allowed to canoe later. They weren't asking for much, just some ability to swim so that if they fell out of their canoe they'd be able to maneuver themselves while their lifevest kept them afloat. So really the counselors were looking for the minor ability to flail their legs and arms in attempted coordination. Each summer there were several students who couldn't swim, but usually by the end of the swimming session they were able to pass enough to be able to do the fun activity of canoeing later in the day.

    The two nibbled on bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes as they discussed how they were going to split up the campers this morning.

    "I still say we need to have some of the campers try to help each other out. I've observed some of them in sessions yesterday and I'm amazed at the accomplishments they achieved while helping each other. We could at least ask for volunteers." Blinkfellow argued.

    Frampus grunted in response. He was sluggish this morning because he chose not to run in the rain. "Fine, but if we don't get volunteers I get to supervise the swimmers and you can teach the ones who don't feel confident yet."

    Blinkfellow knew better than to push when Frampus was in one of his moods so he merely nodded at the senior counselor and took a sip of his coffee. He hoped Frampus would be less crabby later in the day, perhaps after his coffee took effect on his energy level. He was seated so he could observe the campers entering the Mess Hall. He watched as the majority of the campers made their way to breakfast. When they were done the two called a meeting at the back of the Hall.

    "Today we are going to begin with swimming!" Blinkfellow began in his booming voice. "You have 15 minutes to put on your swim suits and meet us in front of the Mess Hall so we can trek down to the beach."

    IC: Jason Steele

    Jason passed by his cabin and glanced down at his watch, which showed only seven miles, so he began one final loop around the area of the cabins. Two laps of that loop later, he reached eight miles and slowed to a light jog for cool-down. He hadn't heard any noise from the counselor's quarters, so he figured he must not have been noticed. Or the counselors just didn't feel like going out in the rain to stop him, in which case he'd probably get an earful at breakfast. Or they were OK with morning runs. Whatever the case, he hadn't been stopped.

    Jason stepped under the porch and spent about 10 minutes stretching, then gathered up what he had left outside and quietly entered the cabin. He was surprised to find Josh already up and also wet. Jason cast a quizzical look at him as he headed for the bathroom to get a towel to dry off with. After doing so, he refilled one of his water bottles and drank the whole thing. He preferred chocolate milk for refueling after a run, but that wasn't available in the cabin, so he had to settle for simply rehydrating with plain ol' water.

    He undressed, showered, and changed into dry clothes that would last the day, then flopped down on his bed after changing watches again and hooking the GPS watch back up to its charger. It was 5:30 am. The sun would be coming up in about 15 minutes, and indeed the sky was already visibly lighter. A break in the clouds in the eastern sky now enabled Jason and anyone else who wanted to do so to watch the sunrise.

    Brian eventually woke up as well, and the smell of breakfast called the three boys to the mess hall for breakfast. The rain had slowed to a drizzle and so was only a minor nuisance now. Breakfast consisted of typical breakfast foods, and Jason filled a small plate with some of it, then sat down and ate.

    The counselors announced they were going swimming, and Jason smiled. He jogged back to his cabin, changed into swim trunks and flip-flops, and headed back to the mess hall.

    Lord Anguish

    Early Morning, Boys Cabin, Day 2

    walked into the cabin,
    looked over with a typically dour expression at his rain-soaked cabin mate, who by the looks of it, had been out running in the rain. Glad to receive just a quizzical look from Jason, instead of mocking laughter or a string of non-sensical questions, Josh offered a half-hearted wave, then returned to the task at hand. By the time Jason made it out of the shower, Josh had already changed his bed sheets and was ready to refresh himself, which didn't take over-long.

    "Hey." he said simply as he passed Jason on his way into the bathroom and showered.

    After that was done, he put on his black blizzard T-shirt with the red horde insignia on his chest, black jeans with a studded belt and studded converse sneakers. No red sharingan or sith contacts this time. He hadn't forgotten his whole 'blending mission' he was on. Josh rolled his green eyes at himself and turned away from the mirror. Back in the main room, everyone kept silent, even after Brian got up. Josh knew he wasn't going to do his TKD form in front of the others, or in a cramped space, so he decided against it, and instead, turned to find his book on Darth Plagueis. Upon finding and seeing the hardcover book his eyes bulged and his jaw dropped.


    He'd totally forgotten about his little dip the day before while still having certain items on his person. The book was completely malformed and water damaged. Josh simply stared in disbelief for a moment, a flash from his dream coming to mind, but before he could delve too deep into that molten river in far away mustafar, a pleasant aroma caught his attention as the boys exited to go to breakfast. Grudgingly, Josh shoved the book back down in his bag and quickly headed out the cabin and made his way toward the Mess Hall, mentally cursing the light drizzle as he went.


    Mess Hall

    Breakfast had been actually good, or perhaps he'd been really hungry. It didn't matter. The waffles and buttered syrup were delicious, so was the eggs, and even the bacon ( which wasn't served at home that often), but especially the freshly squeezed orange juice. That he liked a lot. Orange juice in a carton was ok, but he always preferred it in its most natural form.

    The counselors spoke to them at the back of the Mess Hall once breakfast was finished.
    was once again in super normal mode. Guess that meant he should be doing the same. *sigh*

    The other campers weren't really interacting yet, but that was to be expected.

    The first activity on the day's roster was swimming. Hmm. Josh was a decent swimmer, so he had no issues there.

    "You have 15 minutes to put on your swim suits and meet us in front of the Mess Hall so we can trek down to the beach." the old guy blared. UGH! Too early in the morning for orders to be barked.

    Either way, Josh liked beaches well enough, and that thought remained with him as he made his way back to the boys cabin. He had to admit, he was pleased with the prospect of going swimming, that is, until he went into his bag. Black towel, check. Knee length swimming shorts…nowhere to be found. Josh was crestfallen when he only found the nike swimming trunks. The ones that showed too much leg ( as far as he was concerned). How the hell did these get in his bag? He could have sworn he'd packed his amphibian shorts! WTH!!!!

