Before - Legends The Uncertain Promise (A Qui-Gon and Xanatos fic)

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    I originally posted this story up four years ago under a different username. I didn't finish it because I could rarely use a computer. I've been active in the forums again and forgot about the fanfiction forums so I checked them out. I was reading other peoples fanfics and it made me want to do mine. I've done some research on this era of Star Wars and hopefully I can make the pieces fit well.

    Special Thanks: George Lucas, the creator. The authors of the Expanded Universe. The fanfiction forums. The fanfic writers. The fanfic readers, I should've put you after George.

    Part 1: Telos

    Chapter 1

    It was late in the evening on Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic. Speeders and taxis flowed in steady streams of skybound traffic all across the planetwide city. This was no exaggeration either. The entire surface consisted of skyscrapers and buildings of various size and architecture. Not only that, but the surface now visible to the naked eye had been built on layers of cityscape dubing the underground city levels the Undercity. Even the great oceans that once covered the majority of the planet were drained and stored in vast caverns below the surface. The polar ice caps of Coruscant were accompanied by stations that melted the ice and chaneled the water through pipes and ducts of an elaborate water system. Perhaps one could not say the entire planet was covered, since there were the Manarai Mountains, left untouched but uninhabited. There was also an artificial body of water with islands that was created for tourism purposes called the Western Sea.

    Sunlight peaked through the tiny spaces of the buildings as transports landed and took off here and there. On walkways hundreds, in some places thousands, of people were the hustle and bustle of Coruscant. No official census could be conducted but experts estimated that the population of Coruscant was one trillion.

    Amid all of the skyscrapers, lights, people, and vehicles, the planet was the political centerstage of the galaxy. Its Great Rotunda was where the Senate of the Republic met, a glorious monument to democracy capable of holding 1,024 senators from various worlds. Coruscant was also home to the Jedi Temple, the headquarters of the Jedi Order. The Jedi Order was an organization dedicated to keeping peace throughout the galaxy. What set this group apart from any other group in the galaxy was their ability to use the Force, a mysterious energy field that bound the galaxy together.

    Built long ago on a mountain said to have a Force nexus, the Jedi Temple was a ziggurat building with five pillars. It was here at the Jedi Temple that a new chapter in the life of Qui-Gon Jinn would begin.

    He was in the Chamber of the High Council, the meeting place of twelve wise and powerful Jedi Masters. They sat in a circle formation around the room. At the head of the council was the Grand Master Yoda, his species was unknown but he stood at Qui-Gon's knee's with green skin and gray-white hair. Yaddle, who was a female of Yoda's species was watching Qui-Gon with her hands perched over her mouth. Yarael Poof, whose head rested on a long neck, slightly bobbed side to side. Oppo Rancisis held one curled talon to his impressive white beard. Saesee Tinn merely watched with his rough features. Ki-Adi-Mundi ran two fingers through his mustache. His cone head, which housed the binary brains of a Cerean, was as notable as Master Poof's long neck. Tyvokka, the muscular and furred Wookie who towered over most of the Jedi, made a low grunt. Then there were the human Masters, Kal Xenthor, Sifo-Dyas, Tor Difusal, Thane Cerulian, and Mace Windu. All watching Qui-Gon intently.

    Qui-Gon had been summoned here by the Council and had no idea why they required a Jedi Knight such as himself. Finally Mace Windu broke the silence.

    "We have summoned you today because of a matter we feel would best be suited to a Jedi Knight of your stature", began Mace. "About a standard month ago the Telosian representative Ken Tr
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    Nice start, I hope that you will post more soon. Interesting!! is xanatos even a jedi?
    Hope to read a second post with more

    Very mysterious this start is.
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    Glad you like the start. I hope to get more with the next chapter. Last night I wrote this with a daughter who is teething in my hands so it was a little more like a prologue but definitely keep a lookout.
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    sounds good. Keep at it!
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    Chapter 2

    The Jedi Starfighter came out of hyperspace and Telos came into view. The side of the planet he was viewing was shrouded in cloudcover. His sensors were scanning the area of space he entered and had not picked up a signal. He kept his comm channel open in case anyone tried to contact him.

    Still no sign of the transport. He had not expected to come to the planet and find it waiting for him, however for all he knew it was incapacitated in orbit; going around a planet that was in dead silence. There wasn't much to do at this point so he began a descent into the atmoshpere of Telos.

    The clouds took in his ship and he went along a path in obscurity. Once the clouds were cleared he would look for a landing zone. Since no contact had been established thus far he could only hope his landing would not be an intrusive offense. Now the clouds parted and he could see a forest below. Further off he saw plains and a body of water.

    Just then his sensors picked up four signals which were identified as starfighters. They were moving about in the sky to intercept him. Qui-Gon was sure that they would contact him and ask him his name and what his intentions were. After Qui-Gon had done that they would escort him to a proper landing site.

