The Ultra stressed Jedi Students.

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    After struggling with her hair for the past hour and a half Meri was satisfied that it would have to do.

    It was swept up and held in place by a plain, but in its own way pretty, clip.
    Curls were everywhere, the majority spilled out of the clip on the top of her head. The smaller, shorter pieces of hair that usually managed to escape her clip, hung down by her face in curls.

    She sat and stared at the reflection in the mirror, but was not really looking at herself. Her thoughts were years away in the past. Back when Master Elana was alive. They had been required to attend a formal gathering.
    That was the only time she had ever worn any make-up. She and her Master had so much fun with that formal gathering. "Just to have fun." her Master had said.

    With a shaky breath Meri opened the drawer to her right and pulled out a small box. She still had it. She still remembered how to put it on as well. She remembered her Master's words with another rush of memories.

    //"The key to putting on make-up Padawan, is to make it look like you are wearing none at all."

    "Whats the point then Master?"
    "To enhance your natural beauty Padawan. It will be all to easy with you." //

    Meri remembered how she had denied she had natural beauty. She still did. She just didn't think she was that pretty.

    With shaky fingers she pulled out some pale pink eye shadow, and the darker plum to go with it.
    It had been so long since she had done this. Could she still do it? There was only one way to find out.
    With small,smooth strokes she applied the lightest amount of make-up.
    When she was through she smiled. She doubted anyone would be able to tell she was wearing any. Just as her Master had said.

    The smile faded from her face. Her old Master may be gone, but she still carried her within her heart. Never to be forgotten.

    She turned back to the small box, and returned the items. As she replaced them she saw something she had forgotten she had.
    A small vial of perfume. She picked it up and popped off the top.
    Mmmm it still smelled good too. She dabbed in self-consciously on her wrist.
    When she was through she stood up and look at herself.

    "I guess you'll have to do." she told herself.
    Then she walked over and slipped into her dress, and the delicate matching slippers.

    A knock at the door to her bedroom startled her.

    "Are you about ready in there?"

    Meri giggled. "Yes, are you?"

    "Why don't you come out and see."

    "All right, I am coming out."

    Meri opened the door and stepped out, shutting it behind her and leaning up against it self-consciously.
    " do I look?"

    If the look on his face was any indication then maybe she didn't look so bad. In fact if he didn't stop, she was going to start turning red as a cherry.

    "You look...You look very beautiful to put it mildly."
    "Thank you Master, and you look very handsome in your suit. I don't believe I have every seen you in one before."

    "Here let me see you." He took her hand and led her away from the door.
    "Yes, I think I shall have to give Knight Ken-Biu a lecture."

    "Master! You know it's not like that. He likes Ieron." She smiled mischievously. "And I like You."

    He groaned softly. "Don't. Not when you look like that. I may not be able to help myself." His teasing grin belied his serious words.

    "Well you know they DID say the rules were relaxed tonight."

    He shook his head. "I never got around to asking Master Yoda about it. So we will follow Master Yoda's example. Whatever example he sets, we will follow."

    She giggled. "If his words 'Kiss Yaddle I shall.' are any indication then its not a very good example."

    Just then the door chimed. "That must be your *date*."
    He chuckled as he headed for the door.
    Over to you Kenobi Maul if you want to, or if you want I can write some more.
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    I might post more once Ieron has got a date, or The Musical Jedi has decided that she wouldn't have one if it isn't too late.
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    If it isn't to late? Huh? You mean you still want to go with Ieron? YIKES Well let me know if you do because I can edit you out. LOL
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    Anakin nervously made his way towards Jai's door. He rang the doorbell, and Jai came to the door.

    "So, how do I look."

    "Ravashing, my fair lady." He handed her the flowers, and she took them, smelling them.

    "They're beautiful."

    Anakin smiled. "So, shall we go?" He held out a hand.

    She took it. "Let's."

    Anakin swung around so they were arm in arm, and they headed for the dance.
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    oh, guess what? I started working on my sequel to Portrait!!!

    Anyways, on with the posts!!


    "Now isn't that interesting," Cali murmured to Obi-Wan as Meri and Ken-Bui entered the arena.

