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The tale of Darth Vaders Son - A SW - AU (please be nice and post a lot of comments)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by FTeik, Jul 15, 2001.

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  1. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    What if Leia and Luke wern´t the only children of Darth Vader ? What if they had a brother raised by the Dark Lord of the Sith ? And what would happen if they met ?

    Please read and post a lot of comments, since i want to know what people think about my stories.

    For those of you who are interested in my other stories, there are:

    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors at
    An AU-story taking place 17 years after the Battle of Endor that will lead to a come-together for the entire Skywalker-family.


    The Colliding of Empires
    A Crossover-Alternate Universe-Story during the time of RotJ. Everything is changed.

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - A SW-AU

    Dawn was close after the great victory-celebration. The fires had died down, as had the noise of humans, ewoks and members of dozens of other races after the battle of Endor. Most of the beings were lying where they had found the place to rest.

    With one exeption.

    Luke Skywalker was standing before one of the small ewok-houses, looking towards the rising sun, lost in his thoughts. It was still hard to believe how much luck he, if not the rebel-alliance and with them the entire galaxy had had in their battle the day before.

    From the professional point of view he was tempted to hide behind the biggest bush imaginable, considering the easiness with which the emperor had lured them into his trap. Only a huge number of circumstances in their favor, no one of them due to their own planning had allowed them to achive victory.

    Or the force had really been with the rebels this day.

    He took a deep breath. The past didn´t matter as long as one was willing to learn from it. For the last Jedi-Knight other things were of more importance now. Since he had gotten and lost the father he had ever longed for at the same day, his sister was now his only relative left.

    His sister ... . It wouldn´t be easy for her to accept that part of her heritage that originated from their father. Their father ... .

    Suddenly footsteps behind him woke Luke from his musings. Without turning around he greeted the Newcomer.

    "Good morning, Han."

    Han Solo tried hard to hide his surprise and failed.

    "Damn, kiddo, how do you do that ?" Before Luke could answer the smuggler continued. "Let it be. I don´t want to hear anything about that force-stuff of yours."

    "It will be the force-stuff of Leia too, one day." Luke couldn´t hide an evil grin. "So you better never get on her bad side."

    "Considering who her father is, you are probably right."

    At that Luke Skywalker raised an eyebrow in surprise. "She told you ?"

    "Everything. She thought it to be necessary before, well ... you know." Without success the smuggler tried to stop to blush.

    "So the two of you had your own private victory-celebration ?", asked Luke calm. Han shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. It was obvious that Luke had changed a lot in a short time. He had matured. Especially since yesterday.

    "If you want to say so." Han looked up and down Luke. "No ill feelings, huh ?"

    Luke sighed. "Han i loved Leia since the first time i saw her, but even if we wouldn´t be related she has made her choice and that choice is you. In a certain way her being my sister is a relief, because i still can love her without feelings of guilt or shame or jelousy when she is happy with you."

    Han nodded. "So the competitor is gone, but the friend can stay without a loss of face."

    Luke grinned at that. "And perhaps is replaced with an over-protective brother." He became serious. "If you ever hurt her ..."

    He could still hear his fathers threat in his ears /If you don´t surrender to the darkside, we will succed with her/.

    Han noticed the tension suddenly raised.

    Suddenly the loss of a competitor in exchange for an over-protective brother of the woman he loved didn´t seemed to be such a good thing anymore. Especially if this brother had fought sucessfully against beings li
  2. Kitt327

    Kitt327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 23, 2000
    This is a neat idea - one I haven't seen done before. Great start, I can't wait to read this :D
  3. Tiershon_Fett

    Tiershon_Fett Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 25, 2000
    Lots of comments!

    Just kidding. This is cool. Up!
  4. BelleBayard

    BelleBayard TFN Fan Fiction Archive Editor star 4 VIP

    Mar 16, 2000
    Interesting premise. I'll be intrigued to see how you flesh this out.
  5. Ana_Labris

    Ana_Labris Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    I love AU! pls post more!
  6. Luke'sryb

    Luke'sryb Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 17, 2000
    WELL? When are Luke and Leia going to meet their brother? Is he older? What's his name? Is he a Skywalker? [face_mischief]
  7. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Thank you all for your responses (critics in a constructive way will be welcome, too).

    It will take some time until the siblings are going to met. As with my other stories mentioned above, i try to mix the events in my stories with the events in the official SW-Universe until a certain point to give everything a touch of constance (But that you can read for yourself).