    This idea quickly dissolved as the group of fighters opened fire on Qui-Gon. Already alert before the shots had even been fired Qui-Gon evaded the attack. He had turned to the left approaching one of the starfighters dead on and opened fire immediately. The ship took many shots, however he did not destroy it. Since it was severely damaged it was out of the fight. He would not kill unless necessary.

    As he passed the point where the fighter went down he passed the other three. He banked around so he could meet the others. Coming on a direct vector the group of three had formed to meet him as well. A shower of laser blasts lit up the cockpit in flashing red. The shots made their way to him in a mission of a deadly intent. Qui-Gon had put his starfighter into a barrel roll and even though he was spinning he used the Force to concentrate. With the Force as his ally he managed to fire off enough shots to disable the engine of one attacker. Now he was one against two.

    The loss of half the group must have put an urgence into the two remainders since they came back on Qui-Gon's tail firing relentlessly. The combined fire rocked the Jedi Starfighter violently and alarms went off in the cockpit. The fight was over, it was time to head for the surface where he was most needed. He wouldn't find out what was happening if he was blown out of the sky. He narrowly avoided the laser blasts as the forest was becoming his impromptu landing zone.

    Despite his skill the shots were overwhelming and one shot managed to take out the engine and the power shut down in the cockpit. Any other pilot in this situation would have been panicking or preparing to evacuate. Qui-Gon was doing the latter with a detached calmness. Even if he died he would only become one with the Force. Perhaps Jedi had it easy in that sense. Afterall, attachments such as possessions and family were forbidden in the Jedi Code. He had no wife, no children, nothing that was his to prize. He could if he chose but that would mean he would be expelled from the Order. Qui-Gon Jinn had no desire to do this and while he held a deep compassion for all life and loved others, he knew that he would not simply die but instead become apart of the Force. There is no death, only the Force.

    Tree branches snapped as the Jedi Starfighter plummeted through foilage. Qui-Gon popped the canopy which was ripped off by a large branch. Using the Force he leapt out of the starfighter and landed to safety on a tree branch that was firm enough to hold him. He jumped down to the grassy floor of the forest using the Force once more, this time to cushion his fall. A few seconds later he heard the Jedi Starfighter crash into trees and come to halt in the distance.

    Qui-Gon Jinn was now on Telos. It was time to get moving.
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    The fight scene between Qui Gon and the telosian figters was exciting.
    I can see why the previous mission failed.
    Hopefully the people will help Jinn, com the temple and get help.
    [face_blush] hopes xani is not the force behind the problem,
    but then his reputation questionable.

    Please keep writing!
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    Chapter 3

    Telos. He had heard of it before. He had read of it before in the library of the Jedi Archives that had been put so masterfully together by Joscasta Nu. Located in the Kwymar Sector of the galaxy it had been a flourishing world of the Republic of old. Then the Jedi Civil War began and when the conflict reached Telos the world was razed to the ground by the Sith Lord Malak. The few that survived became witnesses to the malice of the Sith Lords. When the war had been over the Telosian government asked the Ithorians to help restore their planet. Ithorians were experts in the field of ecosystems and began a restoration project on Telos. The project was successful and the success of that project lived on as Qui-Gon jogged through the forest. A cool air was breezing to match up with the cool shade provided.

    This place was teeming with life and Qui-Gon felt it in the Force. Lifeforms were not the only thing his senses were picking up. This world had a deep connection in the Force. Many souls had walked the surface. Sith and Jedi alike. Qui-Gon himself had a strong connection to the Force. He held a deep compassion for all forms of life. His teacher, Master Dooku, had told him in not so many ways that his compassion was his weakness and that he was alone in the universe and betrayal would be inevitable. Qui-Gon did not follow this advice despite the high level of respect he felt for Master Dooku.

    Over the years of being a Jedi he had gradually developed his own concept of the Force. This concept was the "living Force", it meant concentrating on the moment. "Now" was what was happening right now. The past was before the "now" and the future was what would happen after the "now". None were complete without "now". You could want to do something but until you did it then it was something that could or should or would happen and then it became something that did happen. He felt that with Jedi, this philosophy was beneficial because many Jedi were unfocused. Too often in his eyes a Jedi tended to think about things too much. It was not that they were not skilled or adept at using the Force. He just felt that the idea of action was generally unthought of in the Order. Perhaps most Masters or Knights related taking action with steps towards the darkside. However taking action did mean that you had to turn to the darkside. Qui-Gon's ideas were unorthodox to say the least.

    He came side by side with a small crystal clear stream. In his mind he was evaluating the current situation. He was on a planet that was suffering from famine and had no communications. That last problem would make the mission difficult and he was sure that the Council was awaiting his report. He had no clue about who the attackers were that shot him down.

    Another point that occured to him was that he was most likely presumed dead which would be an advantage. Telos was on the Outer Rim which meant it was far from Coruscant, but that did not mean that one of the two pilots had not seen and recognized the Jedi Order emblem on the Jedi Starfighter. If that were the case they may return and in greater numbers to find him. A Jedi could be a threat and he was sure those fighters did not come from the Telosian Security Force. Something big was happening here and he had the feeling it would only get more complicated with each moment that pressed on.

