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The Vulture´s Talon - a Star Wars d6 post-by-post adventure

Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    [link=]. . . a long time ago in a galaxy far away . . . [/link]


    Star Wars: The Vulture´s Talon

    ~ a d6 Adventure ~


    It is the third year after the end of the devestating Sith-Imperial War and the galaxy has only recently begun to recover from it´s wounds. Thousands of systems remain drained and defenseless in the aftermath of the defeat of the Galactic Alliance and the Sith offer no protection to those that do not bow before their Emperor.
    This is also the time of war-profiteers and private armies. Where planets are ready to give these independant forces all their wealth to protect their citizens.
    After the change of authority and the breakdown of order many criminal elements roam freely through once controlled space. Pirates, smugglers and mercenaries have entered a secret Golden Age. And among all those new rising figures one stands above them all. A man or thing unseen. But not unheard of. A criminal mastermind known to the galaxy only as . . . The Vulture.



    The Story

    And whatever the Vulture wants . . . he get´s it.

    His latest object of desire is a weapon-project developed for the late Galactic Alliance and now without an sponsor. Only one single prototype has been made. A ship unlike normal battleships, they say. The prototype must be stolen from the Byblos Drive Yards. Therefore The Vulture searches for the best men for the job.

    On the planet Ord Mantell his right hand has summoned several of the Galaxies most infamous freelancers to make an offer they cannot refuse . . .



    The Characters
    Six characters are available. Every player can only take one character. The only type of character I´d accept is one of the Fringe. No Jedi or Sith. No Empire. Smuggler´s, Mercs, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Killer, Bodyguards, Slicer, Medics, Fringer, or anything else that can argue to being useful when it comes to steal a ship is acceptable.

    The Character-Sheet

    Dex - Mech - Tech - Know - Perc - Str

    whatever you pick . . .


    [hl=black]The Rules[/hl]

    1. GM has the final word
    2. No god-modding, flaming, unauthorized controlling of other characters or insulting
    3. TAG people by their username. You can call me Fin or GM
    4. The game is open to all players. RPF veterans, game-experts or curious newbies. I expect of all players to take the d6 rules erious AND play out their character to some extend. Combining the best of both worlds is what I am going for here . . .
    5. Send in your CS for approval
    6. The d6 Rule that follow below must be applied by all players at all times.
    7. Contact me anytime with questions, worries or problems regarding the game.
    8. Inform me of any absence longer than 10 days. I hope for a reply by all players within´ this time frame. If anybody does not reply within´ 20 days, I´ll take control of his/her character until the player returns. After four weeks without contact, the character slot is open for new players.
    9. I will update the game at least every 10 days. More often, when I can.
    10. Enjoy the game!
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    The d6 rules for the game
    ~developed by LordT based on Koshii´s original rules~

    Based on the Original Rules of WEG

    The following explains how a character works and is created.


    Rolling Dices
    This is called the d6 system, for it is usually played with a few six sided dices. Every roll you have will be based on a skill. Every skill has a certain amount of dices, which reflect how good your character is at it. There is difficulty known only to the GM you have overcome with your result.

    Example: Cole has Blaster 3D. He wants to shoot for practice. He throws his dices and the results are: 6, 1, 2. The result is 9. The GM has set a difficulty of 10 to hit the target, therefore Cole misses

    The Wild-Dice

    Something important is that you always have on dice that is special. Usually the first you roll. It is the Wild One. When you roll a six, you may throw it again. As long until you hit something different than a six. If it is a one, you mark him for me to see it and . . . you won´t like it.

    Example: Cole has Blaster 3D. He still wants to shoot for practice. He throws his dices and the results are: 6, 1, 2. The result is 9. BUT his first throw was a six. Therefore he can roll it again. He does so and gets a 4. Which means his result is 6, 1, 2 + 4 = 13.
    The Difficulty was still 10, so he hits the target.

    There are six attributes a character has.


    All characters have 18D divided among these 6 attibutes.

    Any D can be broken into 3 pips (meaning a dice is splitted and grants you a +1 & +2 or +1&+1&+1 to divide among your attributes)
    Humans have minimum stats of 2D on any attribute and maximum stats of 4D. Aliens have various variations of that, depending on the species. If you want to play a specific Alien and do not have the limitations at hand, please PM me.

    Now you distribute 12D of skill points to your skills. That works like the attributes.The skill points are finally added to the attribute they are attached to, to appoint the number of dices you have in the skill.

