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The test (a challenge for every FF writer.)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jacinta_Kenobi, Jun 2, 2002.

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  1. Jacinta_Kenobi

    Jacinta_Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 23, 2001
    This is the place to post scenes that writers have writting according to my challenge.

    You can find the sign-up sheet here: [link=] The Test [/link]
  2. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    alright here is mine, have fun reading it.


    Brakbar a teenage Mon Calamari male walked through the Jedi temple carrying a new holocam in his hands.
    ?Hey Brakbar wait up.? His friend Qui-Gon Jinn said as he ran to catch up to him.
    He stopped and waited for Qui-Gon to catch up.
    ?Nice holocam Brakbar.?
    They walked along together and entered the gardens.
    ?So who are you going to take a picture of?? Qui-Gon asked curiously.
    Brakbar shrugged his shoulders. ?I?m not sure yet.?
    ?You bought a holocam and you?re not sure what you want to take a picture of??
    ?Hey you never know.? He smiled.
    Brakbar placed the holocam on a rock and failed to realize that he had pressed the auto picture taker and that it fell off the rock into a bush.
    Brakbar forgot about the holocam as he joined some more of his friends and hours later left.

    It was night and the holocam turned on its night light, it lay on the bush at an angle that it was facing a water fountain. Two figures came to the fountain and sat down unaware that the holocam had began to take pictures.

    Brakbar had just gotten out of the refresher when he noticed that his holocam wasn?t on his desk.
    I must have left it in the garden. He tiptoed out of his and his master?s quarters and when to the garden. He found his holocam lying in a bush. Here it is, now I can process the pictures of the sea animals I saw at the main courascent park yesterday.
    He plugged the cam into the small computer terminal he and his master shared and began downloading the pictures. However the computer terminal was experiencing a malfunction that he didn?t know about as he left his quarters to meet Qui-Gon in the cafeteria.

    ?Brakbar, over here.? Qui-Gon called to him to where he was sitting.
    ?Good morning Qui-Gon.? He greeted as he sat down.
    ?Qui-Gon, I think you better see this.? His friend Harla said as she sat down beside them.
    She handed them her data pad. Their jaws literally dropped opened as they both gasped in shock. There on the datapad images of sea animals appeared and then pictures of two people kissing each other on the lips at a fountain. Qui-Gon and Harla blushed abarrasly and it took Qui-Gon just a second to realize something.
    ?Brakbar you don?t have anything to do with this do you? I mean you wouldn?t do this to me, your best friend??
    ?what makes you think I did it??
    ?you are the only one who carries a holocam around the temple plus you were carrying it when we stopped by the garden yesterday afternoon.?
    ?I..? Brakbar didn?t get a chance to finish as he was interrupted by sounds coming around the tables.
    ?Hey Qui-Gon you and Harla make quiet a pair kissing like that.? Some one yelled causing them to blush some more.
    Qui-Gon grabbed Brakbar by the tunic as they made their way out of the chaosed eating room, Harla followed close behind.
    Qui-Gon literally dragged Brakbar back to his quarters while Harla searched for the offensive holocam.
    ?You really done it this time.? An embarrassed and agitated Qui-Gon said.
    Harla found the holocam and handed it to Qui-Gon.
    He turned on the projector and flipped through the pictures till he found the offensive pictures.
    ?Aha, now we have proof, now don?t even try to deny this is your holocam? Qui-Gon said trying but failing to remain calm.
    ?It wasn?t my fault, I?.? He stopped when he saw the menacing glare in Qui-Gon?s eyes.
    Beginning to sweat he licked his lips and then sighed. ?Yes, I?m afraid so.?
    ?Thought so.? Qui-Gon threw the holocam onto the floor and destroyed it with his lightsaber.
    Brakbar promised himself to never, ever touch a holocam again.

    The End
  3. Marawannabe

    Marawannabe Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2001
    LOL, so holocam was abviously your object, what was your alien and quote?
  4. Artemis_Silverbow

    Artemis_Silverbow Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 9, 2001
    I'm guessing that the alien was a Mon Calamari(what other alien was there?). Not sure about the quote though.
  5. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    the quote was. ?Yes, I?m afraid so.?

    the alien was Mon Calamari.

    the object is the holocam.

    that was fun.
  6. Neobi_Kenobi

    Neobi_Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 15, 2001
    Here's mine...


