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Beyond - Legends The Value of Sacrifice- part II -AU- Solos/Fels, Kyp, Zekk, OCs...Thrawn-clone?! - complete 2/12

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by LexiLupin, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    A/N: Lexi, like a masochist, is posting at 6 in the morning. Because she had to drive Mr. Lexi to work at 4:30. Grrr... So if I mess up anything in this post, it's because of the 2.5 hours of sleep I've had thus far. That is all.

    LoriLynn - I feel like we've been climbing a hill with all of this planning and now we're getting to the top. And the top just happens to be filled with assassination attempts and horribly unbalanced space battles.
    Basically! :D Remember that part in Reciprocity where the plot just... exploded? Yeah, basically. ;)
    And we're looking at somewhere in the vicinity of 17-20 more chapters, not quite 27. But close. Ha.

    Oh and also--and I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it took me this long to pick up on it--I love that you chose Red and Gold Squadrons for this merry band of do-gooders. It's a nice throw back. I remember thinking when I first read the designations 'That sounds really familliar.'
    Honestly, I wasn't going for any great nostalgic touch, I just needed names that wouldn't be obviously associated with the Fleet. And funny story- in the initial planning stages, Gavin was going to have Gennevi reinstate a rogue Rogue Squadron (a la The Bacta War) but then I realized that there probably is still an active Rogue squadron in the Fleet so I scrapped that. And just went logically from Rogue to Red, and threw Gold in there for consistency.

    Chilla - An assassination attempt and the Jedi just screwed their mission up? Oh, the Bothans will be even more pissed at the Jedi than they usually are.
    Well, the bothans don't necessarily know that the Jedi attacked them first. That was all very covert. Regardless, they're all about to have far greater problems... ;)

    I did notice the possibility for Thrawn/Leyla here. Too bad it's not going to happen. And your minds are no more twisted than mine.
    Yeah, I wanted them to have a horribly awkward relationship because of the odd middle-ground she must surely find herself in, with Solos on one side of the family and Fels on the other. And that awkward relationship might cross certain lines of propriety periodically, but never in a romantic way and certainly never in a sexual way.
    Don't get me wrong- I think it would be deliciously fun to write. But it would just cross a line of believability (to either character) that couldn't be justified with the 'well, clones aren't exactly the same' argument. It's not his character; even his odd relationship with Maris in Outbound Flight is never more than subtle hints and speculation. And I firmly believe that his character will always be more concerned with the galaxy than his own personal life.

    Did you read the Thrawn/Viqi crackship vignette that's here somewhere at the boards? That was good and actually worked out.
    Ha! No, I'll have to dig that up; do you know when it was posted? I've only been on here for about 10 months, so if it was before that I definitely missed it. Sounds epic though. :D

    Chapter 14


    ?That is not what we are here for.? Fyaru?s tone carried a hint of warning, his red eyes flashing. ?Our task is to ensure that Master Ghent gets in and out safely with any and all available useful data regarding our quarry. Thwarting plots against puppet politicians does not fall under the parameters of that assignment.?

    All eyes were on him. ?Keep working,? Leyla snapped at Ghent, and he hastily turned back to his datapad that was connected to the comm console. ?Essada might be a puppet, but she?s an unwitting one, and we?re probably the only ones in a position to do anything about this.?

    ?This is more important and is the priority. You will have to have faith in the Chief of State?s guards, I?m afraid.?

    Two voices seemed to be battling one another in Leyla?s mind, but it was backwards somehow. On one side, there was Vulcor and his reprimand to her on Eriadu. You had a mission- a fairly simple one, at that. Rather than report back wh
  2. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    First, some showing off- [hl=darkred]Iverna [/hl]makes some awesome covers:



    Chapter 15


    The Masters of the Council- the same assortment who had gathered an hour earlier to discuss the upcoming and ultimately disastrous session of the Senate, minus Jacen- considered the silent and sullen chiss who sat in the center of the room, under the influence of an ysalamir frame, hands bound in stun cuffs. Neither had yet to say a word, and Luke only hoped that Jacen?s hunt for their accomplice would yield some results, lest the GAG or the Coruscant Security Force- already out for blood after the vicious attack against the Chief of State- reclaim jurisdiction over the prisoners and resort to more? uncivilized interrogation techniques.

    But for all the uselessness of the Force when dealing with the two, the influence of ysalamiri did little to weaken their resolve. It was disappointing, but unsurprising, considering the stoic nature of the species in general. He sighed sadly. ?Whoever you?re trying to protect, it?s too late,? he spoke in what he hoped was a soft and reassuring voice. For that matter, he still wasn?t wholly convinced that the two spoke Basic. ?The Alliance is already on the brink of conflict with your people, and your silence will do nothing to forestall open war.?

    They exchanged a glance. Subtle, but with traces of confusion. The only problem was, he couldn?t be sure if it was due to his words or to their lack of understanding of what he said at all.

    Mara shook her head and murmured quietly by his side. ?We don?t know that they have anything to do with the Ascendancy leadership. They could be part of a renegade faction like the one that targeted Jag and Soontir.?

    ?What gripe could a renegade faction have with Polla Essada?? Kyle Katarn spoke by her other side. ?The Alliance hasn?t had formal relations with the Ascendancy for nine years now. And the timing, with the Chiss force showing up to bolster Reige?s fleet against Niathal? unless you?re suggesting that those ships were not officially sanctioned by the Ascendancy??

    Glancing unsurely at her husband, Mara bit her lip. ?I?m not convinced that they shot Essada in the first place.?

    Katarn looked at her incredulously. ?They were fleeing the scene. They were running from Jacen and Kenth.?

    ?They missed. Essada isn?t dead.? Both men looked at her blankly. ?They?re Force-users- strange enough in and of itself. They?re chiss. You think Force-using chiss are likely to be incompetent assassins and snipers??

    ?Maybe this was about making a point.?

    ?I don?t think so.?

    The room turned almost in unison at the sound of Kenth Hamner?s grim voice. Luke looked at him expectantly. ?Well? Did Jacen find the third one??

    ?You might say that.?

    Hamner stood aside and waited while slower footsteps approached. Luke first registered Jacen- face torn between anger, chagrin, and concern- holding on to the upper arm of his captive with one hand while the other hand pressed a bandage against a dark-haired head. Hand, head, and bandage were bloodied. A trail of blood ran down a pale forehead and across her cheek. She looked shaken and mildly dazed.