    Example: Cole has Dexterity 2D and now wants to learn how to shot a blaster. He adds 1D to his blaster skill. Resulting in a final dicepool of 3D when he pulls the trigger.

    Every Attribute supports several skills your character may have.
    Dexterity - Blaster, Dodge, Brawling Parry, Grenade, Heavy Weapons, Melee, Lightsaber
    Knowledge - Science, Planets, Languages, Aliens, Cultures, Intimidation, Willpower, Technology, Streetwise
    Mechanical - Starfighter Piloting, Capital Ship Piloting, Astrogation, Gunnery, Shields, Communications, Repulsor-lift Operation, Beast riding
    Perception - Command, Gambling, Seach, Tailing/tracking
    Strength - Lifting, Climp/Jumping, Stamina, Brawl, Martial Arts
    Technical - First Aid, Blaster Build/Repair, Droid Program/Repair, Starship repair, Computer Program/Repair

    If you miss anything on the list, PM me. It is an list of examples, not necessary the full list.

    There are a lot of so called Templates out there from the time of the old WEG game. Many are pretty useful and if you find any you like, feel free to take it. Please just mark where you got it from.

    . . . do not exist in d6 Star Wars

    You role against a difficutly only I know. But this is for orientation.

    5 very easy
    10 easy
    15 moderate
    20 difficult
    25 very difficult
    30 heroic
    or opposed roll (your strike against his block. Then we write results in PMs first)

    Playing out skills
    Usually a d6 dice with 21 dimples on it is used. But actually we use [link=]THE INVISIBLE CASTLE[/link]. Where we can link to the results of our throws.


    Every weapon does several dices
  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    A note to all those not familiar with the d6 system but who wish to join.

    If the rules or character-creation are what keeps anybody from joining, I´ll be more than happy to help. It really is a lot easier than it seems. And it plays out really, really easy once a character is created. So, if anybody wants to make a character but doesn´t know how to . . . just PM me and I´ll help.

    A note to all those familiar with d6 but not with written RPing

    This is not a fanfic contest. It is a game. I expect more than a simple. "Draw my gun, shoot." from you. Because you play a character, not only a bunch of stats. But I´ll take it easy on that front, allowing players to grow into it and learn from the example´s of others.
  4. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    Love the concept... Working on my CS... Will submit in a day or so.

    (WEG d6 Star Wars was how I started gaming!)
  5. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Yay! I think I sent you my character concept a while ago. Do you want me to post it here as an example?
    How many player slots are there?
  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Good idea Kooshii, therefore . . . GM approved.


    Kooshii´s character

    Name: Tam Haykon "Flamberge"
    Race: Human Male
    Height: 1.6M (a little under 6' average)
    Age: early 20s
    Eyes: 2 (brown) Hair (lots, long slick & clean with pony tail, also brown)
    Other features: Red sword tatoo on forehead.
    Template: modified pirate

    Dex: 4D
    Dodge 6D, Blaster 6D, Melee (sword) 6D, Melee Parry (sword) 6D
    Kno: 2D
    Tactics 3D
    Mech: 2D
    Gunnery (whatever main weapon on party ship is) 6D
    Per: 4D
    Con 6D, Command 6D
    Str: 4D
    Climbing/Jumping 5D
    Tech: 2D

    Equipment: Sword (STR+1D+1), Blaster Pistol (5D), Flashy clothes, Drab cloak, Medpack, 1000 credits

    History: He served on a pirate ship (was shanghaied as teenager) and mostly educated there. Discovered leadership abilities when senior officers killed during a space battle with an Imperial ship. He managed to save the ship and remaining crew. Left at next civilized port of call. Hopeful that the Empire or former Galactic Alliance don't have a file on him yet, but still young enough to be willing to buck any other authority whenever possible, just for the fun of it.


    A few notes: Weapon stats like these, if not available to you will be provided by me. You can get as detailed with your History as you want to, but the minimum is giving others an idea where you character is coming from. Those used to a more RPF-style history are free to post their sheets that way and add their stats.

    Gameplay will be a combination of both. Rules and writing should come together.

    Concerning available player-slots, I decided to look how many show up. If I am floated by sheets I´ll restrict access. So far I try to take everybody who wants to play.

  7. Kalio_Dynkos

    Kalio_Dynkos Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    OOC: GM Approved!!! Thanks to Fin for the stats. d6 is still a foreign language to me.