    The trees rushed past her as she ran through the forest with her baby. She turned back to see if he was near her, but in not paying attention she cut her cheek bone on a dry branch. The raspy breath seemed to be cutting into her neck.

    "Why don't you just leave us alone you Hutt slime!" She called back to her follower.

    Once again she turned back but this time her decision proved even more in vain. For in the instant she turned the small river in front of her evaded her attention.

    Holding on to her baby she twisted her body so she would not fall on it. Her twisted knee taking the force of the fall.

    With her free hand she clawed her way to the shore of the river. The dark figure watching from the opposite bank.

    "Give me my son!" The dark and raspy voice declared.

    Making one final attempt to keep him from her son she pulled out a blaster and spoke as loud as her voice would allow with out shaking, "If you want him come and claim him!"

    Opening her eyes with a jolt Amidala realized it had all been a dream. Placing a hand on her fully swollen stomach she desperately pleaded to an unknown force to keep her son safe from his father.

    It was after her plead that it hit. And her scream from the pain broke through the silence of the night.




  7. Daughter_Of_TheForce

    Daughter_Of_TheForce Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 1, 2001
    Here's mine.

    Deep inside the rancid pile of rocks called a palace, the minor crime lord Garja the Hutt relaxed in his throne room, sheltered from Tatooine's savage suns. For the moment the chamber was empty save for a couple of guards, a Weequay and a Nikto. The only sounds were loud inhalations and exhalations Garja made while lazily smoking his water pipe. Next to Garja, a frog bowl nearly empty of water sat on a pedestal.

    Soon a slightly-scuffed silver protocol droid shuffled in and stopped in front of the dais where Garja sat. "Sir, might I have a word with you?"

    Garja waved a pudgy hand.

    The droid inched closer. He took a moment to look back at both guards and then faced the Hutt. "Please don't take this the wrong way, sir, but you don't pay me enough to take this constant abuse."

    Garja smirked. "I don't pay you at all."

    "Well, that is beside the point."

    "Then what is the point, talk-droid?"

    The droid straightened. "My designation is C-3K0."

    "Whatever." Garja took a puff from his pipe. "Whadda you want?"

    "Well...I want better treatment."

    "I want more Twi'lek dancers, but wanting something doesn't mean you're going to get it."

    "At least hear me out, sir."

    Garja's huge eyes rolled in their sockets. "All right."

    Threekayo drew himself up proudly. "Well...for a start, I don't want to take out the garbage anymore. This is not what I was programmed for."

    "At least you're taking out the garbage. You're not being take out as garbage." Garja snickered nastily.

    "I find no humor in that statement."

    "You would if you knew how many droids I go through. You know, you're lucky."

    "I don't consider it lucky that I am forced to walk your nekk attack dogs. Loathsome creatures."

    "They like you."

    "I do not care!" Threekayo waved his arms in disgust. "I do not like them!"

    Garja rolls his eyes again and kept smoking. "Anything else?"

    "The roomasche. I don't want to cook it anymore."

    The massive Hutt seemed to deflate. "Awww..."

    "Well, I don't!"

    "But I love it. Nobody else can get the tentacles to the tenderness I like."

    "Have you ever tried to kill one of those things? Take off one tentacle, another sprouts in its place and it tries even harder to get away. 'Fastest lunch on legs' indeed. And the ink is detrimental to my delicate circuitry."

    "You're hurting me here."

    "I only way I could hurt you is if I left."

    Garja squinted at the droid. "You're leaving?"

    "If I don't get what I want."

    Garja reached down beside him and held up a droid caller, waving it menacingly. "This is a joke, right?"

    Threekayo was unmoved. "No joke at all. And if you attempt to immobilize me with that, you'll find it will not work."

    The Hutt aimed the caller at the droid and pressed the activator. When the droid did nothing, Garja glared at the caller. "What is this?"

    It was impossible for Threekayo to look any more smug than he did at that moment.

    "I am not a typical droid, and typical restraining bolts will not work on me. You equipped me with the ability to cook and cook well, which required that you remove my creativity inhibitors. As I must constantly repair your ailing kitchen equipment, rewiring a restraining bolt is not much of a problem."