    Then it hit him. Mara Bon. Only she would be so bold! The thing was, he couldn't be one-hundred-percent certain, but he was pretty sure this was her doing. Fuming, but having no other alternative ( he suspected Sidious would feed him to a pack of starving Nexu if he tried to skip out of another camp event) Josh quickly changed, and headed out in the same t-shirt and jean outfit, with only the black towel and sandals as evidence that he was ready to go swimming. By the time he got back to the Mess Hall, his face was made up in displeasure, but not for any reason anyone could guess.

    First the rain, then his book and now this. Day two was turning out to be a pain already. UGH.

    C: Elleste
    Girls' Cabin

    Elleste enjoyed talking about stuff with Marcy, though she wasn't very good at it. She didn't really have much to talk about so she let Marcy do the talking. Elleste was relieved when a real breakfast was suggested and she took the opportunity to hide for a bit in the shower room. When she emerged a few minutes later, she was dressed in her black boots, black knee length shorts, and a black hoody with half length sleeves. She wandered over to Marcy and they walked to the mess hall together.

    Breakfast that morning was an annoying affair. There was so much that she wanted to eat and most of it was meat based. She settled for fried eggs, fried bread, hash browns, and a glass of orange juice. She had just finished her breakfast and was finishing her orange juice when Frampus announced that they would be swimming and that they had fifteen minutes to change. She made her excuses and hurried back to the cabin.

    While she liked swimming, she never really went often and so when it came to packing for camp she found that there wasn't anything for her to take. She had found a pair of hideous swim shorts that had been her brothers and she was just glad that they fitted her. Then she scraped a few pennies to get the least hideous tankini top she could find. It was cheap and horrible but it hid her lack of figure well and she could afford it.

    After checking herself out in the mirrors a few times, she sighed and pulled on the largest tshirt she could find, grabbed her towel, and went back to the mess hall. She just hoped that at least one other person was as badly dressed as she was.

    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'

    In front of Mess Hall

    Elleste and Marcy had a good breakfast, as they chatted. It was nice to have another girl to talk to. With her brother, he wasnt much of a talker, especially if it wasnt star wars related. Marcy enjoyed it. Too bad they were interrupted.

    So, swimming now? Marcy quickly headed back to the cabin to grab her swimming gear. She liked big and loose clothing that fit over her swimsuit. She had snitched a shirt from their dad, that she loved to use as a cover up. Bright purple. Yeah, no problem there. But it went well with her black swimsuit. One piece. She slipped into her slippers and grabbed a brown towel. Her hair, she tucked up, twisted it tightly. No telling what yuck was in the water. A black swimcap took care of the rest. She also grabbed her googles. No way she wasnt going to see what was in that water coming after her. She rather be in a pool.

    Such a pain. Blue shorts completed the look. Yay. She blew out a breath of air. Oh well. Coudlnt get any worse. With that, She headed back to catch up with the others in front of the mess hall area. She looked at the skies, hoping the promise of sun decided to stay. She picked up a stick, and began to twirl it, as she waited for the others.

    IC: Elleste

    Elleste saw Marcy coming from a mile away in her impressively purple shirt. She waited for her to get to the mess hall before going over to her. "That shirt is awesome!" she exclaimed. "I love it."

    Realising that she'd said it out loud and not in her head like she meant to, she cringed. She hastily blurted out "I hope the swim isn't too soon, I know we're not supposed to swim too soon after eating or we could die, or something" and hoped that Marcy didn't notice the shirt comment.

    Elleste just felt more embarrassed and awkward. This was turning out to be worse than that time she fell over in front of her crush and said "I fell on my bottom" when offered a hand standing up. Just like then, the earth didn't open up and swallow her just like she wanted it to.
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    Lord Anguish/Josh

    Waiting Area, Mess Hall

    Josh had one thing in mind, and that was to let his sister know that he KNEW it was her who had switched his swimming trunks. With a frown etched on his face, he strode purposefully towards the Mess Hall, and once he saw her standing there, his steps became even more earnest as he allowed his displeasure to intensify as he neared.


    He was almost less than half-a-dozen steps from his sister when he finally noticed that she wasn't alone. The goth girl was with her. That realization was like a sobering bucket of ice-water, as he was about to cause a scene. He needed to stop forgetting they weren't at home. Trying to veer quickly from his intended path, Josh inadvertently slipped on the wet grass, but managed to find his balance, though it required some embarrassing arm flailing on his part. Turning red in the face, he quickly moved away, grumbling something unintelligible.

    'I'll get you yet Jedi Mara Bon!' He sulked in his own mind, as he went to stand some distance away, more or less in the vicinity of the other boys, his arms now folded over his chest.

    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'

    In front of Mess Hall

    As Marcy made her way back to the Mess Hall, she was greated by Elleste.

    "That shirt is awesome!"
    she exclaimed.
    "I love it."

    Marcy gave the girl a huge grin, but then quickly noticed that Elleste suddenly seemed to change her mind or something, as she made a face, and then quickly blurted out
    "I hope the swim isn't too soon, I know we're not supposed to swim too soon after eating or we could die, or something"

    Marcy decided to just let it go. Maybe Elleste wasn't used to giving or receiving compliments. Marcy simply nodded as she smiled. "Well, they probably just going to see how many of us can swim." Marcy patted her tummy. "Yeah, I kinda wish they told us before we ate too. But they probably going to talk for an hour or more before we even SEE the water." she added with a smirk. She then laughed. "Gives us time to see what the boys are wearing." Marcy looked up innoncently.

    As she looked back down, Marcy saw Josh heading her way... and he was wearing THE FACE. Boy, what was wrong with him now. She could tell he was ticked off about something. But suddenly, he swerved, as if he had suddenly decided to go someplace else. He turned so quickly, he almost slipped on the wet grass, as his arms went out to help him gain his balance. His face went red, as he quickly walked away, grumbling.