    Name: Dismas Libitina
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Standing at 5'2". Straight, black hair to the middle of her back. Tanned, pickled features from many hours in the sun and on the sea - as during her down time, she spends it sailing on the ocean on her private boat. Toned core, thin arms and legs. Often wears a pair of dark breeches, shirt and jacket. A look of complacentcy, life is in her face - as well as communicated by her eyes. A scar stretching up her abdomen from being rendered by a blade during a failed con a number of years ago. In certain weathers, it still tender.
    Weapons: A Tri-shot shotgun (3x4D damage), as a hold-out blaster; A data dagger
    Equipment: datadagger, datapads, comlink

    Dexterity 4D - Blaster 5D, Dodge 5D, Mellee 4D+1
    Knowledge 4D - Aliens 4D+2, Willpower 5D, Streetwise 5D
    Strength 2D - Brawl (MA) 3D, Climbing/jumping 3D
    Mechanical 2D - Communications 2D+1
    Perception 4D - Gambling 6D, Search 5D
    Technical 2D - First Aid 2D+1, Security 2D+1

    Bio: Widowed wife of a professional gambler, thrill-seeker and slicer. The man often utilized his money as a means to fund his gambling, which in turn - on good turns - would fund his career by means of transportation, goods, etc.

    They lived in the so-called lap of luxury for most of their marriage. She, not bad at cards herself, was not so often the distraction but employed as a card-shark on occasion when luck ran dry. Her husband was a good player, but he couldn't stack the deck like he could stack a computer drive. It soon happened that they hit rock bottom, as was inevitable, and he disappeared not long after.

    She continued in spite of his death, turning the loss of her husband into a series of cons that gave her a comfortable living.

    As she worked her cons, and her skills as a card shark, she steadily started to develop her interests in other areas. A woman alone, she learned martial arts and how to fire a gun - something she'd never really put a lot of thought into prior.

    Shooting long-range was certainly a problem. She was good close and quick, continuing her skills as card-shark where slight of hand was just as a important as having the right cards.

    As a professional con-artist, with a skill set for slight of hand and martial arts, the woman started to find employment within various circles - most of which negotiated a high price for her services.

    Now, 5 years after the death of her husband, she's started to slow down, take it easy and rethink where her life may or may not be going. One more job, though, might not be out of the question.

    Her list of contacts in numerous systems rival that of larger organizations. She has dozens of names, and many more identities - officially "dead" in three systems, and married in a few more. Currently, she is battling for divorce in 6 worlds, none of which know about the other. She's just starting to close off her career and disappear on her own.
  8. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 15, 2009
    Name: Zaria Zor
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Blaster Pistol (5D)
    Equipment: Commlink, Medpack, 1000 Credits and all kinda cosmetic stuff

    Dexterity 4D - Blaster 4D+2, Dodge 4D+1, Sneak 5D
    Knowledge 2D - Planets 2D+1, Aliens 2D+1, Willpower 2D+1
    Mechanical 4D - Starfighter/Freighter Piloting 6D, Capital Ship Piloting 5D, Astrogation 5D, Gunnery 5D
    Perception 3D - Command 3D+1, Gambling 3D+1, Seach 3D+1
    Strength 2D - Stamina 2D+2, Martial Art 2D+1
    Technical 3D - Starship repair 4D, Computer Program 4D

    Bio: Zaria has always been a pilot. But flying had always been her curse. Being one of the Galactic Alliances most talented fighter-pilots the Sith-Imperial War devastated her career. What had once been an art, became a necessity for survival. And she found it hard to follow the rules, when Predator-Class fighters swarmed everywhere around you. The only thing she wanted to do is come home. In over 40 assigments she did. When her battle-group was finally lost behind enemy lines, with the Empire winning thew war Zaria decided she wouldn´t be the one the GA sacrificed in one big last battle for glory! She went AWOL, selling her fighter and made her way into the undergounrd. With Horror she watched the Galactic Alliance crumble and fall. And when she understood that her betrayal had saved her she threw herself into her new life.
    Planning to make a life as a smuggler were her sharp skills were useful and she searched for the right vessel. She finally found it in the Amber Star. A beauty, surely. But expensive. While she had meanwhile won a very useful Droid in a pazaak game against a high-ranking Imperial and began using him for some low-key work, she knew that she would probably never earn that money. She took a credit from a Hutt. Paid for the expenses of reserving the ship for six month and went to work. That was when bad luck hit her and left hewr with nothing but shame and a credit-hungry Hutt in her neck . . .