    Obi-Wan turned in his seat and raised an eyebrow. "Well, why don't we ignore them and go dance?"

    Cali turned away from the entrance and poked him in the ribs. "You're suppose to be more charming than that."

    Obi-Wan grinned. He stood up and offered his hand. "Would you care to dance, milady?"

    "I would be honored," Cali said in a perfect imitation of posh Alderaan. She took his hand and he led her out onto the dance floor, careful to keep distance between Qui-Gon and Kithera. Cali out her arms around his neck and Obi-Wan put his hands lightly on her waste. "We're not waltzing," Cali observed.

    Obi-Wan cocked his head to the side. "Who said anything about waltzing?" He bent his head and kissed her gently.

    When the broke away, Cali smiled softly and tugged on his braid. "I must say I do like this look on you."

    "Better than tunics and spiky hair?" Obi-Wan asked, twirling her out and back in, catching her at the waist.

    "Oh, I definately prefer the old Pigtails," Cali laughed. "But you do clean up pretty good."

    Obi-Wan grinned and then ran a hand up her back and brushed her bare skin where the bodice ended. "I'm trying to decide whether I like you in tunics or this dress better."

    "Watch it, Padawan," Qui-Gon warned from beside them.

    Obi-Wan immediately held Cali out at arms length, turning red in the process. "Good evening, Knight Rinani," he said in a the most dignified tone he could muster.

    Kithera laughed and winked at Cali, who was giggling at Obi-Wan's embarrassment.

    The older couple waltzed away and Obi-Wan lowered his eyes in embarrassment, then seemed to realize that wasn't the wisest thing to do either. He looked at Cali's laughing face. "You think that was funny?"

    "Immensely," Cali grinned. She stood on tip-toes and kissed his nose. "I think we better start waltzing before the Masters start wondering about this modernized dancing."

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    I love this dance scenario. all have a seating chart and everything!

    And Amidolee, I'm sooooo glad about the sequel!
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    Hmm, is it common for it to take an hour or more for a post to show up? If I see this one first, I guess I'll try re-sending my other one. Oh, as for who is whom's dance date, no one lay a finger (or anything else) on Alex. (grin) Me and T'lor have dibs, at least until we get to the dance.
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    I look forward to reading A LOT about Meri and Alex....hint, hint
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    I just wanted to let you all know that I think this story is awesome! Amidolee, I am very excited about the sequel! Keep up the awesome posts everyone!
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    Ahhh LOL finally we have girls who want Alex. Heehee

    But Remember (impish grin on face)he's taken as far as feelings for someone go. LOL His heart is taken.

    Ohhh Rani I LOVED that post, lol that is JUST his character too.

    juwannajedi first off I love your handle. I started laughing when I read it. SECOND, just what is that you are looking forward to reading. IN other words GIVE ME a bigger hint. LOL Did you want more romance? *grins mischievously* Or what?
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    "I need something to drink,"Jane gasped, and Ane obliging led her from the dance floor to their table, and even poured her a glass full of the fizzy fruit juice she favoured.


    "Oh, thanks, Ane."Jane drained it at one go, then reached for ice water as well.

    "Have I told you how stunning you look in that dress?"

    "Oh, about five times now, but you can always say it again,"Jane teased, then placed her hands on her cheeks."My face absolutely aches from smiling, but I just can't seem to stop. I'm having such a good time!"

    "You need to put your lips in a different position,"Ane suggested."That will relieve the pressure on the smile muscles. Pretend you want to whistle."

    Jane looked at him in surprise.

    "You know how to whistle, don't you, Jane? You just put your lips together and blow."Ane demonstrated, leaning closer so that she could feel the tiny gust across her face. It made her giggle with delight, and she puffed back at him, blowing towards his hair to see it ripple, then broke off as she realised someone was standing next to her.

    "Garen, make the jump to hyperspace,"Ane suggested in a friendly tone of voice.

    "May I have this dance, Jane?"Garen asked.

    "Of course, Garen."Jane took a quick swallow of water, then stood up and took his hand. As they began to waltz, Garen said,"You really look nice, Jane."

