Beyond - Legends The Table Was Crowded... (L/M, AU) [update 3/22]

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    :D [face_dancing] :D SQUEE!!!

    and... said nothing else for the rest of the evening
    What a wonderful way to word it!!! [:D] [:D] [:D]
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    Katana_Sundancer: Yep. Their dopplegangers, anyway. Thank you. :)

    Tevase2: Thank you. :)

    PadmeSkywalkerSHM: Glad it did. Thank you. :)

    Jade_eyes: Thank you for the SQUEEE!!!!, Jade_eyes. [:D]

    Hazel: Wes and Roganda... there is a story in the works for them. Thank you, Hazel. :)

    kataja: Thank you, kataja. :)
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    A/N: The journey to this update was... adventurous? Yeah. I'll go with adventurous. Thank you to Jade_eyes for the beta. Enjoy. :)


    Waking early the next morning, Mara stared blissfully into the darkness at the ceiling. She didn't want to move. Didn't want to go anywhere. Didn't want to ruin the peaceful calm of lying here with him and allowing the reality of responsibility intrude. Here, they were together, and here, they'd shared so much without actually saying anything... so, so much. Listening to him snore softly next to her only made her want to move less.

    But move she would have to do, if she ever wanted to get to Talus on time to meet up with her mission partner and compare notes. Luke snored again, rolled over into her, and she smiled. Duty or more quality time like this, this morning? What kind of a choice was that?

    Sighing, she gently pushed him away and carefully got out of the bed, wanting not to wake him. It failed when a hand was suddenly holding her wrist firmly, stopping her from continuing her unwanted exodus. "It's not what you think."

    "Were you just going to go without saying a word?"

    Mara cringed at the disappointment in his voice as she turned to find him looking sleepily up at her in the half-light. "I have to be on Talus in two days time."

    "So you were leaving?" he asked again, pressing that particular point.

    Once she found her clothes, that was exactly what she was going to do. "Yes. I didn't want to wake you." Mara bent to kiss him on the lips, savoring this moment with him. I promise never to leave our bed again without first making you aware of my doing so... that is, if I'm actually leaving the planet, too.

    I'll hold you to that, Luke sent back with a mental smile. Then he released her wrist and was asleep again in moments.

    Mara sat there on the edge of the bed, watching him for long minutes with a soft smile. She'd been a little apprehensive about this bond of theirs from the start, because it was awkward and strange to know someone cared about her welfare, and her as a person, that much. But now... it was sweet that he'd pull himself from sleep long enough to let her know she mattered to him.

    Reminding herself of where she had to be in two days time, Mara found her clothes, made short work of getting dressed, and left the apartment.


    Knowing that waking anyone at this hour would be cruel and unusual punishment, especially for a couple with infants, Mara quietly let herself into the Solo apartment and set about gathering up her companion. Han wandered through the living room in a bathrobe, saw her coaxing a resistant Dark Star into the carrier, and frowned. "Mara?"

    "Just go back to sleep, Solo."

    "It's a little early, you know."

    She lifted her head, glared at him mildly. "That's why I let myself in rather than wake you."

    Han glanced between her and the door. "You have our entry codes?"

    "I used to live here in the palace." Mara paused, closed the carrier door, and looked at Dark Star as she glared up at her grumpily. "And you didn't change 'em after I was here last with Luke."

    "Oh. Why so early?"

    "I have to be on Talus day after tomorrow. That means I have no time."

    Han nodded sleepily. "What's on Talus?"

    "Another contact." She glanced at him, noted the raised eyebrows. "Karrde's call. Not mine."

    He nodded again, turned, and went back to bed. "Close the door when you leave."

    Mara chuckled softly, pulled a piece of flimsy out of her pocket, and moved to set it in an obvious place on the kitchen table. Then she smiled, picked up the cat in her cat carrier, and quietly let herself out.

    Later, when Han awoke for the day and started making breakfast, he found it on the table...

    Thank you for having Dark Star over. I volunteer
    for babysitting duty when next I'm on Coruscant
    and you two want an evening out.


    Meeting Luke for practice, Roganda noticed the ever-present smile and had to wonder what had changed to make him so happy. It was unlike him to smile that much.

    The session ended when she succeeded
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    Super blend of action, mush, and banter.

    You've really expanded and grown Roganda as a lively pal & strong ally to Luke and the rest.


    Having her has grown Wes up too [face_laugh] !!

