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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by LightSide_Apprentice, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Pheonix_Rising

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    Jul 17, 2005
    Name: Damodred Silvium
    Species (Lifeform): Half-Dragon, These elven-like people have small draconic features such as draconic wings or scaly skin. They have black eyes with no pupil, some rarities include amber eyes. Their heads sometimes are adorned with horns. Their physical features always show the signs of their parent dragon. He's a Half-Silver Dragon.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Very Young for his species at 29
    Faction (Allegiance): Himself, His Brother, and his Dragon god Bahamut.
    Home: None, Wanderer
    Place of Birth: Mountains

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Seichi Silvium
    Species (Lifeform): Half-Dragon, Silver.
    Gender: Male
    Age: Very Young for his species at 19
    Faction (Allegiance): Himself, His Brother, and his Dragon god Bahamut.
    Home: None, Wanderer
    Place of Birth: Mountains

    Bio: Damodred and Seichi Silvium are the sole sons of the Silver Dragon, Vlastinuvasza. When they were young their mother was kidnapped and held for ransom, the ransom was all of the Dragons hoard. Obviously these bandits did not know that asking a dragon for it's hoard was like asking a dragon to kill them. The bandits ended up killing their mother, and their father ended up eating the bandits.
    With nowhere left to go, Damodred and Seichi moved to the mountains where they were born and lived with their father, raised on principles of Good and Law. These two brothers became zealous paladins of the causes of their true god Bahamut.
    Now after many years the brothers wander the lands scouring for the servants of evil.
  2. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005

    Name: Pyrous
    Species: Dragon (Fully Sentient)
    Age: 600
    Faction: Independent
    Home: H-18 (mountains)
    Place of Birth: H-18 (mountains)
  3. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    OOC: Where is everybody? Come on, people!
  4. -Jeb-

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    Feb 18, 2006
    OOC: I'd post, but I just want everyone to settle in and get cozy first. Plus, I want to make a good intro, like at the [advertisement]Steam Chronicles[/advertisement].

    JK. [face_plain] :p
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    Jul 1, 2000
    So this is why IBoP was ended... darn

    starts reading
  6. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    OOC: Jeb, you are a crafty one...
  7. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001

    Thus far I have had time and freedom enough to establish an opening scenario for the Wood Elves, which will be based in the Fair Folk thread, as loose allies with the Faerie Queen's Realm. I have tagged the necessary parties in the additional OOC note below. If you've been tagged, I hope my instructions and guidance are welcome. Any issues or concerns can be raised at any time, though I do not expect very many from the Wood Elves and Faeries.

    To everyone else, I will be working to set up similar scenarios for each of you, as best as I can, and as time allows. Please be patient in the meantime. If you'd like to familiarise yourself with the maps or what is happening within the Fair Folk thread, do not hesitate to peek inside for a visit. Other than that, I would strongly recommend reading, or, indeed, re-reading the first page of this thread, taking particular notice of the coloured notes and posts that offer some guidance as to this Community's focus, purpose and function.

    NaboosPrincess, thank you for submitting your bio :) You might be interested to learn that a new thread has been opened, specifically tailored to accomodate faeries and other fair, and not so fair, creatures. Here is a link to [link=]The Fair Folk[/link]. Ktala is the primary Game Master of that area, guiding both Faeries and Darklings. Please visit at your first available opportunity and share your bio there. As the game progresses, travel between threads and realms will be open for exploration ;) Until that time, please keep an eye out for any announcements that might be of interest to you. Should you need assistance or help starting up and our resident Faerie GM is absent, feel free to send me a PM and I will do my best to create something for you personally :)

    Sith_Lords, Dahlia_Santary, Darth_Joesha, I have prepared an update for the three of you, which should be sufficient enough to set the scene and give you something to work with for the opening stage of this ongoing game ;) You are free to get started. Please visit [link=]The Fair Folk[/link], a thread that is an integral part of the Ultimate Fantasy Community. Should you have any questions, feel free to raise them via PM :) Otherwise, I would advise that your focus be the Fair Folk thread for your actions and concerns regarding the Wood Elves. Where possible I encourage you to visit this main thread for future announcements, or should you have other characters awaiting redirection or initial assignment :)

  8. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    ATTENTION MEN AND WOMEN OF MANRENTHAIN, AND THEIR VISITORS: Welcome to your home for the present. Please keep all interaction within the region of Manrenthain to this thread alone. Should you wish to travel, feel free to send me a PM so that we might be able to make arrangements :) Once you're familiar with how things work, travel will be far less restricted ;) For the moment, I've attached a brief description of the region and its areas of interest.

