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The Ultra stressed Jedi Students.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Lalika, Aug 15, 1999.

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  1. K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku

    K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Apr 18, 2000
    O.K. You've got me completely hooked. This is so much more interesting than my impending dissertation defense. I'd like to jump in the fray as well, if I may. Hope we can have a quick jaunt in the arena for lightsaber class before the dance. If it won't work, let me know and I'll edit (or repost it at a later time).

    T?lor grimaced as she walked into the dueling arena. That last fall had added another bruise almost on top of one below it. Qui-Gon and Mace followed her in, carrying the mock lighsabers.

    ?You did well up to that last move,? Qui-Gon said, smiling. ?You need practice on the footwork though.?

    ?Thanks. I?m glad Obi-Wan didn?t see it??

    ?Didn?t see what?? came his voice as he walked into the room, Ane behind him. ?T?lor!? he shouted as he ran over to her, enveloping her in a huge bear hug.

    ?Hi brat!? she replied affectionately. She looked up at him. He gets taller every time I see him, she thought. ?Hi Ane,? she added, peaking around Obi-Wan

    Master Windu cleared his throat, ?T?lor??

    Giving a nod to Obi-Wan and Ane, she walked over to him. ?Now, the footwork for that last move goes like this,? showing her. She studied his moves and tried herself. ?A little more on the ball of the right foot. Good. Now pivot. Good.?

    Obi-Wan and Ane sat along the wall, watching T?lor working through her steps. ?Cutting it a little close to the Trials, isn?t she?? Ane said. ?When did she get back??

    ?I don?t know. This is the first I?ve seen of her, although by the way she?s moving, it is not the first some of the Masters have seen of her,? Obi-Wan replied, grinning. He watched as T?lor pivoted, lost her balance and fell. She grimaced. ?Meri,? Obi-Wan shouted as the girls walked in. Jane and Cali (his heart fluttered) followed, with Sifa and Bant bringing up the rear. ?Look whose back.?

    Meri glanced at the center of the room, where T?lor was talking in earnest with Master Windu. She then looked around the room. Several Masters, including Alex, Kithera, and Qui-Gon, were present. T?lor must be in the final stages of preparing for her Trials. ?You guys are in for a treat.?

    T?lor backed away from Mace and looked around the practice room. There were two girls by Meri that she didn?t recognize. They were dressed as Jedi, but lacked the Padawan braids. T?lor made a mental note to find out who they were later. Right now, she needed to focus.

    Master Windu stepped forward. ?First up,? he called to the class, ?T?lor, Obi-Wan, and Ane.?

    //Great. Just what I need after that last beating, two on one// T?lor thought. She took a deep breath and centered herself while Obi-Wan and Ane gathered their lightsabers from the shelf.
    ?T?lor, defense. Obi-Wan and Ane, offense. Begin!?

    T?lor looked at the two boys in front of her. This was not going to be easy, but it was doable. She just had to keep from getting skewered before she could get rid of one of them. Obi-Wan came at her first. She stepped into his attack, her blade catching his, and then shifted her blade slightly. She pushed and Obi-Wan fell back, slightly off balance. She turned quickly, just barely ducking under Ane?s blade as it sliced towards her neck. She kicked out with her foot, taking him down, before she had to turn to parry Obi-Wan?s next attack.

    They spared like that for a few minutes, T?lor narrowly escaping kill points, but not the casual grazes of their light sabers. She thrust the pain to the back of her thoughts. She moved to she could see both opponents. She had to do something fast. Ane began to approach at the same time as Obi-Wan. //Oh no you don?t, brat,// she thought and reached out through the Force. Obi-Wan stopped mid-stride, all of the sudden stuck in place. T?lor quickly moved to put herself between Ane and Obi-Wan. If this worked right, she?d soon only be facing one of them.

    Ane came at her, and she ducked his strike, reaching up to score a glance off his shoulder. He hissed as the blade scorched his tunic, but pressed her. She parried his next move, and began pre
  2. K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku

    K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Apr 18, 2000
    Another quick post, to give some background on T'lor. I'm thinking she has a long standing history as an 'older sister' type with Obi-Wan and the gang. Feel free to run with it as you see fit (or not) .
    After the lightsaber class, T?lor Kaden moved to one of the smaller practice rooms to work through the katas. She and Master Dway had arrived at the Temple the night before after completing delicate negotiations with the Sepsna, a species that until recently had shunned contact with the Republic. The negotiations had taken longer than expected, and T?lor had come precariously close to having to reschedule her Trials. Again. She sighed as she moved fluidly, more or less given her accumulated aches from the day, from one position to the next. She had a scant two weeks to finish her preparations, including intense lightsaber training. She grinned to herself. When they had been assigned to the Temple, it had been a running joke that anyone beyond the Initiates not only was taller than she, but could also best her with the lightsaber. She?d worked hard to dispel that notion, but a little extra practice never hurt.

    She finished her katas and sat down to meditate. She relaxed into the Force, letting it take away some of the nervousness about the upcoming Trials and the pains of the days practices. When she was done, she made her way back to the temporary quarters they had been assigned. She would catch up with her friends and Temple gossip after a shower.

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  3. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    The morning of the dance...

    "Come on, Jane,"said Kithera as she approached the table.

    Jane stuffed the last bite of breakfast into her mouth and looked up quizzically.

    "Shopping day,"Kithera explained.


    "Qui-Gon's letting me take you to the shops to-day to rent a dress for the dance."