    Now it was Marcy's turn to go, 'what the???' in her mind. Josh looked like he was ready to tear into her, but something made him turn. Marcy looked over at Elleste. "Boys can be so weird sometimes." she told her, as she saw that Josh was now standing near the other boys, his arms folded over his chest. "But, I guess they probably think the same way about us too." she added with a chuckle. She tilted her head for a moment, deep in thought.

    "Well, I guess I better go ask him, what is wrong. Course, he might not have wanted to talk to me..." She looked over at Elleste and smiled. "I'll go find out. Be right back!" Marcy chirped cheerfully.

    Marching over with purpose, Marcy walked over to where Josh had gone to stand. Funny, without the contact and cloak, he was just plain ole Josh. That was a good thing. So came a little out of arms distance to him, and crossed her arms over her chest, mimicking his stance. She paused for a moment, and then asked softly... "So? What's wrong now?"

    Lord Anguish

    Waiting Area, Mess Hall

    Someone was approaching him, he heard the steps, but when he looked up, he didn't expect to see the person he saw. Too late! he couldn't help the expression of surprise that came over his face, but it was quickly replaced by a scowl, burning with suspicion. Jedi might think themselves bold, but they were just plain annoying. Did this one come to gloat?

    "So, what's wrong now?"
    Jedi Mara Bon
    demanded of him, her defiant pose mirroring his own. Marcy was definitely feeling confident to approach him like this. Maybe it was because they were't at home, so perhaps she felt that gave her an advantage of some kind, because it certainly put him in an awkward position…as far as fully expressing himself, that is.

    Josh glared at her with his green eyes before responding. He couldn't help but notice the horrifically bright purple shirt she wore, the one belonging to the trandoshan slaver. Well, it did have a better relationship with her, since she could easily manipulate its feeble mind.

    "You switched my swimming trunks." he said in a stern whisper, accusing her outright.

    "I know you did." he asserted. "I thought I packed my knee-length amphibian shorts, but instead…" Josh winced at the thought of what he was about to reveal, fully expecting her to cackle. In his mind, that would be an admission of guilt. "…Instead I have those horrible nike trunks. The ones that make me look like some zombie olympic swimmer." Josh couldn't help but to snarl a bit. He hated the nike trunks.

    He quickly looked over Marcy's shoulder, hoping none of his sister's new friends happened to come over as he spoke next. He knew she'd want to say something in her defense, convince him that he was wrong, so he interjected before she could get in a word.

    "We'll duel tonight Jedi." Josh looked over at the archery range to indicate the location of their duel, then returned his gaze upon her. "Come alone."

    Hmph. With that said, Josh gave her a sneer and tilted his head waiting for her response. He looked at his sister and was a bit amazed at how much she had grown, how he hadn't really noticed. Her though expression was endearing, and she was quite pretty as sisters went, but he couldn't let that get to him. She was a Jedi and always sided with the evil trandoshan slaver who brought much suffering to the 'nanny-bot'. Too bad. She was quite clever. They would have made a good pair.

    'Jedi Mara Bon'
    Marcy Le Bon

    In front of Mess Hall

    "So, what's wrong now?" she asked him. She knew he was upset about something, but she really didnt have a clue. Not that that was unusual with him. He sulked. He LOVED to sulk. He big head would probably explode, if he had nothing to sulk about. And sometimes she WAS the reason of his wrath. But not this time. So she was curious. So she waited as Josh glared at her with his green eyes before responding.

    "You switched my swimming trunks."
    he said in a stern whisper. Marcy's eyebrow went up. Yer kidding, right? she thought to herself.
    "I know you did."
    he hissed at her.
    "I thought I packed my knee-length amphibian shorts, but instead…"
    Josh winced suddenly.
    "…Instead I have those horrible Nike trunks. The ones that make me look like some zombie olympic swimmer."
    Josh snarled. He then did something she found curious. He looked over her, behind her actually. Was someone walking over? A quick look said no, but even as she focused back on lord dufus, he was already talking again.

    "We'll duel tonight Jedi."
    Josh looked over at the archery range to indicate the location of their duel, then returned his gaze upon her.
    "Come alone."
    He made a face then, and tilted his head. Oy, he was serious. Like she would mess with HIS clothes. Probably mom did it. Figured that he would look better to the girls to wear something that didnt flap off his lanky frame.

    "Ya know..if you hated those shorts so much.. you could have just gotten rid of them." she stated mater of factly, as she considered this rather silly. "Mom probably thought you'd look better." She grinned. But a duel. Well, this sounded like the best fun so far of this trip. So she touched a finger to the side of her nose. "Oh sure. I'll meet you. And like I NEED anyone to deal with you, Anguish." There. She finally said his other name. She turned, to head back towards her friend.

    "But until then, We'll just check out your zombie tight-ies.." she added with a soft laugh and smirk as she walked back, humming happily to herself. Oh yes, this was going to be a good day! She walked back to Elleste.

    "Hi. He just wanted to ask a question. But he's a bit bashful. Ah well. Cant wait to get this swimming stuff on, and see what they want us to do. Just standing around is boring." Marcy gave Elleste a big grin.
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    OOC: If anyone wants to repost their CS's feel free to do so.

    IC: Abby
    Girls Cabin

    Abby had slept peacefully and kept to herself in the morning. Her eyes were a little puffy from crying the previous evening, but after she'd exhausted herself she had fell into a dreamless sleep and awoke with a new outlook on camp. She was going to do her own thing, have a lot of fun and hope a certain boy noticed her again is what she kept telling herself.

    Oh who was she kidding, she'd completely blown things.