    "Then what did I just activate?"

    "The hangar door."

    "Oh." Garja counted how many times he pressed the activator button and pressed it the right number of times to close hangar door. At least he hoped it was closed.

    "Anyway," he said, regarding the droid with a sour look, "how could you hurt me by leaving? I can always get a new droid. One that can only cook."

    Threekayo ignored the threat. "I know about your dealings with Nabur the bounty hunter and how you tried to have your cousin Kujo blown up on his sail barge."

    Garja shrugged. "He knew it was me. I said it was a joke, and he believed it."

    "He is either biding his time to get back at you, or he is the most gullible creature I've ever met."

    The Hutt appeared to think about that for moment.

  8. Arfour_Peeseventeen

    Arfour_Peeseventeen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2002
    The item, alien, and quote I got made for a difficult story, but here it is any ways:

    The creature that walked into the Yafle's store was unmistakably Gungan. The floppy ears, the tan-colored skin, the tall stature, and the annoying accent which sounded like pidgin-Basic. But a customer was a customer, even if he was Gungan. Yafle kept an eye and an ear on the accident-to-happen-barely-qualifying-as-sentient creature. Although there isn't much in his shop that anybody could actually break without trying very hard, he knew that a Gungan would find a way.

    Yafle's shop walls were lined with sheet metal, most likely scrap torn from derelict ships. Among the metal walls were useless blasters, broken ascension guns, and faulty drioids. There seemed to be one item that captured the Gungan's attention - a blue metal protocol droid that laid amongst a Gonk droid and a scrap-heap of metal.

    Before the creature could break one of the more valuable items in the store, Yafle chimed in:
    "May I help you, sir?" He was prepared to decipher the gibberish that's to come.

    "Messa Lid-Lid Winks. Messa in needsa of a driodsa," the Gungan spitted out, "Messa muy muy happy if yousa can find mesa a driodsa."

    "Okay, Mr. Lid-Lid. Are you interested in P4-30 - that blue protocol droid you see there?" Yafle questioned. It was a easy sell - Gungans were gullible. The droid was a piece of junk. Can't even speak over ten languages. "This droid knows over ten million forms of communications. It's quite an amazing piece of technology."

    "Messa gives yousa fifteen credits," the Lid-Lid offered.

    The droid was worth no more than two, Fafle knew, but he was dealing with a Gungan. Yafle counter-offered, "No less than twenty. Like I said, it's an amazing piece of jun- er, technology."

    "No, sir. Messa has no twenty. Messa gives seventeen. Good deal."

    "Are you trying to make up my mind for me? I'm the store clerk. Not you!" Yafle snapped back. Of course, it was just a ruse to scare the Gungan.

    "Twenty, sir. Messa gives you twenty," the Gungan relented. He had given into Yafle's offer. Lid-Lid paid the fee and left with the droid.
  9. Artemis_Silverbow

    Artemis_Silverbow Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 9, 2001
    Nice work :) Would you all mind posting what your alien, object, and quote was? Some are easy to guess, but I'm stumped on others. Guess I should watch more movies ;)
  10. Daughter_Of_TheForce

    Daughter_Of_TheForce Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 1, 2001
    object - protocol droid
    alien - Hutt
    quote - "I do not care!" - The Titans
  11. Neobi_Kenobi

    Neobi_Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 15, 2001
    object: blaster
    alien: Hutt
    Quote: "If you want him come and claim him!"- LOTR

  12. Jacinta_Kenobi

    Jacinta_Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 23, 2001
    Hey, I liked all of them so far! Sorry if mine were hard, BTW, it was just luck of the draw.
  13. Arfour_Peeseventeen

    Arfour_Peeseventeen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2002
    Mines was:

    Item - Protocol Droid
    Alien - Gungan
    Quote - "Are you trying to make up my mind for me?"

    It was hard, but fun. :D
  14. Amidala_Skywalker

    Amidala_Skywalker Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 4, 2001
    Wonderful work! I especially liked the LoTR line, as it was one of my favourites in the movie *sits back down* More please.