    (as it is a secondary character, I agreed with Fin he will have less dices to begin with. Zaria´s mean droid)

    Name: K-1 LL (Called K1 or . . . surprise: Killer)
    Age: 217 Years
    Programmed Gender: Male
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Blaster Rifle (5D)
    Equipment: None

    Dexterity 4D
    - Blaster 6D, Dodge 5D
    Knowledge 1D
    Mechanical 1D - Space Transport 1D+1
    Perception 2D - Search 3D+2
    Strength 3D (+3D Armor) - Brawl 4D
    Technical 1D

    Bio: K-1 is based on a popular design of the old republic, but actually he is a droid by the standards of much modern peroids. Even though by no means state of art. Who has build him is unknown. But he is pretty old by human standards. His purpose though is adamant clear. K-1 is a killing machine. Build for the purpose to take life. Zaria had little use for a killer right after she won. But lately, as she has become more desperate her missions became more and more dangerous. For Zaria and those who found themselves on the other side of her blasters. And especially of K-1´s blaster . . .
  9. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    Are you accepting species which have more than 12 Attribute die? If so, do the extra Attribute die apply?

    I really would like to play so please hold a space open for me!
  10. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Hey Matt, good to see you wanna join. There are still a few player-slots open, so don´t worry. 12D+ races? Charon, Hutts or Stardragons, you mean? Nope. No superraces. There are enough interesting others, I suppose. :) But if you have a certain idea of concept in mind, let me know. I´ll think about it, then.

    We have about half our players I would like to have, so I can already say, we got enough player to do this, anyway. Not bad for day two. ;)
  11. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Don't all characters have 18D of attibutes?[face_mischief] [face_whistling]

    Does Zaria have a ship? What type?
  12. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Yeah all start with 18D but some Alien-archetypes have more dices. Hutts have 14D for example. Ranats only 10D. Some people argue that the normal player-character needs to get more when the archetypical member of the race gets more. Anyway, only 12D chars without my approval.

    Zaria has no ship yet. She is trying to get the money together for one, as I understood the biography. There will be ships though. I´ll introduce everything related to them when time comes. To keep this beginner friendly I´ll only give you guys what you need . . . those who know more can use that, obviously. As long as it is in accordance with my rules.

  13. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Oh, those.
    Ranat PCs must be Force Sensative, because racial maximums total 17D, so 1D must be put into a force power. An alternate idea someone expressed is that they get twice the starting skill D to allocate because they are shorted in attibutes.

    As for anything that starts with higher than average, tough. in my games you get the same 18D. Some races have PCs who are more exceptional than other races. But that's just me.
  14. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    So for clarification is it 18 or 12 starting character points?
  15. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    Oops, confusion!

    D6 is all about the heroes.

    Your average Joe has 12D. Most species do and they are typical of the general population.

    All Heroic characters start at the normal level +6D so a human player character would have 18D altogether, the regular 12 + 6 for being a hero. Your average Noghri, meanwhile, starts with 16D so a heroic one starts with a massive 22D!
  16. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Actually the rules say ->characters begin with 18D<-.
    Nothing about +6D. That´s a common house rule, but not official. I usually let all my players simply start with 18D. If you´re a Noghri, you will just not be as special compared to your people as the human you´re playing with. Noghri can have higher attributes, that´s useful enough methinks.

    Here in `The Vulture´s Talon´ you begin with 18D on attributes. No matter what race you´re from. As I said in my rules. That´s why we call them rules, right?

    We have another two players who will join, which means we got 6 in total now with LordTroepfchen and JediMatt still working on their CS (I hope o_O) and CLP is almost done with his. Plus the three posted here. A good cast, I say. When I got all sheets I´ll put up a roster.

    We begin on Tuesday then. Opening Post and Chapter One.