    She had picked at her breakfast in the Mess Hall earlier. The waffles tasted good but she really wasn't that hungry. Maybe instinctively she knew they were going to do some sort of activity involving water today and she didn't want her already plump frame to show anymore body fat in her swimsuit. Still she couldn't help being excited as she put on her blue tankini with little white flowers on it and black boyshort bottoms. Abby loved swimming. She felt light as a feather in the water and more graceful than almost anywhere...except on horseback.

    The girl grabbed her towel, pulled her water shoes onto her feet and slipped out the door with several other campers to meet the councilors for the walk to the lake. She used to swim without water shoes and she didn't need them in pools, but in the lake she would get nervous about rocks or little fish biting her toes which was completely irrational but she couldn't help it. So water shoes it was.

    Abby noticed a heated exchange between Josh and Marcy taking place in hushed tones as she joined the group. She couldn't hear what they were saying but the tall boy looked angry and Marcy looked like she had no idea what was going on. As she joined the girls Abby intended to ask Mara what was going on, but the councilors started talking again.

    IC: Blinkfellow
    Meeting Place

    The campers followed instructions well this time and within 20 minutes everyone was in their swimsuits and assembled in front of him awaiting further instructions.

    "Follow me!" He bellowed in that booming voice of his. He immediately took off down a narrow path through the trees. The campers couldn't see the water yet, but Blinkfellow pointed out various nature things as they hiked down to the lake. His usual following of campers were practically attached to his hip and hanging on his every word as he pointed out frogs, mushrooms, and various plant life. These sponges tried to absorb all the information he was willing to give them.

    After 10 minutes the hikers arrived at a clearing and onto a sandy beach. The still water glistened as the sun's rays peaked through the clouds. Blinkfellow was glad the rain was going away. While he didn't mind swimming in the rain since you were already going to get wet the experience was still more enjoyable with the sun shining.

    As the campers once again gathered around him Blinkfellow began to speak.

    "For once I'm not going to bore all of you with instructions on how to swim. Those that feel they know how to swim can go to your right and demonstrate to Mr. Frampus that you know how to swim. You will then be released to have fun and play as you life within the confines of the roped off area. Those that would like some instruction please stay in front of me. I'd also like a few volunteers of those that are good swimmers to stay with me to help the campers who don't have the experience swimming."

    While waiting for the campers to arrange themselves in their chosen spot, Abby approached him and told him she could swim and would like to help him teach the non-swimmers. He gave her an encouraging smile as they waited for others to join them.

    Tag: DarthIntegral Lord Anguish Ktala moosemousse jcgoble3
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    Sep 4, 2012

    Name: Lord Anguish /Josh Le Bon
    Age: Probably 16
    Gender: male
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Appearance: Oversized Sith Cloak.He never takes off his Sith Lord costume, ever. ( Well, almost never)
    Why is he at camp: His parents believe he needs to develop social skills and this might be good for him. ( they are desperate)
    Biography: Lord Anguish has embraced the teachings of the Sith. The Jedi are weak. He lives in the galaxy far far away, in his mind. His version anyway. His parents are worried.

    * I shall be posting very soon.
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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC:Lord Anguish/ Josh

    Beach Time

    Unsurprisingly, Josh kept mostly to himself after his brief 'talk' with his sister. Truth be told, most campers were also keeping to themselves at this point but he hardly noticed. He did try to pay attention to what was being said as they ambled through the trail en route to the beach, but try as he might, his mind just kept going to the that dreadfully revealing moment when everyone would stare at him, seeing him in those awful swimming trunks. There skies were clearing up, so even the rain was betraying him. Swimming class would NOT be cancelled. There was just no getting out of it.

    *Sigh* Just you wait jedi!

    The group finally arrived at the beach and everyone gathered round the old man. Josh heard the surf and turned to peek at the waves, and for a brief second, everything seemed fine, that is, until the camp counselor's voice reminded him exactly where he was. Not alone to be exact.

    After listening to the instructions given, JOsh walked over to Counselor Frampus and indicated that he already knew how to swim. He was still wearing regular clothes as he hadn't changed yet.

    "Yeah, I can swim." he stated simply. Then with a shrug, he gave Frampus a vague nod, then turned again to look at the beach and the sea beyond. The water looked quite inviting, it made him feel at peace…but there was also something else. What was that he was hearing? Was that music?

    Josh cocked his head sideways in order to listen better.

    Tag: s65horsey (anyone who goes over to Frampus)
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 109 lbs
    Other points of appearance: Long red hair, blue eyes, skinny
    Why is she at camp:To IRK Lord Anguish..aka her big brother. Marcy loves Star Wars and all that stuff, but thinks her brother has gone just a little bit too far. And in that cause, she made herself a Jedi Persona. Course the fact that they also have a cool sounding theater program, maybe she could pick up a few more stage fighting tips.
    Biography: Lives with LORD ANGUISH. Got tired of him trying to use his 'sith powers' on her, and his not answering to his real name anymore (JOSH).. he even went as far as to once say she was Adopted! .. so she came up with her own response.. Jedi Mara. Has her own Ultra saber and everything, and well...does what little sisters do best!
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    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    Meeting Place - De water'n hole...

    Everyone soon met up, and Marcy walked back over to Elleste, with a smirk on her face. But before she could say anything, the lead counselor bellowed out, "Follow me!" Marcy winked at Elleste. "Here comes the fun!" she told her, and then made a silly face, as they all turned to follow the counselor.

    He led them down a narrow path through the trees, and Blinkfellow pointed out various nature stuff. The trees. The bugs. yeah yeah. Marcy pretty much just walked down the path, listening to the others until they reached the beach. It was better than she thought it would be. A tiny sandy beach, out in a clearing. Not too bad. Even the weather was acting better, as the sun's rays peaked through the clouds. At least they wouldn't be cold and miserable.