    "No!"Jane gasped."I'm supposed to be flying a starfighter around Coruscant this morning with Master Arieh!"

    "Jane, what's more fun, trying on dresses or sitting in a stupid cockpit?"

    "I was looking forward to my first flight!"Jane pouted.

    "It's not your first flight,"Kithera giggled."Qui-Gon told me about the time you came that close to crashing on Hvetja."

    Every eye at the table turned to stare at Jane, and she smiled self-consciously."Hi, people! All right, so it's not my first flight, but I was looking forward to it, anyway!"

    "You just want to be with Alex,"Sifa teased, digging her elbow into Meri's ribs.

    "Alex who?"Jane asked in complete bewilderment.

    "Alex Arieh. Master Arieh,"Meri explained, laughing as well.

    "Oh, him. Oh, yeah, sure, I can't get enough of his red hair."

    "It's black!"Meri laughed harder.

    "It is?"

    "You can't tell us you never noticed?"Sifa teased.

    "Well, most of the time I'm concentrating on the cockpit,"Jane explained in all seriousness.

    Bant leaned over and whispered something in Sifa's ear that caused the black-haired girl to blush furiously and shriek,"Bant!"

    "Most of the time?"Ane asked."Hey, Knight Rinani, can I come shopping, too?"

    "You and Obi-Wan have time this afternoon to get your suits,"Kithera replied."Jane does not, what with scrubbing and light saber practise."

    "He's going to make me do light saber practise to-day before the dance?"Jane asked as she stood up with her tray.

    "No, he's going to make you do it during the dance, as comic relief,"Kithera teased, accompanying her across the room as she put her tray away.

    "Now that I do not believe, because Qui-Gon said that there was a difference between cruelty and discipline,"Jane retorted.

    "Well, it was worth a try,"Kithera said, bouncing along."What's your favourite colour?"


    "I don't think purple would go with your hair, but it might depend on the exact shade. Next favourite colour?"

    "Well, green, I suppose."

    Kithera heaved a theatrical sigh.

    "Blue?"Jane tried again.

    "Let's see what they have in the shop."

    To Jane's delight, they had a purple dress. It had a square neckline, low but not revealingly so, and high puffed sleeves, and the material was shot through with green, a green that happened to match the stripe on her head.

    "Oh, it's gorgeous,"Jane gasped."I love the way it looks purple and green at the same time. My two favourite colours!"

    "Whoa,"said Kithera, who had actually stopped bouncing in surprise."That really looks good on you! Here I was prepared to stand here all day and offer all sorts of advice and you look at two dresses and find exactly the right thing!"

    "I almost wish I could buy it,"Jane whispered. She'd never thought she could get so excited about a dress before, but it made her feel different somehow. Womanly. Feminine without being too girly. No, she felt downright alluring in it.

    "Let's live dangerously,"Kithera whispered back.


    "We'll buy it."

    The assistant said,"This particular article is the one that we rent, but you are allowed to purchase a copy, of course. I can have it delivered later to-day."

    "What time?"Kithera asked, and when it turned out that it would arrive in plenty of time for the dance, Kithera produced the credit chip, and the transaction was settled. Jane had to stand in the new dress while a seamstress took the hem up a little and made sure the bust was not too tight or too loose. She also picked out one pair of shoes from the three designs that had been created to go with the dress. After carefully removing the dress and handing it over for the alterations, Jane got back into her Jedi clothes and heaved a little sigh at how drab they suddenly seemed.

    "Come on,"said Kithera."Let's have some ice cream. You're still excused from hist
  4. Rani Veko

    Rani Veko Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 22, 2000
    Hi K'Tai, nice intro! Every high school needs a "senior class", I'm glad Rani isn't the only one!

    It was terrible to be back, out among the other Padawans again. Rani had been discharged from the recovery ward that morning, as promised, but until now she had been looking forward to it.

    The hoverchair hummed quietly as she guided it along towards the quarters she and Master Davin shared. Master An-Paj walked beside her, seemingly oblivious to the stares and hushed whispers from the padawans they passed. He continued to prattle on about her lack of wisdom in insisting on staying in her "old" living quarters when a hoverchair accessible suite had been set aside for her, conveniently located near the infirmary wing.

    Rani's only half-listened to his old arguments, concentrating rather on her mental walls she'd fully raised against the onlookers within a minute of leaving the relative seclusion of the infirmary. The unwelcome pity and morbid curiosity they were feeling, as well their awkwardness in not knowing just what to say to her, were simply too much to bear right now. //Bloody Sith, why don't they just use a holocamera, and be done with it?//

    Finally they reached their destination. As Rani stretched her arm up to key in the entry code, she glanced up at the small sign, relieved to see no one had presumed to remove either hers or her master's name from their door.

    She zipped the chair inside, assuming Master An-Paj wouldn't wait for an invitation to follow her. "Can I get you something from the kitchen, Master Healer?" she asked, eager to establish her independance in her own home. An-Paj opened his mouth to explain the difficulty in that, when the hoverchair reappeared from around the corner. "Our food is gone!" the padawan exclaimed.

    "You were in recovery for three weeks, Rani. The perishables were discarded, and the rest was put in storage elsewhere."


    The Master Healer sighed. "I know you said you wanted to be back here, but I was sure I could talk some sense into you before this morning. It's not wise for you to stay here alone, padawan."

