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The tale of Darth Vaders Son - A SW - AU (please be nice and post a lot of comments)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by FTeik, Jul 15, 2001.

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  1. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    Great post. Keep it up.
  2. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    Update !!! Update !!!

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part II

    Carzeta Myntrela reached the floor with the office of her granduncle.

    In one way he would be the last person who would approve of her plan, but he was the only person of her entire family who would at least understand why.

    Carzeta was still a few meters away from the office when the door opened and her uncle stepped out, accompanied by a much younger man.

    "Hello, uncle Geven."

    "Uhhh, Carzeta, what a nice surprise", greeted Geven Nakal back and then seemed to be at a loss for words.

    "Well", asked Carzeta after a few moments of uncomfortable silence. "Why don´t you introduce me to your friend."

    "You are right of course, where are my manners", mumbled Geven Nakal. He looked helpless at Lucan, who saved the old friend of his father, by bowing politly.

    "Watto Tarashon, at your service. And you are ?"

    "Carzeta Myntrela. I´m the grand-niece of Geven."

    Lucan looked over the young woman standing in front of him. Tall, slender, with black hair, high cheekbones, greyblue eyes, for a moment he forgot the reason he had talked to Geven.
    Then he became aware that she was staring at him and he couldn´t help himself, but started to grin.

    Carteza who noticed the change in the face of this stranger, couldn´t help herself but thought. "Boy, this guy is georgous. Especially those blue eyes of him." Not to mention the mane of darkbrown hair, the broad handsome face and the tall muscular body. "I know this guy for perhaps ten seconds, but i would already exchange my Telbun against him", thought Carzeta.

    "Well, why don´t you tell me, what causes you to visit the old fossil of your granduncle ?", asked Geven Nakal, who had regained his voice.

    "I wanted to talk to you, Uncle Geven, but in private."

    "I´m sorry for you, but i have no time at the moment. As you can see, i was accompanying ... Watto to his ship."

    "If it really has to be, we can talk on the way to the hangar." The girl looked at Lucan. "I trust you to be discret."

    Lucan couldn´t help but smiled. "You only have to ask your uncle how discret i can be, MyLady."

    Carzeta looked him over. "Very well."

    Together the trio started to walk towards the hangar.

    "So what is it you want to talk about with your old uncle", asked Geven with a kindness, he normaly never showed.

    "I wanted to say good-buy to you, because i´m leaving", answered the girl.

    "Leaving ? What do mean "leaving" ?" asked Geven somehow flabbergasted.

    "What i said. I´m leaving. This planet, the Kuat-System, my parents. I left them a letter, but i felt obliged to tell you personally. I thought you would understand."

    "Understand ? Understand what ?"

    Lucan listened with pointed ears to the dialog between grand-uncle and grand-niece. It was a habit he had developed over the years: Be always aware of your surroundings.

    "Why i can´t stay here any longer. If my family gets its will, i´m going to stay for the rest of my life, get impregnated by my Telbun in the next two or three years and spent the next decades in raising the next generation of Myntrelas of Kuat. Eeeeeh. I want to do more with my life."

    Lucan had to grin when he watched the girl shaking her head.

    "Well", rumbled Geven. "You have always been some kind of rebellious child. I should have expected something like that long ago and talked with your father about it. Anyway, my best wishes will be with you."

    "What are you planning to do, when you have left", asked at this moment Lucan.

    Carzeta hesitated for a moment. "I´m going to join the New Republics Starfighter-Corps."

    Gevens steps came to a halt immediatly. "What ?" he nearly roared.

    "I said i´m joining the Starfighter-Corps of the New Republic", answered Carzeta with more bravery than she actually felt.

    "Are you crazy", asked Geven. "Don´t you know that the starfighters have the highest killing rate of all armed forces ? Fourty percent. And to make things worse for the the New Republic ?"

    "Well, shall i try my luck with whats left of the empire ? You know a
  3. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    Another nice post. Keep it up.
  4. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The Tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part II

    One week later the young Lord Vader was sitting on the balcony of his suite of the "Hotel Calshar", where he had taken quater.

    There were finer adresses than the "Hotel Calshar" on the middle-rim world of Fecqual, the palace of the royal family of the planet for example, but of course Lucan couldn´t have taken quater there without raising suspicions.

    Well, the most noble hotel of Fecqual had to do, it could even compete with the Hotel Imperial on Coruscant and other of the finest adresses of the core-worlds.

    He was enjoing the sun raising over the horizon and a huge breakfast, being very hungry after a long night spent with deep, relaxing sleep after enjoing the company of one of the attractive chambermaids of the hotel and was now going to regain his strengh, waiting for the man he was going to met with.

    He was just taking a look on the reports from SERTUR, a galaxy-wide operating information service on the development of the different stock-exchanges and business-companies where he had money invested. To rebuild an empire was an expansive enterprise to say the last.

    Lucan wondered if ever before a force-sensitive being had used its force-powers of precognition to make a fortune. He somehow doubted it. In this area Sith like Jedi seemed to be the same, with nothing but contempt for the, well ... banalaty of monetary matters, neglecting the advantages connected to huge amounts of credits available. Not that money meant anything to him, it was simple a tool among many others if used properly.

    Suddenly a melodic sound was in the air, signalling that there was somebody at the door, asking for entrance.

    "Come in", ordered Lucan, putting his cup of tea down ad taking a pair of sunglasses to hide his piercing blue eyes.

    A man entered the suite. Nearly as tall as Lucan, with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, a carefully cutted beard and darkblond hair with first hints of greying. The eyes of the man were of grey colour, too, as well as his grey suit, resembling the uniform of an imperial Navy-Officer. He carried himself with an aura of selfconfidence and pride.

    "Even after all those years", thougth Lucan. "You just have to look at him and you know, he is a born warrior, a soldier of the highest league. I wonder why it was so difficult to find him, he is anything but inconspicuous."

    The man stepped to the balcony and suddenly Lucan felt himself taking a more upright position.

    Surpressing a feeling of embarrasment he pointed towards the opposite chair.

    "Good morning. Please have a seat, Admiral Guderi."

    The man just raised his eyebrows.

    "You must mistake me for somebody else. My name is Kall, not Guderi. And i never was an Admiral."

    "Don´t try to fool me. You haven´t changed a bit since you ... left the imperial forces fivteen years ago.

