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  1. AdamBertocci Manager Emeritus

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    In the spirit of, and in tribute to, Jedi_Lite's AOTC Awards Threads ([link=]here[/link] and [link=]here[/link]), we present


    Voting begins today and ends on Friday, May 26 at 12:01 AM Pacific Time (also board time). That gives you six days to vote. The weekend will be used for vote tallying and panicking on the presenter's part, and then we will have an amusing and comedic awards show.

    This was a lot of fun in the AOTC forum. Some people even made friends through the awards -- I know I did. I hope it'll be a lot of fun here, too, even if we must suffer without Jedi_Lite.

    So here are the rules:

    ? One vote per person, obviously.
    ? You do not need to vote for every category if you don't want.
    ? One vote per category (so you can't vote for both Panaka AND Ric Olie as your favorite character).
    ? We are voting on TPM and TPM only.
    ? Best/Worst Shot is not the same as Best/Worst Scene. A shot is one particular unbroken stretch of film before the camera angle or location changes. The lightsaber duel is a SCENE; Maul's fall into the pit is a SHOT.
    ? Best/Worst Equipment refers to vehicles, weapons and other assorted technical gadgets.
    ? Best New Concept/Idea: By this I mean something that was never seen in the Classic Trilogy. Hyperspace and droids are not new. Podracing, double-bladed lightsabers, Gungans and midichlorians are. (Those were just examples! Pick anything!)

    Here are the categories, which you can copy and paste into your post for easy reference.


    Happy voting!

    Rick McCallum loves you!
  2. AdamBertocci Manager Emeritus

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    My votes...

    BEST SCENE: The Senate
    WORST SCENE: Underwater shenanigans
    BEST SHOT: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan jumping to another platform to get Maul
    WORST SHOT: Eopie farting on Jar Jar
    BEST CHARACTER: Qui-Gon Jinn
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson
    WORST ACTOR: Ralph Brown
    BEST ACTRESS: Keira Knightley
    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman
    BEST LINE: "Anakin Skywalker, meet Obi-Wan Kenobi."
    WORST LINE: "Oh! I don't care what universe you're from, that's gotta hurt!"
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Podracer engines
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: battle droid voices
    BEST COSTUME: Amidala's Senate dress
    WORST COSTUME: Valorum's brown robe
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Palpatine's quarters
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Otoh Gunga
    BEST EQUIPMENT: Panaka's hat
    WORST EQUIPMENT: those blue electric balls the Gungans use
    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: Coruscant locations
    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: grass on Naboo
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Darth Maul appears on Naboo
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: surrendering to battle droids

    Rick McCallum loves you!
  3. ST-TPM-ASF-TNE Moderator Emeritus

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    BEST SCENE: Obi-Wan Kenobi (vs) Darth Maul
    WORST SCENE: Jar Jar's run in with Sebulba
    BEST SHOT: Darth Maul appears in Theed Hanger
    WORST SHOT: Jar Jar being farted on
    BEST CHARACTER: Obi-Wan Kenobi
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson
    WORST ACTOR: Ralph Brown
    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August
    WORST ACTRESS: Cristina da Silva (Rabe)
    BEST LINE: I sense much fear in you (Yoda)
    WORST LINE: I'm a person and my name is Anakin
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Pod Racer sounds
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Kaadu noise
    BEST COSTUME: Obi-Wan's Jedi outfit
    WORST COSTUME: Ric Olie's oufit
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Jedi Council chamber
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Shmi & Anakin's Slave home
    BEST EQUIPMENT: Lightsabers
    WORST EQUIPMENT: Gungan Energy Balls
    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: Maul splitting in half
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Qui-Gon's funeral
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Double Bladed Lightsaber
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: Being shocked in the energy binders (Not because he was injured, but because it was funny)

  4. Oakessteve Manager Emeritus

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    Can I vote for Tarpals in every catergory?
  5. ST-TPM-ASF-TNE Moderator Emeritus

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    You could, but would it really make much sense if you did? :D

  6. SY-SNOOTLES Jedi Youngling

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    BEST SCENE: When Obi Wan and Qui Gon first arrive and Obi Wan says "I have a bad feeling about this"

    WORST SCENE: When the Gungans are just standing aroung like idiots watching the battle droid slowly assemble. SHOOT THEM!!!! FOR GODS SAKE SHOOT THEM WHILE THEY ARE UNFOLDING!!!

