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The tale of Darth Vaders Son - A SW - AU (please be nice and post a lot of comments)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by FTeik, Jul 15, 2001.

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  1. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Kind of frustrating if you are the only one, who "ups" your stories - wouldn´t you agree?
  2. Cypher18

    Cypher18 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2001
    I thought you left this story go. well im back to stay. Post soon.
  3. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Thank you.

    Next post soon. Promised.
  4. empress of justice

    empress of justice Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 15, 2000
    This looks pretty good so far. I'll keep my eye on this.


    PROPHEToftheCOUNCIL Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 11, 2001
    up, I've been waiting for more....


  6. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    An update and sooner than expected. Yippieehhhhh!!!

    Managed to write also an update for "Union of the Empires greatest Warriors", but unfortunately not for "The Colliding of Empires". Perhaps next week.

    All you out there, who have posted a reply and upped this story - Thank you all and have fun with the next part of ...(drums rolls)

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part IV

    "Well, here we are." stated Carzeta opening the entrance to the appartment she lived in. "Small, but mine."

    "Nice." commented Iella Antilles. Carzeta Myntrelas appartment was on the top floors of one of the two miles high skyscrapers of Coruscant. Those adresses were very expansive, even for small residences. The young Commander and her guests stepped through the door.

    "I doubt i could afford such an appartment, even with my salary as a general." whispered Wedge towards Luke Skywalker.
    For a moment the Jedimaster thought about it, how unusual it was, that the female Commander didn´t lived at the barracks of the starfightercorps.

    "Being a member of a rich family has its advantages." answered Carzeta, who had heard Wedge Antilles words. "So why not use the fortune?"

    "You could have bestowed it." suggested Luke. Carzeta rolled her eyes.

    "As if it isn´t enough that i´m already willing to sacrifice my live for the New Republic, now you want my money, too. Believe it or not, i already tried to make a donation for the New Republics widow-and orphans-trust. The result was that some people claimed, that i tried to buy myself a position inside the starfighter-corps. Let me make one thing clear, i intend to live long enough to enjoy the small pension the military offers and besides that, ... ." At this point Carzeta Myntrela was interupted by the sound of small, hurried steps.

    "Mommy." The visitors eyes went wide, when a toddler rushed around the corner and they realised what the presence of a child implied. Carzeta Myntrela, who, despite her young age, seemed to be a very tough woman, a single mother?

    "Gorin, honey." Carzeta bent down and took the small child in her arms. "Shouldn´t you be in your bed and sleeping?"

    "He would, if you hadn´t interrupted me giving him his "goodnight-story"." An older woman had entered the room. "You are late."

    "Galina, forgive me." pleaded Carzeta with an apologetic look. Then she introduced Luke, Wedge and Iella to the older woman. "Galina, these are General Wedge Antilles, his wife Iella and the Jedimaster Luke Skywalker. Galina has been my nanny when i was little and now she takes care of Gorin, if i´m away."

    "Pleased to meet you." greeted Luke Skywalker.

    "Me, too." stated Wedge Antilles.

    "Hrmmph." responded the old woman. "Don´t think i´m impressed. I have seen enough Generals and Admirals through my time in the Myntrela-household, if those braggarts lowered themself to visit those who buildt their ships. I have even seen some Jediknights in my younger days, but then the order was already declining." Galina viewed Luke careful. "You seem to be a nice man, not like those stiff puppets, filled with only warm air."

    "Who, the officers or the Jedi?" asked Iella.

    "Both of them."

    "Galina." shouted Carzeta. Luke Skywalker tried hard not to grin, the gruffy behavior of Commander Myntrelas old nanny reminded him in some ways of Yoda.

    "I assure you i´m not like those imperial officers you have met." explained Wedge Antilles.

    "Really?" the old womans features softened. "Perhaps you can convince my little darling here to quit flying those starfighters and to settle down with a nice husband and ... ."

    "Galina, thats enough." made Carzeta with a firm voice clear. "You can go now, i´ll take care of Gorin from now on."

    "Alright, alright. I´m already gone." Galina stroke gently over Gorins check. "Sleep well, little one."

    "I´m not a little one. I´ll soon be three." protested the boy.

    "Yes, yes."That said Galina left the appartment. Carzeta gave her guests an appologetic look.

    "You have to forgive Galina,but she sometimes forgets, that the people she once took care
  7. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    It should be clear, who little Gorins father is, don´t you think so?
    Well, here is the next part.