    And only you could have been able to discover the secret code hidden in the message i sent you. You or perhaps a hand full of other men.

    Men Darth Vader viewed as his proteges. And you have been supposed to be the best of them."

    "I was the best of them." answered Guderi with a small smile. "But perhaps not brutal enough for Palpatine."

    "I think it was more your lack of obidience and the fact that you called him a blood-thirsty idiot in front of your entire bridge-crew, than your lack of brutality.

    Call yourself lucky that Palpatines control over the military wasn´t that secure during that period of time as in the last years of the Empire or you would have been killed immediatly."

    "Instead i was forced out of the armed forces", completed Guderi.

    "And just because you refused to follow a simple order. I know your file. You would have become the first of the Grandadmirals, when the emperor introduced that new rank, but no ... ."

    "I refused to slaughter the entire population of an already defeated world. I´m a soldier and not a butcher."

    "And your "retirement" has been a source for concern and anger for my father for quite some time", stated Lucan.

    Guderi stared at Lucan.

  5. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    Keep it up.
  6. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part II

    One month later Lucan Vader walked through the streets of Chalmarn, the biggest city on the planet Geflen.

    Geflen was an outer rim planet.
    The world had no native inhabitans, it had been colonized during the time of the Old Republic by several humanoid races.

    The local economy had stayed depended on trade with outside worlds and during the down-fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire the Hutts had taken control of the planet.

    Geflen had become a key-position for the slug-like creatures in the sector, but contrary to their usual behavior the Hutts tried to keep a low profile on Geflen since their cash-flow from illegal sources (like the trade with drugs, slaves and so on) changed on its way over Geflen into legal investments.

    As a consequence the world was as corrupt as any hole on Tatooine or even Nar Shada.

    Incredible wealth and undiscribable poverty were next neighbours and while the rich and mighty citicens of Chalmarn lived in huge, clean villas if not castles on the hills outside the core of the city, others lived their lives in misery and poverty in the slums around the starport.

    In those quaters every kind of scum can be found: Beggars, muggers, thieves, prostitutes of both genders and every age.

    Security was lax to say the last, those who counted in the eyes of the officials employed their own body-guards and the fate of those who couldn´t afford such employes was of no interest.

    Besides the organized crime the slums of Chalmarn suffered from countless groups and gangs that were formed by youths without home and without future to increase their chances for survival. Some of those groups consisted of even younger childrens.

    Misery doesn´t makes age-differences and the horrible living-conditions turned many sentinent beings into dangerous predators.

    But now a different kind of Predator was walking among them. A Predator more dangerous and with no sence for their pathetic problems.

    During the last two months Lucan Vader had contacted perhaps over hundred people, some incognito others whom he thought to be trustworthy under his real name.

    People who were holding positions he wanted to make use of, people who controlled or had access to ressources he would need.

    Geven Nakal and Guderi had only been the last two on this list.

    Most times those people had believed in the empire. Many of them had been among the best in their special fields.
    But often they had made a (political) mistake or Palpatine hadn´t liked their nose or they had lacked the necessary connections or had been betrayed by their superiors for the rewards of their work.

    Soldiers, scientists, entrapeneurs, local politicians.

    Others simply wern´t satisfied with the current situation of the galaxy as a whole.

    Of course there were perhaps billion of beings out there, who wanted things to change, but Lucan had contacted only those he was sure he could use for his plans. And if more people were needed, he would delegate those task towards those who were suited best for them.

    This was one of the things his mother had thought him: How and when to delegate a task needed to be done towards a servant and when it was better to do it on your own.

    How to do a job yourself had been something his father had thought him. Thought him very well.

    Now the young Lord Vader was walking the streets of the slums of Chalmarn, he wasn´t sure for what he was searching, but he trusted his instincts and they had lead him here.

    Lucan couldn´t put a finger on it, but something was there. Glaring his view over some kind of market-place he shifted his position to move further, when ... .

    There ... .

    Somebody was using the force unconscious.

    He directed his view back and took a closer look.

  7. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    Loved it. More soon.
  8. MariahJade2

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    Mar 18, 2001
    Now I really want to know who Lucan's mother is. Is it Amidala or someone else?
  9. DarkLady27

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    Jul 26, 2000
    Me too :eek: :eek: ?[face_plain] ?[face_plain] .... hmmm... great posts by the way!
  10. FTeik

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    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part II

    Miney made sure that there were more than thirty meters of distance between her and the small stall of the trader she just had "visited", before she dared to breath again.

    Pressing the small piece of bread against the small chest of her thin body, the girl was looking forward to stop the hungry growl of the stomach.

    Miney was a Zabrak-girl, but not of the well-known Useti-Zabraks, but the Hcharad-Zabraki, a subrace of that species.

    So instead of a light brown the colour of her skin was of a blood- if not crimson-red and the delicate horns on her head were not thick and rounded like those of the Useti, but thin and sharp. She had sharp teeth, green-grey, cat-like eyes and was ten kilogramms underweighed.

    Miney was the only Hcharad-Zabraki on the planet, she was an orphan and a thiev.

    She was twelve years old.

    Until now she had been lucky.

    Neighter had she been cought by the traders she was stealing food from, nor by members of the gangs. In a way it was funny.

    Normally she sneaked around her victims then, wishing for them to look into another direction, they always get distracted and she could grab her prey and escape before somebody realized what was going on.

    Or, if she was able to concentrate enough, people suddenly ignored her presence, didn´t noticed her at all. That way she had escaped the gangs and corrupt officials more than once.

    It was like a childs-play, but with a very serious back-ground.

    Of course her small size for her age and her being underfed had helped too.

    Miney reached a dark side-street, where in a corner was one of her hidding-places.

    Sitting down the girl bit hungrily into the stolen piece of bread. For quite some time now, she seemed to be always hungry.

    With worry and concern the girl thought about the most possible reason for her constant hunger. She was growing, changing from a girl into a woman. She didn´t want to grow up, to become big and rounded and clumsy and unable to fit through any hole that offered escape for a small child but not for a growing girl.

    Miney knew what happened to those girls. It didn´t mattered if they were looners like Miney or members of a gang themself.

    The fate of those girls was always the same.

    If they were lucky they were cought, beaten, raped and killed by the gangs. If they were unlucky they were cought, beaten, raped and sold to a brothel or directly to the Hutts, the real rulers of Geflen.