    "Thanks, Garen, so do you."

    That was the extent of their conversation for several seconds, and then Garen asked,"Are you in love with Ane?"

    "I don't know,"Jane replied seriously."I like him, I like being with him. I don't know if it's love yet or not. Why?"

    "Oh, nothing."

    "I like dancing with you, Garen."

    "We haven't had much chance to do anything else,"Garen said slowly.

    "No,"Jane mused."No, we haven't."

    She wanted to ask if Garen thought he was in love with her, but her heart began beating in a funny way and she was suddenly too nervous to be so bold. Also, she knew she wouldn't know what to do if he said yes, so she decided it was best to remain silent.

    "Obi-Wan says Qui-Gon's made sure you hardly have any time during the day."

    "Oh, it's not Qui-Gon's fault I keep getting into trouble,"Jane replied.

    "Well, if you're ever not in trouble and you have time, and you're not with Ane, well, maybe we could go out for a chocolate cream cake one day,"Garen suggested.

    Jane blinked, then smiled."I'd like that. Thanks for the invitation, Garen."

    Garen smiled, too, and then the music was over. He led her back to the table where Ane was now engaged in conversation with Ieron. When he saw her coming, he broke it off, and turned back to face her as she slid into the seat next to him."Where were we, Jane?"

    "About mid-pucker, I'd say,"she replied with a shy smile, but they didn't get any farther than that. A moment later, Qui-Gon was standing next to her, speaking to someone following him."Here she is. Jane, I'd like you to meet Perrian Thenceor. Perrian, this is my exchange student, Jane."

    "How do you do, Jane, I've heard a lot about you."Perrian shook hands with her."All good things, of course."

    "Well, that can't have been very much then,"Jane said, looking at him and wondering why in the name of the Chancellor's underwear Qui-Gon had wanted her to meet him. He wasn't a Padawan. In fact, he looked a little older than Master Arieh, but with yellow hair. For a moment, she got the distinct feeling that he was sizing her up, testing her somehow, and then he exchanged glances with Qui-Gon, nodded almost imperceptively, and asked,"Would you like to dance, Jane?"

    "You look awfully thirsty, Jane,"Ane volunteered in a tone of voice indicating he felt neglected.

    "One dance,"Jane conceded,"and then I really will need another drink. This is much more strenuous than dance class."

    "But much more fun, I hope,"Perrian said as they moved to an empty space on the dance floor and began another waltz.

    "Yes,"Jane had to agree."Much more fun. Are you a Knight or a Master?"

    "A knight."


    "And what do you like most about being at the Temple?"Perrian asked.

    "Master Yoda's gruel,"Jane said, to see how
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    Sith server!!! No posts (or any other fan fic) until this morning and I was all hyped to write last night!

    Sorry about that Rani. You did a great job of working things around. I had a scene written to get us to the dance, but I'll let you take that one. I can't wait to see what happens! LOL

    BTW, I've had a blast watching T'lor get moved around. Thanks for making me feel welcome and included. Feel free to do it some more...especially since I don't think I'll be on much in the next day or two...Trials in RL tomorrow eek.gif .


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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>
    juwannajedi first off I love your handle. I started laughing when I read it. SECOND, just what is that you are looking forward to reading. IN other words GIVE ME a bigger hint. LOL Did you want more romance? *grins mischievously* Or what?[/B]

    FIRST, Thanks. I like it too.
    SECOND, I like the romance. I also think that you are also really good at portraying the emotional tension between them. Personally, I am not into a lot of graphic stuff... I prefer to use my imagination.

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    "The song ended," Cali murmured in Obi-Wan's ear.

    "Did it?" he whispered back.

    "Yes," Cali said a little louder. "You can let go." She stepped a little back from him, grinning. She reached up tugged on his braid.

    With a look of sorrow, Obi-Wan let go, only to leave one arm around her waist as they walked back to the table. When they reached the table, they found a forlorn looking Garen sitting with a cup of punch in his hand.

    "Hey, Garen," Cali greeted as Obi-Wan sat down. With a gentle tug, Obi-Wan pulled her onto his lap and wrapped both arms around her, nuzzling the back of her neck.