    You will find that this thread is dedicated to the 'Central and Eastern Regions' of Callanthorith, at least for the time being. For those of you who have a saved copy of the map, it includes the approximate area from I-27, down to I-70, and extends east (or right) to Z-27, and down to Z-70. For those of you that still need a copy of the map references, please use the following [link=]link[/link]. For a picture of the same map, without the grid references, feel free to download and save this [link=]map[/link]. Should you have any questions, my PM box will be only too happy to receive them.


    Far north and east of the city known as Quandanlore is the largest known human settlement in the land. Ruled by a King and Queen, the great city of Manrenthain is among the largest and complex structures built by mortal beings. The city is located at the foot of the Grandrand Mountains - a great, snow-capped range, which extends from the human city into the northern polar region of the known world. Tunnels exist between the kingdom's capital city and the mountains along its northern border, which act both as a place of refuge and storehouse for valuable minerals.

    Note: Manrenthain is located within the general vicinity around the grid-marked cell of R-28

    [b]BartSimpson-SithLord, YoungAngus, -Jeb-, KOTORFan8, hitokiri-black, PulsarSkate, Imperial_Hammer[/b]

    [i]Twilight[/i] (Just after Sunset)

    [i]City of Men, Manrenthain, North Eastern Callanthorith[/i]

    [color=blue]It had been no more than an hour since the sun began to set and then creep down to rest beneath the distant horizon. It was twilight within Manrenthain not long after the sun's final rays of light spread their warmth over the world. The roaring sound of laughter from the Bear's Rest, a popular tavern within the city's middle-class district, and the ringing of the Great Bell, filled the great kingdom of men. That ringing signified the coming of nightfall and a time for rest.

    An up-and-coming member of the Knights of Manrenthain, an order devoted to the protection and defence of the City of Men, [b]Edward Douglas[/b] knew only too well the folly of remaining outdoors after dark. As safe and secure as the White City was, crime reigned throughout the night as thieves and bandits and beggars roamed the streets more freely than they were permitted in daylight hours. His comrade-in-arms, [b]Maximus Leonius[/b], less than an approximate handful of years between the two in age disparity, joined him in recent weeks in an effort to clean up the filth from the streets.

    Evening came like it had so many days previous. There was no sign of trouble, but that was not uncommon. Once darkness fell things were sure to change. A cloaked traveller prodded through the street, past the Bear's Rest's an up the road that led toward the Abbey. [b]Mezzanie Ti[/b] passed the Knights without pause or arousing suspicion, though she heard some commotion from within the tavern as she walked by. There was a breaking of bottles and of glasses, and the sound of bar stools scraping against the floor.

    Before she knew it, the priestess witnessed a young man fly through one of the tavern's windows, breaking glass as he crashed into the front window and fell onto the cobblestone street outside. The tavern door swung open, and out stepped [b]Ronan[/b], another K>
  9. PulsarSkate

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    Nov 4, 2003
    IC: Kitlin Ronin
    Female Quarters - Barracks

    Kit found herself twisting one thin plait around her finger and immediately stopped. 'Not exactly a trait for a knight.' she admonished herself. 'Especially not in front of people I need to make an impression on!'

    Coughing politely, Kitlin took a couple of steps towards the other woman in the room and extended her hand.

    "Greetings." she said in a warm manner. "I am Knight Ronin, but you can call me Kit...uh, when we're not on duty." she hastily added, smiling nervously. "I believe we are to learn together." She added, a little lamely.

    There was a moments pause.

    "So...what should I call you?"

    Tag: hitokiri-black :)
  10. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003
    My first two characters, both approved. Should get a post up some time in the future.