    Darkness was coming to this side of the world. Night began to fall and made its way through tree trunks and leaves. As the last of the sun was slithering away to let night take over the sky Qui-Gon leapt up a tree climbing it quickly. Once on top he attempted to get some kind of bearing as to where he was. His three-hundred-sixty degree view revealed nothing but forest on each angle of the horrizon so he went back down. In a time like this he trusted in the will of the Force and continued on the way he was going.

    Just then he heard the thrum of a flying vehicle. He did not look up to find the source because it came from behind. Turning his head he saw that a wide range of light was penetrating the
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    Chapter 4

    Night still remained. shrouding the forest as the mystery of the Republic transport was shrouded. Though there was night you could still see and though there was still no exact way for Qui-Gon to know exactly what to do he was still pressing on.

    The forest was full of nocturnal insects. Some were flying and others could be sensed in hiding spots on the ground. Qui-Gon continued to run and actually came out of the forest to a field of grassy plains. Though he appreciated the life of the forest it was reassuring to see this new stage of the environment. In a way he was reminded that he was heading for a new one altogether.

    Stars were in the sky. A slight wind blew. Suddenly he could smell something in the air that smelt of an ocean. As if following up on giving him the scent his ears were given the sound of ocean waves. There was a problem now with the scenario. He had headed in this direction because that was where the hovercraft with the searchlight had ventured off to. Since a hovercraft could fly over oceans it had no problem getting to a city. Qui-Gon could not fly over an ocean so he had a problem now.

    This was life as a Jedi. Difficulty was what you were expected to work with. Impossible was what you were to achieve. Qui-Gon would find a way. Though the mission demanded haste with urgency he decided to get down on his knees and meditate.

    Any mission he had done he had successfully completed. He had remembered being a Padawan under Master Dooku when they had been sent to escort Senator Blix Annon on a diplomatic mission. Qui-Gon was sixteen years old and the ship had been infiltrated by pirates led by Lorian Nod, a Jedi who had once been a close friend of his master. The infiltration was shortlived and Dooku and Nod fought in an intense duel. Master Dooku let his rage best him and nearly killed Lorian Nod. It was Qui-Gon Jinn, the Padawan, who had stopped his master from committing an act of the darkside. Nod was imprisoned and that was when Dooku had told Qui-Gon that compassion was his weakness. There was always more than one way even if you didn't see it. Qui-Gon had proved this with his Master. He would prove it now.

    A noise was becoming increasingly audible from behind Qui-Gon. From the forest. The louder it became the easier it was to recognize. Swoops. This would be the key to getting to the city. With a swoop he could cover a greater amount of distance. Straining his ears he heard more than one swoop now.

    Out of the forest they came. Six swoops mounted by humans with weapons. They looked like the same group that he had eavesdropped on. A few feet from Qui-Gon the swoops stopped.

    The air was blowing his Jedi cloak and his long hair gently. He stood there, peaceful and serene yet waiting to attack should it have to happen. This gesture by the swoop gang told him that they had something to say.

    "A Jedi. I knew that you were here. I knew you weren't dead either. Look, I have a job to do. I don't want any trouble. You look like you don't want any trouble. So let's just all go and see my boss so he can see that a Jedi is here on Telos", said the leader of the gang who he recognized as the third voice from before.

    "Shouldn't you already be back with your employer?" asked Qui-Gon causing the man to have a slightly puzzled look on his face.

    "Some of my colleagues believed that searching for you was a waste of time. We were just supposed to confirm that no one survived the crash after our starfighter squad engaged you in the air. When we saw that it was actually a Jedi Starfighter no one wanted to tell this to the boss. Let it go you know what I'm saying?. Who wants to get mindtricked and all that? Well I know that you're here to see what's going on here and if I bring you to the boss when no one else would, I'll move up. Like I said earlier, I don't want any trouble", said the gang leader.

    Qui-Gon thought about this. He could surrender and let them take him into custody. It was a way to get to the city. At the same time he would be unarmed and possibly killed on the sp
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    Chapter 5

    Qui-Gon and Kurru rode together on the swoop along the cliff that the grassy plains had led to. The ocean was black since it was nighttime. Kurru had told Qui-Gon that he could follow along these cliffs and it would eventually lower down to a beach.

    Once they got to Thani he would have to be on his feet. Kurru would not tell him anything about what had happened in an exact manner or what to expect. Qui-Gon had thought to persuade him but did not. He would wait until he absolutely needed to if it came down to that. Afterall Kurru could have fought to the death or committed suicide. At the same time Qui-Gon also kept in mind that he could be heading into a trap or that Kurru would try to kill him at any given time.

    The cliffs lowered to the beach and now the swoop went across the sands. To his left was the ocean and to his right was the beach which led on to another plain of grass. He as about to say something to Kurru when an explosion sent them in the air. Qui-Gon and Kurru both went flying and hit the ground on the soft sand. The flaming swoop came down and hit the sand as well.

