Beyond - Legends The Way of the Truth *UPDATED & COMPLETED 9/11+ Dramatis Personae for The New Invasion: NJO Edition*

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  1. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Heh heh. Nah, there's simply more of a build up to the discovery of the Negative Race, and more of a mystery as to who it is killing people.

    I'll have a Dramatis Personae up for you to tease you after I've posted the epilogue today.
  2. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Alrighty then. Double update, which finishes off what I hope you think has been a great story, and outstanding series.

    Straight after the epilogue, I will post the TNI: NJO Edition Dramatis Personae. Hope you guys like :D
  3. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    One full step behind the two Jedi women she had escaped the cavernous network of dungeons with, Keira Osborne raced into the Dark Lord?s throne room and was confronted with the sight of total carnage.

    Not a single person, apart from Jabitha Solusar, Ellysa Moonstar and herself were on their feet. Off to her left, next to the dissolving husks of the two Negative Race bodyguards the Controller had brought with him, was the weeping Quiéña Tejada, hunched over the lifeless form of the Dark Jedi cyborg warrior, Joaquin Tejada, her brother.

    Off to the right was the body of Tsavong Lah, evidently having gone to his second and final death fighting, judging from the content smile stretched across his inert face, as well as the body of Dorsk 112, the Negative Race controller Szul?cul?ama, and Daron?

    Oh Force, no! Keira thought, rushing over the shapeshifter?s motionless form. Not Daron.

    As the two Jedi women ran deeper into the throne room to inspect the bodies of the fallen Jedi, Keira knelt down beside Daron and cradled his head in her arms, getting an almighty shock when the Shi?ido?s eyes snapped open and focused on her.

    ?Did I mention coming to this planet was a bad idea?? Daron Makili spluttered feebly, clearly in a lot of pain. From the way he was laying, the Shi?ido had evidently broken several of his gelatinous ribs, as well at least one of his legs and an arm.

    For once, Keira had no retort for the wisecracking shapeshifer, and she hugged him, tears of joy and relief rolling down her cheeks.

    Sighing in content, Keira let her eyes wander around the throne room, past the two Jedi women as they picked up Jemima Veila, Jaylin Skywalker and Kieran Solo to their feet, and to the motionless body laid at the foot of the Dark Lord?s throne.


    ?Oh no,? she cried, getting to her feet and dumping Daron?s head back onto the sandstone floor as she rushed over to the resurrected Jedi?s still-breathing form.

    ?Anakin,? she cradled his head in her arms, much as she had just done to Daron moments earlier. ?Anakin, please tell me you?re alright.?

    He was obviously not all right, given the lightsaber stab wound the Jedi Knight had suffered through his abdomen. As his eyes fluttered open, Anakin smiled weakly as he gazed into Keira?s eyes.

    ?I always knew that I wouldn?t survive in this life for long,? he whispered to her. ?I was brought back to help Yu?Ono complete his destiny, and that is it.?

    ?No,? Keira replied softly. ?We can save you. We have the technology. You can live.?

    ?No,? Anakin shook his head, still smiling directly at Keira and looking into her eyes. ?I?ve had my time, my life. This time, this life; it?s yours.?

    Grasping the extinguished lightsaber laid prone at his side, he handed it to Keira, hands shaking as he did. ?Give this to Yu?Ono,? he ordered her. ?It is his by right.?

    ?I will,? Keira promised, keeping a firm grip on the lightsaber with one hand, and grasping Anakin?s right hand with her other, her tears of joy from moments ago now tears of grief.

    Slowly, Anakin?s head lowered back to the sandstone ground, his breathing becoming ever more unsteady as Keira remained at his side, not loosening her grip on his hand with hers.

    His eyes staring into space, Anakin?s mouth moved, and uttered a faint whisper, then his eyes unfocused, and he breathed no more.

    Bursting into tears, Keira buried her face on Anakin?s unmoving chest, wailing with grief, not only at the death of the man she had slowly fallen in love with over the past half year, but at what his last words had been.


    The outstretched arm of Ellysa Moonstar pulled Jaylin Skywalker to his feet, and the disorientated Jedi shook his head to clear his vision. ?Ouch,? he winced, rubbing his forehead with his right hand.

    ?Heavy night?? Ellysa inquired politely, her tone at the edge of playful banter.