    Am [face_love]
  15. TheFallen

    TheFallen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 27, 2001
    I'm terrified to post this... It has almost nothing to do with anything and I just kind of... drooled it out. [face_plain]

    PATIENT ID 30583

    Summary - Your item is a comlink.

    Your alien is an Aqualish.

    And your quote is: "What's so romantic about it?" - The Shop Around the Corner.

    Timeframe - During the Empire's reign.



    Today had been a good day, in some terms.

    He had finally had a breakthrough with ID 30583. He didn't even know her name, really. He thought it was better not to know names. The life of a correctional institute doctor wasn't a good job to get attached to people other than your secretary.

    Settling himself down into his desk, he signaled for his droid to roll forth from it's bystander position and ordered it to playback the session.

    Slowly, the image flickered forth of the drugged patient. It was a relatively new form of treatment and she had finally consented in letting her be injected with memory enforcing drugs and be recorded for further reference. Her consent wasn't really saying anything, though. The signature on the form was barely recognizable through her haze of consciousness.

    The droid played from the beginning and whirred.

    "Play in full." He answered.

    The girl's visage filled the holographic image. Her eyes were dark and bruised, and her face muscles drooped. "What do you want now?"

    "I want you to tell me why you're here."

    "You think I'm insane."

    "Do you think you are?"


    "Would you tell me... how you came to be here?" his voice came through the old droids scrambled audio system. He really had to look into getting a better recording droid.

    "I - " 30583 curled into a fetal position and answered childishly, "I don't want to."

    There were muffled sounds around her as the nurses injected her again with more calming fluids and massaged her temples while she squirmed away.

    "Now will you tell us?"

    "I loved him." It was the first thing she had said about why she was here since she had been transferred from Alderaan in a month. He took this as a great bound in progress, but didn't jinx it too soon. She had been known to be suddenly open that then withdraw for days.


    "Doesn't matter..."

    "Please tell me?"

    "His name was Xin." She curled her head into the pillow and her arms flew up over her head as she stretched erratically in a euphoria of memories. "He loved me, too."

    Her eyes were open but he could plainly see that she wasn't seeing anything in the room. "Aqualishes haunt my dreams, doctor - will you help me with that?" She said for what seemed to be the hundredth time to him. It had been the first sentence she'd said to him at the institute and she frequently repeated them.

    "Please, continue with your story, 30583." He prompted after a long silence where he was at a loss for what to answer her with.

    "Xin said he had to leave one day. He was being hunted by the Empire's assassins. An aqualish. They scared me as a child. I thought that they were the boogeyman." She giggled like a little girl and stretched again. He was afraid that she was undergoing to much treatment too soon. She was saying all of this with a dreamy quality to her voice, as if she had just let go. "He gave me a little comm link that was so cute when I first looked at it. I'll never forget the look on his face when after all of his planning and everything came down to me asking, 'What's so romantic about it?'. He was stuttering for a good 10 minutes."

    He risked a smile at her, but it was of no impact at her psyche. She was far gone, he decided.

    "'As long as you have this, you just call me and I'll always answer. No matter where I am, or what I'm doing - I'll pick it up and talk to you for however long you need.' he said. I thought it was sweet after that. I called him all the time at first." She sat up and drew her knees forward, staring blankly out of the window towards t
  16. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    This was a great idea Jacinta!! I was surprised how quickly an idea came to mind with what you gave me. Whether or not it's any good will be up to the readers.

    My item--Homing beacon
    My alien-- Ishi Tib
    My line--"It's all your fault!"--It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

    T?Naak Shu?ush slowly lowered himself in the cramped tank. Breathing deeply, he drew in the concentrated salt solution, feeling his body regenerate as the liquid passed through his gills. Being Ishi Tib, it was necessary for him to submerge himself into a saltwater emulsion every thirty hours or his amphibious body would begin to dry out and the inevitability of a very slow, tortuous death would be eminent.

    Stretching his legs as best he could, he whirled in the water, enjoying comfort of the buffeting waves against his leathery skin. It wasn?t the invigorating, life sustaining waters of home, but it would do for the time being.

