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Clone Wars The TCW episode ideas thread

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by Glymphid_Warlord, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Gry Sarth Ex 2x Banhammer Wielding Besalisk Mod

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    Whether Rantooine or Dantooine, I think it's a bad idea to have the shredded burnt decomposing carcass of Hevy starring an episode. Maybe Fives would have been a better fit, this show is for kids, after all. ;)
  2. Bly Jedi Master

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    Probably, considering that was who I meant to type.:oops:
  3. koonfan Jedi Knight

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  4. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Episode Title: Legacy of Qui-Gon
    Episode Brief: During a mission in the Mid Rim, Count Dooku comes face to face with a select few people from his past. In this time, he is forced to confront the battle within him between who he once was, and what he is now.
    Jedi Fortune Cookie: The wounds of our pasts never fade.
    Newsreel: A shadowy plot in progress! Count Dooku, under orders from the mysterious DARTH SIDIOUS, has captured Obi-Wan Kenobi in a trap by leaking false information of Separatist plots! While the Jedi organise a rescue team, the Count prepares to interrogate Obi-Wan, and plans to lure him to the dark side!

    Act I
    Opening in a single Separatist flagship, Dooku paces in a room, with Obi-Wan hooked up to an energy binder device similar to the one he was trapped in back on Geonosis. The Count mockingly questions Kenobi's stubbornness in the situation, with Obi-Wan delivering his own dry remarks about it. Kenobi is sure that eventually another Jedi strike force will arrive, but Dooku believes that even if the Jedi came after him, he would be able to deal with them. Obvious questions are dealt with early on (Can't the Jedi sense Obi-Wan? How'd Dooku capture him? etc.) and, after some questioning during which Kenobi frustrates Dooku, the two have a moment to talk.

    Obi-Wan again attempts to reach Dooku, believing that he can turn from the Dark Side. After all, he taught Qui-Gon, himself a great man and Jedi. With his former apprentice brought up, Dooku snaps that Obi-Wan wouldn't know what he's talking about. They swap opinions on what the Republic did to Jinn, as well as where they think he'd be. However, through their arguments on him, they are able to find common ground, such as their immense respect for him. Obi-Wan mentions that if either of them turned to the Dark Side, Qui-Gon would be the first to reach out to them. Dooku ponders this for a moment, but shakes it off, believing that he is too far gone, and that with the Dark Side, he can make the galaxy a better place.

    Alarms sound as the ship is ambushed at its position by a single Venator-class Star Destroyer. Dooku is amazed. He only used a single ship, and it was supposed to be a secret. For a few minutes, a brief but intense battle is waged to quickly enter the ship and rescue Obi-Wan. Skipping ahead, a team made up of Plo Koon, Mace Windu and Anakin cut their way through battle droids and mention in passing that their anonymous intel was surprisingly accurate. The trio blast into Dooku's chamber where Obi-Wan is kept (looking almost exactly like the chamber where they dueled in Episode 3 albeit with more interrogation technology). Dooku holds Obi-Wan hostage as the Jedi face off with him in a standoff.

    Act II
    Dooku tries to bargain his way out by offering Obi-Wan if they simply take him and leave. Fruitless negotiations take place, buying Dooku time to covertly send the activation signal to his emergency squad of Magnaguards, who promptly enter the chamber and engage the Jedi. In the first few seconds, the council members hold off the droids, Anakin frees Obi-Wan, and Mace catches up with Dooku while the three Jedi fight off the moderate number of droids.

    Mace tries to reason with Dooku, saying he was one of the most respected teachers in the order, but Dooku refuses to give in. After a debate on the light and dark sides of the Force as well as Dooku's record as both a teacher and Jedi, the Count sparks off the fight by taunting Mace about his lightsabre form. The two duel in the chamber in a dazzling display of skills, Mace's offensive sometimes prompting Dooku to maneuver, but Dooku is able to deftly defend himself from the onslaught. A burst of Force Lightning causes an area of the ship to collapse, allowing him to escape, but not before taunting Mace about the war. Unable to do anymore, Mace returns to the chamber.