    "Hey, guys," Garen greeted with a slight smile.

    "I saw you dancing with Jane," Obi-Wan commented, taking a moment from inspecting Cali's neck to look at his friend.

    Garen seemed to brighten a bit. "Yeah." Then he sobered slightly. "That's all we ever do."

    Cali and Obi-Wan exchanged a look. Jane and Ane had disappeared before the last song had ended and they hadn't returned yet. Perhaps that was reason for Garen's melancholy mood.

    The band was taking a break so the dance floor was crowded with talking Jedi. "I'm so tired," Cali sighed, leaning back against Obi-Wan. He rested his chin on her shoulder and their fingers played their little game.

    "You're having fun, though, right?" Obi-Wan asked, his breath tickling her neck.

    "Aside from my toes falling off," Cali nodded. She closed her eyes. "Hmm, this is nice," she murmured almost sleepily.

    "What? Having you in my lap?"

    "You better watch how you word things," Cali warned. "One of these days that dainty little tongue of yours is going to slip big time."

    From across the table, they heard Bant laugh at them. Then there was a flash of light. Cali opened her eyes to see the other Padawan holding up a camera. "Take another one, Bant," she said. She lifted a hand and squeezed Obi-Wan's face so it looked like a child's, then faced the camera and stuck her tongue out.

    "Thanks," Obi-Wan muttered, rubbing his jaw after the picture was taken.

    "No problem, sweetie," Cali cooed, pinching his cheek.

    "Wanna go for a walk or something?" Obi-Wan asked after a moment, his eyes darting about at the Jedi Masters and Knights.

    "You mean find a place less crowded?" Cali grinned. "Sure." She stood up and stretched a little.

    They found a less crowded and door and stepped into the hallway beyond. There were a few other couples who seemed to be in need of a walk. Cali and Obi-Wan walked arm and arm down a good stretch, being quiet not to disturb some of the closer couples. After a bit, they found a little nook by a classroom door.

    Strangely enough, Cali felt a slight shiver go up her spine at the thought of them being alone for awhile. They had been alone many times, but those times had always been shadowed by the strict rules.

    Music drifted down the halls. "I think the intermission is over," Cali said softly as Obi-Wan began to stroke her cheek. It had been so long since he had done that and she had almost forgotten how much she enjoyed his fingertips tracing her face. She closed her eyes.

    "I don't think anyone will miss us," Obi-Wan said softly. His breath was hot on her face, then he bent his head and gently kissed her forehead, moving his lips down her cheek and letting his fingers brush her neck, then caress her shoulders.

    Then their lips met. Cali kissed him deeply, putting all her penned up emotion out. It had been so long since they could really kiss, really sense each other's emotions and desires. All evening they had been holding most of it back, but now they were alone to release it. It was amazing how their minds and hearts seemed to connect and flow.

    They finally broke away and smiled softly at each other. The music drifted down the halls but they didn't hurry to return.
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    Don't WORRY juwannajedi(heehee) I'm not into graphic either. Uhuh no way. I feel like a idiot just writting a kissing scene. Which is as far as it would go unless they were married which they aren't and won't be for some time.(Not in this fanfic,am toying with the idea of a future fanfic.) And I WOULDN'T write about it anyway.
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    More soon! JKOW, you misunderstood me. I wanted to give TMJ a chance to establish her date and it was too late at night for me to post (ain't it a shame vacation's over!).
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    Ohhh okay Kenobi Maul. Did you say you were going to post soon? I'll wait till you do to post, if you are.
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    I am in the process of writing.
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    Garen had whiled her around the floor for a single dance before going off in search of a partner who wouldn't step all over his poor abused toes. Kresa felt bad about how many times she had almost tripped, only to be hauled bodily upright by her date. And she'd lost count of how many times she'd staggered and stepped on his toes.

    She sat quietly at one of the tables feeling just a little forlorn. She'd tried to engage one of the Knights in conversation, but he'd been pulled away by his date to the dance floor and for the moment Kresa was all alone at her table. Looking around, the red-head slipped away to the refresher. She'd come and she'd danced and she could tell Master Nraakys just that without lying to him in the least. All she had to do now was find a way to pass the rest of the time that wouldn't make her feel miserable and too young and alone.