    Qui-Gon was disoriented but he still got to his feet. He looked around and saw that Kurru was stirring in the sand. The only thing Qui-Gon could think of was a land mine. Why it was there was unknown to him but it may just be explained. He started to go over to Kurru. The swoop was gone, it was gone in flames. Just when the mission had reached a turning point it was now comprimised again. Qui-Gon was not discouraged he only wanted to be at Thani and that would take longer now unless another opportunity came. Kurru was on his knees now.

    "I know what you're thinking. It's not a trap. I had no idea about that mine. Wait a minute. What are we going to? There could be mines all over the place. This is bad", said Kurru looking around in a frantic expression.

    "Stay calm if you can. It won't help us if you panic", said Qui-Gon looking around at the beach.

    "I can't stay calm. What are we going to do? This is stupid. Why? Why? WHY?" asked Kurru to nothing in particular. Qui-Gon sighed.

    "Be quiet. I'm going to meditate right now. If I can find a solution to our problem we'll be on our way off this beach. Until then stay put", said Qui-Gon. Kurru started to say something but closed his mouth. Qui-Gon then sat down a few feet from him and began to meditate.

    If he could stretch out his senses and concentrate he may be able to pinpoint any other possible mines by finding them in the Force. It would take a while because it was a vast beach. He may be able to scout a path that would take them to plains. Then he could see if the plains had any mines. It would take a lot of concentration. Kurru went into thoughts of his own and Qui-Gon immersed himself into the Force.

    He had no idea how much time had passed but he had been able to locate four mines on the way to the plains. He stood up and motioned for Kurru to follow him. They walked in a routined path and made it to the plains. Now Qui-Gon stretched out his senses to the plains. He was already open to Force in more of a way than when they first encountered the mines and could not sense any in the plains so they began to walk out into the plains.

    "Hey that was some technique and skill you just used. Can all Jedi do that?" asked Kurru.

    "It depends on the level of concentration and how well you can open yourself to the living Force. This last task took a lot of energy for me so we'll be walking for now", said Qui-Gon.

    "That's fine with me", said Kurru.

    "Why are you on Telos Kurru?" asked Qui-Gon.

    "I told you that I won't tell you nothing. I don't know what is going on but I ain't no snitch", said Kurru.

    "I didn't ask that. I asked you why you were here."

    "I'm here because when all of this is over I'll be getting paid for my work", said Kurru.

    "You're a mercenary."

    "More or less. Don't get me wrong, it's terrible that the galaxy is like this, but I gotta look out for my skin you know", said Kurru.

    "Then you agree that what is happening h
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    good posts. Keep it up!
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    If anyone expected Xanatos to be in it right away I'm sorry for that. I'll pulling a phantom menace here and giving you a backstory.
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    Chapter 6

    The TSF speeder went across the plains and into a canyon. More grass was here and the walls were dark with mud. The canyon emptied out into an area with a handful of bunker-like buildings and a landing pad. On the landing pad was a gunship of sorts. Next to the base of the landing pad were five other speeders in park.

    Darren parked the speeder with the others and they all got out. From one of the buildings came two TSF members. They were all in uniforms of gray with white stripes at the legs and shoulders. The helmets they wore were yellow and all had a blaster that was holstered. Some carried a blaster rifle as well. The two TSF men went past them to the speeder and began to run checks on it. Instead of speaking Darren motioned a hand towards the bunker and they all walked to it. The doors to the bunker opened with a hiss and they all went into the bunker going down a flight of stairs.

    They were navigated through a series of hallways and finally into a room with furniture. Darren asked Qui-Gon and Kurru to have a seat while the other TSF people left the room. The doors closed leaving the three of them in the room.

    "Let me start by saying that I am glad I found you Maser...", said Darren waiting for Qui-Gon to reveal his name.

    "Qui-Gon Jinn. This is Kurru. He is part of a group that has been tracking me since I arrived to Telos. He agreed to be my guide", said Qui-Gon.

    "Interesting. I know that you were shot out of the sky. I know that you were being pursued. I only wish that we could have got to you earlier. Even though communications are disrupted we have found a way to eavesdrop on the enemies own comm channels. We knew about your "unidentified" fighter when it entered the atmosphere. We knew that they had been searching for you. No one knew that you were a Jedi. They assumed you died and went back to their normal operations. I am curious that you appeared to have been searched out in a more relentless way", said Darren.

    "When I was hiding from the first group I was able to hear a conversation between three swoop riders. One of them was pressing the importance of finding me. The other was simply involved in the conversation and another was refusing to believe it. I was presumed dead because there was more important matters at hand and their leader would be better off not knowing about me. One of the members of that group decided that I was a prize and turning me into their leader would move him up in the ranks. They pursued me and I dispatched their group. Kurru was the last one remaining and agreed to accompany me as my guide", said Qui-Gon.

    "So we have defector?", asked Darren.