    BEST SHOT: When QGJ looks away and thinks about SHmi's future when she tells Anakin "My place is here, my future is here."

    WORST SHOT: R2's head all off of his body during the pod race

    BEST CHARACTER: Yareel Poof

    WORST CHARACTER: That stupid kid that says "Let's go play bow" IT'S BALL STUPID!


    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd

    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August

    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman

    BEST LINE: "Naked?"

    WORST LINE: "I didn't actually come here to free slaves." - JERK QGJ!

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: The droid deka's

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Kitsters voice

    BEST COSTUME: Darth Mauls

    WORST COSTUME: All Naboo fighting outfits. I hate the pilot's barfy coloured stuff, I hate Panaka's outfit....ALL OF THEM!

    BEST SET / LOCATION: landing platform when they arrive at Coruscant

    WORST SET / LOCATION: Queen's sitting area/throne (i guess) on her ship. That room was so.....blah.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: lightsaber....obviously!

    WORST EQUIPMENT: QGJ's little hand held communications know the lady's razor.

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: JJB. A fully interactive CGI character was unheardof before this!

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: Force run........why don't they always use it??????? It needs explaining!

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Duel of the Fates

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: double edged saber.

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: When all the boomas where rolling down the hill and coming at him. His face is so hilarious!

  7. Quixotic-Sith Manager Emeritus

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    BEST SCENE: Yoda and OB1 at the end, when Anakin is approved as his apprentice.
    WORST SCENE: Podrace
    BEST SHOT: Establishing shot of Otoh Gunga
    WORST SHOT: JJB's 0g swamp dive
    BEST CHARACTER: Palpatine
    WORST CHARACTER: Podrace announcer
    WORST ACTOR: Jake "Why did they burn my SAG card, Mommy?" Lloyd
    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August
    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie "This sure as hell isn't Leon" Portman
    BEST LINE: "Your appentice, Skywalker, will be..."
    WORST LINE: "I'm a person and my name is Anakin."
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Podrace engines
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Naboo lasers
    BEST COSTUME: Darth Maul's full regalia
    WORST COSTUME: Naboo security
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Power station catwalks
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Naboo battle field
    WORST EQUIPMENT: Ascension guns
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Swell of music after Yoda announces Anakin will be OB1's apprentice, seguing into the funeral
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Double-bladed lightsabre
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: His quiet conversation with the Queen on Coruscant
  8. Any_kin__Skywalker Jedi Youngling

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    BEST SCENE: the vote of no confidence
    WORST SCENE: Anakin's early scenes
    BEST SHOT: Maul's appearance at end
    WORST SHOT: c-3po's first appearance
    WORST CHARACTER: unfortunatlty in this film ,Anikan
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson, a talented irish actor just like me
    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd,awful,just awful
    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August
    WORST ACTRESS: not enough female characters
    BEST LINE: "The queen would not approve of this." "The queen doesn't have to approve." "Well I don't approve."
    WORST LINE: After Padme's say to Anikan,you're a pilot?" Anikan-"All my life"
    very cheesy,what life he's nine years old and never left the planet. Jake's bad acting just makes it worse.
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: the pods
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: "Roger,Roger"
    BEST COSTUME: Mas Amedda
    WORST COSTUME: Palpatine's wooly sweater in the senate scene, I'd say it was only used so that it didn't look like the same costume for the whole movie
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Anikan's house
    BEST EQUIPMENT: a certain sith's lightsaber
    WORST EQUIPMENT: the gun which happened to have a grappling hook
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: the political stuff
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: Mesa spake!
    Qui-gon: the ability to speak does not make you intellingent.
    How true in this case!
  9. sweethoneygirl Jedi Youngling