    ?Hell of a hangover,? he replied pithily, shaking off his dizziness and managing to stand fully upright again. His expression changed to one of seriousness when he s/>
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    The Universe

    As predicted by Yu?Ono, the unlocking of the Truth of the Force turned the tide in the struggle against the Negative Race and its evil. The revelation of Zsan?lee?fra by itself was not enough to turn the civilian population of the Negative Race against their masters, but a small group of radicals convinced by his broadcast unlocked reams of evidence against the Controllers and the military species and their war of xenocide. The following broadcasts by these resistance cells, coupled with their summary and very public executions by death squads of BA and DA Troopers, finally turned the majority of civilians against their masters, and a general revolt consumed the galaxy as the Negative Race civilian population attacked the ruling races, with a little help from some outside assistance?

    Negative Race Invasion Depot
    Denon System

    High Controller Tzed'lama'ruun looked out of the transparisteel viewscreen of the primary nexus of High Command section of the massive Invasion Depot that encompassed almost the entire Denon System. Below him, a mass of interconnecting construction yards worked at full pace in an attempt to replace the losses suffered by the Children of the Ancients at the Kelavine System several months earlier.

    In the aftermath of the destruction of the armada and the death of Governor-Controller Sco?lar, a power vacuum had emerged in the ranks of the Controllers. Most expected it to be filled by the ruthless Szul?cul?ama, the Fleet Controller tasked with the destruction of the remaining Accidents of Creation left in the galaxy. But his subsequent disappearance after the annihilation of the Geonosis planet had prompted a massive power struggle between the remaining Commandant-Controllers and Fleet Controllers. In the end, it was he, Tzed'lama'ruun, Szul?cul?ama?s erstwhile classroom rival, that had ascended to the wartime post of High Controller.

    The uprising of the civilians had made things worse, especially with the carnage they had wrought against the armies of the Children of the Ancients alongside the droid and clone armies of the Accidents of Creation. To make matters even more terrible, all communications to the OverView Committee had gone unanswered and ignored, as if the Council of Supreme-Controllers and the Ancients had abandoned Galaxy 4093 spiral to their own fate. High Controller Tzed had surmised, probably correctly, that with the discovery of the Accidents of Creation, the evidence of mass xenocide uncovered and the subsequent uprising, the Ancients had declared 4093 off-limits to all other galaxies under their control. The risk of contamination was too high, and if other civilian populations in neighbouring galaxies got wind of this, the Children of the Ancients would be consumed by an all-consuming civil war that could attract the attention of the enemies they had been so far unable to exterminate. If that happened, the Children of the Ancients would not recover for another million years.

    But, the High Controller mused, things were not as bad for the Children of the Ancients as the Accidents of Creation assumed. Right now, orbiting below the Central Nexus, nine Battleships, twenty-six troop transports, fifty-two frigates, two-hundred-sixty corvettes and six and a half thousand gunships stood ready to join the war against the advancing Civilian/Accident Coalition and their warfleet; reinforcements from the Corellian system who had learned of the massive uprising against the Ancients and lent their ships to transport the armies of the enemy. Added to this, the strategic reserve army of five trillion BA Troopers was now spread across the galaxy, transported by gigantic siege ships not used since the invasion of Coruscant a millennium ago, locked in surface combat with traitorous forces and their Accident of Creation allies on a thousand worlds.

    Turning away from the view port, High Controller Tzed'lama'ruun ran his gaze over the workers doing their jobs operating the Central Nexus and the rest of the expansive Invasion Depot. W
  5. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    And now for the Dramatis Personae. This will basically be the front page like the one at the beginning of all my stories. Feel free to ask any questions along with your reviews of the last 2 updates and the story as a whole :D

    PART I

    Dramatis Personae

    The Present

    The Strike Team

    Cakhmain clan Hakh?kar; Commando (male Noghri)
    Chell Noruth; Jedi Master (male human)
    Ebri clan Kihm?bar; Commando (male Noghri)
    Elan Huath; Tactical Shaper Adept, nuun (female Yuuzhan Vong)
    Haze; Storm Commando, Delta Squad, Empire of the Hand (male human)
    Hul Karsh; Intelligence Expert, nuun (male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Jacen Solo; Jedi Master (male human)
    Jagged Fel; Colonel, Empire of the Hand (male human)
    Jaina Solo; Jedi Knight (female human)
    Khabara clan Eikh?mar; Commando (male Noghri)
    Naliran clan Kosh?khar; Commando (male Noghri)
    Nyssa Jamaane; Strike Force leader, nuun (female Yuuzhan Vong)
    Prowler; Storm Commando, Delta Squad, Empire of the Hand (male human)
    Rukhmas clan Dosh?mar; Commando (male Noghri)
    Runck Zqar; Combat Specialist, nuun (male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Sentinel; Storm Commando, Delta Squad, Empire of the Hand (male Chiss)
    Shade; Storm Commando, Delta Squad, Empire of the Hand (male Eickarie)
    Shankali Tharna; Jedi Knight (female Chiss)
    Shawnkyr Nuruodo; Pilot, Empire of the Hand (female Chiss)
    Shok Cha; Strike Force Deputy, nuun (male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Vua Carr; Combat specialist, nuun (male Yuuzhan Vong)