    Those poor females were made dependant on drugs, had to satisfy even the most perverse desires of their "customers" , they were punished harsh if they didn´t reached their quote of credits and if the Hutts were disappointed with them, they got disposed in a very nasty and ugly way.

    In that regard the slug-like creatures were very creative.

    Miney was glad that she had managed to evade such a fate until now.

    Swallowing the last piece of bread she stood up, when suddenly a shadow fell over her.

    "Look, what we have here", said a raspy voice.

    Miney´s blood turned to ice, frightened to death. Suddenly her instinct she had relied on her entire live had left her, perhaps when she needed it most.

    Before she could turn around, something hit her on the head and the world went black.

  11. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    If you are very sensitive or a minor i advise you to NOT read this post, i have written this part of the story that you can ignore this part without missing something truly important.

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part II

    Miney regained consciousness only to wish she had stayed stunned as the last seven times before.

    It was of no use.

    After three hours the three thugs that had captured her where still not finished with her.

    Mineys entire body was already covered with cuts and bruises, her lips were swollen from a very brutal beat and one of her eyes was closed.

    "Please", she prayed silently. "Make an end. I can´t stand it any longer."

    She had prayed the same two hours ago, when she still had been able to scream, to cry, but now her throat was dried out, her tongue felt like a pair of three week old unwashed socks and her voice was hoarse.

    "Look, what i have here", rasped one of her tortourers, a Rhodian youth towards his comrades, a Twi´lek and a human.

    None of them was older than twenty but dispite that they were experts. They had taken their time with the helpless Zabrakian-girl, they had whipped her and beaten her, but with no rythem behind their strokes to prevent Miney from getting used to. Added to the beatings they had used pieces of glas to make cuts into the girls skin and to cause minor injuries. To make things worse they had tied her up, halfnaked, with her arms stretched about her head and that she was standing on her toes, this way she wasn´t able to rest the weight of her own body: If she had passed out, it had been because of the pain, not because she was exhausted.

    "What is it, Mordu ?", asked the human.

    "A batterie and two whires, if you know what i mean, Dillos", answered the Rhodian. "Bet we get a few more screams out of her with a little electricity."

    "Deal", stated the Twi´lek. "A bottle of beer if she screams more than once."

    With horror in her open eye Miney had to watch how Mordu moved the ends of the two whires towards the bare skin of her left arm, sparks already flying between them.

    Then they made contact.

    Miney choked, tried to regain her voice to scream hoping against hope that they would stop as soon as Mordu would have won his bet, but she coulnd´t.

    Instead her body twitched and shook in pain. A moan of pain was all that escaped her mouth

    Unsatisfaid Mordu removed the whires. "That one is finished for now."

    "Try again", suggested Dillos, the human. "Not at her arm, but there." He grabbed the nipple of Mineys undeveloped breast and squeezed it.

    A single tear dropped down Mineys cheeks.

    "Are you sure ?", asked the Twi´lek. "He said he wanted her relativly unharmed."

    "I don´t care what he said", shouted Dillos. "I want that piece of podoo to scream and i want it now."

    He took the battery with the whires connected to it out of Mordus hands and moved them towards Miney who shook and twitched her body in dreadful anticipation, trying as long as possible to evade the diabolic device. Dillos looked at her grinning with sadistic pleasure.

    "I think i have an even better idea. One the little slut will perhaps enjoy."

    He put the battery down and started to remove his clothes.

    "Isn´t she a bit young for that ?", protested the Rhodian.

    "They are never to young", explained the Twi´lek with a laugh, stepping to the twelve year-old, gripped her skirt and ripped it appart from her.

    Despite what Dillos intended to do, Miney felt nearly relief.

    Soon it would all be over as soon as those three would have satisfied their carnal needs with her flesh and then she might be finally able to die.

    "Good-buy, cruel world, every after-live is better than you", was her last thought, when she suddenly heard some kind of hiss in the air.

    "You´ve done enough", stated a deep voice and Miney thought again to hear screams.

  12. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
  13. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders son - Part II

    When Miney awoke this time she realized to her great surprise that she was no longer tied up and that she was lying on soft, silky sheats.

    Opening her eyes she found herself lying in a huge bed and that her clothes had been removed, causing her heart to beat faster.

    Whoever had undressed her had seen her naked. If not for the already crimson-red skin of hers, she would have blushed.

    The room was dimly lightened and Miney thought she smelled food.

    Was this heaven ?

    "Put some clothes on and come to me", ordered a deep, powerful voice from outside, causing Miney to tremble with fear.

    Hutts had such deep, commanding voices. On the other side she had awoken in a bed for humanoids and the door didn´t looked as if any of the fat, slug-like creatures would fit trough.

    "I´m waiting", rumbled the voice again.

    Quickly Miney stood up and stepped to a chair, where a bundle of clothes was spread out. Putting the black clothes on, she finally noticed that her wounds, all the cuts and bruises had vanished, even the older scars were gone.

    The material shirt and trowsers were made of was soft and silky and it felt very sensual on the young girls skin, causing Mineys fears to rise again until she took a look into the mirror and realised that those pieces of clothes were in no way provocative.

    Taking a deep breath she entered the other room watchful, where a tall, muscular human man with dark hair and cold blue eyes was sitting at a table covered with different kinds of food and drinks. With great relief Miney recognized that her "special" sense had returned to her, but was now sending confusing signals.

    The man was dangerous, very dangerous, but Miney didn´t feel threatened or intimidated. She even thought him to be handsome in a brutal, barbaric way.

    "Please take a seat and eat. You have to be very hungry", said the stranger, pointing at a seat opposite to him.

    The zabrakian girl sat down and started hungrily to eat, while the strange man did the same, although in a more calm, if not royal way, carefully enjoing every piece of food.

    After fivteen minutes Miney wasn´t able to eat a single piece more, her stomach was filled to the top. With eyes full of regret she looked over the still loaded table. The food still left would free her from her hunger for more than a month if stretched properly. Never before had she became aware of the poverty and the misery of her life that much.

    "Finished ?", asked the strange man.


    "Good. Tell me, who were those youths that tortured you ?"

    "Doesn´t matter. Members of a gang. If they catch a girl they try to get as much fun as possible with her."

    "But wasn´t there a way to evade them ?"

    Miney shook her shoulders.

    "Maybe. But sooner or later they catch everybody. It would have happend this way or the other."