    I am looking forward to it. A lot, actually.
  17. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    [hl=red]Fin Approved[/hl]


    Name: Jorlag Orlin
    Age: 30
    Species: Human (Mandalorian)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ruggedly built with stark blonde hair and silver eyes
    Weapons: Blaster rifle (6D), knife (STR +2), 3 stun grenades (5D stun),
    Equipment: Blast helmet (+2 physical, +1 energy), comlink, macrobinoculars, medpac, 1000 credits
    Template: Adrenaline Junkie (Bounty Hunter)

    Blaster 4D, Blaster Artillery 4D, Dodge 4D, Grenade 4D+1, Melee 4D+1, Vehicle Blasters 4D
    Planetary Systems 4D, Streetwise 3D+2
    Astrogation 4D+1,Capital Piloting 4D+1, Starship Gunnary 4D+1, Starship Piloting 5D, Starship shields 4D+1
    Command 3D+2, Con 4D+1, Hide/Sneak 3D+2, Search 5D
    Brawling 4D, Climbing/Jumping 2D+2, Lifting 2D+2, Stamina 4D, Swimming 2D+2
    Blaster repair 2D+2, Droid Prog./Repair 3D, First Aid 2D+1, Starship Repair 3D

    Bio: Jorlag Orlin is a former TIE Predator pilot in the new Galactic Empire who decided that if he was going to risk his life for a living that he might as well get better pay for it. Jorlag left the Imperial Navy after the Sith-Imperial War ended and immediately began hunting. Several years since has passed and he is hooked. Even the credits are not important any more: the thrill of the chase is his motivator. He is an arrogant braggart, and is willing to take any insane risk. Jorlag is as famous for his carousing and juvenile stunts as his hunting skills.
  18. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    Other species details can be found here by the way -->
  19. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Reminder to everyone. This game begins tomorrow. Got one more upcoming character. And tomorrow my opening post will be online.

  20. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    Ganner feels indebted to the Jedi. When his people?s society was falling apart under the leadership of a puppet dictator, and everyone else wanted his people dead it was the Jedi who safeguarded their future.

    For that reason Ganner has set out into the galaxy to earn what he can to safeguard their future in their time of need. That's the honour that has been bred into his and thousands of generations before.

    The other motivation behind his decision is to gain entry to the society that has done just what he is doing now, but for thousands of years previously. The Antarian Rangers.

    He has the necessary measures in place to transmit funds to the Rangers that are to be kept in trust for the remnants of the Jedi Order. In order to earn the best credits though he has to take the more dangerous work, and with no real government those credits came from the underworld.

    Ganner's real name is Rak'at Rapuung, a Yuuzhan Vong of the warrior caste born on the Yuuzhan Vong worldship analogue of Ye´Yuuzhan`Tar and raised as a warrior in a time of relative peace. While the shapers worked with the Jedi to restore the worlds ravaged by his ancestors Rak?at grew up hearing the stories of the war and how it was the Jedi who saved their race from annihilation and gave them their chance of redemption through the Ossus Project.
    When the war came Rak?at was in his teens and though his people aided the Jedi in their war against the Sith, he was not one of those deemed worthy enough to take the battle to them.

    When Rak?at set out from his people he knew the general population of the galaxy would blame him, if not for the invasion then for the disasters resulting from the Ossus Project. As a result he took with him one of the Ooglith masquers his people use to blend in.

    Yuuzhan Vong
    Home Planet: Ye´Yuuzhan`Tar

    Blaster 4D
    - (s) Heavy Blaster Pistols 5D
    Brawling Parry 5D
    Dodge 5D

    - (s) Huttesse 4D
    Survival 4D
    Willpower 4D

    Yuuzhan Vong Biotechnology 4D
    - (s) Ooglith Masquer 5D

    Sneak 4D

    Brawling 7D


    Move: 10
    CP: 5
    FP: 0
    Force Sensitive?: No
    Special Skills:
    - Yuuzhan biotechnology: For use with operating biotech items (villips, ooglith masquers, etc.). This does NOT include vehicles or starships. Specializations include item types.

    Special Abilties:
    - Claws: Damage: STR+2D.
    - Warriors: Yuuzhin Vong are warriors. They gain +1D for every +2D to STR/DEX related skills at creation time only.
    - Force Insensitivity: These creatures cannot feel or manipulate the Force whatsoever. They cannot be detected as life, nor can their mental intents be sensed. It is not known if they even have midichlorians. Thus, they cannot gain/use FPs or DSPs.
    Story Factors:
    - Self-Mutilation: Yuuzhan Vong of all types tend to mutilate their body as a sign of worship towards their gods. It is common to see Yuuzhan Vong with their bones broken in several places, ears missing, etc.
    - Hatred of Inorganic Technology: Yuuzhan Vong hate inorganic technology. They consider them abominations, and much prefer using organic tools. They will even go out of their way to destroy such technology.
    - Castes: There are three known castes: the warriors, the priests, and the shapers.

