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Unclassifiable The Summer Camp RPG

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by s65horsey, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Ktala

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    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    Up the creek

    "So, how you liking the camp so far? Dont remember seeing you during arts and crafts. Did ya get in late?" Marcy asked the new girl Charlotte scratched the back of her head, and laughed awkwardly.

    "Something like that. My parents decided that my brothers recovery was more important than my sixteenth birthday, so I got sent to camp. Again. Except this time, there's no care packages. It's ok though, I'd rather be at camp than with hi- well, anyway, any of you watch anime? Or read Harry Potter? Other than that I'm pretty useless on the whole culteral reference front. Most of my friends are online and British, so I really annoy the kids at school with my slang. I prattle when I'm nervous, and I don't make friends well. Stop me when it gets awkward. I have no concept of boundaries really. Probably because- well, anyway." The girl grinned at her, and scratched her head. Marcy simply blinked for a moment, as she processed all the information the girl just gave her. She then grinned. "Oh yeah, I like anime..and Harry Potter. I tend to watch a lot of things.. but sci-fi is my usual stuff." Marcy added with a nod.

    When Charlotte climbed into the boat, she flinched, making Marcy wonder if she was just a bit more afraid of the boat than she wanted to admit. brushed against Marcy. But since they was supposed to be laid back and rather slow, she just hoped the girl would calm down.Especially after the girl closed her eyes. The girl then looked over at David.

    "So who are the people I should avoid? You know, guys that need to keep to themselves, girls who say nasty things, or just plain unspoken rules? At my last camp I wasn't allowed to talk about my home life. Apparently no one likes to hear about- well, anyway. Who to avoid?"

    Marcy held on, as David climbed into the boat. He settled down pretty quickly, and then looked at Charlotte to answer her question.

    "Wow, you sure do talk a lot." Was his first statement, and Marcy was already mentally imagining herself slapping him in the back of the head. But he quickly continued, "I mean, umm, I'm a guy and I don't think I can string together sentences like that. However, I'd rather people talked than were silent so go ahead and talk about whatever you like!"

    'WHEW!' Marcy thought to herself, as she picked up an oar, and moved to try a bit of paddling. David rowed a little bit before continuing, "I'd suggest we go ahead and tackle the stream since Charlotte has done this before. I haven't and Marcy hasn't but," David laid his oar across the canoe so his arms were free, "Check out these guns! I think I can get us anywhere!" He then made his point by flexing his arms trying to show his arms. He let out a loud laugh, and Marcy joined him chuckling softly. If nothing else, this trip would not be boring!

    "Parents are a drag sometimes," He began sympathizing with Charlotte, "Mine like to travel in the summer and don't want a teenager tagging along. So I spend most of the summer bumming from one camp to the next." Marcy didnt really have anything to say to that statement, so she simply paddled along, listening, as she enjoyed the scenery. The counselor was ahead of them, and they were making their way there. David made a face and then continued, "But that means I get to spend my summers with pretty girls like you two!"

    Marcy gave a huge grin. David and Charlotte seemed to be pretty interesting."I just like getting out of the house. Doing the same stuff all the time, gets old quick. And besides, I get to meet lots of new friends too." Marcy stated with a smile. She then pulled out her camera, and took a few quick pics, mostly of the area around them, but she did catch a few of David and Charlotte. She then looked around for the other boat, to take a picture of that too. Mom and Dad would NEVER believe that big bro got out on a boat. Yep, yep!. She then quickly put the camera back in her pocket.

    She started to paddle some more. "I feel like an old fashioned explorer.." she stated with a chuckle, as they moved towards the river.

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    We'll just consider it a drive-by!! :D
  5. Lord Anguish

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    Sep 4, 2012
    IC:Lord Anguish/Josh

    From Mess Hall to Canoe

    Josh ate in silence, as he usually did, closer to the general population than, but not too close still. The ham, turkey n' cheese sandwich was really good and tasty. After the morning swim and getting baked in the sun, Josh was a bit hungry. He had a double portion and chased it all down with some good ol' doctor pepper! YUM! As he ate, he looked around the mess hall and saw a few new faces and some curiously missing. Nothing had been said, so he didn't have much to go on and simply wondered what happened, but not for long. He did miss his computer and tried not to think about it. He couldn't even get on the web with his smart-phone, which was more irritating than he cared to admit and simply ignored that fact. This was camp, 'nuff said. He did put on his headphones to listen to some music in the meantime. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and staying out of his hair, so life was good. As for canoeing, he'd never done it before, but figured he'd give it a shot.