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    BEST SCENE: Dual with Darth Maul
    WORST SCENE: Underwater City
    BEST SHOT: Darth Maul igniting his dual saber
    WORST SHOT: Jar Jar's dive
    BEST CHARACTER: Qui Gon Jinn
    WORST CHARACTER: don't know his name, but this really ugly pod racer which has a stupid expression when he crashes toward the end
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson
    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd (they should have picked the other kid from the documentry)
    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August
    WORST ACTRESS: Kiera Knightley (Sabe)
    BEST LINE: "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedis."
    WORST LINE: "You've been working on that thing for years!"
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Pod racers
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: when anakin's fighter crashes
    BEST COSTUME: Darth Maul's
    WORST COSTUME: Chanchellor Vallorum's robe
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Naboo Palace
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Anakin's Home
    BEST EQUIPMENT: Lightsaber
    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: Battle between the Gunguns and the Battle Droids
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Dual of Fates
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Dual lightsaber
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: When he gets his face caught in the energy binder and he had no control over his tongue.
  10. Yodaminch Force Ghost

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    BEST SCENE: jedi council scene
    WORST SCENE: bongo scene
    BEST SHOT: senate
    WORST SHOT: gungan battle
    WORST CHARACTER: jar jar!!!
    BEST ACTOR: ian mcdiamard
    WORST ACTOR: jake lloyd
    BEST ACTRESS: Keira Knightley
    WORST ACTRESS: natelie portman
    BEST LINE: "wipe them out all of them"
    WORST LINE: "mesa jar jar binks"
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: pod engines
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: battledroid voice
    BEST COSTUME: dath maul's
    WORST COSTUME: jar jar's
    BEST SET / LOCATION: papitine's apartment
    WORST SET / LOCATION: gungan battlefield
    BEST EQUIPMENT: lightsaber
    WORST EQUIPMENT: boomers
    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: all of coruscant
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: maul vs obi and qui[duel of the fates]
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: jedi council
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: him about to be punished[killed]

    for worst scene could i put anything with jar jar in it?

    can i write script for best character
    or/and worst character?
  11. ElfStar Jedi Padawan

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    BEST SCENE: The lightsabre duel
    WORST SCENE: Hmm.. so many hard choices! :p I'd say the first scene with Boss Nass
    BEST SHOT: Hmm. I'd say when Darth Maul appears at the beginning of the lightsabre duel
    WORST SHOT: The Eopie butt
    BEST CHARACTER: Darth Maul
    BEST ACTOR: Ian McDiarmid
    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd
    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August(?)
    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman
    BEST LINE: Fear leads to hate... etc.
    WORST LINE: What are midichlorians?
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Pod Racer engines
    BEST COSTUME: Darth Maul's
    WORST COSTUME: Boss Nass' CG robes
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Coruscant
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Gungan City
    BEST EQUIPMENT: Pod Racers
    WORST EQUIPMENT: Gungan weapons(they sure are advanced for a "primative" society)
    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: Something I didn't notice
    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: The Gungan/Droid battle
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: When Darth Maul appears at the beginning of the lightsabre duel
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: When his tongue is numb and he gives the thumbs-up sign. That was almost funny.

  12. arabiansanchez Jedi Padawan

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    BEST SCENE: Duel Of The Fates.

    WORST SCENE: Anakin's friends arrive.

    BEST SHOT: Droid Army Activating

    WORST SHOT: JarJar rolling his eyes in bongo.

    BEST CHARACTER: Darth Maul


    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson

    WORST ACTOR: Ric Oillé (real name?).

    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August.

    WORST ACTRESS: Anakin's Old lady pal on Tatooine.