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part V

    "Fencer Three to Fencer Four, if you accelerate only a little bit more, you´ll met with the Lieutanants butt. I suggest you give less speed on your thrusters, pal."

    "Four to Three, advice acknowledged. Although he ordered close formation, Dors."

    "I´m sure he didn´t meant that close, Kaljo." answered Fencer Three, Dors, wingman of Fencer Four.

    The "Fencers" were an X-Wing-Squadron. They belonged to a new republic task-force patrolling the border of inner rim and outer rim. It had been this part of space from where the rebelalliance had launched its offensives against the imperial occupied systems of the inner rim. Many worlds that had first joinded the alliance after Palpatines fall at Endor were located in this quadrant and although most of them couldn´t compete with a major world of the core in regards of population or industrial strenght, they were an important fraction inside the new republic. Many of the oldest alliance bases and training facilities were still located in this regions of space, despite the fact that a lot of those installations had moved towards the core, together with the government.

    "You know its a bit scaring to patrol one of those dead systems." started Kaljo the conversation with his wingman again. "Especially since those rumors about "Flash-Squadron" started to circulate."

    "I have no idea what you are talking about. Whats going on with this "Flash-Squadron?" asked Dors.

    "Nothing is going on with them." explained Kaljo. "And exactly that is the problem. The entire squadron, twelve A-Wings, simply vanished."

    "An entire squadron doesn´t simply vanish." protested his wingman.

    "Well, the Flashs did. Only three or five systems away from here. And fleetcommand has no idea what happened to them."

    "Was debris found?"

    "As i already said, the entire squadron vanished without a trace."

    "Perhaps they defected to the empire." suspected Dors. Before he was able to continue he was interrupted.

    "Fencer-One to Three and Four. Would you two please stop arguing. You only make yourself and your comrades nervous. There is a simple explenation for the vanishing of this "Flash-Squadron". Do you want to know?"

    "Yes, Sir." answered Kaljo.

    "Alright. "Flash-Squadron" was one of those squadrons that only existed on paper, at least as long as the forces of the New Republic in this sector are concerned. Despite that the squadron really existed and would have been assigned to our local forces, if not for shortages elsewhere. So the squadron was untied and the pilots distributed to different squadrons who needed replacements. And that was the end of the "Flashes". Do you understand."

    "Yes, Sir. Thank you for solving this little riddle."

    "Was a pleasure to me." answered Fencer-One. " Now stop talking and concentrate on our mission."


    Lieutenant Cyad supressed a sigh. As it seemed Fencer-Four and Fencer-Three had believed his explenations. There was only one problem with them.

    They weren´t true!

    Cyad didn´t liked the idea to lie to his men, but had been ordered to do so. Their superiors were quite nervous about "Flash-Squadron" and because of that the entire affair was kept top secret.

    Because there had been a squadron of A-Wings assigned to this sector, called "Flash-Squadron", and it had vanished without a trace only one week ago. The officers at fleetcommand wouldn´t have been that nervous, not now, if not for the fact that two weeks prior another squadron, this time a squadron of Y-Wings had vanished.

    Twentyfour fighters and their pilots in two weeks and there wasn´t the smallest kind of hint what had happened to them. Had they been destroyed or had they defected or was there another reason for their vanishing?

    Nobody knew.

    The most plausible explanations was that they had been destroyed, of course, but that hadn´t explained the lack of any kind of debris. But something was going on in
  8. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
  9. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son

    Lucan Vader climbed out of his personal TIE-Fighter aboard the Stardestroyer "Spectre". It was of the same design as his fathers TIE, but Lucan had made some modifications. First of all his version of the TIE-X1 carried a load of eight protontorpedos and it had a special thrustsystem, which allowed the fighter to suddenly accelerate on a tremdous rate. But only once in a fight.

    Besides Lucan his escort fighters landed. No TIE-Interceptors, but TIE-Avengers. The Avengers were a model of TIE-Fighter, that was based on a design of Lucans father, Darth Vader, so it had been a kind of family obligation to use them.

    The Avengers looked similiar to an Interceptor, but their Cockpitballs were less rounded and the bent cooling-panels of them were not only cutted in in the front, but also in the aftsection. With four lasercannons and two torpedolaunchers for six protontorpedos they equaled a X-Wing in terms of arms. Furthermore they were equipted with shields and a hyperdrive. As if that wasn´t enough they were thirty percent faster than a X-Wing and twenty percent faster than an A-Wing.