    "So you are saying that it was inevitable, no matter what you would have done, correct ?", asked the tall man.

    "Think so. Why is this important ?", asked Miney.

    "Simple. I want to be honest with you, Miney. It was me who ordered those thugs to catch especially you this day. You and nobody else. I even blocked your sense for dangers and this way they were able to catch you."

    Miney was speechless. Rising from her seat she gripped a knife to defend herself if this, this sick guy tried anything.

    "You bastard. If i could i would kill you."

    Despite the insult, Lucan just nodded his head calm. "Very good. You have spirit. And your anger makes you strong. But don´t you want to know why i did it ?"

    Miney was still trembling with rage, but at the same moment she felt curious. "Tell me."

    "To give you your first lesson. Tell me, how did it feel to be tied up, to be beaten and cutted, to be tortured with electro-shocks and to be raped. Tell me how did you feel."

    Miney thought about that for a moment. What was this man up to ?

    "Helpless", she answered. "Humilitated. Weak."

    "In other words, you felt out of control, powerless", asked Lucan softly. "It was a bad feeling, ri
  14. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
  15. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders son - Part III

    Leia Organa Solo managed to hide a nervous glance as she looked over the inhabitans of the room.

    It was hardly the first meeting of this kind she participated in, but one of the firsts she was in charge.

    Not only in charge, but as new President of the New Republic.

    Present besides her where Admiral Ackbar, General Dodonna, Garm Bel Iblis, General Madine, Doman Beruss and two new elected senators, representing the legaslative body of the New Republic.

    For a short moment Leia wished for Winter sitting beside her. Her friend and aide with the perfect memory would have been of great help to her now, but the white-haired woman was taking care of the children.

    "If we are all ready we might begin as well", started Leia finally the briefing. "Admiral Ackbar, are there any new facts concerning the fate of Admiral Daala ?"

    "Nothing Madam President", rumbled the Mon Calamari in his deep voice. "For all we know she is dead."

    A collective sigh of relief went through the room.

    The renagade Admiral Daala, the highest-ranking female in the entire imperial Navy had been the cause of great worry and concern for the officials of the New Republic since Daala had left the Cluster of black holes, where she had guarded a secret imperial facility for weapons-research for over ten years.

    "Very well. What about our shipyards at Mon Cal ?"

    "The damage caused by Daalas forces will be repaired within the next two months, but it would be wise to divide our ship-building efforts over a few other systems."

    "When will the new classes of ships be ready", asked Garm Bel Iblis. "After all, we´ll have a lot of ships to replace in the next few years."

    Many of the vessels still in service in the New Republics fleet were older vessels, modified from civilian vessels for military purposes during the time of the Rebellion and a huge number of more modern ships had been destroyed as front-line-ships during the struggles of the last years.

    To say it bluntly: The forces of the New Republic were spread as thin as possible.

    "The officials from the RepublicEngineeringCorporation have told us that the first designed vessel will leave the drydock within the year. After that they expect the progress to accelerate considerable."

    "What leads us to the reason for this new arming-programm, when we could use the money for better purposes", stated Doman Beruss with a dry voice.

    General Dodonna rose from his seat. Walking towards the wall of the room, he activated a large hologram of the galaxy.

    "Yes. The galactic situation as a whole.

    Although we have some justified reason to call us the successors of the Old Republic and the Empire, we are far away from a comparable position.

    As you are all aware of, the remnants of the empire are for one ruled by a council of Moffs", a wedge-shaped territory from the inner rim towards the outer rim and a few sparks of the core were highlightened in orange, "controlling perhaps an eighth of the former empire.

    This fraction was under the military leadership of Grandadmiral Thrawn, when he returned from the unknown regions.

    Then we have several numbers of imperial warlords who don´t recognize the authority of the Moffs Council and who have managed to stay in control over their territories.

    Some of them are clustered in the deep core, others spread from the core towards the inner rim." A number of red sparks was highlighted. "Together both fractions still control a fifth of the former empire.

    The rest are independent systems and we."

    "Fortunatly what is left of the empire has its hands full with each other and their efforts to stay in control over their systems. Otherwise they could cause us serious trouble", added Crix Madine. "Not to forget that many of the independent worlds are fighting the empire on their own. Dornea for example."

    "But it won´t be forever like that", stated Leia.

    "Yes.", Dodonna pressed a button and a number of crimson red lines from the core of the galaxy to the deep core became visible.

  16. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    The tale of Darth Vaders son - Part III

    A half year later

    Odiin Vaskal, Moff of the Elten-Sector was in a fool mood when he read the last report about the condition of his military forces.

    A territory of the inner rim at the border to the outer rim, the Elton-Sector was located between the territories of systems that had become independant after the fall of the empire and the New Republic on one side and systems controlled by former imperial warlords (like himself) and what was left of the empire on the other side.

    The only real concern about the current situation for the Moff was an Invasion of the New Republic. The three squadrons of Stardestroyers, forming the backbone of his sectorfleet, were enough to hold the fourhundred-seventy worlds under his control in line and to maintain order against pirates and smugglers.

    However, spread about a vast area there was no hope to fight off an Invasion by Republic forces, should they ever try something like that.

    Fortunatly they were still recovering from the losses suffered during the campeigns of Thrawn and the reborn Emperor (and even this stupid bitch Daala) and if he stayed quite, they probably ignored him, hoping the "problem" of his rule solved itself by his natural death.

    Considering this Odiin Vaskal viewed his next neighbours, Moff Harraged and Highadmiral Cordal as his main adversaries.

    All three men hated each other with a vengeance. They were both in a similiar situation like him, so neighter of the three archenemies could hope to attack one of the other ones without suffering losses that would endanger their position at home.

    Of course Odiin Vaskal was increasing the size of his fleet by new ships being build in his shipyards, but Harraged and Cordal would have been stupid if they wern´t doing the same.

    While Moff Harraged had control over the same number of Stardestroyers like Vaskal, Highadmiral Cordals empire was guarded by only two squadrons of ISDs, but those were reinforced by Cordals original command in the Imperial Navy, a Superiority-Class battle cruiser (often mistakenly thought to be an Executor-class-Commandship, since both classes looked similiar, but less then half that long with a lenght of eight kilometres), and five Stardestroyers of the Imperator-class Mark II and an Interdictor-destroyer of the Dominator-Class, KuatDriveYards answer to SienarFleetSystems Immobilisor-418, the dreaded Interdictor-cruiser.