    Tibrin, with it?s wide oceans and coral reefs gave all the blessings an Ishi Tib could want, but had he stayed there, he would be no more than a small fish in a big pond. There, he?d been only a junior executive in one of the many hatcheries on his native world with no future of advancement. But he had dreams and plans, big plans and the only way to realize them was to leave Tibrin and go out into the galaxy.

    Hence the need for the water tank. Relaxing at the bottom of the tank, T?Naak watched the minute bubbles rise to the surface. He could feel his pores open, absorbing the sodium-enriched liquid and he felt content.

    *Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp, whoomp, whoomp* The Ishi Tib?s respite was interrupted by the sound of someone pounding furiously on the exterior of the durasteel container.

    Irritated, T?Naak rose to the surface with a splash, blowing out a great spray of water at the offender who disrupted his repose.

    ?What the..*cough, cough* kriff, didja do that for?? The Jenet sputtered angrily, mopping at his dripping face, then shaking his body furiously to rid his fur of the briny water.

    ?Just what is so important that you?d bother me?? T?Naak?s large beak snapped menacingly. Leveling a muscular green leg over the tank, he hopped clumsily to the deck, towering over the much smaller being.

    ?I wanted to tell you I?ve set up the homing beacon and distress call,? the rodent-like being explained, quickly backing down on seeing his partner?s annoyance.

    ?Good! Then all we have to do is wait for our first catch!? T?Naak?s stalked eyes blinked slowly, his wide nostrils throbbing rhythmically. If it weren?t for the presence of his rigid and powerful beak, one would see a malevolent smile.

    After leaving Tibrin, T?Naak had determined the quickest way in attaining the riches he desired was to steal and that meant piracy. Only problem was, he quickly found out that in trying to join an already established group, he?d be consigned to a position more inferior to what he?d left on Tibrin. His only conclusion was to find a ship and crew that he could that he could coerce into doing his bidding. As fate would have it, he encountered Rikkas Nesha, a being from Garban, who was easily intimidated and manipulated and whose greed matched his own. After a few unsuccessful attempts at deep space piracy, Rikkas came up with an idea that mirrored his lazy nature.

    Together they devised a plan to set Rikkas?s mid-sized transport down on a somewhat remote planetoid or moon, make a slight modification to their engine that would make it appear in need of repair, engage a general distress signal, then sit and wait for an unsuspecting, would-be rescuer to appear. Once their saviors arrived, they would determine, by number of occupants and firepower of the vessel, whether to play along with their ruse or simply kill them and take anything of value or use.

    This strategy had already yielded them an immense amount of cargo and vehicles that were quickly sold on the black market with minimal effort, no question asked. Now all the illicit pair had to do was bide their time and wat
  17. snowbee-wan kenobi

    snowbee-wan kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2000
    item - A99 aquata breather.

    alien - Kaminoan.

    quote : "You KNEW what this meant to me!" - Pajama Game


    Obi-Wan passed through the airlock doors of the Kaminoan cloners' headquarters. As he stepped out of the shelter of the sterile, steel building, and into the wind and the rain, he wondered how he would ever get back to his ship.

    //Those Kaminoans were quite strange.// Obi-Wan thought to himself.
    //They weren't secretive, but the amount of information they revealed freely was still quite mysterious.//

    As he made his way across the landing deck he pulled the hood of his cloak up over his head in a fruitless attempt to keep dry.

    Suddenly, through the howling of the wind, and the splash of the rain against the durasteel deck, he heard a faint noise from behind him.

    He turned abruptly and ignited his lightsaber. The blue blade hissed and sizzled as it was drenched by the falling rain.

    Before him was the Bounty Hunter he had spotted on Coruscant, sporting sleek blue and silver armor and a blue helmet.

    //Jango Fett.// Ob-Wan thought to himself as he made his way forward.

    As he approached the bounty hunter he watched as his son Boba ran to get on board their ship.

    Suddenly Jango began firing. Obi-Wan deflected each blaster bolt as quick as they came.

    As he continued on his arms began to burn. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep this up.

    Suddenly blaster bolts were zooming at him from behind as well.

    //Sith!// Obi-Wan thought as he realized Boba was now shooting the ship's laser cannons from behind him as well.

    Suddenly he felt rope coil around his wrist. The bounty hunter had released his grappling hook,,,,now he was stuck!