    "No. I ain't tellin' nothin'. I told Qui-Gon this. I'll show him where to go. From there it's all up to him. I ain't gettin' involved and I ain't no snitch", said Kurru.

    Qui-Gon wished Kurru would drop this attitude. He knew that Kurru was better than this, it was just that Kurru was one of those people who felt that crime was the only way out and it was consistent for him. It would be better if Kurru helped them out. What better way to clear his name?

    "Let me update you then Master Jinn. As you know the planet is suffering from famine. Representative Tryex called the Republic for aid and the Republic sent us a supply transport. Once it entered the system we took the majority of our small squadron of starfighters and escorted it to Telos. We were almost to Telos when our escort was attacked by another squad of fighters. There was also a larger cruiser involved that the fighters must have launched from. We held out until we were in the skies of Telos. By then we were all mopped up. I was apart of the ground team that was to welcome the transport crew with Representative Tryex and Governor Crion. The transport landed and then our own people began to shoot at us. I watched a lot of my comrades fall that day. I used my comlink and sent a special coded message to other remaining TSF guardians. That message required us all to meet at this old base in the Restoration Zone. We have been building up strengt
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    I don't know if anyone realizes it but I used the Telos uniforms from KOTOR II. I know that those uniforms would be expired by this time but I love them so I used them.
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    So I take it that this a prequel to the Jedi Apprentice Series?

    Is it supposed to be like that? Or is this just one story like Outbound Flight?

    Eitherways it's definitely good.

    When is Xanatos supposed to come into this?
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    Life took over, no time for fun!:mad:
    I have been having computer trouble..."tosses the computer out
    the window" It is so slow!

    Sorry I missed the last posts. I hope qui gon finds out what is
    happening on Telos.

    Sure hope the temple is aware that he is still alive.

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    Chapter 7

    Morning came. Qui-Gon was rested, he put on his freshly cleaned Jedi tunic and robe. The lightsaber was clipped onto his belt and he put his boots on and left the room. Outside he found two TSF guards waiting for him. They informed him that Darren Onasi was waiting for him and that they were to take him to the battle room. On the way they stopped at Kurru's room and he came rubbing his eyes and shaking his head with mutterings of how early it was.

    The hallways were empty and quiet. When they came to the battle room it was packed with TSF guards. The room was circular and in the middle was a holo projector currently displaying a holomap of Thani. The room was full of chattering from everyone. Darren Onasi came to greet them.

    "You're just in time. If it had been longer I would have had them wake you two up", said Darren cracking a smile.

    "Is this all of your men?", asked Qui-Gon surveying the room of fifty men give or take.

    "Yes. Now that we're all here we can get started", said Darren and then he led them to a set of unoccupied seats on his way to the holoprojector and then waited for everyone to settle down.

    "Good morning. Telos is currently under global threat from an unknown group. We've lost the majority of our forces and not only that but we were infiltrated from within. There are no more communications and fear is being used to keep our innocent citizens in line during this period of famine. It is time to take our planet back", Darren began looking intensely into his audience of comrades.

    "Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Kurru who was a part of the group that holds Telos hostage have given us their support. We are here today to formulate a strategy for taking back the planet. We don't know the number of the enemy forces. Kurru do you have an estimate?", asked Darren.

    "I can tell you that there is not as many as you might think. The idea that this whole planet could be taken over by less than a hundred men was unthinkable but we sure pulled it off. I think the key to our success was the ground forces infiltration. This was an element of surprise that caught you guys offguard aside from attacking the escort. We didn't know about how you veteran TSF guards had a secret code to meet here, so you all got the element of surprise now. I don't exactly know where my superiors were going after we got the planet. I was on scout duty. I know that we're spread thin but the fact that ships were blown of the sky for no reason other than flying scared a lot of people", said Kurru.

    "What do you think Master Jinn?", asked Darren.

    "Our goals are all the same. Now we need to break them up and determine how we will achieve them. To take back the planet we need to take the battle to Thani. I propose that we find a way to the governors residence and I'll infiltrate from there. We could have another group locate the hangar where the cruiser is docked. Do you know where they are Kurru?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "They docked at the governors residence with the Republic supply transport", said Kurru.

    "Then from that point we leave Qui-Gon to rescue the crew and restore the communications while we secure the transport and the cruiser. We'll give you a datapad with a blueprint of the governors residence so you can locate his office as well as the communications center. After that we can head back to the residence and make sure Qui-Gon is all right, once the governor's residence is cleared we can mop up remaining forces in Thani", said Darren.

    "Sir. I am not sure if anyone informed you but our droid units have been repaired and are online. The HK-50 assassin droids are ready for battle, do yo intend to use them?", asked one TSF guard.

    "I do. Now that I know for sure that they are ready then we can have another group that attacks the city forces. This will cause a distraction", said Darren thoughtfully.