    Lucan shook his head when he thought about the TIE-Avenger. Introduced short after the battle of Hoth the Avenger had seen limited production for only the most loyal squadrons of pilots, sent on missions of vital importance for the empire against mutinious elements and warlordism inside the imperial military. Obviously the emperor hadn´t viewed the battle of Endor as a vital mission. Talking about overconfidence.

    According to some explenations the Avenger, as well as the TIE-Defender, which had been the succeding model, hadn´t been produced in huge numbers due to their costs. After all, there was a price for all their advantages. While the ordinary TIE had a price of 60,000 credits, a Defender was five times as expansive, closely followed by the Avenger.

    In the eyes of the young Lord Vader this was bantha-podoo of the worst kind.

    After Endor, with all the infighting among the imperial fractions and the loss of resources, this might have become true, but for an empire with enough resources to buildt a DeathStar, those costs were ridicioules. Lucan had done the maths: For the price of fiftysix Imperator-Class-Stardestroyers, they empire could have buildt fiftyfive of them and replaced their wings of different TIEs completly with the Avengers. For the entire imperial Navy with its twentyfivethousand ISDs, it would have meant the additional costs of less than fivehundred ISDs, not even two percents. Of course the costs would have been bigger for the entire imperial military, but considering the performance of the more modern models and the increased survivalrate of pilots by a factor of three it would have paid off more than enough. Or to say it otherwise: The empire had wasted expansively trained pilots by giving them cheap fighters.

    Lucan often wondered what mixture of corruption and incompetence, if not political preferances had lead to this development. After all why give pilots a chance on defection? The empire had had enough of them. And the bereucrats in the higher echelons of the ImperialHighCommand had never been to found of Lucans father, too.

    Not that it mattered anymore. The young Lord Vader was only satisfied with the best, no matter the costs and he got it. Speaking of the best ... . He adressed his wingmen by their code-calls.

    "Black One, your performance was excellent. But you ... ." he glared at Black Two, who started to twitch nervously. "You missed your second target, although we sucessfully sneaked from behind on the rebels, who were concentrating on the "Spectre" as planned. And later you missed again."

    "My apologies, Lord Vader." The man answered through gritted teeth. "It won´t happen again."

    Lucan could feel the mans fear struggling with his pride and decided to gave the pilot a little push in the right direction.

    "I hope so. Until now you showed great skills, but if you fail again, somebody better than you will take your place and you´ll be sent back t
  10. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Well, here is the next part. The Vengeance-Class-Battlecruiser is the same kind of ship Dark Jedi Jerec used in the game "Dark Forces". The Allegiance-Class-Heavy-Destroyer was shown in the "Dark Empire"-Comics, where one of those ships lead the battle at Calamari and three others escorted the reborn emperors flagship "Eclipse". More information can be found at the SW-Technical Commentries at

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part V

    Moff Harrageds situation was similiar to that of his neighbour OdiinVaskal. But while Vaskal had only fourhundredseventy worlds to guard with his sectorfleet and three squadrons of Stardestroyers, Harraged had to hold sevenhundredthirtynine worlds in line with the same number of ships, a nearly impossible task.

    To make things worse most of the inhabited planets under his control lacked the dense populations of other major worlds. So while Harraged had access to a huge number of uninhabited worlds rich in ores and other ressources as it was fitting for the size of his sector, he lacked the source of labour or customer for those ressources to exploit.

    As if to make up for it, a small number of his worlds were extremly rich and Harraged intended to make good use of their fortunes.

    Harraged knew he was on the bad end of a run for increasing his fleet, compared to his next neighbours, Moff Odiin Vaskal and Highadmiral Cordal. With the same number of Stardestroyers as himself, but only half the territory to guard, Vaskal could easier exempt ships to fight his enemies on their own territory. Same went for Chordal and his taskforce, especially the battlecruiser "Yagghart", which alone equaled several Stardestroyers.

    So Harraged had to find a way to free his ships from "coastguard"-duty, while still being able to defend his worlds.

    Considering what kind of worlds he had under his control he had divided them into three categories.

    Thirty worlds he couldn´t afford to loose under no circumstances, obviously the worlds with the highest numbers of population and densest industrialisation.

    Twohundredfourty worlds of medium importance, a loss of one of them would be felt in the long run, but for a short frame of time he could do without them (until he captured them back) and finally fourhundredsixtynine worlds he didn´t needed.