    Dooku escapes, cutting through small squads of clones (relying on guile to not be overwhelmed by numbers) while we briefly cut to the Jedi fighting their way out against the few remaining Magnag
  5. DarthKruul Jedi Youngling

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    I dont have episode thoughts but i have ideas of the clone wars contiounity on this topic

  6. Yodaminch Force Ghost

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    Title: Diplomatic Disaster

    Episode Brief: Bail Organa and Mon Mothma embark on a diplomatic mission to negotiate the allegiance of the bothans* who are neither allied to the Separatists nor to the Republic. The diplomatic mission quickly turns into a rescue mission when Count Dooku dispatches Aurra Sing (or some other bounty hunter. I'm not picky) to assassinate their leader.

    Full Synopsis: I'm afraid I am terrible at a full synopsis, but here are the basic scenes:

    We open with the usual narration about how Dooku and the Confederacy are systemically eliminating all allies of the Republic and resources are thin. Meanwhile, the Bothan government has dispatched a representative to the Galatic Senate

    The first scene is the bothan representative speaking in front of the full Senate. We have Palpatine and his aides on the dias (perhaps for budget we lose sly moore or mas amedda or both). And we see a shot of Senators Amidala, Organa and Mothma.

    The representative relates to the audience quickly that the government would like to negotiate joining with the Republic and requests representatives be sent. Mon Mothma immediately volunteers and Bail follows. Palpatine reluctantly agrees.

    We cut to a scene of the senators exiting their stations and Bail meets up with Padme and requests her protocol droid. There's few bits of dialogue to establish a friendship.

    We now cut to Dooku meeting via hologram with his assassin and instructing her (or him) to assassinate Bothawui's leader and frame the Republic for it.


    Resume with the Tantive IV entering the atmosphere of Bothawui. Captain Antilles (or a random captain) informs them that they have arrived. In the cockpit are Bail, Mothma, Threepio and a Clone Commander.

    The ship lands and the group is greeted by the Bothan leader. They exchange pleasantries and begin walking.

    Cut to the two senators in an intense negotiation with the leader. Mon Mothma is more peaceful, trying to appeal to the Republic's need and asking for help. Organa focuses on how deadly the CIS is. The leader is stubborn and, despite his people's will to join the Republic forces, he fears Dooku's might. He also mentions that others in the government are against it. He requests to sleep on it.

    Cut to the Senators retiring to bed. The Clones are still in the Tantive. Threepio is wandering the hall, admiring the area when he comes upon assassin droids. Threepio immediately runs and collides with Bail who wants to see what the commotion is. Learning what has occurred, he alerts the clones and attempts to fight off the droids. He successfully shoots down one. and dives for cover as the other returns fire. The bothan himself is wounded. Threepio attempts to tend to him. By this time, both Mon Mothma and the Bothan security force are alerted and come running.

    The final droid is destroyed and the clones come running. The episode ends with Bail running, with the bothan leader in his arms toward a medic.

    Part 2

    Title: Aggressive Negotiations

    Episode Brief: Realizing that the time for Diplomacy has ended, the normally peaceful Senators lead their small squad of clonetroopers to aid the bothans in their fight against the Confederacy. They are aided by the arrival of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his fleet.

    The Episode opens with the narrator recounting the events of the last episode and mentioning that the leader is critically injured. It opens with Bail, Mon Mothma, Threepio and the Clone Commander staring at a bacta tank where the wounded bothan hovers between life and death.

    Upon the attempted assasination, the Bothan government unanimously decides to join the Republic. The entire planet mobilizes its defense force. The clone commander has contacted the fleet and learns that Obi-Wan Kenobi is nearby.

    Cut to Kenobi on a venator learning that the senators need help. He orders Cody to mobilize the fleet but given that they are in a battle already, they can't leave immediately. Palpatine, Mace and Yoda appear via hologram and order/ask Obi-Wan to hurry. Kenobi tells Cody he's in charge and that h
  7. The_Attackinator Jedi Youngling

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    An idea from my younger brother...