    The Jedi Council

    Cilghal; Jedi Master (female Mon Calamari)
    Corran Horn; Jedi Master (male human)
    Kam Solusar; Jedi Master (male human)
    Kenth Hamner; Jedi Master (male human)
    Kirana Ti; Jedi Master (female human)
    Kyle Katarn; Jedi Master (male human)
    Kyp Durron; Jedi Master (male human)
    Mara Jade Skywalker; Jedi Master (female human)
    Saba Sebatyne; Jedi Master (female Barabel)
    Streen; Jedi Master (male human)
    Tionne Solusar; Jedi Master (female human)

    Jedi Knights

    Branda Besadii Diori; Jedi student (male Hutt)
    Devin Moonstar; Jedi Knight (male human)
    Valin Horn; Jedi student (male human)

    Galactic State Citizens

    Ben Skywalker; Child (male human)
    Beru Skywalker; Child (female human)
    C3-PO; Protocol Droid (masculine programming)
    Damien Dante; Industrialist (male human)
    Dark Tracker; Bounty Hunter (Human Replica Droid, male personality)
    Davir Alandro; President, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances (male human)
    Ephin Saretti; Grand Moff, Imperial Confederacy (male human)
    Fenix Reiner; Bounty Hunter (male human)
    Garm Bel Iblis; General, Galactic State Military (male human)
    Gilad Pellaeon; Grand Admiral, Imperial Confederacy (male human)
    Grando Calrissian; Child (male human)
    Han Solo; Captain, Millennium Falcon (male human)
    Jocoro Desilijic Tiure; Hutt Trade Magnate (male Hutt)
    Lando Calrissian; Co-founder, Tendandro Arms (male human)
    Leia Organa Solo; Retired Diplomat (female human)
    Luke Skywalker; Jedi Master (male human)
    Nomaw Tradon; Senator, Ithorian Remnant (male Ithorian)
    Owen Skywalker; Child (male human)
    R2-D2; Astromech Droid (masculine programming)
    Shada D?Ukal; Smuggler (female human)
    Talon Karrde; Information broker, Smuggler (male human)
    Tendra Risant Calrissian; Co-founder, Tendandro Arms (female human)

    Chiss Ascendancy Personnel

    Chaf?orm?bintrano; Aristocra (male Chiss)
    Chak Fel; Colonel, Empire of the Hand (male human)
    Kres?ten?tarthi; General, Empire of the Hand (male Chiss)
    Soontir Fel; Assistant Syndic, Empire of the Hand (male human)
    Wynssa Fel; Corporal, Empire of the Hand (female human)

    Zonama Sekot Personnel

    Danni Quee; Jedi Knight (female human)
    Harrar; High Priest (male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Morgoth Shai; Combat Teacher (male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Nas Choka; Warmaster (male Yuuzhan Vong)
    Tahiri Veila; Jedi Knight (female human)
  6. Yodas-evil-twin Jedi Knight

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    Guess who??

    Very good, though there are somethings about the ending that kept it too fan fictionny. In particular the dark side be destroyed.

    Now on to the NJO-Editions and Gungans vs Ewoks!!

  7. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    You're getting good with the first replies. I'll have to take bets on who gets the first replies to my future stories.

    About the dark side. It hasn't been destroyed, but it has lost a lot of its potency with the extinguishing of the Eternal Pyre and the dark side energy generated by the Sith spirits. Any future Sith Lord will have trouble calling on such a massive amount of power, and even then, Yu'Ono is there with his unlocked powers, and the Jedi have evolved into a more powerful state.