    It was nothing to the paralyzing shock that Luke felt, that he vaguely registered coming from Mara as well as most of the other Masters in the room. Only Cilghal retained her wits and, ever the medical professional, was on her feet in a flash, pulling the injured girl into a chair and carefully probing at her wound.

    Jacen relinquished Leyla into Cilghal?s care and then turned immediately and departed the room. With a look at Mara and a fast glance at the two chiss- who were watching the scene with cool indifference- Luke rose and followed his nephew while Mara shook off her own shock and went to Cilghal and Leyla.

    He didn?t have to go far; Jacen was in the refresher, washing the blood from his hands. He didn?t turn at the sound of the door opening, and continued his s
  3. LoriLynn

    LoriLynn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 13, 2011
    Loved that scene between Leyla, Jacen, Luke and Mara. There's nothing like a little family interrogation to remind you why you avoid your family (mine generally comes around major holidays) :rolleyes: Also glad to see that Jacen was a feeling at least a little bad about concussing Leyla, though really in his defense there was nothing he could have done. And poor Leyla just happened to be on the receiving end of that. It was an honest mistake (did love Jaina's reaction though!)

    I'm also wondering how Vulcor is holding up. I'm sure knowing that Leyla is Jedi custody is helping him to not freak out, but deep down, I'm sure he's worried.

    I love that we're on the verge of another galactic civil war and I'm still worrying about if/when Leyla and Vulcor will get their act together. [face_love]

    But that's why you love me! [:D]
  4. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    Chapter 16

    The Hand

    When the transmission link went dead, it was quiet around the table for a long minute. Vulcor?s report had been equal parts reassuring and worrisome, and Cem shook his head slowly back and forth. ?The Supreme Fleet will be dropping out of hyperspace around Coruscant within a few hours.? Thrawn looked at him expectantly. ?This plan never involved anyone being any the wiser about the chiss presence on Coruscant. If Ryoqim gets suspicious??

    ?Then what, Captain?? Thrawn eyed him curiously. ?So he knows that Fyaru and Taseek did not attempt to kill Chief Essada. At worst, he thinks that factions within the Ascendancy are on to him- not an unreasonable assumption, since he must know that Alpha Red originated among the Chiss. At best, he thinks it is a coincidence- that there is a greater scheme afoot to supplant Galactic Alliance authority and destabilize it while the Empire reasserts its authority in the galaxy, the Chiss at its side.?

    Zekk frowned heavily. ?I fail to see how either of those scenarios is not potentially catastrophic.?

    The chiss smiled dangerously. ?Torolis was attributed to an accident, Master Zekk. A devastating plague. The next use of the pathogen will have to be a decisive one, one meant to bring the galaxy to heel in its fear when the senator finally reveals himself for what he truly is.?

    ?And he won?t do that??

    ?Certainly not. He has precisely what he wanted- chaos. And all the better for him if the Ascendancy bears the blame for an assassination attempt they had nothing to do with- it distracts them, in the unlikely event that they are onto him, in his mind. No, he has chaos- the Alliance pitted against the Ascendancy, the Empire drawn in as well, the bothan confederation and Sorosuub at his bidding to go where they might cause the most damage- at this point, to unleash another vial of the pathogen would have only a negating effect on that success.?

    Tahlia looked at him disdainfully. ?In other words, the galaxy would come together in light of another catastrophe like that which struck the bothans.? Thrawn inclined his head once in agreement. ?So the fact that the Alliance is on the verge of declaring war on your people is, what? Just another sacrifice to success? And Leyla, and Fyaru and Taseek??

    ?The Empire would not have the wherewithal to stand up against Niathal without the Ascendancy by their side; such is the nature of the terms under which the Galactic Alliance was formed. It was pure logic that drew Reige to reforging that alliance, when he recognized the crumbling nature of the GA.? He paused and frowned lightly. ?The matter of those held in Jedi custody, however, deserves some consideration.?

    When he said no more on the subject, Cem nodded to Zekk and Tahlia, who exchanged a look and stood. ?We?ll get teams in place where they?re needed, give them Ghent?s frequency to stand by for further instructions.? They left, and Thrawn and Cem were left alone in the conference room.

    The commander-turned-captain crossed his arms over his chest and considered the chiss who was part mentor, part cohort? and part quiet partner who, Cem had long suspected, had more going on behind the rest of their backs than he could ever dream. ?You seem? unfazed by impending hostilities.?

    ?I confess, the pieces are coming together a little earlier than I would have liked. It is not necessarily catastrophic to our cause.?

    ?Thrawn,? Cem murmured quietly, ?they?ll be slaughtered. Surely you see that.? The chiss was quiet and thoughtful. ?The disarmament that the Empire underwent in the years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion? many of their resources were distributed across the GA Defense Force. The Home Fleet is barely two-thirds the size of the Third, and the time it would take for the Ascendancy to mobilize more support- if they were even willing? and the moffs will fight tooth and nail to keep their sector defense fleets in their respective sectors until it?s too late anyway.?

    In a rare display of open emotion, Thrawn pursed his lips and looke
  5. LoriLynn

    LoriLynn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 13, 2011
    Tahlia looked at him disdainfully. ?In other words, the galaxy would come together in light of another catastrophe like that which struck the bothans.?
    The best way to bring people together is to provide them with a common enemy to work against. But when that enemy is gone, they will usually just go back to hating each other. [Words of wisdom from my high school history teacher]

    ?Forty years ago, the Empire was embroiled in a bitter war, Ysanne Isard was in charge, and I was three years old.?
    Ah, simpler times....:rolleyes:

    ?And that the two suspects were promptly taken into Jedi custody because they appear to be Force-users themselves.?
    ?Lies and propaganda; the chiss have never paid credence to that mystical religion, Admiral Reige,? Lorun informed him stiffly.