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    That was one eventful update for Mara :D.

    First Dagobah, then kittens, then ... hehehehehe. [face_dancing]

    That three way Force communication really made me laugh. Roganda has picked up on her husband's humor.

    And then Luke is kidnapped [face_worried].

    Great update, I can't wait for Mara to tell Luke the news. ;)
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    Yay kittens. I've watched a cat give birth and I've bottle fed kittens-like all the time.

    I didn't think the person who kidnapped Luke just wanted answers I thought he wanted to kill him.

    I wonder how Mara is gonna tell Luke?
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    Lovely to see Luke & Mara interact! [face_love] And what? Mara's pregnant? :) And now Luke get's himself kidnaped! Typical! :p
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    to be honest i have no idea what to say im too tired to actually think of anything, sorry
    it was a great chapter cant wait for the next one =D=
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    [face_worried] for Luke!!
    Wonderful chapter.=D= Always glad to see an update from you. Looking forward to more! [:D] @};-
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    What is with this??? How in the world could I have missed three whole posts?!!!

    They were brilliant though and I'm glad I got to read them now back to back.

    I loved the bit with Roganda and the General's hair. It made me laugh.

    However I am now very anxious for another post.

    Brava and update soon!

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    Jade_eyes: Yep... one has grown as a person, the other is somehow more mature and better for it. Thank you! [:D]

    Hazel: Thank you, Hazel. :)

    PadmeSkywalkerSHM: Quest wasn't looking to kill anyone, but... did seem that way, didn't it? No, the only person who likely would have ended up dead due to Quest probably would have been Cam. If Quest had recognized him, that is. As for how Mara's gonna tell Luke... Hmm... [face_thinking] Thank you. :)

    kataja: Thank you, kataja. :)

    Tevase2: Thank you. :)

    dancing_star: Thank you, Star. [:D]

    Raphire: Glad you liked that bit, Raphire. Thank you. :)
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    Thank you to Jade_eyes for the beta. :)


    Han spotted Janson standing in a corridor meant for pilot's quarters, casually leaning against a wall next to a closed door. He frowned, wondering why the man was wincing intermittently. As he drew closer, Han heard what sounded like muffled bangs. "What is going on in there?"

    Janson sighed. "Tried to get her to explain what she couldn't tell me in the hangar bay, and..." He motioned to the door. "That's been going on for twenty solid minutes."

    Han blinked in surprise and reached for the door keypad, but stopped when Janson shook his head. "I was just..."

    "Better that she have a conference with Lt. Kettch, than one of us get in the way and regret it. What happened, anyway?"

    Han wondered just how hard she had to throw the stuffed Ewok for it to make that loud of a bang. "Long story."

    "Starting or ending with why she was wearing a flight suit?" Janson asked tersely. "I thought she was leaving the planet with you."

    "Ending. There was a very sudden change of plans."

    Janson winced again as another muffled bang sounded and took a moment to study the expression on Han's face. He glanced at the door, then looked at Han again. And then realization dawned in his eyes. "Wait. Whose fighter did she fly?"


    "And where is he?"

    Han glared at him. "If I knew that, I'd go and get him."

    "Ah. That explains why she'd be upset. Partly, anyway." They lapsed into silence for a minute or so, listening to the continued bangs, before Janson spoke again. "Does Leia know?"

    Han hesitated, then shook his head. "Not yet. Still working on the how and why of it."


    Suddenly the bangs stopped and the door opened to reveal Roganda, who saw them both and winced. "What?"

    "Feel better?" Janson asked.

    She stared at him. "As I promised to be honest, no. Not really."

    "Did you apologize to the Lieutenant?"


    "Even inanimate objects have feelings."

    "Are you trying to make me laugh?"


    "Then yes. Lieutenant Kettch got an apology."

    "Good." He motioned to Han, who was watching them both with raised eyebrows. "Solo here clued me in on our missing person."

    Roganda glanced at Han. "Wonderful."

    Janson blinked as she turned on her heel and started to walk away. "Where are you going?"

    "To talk to a medic!" Roganda told him, her pace not slowing at all.

    Janson turned, eyes wide, to look directly at Han. "What am I missing?"

    "That's for her to tell you," Han told him smoothly. "I'm not getting involved in that one."


    Cam looked up from doing an inventory of everything they had in the way of medical supplies on the base to find Roganda staring at him as if he'd done something wrong. "What?"