    To say it bluntly: All three were strong enough to hold their territories against each other and perhaps even the New Republic fleet if necessary, but on the other side no one of them was capable to increase his power against the other two.

    A small sound caused Vaskal to look up from the report.

    In front of him stood a tall man, totally clad in black. The body was covered by an armour and a cloak that nearly reached the floor, while the head of the man was hidden behind a helmet that looked similiar to the mask of the now dead Darth Vader, but was less stylisized and had a single visor, rather than two eye-lenses.

    "Who are you and how did you manage to enter my office ?", shouted Vaskal. He had no time for idiots who thought themself to be the next Lord Vader.

    "It doesn´t matter who i am", explained the stranger. "It only matters that i´m here to help you."

    "I somehow doubt that", explained Vaskal. "And who you are doesn´t really matter. Not if the security guards throw you in one of my dungeons." He reached for the comm.

    The Moff never reached the button, because with incredible speed the intruder raised his hand towards the comm-unit, Vaskal saw only a flesh and where his comm had been there were only smoking pieces of debris and glowing molten metal.

    "Of course i could reach an agreement with your successor", explained the stranger in a cool, calculating voice, pointing with the tip of a lightsword at the Moffs throat, "but somehow i doubt something like this to be in your interest. Won´t you agree ?"

    "Yes. Yes of course."

    "Excellent." With that the lightsword vanished unde
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    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part III

    Eight and a half years after the Battle of Endor

    The "Lusankya" and her escorts dropped out of hyperspace one astronomical unit away from Coruscant. The eleven mile long commandship was accompanied by one Imperator-Class-Stardestroyer, five MC80 - Starcruisers of the A and B variant, buildt by the Mon Calamari and several picket-cruisers, frigates and corvettes from different manufactors.

    New Republic General Wedge Antilles looked out of the huge windows of the bridge of the huge warship. It felt different, compared to the cockpit of a starfighter, even after all this time.

    He had so much space to move.

    Wedge wondered why he had been ordered to return to Coruscant, there was still a huge number of renegade Stardestroyers out there. Stardestroyers that had belonged to Admiral Daalas armada and that hadn´t joinded the empire after Daalas defeat and the loss of the "Jedi-Hammer". Some of them had turned pirates, others had became mercenaries.

    It had been the task of Wedge and his combat-group to hunt them down and they still wern´t finished. And now they were back at the New Republics capital, where he would hopefully get an explenation for what was going on.


    Less then one hour later he was guided into a comfortable conference-room at the New Republics fleet headquater. Admiral Ackbar was there, as well as Admiral Drysson. Also there to Wedges great surprise were Derek "Hobbie", Klieven, who was now in command over Rogue-Squadron and Pash Cracken.

    After short greetings Drysson came straight to the point.

    "Gentlemen you all know what great threat the various warlords who control the remnants of the former empire are to the New Republic. The last campeign of Admiral Daala has proofed this dramatically. And although she only managed to get control over the limited ressources of the warlords located in the deep core she caused a lot of damage.

    To much if you ask me.

    But since the deep core is very poor in ressources, its rulers were killed by Daala and we control the few safe lanes towards there, we consider this threat to be removed.

    According to the newest reports, Vizeadmiral Pellaeon, Daalas former second-in-command, has abandoned the deep core totally and left it with the remaining warlords on its own.

    Pellaeon has now again joinded the imperial fraction that is ruled by a council of Moffs, since its the most legetimite successor of the empire.

    We are sure, that as soon as they have gathered their strenght again, they will start a new campeign."

    "A campeign we can deal with, given enough time", stated Ackbar.

    "So whats the problem ?", asked Hobbie.

    "The problem are the remaining warlords. We were nearly unable to deal with Admiral Daalas deep core armada. General Antilles task-force consisted of the only ships we could spare to deal with them.

    In a few months we will again be strong enough to deal with a new imperial campeign, but if one or several warlords try to exploit such a situation ...", Drysson didn´t finished his sentence. It wasn´t necessary.

    "So what you want to say is, we can deal with the empire and we can deal with the warlords, but we can´t deal with empire AND warlords at the same time", summarized Pash Cracken.

    "Not in terms of conventional warfare", confirmed Ackbar.

    Antilles looked questioningly at the Mon Calamari. Not in terms of conventional warfare ... . He suddenly had an idea where this briefing would lead.

    "Could it be that you want to make use of my, lets say experiences in gurilla-warfare and more subversive actions ?", he asked.

    "Exactly that." confirmed Drysson. "Your successes with Rogue-Squadron against Ysanne Isard and with Wraith-Squadron against Zinji were remarkable. At this point of time you are the most experienced officer we have available in this regard. You and Commander Pash Cracken. Unfortunatly the members of Wraith-Squadron are needed on other posts, so you will have to start from the beginning.

    We want you to infiltrate the territories of the warl
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    The tale of Darh Vaders son - Part III

    Wedge pulled his X-Wing into a sharp turn, evading a proton-torpedo fired at him. He accelerated his fighter, but couldn´t escape the fighter on his heels. Whoever was piloting the hostile engine was good.

    Very good.

    A number of laserblasts smashed into his aftshields, bringing them down to twenty percent.

    Wedge Antilles decided to change tactics and started a massive deacceleration manouver, while rolling his fighter around its axis.

    This way he escaped the next volley of laserfire and in the next moment the hostile X-Wing had passed him.

    Getting a clear target-look Wedge shot a proton-torpedo after his adversarie, but the other pilot had already reacted and directed all energy into his shields.

    For a short moment the cold void of space was littered be a the explosion of the torpedos warhead, but when the ball of energy vanished the other X-Wing was still there.

    However he must have inflicted some kind of damage, because the other fighter lay dead in space, drifting numbly around.

    But something wasn´t right here, Wedges sensors got still conflicting signals. Perhaps because of the EM-radiation after the torpedo-explosion.

    Or because the enemy X-Wing was still able to jamm his sensors.

    Accelerating again Wedge moved in for the kill, careful to stay out of the direction the enemies lasercannons were pointing.

    A beep was the only warning that he was in a targeting-look, according to the sound that of a proton-torpedo.

    Damned where did that come from ?

    And it wasn´t only one, but two torpedos, that were homing in on him from behind and from different sides. And while he was trying to evade them the drifting X-Wing powered up his engines and moved against him, firing with all cannons.