    And no lets introduce the "New, Bad Boy"

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son

    Chapter One

    Carefully Nilan Vortigern stepped down the stairs towards the catacombs and dungeons of the old castle. The hands of the old man were still trembling with disbelief.

    Contrary to the palace of Darth Vader on Coruscant this castle on the Planet Chalakorn was remote enough not to fall victim to a rubbing and burning Mob, who, now that his Master was dead, suddenly was brave enough to fight and to rebel.

    /Who doesn´t dare to beat the Dewback, beats the satchel/thought Vortigern with contempt, although he had to admit that with Darth Vader still alive he would have never dared to compare him with a Dewback.

    Now that his Master was dead Vortigern was practically the only heir above one of the greatest fortunes of the galaxy and the countless secrets of the man.

    But Vortigern was no heir, he was an administrator.

    Entitled to the legacy was another one and because Vortigern was a honourable man, he would make sure that this other one would get, what was rightfully his.

    Vortigern smiled with contempt, when he thought about the greedy rats on Coruscant and inside the hated rebel-alliance, who were looking foreward to use the fortune of his Master for their own dirty purposes.

    Unfortanatly it was unevitable to allow them access to a part of that fortune, but those would only be pieces, that he had taken care of.

    Vortigern was a capable administrator who made no mistakes. That would have been unthinkable for the Majordomus.

    Especially being the Majordomus of Lord Darth Vader.

    Finally the old man reached the last level of the catacombs and stopped before a wall that was in no way different than the others. But when Vortigern touched a hidden contact a sealed door opened and Vortigern entered a big, cube-shaped chamber.
    On the first look the room seemed to be empty.

    Thick layers of dust covered the floor and the walls. The walls were barren with exeption of the walls opposite to the door.

    An artist with two left hands seemed to have tried to decorate the wall with some fresques. The contures of two humanoid shapes were hardly to recognize.
    Nilan Vortigern moved towards the figure on the right side and wished the dust away. Under the dust the wall consisted of pure carbonite. The Majordomus remembered like yesterday when he had activated the carbon-freezing-chamber by the orders of his Master.
    Now he touched a button that initiated a process that would free the unfortunate prisoner from his cold sleep after six years.

    With a hiss the solid carbonite turned into gases freeing the frozen prisoner piece for piece until the young man dropped to the floor with a moan in front of Vortigerns feet. Sinking down on one knee the old man moved a medical scanner above the crumbled body.

    Satisfied he confirmed that the boy wasn´t harmed.

    "Cold, so cold", whispered the teenager.

    "Shhh, stay calm Lucan. I´ve freed you from the carbonite, but your senses have first to adjust to working again."

    "Vortigern, is it you ? I can´t see anything."

    "Yes, it is me my young Lord. You have to be patient, the pain and the loss of orientation will soon be gone. Now come, let me help you."

    With all the strenght in his old boones Vortigern managed to pull the young man to his feet. Breathing heavily he carried Lucan through the dark corridors and to his great relief the young man was able to walk on his own again, when they reached the stairs upwards. The young one only grapped Vortigerns shoulder for the old man to lead the way.

    "Seems i´m among the living again", he said with a laugh.

    "Yes, my young Lord, you are alive"
  8. MariahJade2

    MariahJade2 Former Fan Fiction Archive Editor star 5 VIP

    Mar 18, 2001
    Very interesting.
  9. DarkLady27

    DarkLady27 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 26, 2000
    Yes, very interesting indeed. I must say well done and continue please. I just have one question, is Vader still alive? I didn't exactly see that anywhere.
    I look forward to seeing the meeting between all three siblings ;)
  10. Kitt327

    Kitt327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 23, 2000
    Hmm, I wonder who his mother was . . .
  11. Ana_Labris

    Ana_Labris Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Oh, that was so goooood!!!
    I wonder who the mother is ;) Amidala?
  12. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part One

    Two dayes had passed, days Lukan had spent with sleep and eating. Now he and Vortigern were sitting in one of the conference-rooms of the fortress.

    Vortigern watched the young man carefully.

    At the age of fivteen Lucan was already more than six feet tall with broad shoulders and long, strong limbs. Piercing blue eyes under bushy black eyebrows looked out of a broad but handsome, aristrocratic face. Lucan had tied his long darkbrown hair to a ponytail and was clad in simple black trowsers, a white shirt, a black vest and kneehigh black boots.

