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Star Wars The Watchmen (a multi-generational crossover)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarthSubZero, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. DarthSubZero

    DarthSubZero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 10, 2006


    This RP is inspired by Dubya_Scott's groundbreaking game in the NSWRPF, Exiles. All credit for this idea goes to him. Hopefully, my game is half as good. So, a shout out to him, and a thank you as well.



    The Galaxy.

    It is filled to the brim with sentient life, trillions of beings whose lives and actions sustained the Force, a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power. These trillions of life forms were unaware of their importance. They were part of a never-ending cycle, their lives and deaths essential to the Force, which was essential to the galaxy itself.

    When beings passed on, they became one with the Force, now apart of the binding power of the galaxy. Past events preceding the galaxy?s own creation were stored in the limitless span of the Force. The Future, reaching all the way to the galaxy?s destruction, were seen in full clarity.

    Time was sustained by the Force, each time period linked to each other, like threads of yarn on a much grander scale. These ?threads? are held up by the Force. They were composed of different eras of history, they themselves held up by significant. If any imbalance of the Force occurred in any of these threads and was left unchecked, time, the Force, the galaxy and life inhabiting it?would cease to exist.

    This is exactly what was happening.

    Events were not playing out like they would be. People who lived died, and people died now lived , throwing the ?threads? out of kilter.

    In order to right these discrepancies, Jedi Masters from time?s past have called upon heroes from all across the galaxy?s history, plucked from their respective times.

    Human or wookie, Jedi or Sith, it did not matter. All assembled would be apart of the greatest group ever assembled in history, recorded or unrecorded.

    They would travel across time, fixing the kinks of galactic history. They would be known as THE WATCHMEN.




    The Star Wars galaxy is in itself a vast place, not to mention all of its history. So selecting someone from such a pool might seem like a daunting task.

    You can select any, and I do mean, ANY, character from the Star Wars mythos to be apart of this time-travelling group. Do be known that once a character is selected, ONLY that incarnation of the character is allowed (eg: You select Darth Vader, no one else can pick another version of Anakin Skywalker.) The reason being is that, with the time line imbalanced as it is, such a meeting would cause a paradox that would render the already fragile galaxy asunder .

    Although everyone here will be known as heroes, I don?t expect only Jedi to pop up. Selecting bad guys is allowed (encouraged even), so as to create conflict and personality within the team.


    1. No Flaming
    2. No God-Modding
    3. Mind the TOS


    CHARACTER SHEETS (to be PM?ed to me)

    Alias (if you have one)
    Era: (if this is a particular character with a lengthy history, please state which time period he comes from)
    Description :(picture or a paragraph)
    Bio/History (not too long):

    Xan Edit: Locked at GM's request
  2. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Gerrik Thade
    Alias: The Phantom
    Profession: Jedi Master
    Era: Old Republic/ Onset of the Sith Wars
    Bio/History (not too long): Born on the planet Tython, Gerrik was raised as a Jedi, having been born on the very steps of the Temple Gerrik was destined for training as a Jedi, his skill with the Force being very noticeable from birth. He was trained from infancy already mastering degrees of Force manipulation by the age of three that was on par with some padawans, he was continually trained by the best masters he could find and by the time he was ready to be taken on as an apprentice he was already more than capable and shortly after he was apprenticed he was promoted to Knight at the early age of seventeen. Then the wars struck the Republic, the Sith had begun to lay waste to it and it was up to the Jedi to stop them as best as they could, and it was in the advent of these wars that he was granted the rank of master, proving himself on the field of battle and routing any Sith fleet that threatened the peace and prosperity of those worlds he was sent to defend. After the wars ended he was suddenly approached by a few unknown individuals who extended an offer that Gerrik could not refuse, the offer of being able to keep all of time, and indeed the cosmos in order and balance, an opportunity no other Jedi he had known had ever been given. He is now the Phantom, a force that that appears and then vanishes leaving nothing in it's wake but peace and order, and removing all that there was that stood in it's way.
  3. DarthSubZero

    DarthSubZero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 10, 2006
    OOC: Ok, I honestly need more characters than this.[face_plain] If your going to play, SEND THEM!
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