    Only with two additional squadrons of Stardestroyers the Moff would have felt comfortable, but until then he needed another replacement for the Stardestroyers he used to patrol his borders instead of defending his worlds.

    Fortunatly it was a big galaxy with a big black market and for the right money a man can get everything he wants. Or nearly everything. Not necessarily the most modern military hardware, but independent governments, rimworlds or worlds not as wealthy as some others had to take what they can get.

    In Harrageds case twentytwo Trade-Federation-Battleships, that were nearly fifty years old. Of course being older than the empire and only armed with 48 Quadlaser-Cannons the huge warfreighters with a diameter of two miles were hopelessly outgunned by any modern ship, especially since their circular form prevented the concentration of more than a few guns on the same target.

    But Harraged didn´t intended to use them in fleet-engagements. He had other ideas for them.

    First of all he had replaced the quadlasers with eightbarreled Turbolaser-batteries like those used by Imperator-II-Class-Stardestroyers. His men had removed all the vessels for groundwarfare and filled the space occupied by them and most of the huge storage rooms with additional reactors and powercells for weapons and shields. Harraged had turned the huge warfreighters into immovable battlestations.

    The 1,500 Droid-Fighters of each ship had been upgraded with more powerful lasers, their energy-torpedos were replaced with protontorpedos and their droidbrains were much more advanced than those used fivty years ago.

    But the main change had been something else. Few persons are as creative as a dictator in desperate times and Moff Har
  11. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    That i have to do everything by myself.

    Like upping this story.
  12. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part VI

    Leia Organa Solo, President of the New Republic, entered the appartment of her family inside the imperial palace. It was late in the evening and a long day was finally over.

    In times like this, when the concerns of an entire galaxy were laid down in front of her feet, she wondered how the now dead emperor Palpatine could have been so obsessed with ruling this entire mess.

    And the New Republic was still far away from the size of the empire at its height. But of course Palpatines methods had been different.

    Tired she walked towards the bedroom, when suddenly strong arms closed around her waist.

    "Welcome home, honey." whispered Han Solo, placing a quick kiss on his wifes neck.

    "Uhmmm, Han." muttered Leia, starting to relax in his embrance.

    "I already brought the children to bed and i ordered the kitchendroid to warm up a meal, when i heard you coming in." explained Han gentle.

    "Thank you, but i don´t think i´m hungry. For now, i´m only interested in my bed." Leia freed herself from Hans embrance. "Just wait for me, i´ll give the children their kiss for a good night."

    Entering the dimly lit room, where her children were sleeping, Leia watched the three small bodies in their beds.

    Sometimes it was still a miracle to her to believe that those little beings, so beautiful, so innocent, were the result of her and Hans love for each other. To see her children was always a source of strengh for the princess, they showed her, that she was on the right way, confirming her determination to make the galaxy a safe and better place not only for them, but for all children.

    Although after a day like this, she wondered if her actions really had an impact for the better, when the spectre of Alderaan loomed over her shoulders. "Ten million people." she thought.

    After she had placed a kiss on Jacens check, one on Jainas forehead, while stroking through the girls long, thick hair, she turned to her youngest son, Anakin. To her great surprise the three year old was still awake.

    "Ankain. Is everything alright?" she asked, feeling, that something had upset her youngest child.

    "I don´t know." the small boy whispered. "I had a nightmare, i think."

    "You think you had a nightmare?" asked Leia.

    At the few occasions Anakin, or all of her children, had had nightmares, there had been much more trouble. Much more noise. But Anakin didn´t seemed to be scared, only disturbed.

    "Ssshhhh, everything will be alright." she tried to calm him down. "Can you tell me what your nightmare was about?"

    Perhaps it was enough to calm Anakin down, if he told her about it.

    "Actually it was about nothing." Anakin started. "Just this man." He shifted uncomfortable in his small bed.

    "A man? What man?" asked Leia.

    "Just a man. His eyes were blue like uncle Lukes, but his hair was dark and he had a hard face. But not as hard as his eyes." Leia felt her son shudder. "He smiled at me."

    "He smiled at you?" tried Leia to confirm. And although she knew better she asked. "I would think it to be a good sign, if he smiled at you."

    "Mom, you don´t understand." protested Anakin. "It wasn´t a friendly smile. The man smiled as if he knows something i don´t know and as if there would be no escape for me or anybody. He isn´t a nice man."

    "Yes, but you don´t have to be afraid. Your mom is here to protect you. Your daddy is here to protect you. Chewie is here to protect you and your older siblings are here to protect you, too. Do you remember, when you were taken away from me by Hethrir?"