    Jango jerked forward on the rope and Obi-Wan went flying towards the edge of the landing platform. He reached for his A99 Aquata breather just in case he fell into the frothy waves below. Then suddenly he had a plan.

    Obi-Wan tugged on the rope quickly. Jango was taken by surprise as he was jerked off his feet and drug along behind the Jedi.

    Suddenly Obi-Wan reached for his lightsaber with the force, which had fallen on the deck beside him. It flew into his hands and he ignited it. With one quick motion he slashed the rope which was binding him to Jango.

    He leaped to his feet just in time to see Jango go plummeting down the platform toward the frothy waves below.

    "Boba, help me!" was his muffled cry from beneath his helmet. Obi-Wan tried to hide a grin. He foudn it quite amusing to see a bounty hunter be taken by surprise.

    "Sorry Dad." was Boba's reply, as he stood watching his father plummet into the waves below.

    "I don't want to be a bounty hunter like you! I want to learn to be a Jedi....a keeper of the peace...sorry Dad but you're holding me back....and killing this Jedi sure wouldn't help my cause."

    If Jango's face had been visible beneath his helmet, Obi-Wan was sure it would bear a shocked expression. His sure did.

    "Boba how could you?!?!" the boy's father exclaimed as his continued his descent towards the ocean below. "You were supposed to help me destroy the Republic....You KNEW what this meant to me!!!"

    Those were Jango's last words as finally reached the edge of the platform and fell towards the waves below.

    "Bye dad." Boba called as he plunged into the icy cold water.

    //So much for that unaltered genetic structure.// Jango thought to himself as he began his VERY long swim.....

  18. Arco

    Arco Jedi Youngling

    May 29, 2002
    The Falls

    By Arco

    Though the city of Theed was in ruins above, the orbital bombardment had not stopped the magnificent waterfalls from crashing down the cliffs to the rivers below. The moonlight shone through the splash and spray at the base of the falls, a natural strobe casting momentary designs on the dark rock and moss.

    That lunar kaleidoscope framed and danced on the gliding shadow that was Vader. He stood motionless, armor beaded with moisture, cape drenched, scanning the area purposefully. His breathing was inaudible over the roaring falls as the droplets and rivulets on his black form caught the moon, shining and streaking like tiny stars and comets in the void of deep space.

    There was a dead Gungan on the rocks, its dead eyes stared at nothing, and it?s mottled and burned arm moved with each surge of the waves, as if beckoning.

    ?I?m sinking,? the corpse seemed to say. ?Soon beneath the waves. Come with me.?

    Vader smiled behind his new face.

    The Gungans had banded together with the Naboo for a final stand against Vader?s army. They were fools to stand against his will. A few pushed buttons and the bulk of their forces were obliterated from orbit, rendering their triumphant stand meaningless. It was a small yet satisfying exercise for the Sith Lord and his troopers to land and mop up the few survivors who still had fight left in them.

    As Vader stared at the Gungan motioning him to oblivion, he caught the movement he was waiting for. Captain Typho broke from his cover and fired his blaster. Fast as he was, Vader could admire the simple beauty of the speeding green bolt as it approached him. He ignited his lightsaber, and in a red slash, deflected Typho?s shot effortlessly.

    ?Do not make me chase you, Typho,? Vader said as the bloody glow of his saber played across his angular face. ?Give me what I want and I may kill you painlessly.?

    Typho laughed and ran, darting into the edge of the forest.

    ?Painfully, then,? Vader said emotionlessly, and he de-ignited his saber. He was a black blur, bounding over the rocks, enveloped by the forest.

    Typho spun, and as the horribly fast shadow was upon him, he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The blaster?s charge was dry.

    Vader stopped directly in front of Typho, who still pointed the weapon at the Sith.

    ?Tell me, now,? Vader said smugly and simply.

    Typho smiled and fired the ascension component of the blaster.

    Vader, at that close range, had just enough time to think about how he had forgotten about that particular function of the Naboo blaster before the metal spike buried itself in his left eye. The spike was stopped just short of his eyeball, impeded by the Plasteel lens built into his faceplate. Lucky, Vader thought, as he ignited his lightsaber and removed Typho?s offending gun hand with one swift movement. He deactivated his weapon again and grabbed the Naboo captain by the throat. He easily hefted the man?s large frame into the air and held him there.