    Clearly someone is out of the loop. Though he's not alone as 99.99998% of the galaxy is also out of the loop on this one

    The Solo-Fel girl was another matter altogether. She was connected six ways to Chazwa and back again...
    That reminds me, I still need to write that drabble "Six Degrees of Luke Skywalker..." :D

    Durron himself recovered, seemingly by chance- or the Force- by Han Solo and his late wookiee friend...
    You just had to bring up Chewie didn't you? :_|

    ...the memories of millions who died on Carida argued the point quite effectively, in his opinion.
    Gennevi seems to have forgiven hiim [face_love]

    And just before that- known apprentice, practically negligible duration of time: Jaina Solo.
    Clearly it was enough time to get a few things accomplished [face_whistling]

    Reige?s mind indulged in a brief bout of idle speculation, wondering whether Fel had even known that the girl was not his daughter.
    As if there's anything that Jagged Fel doesn't know! Especially concerning a certain Jedi Goddess.

    I love that whole scene on Bastion. To see a grown man trying to reason with a 1 year old, I've actually witnessed something similar before and it was quite comical. This also provided me a little incite into Navi's personality (even if he is only 7 at the time)

  6. Chilla

    Chilla Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2005
    Just dropping by to tell you that I'm still reading, just with a few days of absence in between.

    Great suspense. You're making me worry about Jag's and Jaina's son and...well...everyone in general.
    So....Thrawn wants to reinstate the Empire with the Chiss allied to them? *sighs* I really wish he'd join the Galactic Alliance. But the latest chaos will most likely just reaffirm his belief that democracy doesn't work. *rolls eyes* No, not even Thrawn is going to make me like the Empire.

    Seems that the times to come will be difficult for everyone in the Solo/Skywalker family. I wonder which side they will choose, if it comes to war. They have connections to all of them now.

    =D= Well done!
  7. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    Lori - The best way to bring people together is to provide them with a common enemy to work against. But when that enemy is gone, they will usually just go back to hating each other. [Words of wisdom from my high school history teacher]
    Maybe your HS history teacher was a Thrawn fan. [face_whistling]

    This also provided me a little incite into Navi's personality (even if he is only 7 at the time)
    Yeah, poor Navi- he just didn't get much love in this story. I mean, I guess it's the same problem in profic- Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin conveniently get shipped off with Chewie to Kashyyyk when they aren't relevant to the story, Navi gets shipped off to Bastion. But hey, he's got to learn how to be a good little Imperial sometime, right? ;)

    Chilla - You're making me worry about Jag's and Jaina's son and...well...everyone in general.
    Lori will probably tell you that I'm good at that. :p I do have an unfortunate tendency of making life difficult for my characters... [face_whistling]

    No, not even Thrawn is going to make me like the Empire.
    I have to say- as much as I like Thrawn, I don't necessarily like the Empire under Thrawn. BUT I am slowly becoming a little Imperial fangirl in the (Profic) age of Jag at the head of the Empire. It's Empire 2.0- tasty uniforms without the slaves. [face_laugh]

    Chapter 17


    The first few hours were boring; well, after the mild panic had lifted.

    In her twenty years, Leyla had been kidnapped twice- both times, some form of sedating drug had been used to subdue her. When she was seven, a simple tranquilizing drug had been injected while she struggled against two men trying to wrest her from her bedroom in the middle of the night, while her mother fended off an attack from a cruel woman with a lightsaber. She only remembered those events with the use of the Force, a sort of heightened technique for recalling old and foggy memories. In a strange twist of irony, she?d learned the technique from Wrynn, the leader of the organization who had kidnapped her.

    The second time, there was no chance whatsoever to remember being taken. A coma gas dispersal mechanism had been placed in her billet aboard the Trucemaker, Admiral Darklighter?s flagship- some skilled comm-intel officer had sliced the entry codes, she found out later- and she?d been knocked thoroughly unconscious for several hours. When she woke, a debilitating concoction of spice, administered in precisely-timed doses had kept her far too weak and confused to even think about escape.

    The relevance to those statistics, as Leyla pondered the only two situations in her life- prior to now- that had left her feeling wholly helpless, was that drugs were used to impair her both times. Ysalamiri had never been involved.

    She knew her great-uncle was well-meaning, in his own way, but this was like some form of torture.

    By all accounts, she had displayed a remarkable aptitude for touching the Force at an extremely early age. According to her parents, by the age of eighteen months, she clearly demonstrated an instinctive understanding of the fact that she had a connection with her mother that her (step)father did not. And she knew well enough that she had a raw power in the Force that had made her great-uncle mildly apprehensive about her training; understandable, given her father?s unfortunate start with Jedi training and subsequent fall.

    Whether that made any difference, she supposed she would never know. She was a Jedi like any other, and any other Jedi was constantly in tune with the Force, even passively. Being suddenly cut off from it- waking up, groggy, overcoming the effects of Cilghal?s sedation, alone in an unfamiliar place- it was sort of like being cuffed, blindfolded, and suffocated all at once. She couldn?t breathe, she couldn?t think, and her efforts at meditating and centering her thoughts resulted in little more than her sitting on the small cot, wrapped in a blanket, legs drawn up to her chest, shaking.
  8. LoriLynn

    LoriLynn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 13, 2011
    A coma gas dispersal mechanism had been placed in her billet aboard the Trucemaker, Admiral Darklighter?s flagship- some skilled comm-intel officer had sliced the entry codes, she found out later- and she?d been knocked thoroughly unconscious for several hours.
    Not to mention that her bunkmate probably had a nasty headache and had to face her parents. I think I feel worse for Deren in this instance. But it did work out for him in the end--at least my ending ;)

    ?Is there anyone you would like to talk to??
    Vulcor. Zekk or Tahlia. Cem. Hell, she?d even take Thrawn at this point.

    Wow, she must be feeling desperate!

    He could probably spring her from the temple with nothing more than a look at the art on the walls.
    [face_laugh] Ahahaha...touche.

    ?Is he even alive??
    Her eyes flashed. ?Of course he is,? she snapped.

    For now, but there are no guarantees when Lexi is meddling with characters' lives.

    Holstering the blaster, Horn turned back to her and gave a curt laugh. ?Force, girl, did you think I was going to shoot you??
    ?You shot him!?
    ?Point. Come on.?
    When did Corran Horn become such a badass? It's kind of sexy...

    He hesitated, then grinned. ?And fourth- Booster now owes me one, and I?ve been waiting some forty years to get the upper hand on him in anything.?
    [face_laugh] Point: Corran.

    ?You tell him that I ran into a clone of the late Grand Admiral Thrawn on the Hydian Way and am helping him prevent a catastrophic galactic crisis.?
    ?Next time,? he advised seriously, ?and I speak to you as one who has dealt with all manner of exotic excuses and explanations- come up with something a tad more believable.?