    Rani slipped into her debate mode, keeping her voice a professional, icy calm. "With respect, Master An-Paj, there is nothing wrong with me that prevents me from seeing to my own needs, even if it's difficult. I can bathe, dress and feed myself, and I can easily summon help using the Force if there's an emergency."

    "It isn't just your paralysis that concerns me. With Master Davin gone, you--"

    "Missing!" Rani corrected far too defiantly.

    An-Paj shot her a warning look. She may have been close to being ready for the Trials before her injury, but she was certainly not a Knight yet. He would ignore the outburst this time, however. "Missing, yes. My words were perhaps ill-chosen."

    Rani glared at him for just a moment, before bowing her head and staring at her knees. "I apologize for my reaction, Master. Please continue." Of course he hadn't meant to imply Davin was dead, but she had pounced on him all the same.

    "I still feel that you should have someone available close at hand to talk to. If you won't share accomodations with an interim roommate while you wait for news about Master Davin, then perhaps you should consider making an appointment with one of the counselling staff?..." he let the question hang in the air.

    The padawan grinned, allowing him to falsely assume she agreed. She knew none of her peers who ever submitted to sessions with the head shrinkers without some protest, and not even the majority of the other healers felt very comfortable with them. Her smile came from the Master Healer's second set of poorly-chosen words, and this time she intended to take full advantage.

    "Thank you, Master Healer," she answered, trying to sound relieved and agreeable, "as soon as I have settled into my new schedule and know my available times, I will do exactly as you suggest, on my honour."

    Satisfied with her answer, and needing to get back to other patients, An-Paj soon excused himself and left. Careful
  5. Kirla'an Kenobi

    Kirla'an Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 12, 1999
    This is great you guys!!!!
    Keep writing!

    BTW: That poem really touched me, Kenobi Maul. Not only do I love poetry, but I'm a homeschooler and have been always labled as "weird".
    (I didn't know you spoke French.)

    ~Padawan Kenobi~
  6. RogueJai

    RogueJai Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 14, 2000
    Jai smiled in satisfaction as she pulled the dress from her closet. She'd worn it only once, last year on Camaas, and it would be perfect for the dance tonight.

    Made of dark red velvet, it had short sleeves and a modest v-neck. The bodice was snug, accented by a silver belt. The long, full skirt hid Tanaabian sandals. With it she would wear her favorite pearl earrings, and the matching necklace.

    A knock at the door startled Jai into laying the dress carefully on the bed. She grinned again, knowing who it likely was.

    She was right. "Hi, Jai."

    "Hi Ani." She waited patiently.

    "Well, um, would you, uhhhh," he bit his lip, then blurted, "come to the dance with me?"

    "Well actually, I was thinking of going with . .. " Jai grinned at his stricken expression. "You're too gullible, Ani. Of course I'll go with you."

    "That wasn't funny!"

    "It would have been, if you had seen the look on your face!"

    Ani scowled at her. "The things I put up with for you . . . . . . Jai?"

    "Yes, m'Lord?"

    "Farewell, my fair Lady."

    "Must thou go?"

    Anakin grinned at her. "Unless you can think of a plausible reason for me to stay."

    "Well, no. But you can walk me to High Aldraanian."

    "All right, then." He offered her his arm. "Shall we?"

    Jai linked her arm through his. "We shall."

    *t'lor, hope you don't mind*

    T'lor grinned as she sat down to the cafeteria slop. "Hello, Ani. Found a new friend?" She gestured to Jai.

    "T'lor!" He smiled. "You're back! This is Jai, Master Yoda's Padawan. Jai, this is T'lor. She's always been a big sister to us younger Padawans."

    T'lor raised her eyebrows as she shook Jai's hand. "I didn't know Master Yoda even took Padawans. Not since he had to suffer through Qui-gon, at least."

    "We try to keep it quiet. Sith Lords and Dark Jedi have nothing on jealous Padawans." Jai grinned. "So you're the 'big sister' of this group of delinquents? How can you take it?"

    "They're really not all that bad," T'lor protested, "when they're not in the infirmary. Hey Ani, who's Brat's new girl? He kept looking at her after our sparring match. Really bright red hair, blue eyes, no Padawan braid?"

    "That's Cali-Ana. She's an exchange student from some 'normal' high school. Master Yoda thought it would be good for Padawans to interact with Force-less people their age." Anakin grinned. "I think Obi-wan's interacting very well with her."

    T'lor rolled her eyes. "With so many surrounding him, I can't believe he finally chose one. Well," she added as she noted her chrono, "I've got lots of catching up to do--and I believe you two have classes. Bye!"

    "Bye T'lor!" they both called.
  7. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Jane and Kithera returned to the Temple just in time for light saber class, and met up with Garen Muln in the hall outside the locker rooms.

    "Jane!"he called out.

    "Hi, Garen."

    "Hi, I was wondering if I could ask you something."

    Jane looked at him, thinking about what Kithera had said, that he'd been watching her during dance class."Sure, what is it?"

    "Do you already have a date for the dance to-night?"Garen blurted out at twice the regular speed of normal conversation.

    Jane didn't want to say it, but she had to."Sorry, Garen, yes, I do."

    "Ane. I knew it! I knew I left it too long."

    "Sorry,"Jane said again.

    "No, it's not your fault."With an effort, Garen changed the downcast expression on his face to one of stoic Jedi calm.

    "I'll save two dances for you, if you like,"Jane offered, hating to see anyone hurt.

    "I like!"Garen's face brightened immediately."I mean, thank you, Jane. I shall take you up on this generous offer if I attend the dance at all."