    Vortigern shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The young man wouldn´t like what he had to tell him.

    "How much time has passed, Majordomus ?", opened Lucan the conversation.

    "More than six years, MyLord", answered Vortigern.

    "Six years", shouted the young Lord Vader, taking a deep breath, before he continued.

    "A long time. But in the expected timeframe." Then his features seemed to brighten. "When will my father arrive, Vortigern ?"

    Vortigern looked with sad eyes at the boy.

    "There was a battle. Somewhere in the outer rim at a place called Endor. The Emperor as well as your father were killed by rebels."

    Lucan stared with disbelief at the older man.

    "You are lying", he nearly chocked. "An insignificant group of rebels couldn´t have done something like that. Not against the empire."

    "Times have changed. Four years prior the three biggest rebel-groups have allied themself into an Alliance. And after the destruction of Alderaan their support increased even more. Rumors even claim that a Jedi-Knight is fighting with them."

    "The Jedi are extinct", protested Lucan.

    "Obviously not."

    With a roar Lucan Vader rose from his seat. Gripping the heavy chair he throw the piece of furniture against the opposite wall of the room. Regaining his composure he took a heavy breath and took place in another chair.

    "What happened to my mother ? Is she still alive ?"

    The young man thought with worry about the disease that had been slowly killing his mother before he had been frozen.

    "Yes and no. A short time after your vanishing, she let herself getting frozen, too. Please don´t order me to repeat all the ugly details about the arguments between your parents, after you have been put into carbonite."

    "I understand."

    There was a long silence between those two so different men. Then again Lucan started to talk.

    "If Palpatine and my father are dead, who is now leading the empire ?"

    "At the moment the Grandwesir Sate Pestage. But in my opinion it will not take long, until Ysanne Isard will replace him.
    Chaos is spreading. Many Moffs and Admirals have already announced their own empires, declared themself warlords and are fighting each other."

    "A chaos the rebel-scum will exploit with no doubt. Impossible, but on the other hand not surprising. If my memory doesn´t deceive me it was the main task of my father after the extinction of the Jedi to supress the secessionmovements of the warlords and to hold the all to independent Admirals and Governours in line.

    Isn´t there anybody with enough power and integrety to get the warlords under his control ?"

    "Not at the moment. And until there is somebody found they will have weakend each other that much, that it will be an easy game for the rebels."

    "You are very sure of that, Vortigern. Even if the rebels managed to kill the emperor and murder my father, they can´t fight the various fractions. Force sake we are talking about the imperial starfleet, the biggest war machine ever buildt."

    "A machine that is hopelessly divided. If you have studied the same reports and informations as i did, you would agree with me, MyLord. Without a leader powerful enough to unite the various fractions the empire is doomed."

    The young Lord Vader thought about that for a moment.

    The 25,000 Imperator-class Stardestroyers and the hundreds, if not thousands of battle-cruisers and battle-ships of the Imperial Navy.
    Not to mention the millions of Stardestroyers,dre
  13. DarkLady27

    DarkLady27 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 26, 2000
    Hmmm you've really got me wondering there on what will take place next ;). I also really liked how you put Anakin's and Padmé's characteristic features in Lucan. Good mix. Great post. Hopefully his mother will be revived.
  14. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part I

    It was two weeks later in the evening when Lucan Vader was sitting behind a desk in his private quaters. The quaters of the young Lord Vader were a mixture of office, childhood playground and workshop, with a half dozen computers and nearly every tool in existence.
    The heir of Darth Vader had spent the last weeks to get back in shape and to get trusted with all the events and changes that had occured during his "sleep".

    The disbanding of the senate by the emperor and how the local Moffs and Governours had gotten direct control over their territories.

    This step made sence and had been long overdue. Already during the time of the Old Republic the area to govern had become to big, to be governed by a central authority. Delegating the power and responsebilities to the people directly in place had been a logical step. The tool to hold them and their sector-forces inline had been the Imperial Navy with its 25,000 Imperator-Class-Stardestroyers, its bigger ships and the Death Star.

    The construction of the Death Star.
    Lucan was sure that the finished construction of the battle-station and the disbandening of the Senate at the same time was no coincidence. The Death Star had been in many ways a symbol. Although insignificiant compared to the power of the force, its awesome destructive powers were understandable by everyone, while the Emperor had made sure that the force was viewed only as an ancient religion. Furthermore it was a symbol of the scale and power of the emperor, a symbol that showed everybody that there was no chance in resisting the empire.

