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    AN: Last entry was pretty dramatic and long, and next entry is going to be pretty… explosive, so I wanted today’s entries to be funny.

    Donna Lyman - 10/31/2009 - Entry 14

    How I ever worked in the West Wing off the White House for seven years, I do not know. The East Wing is a much better fit for me. We have more fun on the east side of the house. Take, for example, Halloween. Every year we dress up, welcome kids in from local schools and military families, give them treats (which include both sweets and dried fruit), and give them both an entertaining and educational afternoon.

    This year’s theme was all about empowerment and letting kids know that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up (Josh complained that this was unrealistic - I told him to tell that to his boss). The theme really went hand in hand with the President’s recent education reform. So we had the children dress up as whatever they wanted to be when they grew up, and then go around to different booths on the lawn to learn about different careers. The end of the event was a short speech by the President, telling the kids how he got to his job and what he does.

    Because Annabeth, the First Lady, and I all look remotely similar (we are all blonde white women), we have always dressed in the same costume for Halloween. Last year, we had a “Future Science and Technology” theme, so we all dressed up as Princess Leia. This year, we knew the First Lady wasn’t going to dress up, so we dressed up as her, complete with belly bumps (made with pillows).

    When Mrs. Santos entered our office suite, she laughed. “You guys think it’s funny now. Just wait until you actually get pregnant.”

    The Halloween event went smoothly. Though I help organize these events, I rarely have to be actively involved, so I was able to quickly slip away to see Josh (as I also had to get the President when it was time for his part, so I had to be in the West Wing anyways).

    Margaret merely raised an eyebrow as I passed her.

    Josh shook his head from behind his desk. “You know, Leo had a policy: whatever happens in the East Wing needs to stay in the East Wing.”

    “What?” I said, giving him a profile view, rubbing my pillow. “You don’t like it?”

    “You look like my boss’ wife.”

    I nodded. “Good answer. But what would you think if I ever ended up in this position?”

    “I would hope to God my boss didn’t put you in that position.”

    I quickly pushed out my pillow and threw it at him.

    I’ll tell him soon. I just need to confirm with the doctor, not to mention get used to the idea myself. I don’t want Josh to get worked up until I am absolutely sure I am pregnant.


    Helen Santos - October 31, 2009 - Entry 14

    I am now 35 flipping weeks pregnant and I just do not want to deal with humanity anymore. Unfortunately, I still get woken up by the President of the United States. But no one ever said I actually have to be nice to him.

    This pregnancy has less than ideal on our relationship. I’m now sleeping in a recliner in the sitting area of our bedroom - partly because I was waking Matt up at night, but mostly because it is the only place I can actually get into a comfortable position: slightly reclined with my feet up. I’m also so very crabby these days, I often just avoid him. He annoys me.

    Still, he tries to be sweet.

    He woke me up this morning with a kiss and a tray of cut fruit, including strawberries. “Good morning love. How are you feeling?”

    “Ready for this kid of yours to come.”

    “You say that now,” he laughed. He helped me sit the chair up and gave me the tray. He sat on the arm of the chair. “Maria and I got the kids off for school already.”

    “Do I want to know what they were dressed as?”

    “Well, since the Halloween event is all about future careers, Miranda dressed as a civil engineer - complete with a business suit and a hard hat.” Miranda is passed her “princess phase” and has become a really strong girl. She loves math - probably because her math homework is the one thing she gets to do with her father.

    “And Peter?” I asked because now that Peter is 14 and in high school he doesn’t have to go along with the White House planned events.

    “Peter and I decided to go as the same thing today.”

    I groaned. “Matt?” Matt has joked every Halloween thus far in his position that he is “dressed as the first Latino President of the United States.” Matt (sensibly) doesn’t do Halloween.

    “He’s 14 and didn’t want to attract any attention to himself.”

    I pouted. “Has my first baby really grown up?”

    Matt nodded.

    “I’m going as the idiotic First Lady, but I’m that every day. Have we become the boring First Family? ”

    He held my stomach. “Helen, we are many things, boring is not one of them.” He kissed my belly. “Also,” he said. I groaned. ‘Also’ is his way of changing the subject, which he only does when he wants me to ask me to do something. “I have to go to Huston early next week. I have some meetings and an appearance with the Governor. Do you want to come with me - maybe we can visit our families?”

    “Matt, I’m eight months pregnant!”

    “We have a private jet.”

    I rolled my eyes.

    “Come on. Next year is the election.”

    “MATTHEW!” I was pissed.

    “I barely won Texas in ’06. If I can win it again, along with California, I practically have re-election in the bag.”