    "So--you don't have anybody to go with you?"

    "No, and as far as I know, everybody else does."

    "What about that new girl in class?"

    "Jai?"Garen grimaced.

    "No, the redhead. Kresa Rei'de."

    "She's got a Wookie for a master, Jane! One wrong move and I'd be missing an arm."

    "Don't make a wrong move, then,"Jane laughed."Come on, if he's a Jedi, he wouldn't be going around ripping people's arms off, would he?"

    "Not without a lecture first, no,"Garen said, his eyes twinkling."I suppose I can ask. She can always say no."

    "Please come to the dance anyway,"said Jane."I like dancing with you. You're even better than Ane, but don't tell him I said that."

    Garen grinned."Thanks."

    "A Jedi must always tell the truth,"Jane teased.

    "Well, the truth is--I wish--"Garen stopped suddenly and looked over her shoulder."Thanks for the advice, Jane. I'll ask Kresa. See you inside."

    As he went into the boys' locker room, Jane turned around to see what had startled him."Monarch!"

    "Janer! What did Garen want?"

    "Just some advice on who to ask for the dance."


    "Are you jealous?"

    "Who, me? Of course not. I'm just looking forward to a good sparring match with him, that's all."

    "Of course,"Jane laughed. They went into the locker rooms, and Jane continued to smile to herself. It really felt nice, to have two boys vying for her attention.
  8. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Ugh, I can only find part of page 18!!! If I missed something, oh well!


    "I have to go to class, Pigtails!" Cali shrieked, trying to escape the two arms holding her in a strong grip. She let out another shriek as Obi-Wan began tickling her. "Potty Mouth, knock it off!"

    "Potty Mouth? Pigtails? You have a way with women, Brat," a female voice said behind them.

    "I'm busy, T'lor," Obi-Wan said, still holding Cali from any hope if escape.

    The older Padawan grinned at him, reaching out and ruffling his hair. "I can see that, Brat."

    Obi-Wan's arms shot up to swat her hand away. Cali leaped away from him, immediately on guard for another attack. Too late, he realized, his prisoner had escaped and now he had two ganging up on him.

    T'lor smiled and then had Obi-Wan in an armlock. The latter was struggling hard to get out, but the former had him in a Force-hold. "You owe me a dance, right Brat?" T'lor said, rubbing her fist into his hair. "Or will you be too busy?"

    "You just wait, T'lor," Obi-Wan threatened, his voice muffled. "When I'm a Knight-"

    T'lor laughed and released him. He stood up and scowled. Cali was leaning against the wall, laughing at his ruffled hair. T'lor sized him up. "You're *almost* as tall as me," she said, even though Obi-Wan had the inch over her. She turned to Cali. "So, you're the chosen one, hmm?"

    "You make me sound like some kind of legend," Cali said, coming up to Obi-Wan. "No, I'm just the only one that can put up with him."

    "So supportive," Obi-Wan muttered, still fussing with his hair.

    "Who said anything about support?" Cali asked innocently. She was careful to stand more than an arms length away. "See ya later, Piggy, I have to go to class." She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then turned and hurried down the hall.
  9. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Cali was sitting in the common room, munching on an apple when she felt the presence of someone approaching her. She looked up from her book to see Master Yoda hurrying eagerly up to her. She had to force herself not to grin at the spectacle.

    "Master," Cali nodded her head.

    "Know why I am here, you do," Yoda said in almost a whisper.

    "Yes," Cali said, moving her book over to take a flimsy out of her folder. She handed it to the tiny alien.

    "Excellent this is!" Yoda exclaimed, his eyes nearly popping out of his sockets at the sketch of Yaddle. Cali had drawn her a little more 'alluring' than the Master really was, but it seemed to please Yoda all the more. "Done well you have," Yoda said, smiling a little before hobbling off with the picture.

    Cali was still laughing when Bant and Sifa came into the large room.

    "What's with you?" Sifa asked, settling herself down.

    "Nothing," Cali said, waving her hand in the air. "So, Sifa, who's asked you to the dance?"

    The black hair girl grinned and began listing names off on her fingers. Bant rolled her fishy eyes.

    "So, who did you pick?" Cali asked before the Padawan could continue.

    "All of them," Sifa said with a devilish grin. "They all get two dances with me, maybe three."

    "What's your dress like?" Cali asked, taking another bite out of her apple.

    "Black!" Sifa squealed. "It's so incredibly awesome! A little low-cut, I guess, but not bad."

    Cali raised an eyebrow. Weeks ago, she might have worn something like that, but now she found herself shying away from the modern styles. "Did Ane and Obi-Wan leave to go get fitted for their tuxes?"

    Bant nodded. "T'lor insisted on going with them. She wants to be their chaperone, and I quote 'they will need someone to make sure they don't blow up the planet. Who better than me?'" The Calamarian shook her head. "I think it was T'lor who let them play with that chemistry kit when they were four."

    "Oh, dear!" Cali laughed. She had an image of the two Padawans as fat, chubby little toddlers with wild hair, mixing solutions and giggling when one beaker exploded. "I should be worried, shouldn't I?"

    Bant nodded. "Say a prayer or two while you're at it."
  10. K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku

    K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Apr 18, 2000
    The night before the dance.
    ?We?re supposed to go to a dance party?!? T?lor asked, stepping out of the shower. She heard her master?s voice outside of the refresher.

    ?That?s what I said, a dance party,? Master Gi?den Dway replied from his room in their temporary apartment in the Temple.