    Standing from the table, the young girl sedately made her way out into the hallway and once there, practically fled down the corridor in search of a lesser frequented 'fresher. She paid no heed to the couples wandering the halls and hoped silently that none of them would recognize her. The last thing she needed was for someone to come looking for her, asking why she'd left the dance alone.
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    Jai laughed as she watched Yoda and Yaddle dance. It was strange, they way they were together but apart. Both were over five hundred years old, and had known (and loved) each other most of that time, but Yaddle refused to acknowledge this until Yoda had proposed. The things men are afraid of . . . here he is, an eight hundred and something year old Jedi Master, and she scares him more than any Sith Lord ever could.

    A slow, familiar song started, and Jai looked up in surprise. "What is it?" Anakin asked her softly.

    "That's . . . it's Old Corellian. I have memories of someone singing . . ." The pain in her eyes threatened to break his heart.


    Her chin came up, and suddenly the walls were back. "My family is . . I am, I guess . . . Corellian. And my infrequent visits "home" were not happy occasions."

    "Oh?" There was something else bothering her. Ani could tell. He batted a pink balloon away in annoyance.

    "The Force is not a welcome subject in my family." Jai hesitated, mentally steeling herself to tell him this. If he hates you for it, he's not the kind of guy you want anyway. Just say it. "It apparently shows up about every other generation . . . . . and most of them haven't been Jedi." Anakin's face was unreadable. If only he'd say something! For all Jai cared, he could tell her he hated her Jedi do not hate, but she couldn't bear this awful silence and the mental shields behind it.

    "Come on." Ani finally told her, "Let's dance."


    Come on, everyone! More romance! I'm not the best romantic author on the web (see above writing), but some of you here are very, very good!! :0
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    Ken-Biu looked around for Ieron. He could not see her. He decided to probe for her location in the Force, making sure not to intrude on her. When he did, he was shocked. A presence he had not yet felt was attacking her.


    He quickly deduced where she was, the nearest girls' bathroom. He ran there. As he was about to enter, the voice of the girl who had stolen Ieron's datapad whined, "Hey! That's a girls' bathroom!"

    In one fluid motion, Ken whirled around, raised his middle finger, and rushed in. Ieron was writhing on the floor. He wondered at how C'baoth had managed to make the attack so isolated the Masters hadn't picked it up. He knelt next to her, and absorbed all her pain. He then placed his self in between her and the attack. The pain hit him like a wave, but he felt his Master try to get past him to Ieron.

    Move out of the way, you young fool. I'll come back for you later.//

    //NO! I swore to you I'd never let you touch her, and I swore to her I'd rather die than let you hurt her. I stick by my word, you old turn-coat.//

    //So be it. If you won't let me hurt her without alerting the whole Temple, I'll kill you first.//

    Suddenly, he realized that before had only been prelude. He was struck by pain unlike anything he had ever felt before. Even his left arm, now gone, was hurting him. He fought back. He left his shields down so he could still act as Ieron's, but he struck back with his own techniques, ones that would weaken him, if executed properly even cause his death. His last experience had strengthened him, and now, he had really gotten over all his problems. His infatuation with Ieron was gone, replaced with what he saw now as true love. Not idolatory, not infatuation, but love, the willingness to risk your life for someone, not for their eyes, their face, their sense of humor, their wisdom, not even for the collection of these, but for her. His hatred and pain towards his Master was gone, replaced by cold determination and knowledge that only he had.

    "I will survive."