    BEST LINE: The Chancellor should never have brought them into this. Kill them immediately!.

    WORST LINE: My no no ,Mesa day starting pretty okeday with da brisky morning munchin then boom!, getting very scared and grabbing da Jedi then pow!, mesa here. (JarJar Overload AAAAAAHHH!!).

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Sith probe droid

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Eopie fart

    BEST COSTUME: Amidala's Senate dress

    WORST COSTUME: Anakin's slave outfit (not as good as Leia's :D )

    BEST SET / LOCATION: Theed Palace Power Complex.

    WORST SET / LOCATION: Otoh Gunga.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: Darth Maul's Equipment.

    WORST EQUIPMENT: Amidala's blaster pistol.

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: Darth Maul cut in 2.

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: JarJar's tongue.

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Darth Maul's Theed challenge.

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Double bladed LightSaber.

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: When he fainted and shut up for more than a minute.
  13. AgentCoop Jedi Master

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    BEST SCENE:Three-way lightsaber duel.

    WORST SCENE:Anakin and Padme's first meeting.

    BEST SHOT:Gungan warriors riding out of the mist.

    WORST SHOT:The flatulent eopie.

    BEST CHARACTER:Qui-Gon Jinn.

    WORST CHARACTER:Jar-Jar Binks.

    BEST ACTOR:Liam Neeson.

    WORST ACTOR:Jake Lloyd.

    BEST ACTRESS:Pernilla August.

    WORST ACTRESS:Natalie Portman.

    BEST LINE:"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering...I sense much fear in you."-Yoda.

    WORST LINE:"Now THIS is podracing!"-Anakin.

    BEST SOUND EFFECT:Pod racer engines.

    WORST SOUND EFFECT:The flatulent eopie's...flatulence.

    BEST COSTUME:Darth Maul.

    WORST COSTUME:Senator Palpatine.


    WORST SET / LOCATION:Tatooine.

    BEST EQUIPMENT:Maul's lightsaber.

    WORST EQUIPMENT:Midichlorian home-test kit.

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT:Podracing sequence.

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT:Podrace announcer.

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT:"Duel Of The Fates" as the hanger doors open to reveal Maul's presence.

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA:The Jedi Council.

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT:When he freaks out in the bongo.
  14. slavegirl Jedi Padawan

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    BEST SCENE: The Council scene where Anakin is told he will not be trained. One of the few scenes where the characters show emotions.
    WORST SCENE: The scene where Amidala begs Boss Nass for help. For heaven's sake woman, don't just read the lines!
    BEST SHOT: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan looking at the sunset on Coruscant.
    WORST SHOT: Obi-Wan when he apologises to Qui-Gon for his behaviour. I want to give poor Obi-Wan an asprin for his hangover...
    BEST CHARACTER: Palpatine
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson
    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd
    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August
    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman
    BEST LINE: "Wipe them out. All of them"
    WORST LINE: "I'm a person and my name is Anakin."
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Podracer engines
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Eopie fart
    BEST COSTUME: Obi-Wan's Jedi Robes
    WORST COSTUME: Boss Nass' robes
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Palpatine's office
    WORST SET / LOCATION: Naboo battle field
    BEST EQUIPMENT: The Pit Droids
    WORST EQUIPMENT: The gungans' big shiny balls
    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: The droid battle. Ugh.
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: The music at Qui-Gon's funeral
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Darth Maul's double-bladed lightsabre
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: His scene with Amidala on Coruscant
  15. arabiansanchez Jedi Padawan

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    Isn't 6 days voting time a little on the short side AdamBertocci?

    Not that it really matters.