    Vader pulled the spike from his mask and tossed it aside. ?Where is Amidala?? the Sith growled.

    ?I?ll never tell you anything,? Typho managed through Vader?s strangling grip. ?I?ll see you in hell first!? And in one last act of defiance, he spit in the shadow?s face.

    Vader probed at Typho?s mind and found nothing, save the fact that the man would never break, and would never tell anything. He had the kind of steel will that Vader admired. He decided to give the man a quick end and the black hand around Typho?s throat began to squeeze.

  19. Arco

    Arco Jedi Youngling

    May 29, 2002
    Crap! Sorry for the sloppiness and repeated words. I posted it before I edited it. Aw well, hope you dig it anyway. Fun test!

  20. Strangefate

    Strangefate Jedi Master

    May 27, 2002
    STAR WARS - "Deeker's System" by Tim Deland

    Gavo Deeker gaped out the window with a mix of awe and giddiness as the transport speeder hummed to stop before their destination. After an hour of fighting through the congested highways of Coronet city, he was finally here. Before him stood the massive, glowing dome that was the Red Star Galactica, Corellia's finest casino.

    On Deeker's world such places simply did not exist. He hailed from an obscure planet in the Outer Rim known as Wern IX (to those who knew it at all), and his lanky, violet-hued people were not known for their love of gambling or, for that matter, entertainment of any sort. As a whole they were a strict and scholarly minded community who bent their limited ambitions toward intellectual pursuits, particularly the accumulation of scientific knowledge and progress. There was good reason for this; the Wernites were possessed of an extraordinary capacity for memorizing knowledge and their individual IQs were among some of the highest in the known universe, as their slightly enlarged craniums might suggest.

    It was rare for a Wernite to venture forth into space and those that did so often left their planet only at the behest of scientific institutes from needy systems who knew of their talents. A Wernite scientist on one's research team could mean the difference between a project's failure and a stunning breakthrough. Gavo Deeker, however, was not like most Wernites.

    Ignoring the warnings of his elders, Gavo had found himself drawn to other cultures at an early age. It was not necessarily a healthy attraction though, for what Deeker saw in the galaxy was a field of opportunities. The simple-minded creatures that populated the majority of space seemed ripe for the plucking to an advanced brain such as a Wernite possessed. Simply, Gavo Deeker saw potential means to become very rich and, although material wealth was scorned on Wern IX, he immediately understood that this was one area in which other sentients were right--credits were indeed worth having.

    It was only by happen chance that Gavo discovered the game of sabacc while passing through a space station in the Duros system. Sabacc was easily the most popular game in the galaxy and all sorts of material goods changed hands during these pointless card-ship games, from credits to star ships and even entire planets. Part of its popularity was due to the fact that most believed it to be incredibly difficult to cheat at because it was so random in nature. Gavo had been immediately intrigued by the game and he'd spent months learning sabacc's varying rules and, more importantly, plotting out a system in his powerful brain; a system that he believed could eliminate that pervading element of chance.

    Gavo was certain he had done the impossible by devising a means that would remove the unpredictability from sabacc and thus assure himself a win at least ninety percent of the time. If it was true, untold riches were just waiting to be gleaned from their gullible, simple brained owners. All he needed was to field test his method and what better than the one of the collective worlds' most famous casinos, the Red Star Galactica?

    The blue tinted, gaudy interior of the Red Star was a-buzz with countless lifeforms as Gavor wandered inside, and the general chaos that seemed to populate this planet again struck his spartan sensibilities. Yet, while noisy and more than a little distracting, it was not necessarily unpleasant he reflected. Groups of humanoids and strange creatures he had no name for crowded around fortune wheels, automated gameboards, Corellian chance machines, and similar entertainments. Gavo strode quickly past all these artless games with no more than cursory glances until at last he found the sabacc tables, located on an upper level in a room much quieter than the rest of the casino.

    Cashing his credits into vouchers, Deeker found a public gaming table with an empty seat and approached the players between rounds. "Is this spot free?" he inquired in twittery bas
  21. Strangefate

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    Turned out rather long-ish but still a fun exercise.