    Title: Ghost Frigate
    Episode Brief: After being drawn by tractor beam into a seemingly abandoned Separatist frigate, a team of ARC troopers carrying top secret Republic data must fight to survive as they are hunted by an unknown foe.
  8. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Well, thought I'd bump this topic out of boredom, but hey, I like writing, and I'm sure a few others do, so here we are. XD

    This time, though, I think I'll try something different. I think that the response to multi-episode arcs was a little mixed but generally positive. Some of the things brought up were these:
    -More running time to flesh out story
    -Have story arc episodes which aren't standalone but lead into one another
    So why don't we try and make a few more multi-episode story-arcs for no other reason than the heck of it? :D

    I'll post the brief of the arc here first, and if responses are good or I'm just too bored, I'll post the individual episodes later. XD

    :p Arc Title TFN Users will use: Outer-Rim Sieges Arc
    Episode Titles: Into the Outer Rim, Besieged, and Tip of the Lance
    Episode Briefs:
    -After slowly but surely gaining ground, the Jedi have enough momentum to break into the more secure Outer Rim territories to invade Separatist space. Parting from their many loved ones, the Jedi begin the first phases of establishing a foothold deeper in enemy territory.
    -Several teams of Jedi Masters traveling in pairs have each made contact with the Separatists in the key systems they have begun invading. However, some of them must begin besieging enemy fortresses, while others are besieged themselves. Meanwhile, (important villain) enacts a lethal plan...
    -The Separatist Trap has handicapped (majority percentage) the Republic forces. (selected character or characters) must find a way to turn the situation around by launching a precision strike on a key location. If he/she/they fail/s, the forces caught will fail to breach enemy territory. The Republic will lose its momentum and the war will drag on indefinitely.

    Important Notes:
    -An emotional scene of Anakin saying goodbye to Padme would be involved in the first episode. Perhaps a follow up of Anakin trying to contact Padme in some quieter scenes
    -We'd take time to introduce and develop some major supporting characters. Some of them are new, some of them can come from previous stories. Perhaps we can only effectively tell a story split over three or even four teams of characters in a manner similar to a few superhero shows with a large-ish roster
    -Although we can only focus on a handful of characters, it's possible that we might flash to or catch glimpses of other Jedi and other campaigns
    -The second episode will end with a cliffhanger, with the effects of the trap being seen but not the outcome
    -The third episode will begin shortly after the first with the trap either still in motion or just finished
    -The second and third episodes are prime candidates for episodes where you kill off a few characters, maybe even ones introduced prior to the story arc. Some but not all will be killed off, a mix of clones and Jedi
    -It's possible that characters that escape/defeat the trap in the second episode will be tasked with the major role in the final episode
    -Yes, yes, the structure might be the equivalent of titling the episode 'Victory For The Republic', but my hope is that it'd be so darn entertaining with such great use of character you won't even care if it's titled 'Ahsoka Does Stuff'. :p

    Haven't worked out the kinks yet, but this could be a way to lead into campaigns seen/hinted at in Episode 3.
  9. The Sneaky Squirrel Jedi Youngling

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    I'd like to see Kamino, or at least the cloning facilities get destroyed by the Seps towards the end of the series as a last gamble to win the war. It would make a very dramatic and powerful story arc, but it would also set up the OT nicely in explaing why the Storm Troopers are not all clones.
  10. StarWarrior77 Jedi Youngling

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    Here's an idea I had:

    PART I
    Title: Emblem of Light
    Brief Summary: Yoda and Obi-Wan trace Cad Bane and his crew to the planet of Kashyyyk. On the planet, Yoda meets Chewbacca and Tarful who help him track Bane down. Cad Bane engages in battle with the wookies, in which he kills most of them. Cad Bane finally engages in a brief battle with Obi-Wan, and he is captured by the green jedi.