    Atleast tallying will be easy at the end of it and awards will be more regular! :D
  16. DarthHomer Jedi Grand Master

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    BEST SCENE: Duel of the Fates

    WORST SCENE: Jar Jar fainting after being made a general

    BEST SHOT: The Naboo fighter spiralling down into oblivion

    WORST SHOT: Jar Jar jumping into the lake

    BEST CHARACTER: Darth Maul


    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson/Ian McDiarmid (tie, sorry)

    WORST ACTOR: Ralph Brown - but in a good way :)

    BEST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman

    WORST ACTRESS: The girl who says "That thing's never gonna run"

    BEST LINE: "Wipe them out, all of them!"

    WORST LINE: "The biggest problem in the universe is that nobody helps each other"

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Sebulba's podracer

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: The fart that was heard around the galaxy

    BEST COSTUME: Amidala's celebration gown at the end

    WORST COSTUME: Captain Panaka's uniform

    BEST SET / LOCATION: Senate Chamber

    WORST SET / LOCATION: Gungan sacred place

    BEST EQUIPMENT: Double-bladed lightsaber

    WORST EQUIPMENT: Jedi lady shaver


    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: Ben Quadinaros

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Duel of the Fates

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Padawan (love the sound of that word)

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: "Steady, steady"
  17. monkeynugget Jedi Youngling

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    BEST SCENE: Well, Duh: Final Duel with Maul

    WORST SCENE: The Skywalker dinner table. Why, God, did we have to endure that awful dinner table scene. Couldn't we have just cut to the next scene and summarized? Some of the most annoying lines came from that scene.

    BEST SHOT: Maul dropping the hood on his robe.

    WORST SHOT: When Anakin points out the details of his plan to win the Boonta Eve race. I hated that little bit where he points at Qui-Gonn. Bastard.



    BEST ACTOR: Ewan McGregor

    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd. Snothead.

    BEST ACTRESS: Well, gee... lemme think. There were actresses in this movie? Oh yeah. I guess it comes down to a toss up between Pernilla August and Natalie Portman. I guess Pernilla is my choice.

    WORST ACTRESS: Jake Lloyd. Pansy.

    BEST LINE: "I have a bad feeling about this."

    WORST LINE: "Are you an angel?" Puhleez!

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Sebulba's racer engines. ::chug-chug-chug-chug::

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Any sounds that came from this small creature:[image=]

    BEST COSTUME: Darth Maul's gear

    WORST COSTUME: Anakin's

    BEST SET / LOCATION: Reactor Room (Final Duel)

    WORST SET / LOCATION: The whole Ota Gunga bit. I did not oooh or ahhh one time.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: The cable guns used by the Naboo guards. I just get all giddy thinking about shooting them at people. Tee hee!

    WORST EQUIPMENT: That Jake Lloyd puppet pisses me off.

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: Lightsabre cutting through the door! That simple effect was so well done!

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: The Yoda puppet looked like it was trippin' on acid.

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Duel of the Fates

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: The Jedis making like the Flash. That speed thing could have done Luke some good in the OT... and the rest of the PT. Hmmmmm... why haven't we seen it again?

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: The closing scene. He didn't say a damn thing.
  18. Bail-AnBillies Jedi Padawan

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    My turn :D :

    BEST SCENE: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's conversation on the balcony at the Jedi Temple.

    WORST SCENE: As much as I love Obi-wan (and we all know i do) I can't stand the scene where he is talking to QGJ when he comes back with the stuff for the ship... Obi-Wan's bread is on the wrong side :eek: !!! That annoys me so much :mad:

    BEST SHOT: When Obi-Wan has to toss his saber to the other hand in the middle of fighting Maul :) That was so cool!!! [face_love]

    WORST SHOT: R2's head falling off during the podrace

    BEST CHARACTER: Palpatine (And I really, really wanna say Obi-Wan...but c'mon Palpy!!!! :) )

    WORST CHARACTER: Kitster. Man do I hate him :mad:

    BEST ACTOR: As much as I wanna say Ewan (and I really, really do!!!!) Ian McD wins out

    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd

    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August

    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman

    BEST LINE: "Here Master, Tatooine" Oh man that line made me fall in love with Obi-Wan [face_love]

    WORST LINE: "Let's go play Ball" as said by anakin's little annoying friend.

