The Thin Gray Line

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    just a short little thing i did on a moment's inspiration... during the fight w/ maul, obi-wan's attempt to not fall to the dark side after qui-gon's death
    all the usual disclaimers apply: this stuff all belongs to the head man himself, mr. lucas. no infringement intended, no money being made, etc. etc.

    ~The Thin Gray Line~

    Obi-wan clenched his teeth in frustration as he watched his master and the Sith fight, just beyond the stream of electrons that prevented him from joining them. //Hurry up. Hurry up.// He hopped from foot to foot, anxious to again feel the clash of lightsaber upon lightsaber.

    The Sith was on defensive. Obi-wan watched as Qui-Gon slashed, slashed, blocked. Then the Sith slammed the hilt of his double-bladed weapon into Qui-Gon's chin. Caught off guard for a moment, Qui-Gon didn't have time to react before the Sith spun around in a blind reverse lunged and pierced his middle.

    "No!" He thought he heard someone scream, then realized it was him. He was drowned in a wave of anguish as he watched his master's body slide of his opponent's blade. Qui-Gon. His mentor, his father. In that moment, he relived all their memories, all the tears, all the sorrow, all the laughter, all the happiness they had experienced together. In that moment, Obi-wan became a different man. His anger surged, and he heard a whisper, "Beware the dark side."

    The Sith gave a feral smile and paced in front of the energy barrier. He knew Obi-wan was angry, he could sense his anger. And he knew what it would do to him. //Once you start down the path of the dark side, forever will it dominate your destiny.//

    Control. Control. That... that *thing* just killed his master. How could he control his anger? Obi-wan stared in frustration at the tattooed face, the mocking smile. //Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.// Even as this was in his mind, the energy fields sprang open. In less than a moment, lightsabers were clashing again.

    Obi-wan fought with a new focus, a new determination. //I will avenge my master.//

    But he heard Qui-Gon's quiet voice in his head. "No, apprentice. Don't avenge me. The Force will avenge its own. Fight him to protect others. Don't kill for the wrong purpose. It is a thin line you walk between light and dark."

    Slash. Block. He managed to split the Sith's lightsaber and leave only one functional side. But then Obi-wan's anger began to ebb, and his strength along with it. He found himself hurled backward by a Force-push. As he fell down a pit, he groped desperately for anything to hold on to...

    In a sudden jerk, his hands caught something, and he hung precariously, like a spider on a single strand of silk. He watched helplessly as his lightsaber clattered down the seemingly endless shaft. The Sith stood above him now, slashing with his lightsaber, trying to reach him.

    Obi-wan was desperate for ideas. He tried to calm his anger, his frustration. He heard Qui-Gon's quiet voice. "Take my lightsaber."

    He took a deep breath. //Not to avenge my master, but to protect others. Not in anger, but in peace//

    In a single movement, he threw himself over the edge of the pit and called his master's lightsaber to his hand, ignited it, and sliced through the midsection of the Sith. He felt no joy, no satisfaction in the look of disbelief and pain on the other's face. Only one thing concerned him now.

    "Train him, Obi-wan. He is... the promised one. Promise me you will train him." Qui-Gon's spirit departed.

    Obi-wan knelt by Qui-Gon, cradling his master's head in his hands, crying softly. "Master, master."

    He was still kneeling by his master when the Queen's guards found him, but his eyes were dry. He was a Jedi. Jedi feel no emotion. There is peace.

    my speculation is that in ep II and III, obi-wan won't want to get too close to Anakin because he doesn't want to ever feel like this again
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    up so people can find it
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    That was wonderful! As sad as it always is to read about our dear Qui dying, It was very good.

    Oh, and i can't forget...

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    I liked it! I had been looking for a story like that! Thanks.

    Oh, I almost forgot:

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