    When his mother mentioned the former Procurator of Justice of the empire, Anakin shuddered.

    "Barely." he whispered. "I was very small then."

    "Yes, you were." explained Leia. Less than a year had passed since Hethrirs attempt to sacrifice Anakin to a creature from outside the universe for the gain of more power. "But Jacen and Jaina protected you and as long as our family stays together, nothing bad will happen to us."


    "Promised. Now close your eyes and sleep."

  13. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part VI

    When her youngest son was finally asleep half of an hour later, Leia entered her own bedroom and let herself drop onto the sheets without bothering to take of her clothes.

    Burring her face inside the sheets she regreted, not for the first time, to have never taken the time to complete her training as a Jedi. Especially relaxing and recovering-techniques would be welcomed in her current situation.

    The shift in the mattress by an additional weight traited her the presence of her husband. Strong, gentle hands cupped her neck and shoulders, starting to massage Leias tense flesh.

    "Ohhhh." moaned the former princess of Alderaan and now Chief-of-State of the New Republic. "Please, don´t stop, Han. Believe it or not, but this is the best thing of the entire day."

    "That bad." mused Han, while his hands moved over Leias shoulderblades down her back. "Do i even want to know?"

    "No, you don´t." answered his wife. "Something is going on in the rim. Something ugly. Not only did several starfighter-squadrons disappear, but two colonies were totally eridicated, too."

    "Wouldn´t be the first time, that pirates destroyed a colony and murdered all of the people there to cover their tracks." stated Han. "And with the ongoing war between empire and republic, pirates are a low priority for both sides." he thought.

    "Han, those colonies wern´t a handful of farms and one or two small villages. We are talking about colonies on level three with corresponding defences. Ten million people have been slaughtered."

    Hans movements stopped, horrified. "Ten million." he whispered. And after a moment. "I had no idea."

    "The senate tries to keep the issue quiet as long as the investigation goes, but i doubt that there will be any results."

    "A stardestroyer." suspected Han. Other ships were able to do the same, but not with the speed and efficency of a Stardestroyer. Not against the defences of a level three colony. "The empire?"

    "I somehow doubt it. Not their style. Perhaps under Palpatine and Isard. But now with Pellaeon as their military commander and them still reorganizing their forces ... ."

    Leia didn´t completed the sentence. "Me defending the empire." she thought. "Girl, you really are exhausted."

    "Anyway." she continued. "The other worlds in this sector are quit nervous and crying for more ships to protect them. Ships we desperatly need elsewhere, as soon as the war becomes hot again. Not that i blame them."

    "So we are sending ships?" asked Han.

    "We have no other choice. Most of those worlds are founding members of the New Repubic and were liberated first, after Endor. We can´t abandon them, even if thats exactly what our enemies want."

    "If so, we will find out soon enough who and why." mused Han.

    "Exactly thats, what i´m afraid of." stated Leia with a low voice.

  14. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    The Tale of Darth Vaders Son - Part VI

    Lucan Vader was sitting behind his desk, reading through the last report from Geven Nakal.

    His personal shipbuilding-program was developing well.

    Twenty out of fourtyeight ISD-IIs were already completed, the other twentyeight would be within a month.

    Besides those Imperator-Class-Stardestroyers his secret shipyards were also building twelve Interdictor-Destroyers and twentyfour Tector-Class-Star Destroyers.

    A model of warship not as widespread as the Imperator-Class, although one of those had taken part at the battle of Endor. With a lenght of a mile, it equaled an Imperator in size, but it lacked big hangarbays and most of the dorsal superstructure. Like the Allegiance-Class it was purely designed for fleetcombat, having twice the firepower of an ISD-II.

    Speaking of the Allegiance, the construction of the six ships of this class had fallen behind shedule. Not much, but Lucan would have to do something about it, if the problem increased.

    However, the last point in the report caused his mood to brighten. His future flagship, the eight kilometer long Superiority-Class-Battlecruiser "Punisher" was to seventy percent completed and Lucan could hardly wait to lead the destructive power of the arrowshaped vessel against his enemies.

    If only Vascal managed to provide enough crewers for both their fleets. The efforts of his ally were embodied in a second Superiority-Class-Battlecruiser, twentyfour of the Tectors and twentyfour ISD-IIs.