    "I should be asking you that question." She came closer, tilted his head to see his neck better, and her frown deepened. "Cam?" Those were deep bruises. Too deep.

    He swatted her hands away automatically, then blinked rapidly. "Do you mind?"

    "What happened?"

    Cam stared back at her. "What do you mean what happened?"

    "For you to get those bruises."

    "Oh, that. Your guess is as good as mine."

    She continued to stare at him in fascination. "You don't know how you got those?"

    "No. All I know is that Tamblyn found me passed out on the floor in the middle of an evacuation and a patient was suddenly missing, only I don't remember the evac order or why I would have been sedating someone for transport." He paused, taking in the fact that her expression hadn't changed. "Why?"

    It was falling into place, a little at a time. She sighed and stepped away from him. "Because there's something you need to see that relates to, I think, your bruises."

    "There is?"

    "Oh yes."

    "Oh, good. Now I don't have to find either you or Skywalker to ask stupid questions about Force-caused amnesia," Tamblyn said as she arrived with a box and set it down. She paused to look at Roganda to find her staring with wide eyes. "What?"

    "Force-caused... what?"

    Tamblyn motioned to Cam. "He somehow lost twenty hours when that patient escaped. Given who the patient was, that was what I thought of
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    Poor Kettch! If it continues the Stuffed Ewok Protection Society might have to step in. :p

    Other than a really vague description of a planet with blue sunlight that glows... nothing, so far.

    Oh no, I just came from there. :(

    Mara wanted to tell Luke about kittens? Right... she'd believe that about as soon as every last person in the universe decided to become pacifists.

    [face_laugh] That's smart of Leia.

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    More pieces coming together [face_thinking] LOL about the kittens.

    After reading Hazel's comment ... :eek: !! Byss? [face_worried] !!

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    LOL kittens :D got to love kittens [face_love]
    Brilliant chapter, everything s starting to come together, =D=
    cant wait for what you post next, im hanging onto the edge of my seat
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    Is Mara pregnant? And Dark Star had kittens so cute :)

    Can't wait for the next installment, tomorrow maybe :p

    Soon anyways :D
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    Hazel: Please tell the Protection Society that there will be no need... :p

    Oh no, I just came from there.

    Yes... yes you did. And what a wonderful adventure you took us on, too! [:D] (For those who haven't read it yet: [link=]Shadows of Yesterday[/link] )

    Thank you, Hazel. :)

    Jade_eyes: Well... yes. I'm doing something I didn't get to do in 2007 because work stressed me out. Thank you, Jade_eyes. :)

    Tevase2: Thank you. :) (And I'll try not to be too long...)

    JediFalcon: *points up to 7/4 post in answer...* Yes. Thank you, JediFalcon. :)
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    I have gotten sooooo behind on this story. :oops: [face_blush]
    I am working right now on catching up. :)
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    Leia is onto Mara. She'll figure it out soon.
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    Still [face_worried] for Luke!

    Aww, kittens! [face_love]

    Wonderful job! =D= Looking forward to more! [face_dancing]
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    They lapsed into silence for a minute or so, listening to the continued bangs,
    [face_laugh] I can just see them!

    "How does a man with the beginnings of dementia who had been sedated like that pull off a surprise kidnapping of a Jedi Knight?"
    Now, that's a question...[face_thinking]

    Closing her eyes, she reached for him across the bond and again felt like she was hitting a wall. The more she tried to bang against it, however, the more certain she was that, whatever the wall was, it wasn't cutting her off completely. She could still feel him, knew he was out there somewhere, but couldn't get anything more specific than that.

    What could do that? She didn't know, and as she opened her eyes again to stare at the rear wall of the chamber, frustration began to cloud her thoughts. She saw, or thought she saw, something move out of the corner of her eye, but when Mara turned to look, nothing was there. Had that been just a flicker of light, or a person, or a passing shadow of something flying from outside? She didn't know that, either
    A lot of mysteries here indeed?[face_thinking]

    "You... didn't know Coruscant was evacuated two days ago?"
    :eek: Ok, I start to get a feeling? A baaad feeling...[face_worried]

    "Now we can go."

    Leia frowned at her. "What was that about?"

    "Dark Star."


    Kittens? Mara wanted to tell Luke about kittens? Right... she'd believe that about as soon as every last person in the universe decided to become pacifists.
    I think I take those kittens as an omen... ;)
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    Because I can now say it, I totally am going to... Congrats and good luck to all nominees!!!!! [:D] (Also... update soon.)