    And before the world turned white Wedge realized what his adversarie had done.

    Then everything went black.


    After a few moments the light returned and Wedge let out a sigh of relief. He felt the sweat dripping down his back. "Damned", he thought, "those simulators get more realistic every year." It hadn´t happened in a long time that he had been shot down in a simulated dog-fight.

    "Getting old, aren´t we", mocked a low voice inside his head. "Or perhaps you have been a General aboard the Lusankaya for to long."

    Wedge Antilles climbed out of the Simulator.

    In the background he could already see technicians and instructors whispering to each other, probably talking about his defeat.

    He sighed again. For the task he had been ordered to do, he had to put a team together.

    For the kind of hidden war-fare he and the Admirality had in mind, he would have two, perhaps three squadrons of starfighters and a few supporting ships.

    Nothing to suspicious.

    Rogue-Squadron was already in. This part of the enterprise was commanded by Derek "Hobbie" Klievan. As second starfighter-squadron General Antilles would have preferred the "Wraiths", but as Admiral Drysson had already stated, they were not available.

    Because of this he was now searching for other pilots, good enough to melt them together into a squadron for such a dangerous mission, although he would have been glad to simple take an already existing squadron. In that case he wouldn´t have to tear already formed teams apart.

    Hobbie, Wes Janson and he had searched through a lot of files, but since paper (or electronical circuits in the age they lived in) was patient, they had decided to test the candidates personally.

    Which was why he had spent the last few hours in a simulator. The last three people had been extraordinary good, not as good as some of the Rogues, but only few steps away from that level. And his last adversarie ..., well he had been killed and not the other way around.

    Antilles stepped down the ladder when a hand was put on his shoulder.

    "Hello Wedge", said a familiar voice. Wedge turned around and smiled.

    "Luke. What are you doing here ?"

    "Just visiting. And looking how things go." Wedge noticed the still sorrowful look o
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    The tale of Darth Vaders Son

    More than fivty men and women of different species had assembled in the large briefing-room. While Carzeta Myntrelas "Clawfingers" wore green-grey pilotuniforms, the pilots of rogue-squadron and the twelve pilots picked for the third squadron wore the more commen orange suits. Three officers wore the uniforms of Navy-Officers and the rest consisted of Pash Crackens Commando-team.

    Luke Skywalker, Commander Klievan and Commander Myntrela hurried to take place, while Wedge stepped to the podium on the front side of the room.

    "Gentlebeings, fellow comrades", he greeted. "Although all of us would prefer it to be otherwise the war against the successors of the empire is far from over, as especially Admiral Daalas last campeign has shown.

    Our political leadership and the admirality are especially concerned about these three gentlemen among the imperial warlords."

    Wedge activated a hologram.

    "Moff Arisk Harraged. His sector contains sevenhundredthirtynine inhabited worlds and his fleet contains three squadrons of Stardestroyers. Fortunatly, as the size of his sector implies, they are spread about a very vast area. Thanks to the ressources of his sector and its wealthy inhabitans Harrged is one of the most richest warlords. Unfortunatly he can be called an "honest" imperial, what means that he doesn´t use the wealth of his sector for his own pleasure, but to strenghten the defences of his worlds and to solidify his power."

    "Sounds not that bad", interrupted Corran Horn. "Compared to some other persons we encountered."

    "Don´t bet on it", made Wedge Antilles clear. "He still rules with the iron fist of a typical Moff, but as long as he doesn´t crosses certain lines the inhabitans of his sector have less motivation to uprise against him. Problem number two is, that we believe Harrged to be ambitious enough to be not satisfied with the territory he controls now. Our intelligence people are sure that as soon as he has solidified his power enough to feel secure, he will look for new worlds to conquer.

    Warlord Number two is Highadmiral Char Chordal. During his time in the imperial Navy he commanded a task-force similiar to Darth Vaders death-squadron and was mainly occupied with the conquest of new worlds for the empire. In the three years before Endor he conquered more than five-hundred worlds, among them worlds like Hovall, Wefen or Lisikya, where he ruthlessly destroyed the capital cities to make an example. The total number of victims by these massacres is around eighty billion dead people. Short before Endor he and his task-force were sent to the Corrol-Satrapie to support the local sector-fleet. Chordal was promoted to Highadmiral and put in charge over all military forces of this sector. After the battle of Endor the Corrol-Satrapies original Moff tried to free his sector from the grip of the empire and to join the Alliance, but Chordal prevented this and took control himself. Until the end of the cloned Palpatine he kept the Corrol-Satrapie part of the empire and is now on his own.

    Chordals sector contains around fourhundred worlds and his sector-fleet contains two squadrons of ISDs."

    "You said he took his task-force with him", stated Gavin Darklighter, member of Rogue-Squadron and cousin of Biggs Darklighter. "With what kind of ships will we have to deal ?"

    Wedge Antilles hesitated for a moment. "One Interdictor-Destroyer, five ISD-IIs and his flaggship, an eight kilometer long Superstardestroyer." He pressed another button and the holo showed an image of the "Yagghart".

    Silence filled the room, while some of the people assembled exchanged concerned looks.

    "Three squadrons against a fleet of Stardestroyers and a Superiority-Class-Battle-Cruiser ?", asked Carzeta Myntrela with disbelief. "I didn´t knew this enterprise was going to be a suicide mission."

    The young woman was hit by several curious looks.

    "What do you mean "Superiority-Class-Battle-Cruiser" ?", asked Wes Janson.

    "Thats the designation of this class of ship", snorted Carzeta Myntrel
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    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part IV

    While the New Republic started to train its best soldiers to prepare for a deadly mission against the more dangerous leftovers of the Galactic Empire, in a huge gym on a planet that belonged to Odiin Vaskals sector another kind of traing was taking place.

    The room had easily a height of ten meters.
    Metal bars and ropes with a lenght between one and three meters were hanging from the ceiling.

    Climbing between them like a little ape was the zabrakian girl Miney. She had to follow a certain path through the ropes and bars, while the ropes were harmless, some of the bars were heated or would hit her with electricity if she ever touched them.

    In that case she would drop ten meters to the floor if she didn´t manage to took hold of another rope and would have to start again.

    Sometimes she asked herself if her life had really improved that much, especially during training seccions like this one, but every single meal was enough to remember her, how much she had gained.