    “That’s hubris. What does Josh call it?”

    Matt now rolled his eyes. “Tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing, or something. Come on. Texas loves pregnant you. Shows I have good ’old family values.”

    “By enslaving your very pregnant wife?”

    “Well, this is Texas we are talking about. I can arrange for a nice private evening for us.”

    The things I do for my husband. “This is going on the blackmail list. This is like third from the top of the ‘I owe Helen’ list.” It’s a damn long list. Donna is keeping track for me.

    He grinned. “So you’ll come?”

    “As long as I don’t have to do anything else for the rest of my pregnancy.”

    “Well, there is the whole labour and delivery part.”

    And that is how President Santos got a strawberry chucked at his head.

    I, too, was able to slip away from the Hallowe’en festivities for awhile (what would Donna and I do without Annabeth?). But I escaped for a nap. It was great. If Matt is dragging me to Texas next week, I get to spend the next few days napping whenever I feel like it.

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    *runs in*
    I'm so so so sorry. I read this back when you posted and then my family pulled me away and I completely forgot I hadn't left my comments. I'm terrible.

    But I LOVE It!

    The idea of Annabeth and Donna dressing as Helen was so funny, and then to imagine Margaret's face. [face_laugh] It was perfect.
    And Josh:

    [face_laugh] I literally laughed out loud.

    But Donna may be pregnant?!? :D :D Yay!

    Poor Helen. She sounds so uncomfortable. I loved Miranda as a civil engineer (also that Helen was Leia the year before!) complete with her hard hat!

    Woot! You can never go wrong with the wrath quote! Also, I guess he has a point about the family values thing. Nothing shows that like being very pregnant! But I agree with Helen, I don't know that this is such a great idea! :p

    I can't wait for more! :D
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    It's okay, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Oh Margaret!

    I have learned I actually love writing Josh, just for these moments.

    Karma is going to come raining down on both Donna and Josh!

    Yeah. I figured being pregnant is not fun, especially when your duties are all about appearances.

    And Miranda is a future advocate for women in STEM :p

    I had to get that quote in somewhere!

    I think "family values" was what helped him win over Vinick, so I think Matt wants to monopolize on that. But no... it's never a good idea to travel while 36 weeks preggo. Especially in my fics!
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    AN: I think I was supposed to update last week. Opps!

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    Donna Lyman - 11/04/2009 - Entry 15

    It’s happened.

    How could this happen?

    And on the 3rd anniversary of Leo McGarry’s death.

    I know this entry is going to make no sense, but I need to do something to keep myself busy and awake.

    I’m currently in the Residence with Miranda and Peter Santos. It’s late - it’s 11PM. We are on lock down and not even their aunt can get back in. I’m trying to keep them calm. I was only here because Josh and I were out on a date and he had to run back here for something he forgot when it happened.

    Josh is running around like a mad-man, trying to get some sort of information - for me to tell the kids, but the Secret Service isn’t releasing anything - not even to Josh.

    Because America might be at war.

    And I might be sitting with two orphans.

    We don’t know if the president is alive. We don’t know if the first lady is dead.

    Alright, let me explain the basics. The president was giving a speech at a high school in Texas this evening with the Governor of Texas. The first lady was with him - yes, she traveled at 36 weeks pregnant. Near the end of the president’s speech, there was an explosion under or near the stage. Now, no one knows what is happening.

    There are conflicting reports coming from the media - I guess it is the nature of speculation in this time of no information. Some are reporting the motorcade went to a military base (some are reporting this as though we are at war, which we might be, though I know a military base would be considered a safe-place for the president to be if there was an attempt on his life). Other sources are reporting the motorcade went to a hospital.

    Others are reporting that body bags are being brought into the now sealed site.

    But… there’s no one from the press office here this late to make an official in-person statement. Again, we are on lock down. I think Josh is bringing in the Vice-President, but I’m not sure if anyone else will be allowed in.

    I’m sure as hell not letting Josh address the world.

    Which means, I may have to do it.

    And I will have to tell two children either way.

    I’m scared, but I can’t show it. So I’m writing endlessly…

    Josh is here now.


    Helen Santos - November 14, 2009 - Entry 15

    Okay. This is going to be a long entry, but I need to get this down. History will want my witness to the events of November 4th, 2009. So here it is.

    Ten days ago, I agreed to accompany my husband on a trip to Huston - he had some meetings with some energy companies and a pubic speaking event with Governor Alexander Jackson of Texas. A generally quiet day-trip, so I didn’t have any staff with me, and Matt only had his Deputy-Chief-of-Staff Veronica Wesse, a few other junior staffers, and the Secretary of Energy.