    ?I wish someone had told me that before I spared with mock lighsabers. Burns are much easier to heal quickly than bruises. And believe me, I?ve got plenty of both after today.?

    ?I suspect then you will be choosing a dress with long sleeves??

    ?A WHAT???? T?lor put on a robe and stepped out of the refresher. ?You?ve got to be kidding. Who came up with this idea?? she asked.

    Gi?den came out of his room holding a tuxedo. ?My understanding is it was Yoda?s idea.?

    ?Wonderful. Well, at least I don?t have to go shopping on such short notice. Being assigned to Berchest with the tourists has its advantages,? she said, digging in her closet for something to wear. ?I don?t think anyone could shorten something enough for me to wear it on such short notice anyway.? She pulled out a long red dress. It was strapless number from a material that seemed to shimmer in the light with a fitted bodice and straight, fitted skirt. ?What do you think, Master? To risqué for a Jedi dance??

    ?What about the bruises on your arms?? he asked her.

    ?Well, they don?t go completely to my shoulders and I have full length gloves that go with this dress. But you didn?t answer my question.?

    Gi?den smiled as he remembered how lovely T?lor had looked the last time she had worn that dress. ?No, I don?t think it?s too risqué. You will look beautiful.?
  11. K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku

    K'Tai qel Letta-Tanku Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Apr 18, 2000
    The day of the dance...
    ?So that?s how Jane became a verb,? T?lor said laughing. ?I ought to let the poor girl know that she is not alone in that move.?

    Obi-Wan looked at her. ?You mean you?ve also janed Qui-Gon??

    ?And Gi?den, Mace, and I even believe Yoda.? T?lor smiled sheepishly. ?I panicked easily as a child.?

    Ane and Obi-Wan laughed as they entered the shop.

    ?Can I help you?? the clerk said, eyeing the three Jedi standing in the doorway. Obi-Wan and Ane looked around for an escape. T?lor put her hands on the boys? backs and pushed them forward.

    ?These gentlemen need tuxedos for an event tonight.?

    The clerk raised his eyebrow and motioned for them to follow him. Jedi in tuxedos?

    Obi-Wan and Ane stood before the mirror. They looked extremely uncomfortable. Both had on the latest in men?s fashions. ?I look like a penguin,? Ane said.

    ?Well, I?ve always been partial to tails myself, but getting rid of them will help that. And you don?t have to wear black,? T?lor replied. ?What color is Jane?s dress??

    ?Uh?I don?t know.?

    ?Oh for the love of Force! You don?t know?! Is it some galactic secret or did you forget to ASK?? Ane?s face turned pink and Obi-Wan?s wasn?t far behind. ?Not you too. Oh brother! Haven?t you ever?O.K. scratch that thought. I?ve forgotten what it?s like to be assigned to the Temple. Hmmm?well, since you don?t know how to match your dates,? T?lor shot them another look that said ?And I can?t believe that you have them?, ?you?ll just have to go classic. Pick a neutral color and get a jacket without tails. You can wear a vest or cummerbund, it doesn?t matter, just keep the colors simple.?

    After trying on a couple of options, Obi-Wan and Ane stood in front of the mirrors for final fittings. Looking at himself in the getup, Obi-Wan couldn?t help but think about Cali?s birthday party.

    //They did what? And there?s proof? This I?ve got to see.// T?lor was trying hard not to snicker.

    //I don?t think so, T?lor//

    //Oh come on. You are in good company. You are, however, the only one with photographic proof. I didn?t have a camera handy.//

    //Good company?//

    //Yeah, but Alex was more willing. We didn?t have to tie him down.//

    She turned to Ane. ?You are going to knock Jane off her feet,? she said looking at him appreciatively. Obi-Wan looked at her with great big puppy eyes. ?You too, Brat,? she said, standing on her tippy-toes to scrub the top of his head. "The girls are going to love you both."

    "Are you going to the dance?" Ane asked.

    "Well, I should read Naomi Sunrider's treatsie on the use of the Jedi Battle Technique in land squirmishes, but..." lookin at the two of them with a twinkle in her eye, "I wouldn't miss this for the world."

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  12. Kenobi Maul

    Kenobi Maul Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 23, 1999
    Ken-Biu sat, deep in thought. Threats didn't become him. He realized that taking off the punishment would be amitting he had given in to his anger and made a mistake. He wasn't infallible, and he could admit he had, but it would be hard. Knowing Ieron, she would be going to clean the arena early, so she could have fun later. He would have to hurry to beat her there.

    He hurried there and took all the cleaning equipment, then started to clean. By the time Ieron arrived, she was astonished to see him there.

    More later. Please, don't anybody post this next exchange or the dance yet!
  13. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000
    Jane burst into giggles as she began sifting through Cali's make-up supplies, which had been left untouched for weeks. She held up the photograph with a grin. "Oh, I'd almost forgotten about this!"

    Cali grinned, but didn't turn her head. Kithera was busy fixing her hair up and she didn't want to become a problem. "I think I'm going to frame it someday."

    Jane giggled and then began pulling out various containers of make-up. "Are you going to wear any?"

    "Just a little," Cali said. "I'm beginning to not care for the stuff. But I'll want some lip gloss and a little shadow for my eyes. Oh, and some glitter, too! Do you want to use any?"

    "Maybe the glitter," Jane said, eyeing the make-up.

    "We'll get you all gooped up," Kithera said, fastening a jeweled band around Cali's hair. "Ane won't know what hit him."