    Vascal had explained, that he wouldn´t waste desperately needed place in his shipyards for Interdictor-Destroyers, whichs destructive powers in battle were limited by their four gravitywall-projectors.
    No, Vascal prefered the only sixhundred meter long Interdictorcruisers "Immobilizer-418" in combination with other ships.

    Lucan sighed. Let him. He wouldn´t need Odiin Vascal for long, when he had defeated Highadmiral Chordal and Moff Harraged. With the ressources of the three sectors of the warlords he should be able to work against the New Republic and if not, he would have to wait for a better moment.

    Lucan made a small calculation. Nearly six million men, even without the army-divisions. It seemed a lot of captains of frigates and first officers were going to be promoted, thought the son of Darth Vader with a small smile. That should improve the moral considerably. Of course he would have to make sure, that those officers would be fit to the task and loyal to him.

    That should be no problem: Men prefered to follow leaders who lead them to victory, not the politicians that stayed behind and Lucan intended to become the best leader military forces had seen, since his father had lead the imperial fleet.

    Looking up he discovered Nilan Vortigern entering his office. For anybody else, this would have been a lethal break of protocol, but the old Majordomus was the exception to the rule.

    "What is it?" he asked calm.

    "Mylord, our spynet has confirmed the departure of a commandoforce from Coruscant within the next days. Three starfighter-squadrons and one corvette and a freighter for the support of the fighters."

    Lucan rose his eyebrows. "I haven´t expected a taskforce that small. Obviously they are really desperate."

    "Its not a regular taskforce. More like a guerilla-group from the times of the rebellion. Hit- and run-tactics, sneaky ambushs, sabotage of enemy-installations, ... .
    We have confirmed that the group is lead by Wedge Antilles and Rogue-Squadron and that their first target is Odiin Vascal." explained the old Majordomus.

    "Odiin Vascal." mused the young Lord Vader.

    He would have expected Harraged as their first target, being the warlord with the biggest territory or even Chordal, because of his combat-group.

    "Obviously the changes Moff Vascal has made following your advice have made them nervous. It is also possible that they think Vascal to be the calming influence for Chordal. Harraged still needs months to complete most of his fleet and if not for Vascal, Chordal possibly wo
  15. Jedinight-A

    Jedinight-A Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 16, 2001
    I like this story, FTeik. Though it's a little hard to follow the story because there are a lot of technical schematics on ships. I was wondering who is Lucan's mother?

    Well up :)

  16. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
  17. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Updated "The Colliding of Empires."

    Next update to this story soon.

    Happy New Year.
  18. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Updated "Union of the Empires greatest Warriors".

    Expect the update of this story at the next weekend.
  19. empress of justice

    empress of justice Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 15, 2000
    Is Lucan the father of Gorin???

    Who is Lucan's mother???

  20. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000
    Yes, Lucan is Gorins father (Guess what he and Carzeta were doing on their two-day trip from Kuat to Coruscant).

    Its not Padme, if thats the thing you wonder, we will met the late Mrs. Vader soon enough.
  21. FTeik

    FTeik Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2000

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son

    "Sir, General Cracken is here."

    "Sent him in." ordered Geven Nakal.

    Taking a last careful look over his office, he prepared himself to met with the head of the New Republics Intelligenceservice. Ever since his return to the highest levels of power over KuatDriveYards after his time in the archives he took nothing for granted. He looked over his massive desk, the wall to his left that was covered with models of ships and the wall to his right, that housed a huge hologram of the Kuat-System with its planets, moons and countless spacebound construction-facilities, all of them dedicated to the task of building ships.

    Mostly warships.

    When Airen Cracken entered his office, Geven Nakal rose from his seat and tried to give the other man a friendly greeting.

    "Welcome in my humble office, General. Please have a seat." He pointed at a comfortable looking chair. "May i offer you some refreshments? Tea? Fruitcakes? Perhaps something with alcohol?"

    "No, thank you." answered Cracken with a cold, controlled voice. That this old, sidious, imperialistic fossil was in control over KDY ... . Cracken showed his host a friendly smile. "Perhaps we can go straight to business, we are both men with limited time."

    "How right you are." agreed Nakal enthusiastically. The idea of dealing with this man sickened him. Eight years ago this man had been nothing but a terrorist, a criminal wanted by the authorities and only the change in the balance of galactic powers had allowed this man to usurp the position he was currently holding. Nakal remembered that ninty percent of what was right was based on power and for now the New Republic Cracken represented was the major power. "What can i do for you, General?"

    "Well, as a start you could explain to me, what happened to ten of your spacebound shipyards. If i´m informed correctly a single one of them is capable of constructing twentyseven Stardestroyers."