    Name: Voren?kaa
    Species (Lifeform): Nomadic lizardman. Yellow-brown skinned, orange eyes, has a tail, extremely fast and strong.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Faction (Allegiance): None
    Home: Is now Manrenthain
    Place of Birth: Chagraka (a distant desert region)

    Name: Tantalus Moirlarde
    Species (Lifeform): Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46
    Faction (Allegiance): Priesthood of the God of War
    Home: Quandalore
    Place of Birth: Callanthorith

    EDIT: All right, here we go. You'll all excuse me, I'm sure, for jumping in. ;)

    [i]Outside the Bear's Rest, Streets of Manrenthain[/i]

    Darkness set on the city of these?menfolk. The sands alone knew what evil the dark brought into these strange creatures? hearts. [b]Voren?kaa[/b] the lizardman whispered a silent prayer, and strode through the streets of the [i]man city[/i], his cloak draped around his shoulders and his hood currently covering his scales. It was for certain, yes, that someone would see what kind of being he was sooner or later, indeed some already had these past few days, but he would make no attempt to hide it, no. Why should he be ashamed of this fact? Why conceal who he was? What he was? Though these?men made him afraid, at times. No, not [i]afraid[/i]! He was not afraid. He could not be, he never was. And not of these demon peoples. Violent and liars and-

    A man came crashing out of a nearby window in front of Voren?kaa?s very eyes, [i]hurled[/i] through the very glass itself! What could this be? An attack? Unprovoked? Another of these fights that they spoiled for? Did these beasts have no justice? A peasant man appeared at the doorway. Was it he who had done this? And yet two knights approached, and they could surely deal with this, for such was their duty, and Voren?kaa could only respect that. Not all this kind lacked honour.

    But- wait! Noise still came from within the place of drinking, and Voren?kaa?s eyes shot towards it, narrowing. He could not stand by, he never had, he could [i]not[/i]. These people would be helped, no matter what darkness they were spawned from. He sped past the scene outside and through the door of the drinking place, one brief, sweeping gaze telling him all he needed to know. Tables had been knocked over, glasses had been shattered, their tasteless ales and wines had been spilt, while in the centre of the scene stood a huge, drunken burly man, in combat with a Knight, who seemed to be struggling to subdue the thug.

    Voren?kaa threw his hood off, revealing his yellow, scaly face, and hissed, his tongue darting from his mouth with a hiss as he drew his weapon, a great scimitar of silver blade, from his belt. Without further hesitation, he came to the aid of the beleaguered Knight, attacking the large drunkard from behind, attempting to slice his arms from their very shoulders. There could be no mercy for those who conducted themselves in such an unholy manner.

    [b]Tag: - KOTORFan8, BartSimpson-SithLord, YoungAngus, -Jeb, Imperial_Hammer, LSA [/b]
  11. -Jeb-

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    Feb 18, 2006
    Dusk, Streets of Manrenthain, North Eastern Callanthorith

    "'Ey, dolly! Come 'ere! Come 'eeeeere!.."

    A sharp snap of the fingers came from the fat hands of a musky, potbellied bar-patron. He was harshly ordering over a bartendress to attend him. This was'nt the first time, no. First it was for a simple drink, then a meal. Each time barking out harsh comments. Words such as which would fall under the definition of a Female canine. He carried himself like a pig, porking down his food and his ale as if it were the last he'd ever have. No doubt he was doing it to intimidate.

    He snapped his fingers again, followed by a loud whistle and a few claps. This man was a bastard, simple as that. "Wut da' 'ell!? I said come 'ere, you stupid wench! What part doncha understand!? Come!? or He-", the man was suddenly shut off by a deep, regal tone of voice. "I do believe it'd be mighty kind of you to just.. pipe down a bit. You're drunk, and it's getting late. People are trying to have intelligent conversations as they celebrate better times, and you're here babbling away to yourself as though anyone really cares. So please, go home, or just be quiet. Thank you."

    The stern man was disguised as a beggar, dressed in a tattered old robe and muddy boots. He was sitting in a table for one, drinking a tall glass of cider. Most of his face was covered by a large hood, flecks of dirty blonde hair making themselves visible. All went silent, and the young waitress stodd blankly in the corner, holding an empty tray under his arm.