    We flew on Air-Force One early in the morning. Matt and I actually got some time alone, just to cuddle. We needed it. I just didn’t know how much.

    After we landed, Matt went off to his meetings and I went to my parents house. I spent some time with them, getting the whole guilt trip from my mother for not visiting more often, as well as some gifts for the baby. I then waddled off to Matt’s sister’s - Lucy’s. I got to catch up with my best friend, as well as have a nap on her spare bed (possibly one of the most needed naps of my life - it prepared me to survive what was to follow). Lucy and I then were driven to Matt’s parents where we met up with Matt and had a “normal” family dinner.

    Matt’s dad, Luis, has Alzheimer’s. We have kept it pretty quiet, plus, it is still in it’s early stages. Though - and Maria, Marita, and I have kept this from Matt - Luis has steadily gotten worse over the past year. Some days he doesn’t know who Marita is. Marita claims she has his care under control with the help from Matt’s brother (which is keeping Jorge out of trouble), but I still feel bad for dragging Maria away to care for my kids.

    According to Lucy, Luis was having a good day, still, he was having troubles remembering Matt was the President of the United States and why the Secret Service was needed.

    Matt and his dad have never been super close - Luis is a simple man and Matt’s dreams were always so big - but I could see how his father’s condition saddened him.

    However, Luis beamed with pride and Matt could see that. When we left to go to the rally at the high school with Governor Jackson and his wife Fiona, Matt was able to instantly transformed from the son of Luis and Marita, to the President of the United States. The differences are subtle, but he sat up straighter and did up his top button. He led the conversation, instead of merely listening as he did with his father. I love Matt in all his versions, but President Santos is often all business. I felt like just an object at his side.

    A very pregnant object.

    To be honest, I don’t remember what the rally was official for - I’m blaming it on baby-brain. Something about encouraging clean energy. But really it was an early event for both Matt’s and Governor Jackson’s re-election campaigns. However that is not what history will remember the event for.

    I don’t remember much of the event. I was seated near the back of the stage and did what I do at nearly every other Presidential event - smile, clap, and try not to fall asleep. People don’t realize this, but I often can’t hear what is being said at the podium, so I often go off into my own little world.

    Where I was when the bomb went off. One second I was sitting there, the next, I’m on the grass, barefoot and in pain. It is all frankly a blur from there. I remember the pain in my stomach. The smoke and the screams. I remember two Secret Service agents - Collin Andrews and Ron Butterfield - picking me up under my arms and running with me to the nearest SUV and shoved me into it.

    At that point, I realized I was screaming and there was fluid soaking my skirt.

    The vehicle began moving and started calling, “MATT! WHERE THE [redacted] IS MATT?” Feared gripped me as I had a contraction. I thought my Matt was dead. That was the only logical explanation (in my head) as to why the head of my husband’s security detail was with me instead of Matt - really it was because Ron had been closer to me at the time of the explosion than Matt.

    Turns out, Matt was so close to the edge of the stage (because he likes to do that thing where he walks around while giving his speeches), he pretty much jumped off and was uninjured when the explosion went off. He had been rushed by about 15 Secret Service agents who were in front of the stage. They had gotten him out in “Limousine One” even before I was shoved into the Secret Service SUV. However, Matt said he was pretty much having an aneurysm trying to get to me, but the Secret Service wouldn’t let him.

    Anyways, Ron pretty much got that I was in labour and told the driver to get to the nearest hospital while I was still in hysterics. Denial isn’t the first stage of grief. It’s screaming at Ron Butterfield to confirm what I thought was true. Of course he had no idea.

    We were on radio silence. Ron didn’t want anyone knowing we were on our way to an unsecured hospital. The other Secret Service on Matt didn’t want the location of the secure location where they were bringing Matt to be spoken over radio or phone. This was all encase the attacks on our lives were not over.

    Which lead to the worst two hours of my, and - as Matt tell me - any president’s lives. I was taken to a hospital and locked in a room with Ron, Collin, three doctors and a team of nurses. Ron was amazing. I’m not sure if I could have done it without him. He held my hand though the contractions and when the doctors told me I was going have to give birth that night.

    “Ron!” I screamed. “Sorry, my husband is dead, you failed, so I need you.”

    “Ma’am, we don’t think -.”

    “I’M NOT STUPID, so you are going to hold my hand while I push this kid out.” He then gripped my outstretched hand. “What is your real name? Because I’m going to have to scream at someone and I think Ronald is a stupid name.”