    Oh Corran...if you only knew. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction ever could be.

    It wasn?t so much that it was early, as that they had been up late.
    I'll bet they were [face_whistling]

    ...she would swear that Gennevi seemed more relaxed, the more distanced Jaina was mentally from her husband. Understandable, even if it hadn?t been an issue between them since the first few days of their acquaintance really.
    We really need to explore the Jaina/Gennevi relationship a little more. Of course your birthday fic does a little of that...[face_whistling]

    ?Outside help; or rather, inside help, it had to have been someone familiar with the temple, and probably someone familiar to the apprentice who was assigned to keep watch on her. He was stunned, we?re waiting for him to wake up, but Mara?s poking around the security logs in the meantime.?
    Ah, so apparently either Leyla or Corran were able to cover their tracks. My bet is on Leyla since...well...Corran is somewhat lacking in that department.
  9. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    A/N: Lexi's d'oh! moment of the day- realizing that there is no chapter 19 in this story. :oops: So Lori, whatever I told you about how many chapters there are... yeah, it's one less. :p

    Lori - When did Corran Horn become such a badass? It's kind of sexy...
    Hey, the man DID escape from Lusankya- he must have SOME game, even when he's not in a cockpit! (or even if he's just getting old which, I guess he probably is by now. :()

    Chapter 18


    It took Luke two minutes to get back to his office, where Mara was still poring over the security data. Another minute after that, as she swore under her breath and bit her lip in frustration, a distraction in the form of a knock at the door came, and he opened it after a quick probe in the Force. Corran Horn slipped in quietly and settled down in a seat next to Luke and opposite Mara, waiting for her to stop gritting her teeth and acknowledge his presence.

    She finally did so in a sort of half-growl. ?Horn. You?re back.?

    ?Mara. You?re up early.?

    ?Did you just arrive?? Luke asked distractedly, mind running through countless scenarios, each as unlikely as the next, as to what had become of their three missing captives.

    Corran settled back, crossed his hands over his stomach, and spoke softly. ?No; I arrived about four hours ago.?

    Mara frowned and looked back to the computer. ?Really? It doesn?t say anything about your X-wing docking in the hangar.?

    ?No,? he acknowledged quietly. ?I had Whistler scramble the data. And then I went and let Leyla out of her ysalamir-cell.?

    The office was deathly silent for close to a minute while the two Skywalkers stared in blank incredulity at the third Jedi Master. Luke?s expression gradually shifted into something like frustrated confusion, but Mara looked as though she were contemplating any number of methods in which to kill him, with especial preference for those which would cause him to die slowly and painfully as possible. ?And I suppose,? Mara ground out, ?that you had a legitimate reason for doing so? Or at the very least, that you somehow planted a tracker on her??

    ?I?m afraid not- to both questions.? Her green eyes flashed, though Corran held up a hand to forestall her verbal lashing. ?You may be interested to know, however, that the person who ultimately requested that I do so was your old friend Talon Karrde.?


    He smiled tightly. ?The message passed through an intermediary; I?m sure you can guess who, but I won?t outright say it and get him in trouble.?

    Luke understood, but Booster Terrik was the least of his worries at the moment. ?What possible connection could Karrde have with Leyla? Have they even met??

    ?Once or twice in passing,? Mara said slowly. ?Not since she was? hm? nine or ten maybe? We got her Ar-Nine unit through Karrde,? she shrugged.

    Corran broke in to the conversation. ?I think you?re missing the larger point here.? Mara cocked a brow. ?Karrde knew she was here. He should never have had access to that information.?

    Luke and Mara exchanged an uneasy glance. ?Sort of like how Leyla knew about Naviin being on Bastion with the Fels,? Luke murmured.

    The one-time CorSec agent shrugged. ?He?s getting information from somewhere. And Leyla didn?t bat an eye when his name came up. Now,? he fell into a deductive and thoughtful outloud reasoning, ?from what we know of Karrde- he deals in information and goods, but he?s not an instigator of trouble or conflict. So we can safely assume that he was acting on someone else?s orders in passing his message along to me. Whoever that someone else is, ten credits says that, whatever Leyla and those two chiss are doing on Coruscant, they?re doing on his or her orders as well. You want to really know what?s going on? Look for that person.

    ?Unfortunately,? he continued, ?setting her and her friends free- I tried to get her to leave them behind, but she wouldn?t go for it- didn?t encourage her to place any level of trust in me, so I can?t tell you anything about what th
  10. Chilla

    Chilla Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2005 do so many updates always pop up when I visit this site? You're reaaaaally fast with writing - but the quality is =P~.
    Great, suspenseful plot going on here. Nice to see Leyla taking the initiative, but I'm worried about what the others are hiding from her.

    And Corran getting her out of prison! =D= I really like him and that was so cool. His motivation... *rolls eyes and laughs* Well, I for one have always enjoyed the battles between Corran and Booster. Mara's reaction was great, too.

    I'm sure that Luke is taking Leyla's words seriously. A lot more seriously. I wonder if Thrawn anticipated this?

    =D= Keep up the great work!
  11. LoriLynn

    LoriLynn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 13, 2011
    Can we talk about Corran Horn for a moment here? Not only is he badass enough to defy the Masters Council (and really the whole Jedi Order) by springing Leyla and her cohorts from their cells, but he THEN has walk into Luke's office and face down not only him but Mara as well and tell them flat out that he did it. And he knows exactly what kind of revenge Mara is not only capable of, but is proficient in performing.

    ...that earns him the very coveted (and very newly devised) "Badass of the Year" Award!! Let's hear it for the man!!=D=

    [Though perhaps I should give out this prestigious award per chapter? Cuz I have a feeling that Leyla will soon be earning it for herself. [face_thinking]
  12. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    Lori - maybe you'll enjoy your birthday fic in whole new ways now, with this new appreciation for Corran I've given you... ;)

    Chilla - Don't worry, I have no mystical powers at writing super quickly- the story is already finished (And by 'already', I mean that I just finished the epilogue about 12 hours ago). Because I'm impatient and don't like taking forever to post something if it's already done, for something of this length I just post quickly- in this case, a chapter every other day.

