The TCG Trading Thread (No Selling!!!)

Discussion in 'Games: TCG' started by Jedi_Benji, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
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  2. RedneckJedi Historian, JediOKC Manager Emeritus

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    Here's the link to my SW:TCG trading site. I should have it in my signature soon. The Surplus and Needed pages show exactly what I have available and exactly what I need. The Promo page shows the same, only combined. The "All" page shows the entire list of cards for each set.

    [link=]RedneckJedi's SW:TCG Trade Center[/link]

    There's a spinning @ symbol to e-mail me, my Yahoo! Messenger status, and a link to [link=]GAB Traders[/link], where I'm a member in good standing on the Imperial Gold Team (Lt. Cmdr. RedneckJedi).
  3. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
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    WANTED BADLY! So I can finnaly finish my killer deck...

    Maul A
    Tyranus A or D
    Krayt Dragon
    Jawa Crawler x4
    Vaders Tie A
    Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR x2

  4. DartheBay Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 1, 2000
    Here is my HAVE list:

    RARES: Tyranus's Geonosian Speeder 52/180 x1,Tyranus's Solar Sailer 53/180 x1,Darth Sidious 13/180 x1,Jango Fett 22/180 x1,Darth Tyranus 14/180 x1,Geonosian Sentry 17/180 x1,Yoda 58/180 x1,Dark Side's Command 11/180 x2,Tyranus's Wrath 54/180 x1,Plot The Secession 38/180 x2,Spirit Of The Fallen 47/180 x1.

    Luxury Airspeeder 28/180 x1
    Shu Mai 45/180 x1
    Acklay 61/180 x2
    Anakin Skywalker 62/180 x2
    Anakin's Inspiration 63/180 x4
    AT-TE Walker 23X 64/180 x2
    C-3PO 67/180 x2
    Capture Obi-Wan 68/180 x3
    Chase The Villain 70/180 x3
    Cheat The Game 71/180 x2
    Cliegg Lars 72/180 x2
    Clone Warrior 73/180 x1
    Clone Warrior 5/373 74/180 x3
    Coruscant Freighter AA-9 77/180 x2
    Dark Speed 78/180 x1
    Darth Tyranus B 79/180 x1
    Destroyer Droid P Series 81/180 x3
    Down In Flames 82/180 x1
    Droid Control Ship 83/180 x1
    Geonosian Guard 85/180 x1
    Geonosian Warrior 86/180 x3
    Go To The Temple 87/180 x2
    Infantry Battle Droid B1 Series 88/180 x2
    Jango Fett C 89/180 x1
    Jedi Patrol 91/180 x2
    Kit Fisto 93/180 x5
    Master and Apprentice 94/180 x3
    Naboo Security Guard 95/180 x2
    Naboo Spaceport 96/180 x1
    Nexu 97/180 x1
    Nute Gunray A 98/180 x1
    Obi-Wan Kenobi B 99/180 x2
    Padme Amidala C 100/180 x2
    Poggle The Lesser A 101/180 x1
    Reek 102/180 x1
    Republic Cruiser 104/180 x3
    Shaak Ti 105/180 x1
    Splinter The Republic 107/180 x2
    Strength Of Hate 108/180 x1
    Subtle Assassination 109/180 x1
    Trade Federation Battleship 111/180 x2
    Trade Federation C-9979 112/180 x2
    Tyranus's Gift 113/180 x1
    Underworld Connections 114/180 x2
    Wat Tambor A 115/180 x2
    Weapon Response 117/180 x1
    Wedding Of Destiny 118/180 x3
    Yoda 119/180 x1
    Zam's Airspeeder 120/180 x1
    Anakin Skywalker D 121/180 x6
    Battle Droid Squad 122/180 x4
    Bravo N-1 Starfighter 123/180 x3
    Chancellor's Guard Squad 124/180 x5
    Clone Platoon 125/180 x5
    Clone Squad 126/180 x7
    Commerce Guild Droid 81 127/180 x8
    Commerce Guild Starship 128/180 x3
    Corellian Star Shuttle 129/180 x8
    Darth Tyranus C 130/180 x3
    Destroyer Droid Squad 131/180 x7
    Droid Starfighter DFS-4CT 132/180 x4
    Droid Starfighter Squadron 133/180 x6
    Droid Starfighter Wing 134/180 x3
    Elite Jedi Squad 135/180 x6
    Flying Geonosian Squad 136/180 x3
    Geonosian Defense Platform 137/180 x4
    Geonosian Fighter 138/180 x7
    Geonosian Squad 139/180 x6
    Gozanti Cruiser 140/180 x5
    Hatch A Clone 141/180 x5
    High-Force Dodge 143/180 x4
    Hyperdrive Ring 144/180 x5
    Intergalactic Banking Clan Starship 145/180 x5
    Jango Fett D 146/180 x6
    Jedi Starfighter 3R3 147/180 x6
    Knockdown 148/180 x6
    Lost In The Asteroids 149/180 x2
    Lull In The Fighting 150/180 x5
    Mending 151/180 x4
    N-1 Starfighter 152/180 x7
    Naboo Cruiser 153/180 x5
    Naboo Royal Starship 154/180 x5
    Naboo Senatorial Escort 155/180 x8
    Naboo Starfighter Squadron 156/180 x3
    Obi-Wan Kenobi C 157/180 x7
    Padawan's Deflection 158/180 x5
    Padme Amidala D 159/180 x6
    Patrol Speeder 160/180 x2
    Peace On Naboo 161/180 x6
    Pilot's Dodge 162/180 x10
    Republic Attack Gunship UH-478 164/180 x6
    Repulsorlift Malfunction 165/180 x3
    Return To Spaceport 166/180 x6
    Rickshaw 167/180 x8
    Slumming On Coruscant 168/180 x3
    Sonic Shockwave 169/180 x5
    Speeder Bike Squadron 170/180 x5
    Starship Refit 171/180 x6
    Surge Of Power 172/180 x4
    Swoop Bike 173/180 x7
    Take The Initiative 174/180 x5
    Target Locked 175/180 x3
    Taylander Shuttle 176/180 x6
    Techno Union Starship 177/180 x6
    Trade Federation War Freighter 178/180 x5
    Walking Droid Fighter 179/180 x5
    Zam Wesell 180/180 x4