    Of course for the mass of a Death Star hundreds of millions of Stardestroyers could have been buildt, but for those millions of ships, millions of loyal commanders had to be found. And considering the number of deserting commanders during the last years, even honourable men like Jan Dodonna or Crix Madine, it was easier to have one loyal commander on the bridge of a supership.
    Not to mention that the ordinary Stardestroyer was a relativly small ship by the standards of the empire and didn´t carry enough firepower in an age of planetary shields.

    There were only two problems connected to the Death Star.

    First the destruction of Alderaan. Lucan didn´t cried a tear for that planet, he had once been there and the pacifistic people of the planet, together with their facade of culture, civilization and superiority had caused him a great headache. Such a behaivior just wasn´t normal. In Lucans eyes the Alderaans had been cowards, hiding behind others and let others take care of the dirty work necessary to be done, while preaching bombastic speechs about morals, when action was needed.

    "Damned Alderaanians, speaking of peace and supporting the rebels against a legal government", murmered Lucan with contempt. It confirmed his point of view about their treacherous nature, their cowardice by letting the dirty work be done by the rebels, while cleaning their hands in innocence.

    Unfortanatly the majority of other sentinent beings didn´t thought about that, when they started to support the Rebel-Alliance, they only thought about the reputatiation of the Alderaanians as peaceful people and moral role-models, what made them to perfect martyrs for the Rebels.

    And of course, since not only the Alderaanians who had supported the Rebel-Alliance were killed, but many innocent men, women and children who wern´t responsible for the actions of their leadership, the uproar was justified, Lucan had to admit, even if the deathtoll now would be much bigger than that, with the civil-war raging .

    What brought Lucan to the second problem connected with the Death Star: Nothing of the consequences of the destruction of Alderaan would have happened if the superiority of the Empire had stayed intact. But its destruction the very same day in orbit of Yavin ... . It had proven that the empire wasn´t invincible and, in the eyes of the public, that the Death Star was only effective against helpless worlds, while even a small rebel-outpost was
  15. Luke'sryb

    Luke'sryb Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 17, 2000
  16. DarkLady27

    DarkLady27 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 26, 2000
    Uh oh... sounds like Lucan is going to go on the rampage. Luke and Leia better watch out. I can't wait for them to meet each other ;) . Great post! :) :)
  17. MariahJade2

    MariahJade2 Former Fan Fiction Archive Editor star 5 VIP

    Mar 18, 2001
    I sense a sibling squabble coming up. ;)
  18. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    I just found this story and it is very interesting. Keep posting.
  19. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part One

    Lucan put the files aside and took a simple piece of paper and three pencils with different colours.

    Then he wrote down what he wanted with the black pencil under the headline

    "Goals: Order, Revenge, walking around with my name of birth,... ."

    Then he took the green pencil and wrote

    "Assets: Several trillion credits, technical and informational files, a hand full of loyal helpers, the force." Behind the force he made a questionmark.

    He took the red pencil as the last one and wrote:
    "Needed: "Manpower, power and influence, more training in the force, ... A PLAN."

    Lucan underlined the word "plan" and leaned back in his chair.
    The major problem with plans was that their succes relied highly on the given circumstances. The best plan was useless if it was created on the wrong conditions.

    Lucan tipped with the tip of the pencil against his gritted teeths. No, one plan alone wasn´t enough. And until he wasn´t ready to reveal himself it was pointless to go with his plans to deep into details.

    For a moment the young Lord Vader mused about the term "ready" and his need of training in the force.
    Although he was already skilled in the most aspects of the force, the legends of the Sith told about force-powers and abilities far above his own horizon. But where could he gain that knowledge ?
    Palpatine and his father were dead, there was no other darksider skilled enough alive and he could hardly knock at Luke Skywakers door and ask for some training in the arts of the dark side.

    But fortunatly there was another option.

    Yes, that was what he would do. He would collect and strenghten his assets, bring his pawns into position until he would find a use for them, while he himself would complete his training on ... .

    "Master ."

    Lucan looked up. "What is it, Vortigern ?"

    The old man stepped into the room. "Giswad has returned."

    "Has he landed ?"

    "Right this moment, MyLord."