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Ratts Tyrell's little scream before he dies.

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Anakin's little annoying friends laughing. I am pretty sure they used that same laugh in a Tim Horton's commercial here! :eek:

    BEST COSTUME: Queen Amidala's red dress with the lights at the bottom (the original one)

    WORST COSTUME: Ric Olie's outfit

    BEST SET / LOCATION: The city of Theed

    WORST SET / LOCATION: The sacred looks swampy, I would never wanna go there. I liked the big statues and stuff though.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: Lightsabers (esp. QGJ's)

    WORST EQUIPMENT: The boomers or whatever they are called, that are used by the gungans. They are so useless that the gungans even have a better chance at winning by fighting with their fists (as you can see many of them doing in the background)

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: JJB, its cool how he can talk and interact with them (like when he lifts Anakin up or when Padme takes his hand out of the pod)

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: Well if Yoda counts, then him...he looked horrible. Like a little pig-monster or something. eeewwww

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Duel of the fates

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Double-edged lightsaber

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: After he lets out all the Boomers and he is trying to run away and he makes the really funny face and screams.

  19. Vaderbait Jedi Knight

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    BEST SCENE: Qui-Gon's Death
    WORST SCENE: Podrace grid sequence
    BEST SHOT: First shot of Otoh Gunga
    BEST CHARACTER: Qui-Gon Jinn
    WORST CHARACTER: Captain Panaka...prick. :p
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson
    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd
    BEST ACTRESS: (Were there any besides Portman?)
    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman
    BEST LINE: "Wipe them out...all of them"
    WORST LINE: "I'm a person. And my name is Anakin"
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Fly-by of Sebulba's racer
    BEST COSTUME: Gunray's outfit.
    WORST COSTUME: Naboo guard (Panaka's guys)
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Coruscant
    BEST EQUIPMENT: Maul's 2-bladed Lightsaber
    WORST EQUIPMENT: That pointy little gun Amidala (or was it Padme?) has at the beginning of the Palace assault, that silver little prissy thing.
    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: Gungan battle (Just rewatched it today and actually the droids and such are very well done)
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: As Maul kicks Obi-Wan's lightsaber into the pit (The Tide Turns/Death of Darth Maul track on TPM UE, beginning part)
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Midichlorians (Trust me, I now have a theory that makes them oh so bittersweet)
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: Gungan droid battle sequence, he was actually funny in a slapstick sort of way. No poop or farts!
  20. Yodaminch Force Ghost

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    i will be gone from 22-29 of july.
    if you could tell me which ones i can do i will work on the sript and have it ready on 29th. please pm me
  21. royalguard96 Jedi Knight

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    BEST SCENE: Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul, 1 on 1
    WORST SCENE: "I ask you to help us, no I beg you to help us."
    BEST SHOT: The hangar doors opening with Maul standing there.
    WORST SHOT: End credits (yes I'm a gusher)
    BEST CHARACTER: Qui-Gon Jinn. His actions set the rest of the PT into motion. Strong, believable personality.
    WORST CHARACTER: Capt. Panaka.
    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson
    WORST ACTOR: Hugh Quarshire. Thank God he didn't come back.
    BEST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman.
    WORST ACTRESS: Ratts Tyrell's wife ;)
    BEST LINE: "There's always a bigger fish."
    WORST LINE: "Come on, let's go and play ball."
    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Entire Podrace sequence.
    WORST SOUND EFFECT: Eeopie's gas issue.
    BEST COSTUME: Queen Amidala Throne Room
    BEST SET / LOCATION: Theed Generator complex
    WORST SET / LOCATION: The swimming pool where Ewan and Liam swam to Otoh Gunga
    BEST EQUIPMENT: Double-bladed lightsaber.
    WORST EQUIPMENT: Jabbas's snacks
    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: The podrace. Shamefully overlooked in terms of its CGI quality.
    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: Jar Jar swimming in the DVD cut scene
    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: The moment the hangar doors open to reveal Maul. WOW!
    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Seeing lightsabers used in more ways, like cutting through the blast doors.
    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: When he remarks how hot Amidala is on the Coruscant taxi [face_laugh]
  22. Gay-LenKenobi Jedi Knight

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    BEST SCENE: Obi-Wan vs. Maul. How much did this scene rock? A helluva lot!