    A shrieking sound was made in response to the man's words. The sound of a single stool sliding back, scraping against the wooden ground. It lasted longer than usual, seeing as the man was quite boxy in shape and needed the extra room to move. "Whaaaaat?! You're calling meeee out!?!! Don't you know who I am?! I am-" He was cut off yet again.

    "An idiot? Yes, I can certainly vouch for that indeed. Or wait? A man who will be in terrible pain if he does'nt leave. Now." Without a second's thought, the large man known by many in the City of Men as Abram, the Hammer the Brawling Champion of the known world (Dumb, of course, as only Humans competed in such brutal, and mindless competitions) for 3 years in a row jumped out at the stranger, aiming to grab the cloaked man by the collar and resume his attack with a body-slam.

    His advance was abruptly reversed, the "peasent's" firm grip over-powering Abram's. In unison, all of the patrons of the bar stood, glasses falling, mugs turning over, stools and table being flipped on their sides, as they all cried out, casing so much commotion that it nearly awoke the entire town. Obviously, the beggar had no clue who this man was, and it did'nt seem to matter much at this point, for with a simple toss with his arms, the plump fellow was vaulted out through a window near the entrance to the Tavern.

    Blood spewed from several injuries to his face and torso, shattered glass stuck in places where nothing should be stuck. The crimson fluid trailed across the cobblestone sidewalk, highlighted by the dim light of the surrounding street-lanterns. The fat man, Abram, crawled hastily to get away. But then the Tavern door flew open, the man stepping through. He laid down a heavy foot against Abram's wide back, holding him down as he eyed a pair of younger Knights.

    "Halt! Young Knights of Manrenthain! I have heavy reason for doing what I have done to this fiend of a man, if you could call him so. Sexual Harassment, Disturbing the Peace, the attempted Assault of Your's Truly. Infact, the punishment should have been twice as bad, seeing as I, Ronan of Manrenthain, am an esteemed Knight myself.", he spoke, removing his cloak to reveal his face, armor (which had the worn-out seal of Manrenthain over the chest), and longsword, proving his claim.

    He looked down, removing his foot from the now unconcious Abram; something he could tell by the fact that he was motionless, snoring somew
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    May 7, 2005
    IC Maximus Marcellus Leonius
    Outside the Bear's Rest, Streets of Manrenthain

    There was a slight mist about in the Twilight moment on the Quiet the Streets of Manrenthain. Knight of Manrenthain, Maximus Marcellus Leonius, sat upon his black horse with an implacable demeanor. He and his riding partner guarded their posts outside the Bear?s Rest, a popular Tavern where the masses had their opiate, Circus and Bread. Entertainment and Food was which kept the commoners pleased. It was Maximus? job to take care of matters if they became displeased. As a Knight of Manrenthain, Maximus swore his life to a code of Honor which involved abetting the poor and damning the wrong-doers. Those inside the crowded pub were a group of the most gluttonous and prideful men in all of Manrenthain. They were Wise in Ignorance beyond their years.

    His black horse blended into the dark sky which blanketed Maximus and his partner, Edward Douglas. There was a bleak atmosphere around the scenic town center. Commoners passed by Douglas and Maximus on occasion.

    Suddenly, the tranquil hush was dismissed as a man came crashing through the front window to the Bear?s Rest. Maximus? Beast of Burden raised his two front legs in the air and let out a cry. Maximus patted his spooked horse?s head to calm him. The man landed on the ground in a pile of crumbled and broken glass. He let out a desperate groan while he tried to remove the shards of glass from his back. Maximus dismounted his horse and drew his sword.

    As he walked to assist the man, the door to the popular Tavern swung open. Out stepped an imposing figure. A beggar. Apparantly, the two had gotten themselves into some sort of altercation. Suddenly, The Beggar removed his rags and revealed he was indeed Ronan, a somewhat hot-headed fellow Knight.

    "Halt! Young Knights of Manrenthain! I have heavy reason for doing what I have done to this fiend of a man, if you could call him so. Sexual Harassment, Disturbing the Peace, the attempted Assault of Your's Truly. Infact, the punishment should have been twice as bad, seeing as I, Ronan of Manrenthain, am an esteemed Knight myself.",

    ?Must every drunken peasant be hurled from a window Ronan?? Maximus questioned as he put his sword away and helped the somewhat intoxicated man to his feet. Maximus was humble, he treated commoners with respect.