    Lucan rose from his seat and stormed out of his office, closly followed by the old Majordomus.
    They walked through corridors and out of the fortress towards the small landing-field, where a Lambda-Class-Shuttle was seated.

    A tall, muscular man with dark skin and a bold head stepped down the ramp. In front of Lucan he made a short bow.

    "Where there any problems with your mission ?", asked Lucan with tension in his voice.

    Giswad shook his head, making a few gestures with his hands he made clear "No, the rebels had already left Endor."

    "But you have it ?" This time Giswad nodded his head.

    "Where is it ?" Again the tall man moved his hands.

    "Please a little bit slower", ordered Lucan, whishing the owner of the former slave Giswad hadn´t ripped the tongue of the man out of his throat.

    "He says "In the stasis-box aboard", translated Vortigern.

    "Lets see." Lucan nearly jumped up the hatch.
    Vortigern took his time and when he had entered the shuttle he saw his young master standing above an open stasis-box.

    Looking into the box, it was a confirmation and the doom of his last, desperate hopes he had keept to himself, that the reports had only been rumors, that his Master still was alive, perhaps only captured or ... .

    But now there was no denying it. Lying between coaled earth, burnt wood and ashe were bones, pieces of a helmet, a breast-plate, burnt flesh, a skull ...

    "At least we can give him a proper funeral, give him the respect he has earned", he muttered towards the son of the man, whose leftovers lay inside the box, but to his great surprise the young Lord Vader shook his head, looking towards Giswad, who had joinded them inside the shuttle.

    "No, we won´t do that. Giswad, was that everything ?"

    The former slave nooded his head.

    "Very well." Lucan closed the stasis-box.
    "Vortigern, you will select everything out of this box which isn´t organic and put what is left in stasis."

    "But MyLord", protested the old Majordomus, "the cells are already damaged to much to be of any use, after nearly three weeks exposed t
  20. DarkLady27

    DarkLady27 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 26, 2000
    :eek: :eek: I wonder what Lucan's up to. Something ?[face_plain] that I can't seem figure out... hmmm.... Anyways, very intriguing (great) post.
  21. DarkLady27

    DarkLady27 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 26, 2000
    (dang) stupid double posting :mad:. Well while I'm here, Up! I say.
  22. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    Up. I liked it. keep the posting up.
  23. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of the Darth Vaders Son - Part II

    Seven years after the Battle of Endor

    Han Solo entered the quaters of his family aboard the Rebel-Cruiser "Rebeldream" and walked towards the room, where the children were sleeping. As expected his wife Leia Organa Solo was there, standing over the small crib of their youngest child, Anakin, while the twins were lying in their beds. For a moment Han looked in wonderment at the sight of his family, his children and their mother, while words like beautiful, precious and ... fragile raced through his mind.

    How could it be that something that was so valuable to him like the woman he loved, the children she had born him, could be so easy destroyed, ripped appart from him ?

    How evil and uncarring could a universe be, that allowed such dangers to exist that had threatned his small family over the last months ?

    It was indeed a frightening thought how easy all of this could be destroyed. How close he had come to loose them all in Emperor Palpatines last desperate attempt to save his miserable existenz by taking over the body of the little Anakin.

    The "Rebeldream" was assigned to transport them back from the Planet of Onderon, where hopefully the last battle in this damned war against the empire had been fought.
    As the former smuggler now watched his beloved wife stroking through their sons hair, bending down to kiss the little forehead tender, Han Solo vowed to himself, just to make sure and never forget it, that he would die before he would anybody else allow to hurt them.

    When Leia turned around she put a finger to her lips as to signal him to not disturb the sleep of their babies, then they left both silently the room. In the living area of their quaters they embranced, then departed. As much as they both would have enjoyed a rest and a little peace, they had responsibilities that couldn´t be denied.

    "Do we know the situation at the front lines ?", asked Leia after a few moments, switching from the role of a wife and mother into her position of a councillor of the New Republic.

    "We do", answered Han. "It seems the news are spreading fast. The imperial fleet is on the retreat and our spies are already reporting some of them fighting each other, now that Palpatine is dead and nobody is there to keep them together."

    "Well as long as they are fighting each other, they aren´t fighting us and we can use the situation to stabilise our position and to reorganise after the losses we faced. What about the Galaxy-Gun ?"

    "Ackbar has sent scouts to Byss. As it seems not only the Galaxy-Gun is destroyed, but the planet as well and the fleet in its orbit."