    He fought for what seemed like hours, but was in truth only minutes. He tired, but he fed on the Master's energy. He thanked the Force they were mostly having too good a time to realize their energy was being used, a little from each. He fed off the energy of sleeping Initiates, of the animals and plants around and become, in spirit, temporarily one with the Force. He battled with a rage that matched his ferocious temper. It should have been Dark Side, but it wasn't. As he fought, he grew stronger in the Force, and finally, he got past his Master's shields. There he saw the exact opposite of what had been there when the Rogue had been his Master. He did not pause to wonder. Knowing it was for the good of others, he took away the life from the man. He braced himself for the waves of pain he should have felt through the link, yet there were none. That was when Ken realized that he had gotten above that. He had conquered his ex-Master's fear and rage and it was now his to use. He released it into the Force. He stood up, and watched a couple masters on chaperoning duty run in, obviously alerted by that little bratty Padawan. They took one look at Ieron, out for the count, and leaped on him, pinning him to the floor and dragged him outside.

    This'll make for an interesting follow-up for you, JKOW!
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    Mmm interesting Kenobi Maul
    Meri straightened her hair as she took one last look in a mirror before she left. At the door she heard her Master tell the Knight to wait there, and that he would go get her.

    She turned around as he entered. "I guess I'll see you there." she spoke softly.

    She saw a muscle in his jaw clench before he spoke. "Yes. Though I can't help wishing I were going with you instead."
    He matched her soft voice in order not to be heard by the waiting Knight.

    She smiled sadly. "I'm not quite a Knight yet am I?"
    He shook his head. "No, but tonight the rules are to be relaxed. You save me a dance or two okay."
    She nodded and then with one last lingering gaze into his blue eyes, drifted out the door.

    Alex closed his eyes as she left and breathed deeply.
    "Sith!" he cursed softly. Why did love have to hurt so much.

    Back outside the apartment, Meri greeted the Knight and slipped her arm through his as he escorted her down the hall. Nothing much was said between them, and to her relief he didn't question the air of sadness she surely must have been radiating.

    Maybe it was because he also seemed to be thinking of something else. Someone else.
    When they arrived at the dance Meri noted the many curious stares they recieved.

    Shrugging mentally she tried to boister her mood into a happier one. She was just about to excuse herself to get a drink when Ken Biu suddenly bolted away from her and out the door.
    With a look of surprise on her face, she followed him with quick dainty steps that were required when wearing a dress.

    She stepped out of the door they had just entered only to see the Knight dash into the girls refresher!
    A shrill high voice whined in complaining tones about it being a girls bathroom.

    Meri turned her head and saw the girl. She knew of her. She wasn't on particularly good terms with her either. In Meri's terms, she was a spoiled little brat and then some.

    Meri stood back against the wall and waited.
    She felt the force tremor and frowned. She couldn't pinpoint it, but the disturbance was there. Her Master had always said she was sensitive in ways that others were not.

    She was just about to go get a Master, convinced something was afoot, when a group of two or three chaperons burst out of the dance hall and into the refresher. They came back out moments later dragging Ken Biu with them.

    Another Master took her by the elbow and led her back into the dance hall, "We'll deal with him. You stay in here."

    "But...." her voice trailed off in question, as the Master rushed back out the door.
    How was that Kenobi Maul?
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    Kudos to everyone for reaching page 20!!!
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    Ani pulled Jai to the dance floor and started to dance with her. They danced for a while until Anakin spoke softly.

    "I'm from Alderaan."

    Jai smiled at him. "Nice choice."

    He smiled back, but then it quickly faded.

    "My mother was a Sith Witch."

    Jai looked at him in suprise. "Really?"

    "Yes. My father was a great Jedi Knight. He went to many places and saw many things."

    Jai could see tears welling up behind Ani's eyes.

    "He was killed by a Sith Lord."

    Jai looked down. "I'm sorry..."

    Anakin raised her head with a hand. "It's not your fault..."

    He sighed and listened to the music for a while, dancing with Jai.

    "My father was forced to kill my mother. She was going to kill many people... she was going to kill me."

    He started to hold back tears.

    "My sister... shielded me from it all, so I never knew the truth..."

    Jai looked sad as well. "I'm sorry, Ani."

    "You don't have to be. My life is so mixed up, it's like I never know where to go, who to turn to... who to trust. I couldn't even trust my own mother..."

    Jai put her hand to the side of his face. "You can trust me, Anakin."

    He looked towards her, then their faces met in a passionate kiss as the music reached it's prime.

    Maybe my life has finally turned around. Anakin thought.

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