    Enough food every day, medical care, clean clothes, a room with a warm, soft bed all hers alone, even thirty minutes every day she was free to do, what she wanted.
    The rest of the time was spent with learning and physical exercises.

    Every morning she had to stand up at five a clock. Endurance-training.

    Then breakfeast: Mostly tea or milk and fruits or braed with cheese.

    Then educational lessons. How to write and read, the basics of mathematics, after those physics, chemistry and biology, more mathematics, teachings in engineering and other technical matters, finally lunch at one a´clock in the afternoon similiar to breakfeast.

    In the afternoon piloting, shooting and different kinds of hand-to-hand-combat and other weapons training thaught by Giswad.

    Then normaly three hours training by her Master in the use of the force, how to lift objects, how to meditate, force-healing and control over her body.

    After that, before dinner, she had a half of an hour for herself and after dinner the time was used for what Miney called homework.
    When she normally was finished around ten o´clock in the evening, the young girl was totally exhausted and slepped like a stone till the next morning.

    And her Master thaught her how to hate, how to focus her anger.

    "Never forget", her Master had told her.

    "Once the Old Republic ruled most of our galaxy and there were tenthousand of Jedi-Knights. They had twenty-five millenia of time to grow and to improve the life for everybody, but since they didn´t cared for the commen people and the Jedi used the force only in passive ways, things stayed the way they were.

    There was no development, no progress, no advances and so they became complacent and self-satisfied. Because of this they failed and were whipped out."

    Miney had then asked, if the empire had been an improvement.

    "No", her Master had answered. "Unfortunatly not.

    Many who supported the empire had hoped that things would turn to the better and in some ways they have. But Palpatine, despite all his political genious, despite all the power he managed to took hold of, was only intersted in himself.

    His empire was only a twisted version of the Old Republic with a few changes at the top of the government, mimimal changes in the greater picture. His New Order was forced upon the majority of people, they never got a chance to understand what ideas are the foundation of the order we try to achive, to embrance the values we stand for.

    To do him justice most of the Sith never understood it eighter."

    "Understood what ?", asked the young girl.

    "We, who have the power and the knowledge have the responsibility to act, to rule and guide the beings inferior to us. But they will only accept our authority if we rule for the better of them.
    After all, why should they accept the reign of an autocrate if they not benefit from it.

    There has to be a balance."

    "Oh, yes, there has to be a balance", thought Miney, while hanging from a rope.

    She had finally managed to find th
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    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part IV

    Lucan Vader waited a few moments, but his sences told him, that his young apprentice was still in her original position.

    "Is there a problem?" he finally asked.

    "Master, i can´t see anything." came the weak response from Miney.

    "Remember, your eyes can deceive you so don´t trust them. Rely on what you know, not what you can see." ordered the son of Lord Vader with a mild voice. His sharp ears picked up the small sigh of Miney and then the girl started to move. Lucan suddenly remembered an event from his childhood and his face became sad.

    He had been only three or four years old and ... .


    "Master Lucan, please. Where are you?" The prissy voice of the nanny-droid sounded through the great entrancehall and Lucan supressed a chuckle to not give away his position. "Please, Master Lucan, your father is going to shred me to pieces and what your mother is going to do to me, i don´t want to imagine. Please, ... ."

    The droid left the hall, still searching for the small boy. If the machine had only once turned its head up to the ceiling and especially to the top of the huge door, it would have discovered the young son of Darth Vader clinging to the ornamented structure of wood in a height of six meters.

    Lucan didn´t cared what was going to happen to the droid or that he was in a position that could easily mean death for ordinary children, he had faith in himself and his abilities, but that wasn´t important at the moment. Important was something else.

    Daddy was coming.

    After an absence of nearly three months daddy was finally coming back and Lucan was eager to show, what he had learned during that time.

    Hearing the heavy footsteps and the wellknown breathing the four year old hold his breath, waiting for his father to enter the room through the door below him.

    The tall figure of Darth Vader stepped into sight. When the dark Lord of the Sith suddenly stopped in his steps Lucan opened his grip and let himself drop to the floor, screaming an old battle-cry he had once heard in a holo-movie.


    With incredible speed Lucans father turned around, stretching out his arms he cought the falling child before it could hit him or drop to the floor. Darth Vader whirled Lucan around and the small boy squeaked with joy. Finally carrying Lucan with one arm, the Sith-Lord hold his son close to his mask.

    "Hello, son." Darth Vader greeted the boy with humor his voice.

    Lucan looked into the eyelenses of the mask of his father, a mask that was the symbol of love, protection and caring to him.

    "Hello, daddy." he greeted back.

    "You could have hurt yourself with that stunt." stated Darth Vader. "You would have hit the floor and the droids could have cleaned up what would have been left of you."

    "Oh, no." explained Lucan proud. "I would have stopped my fall short before hitting the floor with the force. And besides that, you caught me."

    "I could have thought you to be an assassin and greeted you with my lightsword instead with my outstretched arms."

    "But you didn´t, because you knew it to be me. By the way, how?"

    "I know you, son." stated Darth Vader dry. "And how did you know, that i would catch you?"

    "I know you, daddy." answered Lucan with a smug smile. "How long will you be with mom and me?" the boy asked.

    "Two days." answered Darth Vader. Seeing the disappointed look on Lucans face he added. "I´m sorry. But i have duties to execute for the emperor."

    Lucan scoled. "Emperor. Hate him." Vaders grip suddenly increased in strenght. "Never again say that aloud. I understand your disappointment, but you have to keep such thoughts to yourself. It would be to dangerous if Palpatine is going to know about them. Is that clear?"

    Realizing the change in the mood of his father Lucan answered with a firm voice. "Yes, Sir. I won´t endanger our family."

    "Very good." answered the boys father. The fact that his son was smart enough to recognize a possible danger at this early age filled him with pride. But he also wan

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    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part IV

    Stepping through the entrance of the expansive looking restaurant Carzeta Myntrela wondered if she was doing the right thing. But an invitation for dinner from an superior officer wasn´t something to be ignored and Carzeta had worked hard to achive her current position, despite circumstances that would have hindered the progress of other officers. Other officers, but not her. If Leia Organa Solo had become a senator in the imperial senate with eighteen ... .

    Not that she minded the reason for those circumstances. Carzeta admitted to herself that she was more curious than concerned, it was said Wedge Antilles was happily married and even if not, the young Commander had gotten the impression, that the General wasn´t the man to start a relationship with one of his inferior officers.