    Blinkfellow began to speak once more. He asked who could swim, and if they could, demonstrate to Mr. Frampus. He also asked for volunteers to help out. One girl immediately went over to help with non-swimmers.Marcy knew that her brother could swim. Pretty much mandatory in their household. But she wondered about the others. So she kind of waited, to see if Elleste could swim. No use going over, if she was the only other..and she certainly didnt want to be stuck with Lord Mopey. Especially since he had already accused her of changing out his swim trunks. Like she didnt have anything better to do. Besides, if she HAD...she would have left him with mom's pink thong. (Mom didnt know she KNEW about that little item, either..) Now THAT would have been funny!

    Marcy crossed her arms, and waited to see how the other campers fared..

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    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    OOC: The picture of a Sith Lord in a pink thong is hilarious! [face_rofl]

    Character Sheet
    Age: 16
    Name: Jason Steele
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Other points of appearance: Very short dark brown hair (think buzz cut), blue eyes, near-perfect tan. Is mildly nearsighted and has a pair of prescription glasses, but doesn't wear them when working up close (eating, reading, etc.).
    Why they are at camp: Jason's looking for something different to break the boredom of his previous summers.
    Biography: An only child from a poor family with two working parents, Jason's summers mostly consisted of playing by himself on his out-of-date computer (think Pentium I with Windows 95 in today's world) or engaging in his favorite outdoor activity, running (he's completed three half-marathons and is shooting for a full marathon next year). One day, when he stopped at the library to rest during a training run, he spotted a free brochure for Camp Remote, and intrigued, he pocketed it. Knowing that his parents couldn't afford it, he fast-talked his rich aunt into paying to send him to camp. Jason isn't sure what he'll find at camp, but anything's gotta be better than the same boring stuff his previous summers were filled with—as long as he can still find a way to go on his daily runs.

    IC: Jason Steele

    Jason wasn't the best of swimmers, but he could manage. He headed to the right and walked up to Mr. Frampus.

    "I'm not the best swimmer," he told the counselor, "but I can at least do a front crawl and something resembling a backstroke. I can also tread water, but not for more than a couple minutes."

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    Oct 3, 2004
    OOC: yay! It's back! [face_dancing] It's a good job the old boards were archived as I can't remember whether Elleste can swim or not! :oops:

    One quick check later reveals that she can!

    IC: Elleste

    Elleste seemed to be following Marcy around like a lost puppy, which is what usually happened when thrown into a group of new people. The only difference was that Marcy didn't seem to mind. When they were told to divide into two groups, the can't swims and the can swims, Elleste grimaced. She didn't want anyone to see her hideous swimwear, but she had no choice.

    "Might as well get this over with," she muttered to herself and put her bag down. Then she removed all but her swimwear and bundled it into her bag with her towel. Then she picked up her bag and looked at Marcy. "As much as I like swimming I was hoping I'd be wearing something less revolting."

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  11. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    De beach...
    Marcy made her way back to Elleste, with a slight smile on her face. Oh yes, this was definatelly looking like fun now. But Marcy noticed that Elleste didnt appear to happy at the moment. Elleste grimaced. She muttered something, and then looked at Marcy. "As much as I like swimming I was hoping I'd be wearing something less revolting."

    Marcy looked at what Elleste was wearing. "Dosent look bad to me." she stated as she began to tug at her own shirt, pulling it quickly over her head. "Besides...why worry about it? You'll be in the water, most of the time. Who's gonna be looking? Just have some fun." Marcy then gave Elleste a huge grin. Besides, now we get to see what the BOYS are wearing...cant be any worse than that!"

    Marcy chuckled softly, as she moved to remove her pants as well. She had not planned to strip down just yet, but Elleste looked like she needed some backup... besides it would prompt the others to change as well. ANd she could not WAIT to see ole Joshi washies turn red in his olympic zombie swimming tighties....


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    Jun 24, 2006
    OOC: I have Inty's permission to move his character a bit.

    IC: Abby
    Near the Lake

    The majority of the other campers removed their clothing as they walked over to Frampus to prove they could swim while Abby stayed near Blinkfellow to help those that couldn’t swim. A nice young girl looked frightened as she stood in their group and Abby reached out to her.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll have you swimming in no time!” She stated so all the campers near them could hear but smiled at the young girl.

    Abby was trying really hard not to notice the tall boy who’d moved into the back of the group. He looked the most nervous and had expressed intense fear of swimming yesterday when they’d first met. Abby blushed just thinking about the harmless encounter as Blinkfellow moved them towards the water.

    IC: Blinkfellow
    Near the Lake

    “Ok Campers. Who here can walk?” Blinkfellow asked.

    Everyone in the group giggled nervously and looked around before realizing he was serious and then raised their hands.

    “Good. Good. Who here can move their arms like this?” Blinkfellow made large circles forwards with his arms.

    Again the small group of campers laughed at Blinkfellow’s demonstration, some of the tension seeping out of the group and all attempted to do what he did. They all could indeed moved their arms in circles.

    “Well then you’re ready to swim!” Blinkfellow boomed.

    Blinkfellow waded out into the water and the campers followed. He gestured for Abby to move to the back of the group to help those there.

    “The important thing to remember is that if you get nervous just stand up. This is shallow water for learning how to swim and it is good because if you start to have problems you can just put your feet down and stand up.”

    Blinkfellow dove into the 3 ft water and swam, demonstrating how to kick his feet and pinwheel his arms in a rhythm to swim. He swam over the students and stood up, water cascading off on his hair.

    “So you’re going to start by doing a doggy paddle and then hopefully progress to what I just showed you. That is your end goal. The doggy paddle is simpler. You are going to flail your arms and legs while leaning forward with your back parallel to the bottom. If it helps, pretend you’re a dog!” Blinkfellow then demonstrated this for a few minutes.

    He then started helping students individually. He noticed that Abby approached the tall boy and demonstrated the doggy paddle trying to get him to lower himself into the water.

    Tag: DarthIntegral

    IC: Frampus
    In the Lake

    Sometimes being a camp counselor was not enjoyable. Swim day always was. Frampus refrained from grumbling a little as the cool water soaked into his swim trunks and swim shirt. He waded out to the middle of the roped off area with campers following behind him. The sun was hot now so the water was beginning to feel good.