    "Or less bigger ships or more smaller ships." added Nakal.

    "Anyway. By ten shipyards we get a number of twohundredseventy Stardestroyers and we know that neither the empire, nor one of the warlords have them. So where are they?"

    "I can answer that question. Some of them were sold on the private market, others were scrapped." /And six of them were hidden by Lucan Vader/thought Geven Nakal.

    "You scrapped them?" asked Cracken in wonderment. To sell the modern construction-facilities was something he understood, but to scrap them?

    "Yes. Unfortunately yes." answered Geven Nakal with regret in his voice. "You have to understand, when your Republic defeated the last clone of Palpatine we thought to have overcapabilities and tried to reduce them. What we, and especially me myself, couldn´t foresee was that you weren´t able to finish this war in a short amount of time."

    "We defeated the empire time and again." protested Cracken.

    "But its still our there and the war is going on. And believe it or not, they are still bigger than you. The New Republic has perhaps a half million planets under its control, of those only tenthousand count as capital and enjoyed direct representation in the galactic senate during the times of the old republic. On the other side the empire still controls a tenth of its former territory, if we leave the numerous warlords aside. They are only quite for now, because they try to regain their strenght."

    "I know, i know." answered Cracken.

    At its height the empire had controlled one million capital worlds and more than fifty million colonies, protectorates and local governments. Even conservative estimates had given the entire imperial starfleet of that time a size of twentyfour million ships bigger than onehundred meters, while numbers of hundredfifty to threehundred million ships were perhaps closer to the truth.

    Numbers no ordinary sentinent being could imagine. But brocken down for a single world, there were only three ships per planet. So the problem of the imperials was not the size of their starfleet, but its widespread division. If they wo
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    Updated "Union of the Empires greatest Warriors".
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    The tale of Darth Vaders Son

    Carzeta Myntrela cursed, when the bell to her door rang. She had no time for visitors now. If she didn´t hurry, she would be late at the garrison for the take off.

    The bell rang again.

    "Alright, alright, i´m coming."

    She rushed to the door, wondering, who it would be. After all, it was five o´clock in the morning. Gorins nanny was supposed to arrive in two hours, when she was already on her way and Galina was always punctual. Opening the door she prepared herself to rip of the head of the unfortunate visitor.

    "Have you any idea, what time it is? Who do you think... ." only then Carzeta recognized the person standing outside her apartment. "Master Skywalker, i ..., i´m sorry, i wasn´t expecting you." she stuttered.

    "Apology accepted, Commander Myntrela." the Jedimaster said with a smile.

    "Well, since you are already here, why don´t you come in?" asked Carzeta. "Unfortunately i have less to no time."

    "I know." answered Luke Skywalker. "I thought i could give you a ride to the hangar and we could talk on the way."

    "Talk on the way?" wondered Carzeta. "Talk about what?"

    "Well ...," the Jedimaster hesitated for the moment. But before he was able to continue, Gorin appeared on the scene.

    "Mommy, who is there?" The small boy was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with one hand. His other hand was pressing a wookiee-doll against his small chest.

    "Hello, Gorin. Its me Luke Skywalker. Remember me?" greeted Luke the small child. Gorin only nodded his head. Then he saw his mother in her flightsuit and his eyes went wide.

    "Mom, you are going?" he asked and Luke thought to hear something like terror in his voice.

    "Yes, honey, i´m going on a mission. Remember, i told you about it a few days ago. Remember the gift i promised to get for you, when i´m back?" Carzeta twinkled at her son with a smile. But Gorin didn´t seem to notice. He let the wookiee-doll drop to the floor and rushed towards his mother, hugging her long legs.

    "Don´t go." he pleaded. "Please don´t leave me alone." Tears started to drop down his checks.

    Ignoring the presence of Luke Skywalker, Carzeta Myntrela bent down and took her son into her arms.

    "Sheeeee." she tried to calm down the little child. "Whats wrong, Gorin? When we talked yesterday, you´ve been so brave and now my big boy is crying?"

    "That was yesterday." Gorin muttered. "Don´t go. Something terrible will happen. I have a bad feeling about this. Please."

    "Oh, but you don´t have to feel bad, honey. Mommy will come back, you don´t have to worry."

    "But why do you have to go? Why do you have to go and not somebody else?" inquisited the little boy.