    A/N: Yeah, remember that part when the part II prologue came up where I said I was about halfway done with the story? Yeah, that ended up being a total lie and, as it turned out, was only about a quarter of the way finished. Which was really strange, given that I knew exactly what was going to happen and all... regardless, wordy though it may be, the last several chapters of this story are my favorite and I think they came out really well. A fine way to end this absurd AU with a bang, if I do say so myself.

    And now onwards to that elusive chapter 19-

    Chapter 19


    After what seemed like hours of wheeling and dealing with wily politicians, reiterating the same arguments at least a half dozen times, Luke and Leia finally quit the Senate office building and strolled out into the chilly night air of the main plaza that separated it from the Jedi temple. Both twins were frustrated beyond measure after being told half the time that the assorted senators and advisers with whom they spoke could do little, without the input from provisional Chief Niathal, who was already en route with her fleet towards Imperial space. The other half of the time, those same senators and advisers politely but firmly explained why their reasoning made little difference.

    So the weapon used to gun down Polla Essada had been remotely triggered; the two chiss were the only ones with access to the location from which it had been shot. That area should have been off-limits to everybody except building security and maintenance.

    So the Jedi believed in the innocence of the two chiss who had been taken into custody; then why had they run from Masters Solo and Hamner? In any case, what did it matter now, since surely their flight from the temple proved they were up to some form of no good, after all.

    So the Ascendancy did not have any formal type of Jedi training program; even if the chiss Jedi had been trained elsewhere, they had acted in perfect concert with Reige?s mutiny and the unexpected support- and unspoken threat- from the Chiss force. And that pointed to one thing- conspiracy.

    So once they attacked Chiss forces, they would be hard-pressed to ever end hostilities with the Ascendancy afterwards; couldn?t Master Skywalker and Jedi Organa Solo see that this was as much as the Remnant and Reige?s presumption and mutiny as it was about the Chiss? Besides, they?d worked immediately, under Niathal?s keen foresight, to secure the major communications hubs and block off communication to the Ascendancy as much as possible. Coordination would be a nightmare for sending reinforcements, and once Niathal carried out the retaliatory strike against the Chiss and forced the Remnant back into submission- at the very least, once Reige surrended the bulk of the Third Fleet he had absconded with- the GA forces would retreat back to Alliance space. And the Ascendancy?s principles would not allow them to follow, once the immediate threat to their ally?s territory was ended. They would attack anyone who entered Ascendancy space uninvited, would defend their Imperial allies? but they would not carry the war to the Alliance.

    Something told Luke that those principles might just be strained enough by the events to follow for the Ruling Families to change their minds about centuries? worth of military policy.

    When they were nearly two-thirds the way across the plaza, Luke suddenly took Leia?s arm at the elbow and gently turned her about sixty degrees to the right
  13. LoriLynn

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    ...maybe you'll enjoy your birthday fic in whole new ways now, with this new appreciation for Corran I've given you...
    I wasn't aware that I could enjoy that fic more =P~

    ?I wonder who taught you,? he commented idly.
    ?Your companion has her suspicions.?
    ?But you won?t go so far as to confirm or deny those suspicions,?

    Did he really expect her to? You're slipping Master Skywalker [face_shame_on_you]

    ?Can I at least ask- if you won?t tell me your immediate goals- who is it you?re working for? We?re on the brink of a war here- on behalf of which side do you act??
    She blinked up at him, red eyes bright but solemn. ?For the very galaxy itself, Master Skywalker.?

    Acting on behalf of the galaxy itself? Well that's lofty! Leave it to the Chiss to have delusions of grandeur! ;)

    ?You know how kids are.?
    He barked a laugh. ?Yes, actually, I do, having adopted two children and fathered another three. Do you know how kids are??

    Not yet, but she will soon!!! [face_praying]

    ?I think Kyp is routinely amazed to have such a level-headed young woman for a daughter.? It was true enough, at least before events in recent days.
    It just took Leyla a little longer to embrace her heritage of spontaneous, head strong relatives. But now that she out Kyp.
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    A/N: So I'm visiting family for the next week. Shouldn't affect my updating schedule but if it does, apologies in advance.

    Chapter 20

    Admiral Ackbar - Imperial Space

    ?Admiral, gravity well!? She?d only made it three steps onto the bridge and was being flooded by updates, requests for orders, and alarm sirens blaring. ?We?ve been pulled out early.?

    ?The Second?? she demanded. ?Is Admiral Klauskin still with us??

    The same bridge officer responded sharply. ?Yes ma?am, ninety-seven degrees port.?

    ?Someone get me a chart and tell me where we are; sensor station, what have we got??

    ?Single fleet, irregular formation. Unrecognized transponder designations. Interdictor at twelve degrees, two hundred klicks.?

    Someone else jumped into the conversation. ?They?re Chiss, they?ve got the irregular design.?

    Niathal frowned; something didn?t add up. It made sense for Reige to want to keep the fighting away from Bastion, since capturing the capital would be the surest way for the Galactic Alliance to force the Remnant to bow to their demands. But why send the Ascendancy?s forces to pin them down first, rather than coming themselves. Unless the chiss had some strange sense of honor about who declared war on who? in any case, it mattered little, it was far too small a force to have a standing chance against both the Supreme Fleet and the bulk of the Second that were the first to advance on Imperial space; the First wouldn?t be far behind, and the Fourth another handful of hours after that.

    Or perhaps?

    ?Admiral, more ships incoming- vector suggests Bastion as point of origin.?

    There were the Imperials. The Imperials with her Third Fleet.

    ?Get me a line to the Ocean as quickly as possible.?

    The communications crew went to work, and the Mon Cal admiral clenched a fist with her rubbery hand. This was not Reige?s fight, he could surrender his mutinied forces and stand down- and be dealt with later in a military tribunal, Imperial and diplomatic standing be damned. But as long as he insisted on standing beside these interfering, scheming aliens from the Unknown Regions?

    She had no choice but to consider him an enemy and a threat.


    The Hand

    There was a discernible period where the Supreme and Second Fleets clearly fought to recover their bearings after the unexpected way in which they were yanked from hyperspace. Cem glanced wryly over at Thrawn. ?Two fleets against us, Reige, Nhylatich, and Aristocra Tsel?oru?nuruodo- that seems pretty winnable. Well,? he reconsidered, ?until the First and Fourth show up that is. What do we know of their statuses??