    Without warning, a loud crash was heard from within the Tavern. Maximus took his long, silver sword out once more. Ronan was already ahead of him as he ran back inside the Tavern to send more bodies to the street. Maximus cautiously entered where he saw a man being assualted by a Reptile-Creature of somesort. He kept his sword up, ready to defend. Ronan had already gone to work on the creature.

    "In the name of The King of Manrenthain, I order you to stop this at once!" Maximus confidently announced to those involved in the scuffle.

    TAG-Everyone at the scene
  13. -Jeb-

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    Feb 18, 2006
    OOC: BTW, Ronan isn't wearing "armor" per se. His garb at the moment resembles more closely to Faramir's in LotR: TTT, with the tunic, trousers, chainmail, and leather vest with the Manrenthain emblem over the chest (replacing the White Tree of Gondor that Faramir dons).
  14. hitokiri-black

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    Aug 8, 2005
    IC: Jacelyn Notae
    Barracks- Female Quarters

    A smile threatened to escape her mouth as she remembered the moment she had heard that she was to accepted to be a squire at the Kinghthood...a squire-to-be, none the less, however it still had been more then she had dreamed of achieving. The joy she secretly kept inside her was finally finding a way out...weither she liked it or not.

    Moving down the halls of the barracks that where soon to be her home away from home, she watched as men went past her and her smile faded slightly. All she saw was men...strangely enough...'however,' she mused to herself. 'Knighthood wasn't something every girl dreamed of while they were children.'

    Calming herself, she placed an expression on her face that she had learned to slip on while the boys of her age had taunted her for wanting to become a knight. A face that told nothing...however as she looked around, she found that her 'poker face' was nothing compared to the faces she saw around her. Something she would have work on later.

    Walking into the female section of the barracks, she had reached her barrack and she stood for a while staring at it for a while. She wondered what her mentor to be was going to be like. She knew that it was a woman; however that was all she had to go by.

    Taking a quick breath, she pushed open the door and took a look around. The room was the same as any other, however the woman who stood in it was the only person she was interested in for the moment.

    She didn't know what to she just stood there and was silently thankful that the woman was the first to talk.

    "Greetings." her voice was warm and Jacelyn found that she could quickly become fond of this woman. "I am Knight Ronin, but you can call me Kit...uh, when we're not on duty."

    Duty...the word rang in her head for a moment and she remembered that they were to meet their Captain the first thing after the sun came up. Her thoughts were suddenly jolted back to the woman, Knight Ronin, as she continued to speak.

    "I believe we are to learn together." The smile Ronin gave her was a bit nervous, however that didn't matter.

    At that moment Jacelyn couldn't think of what to the room settled into a silence. However it was broken by her Mentor once again.

    "So...what should I call you?" She asked.

    Jacelyn thought for a moment before answering, in a voice that she hoped didn't sound like a five-year olds.

    "Jace." She said with a slight smile.

    Tag: PulsarSkate

  15. PulsarSkate

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    Nov 4, 2003
    IC: Knight Kitlin Ronin
    Female Barracks

    "A pleasure to meet you Jace!" Kit replied, her smile growing from nervous to welcoming. The awkward part over, the blonde woman became a gushing fount of friendly chatter. "Isn't this exciting? I mean, apart from the whole up-before-sunrise part. I hope I don't sleep in. I'm used to farm life, so I'm up at first light normally but it's been a long day and it's already late. Do you have your own sword? I have mine, my brother made it for me. In secret of course, I mean, what girl wants to grow up to be a knight?"

    Kit stopped talking and blushed slightly. "Sorry," she said, whincing. "I've been the only female here for a week and the men won't talk to me...yet. All the solitude was getting to me." Kit took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

    Tag: hitokiri-black
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    May 23, 2002
    OOC: Approve bio follows. I'm sure I already posted it, my bad...

