The wacky adventures of LJ and OJ

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    Warning: Very wierd/stupid if you can call it that.

    In a bar on the galaxy planet of Corusant people and other..... things sat around drinking there drinks when all of a sudden something slammed into the doors. Minutes later someone walked in.

    OJ: Ow. Yeesh since when did you have to hit a panel to open a door. I swear this universe is stuffed.

    Oj makes her way to a table where LJ is drinking an orange substance.

    LJ: Hey OJ. Wassup? Hey how long have you had that bruise on your head?

    OJ: I just got it walking into that sithly door over there.

    LJ:Why would you wanna walk into a door?

    OJ: I didn't. Bars are never the same wih out the western style doors.

    LJ: (sniggering) You tried to look tough entering the bar again didn't you?

    OJ: (blushes) Um.. no. I'm not that stpuid.

    Soon the two see Obi-Wan Kenobi and begin to drool.

    Obi-Wan walks past and slips on all the drool that's lining the floor.

    Obi-Wan: Yuck.
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