    The rest of the meeting went on with little details and the plan was set. Now all they had to do was head for Thani.
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    Part II The Battle of Thani

    Chapter 8

    The forests and plains of the Restoration Zone on Telos were behind the TSF speeders as they sped to Thani, the capitol of Telos. Qui-Gon, Kurru, and Darren were in one speeder. All of the other speeders were carrying the TSF guards. The plains led to a series of canyons and dry land. The dry land was the barrier between the industrialized city and the enriched Restoration Zone. There was no resistance met here.

    In the skies two gunships had crossed over the sea to make a head on attack on Thani. A few TSF men and the HK-50 series assassin droids occupied the gunships. Their attack would provide a distraction as the TSF entered into the city. From that point Qui-Gon would be dropped off at an abandoned building that had a secret entrance to the governors residence. Darren had used this route to flee the attack as had other TSF guards. Qui-Gon was expecting it to be watched but it was the best way to get into the residence.

    As Qui-Gon went into the residence the remaining TSF along with Kurru would take the main hangar where the enemy cruiser and Republic supply transport were located. The longer that the attack from the gunships lasted the better it was for them.

    On the horrizon the city was in view. Spired buildings and technology stood out like a sore thumb from this barren area of land. They would be arriving to Thani soon.

    The sea waves flowed and the capitol of Telos was in view. From the gunship HK-50 watched the scene. In its hands was a missile projectile. It loaded the projectile into a launcher and waited. It was here to do one thing and one thing only: destroy and kill.

    Two TSF guards piloted the gunship and announced that they had reached Thani. HK-50 looked to seven of its other identical companions. Their yellow slits of eyes against a body of gray armor looked back at it.

    No expression. No emotion. No anxiety. No remorse. No failure.

    Alarms went off in the gunship as a squadron of starfighters had been mobilized against them. HK-50 looked at the approaching squadron. One starfighter was in the lead and was coming to their side. HK-50 raised the missile launcher and when the starfighter was in range it fired. The rocket swirled away from the gunship leaving a trail of smoke. As the starfighter started to open fire the rocket slammed into it and exploded. The starfighter crashed to the city below. One down. HK-50 loaded another rocket.

    The next starfighter came and that starfighter went. Destroyed by another missile. If HK-50 had emotions it would have been delighted to have made another kill. Another HK-50 unit had placed a rapid fire blaster canon nearby and was firing away at the squadron. One of the TSF guards let out a curse because laser turrets that were placed in the city were now firing at them. HK-50 located one of the firing turrets and shot a rocket. As with the first starfighter this first turret was destroyed. In various places where its carnage had been unleashed HK-50 saw smoke. A calling card to its destructive capabilities.

    No expression. No emotion. No anxiety. No remorse. No failure.

    The speeders entered the city as smoke could be seen in various places into the distance. The attack had begun. Darren turned to Qui-Gon who had been sitting behind him.

    "The passage will lead into the governors abandoned cellar. From there it's all up to you", said Darren.

    "The Force is with us", said Qui-Gon.

    "I hope so", said Darren.

    The speeder stopped at the building. It was rundown and ready to fall apart. Qui-Gon leapt out of the speeder and made his way to it. Behind him the speeders resumed their course.

    Inside he found broken furniture and possessions. Datapads that were offline were thrown about and pieces of debri crunched under his boots. He entered into a room that Darren had described and found the passage. Qui-Gon used the Force to see if he could sense anyone nearby and found nothing. He entered the passage.

    The passage was dimly lit and a small stream of water flowed underne
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    Chapter 9

    Qui-Gon made his way through the underground corridor. Down here the sounds of battle were muffled. Ahead he saw the door to the cellar of the governor's residence. A panel was lit up on the side of it so he pressed the button to activate the door.

    Now he was in the cellar. To his right was the actual wall of the cellar and to his left was a rack filled with various wines. In here he could sense someone. Moving along the rack he peered through a shelf that was at his eye level. The figure was a man bound by the hands, his head hung low. He concentrated in the Force and unlocked the binders with a click.

    "Who is that?", asked the man looking around startled. Qui-Gon came from around the rack and helped him to his feet. A look of relief came across the man's face when he saw Qui-Gon in the traditional robes and tunic of a Jedi. "You're a Jedi."

    "That is correct. I am Qui-Gon Jinn. The Jedi Council sent me here to investigate the disappearance of a Republic Supply Transport that came to Telos. It seems there is more going on here than meets the eye", said Qui-Gon.

    "Far more than the disappearance of a supply transport I must say. I am Crion, the governor of Telos", said Crion.

    "Who is holding Telos hostage?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "It's a mercenary group led by a Juto Stonok. He's an Aqualish. The call themselves Blue Siphon. They intend to use myself and the Republic crew as bargaining chips for now. Next would be the people of Telos. I don't know how they expect to hold this entire planet hostage with so few numbers in their forces but they are. You have to stop them", said Crion.

    "I will. I'm going to secure the residence. The battle that is taking place outside is a diversion while I restore the communications and rescue you and the transport crew. Darren Onasi is going to take the hangar and after that he will rendezvous with me", said Qui-Gon.