    ?We can expect Admiral Ratobo with the First in a matter of two, perhaps three hours. The Fourth, at last check, was being recalled from the Vivenda Sector- seven, eight hours at least.? He paused and tilted his head pensively as he started out over the distant assembled fleets who were, even now, plotting the best way to destroy them. ?What will Darklighter do though?? Thrawn murmured to himself. ?He could well be the tipping point of this engagement.?

    ?Especially if the allegiances of my brother and sister-in-law, and their squadrons, are tied to his own.?

    The chiss glanced over at Cem. ?You are in a difficult position right now, Captain Fel. The possibility of pitting your forces against your own family??

    ?It is not the first time a Fel has faced that unpleasant reality,? Cem countered evenly. ?When the very galaxy as we know it is endangered, however? we do what we must.? He turned to stare out the viewport at the amassing GA fleets. ?The question is,? he murmured, ?do we do it in vain??

    ?Faith, Master Fel; trust in others to do their parts.?

    Hazel eyes flickered over to meet red ones. ?A great deal still stands on chance. We haven?t heard from Leyla in over thirty hours now.?

    ?She will come through.?

    An ensign at the sensor station stood and called, ?Sir! Ships emerging from hyperspace on a point two-six entry vector.?

    ?That?ll be Reige,? Cem said softly. ?Nhylatich and the Ascendancy advance f
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    Chapter 21

    Near Bandomeer

    As the Fourth Fleet reentered hyperspace, still an hour outside the engagement zone, Gavin Darklighter retreated to his office where the same crowd as before- with the additions of Jagged Fel and Kyp Durron- awaited him. It was an oddly comprised group, and all the more strange for the fact that all of the people assembled shared some form of personal connection; or rather, they all had a single person in common, a single person who was still conspicuously absent from the goings-on? and no one had offered more than a vague response when inquired as to Leyla?s whereabouts.

    When he walked into the office, Wedge and Gennevi were sitting in chairs side-by-side, murmuring quickly and quietly, probably about some sort of tactical matter. Jag and Kyp were leaning against the far wall, also softly engaged in conversation; Darklighter thought that theirs was probably the most unlikely of friendships he?d even encountered. And Jaina, silent and brooding, was perched on the edge of his desk, though she quickly slid off of it when he entered.

    ?At ease,? he assured them all drily when the other four continued their conversations unhaltingly. Gennevi glanced over at him and smirked, and Wedge just looked skeptical.

    ?Gavin,? the former general said, ?you may be an admiral and I may just be a retired fighter-jockey with two grown kids and too much free time on my hands? but let me assure you, it?ll be some time before you can issue orders to me.?

    ?Yes, General,? he drawled, and then turned immediately serious. ?We can expect action in just under two hours. It seems that a Chiss interdictor has been utilized to keep the Alliance forces pinned in a fairly isolated sector.?

    He saw the faint look of relief pass over Jaina?s face and cocked a questioning brow. She glanced once at Jag and then shrugged helplessly. ?Naviin is on Bastion with Soontir, Syal, and Wyn,? she explained. ?When all hell broke loose? there didn?t seem to be many good alternatives to the current situation, so we told them to stay put. The last thing we want to do? especially with the Ascendancy involved? is to draw attention to how many Fels are on Bastion right now.?

    The admiral frowned lightly. ?But you don?t believe the Ascendancy truly staged an attack against Essada?? Even after they?d spent nearly a day aboard the Trucemaker, he still struggled to understand their take on the events which had transpired on Coruscant in recent days. Word passed through the Fleet was very straightforward: acting as one, a Chiss force had forced Niathal out of Bothan Space at the same time that two chiss assassins made an attempt on Polla Essada?s life in the Senate hall.

    The first story was verified but cast in a different light by Wedge, who emphasized that the Chiss had not in any way threatened Niathal?s fleet, simply acted as a secondary force to ensure that she not finish the job Reige refused to do- the slaughter of defenseless bothans. The second story? everyone seemed less sure about that one. But the Jedi on Coruscant had clearly stated their belief that the two chiss who had been in the Senate building at the time of the shooting had not pulled the trigger- though they had no reasonable explanation for what they were doing there in the first place, and someone had sprung them from the temple before they might explain.

    Jag met his stare evenly. ?Having become intimately acquainted with the Ascendancy?s way of doing things, Admiral, I can say with confidence that no legitimate power in the government would have or could have commissioned someone to make an attempt on the leader of a foreign government. My concern for my son, such as it is, stems from the simple fact that he is a Fel and history has shown how many in the Ascendancy feel about my family which, unlike Polla Essada, has a direct connection to the Ascendancy and its hierarchy of government.?

    ?Well, whatever part the Ascendancy are playing, they seem to have a greater presence in Imperial space than we suspected. Apparently they and Reige had
  16. LoriLynn

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    If I wasn't already a fan of Leyla, this chapter would have made me one! Talk about bad-ass! And I love that she brought Tay'en in all this. Talk about connecting every single dot out there. Who's next? Deren? [face_whistling]
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    Oh my. It is all going to come down soon. I remembered something about Ryoqim's species. The Ithorians have a philosophy called The Law of Life: in which life should not be destroyed and if it absolutely has to be, two more lives should be supported in its place. Ryoqim violates that Law in so many different ways. The irony is: once his own people realize what he has done, they will probably see him as an abomination and punish him accordingly despite and even because of what happened to Ithor.
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    Lori - And I love that she brought Tay'en in all this. Talk about connecting every single dot out there. Who's next? Deren?

    LOL well... I DID briefly ponder it but... that seemed a little much. :p Though you could assume that Deren is actually one of the pilots in 'Gold' squadron if you wanted... his friends Seb and Enuuri are, I just never actually named them. [face_whistling]
    And yes, Ta'yen... though I was half-expecting, by this point, that most everyone would have forgotten who he was... [face_laugh]

    darth_treyvah - I remembered something about Ryoqim's species. The Ithorians have a philosophy called The Law of Life: in which life should not be destroyed and if it absolutely has to be, two more lives should be supported in its place. Ryoqim violates that Law in so many different ways. The irony is: once his own people realize what he has done, they will probably see him as an abomination and punish him accordingly despite and even because of what happened to Ithor.