    "Janed, Kit," Cali corrected with a grin. She stood up and inspected herself in the mirror. Her red hair was piled on the top of her head and softly curled trendils framed her face. She only had her undergarments on at the moment, but would be putting the dress on soon. Heading over to Jane, Cali picked out the glitter and shadow and headed back to the mirror.

    The glitter was silver and she dotted it at the corners of her eyes, also brushing on the snowflake shadow. A frosty pink gloss on her lips and she was done. Jane set to work with Kithera's help. Then they put on their gowns. Cali had also purchased a white shawl to drap over her shoulders and a pair of elbow high white gloves.

    Kithera grinned at them. "Oh, you're both so ravishing! I'll have to warn Padawan Kenobi and Oligi that this is still the Temple!"

    Jane blushed and Cali felt her own cheeks grown a little warm. She fingered the crystal necklace around her neck. "What are you wearing?"

    Kithera grinned. "I have to go get it, but let's just say that Qui-Gon will be pleased!"

    The Knight left and Cali and Jane went into the living room. Ruj was coming out of the refresher, red hair slicked back and wearing a nice tux. Cali let out a whistle. "Wow, Master! Do you have a date tonight?"

    "Oh, I had an invitation from Master Billaba," Ruj smiled.

    "Interesting," Cali said slyly.

    "We're old friends," Ruj said dryly. He looked them both up and down. "Well, it looks like you two are going to have to fend all the males off."

    Cali rolled her eyes. The door buzzed. "Answer that please, Master. Let's make them wait! Oh, give them a lecture, too!"

    Giggling, both girls hurried back into Cali's room. They listened as Ruj answered the door. They could hear the three talking. Cali clamped a hand over her mouth as she heard Ruj remind them that she and Jane were ladies and needed to be treated well.

    "Are you ready?" Ruj called out.

    Cali opened the door and stepped into the living room-
    -and nearly fell over. She stared for a moment, sure her eyes were bulging and that her mouth was wider than a black hole. Obi-Wan was looking at her the same way, but all she could think about was how good he looked in his tuxedo. His spiky hair had been slicked back with gel and his eyes sparkled at her.

    //Oh, my// she thought, feeling herself blush under his gaze.

    "Okay, enough of this gawking," Ruj said, laughing as the four teenagers stared at each other. "Get out of here!"

    Cali grinned at her Master, then stepped up to Obi-Wan and linked her arms through his elbow. "I think we better listen to him," she said.

    The four headed out of the apartment, almost bumping into Sifa and Bant who were talking in the hall. They met up with other Padawans as they headed for the room set up for the dance.

    "You should use gel more often," Cali said to Obi-Wan as they walked.

    He looked down at her and smiled. "You should wear dresses more often." He kissed her gently. "You're beautiful, you know that?"

    Cali felt herself blush again and lowered her eyes for a moment, then looked back at him. "Flatter me some more, or I'll find another partner."

    "Than I shall have to fight for you," Obi-Wan teased back.

    Cali laughed. They entered into the large arena cha
  14. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

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    Jan 13, 2000
    HELP!!! Um....I don't mean to be annoying but could yall enclude me in some of your post. I feel left out I haven't be able to find an opening to stick myself in and am having a hard time writting anything.

    I'll have a go at it though, so just grimace and bear with me in the next post.
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    Oct 30, 1999
    I'm so sorry computer broke two days ago and I haven't been able to get on anywhere and I feel so bad...and I'm blabbering. Thankyou for including me still. Sorry. Don't start without me I just have to think something up!


  16. Kenobi Maul

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    Oct 23, 1999
    This will happen BEFORE Amidolee's post! JKOW, I'm assuming Meri can't be invited out by her Master. If you don't like it, I'll edit this out.

    "What are you doing here?" Ieron asked, her voice vicious.

    She felt that he was hurt, but, much to her dissatisfaction, she realized in was but a small crack in a very tough shell. Watching him work, she was struck by the fact he could only use one arm, and yet he was still doing it.

    "Are you going to ask more nicely or am I going to have to answer that question?" came the cool answer.

    "Okay. I must admit that after what you did this morning..."

    "The punishment is lifted. I am not infallible and I got caught up in my anger at being talked that way after what I said. Then I realized where you're coming from. You cannot possibly understand what I have gone through." Ieron was about to take offense, but he went on, "You're right, Ane isn't a bad kid, and he never did anything bad when it was even remotely possible you could notice. All the hidden sneers, the telepathic jokes, all of this he shielded you from. It is not that he's mean or anything, it's just that he didn't realize what I was telling him. Unless you've ever been in love, you can never possibly imagine how much it hurts to be mocked for something like that. It hurts... so badly.

    In any event, there is something I must tell you. I am a man of my word, one of the reasons I am here, and my vow to you I have found to be impossible. I will never be able to look at you with anything but love, and no amount of kidding myself or yourself will change that. I don't know where that puts us, but wherever it is, I would like you to know it has been a pleasure being your friend, while it lasted. Now, scrub a second," Ieron scrubbed one second, as per orders, "Good. The floor is clean, and you cleaned. I've got to go now if I want to get ready for the dance."

    "Do you have a date yet?" Ieron asked.

    "No. That's why I need so much preparation." Ken answered with a grin. He went out into the corridor.

    As he was walking down the corridor, he saw Meri, another padawan. Not exactly Ieron, but not bad, either. She looked a bit lost. Ken caught up with her.

    "Hello," he adventured.