    Name: Nithanial Aanalasi

    Species: Human


    Age: 25

    Faction (Allegiance): Independant

    Home: Manrenthain

    Place of Birth: Dark Realm
  17. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    OoC: No worries, LSA, I think I'll be able to get to the fun myself. :)

    [b]IC: T'aren
    Grassy Plains, Manrenthain[/b]

    [blockquote]Twilight had fallen upon the earth. Animals would soon enter their temporary hibernation, and humans would soon go to rest after a long day. But for T'aren, the day was not quite over. Brushing his long white bangs out of his eyes, he tossed food pellets into the continuously flowing river to regale the inhabiting fish. "There you are, my friends," he said as he reached into bag and released the fish food into the clear blue water. "Eat up!" He was well aware that the fish were unable to understand the human tongue, but he spoke to them anyway, for he enjoyed it greatly. He felt as if he was talking to Mother Nature herself, his dearest friend. After he was finished feeding the hungry fish, the sun had almost finished her decent into the horizon. T'aren smiled as the moon began to climb over the opposite hill, showing her beautiful white, glowing surface that was adorned with craters from the many asteroids and comets that hit her so frequently. He envisioned the endless plethora of mountains that the moon had, and himself climbing them to their pinnacles.

    He began walking towards his hut as he stuffed the brown paper bag into the left pocket of his beige pants. In the left chest pocket of his black, button-up shirt was a biscuit. He pulled it out and began to eat it as he neared the side of his hut, where a beautiful brown horse awaited. Finishing the biscuit and brushing the small crumbs off of his hands onto the grass beneath him, he gingerly walked up to the beautiful creature who had a white patch of skin that resembled a star, much like the only visible one in the sky. The horse had a long brown mane down the back of her neck that was neatly combed and trimmed, adding to her beauty. She had a long tail that she swished fairly smoothly for something that was shooing buzzing flies away. T'aren smiled as he petted her long nose, keeping his face beside hers ensuring that she could see him. The worst thing that anyone could do with a horse would be to stand directly in front of one, for they cannot see there and would consider the unknown being an enemy. T'aren spoke to the horse, once again feeling as if he was speaking to Mother Nature.

    "Good girl," he said as he pulled out another biscuit from the knapsack on his hip and fed it to the horse. "There you go, Ziphara, good girl." He continued to pet her nose until he felt that she was comfortable with him. He had already prepared the saddle and reins on top of Ziphara before he went to feed the fish. Untying the rope from the wooden stake in the ground, he settled his booted foot on the ring beside the horse's stomach and pushed himself on top of the horse. Grasping the reins into a firm grip, he gently kicked Ziphara's side. "Go girl." The horse obeyed and began to walk in the northeast direction. Kicking slightly harder, T'aren caused the horse's walk to transform into a soft trot, and then a full gallop. T'aren smiled from ear-to-ear as the cool wind whipped past his face and his long white hair billowed violently behind him. His destination - the City of Men. [/blockquote]

    [b]Tag: No one at the moment[/b]>
  18. Saber_Leader

    Saber_Leader Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2003

    Name: Talnox 'Tal' Yenas
    Species (Lifeform): Half-Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Faction (Allegiance): Neutral
    Home: Quandanlore
    Place of Birth: Manrenthain

    Born to a human mother in Manrenthain, Tal never felt accepted by the human community and moved to Quandanlore after his mother's death, where he survives as an adventurer, exploring his growing magical abilities.
  19. hitokiri-black

    hitokiri-black Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 8, 2005
    IC: Jacelyn Notae
    Female Barracks

    "A pleasure to meet you Jace!" came the reply to her answer. The voice was now friendly and had lost it's nervous edge. Jace nodded to her and smiled, as the woman suddenly let forth a stream of talk to had seemed to have been hiding and now found a time to come out.

    "Isn't this exciting? I mean, apart from the whole up-before-sunrise part. I hope I don't sleep in. I'm used to farm life, so I'm up at first light normally but it's been a long day and it's already late. Do you have your own sword? I have mine, my brother made it for me. In secret of course, I mean, what girl wants to grow up to be a knight?"

    Jace laughed a little at the woman?s questions and explanations. Her voice was bubbly just like her personality...or at least that was her impression.

    "Nope," Jace answered. "I'm the eldest child in my family, and oldest younger brother..." she paused for a moment, trying to see if the explanation she was using sounded right to her own ears. She shrugged to herself and continued. "got the family sword. I gathered that I could get one sooner or later, and besides it's my father's sword and my bother loves it."