    Title: Emblem of Dark
    Brief Summary: On a Republic Warship, Cad Bane is kept a prisoner. Aurra Sing sneaks on and easily frees Bane. While they try to make their escape, a separatist ship attacks and all of the Republic troops including a young jedi and the bounty hunters are taken as prisoners of war by assajj ventress. Aboard the separatist ship, Sing and Bane make another escape and Aurra duels Assajj with a yellow lightsaber. Bane fights the young jedi and steals his lightsaber in the process. Aurra wounds Assajj and the dark jedi flees in an escape pod. The ship is damaged, and crash lands on the same planet that hold Grievous' Lair.

    Title: Shadows
    Brief Summary: Cad Bane and Aurra Sing infiltrate Grievous' Lair upon needing shelter and end up fighting Grievous' guards. They finally try to figure how to get out, but come face to face with Grievous. The Bounty Hunters duel with Grievous and Bane fights with his stolen lightsaber. Sing gets wounded but Bane bests the general, and is about to go in for the kill when Count Dooku arrives on the scene. He stops Bane, then makes a handsome price to work for the separatists. The Bounty Hunters agree, and then leave for their first mission.

  11. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Nice idea to tie in Cad Bane. I'm hoping they give a good explanation for his involvement, although the obvious 'Dooku pays better' explanation is good enough for me. XD
  12. AnakinBrego Jedi Youngling

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    I'd like to see an episode on Corellia. I miss seeing Corelian ships, like the Falcon and seeing a ship like the Outrider.
    Maybe we could be introduced to Han Solo's mother and father.
  13. StarWarrior77 Jedi Youngling

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    Yea, Lucas said that Han Solo couldn't be in the series but showing his parents would be a good idea.
  14. Ludo_Kressh Jedi Knight

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    Very nice...maybe this is what Dooku meant by Grievous needing 'room for improvement':p
  15. Garth Maul Manager Emeritus

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    I'd like to see something with Dooku reaching out to disgruntled Jedi, like in SW:Republic.

    I thought it very likely that many Jedi would be dissatisfied with the Order literally sitting in their ivory tower on Coruscant, working for a corrupt Senate.

    Dooku would want to work the schism angle.

    I can see many Jedi refusing to become generals for the Republic.
  16. TaradosGon Manager Emeritus

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    I'd like to see Dooku with some ambition of his own. Maybe Grievous finally gets his act together and wins a string of victories that Sidious expected the Republic to lose, that gives Dooku the idea that he can actually win the war, and he tries to defeat the Republic so that he himself can win the war and take power. Maybe he, along with Ventress, try to attack Sidious and overthrow him, which ends with Ventress getting killed, etc.
  17. ArrogantJedi Jedi Youngling

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    Nice stories by everyone here. koonfan, I definately like your idea of Legacy of Qui-Gon episode where Dooku faces several old friends (Jedi Council) members. In your Act III where Dooku and Plo Koon duel, once they get into the saber fight at some point where their sabers lock up, I can see Dooku saying something like "You know you can't win this my old friend", Plo saying something to the effect, "..then I will die trying", then Dooku saying in a slightly more threatening/angry voice "...then so be it". The duel continues for a bit longer and looks fairly close, then Dooku starts to prevail. If he does have the opportunity for a killing blow, I can see him slightly hesitating, then Mace comes into it, etc. Then they both fend him off. It'd be kind of like the moment in Episode III where Dooku locks sabers with Anakin and says the "i sense great fear in you...etc" line while the sabers making that sparking sound as they rub against each other during that lock.
  18. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Thanks a bunch. And that would be great TV. I'd definitely love to see something to that effect. :D
    I'm of the opinion that Dooku was possibly friends to Tyvokka due to that one picture they appear in, and was probably very supportive of Qui-Gon's friendship with Plo. When you take into consideration that upon turning to evil he starts being a humanocentrist, it might lead to more interesting dialogue where he expresses new found disdain for Qui-Gon's 'taste in companions'.
    One possibility is him racistly suggesting that Qui-Gon kept the 'lesser-skilled' Plo around to highlight his own abilities. Plo, in turn, goes berserk, if only briefly, a chance for James Arnold Taylor to 'let the character go' like he briefly mentioned in an interview. XD