    “Ok campers, one at a time show me you can swim and then you’re free to play however you want provided you don’t interfere with Blinkfellow’s teaching on the other side.” Frampus’ gruff voice spoke.

    He spent the next 15 minutes watching camper after camper demonstrate their ability to swim and earn his approval.

    “There are nerf balls and floats on the beach if you’d like to use them.” He informed the campers as they passed their swim test.

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Edit: Gah double post!
  14. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Jason Steele

    Jason waited his turn. One boy before him looked he he might be on a high school swim team with his graceful and powerful strokes and confidence in the water. Another barely passed the test and opted to stay closer to shore where he could touch bottom. Jason suspected he'd be more like the second of those two boys.

    When it was his turn, Jason dove in and began a front crawl. He took fifteen strokes out, then stopped to tread water for a minute as the test required. He was surprised at how easy it was for him; usually he struggled with treading water. He turned himself around and was further surprised by how far from shore he was. When did he become that powerful and good of a swimmer? He shook his head to clear his mind so he could focus on the swim back to shore. It was as easy as it could be. Jason had no clue where these water skills had come from, but he wasn't about to argue.

    Frampus informed him that he had passed. "There are Nerf balls and floats on the beach if you’d like to use them," he said.

    Jason smiled and ran up to the top of the beach away from the learning and testing areas, bypassing the pile of balls and floats. He stopped for a moment, then sprinted down the beach at top speed. He hit the water and continued to run as fast as could. Very quickly, the water became deep enough that it slowed down his feet so that his upper body was moving faster than his feet, and the result, exactly what Jason wanted, was that he lost control, fell forward, and hit the water face first, going completely underwater. He swam underwater for about 30 seconds until he needed to breathe, then surfaced, already out in water over his head. After treading water for a few seconds to catch his breath, he began swimming around aimlessly at a leisurely pace, just getting some light exercise.

    He eventually ended up near a group of other campers, and a Nerf football bounced off his head. Jason retrieved it and tried to throw a pass back, but he had never learned to throw a football, and so the ball flipped end over end and landed halfway between Jason and the other campers. "Sorry, I suck!" Jason said.

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  15. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC:Lord Anguish/ Josh


    The soft harmonizing voices continued, but no one seemed to hear them except for Josh. He looked at the surface of the water, it sparkled now as the sun rose higher and the skies cleared. There! Something was rising up from the waters…no, it was not something, it was someone. Josh focused his vision to see with more clarity, and gasped softly as he saw her…the woman, rather, the most beautiful woman ever. Angelina Jolie. Grendel's mother.

    Even as he looked at her wading in the water, a short distance from the group, he slowly removed his black T-shirt, followed by his black jeans, which revealed his paleness and consequent need for a bit of sun. Almost as if hypnotized, he took a few steps towards the water, entranced by the vision.

    Josh head a sharp sound. It was the counselor calling his name to attention - and that's all it took to break the spell as he saw Grendel's mother true form, if only for a second before she vanished. Josh almost gaged at the hideous creature he beheld, but he could tell that no one else had seen her, as the swimmers followed the old man, blissfully unaware.

    Not wanting to fall too far behind, Josh quickly placed his strewn clothing inside his bag and made his way toward the gathered swimmers. He did his best not to act self conscious, but his frown betrayed him. It was difficult to ignore the feel of swimming trunks that were way above your knees. Who invented these silly things anyway. Just embarrassing!

    “Ok campers, one at a time, show me you can swim and then you’re free to play however you want, provided you don’t interfere with Blinkfellow’s teaching on the other side.” Frampus’ gruff voice spoke.

    Josh didn't need any more coaxing to get in the water. He took a few running steps then dove in smoothly and stayed under for a few seconds as he did a few dolphin kicks. A moment later he resurfaced and performed a few strokes before turning over and going into a backstore. After a few moments, he turned back, going into breast stroke and completing what he hoped was the requirements to go free.

    Coming out of the water, he shook himself, his hair a wet black mop on his face.

    "Well…?" He asked the camp counselor. "Do I pass?"

    As he waited for an answer, he looked behind me to see what the other campers were up to. Some were already playing by the looks of it, but there was one particular camper he wished to 'avoid'. Besides that, he had an idea of what he wished to do if the counselor agreed to let him go 'play'.

    The counselor's gruff voice gave him the 'passing grade'. Josh simply nodded his acknowledgement and turned back, then ran for the water. Once again, he dove in and swam out, but did not pass the nets as instructed. Finding a spot which put him some distance away from the practice area, he took a deep breath and went under until his feet touched the bottom. There was about fifteen feet of water over his head. Still holding his breath, Josh began to perform the first ten moves of his kata. He repeated this about four times before returning to the more populated area, but playing observer for the moment.

    As expected, Angelina Jolie was nowhere to be seen.

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  16. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    At the lake, In the water, .....

    Marcy sat back, and listened as the other camp guy went through the basics. Dont drown. Show them you can swim. Dont mess with the newbie swimmers. The usual stuff. It was ok. The sun was coming out now, and it was feeling nice out now. The man mentioned nerf balls and floats..which did sound like fun. But Marcy was watching the boys. Two in particular. One, who all but flailed himself into the water..

    and Josh.

    Him wearing that silly cloak all the time, kept him rather pale. But he was a good swimmer. A very good swimmer. He was dang near fish like, she had to admit, rather graceful at times, when he wasnt being such a grump.


    Marcy looked back to see Jason toss a ball back to some others. She grinned slightly. Elleste seemed to deciding whether or not to go into the water. Marcy jumped in, with a wide grin, and made noisy splashing sounds. "Come on it...waters great!" she called out with a grin..

    She turned her head, to look at her brother, who had now gone out a little bit of a distance, and was now treading water.