    Equipment: Blastech DL-6H Heavy Blaster pistol (5D), Ooglith Masquer.

    ooc: sorry background is rubbish, put this together in a rush, need to work on a reason for him giving money to Jedi rather than Vong
  21. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM-Note: So here we go. The Vulture´s Talon officially begins. From now on please do all chatter as OOC (out-of-character) and all rules related stuff as OOG (out-of-game) or Rules.

    But now, let the curtain rise . . .



    Tam Haykon "Flamberge" - Kooshii
    Dismas Libitina - Kalio_Dynkos
    Zaria Zor & K-1 - RachelTyrell
    Jorlag Orlin - CPL-Macja
    "Ganner" - JediMatt



    Keyl Tane, The Colonel as the troopers called him sat down in the small cell. In front of him a man . . . or creature . . . not visible in the dark of the room.

    "I am glad to meet you. We have taken a slight . . . interest in you for such a long time, my dear guest." He smiled and nodded to the two Stormtroopers behind him to leave. "I am Keyl Tane, the highest ranking Officer in this Sector. As you know it is not part of Lord Krayt´s glorious Empire but I assure you it is not . . . beyond our reach. Not at all." He smiled. His hand streaking dust of his black uniform. "It is my job to make sure it stays that way. As the commander of our forces, security chief of our embassy and foremost . . . head of imperial intelligence in this sector." Another smile. Cold. He leaned forward.

    "You see, I confide in you. And you know what this means? I guess you figured it out. You will leave this room alive only as one of us, my guest. Or you will leave it in little pieces." His eyes showed a certain feverish glow as he said the last words and his left hand unconsciously touched the vibro-dagger he had added to his usual equipment.

    Then he lay his head to the side. "So let us talk about a very special prey, my guest. Let us talk how you can help us capture the Vulture . . ."



    [link=]Music - Cantina[/link]

    Ord Mantell. That´s where they all had been summoned. Usually when someone got a message from "The Vulture" it was considered a joke. After all the existence of the man was not even sure. But the message they had gotten seemed strangely real. Probably because it never tried to appear like it was very authentic.

    I am interested in working with you. Meet me on Ord Mantell. In three days. Howling Star Cantina ~ The Vulture

    They had made it in time. There probably where some who did not. But these six people had followed the Vulture´s call. After all if one believed in his existence the man was nobody you denied when he summoned you.

    There obviously was a problem though. It were Podracing Days on the planet and even though the streets were empty and one could get from the starport to the cantina without trouble . . . the Cantina itself was seriously crowded. Thousands of beings were pushed together in there while the Cantina was only made for a few hundred.

    Dismas Libitina had been here for several hours. And had seen no sign of anybody who could be the Vulture. Only drunken Nikto who yelled at their teams transmitted over giant holoscreens.

    Flamberge was just entering the Cantina through the West Gate as he became aware of the situation. Next to him stood a Droid K-1 who turned his head and told his Mistress his sensors would be of no help in this crowd. Zaria Zor hadn´t told him what they were looking for anyway.

    The eastern gate was a little less busy. A single Gamorrean guard stood in front of it and nodded to Jorlag Orlin and Ganner as they entered one after another, unaware they had the same destination.

    And in the crowd, perfectly camourflaged as one of the common people a Falleen laughed out loud and made his bets, while watching both gates from his position. He had counted the arrivals. And all of them should be present now. He laughhed again and nodded to the Barkeeper, a four armed insectoid. The symbol was activated. It
  22. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Flamberge pushed his way through the crowds, careful not to bump into the droid next to him. Droids--they were always in the way. And they were always either so fragile that they broke if yo sneezed on them, or deathmachines waiting for a glitched circuit excuse to kill you.
    He hoped the lighting in the cantina wouldn't make the tatoo on his forehead glow again. If it hadn't been for the Defel trying to snead through last time, he might not have managed to get out of there without being spotted.
    Speaking of spotted, is that what he was looking for?
    I got a 15.
  23. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Jorlag Orlin
    Howling Star Cantina, Ord Mantell

    Jorlag nonchalantly walked into the busy cantina, as if he had been there several times over his past thirty standard years. Normally he wouldn't have answered such a criptic message, especially from a creature that wasn't supposed to truly exsist. But for some reason it peaked his interest.

