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    Isn't it? I suppose a porn star is a safe test subject for political arrests.
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    So... A stab at the beginnings of an ACW Reloaded (under spoiler because I'm not Trump, when I build a wall, I don't make others pay for it x) )
    This is fiction; any resemblance to actual facts is purely coincidental. It is a speculative exercise and not meant to be taken literally, to illustrate disaster might not be too far away if enough things went wrong; the date of today as a starting point is taken for that very reason.

    If you have strong political convictions one way or another, you might feel offended; which is why I will point out there is no intent of libel against you or your group; nor is there intent to denounce ideas which are not overtly violent and/or racist (those two, however, I certainly denounce...)

    I really, sincerely hope none of this does happen. And I sincerely hope, if the slippery slope began to be taken, everyone would do all they could to stop the descent.

    07/12/2018 - A Hispanic single-father, a citizen of the USA, is detained by ICE with his sickly 3-year-old child on their way to the ER; in his panic, he hasn't taken her papers; despite the executive suspension order.
    07/13/2018 - Citing the child's deteriorating health, ICE proceeds to separate father and child, in accordance with section 3b of President Trump's June 20th executive order.


    07/13/2018 - The child is sent away without paying sufficient attention to the paperwork at a separate detainment center regrouping children.
    07/15/2018 - Lacking news from the father, a concerned co-worker reports the man's disappearance.
    07/15/2018 - A leaked story from a Doctor reveals a 3-year-old child separated from their parents briefly spent time in a detainment center regrouping children before their symptoms necessitated immediate evacuation to a hospital; the child died hours after their admission.
    07/16/2018 - CDC orders the quarantining of the child's detainment center after a confirmation of a case of pneumonic plague.
    07/16/2018 - From Helsinki, Trump tweets about the danger "immigrants bringing disease into this country" represents and how much worse things would have been had a particular illegal immigrant not been detained, bolstering his side's message.

    (Not exactly a far-fetched fiction.)

    07/17/2018 - Conservative media obfuscate the recent existence of another plague case in Idaho and present this particular case as the first recorded in the USA in thirty years.
    07/18/2018 - A hacktivist manages to get a picture of the plague-infected child taken in hospital out.
    07/19/2018 - Three other cases of pneumonic plague are declared from the quarantined detainment center (two affecting children, one an ICE employee).
    07/20/2018 - The picture of the first plague-infected child makes it to a couple militant-left news sites; immediate action is taken by providers to throttle their bandwidth, and both sites are prosecuted.
    07/21/2018 - The death of the ICE employee contaminated by pneumonic plague is reported; Trump tweets again.
    07/22/2018 - Cross-referencing with the man reported disappeared near his ICE detainment center and the detained Hispanic citizen's desperate claims allow for his identification; the man is processed out of ICE, but ICE declare they are incapable of locating his child right away.

    08/02/2018 - The family of the ICE employee who died from the plague is interviewed, fueling the start of a violent blame campaign against immigrants; their pictures will stay on-loop in media for weeks.

    11/06/2018 - The Republicans win the House and retain the Senate in the midterms after a violent and highly controversial campaign.

    01/18/2019 - In the middle of a celebration of Lee-Jackson day, the wife of the plague-dead ICE employee and four other celebrants are shot by the father of the plague-dead child; said father is shot dead as well; the shooter's identity and motives are yet unidentified to the public.

    (Yes, that day and those celebrations are real things; I don't think pointing out such shootings can be a thing, even if there's a stretch here about securization of the celebration failing...)

    01/19/2019 - In the fallout of the incident, Trump makes a bold accusation about the shooter being an illegal immigrant and praises the police who shot them from stopping the death toll being worse.
    01/21/2019 - The mediatic bomb explodes as links between all the evidence and stories of the preceding summer are made, and the identity of the shooter is revealed to be the plague-dead child's father - and that they are a US citizen who turn out to have been detained and separated from their child by ICE and broke down mentally in the aftermath of finding out his own dead child had been a pretext used in political campaigning. The man and his child immediately become symbols to denounce Trump and Trumpism.
    01/22/2019 - In secrecy, FSB and the nebulous Russian hack sphere engage in action, seeking to inflame the situation via social media.
    01/26/2019 - A massive demonstration in DC takes place; violent elements overtake it and get into a showdown with police; four of them are killed, and another sixty injured, with five police members injured.
    01/26/2019 - Trump tweets about Antifas and calls for immediate action to be taken to outlaw them.

    (Still not far-fetched.)