    It wasn't too long before Blinkfellow called out for the campers to get into groups. Some kids were exempt from canoing for x-y-z reasons, which was fine. He announced that they'd be split into groups and Josh's eyes went wide for a second, his heart skipping a beat. Please not with Mars, please NOT with Mars, PLEASE....was his mental mantra. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath until after the names had been called. Abby, Estelle and Josh, then Marcy, David and Charlotte..

    Wait...what? Josh shook his head, not sure if he'd heard correctly. What about, Brian? He wondered.

    Everyone knew Brian and Abby were getting 'cozy' and stuff, even the counselors. Abby was going to be miserable without Brian (again), and Brian was probably going to get the wrong idea. Josh rolled his eyes and shook his head. Estelle never even once looked at him, so he knew not to get his hopes up. Still, maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought, since he usually tended to see things from a glass-half-empty point of view. ( Cuz the glass is half-empty, doh! )
    Walking up, he got in line and waved at Abby and gave her a half-smile. He couldn't quite bring himself to look into Estelle's eyes, so he quickly looked down and shifted his gaze after saying hi. Thank goodness his hair was still long and could cover his eyes when he did that. After forming line, the counselors took the groups to the boat house, which wasn't far. Josh looked at the canoe dubiously, but felt a bit more confident after rowing instructions were given. He had no issues about falling in the water, since he was a good swimmer, but that wasn't the point of the exercise.

    Interestingly enough, he couldn't help but notice his sister's voice and another girl just chatting away. They'd been at it for several minutes and they were still going at it pretty strong. Josh rolled his eyes and chuckled. Well, as long as she didn't bring up his name, he didn't care much.

    "Do either of you two know how to row? I mean, just in case we need tips while out on the water..." Josh asked both Abby and Estelle. "I'm a fast learner and I can compensate if either of you gets tired."He said with a shrug. After getting their responses, the counselors helped them unto their boat. He noticed the balancing issue, and mentally prepared himself for it. The basic shape of the canoe made him think of an X-Wing Fighter, that made him smile a bit and helped a bit with his concerns. When it was his turn to get in however, that was when Blinkfellow fell in the water. Josh looked over a bit too quickly and almost lost his balance himself,his arms flailed, but he resisted the urge to grab anyone, and instead got into a horse-stance, bending his knees to ninety-degree angles, a wide stance and lowering his center of gravity. Breathing out a huge sigh of relief and a bit of a nervous laugh, Josh finally took his place. "Erm...Sorry about that. won't happen again." He promised with a tight smile.

    Soon they were off and out in the water, trying to find their collective rhythm. Of course it wasn't perfect, but then, it wasn't as bad as he'd expected either, at least not yet. Ahead of them, he could hear his sister chatting away. He did his best to ignore the sound and enjoy his own rowing experience.

    "This is not as bad as I thought..." he commented amicably enough.

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    IC: Charlotte
    After they got out on the water, Charlotte got a mischievious grin on her face. It wasnt often that she would play pranks, but she got a really creepy feeling from that Josh fellow. Not a "I-will-hurt-you" kind of way but more of a "be-wary-of-this-person" sort of way. As usual, Charlotte decided that "screw you I'm gonna do something stupid and possibly life threatening in the process".
    "When i say row, row as fast and hard as you can. We are going to ram another boat. If we got fast enough they will tip. I don't like the feeling of that one guy." She gestured towards another boat. She smirked again and began angling the boat, getting ready for what would hopefully be a prank war. If not, she had her reputation as the most unlikable person to uphold! Oh how she missed all the adrenaline of the hunt and the rewards of a fruitful plot. Either way, people would leave her alone if she fought back viciously enough.
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    Marcy Le Bon aka 'Jedi Mara Bon'
    Rowing, rowing, rowing down the River...♪♫♪

    Marcy was really enjoying the ride. The rowing was a bit to get used to, but watching David, she kind of fell into a pattern. Blinkfellow was ahead of them, leading the way, and the other boat was behind them. Not too bad at all. And Charlotte seemed alright. She was talking, and telling them stuff, and Marcy was happy about that. As the boat floated along, heading for where Blinkfellow was waiting on them, Charlotte was suddenly grinning.