    For the strategists and intelligence-people, not to mention for the rest of the New Republics leadership it had been quite a bad surprise to discover several thousand ships in scale from Stardestroyers upwards in orbit around the cloned emperors stronghold, especially considering that the recently defeated warlords like Thrawn or Krennel had only been able to use the commen Stardestroyer.

    On the other side they were sure that the majority of those vessels had been buildt before the Battle of Endor. And now those ships would never threaten anybody again.

    Leia shuddered at the thought about the damage all those ships could have caused. If they were lucky this had been the final blow for the empire to cause them to surrender, but somehow she suspected that the New Republic and the galaxy as a whole wern´t that lucky. She took a deep breath and hugged her husband again.

    "You know Han, i think i should feel remorse for all the lives lost without nessesarity in this war. Lost on both sides. But i´m just grateful that the major part of it for us seems to be over."

    "I´m too, honey", answered Han. "Perhaps now that the fighting is over, we will find more time for us."

    Leia nudged him playful into his ribs. "Are you sure about that, scoundrel, that you want to trade the fighting for the whining of little children and changing diapers ?"

    "As long as it is the whining of our children i´m happy to
  24. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    Post soon Post soon.
  25. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders son - Part II

    But another person wasn´t as happy as the dream-couple of the New Republic.

    Geven Nakal limbed towards his office inside the huge pyramid-like complex that formed the nerve-centre of KuatDriveYards.

    Nakal had started his career as an engineer, but soon he had switched to the marketing department, where he soon had climbed to the top.
    He had been the unopposed ruler of the enterprise and an almost fanatical supporter if not of Palpatine, but of the empire.

    With the decline of the empire things had changed and not for good. It would be unwise with the rise of the New Republic that the leadership stayed in the hands of a convinced imperial, had been the point of those who wanted Geven Nakal removed from his position.

    Despite everything he had done for the company they had forced him to work for the archive, where the datafiles and informations of the company were administrated.
    A humilitating work for Nakal. Of course at his age he could have retired, as owner of 15 % of the companies stocks he cold afford alone with the dividend to buy a planet every year, but Kuat was HIS baby, had become under HIM the major producer of capital ships and nobody would seperate him against his will from the company.

    The only advantage the old man was getting in his current position, was that he now had insight into countless details of the development of the enterprise, as ever before as CEO. Since the major part of the files seemed to be of no interest to anyone and the main work was done by droids, Geven Nakal found always enough time to read the files he was interested in.

    And he didn´t liked what he was reading.

    If the development continued this way, KDYs leading position was going to melt like snow in the sun.
    Nakal was sentinent enough to know that now, with the final defeat of the cloned emperor the tide of the war had turned in favour of the rebels again against the empire.
    As unbelievable as it would have sounded only a few weaks prior the empire suddenly lacked the money for big warships, even Stardestroyers were no longer bought.

    Right so.

    At the moment Nakal wasn´t sure whom he hated more:

    The Republic-turned Rebellion for destroying so many of HIS precious ships, designed and buildt by HIS company, or the now dead Palpatine and what was left of his empire, because they hadn´t treated them with the care they deserved and put one fool after the other in command of them.

    To even think about all the shipdesigns that would now never be comissioned caused his heart pain.

    What made things worse for KDY was the fact, that the capital ships of the New Republic were buildt not by KDY, but the Mon Calamari.

    Of those ships nothing was bigger than four kilometres, not to mention real big ships like the Executor or the Eclipse.

    In Nakals view they would pay dearly for being that shortsighted in the next struggle with-whom-he-could-only-guess, but at the moment there was nobody who would listen to him, even if he had been willing to give them an advise.
    However, economie and industries of the fish-heads were booming.
    Geven Nakal wasn´t even able to be mad at them, he would have acted the same way in their position.
    Their engagement for the rebellion had paid of for the fish-heads. Their represantatives hold now leading positions inside the new regime and its military and their economie witnessed a growth that wouldn´t stop so soon.

    Not bad for a rim-species that wasn´t able to travel through space with faster than light-speed only hundred years ago, while the idiots that were now in charge of Kuat Drive Yards seemed to be unable to do something against their own decline.

    For Geven it had been quite a surprise when he had discovered that the price for stocks of KDY had increased at the stock exchanges during the last weeks.

    It made no sense at all.

    No economic number justified the current price. The young executive officers were without a doubt exchanging congregulations with each other, after all they had justified the
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