    [face_devil] It was that delicious irony that actually made me settle on using an ithorian as the villain. Because for the reader who DOES recognize that... it shows much more about his deranged mindset than any cartoonish mad-scientist moments in the story itself ever would. [face_mischief]
    Creating villains has been the most challenging part of writing for me. And this one especially because I wanted somebody who was NOT in any way involved with the Force- we already had Wrynn and that whole scheme in Against All Odds, and the tie-in with Croyel in Reciprocity. But then once settled on a non-Sith/dark-Jedi bad guy, the question becomes- why is he or she truly a threat TO the Jedi? What power do they hold that makes them a real and not-easily-managed problem?
    And then, of course, the 'motivation' question is hardest of all.

    Chapter 22


    ?He?s left his office.? Taseek?s voice was a low murmur, almost a buzz in her ear. ?Taking a different route through the building now, he?s heading down??

    Leyla drew in another deep breath, heart still racing and adrenaline still pumping after the transmission that, if all had gone according to plan, Ta?yen had broadcast all over the entire assembled fleets, not just to Niathal aboard the Admiral Ackbar. If this didn?t work, if anything went wrong?

    She shook away those pessimistic thoughts and concentrated on what had to come next. Glancing around the cramped cockpit and out the viewport at the mass of Coruscant, huge and glittering despite the few thousand kilometers that separated her from the atmosphere, she waited any further information. Ryoqim?s only choice now, his only chance to accomplish any of what he?d started? he had to travel to wherever he?d been stockpiling the ghastly weapons, to whatever lab or storehouse held them.

    If he showed no signs of departing the planet, their only choice- and it was a distant second-best- would be for Fyaru and Taseek to capture him. That carried no guarantee that they could pry the information from him and, at the moment, the only good thing seemed to be that he hadn?t commed anyone? Ghent would have known? to give them instructions. No, if Leyla had guessed correctly, the location was a closely guarded secret- one he was now, quite possibly, regretting.

    Several minutes passed by, she wasn?t sure how many, before Ghent?s voice broke through the transmission. ?His ID has just been registered in the lower hangar beneath the senate offices.? For what had to be the hundredth time, Leyla wanted to ask him just how he?d managed to finagle his access to various highly secretive channels and databases, expert slicer or no. Now, however, was not the time.

    In any case, he?d just give the same evasive answer about it being Karrde?s business with Thrawn.

    ?He?s requesting clearance for departure,? Ghent added after another few minutes? silence. ?I?m transmitting his assigned vector, standby.?

    StealthX starfighters were impressive feats of technology, in Leyla?s opinion
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    Dun dun dunnn!!! :p

    Okay, now that that's out of the way, my rant can commence.

    I've been going crazy over the last day or so trying to figure out who--in your merry cast of characters--you are going to kill. I know it's got to be somebody that showed up in R & R since you made that ominous comment about that storyline not being able to happen in the VoS continuum. So that narrows it down substantially. I highly doubt that you would kill Leyla off since I know how much you (and me too) love her. But then again, that is something you would do.

    So who is it? Kyp? Gennevi? Jag?!

    You're killin me smalls!!! [face_frustrated]
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    Lori - all I shall say is: [face_devil]

    Chapter 23

    Ottega System ? Fifth Moon of Ithor

    When the weight finally unpinned her, Leyla coughed harshly, trying to clear her throat and lungs from the dust that permeated the air around them, as decades of dust and grime were stirred by the impromptu collapse of the cavern beyond the blast doors- blast doors that, she vaguely noted with confusion, were now closed, and she wondered when Zekk had found the spare concentration to yank them shut with the Force.

    She rolled over onto her back, futilely wiping at her eyes to clear them of dust and dirt, even as she spat to clear her mouth and coughed some more- and realized that part of her problem was that she?d lost her breath mask in the scuffle and her lungs simply weren?t getting an adequate supply of air from the low-oxygen environment deep inside the abandoned mining complex. Fumbling a moment, she found the mask and held it to her face for a few deep breaths, coughed and spat a few more times, and then secured it back around her head.

    Leyla felt a brief sense of melancholy for her Ar-Nine unit, but supposed she was going to need a new droid anyway; Fate was great and all, but came with that unfortunate component of Karrde and Thrawn having copies of his operational protocols and could, theoretically, use those to pin down her location with minimal effort.

    Zekk was sitting up a meter away; his mask was securely in place, but a gash to his head was bleeding profusely, coating his forehead quickly with bright blood. He fumbled with a pouch on his utility belt and produced a heavy cloth with which he wiped blood from his eyes; he then located a bacta patch and tore the backing from it before pressing it to the edge of the injury that extended over his forehead. It wasn?t a very effective bit of first aid, since the wound extended well behind his hair-line, but it would have to do until he could locate some synthflesh.

    ?You alright?? he asked.

    She wasn?t the one trying to wipe blood from her face before it became a sticky mess with the dust and dirt also coating it. ?Fine; you??

    ?Yup,? he pulled himself to his feet, seemed to hesitate a moment as he gauged his stability, and then extended a hand to her. She stood shakily in a cloud of dust, coughing one last fit before she noticed the close intensity with which Zekk was watching her. He cocked his head. ?Your mask came off??

    Nodding, she frowned in confusion before understanding hit her. ?You- you don?t think he???

    The dark-haired Jedi shrugged. ?Probably not yet, he can?t have had much time- but don?t take it off again, in case he does release some of the pathogen.?

    ?Can?t we use the counter-substance??

    He pursed his lips. ?Not anymore.?

    And she knew what he?d been trying to recover from the cargo hold of his StealthX before the ceiling caved in on it. Leyla winced. ?Right. Well what do you suppose the chances are that we can get from here to wherever his stash is stored?? Zekk shook his head but Leyla thought carefully back to the start of the cave-in. The initial damage had been to the access tunnel, not to the cavern itself? which meant one thing: it wasn?t that Ryoqim wanted them dead, he just wanted them trapped, unable to leave?

    Unable to follow?

    ?He?s on the move,? Leyla decided immediately. ?Zekk, we have to find him before he takes off again. We must have missed some secondary access tunnel on the way in, and if Tahlia misses him coming out again, we?ll have no way of knowing where he?s headed.?

    The older Jedi cursed and instinctively reached for his comlink- before he registered that it would do him no good down here, not with his X-wing out of commission to relay the signal. ?Come on then,? he started down the corridor. ?Let?s go.?