    Of course being low on credits and having nothing else to do might have something to do with it.

    This supposed mastermind didn't bother to give them a specific meeting place so he was left to searching around for his new employer.

    Maybe he is over there. Jorlag thought to himself as he searched for this Vulture character.

    [link=] Jorlag Orlin - Search 5d6 = 13[/link]
  24. Jedi_Matt

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    Jul 11, 2002

    Ganner didn?t find the technology in the galaxy as repulsive as his forefathers, it just was what it was: a different way of reaching the same result.

    If he had been of the same mind as them, he is sure he would have snapped as he entered the Cantina, his Ooglith Masquer hiding his origins from the patrons. The ?infidel? technology was everywhere, not just around the building but on the customers of the cantina too. Unlike the shapers of old Ganner respected how they were able to replicate and sometimes exceed the Yuuzhan Vong natural equivalent. Ganner also wondered what the Jedi made of the living technology the Yuuzhan Vong used. For a group such as them who revered life, would the increased loss of life through the use of natural technology affect the Force in a more negative way? Ganner would like to have the opportunity to ask one if he could help them survive.

    Drawing away from that line of thought, Ganner got back to the matter at hand and scanned the Cantina for a sign of where the meeting would be taking place. This 'Vulture' character has to be in here somewhere.

    [link=]Ganner ? Perception 3D = 9[/link]
  25. Kalio_Dynkos

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    May 17, 2004
    OOC: It's quick and it's not exactly perfect, but ta-dah. It's on time. Nice playing with you all. [:D]

    Dismas Libitina
    Howling Star Cantina, Ord Mantell

    Communication was something often wasted on the intelligent. Verbally, anyway, sentient species for untold millennia figured the ability to vocalize thoughts actually meant something - and ideally it should have, would have if these same sentient species thought to keep their mouths closed once a while.

    The simplest remark, off-handed as it might have been, could be the death of someone.

    "I Do" for example. We're talking a fortune that could have sustained the military funding of the Galactic Alliance, the Sith, the Empire and the separate syndicates - still with enough pocket change in excess to churn out a few million private yachts and a personal army. All collectively put together as they were in a massive pot of discontent, someone could be very rich.

    Somebody was, though few people knew it.

    And Dismas Libitina was keen on keeping it that way. Middle-aged, by human standards, the woman had turned her pint-sized charm into a working scheme. But, not just marriage and divorce, but customized chaos that flowed in varied river - a set of tributaries - into her multiple banking accounts.

    Like the one that was funding this little excursion. Husband #4 was likely on some backwater planet trying to push a few credits together for a back-scratching. Meanwhile, she sat by herself, in a bar, watching drunken Nikto yell at their teams transmitted over a giant holoscreens.

    Sports were small-game. But which Nikto would pass out first - now that was a bet Libitina was keen on taking.

    The way things were going, there was little hope for any more than that for excitement. She'd received a message of invitation from the Vulture.

    Professional curiosity brought her here. She was on our way out of the game, wrapping up loose ends before cashing out her final set of chips - but one last score couldn't go so easily abandoned.

    The cantina itself was a hive of degenerate activity, and smelled of an order she didn't care to explore. A smoke hung in the air of acridity that assaulted the senses. If it wasn't for the Vulture's message, she probably wouldn't have set foot in here, or spent the past several hours here.

    Her seat in the corner allowed her a view of the room, and those that passed through it. The Niktos were certainly the loudest of the bunch, but the twi'lek sitting by himself in the corner across from her could have been screaming his body language communicated so.

    He was nervous. Lekku twitching, though rhythmically - so perhaps not so much a physiological response as she had at first guessed. The way he drank his profits, or lack there of, not to mention how he made sure his hand was near his coat pocket often enough, positively screamed at his naivety. Probably here to make a hit on mommy dearest, Libitina mused, or maybe the recipient of such an attempt himself and here for "protection."

    Had there been different circumstances, Libitina would have moseyed on over and bought him another drink, made a few well placed suggestions and walked out a richer woman - one way or another. All he had to do was open his mouth, and she'd have her in.

    But, any inclination she had of doing was halted by a gut-feeling that something was different. Maybe it was some of the new arrivals, or something altogether different.

    What it was exactly, Libitina couldn't put her finger on, but something felt different.

    [link=]Libitina - Search 4d6+1 = 22[/link]
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