    Item: Blaster
    Alien: Dug
    Line: "Is he alright?" - IQ

    As a side note, most of the alien creatures I had appear were based on various sources, some SW related and some not. Just for fun.

    BTW - good stories/scenes all around, I think the thread has turned out pretty well so far. :)

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    These are great! Hope to see more of the people posting soon!

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    Hmmm.... looking for more stories. I know the list was getting long. :D :)
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    Your alien is a Bothan.

    Your item is a thermal detonator.

    Your quote is: "I've got better things to do tonight than die!" - The Transformers, The Movie


    the Admiral


    Equator city ? Rodia.

    Trell?yar shook his fellow Bothans? arm vividly. ?Vord !!? he said, grabbing him by the fur on the neck.

    ?What??? Verd snapped but his voice reamined very low. ? Do you want to trigger the alarms already? ?

    ?It?s not that ... I think you already have.? He pointed his claw towards a small red beep emanating from a small pad below the desk.

    ?Stang.? Vord swore. ?That insignificant Rodian seems to have a few aces up his sleeve.?

    Trell?yar looked at his colleague somewhat disconcertedly. They were speaking of Avaro Sookcool ? the Rodian owner of the casino ?Flip of the Credit? in Equator city. Or so everyone thought.
    The fact was that he was also a member of the Black sun ? the notorious criminal organization where everything to anything had a price.

    Just moments before they had both commented on the Tetsus Rodians' insight on security systems. He had somewhat risen in the Bothans esteem. Such precaution should be commended.
    They had broken in his office in the casino and found nothing special ? but here in the largest warehouse on the east side of Equator city ? it was another story altogether

    Then again ? security was vain when the Bothan Spynet was hired for the job. No matter the security ? no matter the person ? the Spynet took honor in the fact that the Bothan Spies were capable of going anywhere and finding anything.

    Even when one gives us the wrong address to retrieve the information. Trell?yar said to himself.

    ?Got it.? Vord said satisfied. He has been slicing inside the mainframe for almost half an hour .. Much too long for this type of job Vord thought to himself. ?Log the mainframe on the security cams .. We?ll need to know which will be the safest way out.?

    ?I?m on it.? Trell?yars claws were already tapping the mainboard at incredible speed. The touch of his claws against the dials was like the noise raindrops falling against a transpariteel window.

    Not good .. not good Trell?yar felt his fur rippled all over as he saw dozens of Rodians armed with heavy blasters running down either halls before the office.

    ?We?re going to die.? Trell?yar said as anxiety burned his stomach.

    ?We better get going.? Vord said, turning away from the glass panel behind the desk. He put the data card inside the inner pocket of his sleeveless vest.

    ?Koth Melan set us up.? Trell?yar said, slamming his fist on the table.

    ?Never? Vord snapped at him, grabbing him by the throat and squeezing hard until Trell?yar saw stars. ?Clan Alya doesn?t betray the Bothan ? and even less it?s own members.?

    ?Und..rrrs.. ood ? Trell?yar voiced softly ? the iron grip of the other Bothan was ferocious.

    ?Good.? Vord replied letting him go.

    ?So what?s this information??

    ?A mega-structure that is supposed to determine the outcome of the Civil war!? Vord was referring to how Koth Melan had described the piece of information they had been sent to retrieve from the Rodian smuggler. Vord knew there was more to it. A lot more.

    The Rodians were close. Though it was clear they had no idea where the alarm had been triggered from ? the Bothans knew it wasn?t directed to the office where they were. They had taken measures in triggering random locations if the security system was.

    ?We?re gonna die.? Trell?yar repeated his ears going down as the corridors filled with mercenaries from all over the system.

    ?I?ve got better things to do tonight than die.? Vord replied as his hand disappeared in his vest and produced a small silver sphere.

    Trell?yars eyes widened.

    ?Have you gone mad?? the Bothan said. Vords? golden gaze was adamant.

    ?We?re on the second floor here. Send the chair through the glass panel ? we?ll jump into the clearing below.?

    He patted the small sphere as he headed t
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    Finally another story!!

    Nice one Gr-Adm-Thrawn!! :) :)
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