    Here is my WANT list:

    Anakin Skywalker B 2/180
    Battle Fatigue 5/180
    Boba Fett A 6/180
    Clone Officer 9/180
    Dark Rendezvous 10/180
    Destruction Of Hope 15/180
    Jango Fett A 21/180
    Jar Jar Binks A 23/180
    Order Here 33/180
    Padme Amidala B 35/180
    Queen Jamillia A 40/180
    Slave I A 46/180
    Ward Of The Jedi 56/180
    Zam Wesell A 60/180
    Chancellor Palpantine A 69/180
    Elan Sleazebaggano A 84/180

    If anyone wants to trade just send me an e-mail telling me what you have that I might want.
  5. Jedi_Benji Jedi Padawan

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    Oct 2, 2002
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    To save the long posts you might want to just say what you want and maybe list your rares, and on a footnote say somethin like also have many Common and Uncommon cards from X, Y and Z expansions.

    I dont mond, but some people might not like scrolling :)

    [link=]Jedi Benji, Benji Has Spoken!! :D [/link]
  6. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
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    Maul A
    Krayt Dragon
    Jawa Crawler (BOY) x4
    Vaders Tie A
    Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR x2

    Let me now what you need.

  7. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    I've got Jango A & B,How Badly do ya want 'em?
    Vader B and somthing because at the moment I've only gotAOTC TCG so I would like some Trilogy.
  8. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    I want:

    darks or lights with at least s10,p5,h5.Or clone charecters that have colous on their helmets(pilots,commanders ect.)

    I've got:

    ATTE's both kinds
    Naboo space port
    Naboo Defence Station
    and ever type of clone, clone group and clone transport about 15-20 times each

    Rblc Assalt ship
    Every naboo spacecraft
    Jedi Starfighter and Obi's starfighterA

    Anakin B(I had A but I lost It)
    Yoda A&B
    Plo Koon
    Obi B shiny
    Shaak Ti A
    Kit Fisto A
    Jar Jar A
    Padme B
    Bail Origana
    Lama Su

  9. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Setle a bet is Darth Sidious A s40 p12 h9?

    Vader Fett
  10. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
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    No way! He is more Like 40-5-3 I think.
  11. Jedi_Benji Jedi Padawan

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    Oct 2, 2002
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    40-6-5 actually, and he is nice in my deck
  12. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
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  13. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Jees I thought he was supposed to be the best card.
  14. Jedi_Benji Jedi Padawan

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    Oct 2, 2002
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    He is a good card, but just because a unit has a high power and health cost does not mean he is the best.