    As they collected themselves and headed in the only possible direction, Leyla ran through a mental checklist of their situation. Transportation- gone. Communications- lost. Oxygen- less than an hour?s worth, though a Force-trance could
  21. LoriLynn

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    Oh're going to kill Zekk and Tahlia aren't you? And then poor little Olly is going to have to grow up without parents! You're so mean! Wait...that wouldn't affect R & R. Nevermind...:p

    I really loved that you made Leyla and the Syndic share that lengthy hyperspace trip. They really need to hash some things out and this should be a great time to do it.

    I'm a little worried about poor Naviin on Csilla. You would think by now that the Fel family would realize that Csilla is never going to be a safe place for them, but no! They just keep going back! I don't get it. :p

    Next chapter please!!
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    It has been pointed out to me that Naviin is in fact on Bastion, not Csilla. I knew that, I'm just an idiot.

    Regardless of where he is, I worry for him [face_love]
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    Now who could have pointed that out...? [face_whistling]


    (oh, and man I can't wait until tomorrow's update... [face_mischief])
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    Chapter 24


    It took Csilla Space Defense approximately eight standard seconds to acknowledge the shuttle that came tearing out of hyperspace with a fury and began an immediate direct approach to the planet. Their own sensors indicated that a wing of Clawcraft fighters were headed in their direction moments before the console beeped with an incoming transmission. The cargo ship was nowhere to be seen.

    Leyla, sitting in the co-pilot?s seat, took over the controls as Nabrin accepted the call, a forced calm in his voice. He spoke in Cheunh, too fast for Leyla to pick up some of the exact words, but she understood enough. ?Shuttle Night Shadow acknowledging Space Defense; Defense, be advised that-?

    A burst of static cut him off, and then a harsh voice cut him off. ?Night Shadow, state your identity and your purpose here.?

    ?I tracked a cargo ship here from the Ottega System,? Nabrin maintained as cool a demeanor as he could muster. ?Defense, that ship cannot be allowed to make atmosphere, it is highly dangerous and-?

    ?Night Shadow, state your identity or we will be forced to treat you as hostile.?

    Nabrin?s eyes began to take on something of a wild frustration as he looked despairingly at Leyla. ?Anything??

    She shook her head slowly; if Ryoqim?s ship was not on their scanners, it meant one of two things, neither of them good: the first possibility was that he had purposefully misled them, and was headed somewhere else now; the second was that he had already entered Csilla?s atmosphere and his presence was shielded by the planet and possibly by an escort. After a moment of desperate consideration, Leyla spoke softly. ?Tell them who you are.? He blinked in surprise. ?If nothing else,? she shrugged, ?you?ll certainly get their attention.?

    Looking like he was debating her sanity, Nabrin swallowed hard and keyed the comm again. ?Defense, this is Csun?abr?inrokini- high syndic of the Third House on Csaus. And I am deadly serious when I say that the life of every chiss on Csilla is now endangered.?

    There was a lengthy pause- Leyla could practically see the sudden confusion and ensuing chaos as higher ups were consulted. For her part, she continued her steady course towards the planet, well-aware of the fact that her actions could be described as aggressive justification for the approaching fighters to try to shoot the shuttle down. Nabrin needed to persuade them soon that they did not want to do that.

    When someone else finally acknowledged them, the voice was heavier with authority, more demanding. ?Syndic, this is Commander Na?czin; you will quit your present course immediately and surrender your vessel-?

    ?I cannot do that, Commander.?

    ?Syndic,? Na?czin bit, ?the ship you profess to be a great danger to the planet is under heavy guard; more to the point, its pilot has followed our explicit instructions and not varied from his assigned course. If there is a danger, it will be dealt with accordingly. You, however, in refusing to adhere to procedure and protocol, will be viewed as a hostile threat if you do not alter your present heading.?

    Nabrin closed his eyes wearily. ?Then he?s already made atmosphere. We?re too late.? He opened the channel once more. ?Commander, the threat comes not from the being in the ship but rather from a substance he carries- a pathogen that will quickly effect the deaths of every chiss on the planet, should he release it into the atmosphere.? He sighed. ?Aristocra Haun?arnt?inrokini can attest to my involvement in the Alpha Red project, from which this horror is derived.? There was a lengthy pause. ?I suggest you signal a bio-attack warning on the planet now- some lives may yet be saved.?

    Leyla guided the shuttle into the atmosphere; the approaching Clawcraft mirrored their movements, but did not fire upon them, something she took to be a good sign. As they crossed over the horizon onto the night side of the planet though, she finally picked up the Ithorian?s shuttle on her scanners- moments before he veered sharply off-course and c
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    Okay so Nabrin is dead. But that doesn't affect R & R, so I'm still concerned.

    It's going to be Kyp isn't it? Why would you kill Kyp? If he's dead, there can be no beautiful K/G babies (well I guess there technically could be, but God! that would be a heartbreaking storyline--oh man, I'm giving you ideas aren't I? Forget everything I just said. These aren't the droid you're looking for! [face_mischief] ) But in all honesty, you wouldn't kill Kyp would you? He's just too....yummy! =P~ And you can't make a dead Jedi Master's toes curl ;)

    All right, let's try a different approach to this problem. If I were Lexi, who would I kill (aside from every GOP frontrunner)? It's got to be someone from R & R, so that eliminates quite a few people. Okay, I've narrowed down the cast of characters:
    1. Kyp
    2. Gennevi
    3. Leyla
    4. Jaina
    Leyla would be the obvious choice given the current predicament she finds herself in (imagine that, a Solo-Fel in trouble!) However, I'm fairly certain you made a comment about the AU to your AU being invalid fairly early in my story before I even mentioned Leyla, so that makes me think she's out. Jaina did appear in R & R, but I don't even think she had any lines, so I can rule her out as well (I think.)

    Now that really just leaves Kyp and Gennevi. Aw man, why do you have to be so mean? They JUST got married and now you're going to up and kill one of them? If it is Kyp, I think Gennevi will survive. She'd be broken but I think she'd make it (25 years worth of military service will definitely harden a person up). If you kill Gennevi...I really don't even want to think about how quickly Kyp would become reaquainted with the Dark Side. That would definitely be the straw that broke the Tauntaun's back.

    Unless you kill them both.

    You suck! [face_worried]