    She smiled at the thought of her oldest younger brother and father. They were both very close to her and she didn't mind giving him a sword that her father would have given her. She looked over at the woman.

    "You have a brother?" She asked with a **** of her head; a habit she had taken up while her oldest younger brother as an infant. "What does he do?, If I may ask?"

    Tag: PulsarSkate
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    Apr 22, 2004
    ooc: When are the Elves getting their own thread?
  21. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: T'aren
    City of Men, Manrenthain, North Eastern Callanthorith

    [blockquote]The wind flew by T'aren's face, drying up his eyes and mouth and causing his long white hair to go awry in every direction. He minded this not, albeit, for anything was worth feeling the graceful ways of nature against his very face. He smiled as he and Ziphara neared the city. He spotted the lights on the side of the road in the distance, and laid his eyes upon the various stores and shops that aligned the sidewalks. The sun was almost completely shielded from the view of the earth, and the moon arose higher into the night sky.

    Ziphara took her last steps on the grass as she entered the City of Men. Bars, clubs, and shops could be seen alongside the road, albeit most of them were desserted and isolated. Some had cracked windows and broken down doors, and some were neat, well-kept, and organized. The street lights loomed over the street, shining their somewhat dim light upon the concrete to give travelers a better view of where they were going. T'aren adjusted his seating on the saddle, for it was beginning to get quite uncomfortable. He smiled as he rubbed the back of Ziphara's neck, and thought back to how he found her.

    T'aren walked along the grassy surface of the earth, nearing a horse stable as his flipped his growing hair out of his eyes. He was ten years old, and practiced the art of martial arts back home. He was becoming quite the young fighter, and his abilities showed great promise. He practiced with old books that had been passed down from generation to generation in his family, and, needless to say, it was old and worn out from age.

    He strolled up to the large, wooden stable that was painted red on the outside. Inside, he could see hay lying on the ground and someone, most likely the master, inside. T'aren's eyes deceived him rarely, and from the looks of things, the master was beating a pony with a whip, endlessly inflicting pain on the hopeless creature. The pony was a brown color with an awry mane of hair on the back of her neck and a white patch of skin on her forehead that resembled a star. T'aren was amazed at the sheer beauty of the pony, but focused his attention back on the evil master. He narrowed his eyes and ran to the stable, leaping over the white picket fence. "Hey!" he cried, waving his hands. He had gotten the master's attention, who now stopped beating the horse and began to walk ever so slowly to meet this rebellious young boy. "Don't beat that horse, you're hurting it!"

    The master stopped just outside of the stable as T'aren walked up to him. The child's hands were clutched into fists and on his hips. He stared up to the master with a solemn frown. The master spit a large blob of tobacco onto the ground and looked at the boy, rubbing his gruff beard wit his free hand, the other grasping a long whip. "That 'orse deserves ev'ry little feelin' o' pain she's gettin' and then some. 'Ay there little feller, I suggest that ya run along and go to your mommy and daddy. I'm sure they'r waitin' on ya." He spit again, this time on the boy's boot. He grimaced at him, his eyes narrowed in frustration. Yet the child just stood there, his hands still on his hips and the frown still inhabiting his fair-skinned face. "Ya def or som'thin'? Get goin'!" This time the man shoved the boy, nearly knocking him to the ground.

    T'aren caught his footing and glared back up at the evil man. "You leave those horses alone and maybe I will!" he yelled, alarming the horses inside of the stable. He noticed the fallen horse, Ziphara, had gotten her footing and was spectating the current argument between the two.

    "Why you little," the man walked towards T'aren and shoved him hard to the ground. "Ya best listen to wha' I say thur, or I'll be feeding the ponies with your skin." He licked his broken, crooked, and yellow teeth, making a soft smacking sound.

    T'aren, lying on the ground and tending to a cut knee, looked up and found Ziphara charging towards the evil master. The horse, with a loud growl, turned around and
  22. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Tantalus Moirlarde
    Temple of the God of War, Quandanlore

    In a quiet corner of a small, empty temple in a shady street of Quandanlore, a fat man sat and picked at his teeth. They were almost works of art in themselves. It appeared as if they had been carefully yellowed over the years, and their owner had diligently avoided any form of cleaning or scrubbing, in order to preserve this masterfully rotten state. Occasionally one fell out.