    A death Star Will Always destroy an x-wing, but if you have the 20bp Death Star against 20 build points worth of x-wings the x-wings will win 99% of the time, unless you get some really unlucky draws
  15. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Dose any body have Windu?

    Does any body have A TIE X1, X-wing or Death Star?
  16. LordSilvertouch Jedi Master

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    Apr 19, 2003
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    Slow down there VaderFett.

    How much do you want that Yoda A?
  17. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Silver toch I'll take no less than Slave 1 A.

    If some body will give me sidious A then I'll give it to them.

    Let the bidding begin!

    Vader Fett
  18. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
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    "Natalie Portman is so DAIM Fine"

    I think you need to work on your spelling there VadreFett...


    SW:TCG Want List

    Darth Maul A
    Darth Maul E
    Darth Tyranus A
    Darth Tyranus D
    Darth Tyranus F
    Darth Tyranus G
    Darth Vader D

    Krayt Dragon
    Jawa Crawler x3

    Slave 1 C
    Vaders Tie A

    Recently Added to my Have List...

    Death Star A
    Luke Skywalker B Foil
    Han Solo B
    Chewbacca B
    Many other Foils, Rares, ect.... Just Ask for what you need I may have it.

  19. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Sith Dooku do you have any boba's Slave 1 in card if so will you trade it for Yoda A.
  20. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Daim is not sopposed to be dam it is sopposed to put an extra accent on the word making more of a i sound.

    Vader Fett
  21. VaderFett Jedi Youngling

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    May 20, 2003
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    Daim is not sopposed to be dam it is sopposed to put an extra accent on the word making more of a i sound.

    Vader Fett
  22. davidb Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 19, 2003
    here are my wants and a partial list of my haves

    Attack of the Clones
    #28 Luxury Airspeeder
    #70 Chase the Villain
    #73 Clone Warrior 4/163
    #78 Dark Speed
    #80 Departure Time
    #88 Infantry Battle Droid, B1 Series
    #99 Obi-Wan Kenobi
    #106 Ship Arrival
    #108 Strength of Hate
    #113 Tyranus's Gift

    A New Hope
    #63 Biggs Darklighter (A)
    #75 Dissolve the Senate
    #79 General Tagge (A)
    #82 Imperial Navy Lieutenant
    #89 Learning the Force
    #95 Mouse Droid
    #103 Rebel Marine
    #104 Rebel Surrender
    #107 Press the Advantage
    #109 Star Destroyer Commander
    #111 Stormtrooper DV-692
    #116 Tatooine Speeder
    #118 Vader's Interference
    #119 Vader's Tie Fighter (B)
    #120 Wuher (A)

    Battle Of Yavin
    #36 Alien Rage
    #39 Commander Willard (A)
    #40 Countermeasures
    #42 Death Star (B)
    #44 Deflectors Activated
    #45 Grand Moff Tarkin (B)
    #47 Han Solo (C)
    #49 Imperial Dewback
    #51 Jawa Crawler
    #52 Jawa Scavenger
    #53 Labria
    #54 Let the Wookie Win
    #55 Luke Skywalker (F)
    #56 Luke's Speeder
    #57 Mobile Command Base
    #59 Princess Leia
    #60 R2-D2 (D)
    #64 Stormtrooper KE-829
    #65 Tatoooine Hangar
    #66 Tusken Raider Squad
    #67 Tusken War Party
    #68 Untamed Ronto
    #70 Womp Rat
    #76 Luke Skywalker (G)