    "Because there are evil people out there, who make life for all the boys like you and their mommies miserable and they have to be stopped. Remember what i have told you about responsibilities?" Carzeta looked her son deep in the eyes. The child nodded his head. "Well, this is my responsibility, because your mommy is one of the best." She placed a quick kiss on her sons forehead. "And the people i´m flying with belong to the best, so nothing will happen to me."

    Luke Skywalker watched mother and son silentely, wondering if Gorins fear was caused by a hint of the force or if the child simply had had a nightmare. After all the little boy was old enough to understand, that his mother had a dangerous profession. But fortunately not old enough to understand, that being the best meant also being the one chosen for the most dangerous missions first.

    He suppressed a sigh, wishing for an idea what to say. He had none.

    The young Commanders efforts seemed to succed and Carzeta put Gorin to the floor. Taking his hand into hers she lead him to his bedroom. When she returned Luke Skywalker was still standing there. Putting on a coat and taking a small bag Carzeta Myntrela pointed to the door.

    "If you are ready, we can go."

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    Also updated "The Colliding of Empires". Have fun with the next part of:

    The tale of Darth Vaders Son

    "Thank you." said Carzeta, when they were sitting inside the air-cab.

    "Thank you for what?" asked Luke Skywalker back.

    "Thank you for not interfering by saying something. Gorin is smart enough to recognize when somebody is talking podoo."

    "Actually i wanted to say something, but i had no idea what."

    "How about: "Your mother doesn´t have to do this!" or "Its irresponsible of your mother to go on dangerous missions with no relatives to take care of you, if something happens."" answered Carzeta.

    Luke Skywalker raised an eyebrow. "You heard such things before?"

    "Actually yes. And there are times i hear them from within. How can i do the things i do and risk my life, while i´m the only person my son has?. Why can´t somebody else do them? Why can´t i simply step back and live with my child in my own small and safe bubble?"

    "I´ll admit, i was tempted to say something, but thought the better of it." said Luke Skywalker.

    "But you didn´t. Why?"

    The Jedimaster hesitated for a moment. "Because you are a grown-up woman." He finally said. "You are responsible for yourself and i have no right to make your decisions for you. That would mean i would enforce my will over yours and even if it might happen with good intentions, it would be selfish. Selfish, because it would mean i am right and you are not and because of this i can do whatever i want."

    "Even if you are right?" asked Carzeta.

    "Even, if i am right it would be wrong to act this way." confirmed Luke Skywalker. "And not always i´m doing or knowing the right thing."

    "Has to be hard." said the Commander of the Clawfingers. "To know whats best for the people and to stand by and watch how they run into the opposite direction."

    "Yes, thats the hardest part. And i only become used to it slowly."

    With a lump in his throat Luke Skywalker remembered, when he had turned to the darkside on Byss, believing he could destroy the dark from within. If not for Leia the galaxy would have been doomed by the reborn emperors rule again. He also thought about his first students at the Jedi-Academy on Yavin 4. The losses and failures he had encountered there. Gantoris, Kyp Durron, Brakiss, Dolph. The dangers he hadn´t seen in the shadows of the temple. Exar Kuns evil spirit. Painful, but also necessary lessons not only in patience, but also in humility. He hoped he had learned his lesson well, since others had paid the price for his mistakes. Carzeta seemed to have read his thoughts.

    "And it has to be extremly hard to watch, when the person in question is not only responsible for herself, but also for another person. Somebody we consider innocent." she said softly.

    "Since you know that, why don´t you step back and let another one do the job?" asked Luke Skywalker. Carzeta was silent for a moment.

    "There is a war out there. And if we like it or not, it effects us all. If i would be a person, who steps back from danger or her profession the moment there is a child, i could as well have stayed back home in the golden and secure cage my family and the traditions of the Kuat-Nobility provide. Thats not what i wanted to do with my life and so i left.

    Of course, i had no idea, that i would have to go this way accompied by a child." At that Carzeta Myntrela twinkled at Luke Skywalker. "You have to know, Gorin was planned for much later, but now i´m happy to have him." Again the woman was silent for a moment. "Besides, if i step back, somebody else would have to take my place in the task-force. Another husband, father or son. Somebody who is perhaps less qualified. And, if my son asks in a few years "Mom, what have you done during the war?" i don´t want to answer "Well, i wanted to have an impact, but then you were born and i decided to let somebody else fight for me". That would be selfish."

    "But is it really necessary, now that the tide of the war has already turned against the empire and the outcome is inevitable?" asked Luke Skywalker.
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