    WORST SCENE: Ani gives Padme the japor snippet. Good lord, Natalie was awful. I bought that Ani was upset about his mom, but Portman couldn't have looked more bored.

    BEST SHOT: The overhead view of Theed. Absolutely gorgeous. It really did take my breath away.

    WORST SHOT: None.

    BEST CHARACTER: Qui-Gon Jinn. I loved him. I wish he could be my dad. :D

    WORST CHARACTER: Mace Windu. He didn't do anything of note, was just around to establish his position on the council for AOTC.

    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson. Ewan is my favorite actor in general, but Liam really made me love this movie.

    WORST ACTOR: Sam Jackson. He bored me. I start snoring every time his mouth opens.

    BEST ACTRESS: Pernilla August. She was perfect.

    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman. She frowned more than Obi-Wan did. That isn't acting, that was disdain for the film itself. Why did she even bother to show up. [face_plain]

    BEST LINE: "When they find us, they will crush us, grind us into little pieces, then blast us into oblivion!"

    WORST LINE: "Are you brain dead?" Ugh, that made me flinch.

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Sebulba's pod racer engine. When I saw TPM in the theater, you could felt the seat rumbling when he flew across the screen.


    BEST COSTUME: Amidala's white Parade gown.

    WORST COSTUME: Amidala's Senate gown. I hated it and the hair.

    BEST SET/LOCATION: Jedi Council's Chamber

    WORST SET/LOCATION: Interior of the Queen's transport. It was rather dull and unmemorable.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: Lightsabers. Duh.

    WORST EQUIPMENT: Maul's floating orbs. Very boring. And the wrist controller was far too 007.

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: The Gungan shield. That was pretty damn cool.


    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: While DotF is my favorite piece, the best moment was the use of the Force theme while Qui-Gon was cutting into the door of the TF's bridge.

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: I really like the "Only 2" concept. Its good to clarify that there is one apprentice per master

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: "Thats the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way..." up to the part where JJ spins and Obi ducks. That was cute. :)

    And I just want to add that it really annoyed me that the Queen was constantly wearing that one purple gown. What was that about? They couldn't come up with something new for the ride home or for the funeral? Just lazy. 8-}
  23. Rowland Jedi Youngling

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    BEST SCENE: The Pod Race, simply an incredible sequence. I loved everything about it.

    WORST SCENE: That thing farting on Jar-Jar...George pushed to edit out as much as possible to keep the running time short, why didnt he cut that stupid scene??

    BEST SHOT: During the DotF, the camera pans up really quickly and we see the fight from a distance...well done.

    WORST SHOT: The camera staring at that things butt while it farts.

    BEST CHARACTER: Qui-Gon, Palpatine


    BEST ACTOR: Liam Neeson

    WORST ACTOR: Dude who plays Valorum...just really pothered me for some reason.

    BEST ACTRESS: Anakin's mother I suppose.

    WORST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman

    BEST LINE: "The Shield Generator's been hit!!!" Always cracks me up. Is Ric Ollie constipated, on speed, possibly both?

    WORST LINE: When Kitster says something like "That's wizard, annie!" ewww....

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: When Sebulba's Pod crash's, with the abrupt silence, followed by the crash and that crazy little sound, just great.

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: The fart...I can imagine Lucas to Burtt "Juicer!! It need's to be juicier!!"

    BEST COSTUME: Padme's dress at end celebration.

    WORST COSTUME: The dress Padme wears when she first arrives on Coruscant, the black one. ick.