    Attack of the Clones
    #45 Shu Mai x1
    #62 Anakin Skywalker x1
    #64 AT-TE Walker 23X x1
    #66 Attract Enemy Fire x2
    #67 C-3PO x1
    #72 Cliegg Lars x3
    #74 Clone Warrior 5/373 x1
    #76 Corde x2
    #77 Coruscant Freighter AA-9 x1
    #79 Darth Tyranus x2
    #82 Down in Flames x2
    #85 Geonosian Guard x1
    #86 Geonosian Warrior x3
    #87 Go to the Temple x1
    #91 Jedi Patrol x1
    #92 Kaminoan Guard x1
    #95 Naboo Security Guard x2
    #96 Naboo Spaceport x2
    #98 Nute Gunray x1
    #101 Poggle the Lesser x1
    #102 Reek x2
    #103 Republic Assault Ship x1
    #104 Republic Cruiser x6
    #105 Shaak Ti x1
    #107 Splinter the Republic x1
    #109 Subtle Assassination x2
    #111 Trade Federation Battleship x4
    #114 Underworld Connections x2
    #115 Wat Tambor x1
    #116 Watto x1
    #118 Wedding of Destiny x2
    #120 Zam's Airspeeder x1
    #121 Anakin Skywalker x3
    #122 Battle Droid Squad x7
    #123 Bravo N-1 Starfighter x2
    #124 Chancellor's Guard Squad x7
    #125 Clone Platoon x10
    #126 Clone Squad x7
    #127 Commerce Guild Droid 81 x7
    #128 Commerce Guild Starship x3
    #129 Corellian Star Shuttle x7
    #130 Darth Tyranus x7
    #131 Destroyer Droid Squad x6
    #132 Droid Starfighter DFS-4CT x6
    #133 Droid Starfighter Squadron x10
    #134 Droid Starfighter Wing x4
    #135 Elite Jedi Squad x7
    #136 Flying Geonosian Squad x3
    #137 Geonosian Defense Platform x3
    #138 Geonosian Fighter x9
    #139 Geonosian Squad x10
    #140 Gozanti Cruiser x2
    #141 Hatch a Clone x1
    #142 Hero's Dodge x1
    #143 High-Force Dodge x6
    #144 Hyperdrive Ring x3
    #145 InterGalactic Banking Clan Starship x6
    #146 Jango Fett x9
    #147 Jedi Starfighter 3R3 x8
    #148 Knockdown x3
    #149 Lost in the Asteroids x6
    #150 Lull in the Fighting x2
    #151 Mending x4
    #152 N-1 Starfighter x5
    #153 Naboo Cruiser x3
    #154 Naboo Royal Starship x4
    #155 Naboo Senatorial Escort x8
    #156 Naboo Starfighter Squadron x4
    #157 Obi-Wan Kenobi x5
    #158 Padawan's Deflection x6
    #159 Padme Amidala x5
    #160 Patrol Speeder x4
    #161 Peace on Naboo x2
    #162 Pilot's Dodge x2
    #163 Recon Speeder
    #164 Republic Attack Gunship UH-478 x2
    #165 Repulsorlift Malfunction x5
    #166 Return to Spaceport x6
    #167 Rickshaw x1
    #168 Slumming on Coruscant x5
    #169 Sonic Shockwave x9
    #170 Speedr Bike Squadron x4
    #171 Starship Refit x3
    #172 Surge of Power x7
    #173 Swoop Bike x3
    #174 Take the Initiative x4
    #175 Target Locked x4
    #176 Taylander Shuttle x3
    #177 Techno Union Starship x6
    #178 Trade Federation War Freighter x4
    #179 Walking Droid Fighter x4
    #180 Zam Wesell x6
  23. davidb Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 19, 2003
    Here are the rest of my haves
    A New Hope:
    #62 Benefits of Training x1
    #64 C-3PO (C) x1
    #65 Commander Praji (A) x1
    #67 Darth Vader (B) x2
    #68 Death Star Hangar Bay x1
    #69 Death Star Plans x1
    #71 Death Star Superlaser Gunner x1
    #72 Death Star Turbolaser Gunner x2
    #73 Demonstration of Power x1
    #78 Genaral Dodonna (A) x2
    #81 Imperial Control Station x2
    #83 Insignificant Power x2
    #84 Into the Garbage Chute x2
    #85 Jawa x1
    #88 Jon "Dutch" Vander (A) x1
    #90 Lieutenant Tanbris (A) x3
    #96 Obi-Wan Kenobi (F) x1
    #97 Oil Bath x1
    #98 Princess Leia (B) x3
    #99 R2-D2 (C) x1
    #101 Rebel Control Officer x1
    #102 Rebel Control Post x1
    #103 Rebel Marine x3
    #105 Rebel Trooper x1
    #110 Stormtrooper Charge x1
    #112 Stormtrooper Squad Leader x2
    #113 Stormtrooper TK-119 x2
    #114 Support in the Senate x1
    #121 Air Cover x5
    #122 Precise Blast x2
    #123 Stay Sharp x7
    #124 Carrack Cruiser x3
    #125 Darth Vader (C) x6
    #126 Death Star Cannon Tower x4
    #127 Death Star Guard Squad x3
    #128 Domesticated Bantha x2
    #129 Flare-S Swoop x6
    #130 Ground Support x2
    #131 Imperial Detention Block x4
    #132 Imperial Star Destroyer x3
    #133 Incom T-16 Skyhopper x5
    #134 Into Hiding x2
    #135 Jawa Squad x3
    #136 Jawa Supply Trip x2
    #137 Jump to Lightspeed x2
    #138 Luke Skywalker (D) x2
    #139 Luke's Repairs x6
    #140 Moisture Farm x3
    #141 Planetary Defense Turret x5
    #142 Nowhere to Run x4
    #143 Obi-Wan Kenobi (G) x3
    #144 Jedi Intervention x6
    #145 Obi-Wan's Plan x5
    #146 Penetrate the Shields x5
    #147 Preemptive Shot x7
    #148 Princess Leia (C) x6
    #149 Rebel Fighter Wing x8
    #150 Rebel Honor Company x4
    #151 Rebel Marine Squad x4
    #152 Rebel Pilot x2
    #153 Rebel Squad x2
    #154 Rescue x5
    #155 Slipping Through x7
    #156 SoruSuub V-35 Courier x3
    #157 Synchronized Assault x4
    #158 Stormtrooper Assault Team x6
    #159 Stormtrooper DV-523 x3
    #160 Stormtrooper Patrol x5
    #161 Stormtrooper Squad x3
    #162 Tie Fighter DS-3-12 x4
    #163 Tie Fighter DS-73-3 x3
    #164 Tie Fighter DS-55-6 x5
    #165 Tie Fighter DS-61-9 x1
    #166 Tie Fighter Pilot x7
    #167 Tie Fighter Squad x5
    #168 Tusken Squad x4
    #170 Victory-Class Star Destroyer x5
    #171 Well-Aimed Shot x2
    #172 X-Wing Red One x3
    #173 X-Wing Red Three x2
    #174 X-Wing Red Two x4
    #175 X-Wing Attack Formation x3
    #176 Y-Wing Gold One x4
    #177 Y-Wing Gold Squadron x5
    #178 YT-1300 Transport x8
    #179 YV-664 Light Freighter x3
    #180 Z-95 Headhunter x4