    Lady_Jedi93: Thank you. :)

    PadmeSkywalkerSHM: Of course she is. Thank you. :)

    dancing_star: Thank you, Star. :)

    kataja: I can just see them!

    Yep... awkward silence abounded. [face_laugh]

    Now, that's a question...

    There's more to it than a simple case of premature dementia... ;)

    A lot of mysteries here indeed?


    Ok, I start to get a feeling? A baaad feeling...


    Thank you, kataja. :)
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    Sorry for not reading in awhile. I wasn't really here this summer. I worked nonstop and then went home and slept. Can't wait to get caught up tho!
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    Raphire: [:D] for working a lot all summer and [face_dancing] that you did. That's awesome. Thank you, Raphire, and catch up when you can. :)

    Update tomorrow, all. [face_flag]
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    A/N: Thank you to Jade_eyes for the beta. :)


    Luke sprang awake again, not having really been aware that he'd dozed off, to find Quest staring at him. Again. This was starting to become both irritating and tiresome. It really, really was. "You're not going to tell me where we are, are you?"

    Quest simply shook his head and let Luke up with a wave of his hand.

    Luke sat up slowly and stretched tired muscles, sore from not having moved around much in days. He stared at the deck plates, focusing not on those, but rather on the Force. It felt... odd. Different. Different, but familiar. And he could sense her, but reaching out to talk felt incredibly difficult. Lifting his head, he focused on Quest's face for a long moment, and the man stared back at him defiantly. "So..."

    Quest rolled his eyes and moved to help Luke stand on shaky legs. "Come on. People to see, now."

    "Who?" Just asking that simple question, Luke knew the man wouldn't answer. Not directly, anyway. Quest's answering silence did not disappoint.


    Mara was procrastinating and eating the last of what was on the tray slowly under Leia's watchful gaze when it happened. A mental image of a man she didn't recognize appeared in her mind's eye, and she was so startled at the presence that was there one moment and gone the next that she dropped her fork with a noisy clatter.

    "Mara?" Leia asked cautiously, carefully.

    Mara blinked a few times, then met Leia's startled gaze. "That was weird. It's almost like he was sitting right here for just a moment, showing me a holo or something... but I don't know this person. Or maybe I did, once. I don't know."

    Leia sighed and stood up. "Come on. Let's go get you checked out."

    Mara studied her for a moment. "Why? Nothing is wrong."

    "You nearly fainted."

    "But I didn't..." As the silence stretched and Leia glared at her in a distinctly maternal manner, Mara sighed. "Fine. Medical, it is. If it make you feel better."

    "It will."


    A tendril of awareness caught Roganda's attention and she looked up for a moment from the report, wondering why anyone would want to get her attention that way. Questioning silently back, she smiled and returned her attention to the report. Finally, a voice of reason. Or... judging on how disgruntled he seemed, maybe not a voice of reason right now.

    Thumbing through the report some more, she frowned at a place name. Why would anyone set up a secret Imperial stronghold on Abyss? That didn't make any sense. None at all. "That's very strange..."

    "What is?" a tired, familiar male voice asked, causing her to look up and see Darvis standing in the doorway.

    She watched as he moved to sit down without asking for an invitation and proceeded to rub his temples as if he had a headache. "Are you all right, Darvis?"

    "Save me from my fully cafinated wife," he mumbled. "The whole way here on the transport, she had caf to drink. From home."

    Roganda stared at him for a minute, unsure of what to say, and returned her attention to the datapad. "Oh. The strange thing might, or might not, be important."

    "Will it at least give me an excuse to stay away from Medical until tomorrow?"

    "She can't be that bad." The incredulous look he shot her was nothing short of murderous. "Ah. Yes. It possibly could. Go look up the Abyss system for me?"


    "I need something ruled out."

    Darvis was stopped from asking what she needed ruled out when Ailee spoke up from the door. "There you are."

    Roganda glanced between the two of them and returned her attention to the report. "How was Sacorria?" That's where they'd gone with the medical transports following the evacuation: Corellian sector hospitals.

    Ailee chuckled. "Fine." She entered, put a hand on her husband's shoulder, glanced around, and froze.


    Leia watched her as the medic left the room with vials of freshly drawn blood for various tests. She didn't want to voice what she suspected was the case, because it was so private. Mara's defensive story about kittens kept coming back to her, as if it was an important detail to be taken st
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