    BEST SET / LOCATION: Senate room.

    WORST SET / LOCATION: The room where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan talk to Boss Nass in the underwater city...bad effects.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: That thing that holds the droids, watching them all come out and unfold before the grass battle was awesome.

    WORST EQUIPMENT: Those little light things that Padme and Panaka shot at each other.

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: The grass battle is amazing.

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: The pod race announcer, obviously rushed.

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Final celebration, I love how Williams used the emperor's chanting theme and had children do it for the happy celebration song, actually signifying the beginning of the end for the republic...just wonderful.

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Jedi Council. Just plain cool.

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: During the Droid Battle, everything Jar-Jar does I think is funny, especially his scream and facial expression when he runs from the peace balls that everyone mentioned, hilarious.

  24. DarthHomer Jedi Grand Master

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    I vote monkeynugget's post as best poll entries so far! :)
  25. HandmaidenAnde Jedi Youngling

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    BEST SCENE: Obi-Wan versus Maul. On the DVD commentary, Lucas says that Ewan and Maul really threw themselves into this scene trying to out fight one another. And it shows. So much emotion and not a word said.

    WORST SCENE: That darn eopie scene. I've seen this film more times than I care to admit, and I still cringe.

    BEST SHOT: Obi-Wan shooting that stunned/hurt/surprised look at Qui-Gon in the Council Chamber when QG announces he will train Anakin. Up until that moment, Obi-Wan hadn't shown much emotion. That one look made me want to hug and comfort him, poor boy.

    WORST SHOT: Does the eopie's behind count? Can you tell I didn't like this part?

    BEST CHARACTER: Young Obi-Wan Kenobi. I loved watching him open up a little and come into his own by the end of the film.

    WORST CHARACTER: Aurra Sing. She didn't even do anything, yet she's one of the most popular minor characters from this film. Frustrates me to no end.

    BEST ACTOR: Ewan McGregor. Has to take someone very talented to take over for Sir Alec.

    WORST ACTOR: Jake Lloyd. Hurts me to say it because he's just a boy, but I didn't care for him.

    BEST ACTRESS: Keira Knightley. I love Nat, but I thought Keira was much more consistent and regal as the decoy.

    WORST ACTRESS: Whoever played Jira. I wouldn't be smiling that much if a dust storm was coming.

    BEST LINE: "We are brave, Your Highness." I just love this one because it exemplifies all that the handmaidens are.

    WORST LINE: "Mom, you always say the biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other."

    BEST SOUND EFFECT: Does Ewan's accent count? No, well...Lightsabers igniting. Classic Star Wars sound effect that can still give me chills.

    WORST SOUND EFFECT: The Gungan glow balls bouncing down the field after Jar Jar. Too cartoonish.

    BEST COSTUME: Queen Amidala's Throne Room Gown, though my choice changes regularly. Trisha did a great job and all the costumes are beautiful.

    WORST COSTUME: Aurra Sing's stupid orange jumpsuit.

    BEST SET / LOCATION: Theed. It's gorgeous and has now replaced Cloud City as my favorite SW location.

    WORST SET / LOCATION: Watto's viewing box at the Pod Race. Can't think of anything else.

    BEST EQUIPMENT: Lightsabers. I don't even think I need to give a reason for this one.

    WORST EQUIPMENT: The Disco Ball given to Boss Nass at the Parade. What was that thing anyway?

    BEST SPECIAL EFFECT: The first aerial view of Theed Palace. Breathtaking.

    WORST SPECIAL EFFECT: Obi-Wan ducking when Jar Jar's ears go flying as the Gungan spins around.

    BEST MUSICAL MOMENT: Darth Maul's appearance in the hanger. The music leading up to that build the tension, then...

    BEST NEW CONCEPT/IDEA: Handmaidens. Always great to see loyal and brave female characters who can kick butt.

    BEST JAR JAR MOMENT: "Steady, steady."
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