    "Hi," mumbled Meri.

    "You look lost. I take you didn't lose yourself in the Temple?" Meri failed to see the joke and shook her head. Ken-Biu added, sympathetic "You don't have a date for the dance, either, do you?" Same response. "Well, I'd just like to tell you that I'd be honored to fill that role for you tonight." Meri seemed to wake up out of her stupor rapidly.

    Your turn JKOW.
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    Nov 9, 1999
    Earlier that day. . .

    Kresa was on her way to High Alderaanian with her arms loaded full of papers she'd written and back assignments. She had her chin resting on the top of the stack to keep it from toppling so her eyes weren't on the hallway ahead of her.


    Flimsies went flying in all directions and her datapad bounced heavily off her shin as the red-head landed abruptly on her backside in the middle of the hallway. Kresa looked at the scattered flimsies in dismay. She'd had them all in the proper order and now just look at them.

    "I'm sorry. I'll help you get them back together."

    Kresa looked up, startled, unaware that she had spoken outloud. She blushed brightly. The young man standing over her was one of the older students that she'd seen in a couple of her classes.

    "Garen, right?"

    "Yeah," he grinned at her a little nervously she thought, and bent to help her gather up her fallen flimsies. "I'm sorry about knocking you down that way."

    "That's alright. I'd have tripped over my own feet in a few more minutes anyway." Kresa's bright blue eyes gazed at him with a hint of a smile. "My master is beginning to wonder if I'll ever manage to grow out of the 'awkward phaze'."

    Garen took a good look at the younger girl and realized just how much smaller she was then he had anticipated. Her head would barely reach his shoulders and she was slender as a reed.

    "Umm, have you heard about the dance? It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun."

    Kresa plastered a diplomatic smile on her face and shuffled through the flimsies to get them back into some kind of order. "Yes, Master Nraakys is having Stores alter a dress for me to wear. Are you going?"

    "I'd like to, but I, Ummm, will you go with me to the dance?" He finally blurted out.

    Kresa was stunned to say the least. She barely knew this boy's name and he was asking her to go to the dance? Weird.

    "Umm, sure." //Why, in the name of the Force, did I just say that!?!//

    A happy, relieved sort of smile stretched the boy's lips. "I'll pick you up at your quarters at 1900?"

    Kresa nodded. "Okay." She stood. "I really have to go or I'll be late and Mistress Worsa doesn't have a lot of patience for late students," she explained as she hurried to class. "I'll see you tonight."


    That evening . . .

    Garen Muln tugged at his jecket hemm to make sure it was straight and touched the chime button on the door panel. THe portal slid open almost immediately to reveal a 7'8" wookie in jedi tunics and pants. A deep rumbling growl was the only warning before a plate-sized paw reached out and drug him into the apartment with a startled gasp.


    Kresa patted the last of her accent curls into place and checked her minimal make-up one more time. If someone was going to be galant enough to ask her out and actually show up, not that anyone would dare stand her up with a wookie for a master, she was going to make the effort to look as nice as possible.

    Her dress was really just a loose skirt with a long, loose tunic over the top, but it looked good on her and the soft, sky-blue fabric was the perfect color. The soft slippers she wore would not make her any taller, but they were practical for dancing of strolling or anything else she might do this evening. //So much for hiding out in the 'fresher.// she thought. A little color on her eyelids and a bit of lipstick and the look was complete. She no longer looked her 14 years, but actually old enough, despite her small size, to be going to a dance with Garen. She wandered out of the 'fresher, to be greeted by the sight of her date, sitting stock still on a couch opposite her master who was growling and rumbling along in High Wookie.

    "Master, that's mean. You're scaring him."

    "It is my experience that all young males need a good scare by the gardian of their dates before going out. It keeps them honest."

    "Master, he's a jedi student. I don't think he had anything bad in mind!" She smile at Garen and watched his expression change to one of startled wonder, before reverting b
  18. Amidolee

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    I'm waiting patiently for JKOW and Kit to post!!!
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    Blasted post, where are ya?
  20. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000
    Blasted post, where are ya?
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    Oct 23, 1999
    COME ON!!!!!!! Let's see some more!

    BTW: if the answer is yes, JKOW, you can select the suit I purchased years before for a boring High Alderanian banquet.
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    o.K., Rani, I'm trying to round up those of us who don't have dates to the dance. Hope you don't mind.
    After escorting the boys back to the Temple, T?lor was standing in front of an apartment, ringing the doorchime. // Rani?

    The door opened, and Rani came into view in her hoverchair. ?Hi T?lor. Come in.?

    T?lor stepped into the apartment. ?Still no word?? Rani shook her head. T?lor looked at her friend. ?So, why aren?t you dressed??


    ?The dance, silly. You don?t think I?m going to let you sulk in your apartment all night do you??


    ?Look, you don?t want them,? T?lor jerked her head toward the hall, ?to feel sorry for you. Well, the only way for them to get over it is for you to get over it.? Her friend just looked at her in confusion. T?lor rolled her eyes and put it another way. ?They won?t stop staring at the chair until you stop be self-conscious of it. Besides, I need a date,? she added winking.

    Rani just stared at her friend. ?But I don?t have a dress??