    02/02/2019 - Another very tense, strictly cadred demonstration in DC takes place without incident; replica demonstrations occur across the States, several of them resulting in violent incidents, mostly from violent counter-demonstrators.
    02/09/2019 - Renewed demonstrations result in even more violent incidents and one instance of a shoot-out with automatic weapons by KKK-leaning assailants, killing 89 and injuring hundreds in New Orleans.
    02/09/2019 - Trump refuses to call for similar action as he did two weeks earlier; he faces international reprobation.
    02/10/2019 - First incident of retaliatory shooting by a minority member results in three dead; such incidents continue occurring sporadically over the following weeks, with retaliatory shootings and mounting racist "law enforcement" brutality.
    02/22/2019 - First instance of formation of a vigilante far-right militia to "protect against non-Americans mass murderers"; DHS do not respond.
    02/24/2019 - An anonymous Antifa message warns that they, too, will arm and organize to fight for their freedoms; DHS launch an investigation.
    02/27/2019 - First formal declaration of affiliation of a militia as Republican.
    02/28/2019 - Condemnation of the formation of the Republican militia by the Democrats.

    01/03/2019 - The Democrat condemnation backfires as Sanders accuses the declarants of being unwilling to defend.
    03/07/2019 - A family of Puerto-Ricans get ambushed and beaten within an inch of their lives by a vigilante militia group.
    03/08/2019 - Trump reluctantly condemns the aggression of the Puerto-Rican family, then proceeds with a far more vocal denunciation of the shooting of two white people in VA by a black shooter.

    (Again, this is speculative fiction, with no defamatory intents.)

    03/10/2019 - First instance of formation of a vigilante black militia.
    03/22/2019 - The death toll of the recurring shootings hits 500.

    04/09/2019 - The death toll of the recurring shootings hits 1,000; over 5,000 vigilante militias have formed across the country, with both State enforcement forces and DHS incapable of asserting any serious control.
    04/10/2019 - Trump orders preparation being made by the armed forces to retake control if necessary, putting emphasis on non-Republican-militia-held areas.
    04/11/2019 - James Mattis resigns, citing refusal to oversee a US military crackdown against its own citizens.

    (Again again, this is speculative fiction, with no defamatory intents.)

    04/12/2019 - Massive rally by Republican-aligned militias at Fort Sumter; a large number of Confederate flags are spotted along with the Star-Spangled banner.
    04/12/2019 - Parodic demonstrations of secession held in response in NYC and Puerto Rico.
    04/13/2019 - A poll reveals a solid proportion of US Army soldiers would also refuse to intervene in crackdowns against their own population; NG formations would be somewhat more reliable.
    04/14/2019 - Lynching of a black family by a militia returning from the Fort Sumter demonstration.
    04/16/2019 - Massacre at the Republican party HQ in Baton Rouge.
    04/17/2019 - Pogroms begin against black people in several states; US government fails to respond.
    04/19/2019 - First pitched battle between vigilante militias.
    04/20/2019 - Massacre at the Democrat party HQ in Seattle.
    04/21/2019 - Second pitched battle between vigilante militias involves over a thousand combatants, with very high casualties on the losing side.
    04/23/2019 - Xi Jinping makes a diffident statement about the problem of maintaining peace in a country with 70 million armed citizens.

    (Yes, I know, this one comes from a non-serious thread, but politicians can be cruelly sarcastic too).

    04/24/2019 - A NG unit intervenes to break down a third pitched battle in TN.
    04/25/2019 - Putin makes the first open mention of a Second American Civil War.

    I won't go further. Modern civil wars have offered enough gruesome examples of what can happen when the ball is rolling.

    All of this is fiction, of course, but I've tried to keep it to as few stretches as possible, and to incidents which could materially occur, with some serious misfortune, the existence of self-serving people ready to exploit tensions and fears to further their own interests. Fearful and angry people feeling provoked enough can and will eventually gather and take arms if it is let happen.
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    I'm in the south and many democrats down here have guns so this will be far worse then most think it will be.
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    Hey wait a sec
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    So that’s what Appleseed porn reads like.
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    Possibly x) Not the point of the exercise, though...
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    don't kink shame :p
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    Blenheim Palace looking grand , feel sorry for those Guardsmen tho , they must be boiling .
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    This Strzok hearing is a real ****show. I don’t remember seeing a hearing like this in the United States outside of McCarthy tapes I watched in history class/documentaries. These republicans are insanely belligerent. A Democrat just equated it with a Russian show trial, exactly mimicking what was going through my mind.
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    Dec 22, 2015
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    some lady is a racist ****, national news for some reason.
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    An editorial choice is a multi-edged sword. You can talk about one such incident among (in all likelihood) the hundreds that occur every day, or you can not talk about any. If you decide not to talk, you open the door to leaving an impression nothing happens which "reassures" the people you inform, or even outright find yourself under scrutiny for being a silent accomplice. If you do talk, you open the door to the possible accusations of deliberate exploitation of the incident and of misrepresentation, not to mention alarmism and sheer greed and, of course, accusation of bias. Either way, you're distorting the complete picture, by either not looking at it at all, or by zooming in on a single instance among many which happened and many more which aren't happening. And you'll never be able to sell the complete picture, because you're never going to have the material means to catch up with events and still make a profit.