    "When i say row, row as fast and hard as you can. We are going to ram another boat. If we got fast enough they will tip. I don't like the feeling of that one guy." She gestured towards another boat. She smirked again and began angling the boat.

    Marcy's happy mood instantly vanished in a second. Is the girl nuts?! With the counselor sitting right there to boot? Sure, Marcy enjoyed a good prank, as well as the next person, but not those kinds. Someone could seriously get HURT! That was not a prank. That was not even nice. Even if it was not her brother in the boat, she wouldn't do it. Marcy's face took on a serious frown, as she angled her oar to deflect the boats angle, her oar slapping the water hard.


    Marcy stated her objection, raising her voice, as she looked over, trying not to get angry. All of her earlier mirth was gone from her face. The girl just got here, and she was already prejudging folks, and trying to start trouble. Marcy brushed back a bit of bang. "You could seriously HURT someone doing that. And Im not getting into trouble with ole Blinkfellow, just cause you suddenly dont like someone. Its not funny or fun. And what about the other girls in the boat?"

    Marcy looked over at David for a second, before looking back over at Charlotte. Not saying another word, she began to paddle once more, heading the board forwards once more to follow the counselor. She had really hoped the new girl would be fun and adventurous. Marcy began to think that perhaps she was a bit TOO much. That really sucked. She sighed. Maybe the girl was just trying too hard to fit in. Marcy decided it would be very 'un-Jedi' to prejudge Charlotte just yet. But still... That was mean.

    Marcy started looking out, hoping that Josh or the others had not heard any of that conversation. She began to get very interested in the boat that Blinkfellow was in, as they got close.


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    IC:Lord Anguish/Josh

    Canoe 101

    This was most....intriguing, this canoeing. Was he actually having fun? Josh wondered as he tried to suppress a smile. He liked the feel of the rhythm, the fact he had to isolate his lower body from his upper body movement, how he needed to move the boat and not the paddle in order for the boat to glide on water, it was all quite fascinating; almost like Kung Fu. Besides, the sound of the water, the soft wind and general environment was soothing. Abby and Estelle didn't speak much, as they all seemed to be concentrating on their collective rhythm and not messing each other up. Odd, how teamwork was not 'underhanded competition', at least not in this case. Because of his current focus, which was necessary, Josh had not been paying attention to much anything else, until he heard a distinct sound followed by a splash.


    His head immediately snapped up and looked toward the familiar sound. His heart skipped a beat, a shot of adrenaline rushed to his system...and his eyes narrowed. It was his sister, Mars, and she didn't sound happy about something.
    He knew the exact nuances of her voice, and he could tell someone or something had 'upset' her, someone not him. Josh glared in the direction of her boat, trying to see if anything or anyone had done anything to her. If he saw anything telling...things would not be pleasant. Yes, Mars was the cutest, most annoying little sister in the known galaxy, but she was HIS sister to annoy or be annoyed by. NO ONE else had better antagonize her, not without suffering the wrath of Lord Anguish.

    But after a moment, Josh didn't notice anything amiss. He looked at the water to see if a fish had tried to jump at her and she merely slapped it back down in her surprise. The visual imagery in his mind was quite humorous, and he chuckled softly at it. Still, he looked on, trying to see if everything was all right. Josh did notice that their boat had lost a bit of speed and was a bit angled, but everything seemed fine. Mars looked around and her expression was hard to gauge, which was typical of jedi. She did not make eye contact with him, but that was ok. He didn't much mind that as long as she was ok.

    Surmising that a fish had probably startled her, Josh smiled and went back to his rowing. He wished he had seen the face on the fish who tried to get the drop on his tricksy jedi THAT would have been hilarious. As the boats moved near each other, he did keep an eye out, just in case she would 'accidentally' splash water on them. He would be surprised if she'd passed at such an opportunity, but he doubted she would actually splash them, seeing how Abby and especially her fried, Estelle, served as 'protection', ironically enough. He wondered about that theory as the distance closed between the two boats.

    He was tempted to wave, but it would be so unlike him to do so. He expected Estelle to say something to Mars, seeing how they were friends. To David, he gave an acknowledging nod. The new guy was genuinely friendly and seemed open-minded and non-judgemental, which he silently respected. He knew nothing about the new girl in their boat, so he merely glanced at her, trying to see what she was about in a mental 'snap shot'.

    Not far beyond the two boats, Josh saw Blinkfellow's canoe, and helped to correct their angle to intercept him.

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