    ?I?ve got a few and some of them haven?t even been shortened yet. I?m sure there is something you can wear. Grab your stuff and let?s go.?
    Rani looked at T?lor and saw that there was no way she was getting out of this one. With a small sigh of exasperation, she went and got what she thought she might need and followed T?lor out the door.
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    Someone is actually waiting for me to post?? I feel touched! Even though this is crappy I'll stick it up anyway, I'm fresh out of ideas....Before everyone yells at me I am go to Truth and Dare just give me a minute my computer has been down two days. Just a note to everyone I thought that I would put a little scene setter in so everyone knows what everythign looks like.
    The party: Dancing area is in the middle of the area and the tables suround it. Like a circle within a circle. Pink and cream helium ballons sway in the breeze and pink and white roses adorn every table.

    Okay got that???? The next thing I thought that I would do would just be to put people onto tables. I'm not trying to be mean or picky or anything I just put people down as they came up. There will be Masters on every table. Ooo tell me If I forget anyone. Also remember that this is only an idea, move around people. Please don't get annoyed with me I was only thinking that to have a table order might be useful!

    Table 1
    Meri- Ken-biu

    Table 2

    Ruj- Billba
    T'lor - Rani
    Sifa - ?
    Kresa - Garen
    Bant - ?


    Kithera paused outside Qui-gon's door and knocked. She smothed down her dress and tugged self-conciously at a loose strand of hair. The next second the door opened and Qui-gon stood there looking ruggedly handsome in his suit. His mouth dropped open as he caught sight of her. Kithera's dress was much the same as Jane's instead of purple and green it was a mix of red and gold. The gold shimmmered when she moved making the entire dress seem like it was on fire. The dress left her sholders bare except for a green ribbon of material made to look like a vine which wound it's way over her sholder and down to the hem of her dress. Kithera smiled self-conciously.

    "You look nice." she ventured after a moment.

    "mmmm." Qui-gon murmered speechless.

    "Oh cut the act Qui-gon please. You're embarrasing me, I don't look that good. You have yet to see Cali and Jane." Kithera said turning away. Qui-gon caught her around the waist.

    "Oh no, you are going to steal the show." he whispered giving her a kiss. Kithera fended him off playfully.

    "You'll smudge my lip stick. I think that there will be tough competition for the show-stealer." Kithera murmed kissing him back.

    "I got you something." Qui-gon murmed. Leading her by one hand he took her into the kitchen and produced a little corsage of flowers.

    "Oh Qui..." Kithera said softly.

    "That's not all." Qui-gon continued. He reached for a little box on the table and opened it. Inside lay a a necklace and bracelet of flame jewels and a little hair comb decorated with smaller jewels.

    "Oh." Kithera murmed as Qui-gon placed them around her neck and wrist and fastened the comb into her hair. The little jewels flickered red and gold when they moved. Kithera twirled around giggling.

    "How do I look?" she asked.

    "Good enough to eat." Qui-gon said pouncing at her. Kithera shrieked and ran towards the door. Qui-gon caught uip with her outside.

    Kithera was giggling wildy and the little jewels flickered with each giggle. Qui-gon held out his arm and Kithera took it and the two gracefully moved towards the dance.


    Kithera smiled at Jane, the girl was staring at her in bewilderment.

    "What? Is my lip-stick smudged do I have toliet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe?" Kithera asked confused.

    "No," Cali cut in "I've just never really imagined you in a dress that's all." Kithera giggled self-conciously.

    "You guys brush up quite well yourselves." she said laughing. Ieron and Ken-bui sat down with Meri and her partenar. Bant, Sifa, and the rest of their friends were sitting at the next table with Master Ruj as guardian.

    "Did you remember to order the pastries?" Kithera suddenly whispered ignoreing the stares the other jedi were giving her. Qui-gon nodded and then motioned for her to be quiet. Mace Windu stood up and tapped his glass to get everyone's attention.

    "Let the dancing begin." he said. The band that Kithera had hired for the e
  24. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

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    holy cow, I get thrown off by my sister who had to do school work and see what happened while I was gone.
    Well hold your horses yall. I'll type something up real quick. Okiedey!!!
  25. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

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    Jan 13, 2000
    Meri walked down the hall in frustration, her thoughts in another world.

    The bad thing was she didn't want to go with any of the Padawans that had asked her. But she obviously couldn't go with Alex. As much as she disliked the thought.


    Meri jumped and only then noticed that Knight Ken-Biu was walking next to her.


    "You look lost. I take you didn't lose yourself in the Temple?"

    Holding back a laugh, she just shook her head.
    "You don't have a date for the dance, either, do you?"

    Ohh good guess. She must be easier to read than she thought. Though he probably thought so for the wrong reasons. It was not like she hadn't been asked.
    She just shook her head again, figuring it was the best response.

    "Well, I'd just like to tell you that I'd be honored to fill that role for you tonight."
    She turned to him with a start of surprise.

    Hmm maybe this wasn't a bad idea, not a bad idea at all. Everyone knew his feelings for Ieron, and even though he didn't know her feelings for Alex, they were there nevertheless.
    Both of them liked someone else so they could just go to fill the others role so they wouldn't stick out as single.
    She turned to him with a smile on her face.

    "I would like that Knight Ken-Biu. But I only have one request."

    He turned to her a questioning look on his face. "And what is that?"
    "That we both dance with other people."
    She winked at him and turned to look as Ieron left the room she had been in.

    He followed her gaze and when he saw Ieron he smiled at her getting her point.
    "Of course."

    Okay NOBODY POST. LOL just kidding. BUT I AM typing another post where she is getting ready for the dance so nobody put her at the dance yet. Well not really but you get my point. LOL It'll be up in a few minutes maybe five. LOL
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