    So yes, this made national news for some reason - go figure. Hundreds of other incidents didn't, nor did the hundred million plus who never would start one of them.
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    The Strzok hearing was always going to be a farce but the Republicans aren't even bothering to pretend to be polite anymore. Apparently not showing sufficient fealty to king Trump is enough to be threatened with contempt of Congress. Strzok has logic and facts and reality on his side (probably) but well, Republicans and their base reject reality anyway, so he'll probably be stuck in hearings again soon. I wouldn't be surprised if they dragged Hillary back for yet another Benghazi hearing, anything to distract from the Russia thing. They show more respect to Russia (like their "fun" 4th of July trip) than to actual Americans.

    I'm still a bit surprised Trump hasn't already withdrawn from NATO or even skipped it, but guess he can't resist such a high-profile platform so he can insult more people at once. If it weren't so outrageous (or dire), it would almost be funny for him to accuse Germany of being a Russian puppet. Well, we can compare how he acts next week at Helsinki to Germany's behavior, Trump will show everyone what a real Russian puppet looks like. Well, a wannabe one at the very least (as finding proof is probably nigh-impossible), with how much he adores Putin.
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    i get what you're saying, but these sorts of videos and stories are already constantly posted on people's facebook and twitter feeds and by countless clickbait sites, local news sites, etc. if people are unaware that these types of incidents are happening they can only be willfully hiding their heads in the sand. for cnn to post something like this it makes them seem desperate for clicks or to keep up with social media. i'm not surprised or particularly bothered, but for a news network struggling to be seen as a reputable source, amid unnumbered "fake news" accusations from the president of the united states, maybe appearing to be something akin to tmz isn't the best look.
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    No, he would have been a naughty boy. ;)

    He's never pulled out of anything in his life.

    It's getting bad here. Omaha has this thing called the little library.


    They're located in various neighborhoods and contain books and magazines that people can barrow and then return when they're done and even add to, if they wish. A few months ago, someone painted anti Semitic phrases on the sides of one or two. Now, someone is putting Neo Nazi books inside.
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    I don't mind the oversaturation of such news stories. Black people and other minorities have been getting the police called on them for years for simply existing in a public space, but it was never seemed worthy of wide attention and most white people could simply ignore such a reality, if they were even aware of it.

    But now it's being shoved front and center, hard to ignore unless one really wants to. And as the stories keep making the news maybe it'll spur calls for a wider conversation on how white people interact with minorities in public, maybe it'll even deter people from calling 911 in the future over feeling uncomfortable.
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    fair point pg. i think people tend to view these things through their own lenses and usually use them to reinforce their own biases, but hopefully i'm wrong.
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    Has Trump's "spiritual advisor" read even a chapter of the Gospels? Jesus' entire ministry was basically breaking the law. He breaks a Jewish law about every thirty verses and he was executed as a criminal by the Roman government. One of the big points of his message is that true morality lies outside the strictures of "laws," which are often overly harsh and purposely crafted to enslave society, not to free it.

    It's almost like large portions of Jesus' teachings are still relevant or something. Maybe one day there'll be a religion, some sort of "Christianity" or something, dedicated to living by the best teachings of Jesus. Things would probably be a lot better right now if something like that existed.
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    This won’t matter to the GOP, but it should.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Republican leaders are so convinced they’ve gerrymandered and suppressed their opposition to the point of total ineffectiveness that they think they can do whatever they want, consequence be damned.

    Not to go all appleseed, but they’re probably right.
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    Hannity is tweeting a picture of himself with Bannon over in London. Assuming they intend to return..

    now would be the time to get on that border security thing
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    Heard today on NPR that Hannity is telling Trump to wait until Mueller submits his final report, then fire him and Rosenstein. Apparently, Hannity thinks by waiting, Trump can avoid the appearance of obstruction (or something like that). And they talk nightly, too. Right before Trump goes beddie-bye.
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