    More notes to sort of sharpen up the Outer-Rim Sieges arc I had...
    -I figured it'd be just perfect to have Quinlan Vos (voiced by David Hayter, a.k.a. Solid Snake :D) be the character responsible for dismantling the trap sprung, with assistance from fellow survivors/escapees/etc., or he could transmit information and request assistance from anybody available. If we wanted to implement people from the main cast, anyone of them would do. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex or even Artoo. Wouldn't make it more than one for fear of it being cluttered, though. XD
    -Biological enemies might play a possible role in the trap, and it kind of fits as a perfect way to stalemate most Jedi, who'd be reluctant to order their troops to attack them. Would also give the chance to see some of the more aggressive/morally ambiguous characters simply cutting them down.
    -If biological enemies play an important part in the trap, one of the objectives would be to get assistance from Oppo Rancicis or a Jedi capable of Battle Meditation, which is exponentially more powerful when it can affect enemy morale alongside your own.
    -I sort of envision the third episode being a rag-tag group of a handful of skilled clones and a few Jedi who aren't necessarily at 'main character' strength banding together despite their lack of organisation, while Dooku, having already deployed his major (ahem, lightsaber [face_whistling]) servants, sends in the more slick and resourceful bounty hunters to deal with the potential escapees. Durge could possibly join as another threat to the small force.
    -If Oppo Rancicis appears, he just has to fight Sora Bulq. :D

    There are a lot of possible teams of Clones, Jedi, squads, etc. that might appear, and most of them will just get a brief showing, but I think that you can address the attention over the three different episodes and shifting focus once a 'plot' or battle has been resolved somewhat.
    Episode 1 (establishing a foothold) will show the 'front line' action and the obvious defenses organised, probably in the shape of tactical droids and the Sep generals. The main cast and some of the more important background Jedi will be focused on.
    Episode 2 (where the invasion begins and the trap is sprung) will probably focus on the Separatists and their more powerful agents, with the
  19. vong333 Jedi Grand Master

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    Thats all great stuff for EU, but now that GL is going to be more involved than ever before for get it.
  20. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Well, glad you actually liked it (must be all the potential for MORAL AMBIGUITY in Star Wars: GALAXY OF ANGST :p ). I disagree with the impression that GL instantly cannonballs any EU stuff, though, at least with regards with anything he likes and anything which doesn't necessarily contradict his personal view of Star Wars. After all, they threw in a Master Vos reference in ROTS. :p

    I think that it's possible that the EU 'backstory' of Plo Koon being friends with Qui-Gon remains a possibility, because they reference it whenever he fights Obi-Wan in the Lightsaber Duels game (yes, it's a videogame and therefore it's unlikely anything they say is canon).

    Of course, if the 'George destroys all EU and destroys Galaxy-of-Angst' scenario ends up being true, I still think that a story arc about the Outer Rim sieges could still take place. The present cartoon is taking place during the campaigns in the outer rim...
    ...so I think that we can work our way to Obi-Wan saying 'in short, they're going very well' about the Outer Rim sieges. After all, they made it clear that Anakin can't meat Grievous owing to their brief exchange.

    Yes, I am shamelessly optimistic and shamelessly sold on this Plo Koon....I mean series. [face_laugh]
  21. The Sneaky Squirrel Jedi Youngling

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    The Downfall of a Droid/Duel of the Droids episodes got me thinking that a good 'backstory' episode or storyarc might be there.

    How about a concerted attempt by the Seps to reprogram/win over somehow all the droids being used by the republic? It would be a smart "back door" tactic to either infitrate the Republic's droid manufacturing/maintenance facilities and infect them all with a computer virus to turn them off/take them over at a certain moment.