    Battle of Yavin
    #37 C-3PO (D) x1
    #50 Interrogation Droid x1
    #58 Obi-Wan's Handiwork x1
    #61 Rebel Armored Freerunner x3
    #71 Accelerate x2
    #72 Blast It! x3
    #73 Chewbacca (D) x6
    #74 Corellian Corvette x5
    #75 Creature Attack x2
    #77 Darth Vader (F) x4
    #78 Death Star Turbolaser Tower x4
    #79 Dewback Patrol x5
    #80 Escape Pod x1
    #82 Han Solo (D) x6
    #83 Han's Evasion x4
    #84 Imperial Landing Craft x5
    #85 Jawa Salvage Team x1
    #86 Juggernaut x4
    #87 Star Destroyer x3
    #88 Malfunction x3
    #89 Outrun x1
    #90 Pilot's Speed x1
    #91 Rebel Defense Team x6
    #92 Stormtrooper Squad x6
    #93 Stormtrooper Assault x1
    #94 Stormtrooper TK-875 x3
    #95 Stormtrooper Platoon x5
    #96 Stormtrooper Regiment x4
    #97 Tie Defense Squadron x4
    #98 Tie Fighter DS-73-5 x3
    #99 Tie Fighter DS-29-4 x2
    #100 Tie Fighter DS-55-2 x1
    #101 Trust your Feelings x2
    #102 Visit to Mos Eisley x4
    #103 X-Wing Red Squadron x3
    #104 X-Wing Red Ten x1
    #105 Y-Wing Gold Two x5
  24. russelguppy Jedi Padawan

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    Jun 8, 2002
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    I need the following cards from the Jedi Guardians set:
    18,32 and 41

    I have the following ready to swap:
    8,19 (X2),23,25 (X2),26,29,30 (X2), 35,37 (X3),40,47,51 (X2),65,69,180 FOIL (X2)
    4,15,16 (X2),27,31,32,35 (X2)

    I am prepared to send first and offer 2 of my cards for just one of any of the three I need!!

    Email me direct at:
  25. SithDooku Jedi Padawan

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    May 7, 2002
    star 4
    I'm getting out of the game, SO SAD ISN'T IT :( I know I cant sell cards on this thread so drop me an E-mail.

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