    So there had to be another reason for this invitation.

    Inside Carzeta collided with another woman. "Uhmmm, excuse me." she tried to apologize, being slightly embaressed.

    "No reason to do so. After all it was my fault." answered the other woman. "I should have really looked, where i was walking." The woman looked over Carzeta with a questioning look. "Let me guess, you are Carzeta Myntrela?"

    "Yes." answered the young Commander. "But how do you know ... ?"

    "Force sake, where are my manners. I´m Iella Antilles-Wessiri, Wedges wife. He told me about you. And even if not, i once worked for CorSec." Iella blinked at Carzeta.

    Carzeta couldn´t resist, she just had to smile. "So there are more people than the General?"

    "Yes, of course, in one of the backrooms. Disappointed?" asked Iella with mockery in her voice.

    "On the contrary, i´m reliefed." stated Carzeta.

    "Well, then lets go. There is no need to let ones friends wait."


    Carzeta followed Iella to the backroom of the restaurant.

    Already assembled were General Wedge Antilles, Ltd. Corran Horn and his wife Mirax Terrik, Captain Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, Gavin Darklighter and ... Luke Skywalker.

    "Finally, our guest of honour." shouted Wes Janson.

    "Commander Myntrela, welcome in our small circle." greeted Wedge Antilles.

    "Please, have a seat." suggested Gavin Darklighter.

    A little confused about the friendly welcome from that many people the Commander of the Clawfingers took place in a seat offered to her by Gavin Darklighter. This way she was placed between the young Lieutenant and Luke Skywalker.

    "Thank you. But what am i doing here?" Carzeta asked.

    "It was Wedges idea, some time ago." started Luke Skywalker to explain. "You have to know, Commander, the people assembled in this room and a few others not present spent a lot of time with each other. More than with their families. They train together, they live together in the barracks, they fight side by side ... ."

    "We have to trust each other with our lives and more." added Wes Janson. "But the funny thing is, we hardly know each other in civil live. And now that the main part of the war is over, or should be over, positions change, teams are ripped apart, people who have worked together for a long time start to move into different directions or ... ."

    "Or settle down and start a family." continued Tycho Celchu.

    "I understand." explained Carzeta Myntrela. "Well, i think i understand. But everybody of us is still part of the military. Or is there something i don´t know?"

    "There is nothing. Its just that there is more to live than this war. And because of this i had the idea for those meetings. Sometimes we met just for a good dinner, sometimes we do something else together, just for fun. Just to stay in contact, to met on a more civil level and so on." answered Wedge Antilles.

    "Sounds more like an annual meeting of war-veterans. Doesn´t it?" asked Iella, what caused Carzeta to chuckle.

    "Well, but i don´t feel like a veteran." stated her husband.

    "But for a fighter-pilot, who participated in the most important battles of the war against the empire you are one." made Luke Skywalker clear.

    "Look, who´s talking no
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    Hip, hip, here is the next part.

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part IV

    Carzeta really enjoyed her meal. The meal and the company. Iella and Corran told of some of their cases during their time at CorSec, Gavin Darklighter and Luke Skywalker discribed details of Tatooine farmlife and Wedge Antilles how it was to grow up on a fuelstation. The war and everything connected to it was left outside the conversation and although this was a difficult task, the people assembled somehow managed to do so.

    The other people in this room knew each other for years, they had fought side by side and more than once trusted each other with their lives. Carzeta was new in this special circle and she didn´t really understood why she had been invited, but she was grateful for the chance to become a part of this group.

    To belong to them, to belong to somebody.

    Over the last few years she had concentrated on her carreer, spent most of her time working and it had paid in the rank she now hold. The price she had paid had been loneliness and a social live that wasn´t worth mentioning. Being a young and beautiful woman had made things worse, older and especially male pilots thought she had climbed the ladder thanks to her good looks and not because of her abilities. Others had made offers or tried to take advantage of her, but she hadn´t been interested in affairs and how to discourage certain kinds of advances had been something Carzeta had learned very fast.

    But here, in the company of this people she felt comfortable and the hours seemed to pass in seconds and it had become late in the night.

    "Well, that was a nice evening." stated Wedge Antilles.

    "I agree." confirmed Luke Skywalker.

    "And, what do you think, Commander Myntrela?" asked Mirax.

    "Please, call me Carzeta. And yes, it was a nice evening." answered Carzeta Corran Horns wife.

    "Pity. For the rest of us, you still have to be Commander Myntrela. At least at the parades." mocked Wes Janson.

    Carzeta grinned. "You will survive it."

    "In any case, its time to go home." made Tycho Celchu clear. "Gavin, why don´t you accompany the Commander? The streets are not very safe at this time."

    "Well, ahm, yes ... ." The younger man tried hard not to blush. "I mean, if you have nothing against it, Commander?"

    Carzeta watched him with raised eyebrows until the face of Gavin had turned crimsonred. Now this was really cute and although she had started to like him, she wasn´t interested in him. He was one of the men who tried to carry the woman he loved on his hands through live and Carzeta wasn´t interested in being carried. She knew herself well enough to knew that she needed somebody who was able to match her, to dominate her if necessary, for her own good.

    "Thank you." she said as polite as possible as not to embarass him. "But i would feel more secure in the company of Luke Skywalker."

    Luke Skywalker, who was taking a gulp of his drink, chocked.

    "If you have nothing else to do, of course." Carzeta added.

    "No, no. I have nothing else in mind." the Jedimaster answered.

    "Excellent. Me too." Carzeta grinned. "So don´t let your hopes rise."

    "Of course not. At least not at this evening." contered Luke Skywalker. Suddenly he remembered all the bantering between Han and Leia, before they were married and he wondered if it wasn´t him who would need every protection. "Ah, Wedge?"

    Wedge seemed to understand, what was going on in the mind of his friend and reacted accordingly. "Don´t worry. Iella and i will accompany you for propriety´s sake."

    "Thank you, General." Carzeta managed to hide her relief. She didn´t wanted to know what would have happened if she and Luke Skywalker walked to her home. Or what would have happened even if nothing at all happened. The young commander decided she had had to much Lumin-Ale and wished for a clear head.

    "Yes, if the great Jedimaster needs a watchdog, i´m happy to obliege." mocked Iella goodhearted.

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