    Or to be really crazy, have the Seps appeal to the Republic droids' "logic" that it would be in their best interest to join the droid army of the Seps. "Droid emancipation" and all that. Might even tie it into the bartender's comment in ANH that "We don't serve their kind." - a kind of festering droid discrimination. I think we've seen a few times in the series comments from the droids about "droid superiority."
  22. XCell Jedi Padawan

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    Just bits of ideas..
    An episode where Ziro is working with the Jedi.
    An episode showing younglings and clone kids working together.
    An episode showing how Yoda became friends with the Wookiees.
    An episode showing more info about Syfo-Dias.
    An episode where something from Qui-Gon's past comes up.
    An episode with podracing.
    An episode where Dooku is stranded with Jar Jar and can't fight.
  23. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Those are some pretty neat ideas. I'd love to see some youngling episodes, and Dooku and Jar Jar would be an interesting comic duo. XD
  24. koonfan Jedi Knight

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    Well, bumping this topic here for fun. Hope you enjoy it, though. XD

    Episode Title: Light in Shadow (first episode to be followed by Light and Darkness:D )
    Episode Brief: On <important planet>, a desperate battalion of clone troopers have to deal not only with a powerful separatist force, but doubts within their own unit. The clones begin to ask not when will help come, but will it come?
    Jedi Fortune Cookie: A show of force brings fear. A show of courage brings hope.
    Newsreel: Desperate siege on planet <important>! Deeply entrenched in their emplacement, the clone army is cornered and besieged by a vast army lead by none other than COUNT DOOKU himself! Receiving news that all Jedi generals have been defeated, the Jedi Order decides to send three of its most powerful members to relieve the clone troopers...

    Act I
    Opening up on the tail end of a battle, the clones engage a battle droid force at their main encampment with no indication of who'd be a main character. With superior position, cover and drive, the clones are able to push them back. A group of clones, some merely privates while others are captains or commanders, encourage their brothers to keep on fighting. These clones meet up in their own quarters, where it's revealed that they are effectively the leaders of the unit, being the only ones capable of inspiring and motivating the troops.

    They give a quick exposition to get us up to speed, explaining that for such an important planet, Dooku used the strategy of taking out the Jedi Generals first to weaken the Republic's morale, flashbacks used briefly to illustrate. Using Ventress' assassination skills, General Grievous' brute strength, and his and Sora Bulq's own considerably prowess, they were able to divide the Republic Generals and, one by one, over months, pick them off in select duels. With the generals dead, the individualistic clones were the only things preventing total annihilation, and Grievous and Ventress were free to go attend to other campaigns.

    The clones (two idealistic privates, three captains/commanders, and an ARC Trooper) begin to discuss their options and the general consensus is to wait for backup from the Jedi Order, having given their report. Two of the captains/commanders, grizzled veterans Downer and Blade, opt to stop messing around, as it is apparent to them that the Republic isn't coming. The best they can do to prevent a catastrophic loss (referring to Jabiim of the comic series) is to hit the Seppies with all they've got, regardless of collateral damage, or they'll just be left to a slow and gruesome death until they run out of ammunition. Private Nub and Commander Tails disagree and believe wholeheartedly that the Jedi will come, citing their concern for the clones.
    Downer and Blade believe that concern won't achieve their objective. The last private is more concerned with the welfare of the troops and would take any alternative that ended it quickly, but is still too green to even consider the various air strikes and artillery bombardments proposed. The ARC trooper (quickly establishing himself as the de facto leader) weighs their options and decides that they will wait, but only for so long. If the Jedi don't show, they'll have no choice but to unleash their complete arsenal. They've only got about as long as their troops can keep their spirits up.

    Act II
    Cutting to Count Dooku and Sora Bulq, the Count elaborates that the plan was simple yet effective, especially for such an important planet. He congratulates Grievous (via hologram) on his strategy, stating that such a public defeat will demoralise various star systems while showing them that the Jedi can be more than easily bested by the Separatists. Sora Bulq reminds Dooku that the Jedi Council won't take this lying down, and Dooku agrees. They prepare various defenses and spar to prepare for the coming encounter.

    Meanwhile, a Republic fleet exits hyperspace. Using ion cannons, it is able to distract the Separatist blockade and disrupt their laser fire long enough for sev
  25. Dark_Jedi_Chris Jedi Youngling

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    om these are amazing stories omg omg but i didnt like the c-3po one it was too childish and predictable but i also love the new assasian droid one and the invisble hand one it seems a nice way to explain how grevious aqiured the war ship that he is in episode 3
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