Before - Legends The ties that bind (That scene from Tahl's point of view)

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    Title: The ties that bind
    Summery: That scene in the ties that bind from Tahl's point of view.
    Disclaimer: I don't own anything
    Spoilers: The ties that bind

    I have to physically stop myself from letting out an annoyed sigh as Qui Gon leads me into a small private room. I am in no mood for another one of our arguments.
    "Dear friend, there have been too many arguments between us, Do not let another one arise"
    I breifly think why we have been arguing so much, yet the answer is elusive and unclear. Something had changed in Qui Gon I could feel it. Despite being blind my other senses worked overtime, and they were highly attuned to Qui Gon now.
    I cannot help but be surprised as he tells me that he agrees I should be the one to go to the meetings, it is rare that Qui Gon ever agrees with me.
    Suddenly the mood changes yet again, as if tension is about to be released.
    "This brings me to the second thing I must say."
    I wait patiently, giving him room, I know Qui Gon's actions so well, even though I cannot see him. I know him as well as I know myself.
    I can feel my the emotion behind his words, 'Iam necessary to his heart?'
    The words fill the air, between us, and I feel my whole body tense with uncertainty. Qui Gon has never talked so intimately to me before, with such an emotion that I am stunned compleatly. My lack of response causes him to doubt and he quickly acknowledges that he would be my friend. But how could he be my friend after this omission.
    As I have been taught I search my feelings, gently prod them and find the answer, that is so plain and clear I feel like crying.
    This man in front of me is my soul, my love. I know it as I know my name, Knowing this will change everything I step forward, knowing what this will do, how many people could be hurt. But I don't care not when this emotion is flowing through me as surely as the force. I take his hands in my own.
    "I pledge myself to you Tahl" he says, squeezing my fingers gently, a promise given and one I am so willing to accept.
    "I pledge myself to you Qui Gon" 'With all my heart and forever. No matter what' But I don't need to say that. In those words I am no longer alone, but a part of something bigger.
    I can't wait.

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    That was fantastic!! Really well written. I have a new fic up "The Real Folk Blues", if you are interested.

    Keep writing stories!!
  3. Renton Kenobi Jedi Master

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    Aww, that's awesome. I really enjoyed this, I could totally see Tahl saying, rather THINKING the things you wrote. :) Very well done.
  4. Charmisjess Jedi Youngling

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    *sobs* beautiful!!!!!

    Great job!!!! Very on key with Tahl, in character, love it all. Brings a tear to 'me eye... :)
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