    She couldnt really see what her brother was fussing about. The swim stuff he wore looked normal to her. She pretty much guessed that he just like to complain, for the sake of complaining. And she wasnt going to forget about tonight. Oh yeah, he wanted to play, then she would be more than happy to oblige! As she watched him, one of her favorite songs from YouTube started going off in her head. Oh yes, she was going to have fun. She looked over at Elleste. "Wanna catch up with the others?" she asked, as she pulled her goggles down over her eyes.

    ' dum.....'

    Counselor did say not to interfere with other counselor teaching on the other side. Hmmm. He did mention some floats...

    Marcy gave a wicked grin.

    Oh yeah....

    Grabbing a few of the floats, she quickly took a deep breath and sunk under the water, and began her stealth run.

    'Dum..dum dum de dum dum dum dum, DUM de dum de dum de dum dum....'

    Josh might be a better swimmer, as far as speed and such...but Marcy could hold her breath for a VERY long time. She held on tightly to the floats..and swam out... carefully staying out of reach. Another quick breath, before she reached her goal.

    She timed it just right, and then released her floats underneath...
    And then swam like mad to get out of the area.

    When she came up, she would quickly stand, and be staring intently at the surface of the bottom of the lake, as if looking for something.. completely unaware of what is going on near whats his name.

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    OOC:Tune she is happily replaying in her mind
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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC: Lord Anguish/Josh


    Josh had positioned himself at a safe distance from everyone, enough so he could observe what was going on around him. He treaded water as he floated in place, pretty much unbothered by anything as he took in the sun and the sights.

    None of the girls were Victoria Secret models, but that wasn't a big deal. Girls like that only existed in magazines, TV and movies. The girls here were pretty standard fare, which was good enough for him, but he didn't know diddly about their personalities, and it was just his luck that the goth girl was being 'guarded' by his sister. Talk about 'blockage'. Well, it was good to see she kept to the 'uniform' with her black bathing suit.

    Not too far away, Jason was throwing around a nerf ball with a few of the other campers, and the sight was pretty humorous. Josh thought about joining them, but decided against it. He had no reason to believe his interaction would end any differently than any other prior interactions with other kids his age. Badly. Still, it was good to see folks relaxing and having fun after all the tension built over the first day of camp. Speaking of tension…

    Josh looked about, and finally saw the person he was looking for. What was she doing now? It looked like….

    At that moment, Josh felt something touch his feet, then his leg. WTH!!!??


    His mind had conjured all manner of nightmarish nautical monstrosities in a split second, so he yelped and nearly jumped clear out of the water, arms flailing and all. He kicked hard at whatever it was that had touched his feet, but after several splashes, he saw several swimming floats bob to the surface, two boards and one ring to be exact.

    For a moment, he stared hard at them, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. Anger, embarrassment and adrenalin were all coursing through him at once. He definitely wasn't looking back toward the others, not at that very moment anyway. Not after the spectacle he'd made of himself. But after taking a few calming breaths, he grabbed the three floats and tossed them away, but in the direction of the practice area. Only then did he let his gaze fall upon where his sister was, as he tried to ignore everyone else. This reeked of Jedi trickery, so he stared-hard!! If there was a single minuscule indication of this, at least as far that he could determine (since he generally blamed her for everything that went wrong anyway), it was going to be war on this here beach front!

    Even so, he still needed to use some discretion. Sidious had given him a mandate, and although he hadn't forgotten it, that was another puzzling problem he needed to work on. The sooner, the better.

    Perhaps joining the other wasn't such a bad idea…*sigh*

    After shaking his head, Josh took a dive, then resurfaced as he tried to look casual while he swam towards the main group of swimming campers.

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  18. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    At the lake,


    Marcy almost snorted water, as she kept her face down. Elleste was being quiet, and had not said much. That was ok. Maybe she should suggest they go play ball with the other swimmers, Marcy thought to herself. AFTER the show. It shoudlnt take long....



    Right on cue. Marcy held her pose, but only slightly looked up, as if curious to what the noise was about. She could hear Josh yelping and splashing about as if the Kracken had grabbed him, and threaten to pull him down. But he quickly grew quiet...and Marcy could guess what he was doing. She didnt dare look up, until she heard another soft splash of water. She was just in time to see him swimming towards the main group of swimmers in the lake area.

    Luckily, he could not see her face that was under the water, that was busy sporting a very smug looking grin. He should have known better than challenge her. She wondered if he would let it slide. Probably not. After a few seconds, Marcy swam over to Elleste.

    " wanna maybe go join the other swimmers, or do you want to hang back and just watch stuff?" she asked the girl, as she enjoyed the warm sun that was now shinning.

    Oh yeah..if this was just a lead in, tonight was going to be fun! For she knew a few things, her brother obviously did not.

    Yup yup!

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    Oct 3, 2004
    OOC: Sorry I haven't been on lately! Oh, and Elleste's outfit is more like this but in orange:
    With these shorts:

    IC: Elleste

    Elleste waited her turn and pass the swim test with ease. Marcy had said her outfit was fine, but she wasn't convinced. Not sure what to do, she sat at the water's edge while she waited for the others to finish their own tests. When they were told they could play, she stood up and walked up to her knees. Marcy called for her to join in, but then dissappeared.

    She could tell something was up, and soon some other kid (Josh?) was yelling and flailing around as if he was being attacked. She was surprised and wondered if there was anything wrong, before she spotted that the deadly attacked was just some floats.

    Marcy wandered back to her and asked her what she wanted to do. She thought for a few moments before replying, "swimming sounds like fun." She grabbed some nerf balls and walked into the water with Marcy. "That was cruel, by the way." She couldn't keep a straight face and tried hard not to grin. "Cruel but funny."