    The fat man's name was Tantalus Moirlarde. He placed a hand on one of his many stomachs, and leaned back in his chair, turning his attention to a stain on his priestly robes. Beer, by the looks of it. He couldn't quite remember. He wasn't really a heavy drinker. Not until he'd happened upon that bar. After a long day idle, a man needed some rest and relaxation. He'd had a few pints and found himself back here, and whether that stench was himself or something else entirely, he couldn't quite work out.

    Women, that's what he needed. Why couldn't he serve the god of wine? Then he'd definitely have to have some sort of retinue of dancing girls and scantily clad priestesses to aid him in his duties, and get up to all sorts of lovely things. Flaming drunkards, they got everything, he reflected. He served the god of war, he got a flaming suit of rusted armour, and that was about it. Life was like that, it just spat in your bleeding face half the time.

    "Ah," he muttered, as his gaze fell upon the floor. A small, dead animal lay there. He'd bought it earlier. That was where the stench was coming from. After some effort he managed to lift himself shakily to his feet, and staggered over to the altar, dragging the slaughtered creature, before tossing it up onto the stone slab, the blood dripping over his fat hands.

    He served the god of war, that was right. And he didn't have as much dancing girls or beer or riches as he'd like. But he had the one thing that might get them him all. He had the most powerful god of all.

    All he needed now was a bloody war.

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  23. -Jeb-

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    Feb 18, 2006
    The Bear's Rest, Manrenthain, North Eastern Callanthorith

    The front door of the Tavern was slowly closing behind Maximus as he entered to try and stop the massive brawl within. But then suddenly, another young man went flying back first through the wooden door, dragging it back with him, ripping the thing from it's hinges. Ronan sent a elbow right into the jaw of another patron, knocking back some teeth as he stumbled back towards a table.

    The headstrong Knight, brought up his sword, parrying a vodka bottle that was aimed at his skull. When he turned around, he noticed yet another drunk, plump fellow charging at him, ready to spear him into the wall. But Ronan was quite the nimble Warrior. He pointed his sword vertically downward, and stabbed it down, digging it into the tiled flooring. He swiftly moved out of the way.

    The drunkard was nearly blinded by the amount of liquor that he had consumed, barely able to tell the difference between shapes and colors. He ran right into the flat side stout blade, his head cracking against the hard metal. Ronan went to grab his weapon back but was abruptly grabbed by the shoulders from behind and knocked to the ground. The crazed patron attempted to bite at Ronan's leg out of desperation.

    Ronan grabbed a skillet from the ground near a laid-out individual and swung it at the side of the man's head, knocking him cold. He stood up and went fast for his blade once more, only to notice it being grasped by man who was hovering over the defenseless bartendress. This woman needs a new job.

    The bully was still tugging at the sword, however, for it was currently still stuck into the floor. And then suddenly, a large fist made its way into his mouth. Stars might have been seen, but that was the least of the person's worries at that moment. Ronan wrapped his digits around the hilt of his longsword, pulling it back out with moderate ease. He eyed the young lady, who was obviously stricken with immense fright. He nodded, "I thought you got it the first time.. Leave now. No introductions are necessary..."

    "In the name of The King of Manrenthain, I order you to stop this at once!"

    Ronan turned around, raising his sword in juxtaposition, "Aye!". Another bottle barely missed Ronan's face, smashing into the wall behind him.

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  24. -Jeb-

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    Feb 18, 2006
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  25. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Firis Alerik Magnusson
    Outside of Marenthain

    As Firis neared Marenthain, he slowed Folca down to a trot. The journey had been uneventful, and blissfully quiet. Now, as he neared the great busy city, he was sure that something was going to happen.

    Firis passed through the gates without incident, and entered the city itself.

    The town was busy, bustling, thriving with activity, and Firis' brow furrowed, uncomfortable amongst the crowds. He needed a bite to eat, and so stopped at a vendor's stall. The stall contained meats and cheeses, as well as bread. Buying sliced beef and an old cheese, he prepared his own sandwich and ate it on horseback.

    Today was going to be very eventful.

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