    "Then we haven't much time. They brought me down here because the TSF was attacking the city. They expected me to know why the TSF was still around since they were supposed to have been eliminated. They control the gun turret systems in the city and they have a squadron of starfighters", said Crion.

    "Do you know where the crew is being held?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "In the ballroom, I can show you", offered Crion.

    "That won't be necessary. I have a blueprint of this building on my datapad here", said Qui-Gon.

    Just then the sound of footsteps on stairs could be heard. Qui-Gon looked to Crion who had picked up the binders. Qui-Gon locked them back onto Crion and went back to the wine rack. A human and an Aqaulish were the source of the footsteps.

    "Crion, get up. Juto wants to talk to you", said the human. Crion got up and stood.

    Qui-Gon came around the rack iginiting his lightsaber. The mercenaries were both startled raising their weapons and firing them. The laser bolts were deflected back at them with Qui-Gon's green blade. Precision on Qui-Gon's part caused the two mercs to drop dead to the floor. Qui-Gon released Crion from the binders and they both moved the bodies into the shadows. Crion then grabbed both blasters.

    "I think the crew will be fine for now. Let's go restore the communications back to Telos", said Qui-Gon and the two left the wine cellar.

    Darren Onasi and the rest of the TSF raced through the city. The mercenary group had anticipated a ground attack and had dispatched swoop riders that consisted of humans and Duros. It was a skirmish in the sky and here on the ground it was a drive-by battle.

    As the speeders headed for the hangar taking turns through the streets the swoops had gained and were firing at them. The laser canon turrets in the speeders were holding out well. In all there had to be a dozen and a half swoops. These swoops had gun emplacements and were firing away. Most shots missed but some had scratched on the speeders leaving scorch marks. It was dangerous since they were all exposed but the swoop riders were just as exposed. The gunner on Darren's speeder had just taken out two of them.

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    I like the battle. HK-50 is the best.

    Crion is in it. Where's Xanatos?
  20. GrandAdmiral_Frank Jedi Padawan

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    Xanatos will be in it soon. I can tell you that he won't be in the battle.
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    Chapter 10

    Qui-Gon and Crion were in the communications room. The trip through the halls had not turned up any sentry guards. This was a plus in the mission. Now as they skulked through the communications room they saw two men and a Duros at the comm centers. They were talking fast amongst eachother with the battle commencing close by. Darren Onasi and his team must have made it to the hangar.

    "We should go and help out. What good can we do here? The communications are already disabled, it would be best to help out", said a human.

    "We were told to stay here and that's where we will stay", said the Duros.

    "You don't honestly believe that they wouldn't welcome our help? They've already taken the air squadron and the gun turrets down. The swoop riders must have been taken out too. We need to be down there", reasoned the human.

    "Orders are orders and you know that", said the Duros with finality as he pressed a couple of buttons at the comm center.

    Qui-Gon decided that it was time to change the Duros' mind and sent a nudge of agreement through the Force. The effort had penetrated the mind of the Duros and he then told the human that he had a point afterall and so the three left checking their blasters.

    "That's quite a talent", said Crion.

    "Let's turn on the communications so I can contact the Jedi Council", said Qui-Gon and with that they went to the comm center and activated the communications. Crion opened a channel to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant via holonet. They waited for a minute and then an image of the Jedi Council appeared before Qui-Gon. Mace Windu looked at Qui-Gon with intensity in his eyes.

    "Master Qui-Gon it's been a while since we heard from you and we're most interested in hearing your first report no matter how late it is. Is everything all right?", asked Mace Windu. Qui-Gon knew that Windu was worried even though he was dismissing Qui-Gon as if he were student that had missed a homework assignment.

    "No. The planet has been attacked by a mercenary group called Blue Siphon. They're holding the planet ransom. I was attacked insystem and crash landed. I was able to meet up with surviving members of the Telos Security Force and we have set up an attack to retake the planet. I have rescued governor Crion and I am on my way to rescuing the Republic crew. The communications were disrupted but now they are online again. There isn't much time", reported Qui-Gon.

    "I see. I will speak with the Council and see what we can do to help you. Until then do what you can. If you can manage it report back to us", said Mace Windu.

    "Yes Master", said Qui-Gon and with that the transmission ended.

    "I'm going to send out a planetwide alert to the citizens of Telos. If we can't take the planet back at least they can escape now. I will urge them to flee", said Crion.

    "That would be wise. I'm going to rescue the Republic crew", said Qui-Gon.

    "Good luck. After I've sent the alert I'll meet up with you", said Crion going to another station in the comm center.

    "There is only the Force", said Qui-Gon turning to leave.

    "Then may the Force be with you", said Crion causing Qui-Gon to grin a little.

    Kurru had been on the speeder with Darren all the way and now he was in a chaotic battle for the hangar bay. He fired shots away but had no luck of hitting a target.

    "They're too far away", he said.

    "We know, problem is that these speeders will get taken out as soon as we can make it in", said Starks who was trying to devise a plan to better attack the hangar.