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  20. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'

    Marcy asked Elleste if she wanted to go swimming. "Swimming sounds like fun." Elleste replied as she moved to grab some nerf balls and walked into the water with Marcy. Marcy smiled, quite happy with herself, and that Elleste was willing to join in in the water. She had just started wading into the deeper waters, when Elleste added. "That was cruel, by the way." Marcy looked over, and saw that Elleste was trying her best to keep a straight face. Marcy just gave her a ... 'what, who me?' look, while smiling.

    "Cruel but funny." Elleste added.

    Marcy grinned from ear to ear, as she rolled her eyes. "Yeah...but he had it coming to him. Maybe now, he will behave, and act like a regular human being." Marcy told her. "Besides, I think he has OTHER things on his mind at the moment." Marcy added with a grin.

    Yep yep,

    Marcy started to swim a bit. "Come on, lets go join the others. The sun's coming out now, should be nice." Marcy started swimming where the others were located.

    "Hey guys!" she called out to the group, as she waited for Elleste to catch up.

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    Jun 24, 2006
    OOC: Making a new character so I can interact a bit more with y'all. I probably should've done this weeks ago but I'm still a n00b GM and trying to learn on a curve.

    IC: David

    The sandy haired boy was enjoying camp so far. There had been some bizarre things happening and that always made camp more fun. He'd been passed around to various camps throughout the summer since his parents were never around but he didn't mind. This was life. David was built like a runner, slightly taller than most boys his age and scraggly looking except for the muscles he got from all the swimming, karate, and whatever else his parents made him do so they didn't have to be around him.

    David was cute. Unfortunately he knew it too.

    After passing his swim test with ease he swam over to where a group was playing with a nerf ball.

    "Sorry I suck!" A camper named Jason yelled as the ball went nowhere near the person he was throwing it to. No matter, David swam over and got the ball before tossing it back at Jason. "That's ok I'm sure people like being splashed on this hot day! Try again, this time use your shoulder more." David enjoyed helping people, it was one of his many charms. He looked up at the shore and noticed two girls walking into the water with more nerf balls.

    "Hey girls! Over here!" He yelled while holding his hands up out of the water as if receiving a pass. "I bet you can't hit me!"

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Jason Steele

    David threw the ball back at him. "That's OK, I'm sure people like being splashed on this hot day! Try again, this time use your shoulder more."

    Jason retrieved the ball and gripped it, then cocked his arm while looking for a target. David had turned his attention to the girls, so Jason played off what David said to them. He threw the ball toward David. It was still nothing resembling a proper forward pass, but at least this time it got there, there being the back of David's head.

    "Looks like I can!" called Jason. "Or were you talking to those girls over there?" he added with a smile.

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  23. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'

    Elleste and Marcy were heading to where the other swimmers were, when Marcy called out to the group. Both Elleste and Marcy carried a nerf ball to bring to the fun. Suddenly, a boy called out to them, as they headed that way.

    "Hey girls! Over here!" He yelled while holding his hands up out of the water as if receiving a pass. "I bet you can't hit me!"

    Marcy looked over at Elleste and grinned. "Was that a challenge?" she asked her softly, giving Elleste a wink. Marcy looked at the ball in her hands, and grinned.

    Obviously, Jason, also considered it a challenge as well, as not even a second later, he lobbed a ball at the back of the kid.. (yeah, David was his name).. David's head, and connected.

    "Looks like I can!" called Jason. "Or were you talking to those girls over there?" he added with a smile.

    Marcy broke out into soft laughter. "We might need more ammo." Marcy told Elleste with a grin. She then waved at Jason. "Nice shot!" Marcy called out.

    Marcy lobbed her ball towards David as well. Oh well, he did offer to become a target.

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC:Lord Anguish/ Josh

    Josh was actually swimming past the group playing with the nerf ball when he saw the volley his sister had tossed at the unsuspecting new camper. At least he assumed this was a new kid, since he didn't bunk in the boy's cabin the night before. That meant this was a new arrival who quite likely arrived that very morning. No matter. The point was- the Jedi was being mischievous again.

    Reacting reflexively, Josh swung out his arm in an intercepting arc and caught the nerf ball Mars ( his nickname for Marcy) had thrown. It was a good catch (thanks to his sithly reflexes), which had averted another 'bonk' on the newcomer's noggin', but…he just held the ball and had a weird look on his face.

    None could glean his thoughts at that very moment. A long time ago, when he was still young and had not embraced to the teachings of the Sith, He and the trandoshan slaver used to play like this-before the dark times. The memory had surfaced suddenly, unbidden. Josh shook his head, recoiling from it, squinting his green eyes as he commanded them to unsee what images his mind's eye had conjured.

    "Uhm..sorry…*koff*" He said, pretending he'd gotten some water in his nose. He could tell a few were waiting to see what he would do. Poor creatures, all victims of the jedi's mind tricks. Despite that small fact, he knew he had to play along.

    *koff* "Hey, Jason….catch!"

    Josh threw the nerf ball smoothly at Jason, which was aimed directly at the boy's chest. Hopefully he would catch it without trouble, but Josh wasn't staying to see the result. Without another word, he swam the rest of the way to shore, but not before giving the jedi a knowing side glance, and trying not to catch a copious eyeful of his sister's friend. Once he got out, he walked towards his bag and found his black towel with Darth Vader's giant face embroidered on it. As he dried off, he spared a second glance at the swimmers, even as his mind busied itself on how to finally fulfill order 66.

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    OOC: I think it's safe to say that you've got our confidence and support as our GM. WE couldn't have all this fun without you. :p
  25. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Jason Steele

    Marcy threw a ball at David as well, but Josh intercepted it. Jason looked curiously as Josh as he got a weird look on his face for a few seconds, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong with Josh. Finally, Josh threw the ball at Jason, and he caught it against his chest. Jason turned to fire it back at Josh only to find that Josh was swimming away, toward the shore. Oh well, David had volunteered himself as a target anyway. Jason fired it at David again, this time a little softer in hopes that David would catch it.

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