    Just a note, my 3 vignettes will come first, then Gungans vs Ewoks, then the TNI: NJO Edition will arrive here about New Year's time.
  8. sdhfs Jedi Master

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    May 22, 2004
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  9. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Thanks. I hope to see you reading my upcoming stories :D
  10. Kaileron Jedi Master

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    Jun 30, 2003
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    It sucked. What a worthless pile of ****
    Such a lame story.
    Where are my tomatoes?

    j/k ;)
    Finally we get to see the Neti Jeedai. Very cool, I almost had forgotten about the Neegatif civilian but it was nice he died afterall.
    Hm, it is only a pity that we don't get to know what happens to the Ancients themselves. I personally hoped for an explaining what happened to the rest of the Negative Race & The Ancients.
    Now the only thing left is drawings. I still find it hard how I should imagine an Ancient :)
    So it is finally over! :(
    :_| :_| :_| :_| :_| :_| :_| :_| :_|
  11. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    *puts Kaileron on his bad list* :p

    May the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster smite you with His Noodly Appendage!

    Of course I was gonna put in the Neti Jedi. Everything mentioned in this story had a purpose. And the civilian of course, was put in there early 'cos I knew from the draft I had written back in '03 that the civilians had been kept in the dark about the Negative Race's true purpose in the universe, since they had been bred to be practically like humans. Just normal. If they ever found out about the Great Purge the Negs have been carrying out they would be disgusted.

    As for the Ancients themselves, well, their backstory reveals that when they were involved in a massive war against their counterparts in the Positive Race, a scientist discovered that they were being manipulated by their Creators. So they called off the war with the Positive Race and wiped out the Creators, stealing the very genetic engineering technology they were created with. But the revelation of their weakness frightened them so much that they created the Controllers and the BA Troopers to do their fighting for them, holed up on a desolate moon far across the universe, and ordered their creations to wipe out everything in the universe.

    So they're kinda like Sauron in LOTR. They have all these minions doing their bidding, but they're just sitting there in their own territory waiting for the universe to be cleansed.

    The reference to other enemies mentioned in the epilogue is a nod to the Positive Race, who were created alongside the Ancients but were actually good rather than evil, but are capable of standing toe-to-toe, and even defeating the Negative Race.

    And I don't even know what an Ancient looks like ;) Everyone feel free to do some illustrations :)
  12. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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  13. Yodas-evil-twin Jedi Knight

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    Overall, I have to say that YK's trilogy is better than yours. The fact is, its just a bit too easy to tell that its fan fiction.
  14. Uldir_Fenn Jedi Youngling

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    So, are the NJO versions just going to exactly the same storyline as these ones but in the NJO time?
  15. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    [face_plain] Well that's your opinion but I know a lot of other readers disagree with you.

    It'll conform to continuity established by the NJO, but the basic element of the plot will remain the same. There'll be a lot of changes though.
  16. Kaileron Jedi Master

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    Who or what is YK's trilogy?
  17. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    YodaKenobi. He's a kinda friend of mine. I read his stories, but we're mature enough to not compare our stories to each other, because it's not about, "My story is better than yours."
  18. Kaileron Jedi Master

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    Behold my superior drawing skills as I draw the über-version of...



    (Edit, ya okay... so that pic didn't quite showed up like I wanted to... :_| o_O )
  19. Yodas-evil-twin Jedi Knight

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    I understand perfectly. If you notice, your trilogy seems to reflect the more fun side of star wars, while his seems to reflect the more serious.(not that yours isn't)
  20. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    OK, did you actually attempt a picture or is that the worse attempt at formatting I've ever seen? :p

    The main difference between mine and YK's is the scale and scope. From what I've read of YK's work, he concentrates a lot on the here and now stuff. Mine delves deeply into the all-expanding "big picture" with civilisations rising and falling thanks to what someone does and its effect on the Force. We're both very dark writers, and I have to say that when it comes to dark I know I can excel with the best of them. However, I like to incorporate as much of Lucas' vision in this as possible, and that includes cheesy dialogue and random humourous occurences.

    And yes, I happen to like making my stories fun. If a trilogy about an evil race exterminating the galaxy in a fairly brutal manner can be called fun ;)
  21. behenna Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 29, 2003
    Great ending! Pittys its ended but it was a great fic, its been a very enjoyable read can't wait for the njo thingy, bring back another anikian, solo this time:p he died to soon in the books he had great potential!
  22. Yodas-evil-twin Jedi Knight

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    I wonder what the positive race looks like.
  23. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Anakin Solo will make a sort of...appearance ;)
  24. Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Like the Ancients. But with a friendly smile on their face and hippy long hair ;)
  25. Kaileron Jedi Master

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    Ew:eek: , please don't tell me they are based on those treehugging greenpeace-hippies?[face_praying]
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