    Just then a starfighter raced through the skies and slowed its progress going into the hangar. Kurru had ducked as it screamed overhead. Darren and the other TSF had actually reduced their attack to see this new variable in the equation.

    The starfighter appeared to be landing but instead opened fire inside the hangar making a show of red flashes. Some of the TSF guards let out yells of excitement.

    "What are we waiting for? Let's go", said Darren and they all hopped into the speeders and sped into the hangar bay.

    The l
  22. Stovros Jedi Youngling

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    Lot's of action.

    Where's HK-50?

    That Juto guy has a lightsaber? Does he have Xanatos?
  23. GrandAdmiral_Frank Jedi Padawan

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    You'll see.

    I am not sure exactly how long the story will be but I plan to do a lot more with Xanatos and Qui-Gon than I did with the events leading up to Qui-Gon discovering Xanatos.

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    Chapter 11

    HK-50 had been forced to retreat from the hangar bay since its fighter was having some technical difficulties. It had then landed nearby and worked vigorously on working with some of the wiring in the fighter. The minimal mechanic skills that had been programmed into HK-50 had served it well. By the looks of the fighter the idiot who worked on it last had guessed where to wire everything. It was a wonder HK-50 or the pilot before it had not been killed as a result of an explosion.

    Now HK-50 was back into battle. It flew over the hangar and to the front of the governors residence. Two speeders were destroyed sending smoke into the air. HK-50 saw the sentry defense and began to calculate.

    Qui-Gon let the Force and the fighting form of Ataru take his body. His attacks were powerful since he called on the Force to deliver extra strength to the attacks. He spun multiple times nearly catching Juto offguard. Each blow nearly knocking the blade out of Juto's hand. The Aqualish had form but nothing that was masterful enough to use against a Jedi Knight.

    Juto was angry that he was being bested and it showed. Juto had been so confident of his abilities that it must have been irritating to see Qui-Gon easily repelling his attacks. Qui-Gon blocked a side strike. Juto growled and lunged forward at Qui-Gon who leapt into the air and landed behind Juto. The Aqualish spun around and attempted to stab Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon brought his blade to the blue blade and spun it around with a flick of the wrist causing the lightsaber to leave the hand of Juto.

    Boom! An explosion occured at the front doors sending the wood of the doors flying in splinters. Then multiple explosions occured followed by the sounds of laser canons. In the next moment the front wall was brought down sending debris and smoke everywhere. The entire reception hall was engulfed in dust and raining wall fragments. As all of this had happened Qui-Gon had dropped to the floor and covered his head. He had not been hit and now he stood up trying to get his bearings. Everyone else had ducked down in the event of the exlosion.

    A shadow appeared in the haze and a mechanical clicking could be heard. The source of the noise was revealed as HK-50 once the yellow eye slits were visible. Qui-Gon looked for Juto who had scrambled over to his lightsaber. On the way to the hilt his foot caught a piece of debris and slipped falling on top of it. HK-50 had been over by the hilt, either to pick it up or just passing by. Juto got on all fours and looked down at the hilt to pick it up. In that moment HK-50 had come over and rammed its fist through Juto's back and out of the torso to clutch the lightsaber. The Aqualish let out a gargled scream and then fell to the floor dead once HK-50 pulled its arm back viciously. HK-50 turned on the lightsaber and met up with Qui-Gon.

    "Question: Shall we work together in eliminating the rest of the enemy forces?", inquired the robot in a pleasant voice.

    "That would be a help", said Qui-Gon noticing that the guards had all gotten to their feet now and were calling out for Juto. The smoke and dust were starting to thin fast each second. He could could see that Crion and Darren and the others were beginning to take the guards by surprise and they took weapons with them. Spinning his blade he moved with HK-50 and they worked as a team to eradicate the rest of the Blue Siphon forces. HK-50 moved with flawless precision in deflecting laserbolts while Qui-Gon encountered enemies upclose. Crion and Darren had blasters and were firing at targets even though they were still bound at the hands. It wasn't long before the reception area was cleared of the mercenary guards.

    With the haze cleared totally and the confrontation over Qui-Gon looked out into the skies of Telos and saw that the sun was high up. He looked to the front of the residence and saw that the starfighter had been crashed into the front steps. The battle of Thani was over, they had won the planet back.

    Qui-Gon went over to Crion who was covered in dust.
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    A shadow appeared in the haze and a mechanical clicking could be heard. The source of the noise was revealed as HK-50 once the yellow eye slits were visible. Qui-Gon looked for Juto who had scrambled over to his lightsaber. On the way to the hilt his foot caught a piece of debris and slipped falling on top of it. HK-50 had been over by the hilt, either to pick it up or just passing by. Juto got on all fours and looked down at the hilt to pick it up. In that moment HK-50 had come over and rammed its fist through Juto's back and out of the torso to clutch the lightsaber. The Aqualish let out a gargled scream and then fell to the floor dead once HK-50 pulled its arm back viciously. HK-50 turned on the lightsaber and met up with Qui-Gon.

    That was sick.

    So now that all is good and ready can we meet Xani?
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