    “Ronen. My full name is Ronen, Ma’am.”

    I feel really bad for yelling those things at Ronen. He comforted me by saying the White House was secure, so Miranda and Peter were safe. This all is probably hard to envision if you have ever met Ronen Butterfield, but he just kept telling me, “Ma’am, breathe, it is going to be okay.” He probably just wanted to keep me from screaming at him.

    Finally, someone got into contact with someone and Ron was able to tell me that Matt was alive and well. I never felt so uplifted in my life.

    “Oh thank the Lord. Please, is there any way we can get him on the phone?” I knew it would be impossible for him to attend his child’s birth, but having him hear it would have been a compromise.

    “We’ll see what we can do.” Ron was about to get up when Collin, who was on his phone, went pale.

    “We need to go to the secure location now.”

    I didn’t argue, but one of the doctors did. “The amniotic sac has ruptured and she’s already four centimetres dilated. This child is coming fast - within the next few hours.”

    Collin wasn’t arguing. He was getting his way. He turned to Ron. “We don’t think the president was the target.”

    Turns out, I was, along with the bi-racial Governor Jackson, were the targets. Because White-Supremacists make no [redacted] sense. Because a Latino, Native American man can be President, but he can’t have a child with a white woman.

    AND because a man deserved to die because his mother was white and his father was black? We lost a great man when Alexander Jackson died.

    After it was released that Governor Alexander Jackson was dead, a Klan came out and [redacted] bragged about their accomplishments when they assumed I - or at least my child - was also dead.

    Ron decided it was best if I was transported to the secure location to give birth, since the baby (surprisingly) showed no signs of distress. I really wasn’t given much of a choice in the matter. I was loaded up into an ambulance and we went in silence (well, save for my screaming) to the military base. Thankfully, a team of military doctors were there waiting for me.

    I really didn’t care if none of these doctors had delivered a baby. I was put on an military issue medical bed, surrounded by people I had never met, all of whom who had to look at my lady-bits, and I just did not care. I was just ready for the day to end. I just wanted to go to sleep, but the contractions kept coming.

    However, I was actually pretty calm by then - perhaps it came from knowing my family was okay, perhaps the adrenaline was gone and I just knew what my body had to do - I had done it two other times.

    Plus, drugs. The drugs were helping a lot.

    After surviving an assassination attempt, I could deliver a kid.

    Because, in the face of hatred, fear, and death, this kid was getting life.

    Then Matt entered the room, surrounded by about 20 other men. More people saw my private area that night than men who have been president.

    Matt came to my side and simply held me. The feel of his shirt against my cheek was so simple, yet so comforting. He was crying, so I started crying.

    “I guess this kid really wanted to be a Texan,” I said, trying to laugh.

    Matt smiled. “Yeah.” He kissed my forehead.

    I offered him my hand. “You ready for this, Mathew?”

    “You’re doing all the work.”

    “Damn straight and don’t you forget it.”

    At 3:03 am local time, after a relatively short labour of 6 hours, I gave birth to our third child. Matt cut the umbilical cord amongst screaming and crying from both me and the baby.

    Five minutes later, Matt came to me holding a bundle of blankets. "We have a problem.”

    My heart sank. Then Matt said. “It’s a boy, but we can’t go with Matthew, Junior. They’ll think we cloned me.”

    I could have killed Matt in that moment. After all I had been through, and he was joking. Joking about the problem and the name (Matthew, Junior was never an option), not about the kid looking like him. Matt placed the baby in my arms. The resemblance is uncanny. “Well,” I sighed. “At least they can’t claim he isn’t yours.”

    In proper military efficiency, I was recovering in a private room with just Matt and our son an half-an-hour later. Before drifting off to sleep in his arms, Matt and I came up with the name for the sleeping child.

    Leo-Vincente Alexander Ronen Santos.

    Leo, after Leo McGarry, who had died three years prior. Though we only knew him for a few short months, he was integral in getting Matt to where he is today. Matt has always felt a bit responsible for Leo McGarry’s death. My grandfather was named Leopold - a strong Polish name. Leo has always a name we wanted to give this child if he was a boy. It simply felt right to remember such men with our son.

    Vincente is a long-running Santos family name and Matt’s own middle name. Matt was never going to get Mathew, Junior, but I let him have Vincente. Leo-Vincente Santos just sounds right.

    Alexander, after Governor Alexander Jackson. He will not be forgotten.

    And Ronen, because after putting up with me on the worst day of my life, Ron deserved something.

    I better end this. Elvie is waking up for his lunch.

    Yes, he is nine days old and Leo-Vincente has already has had his name shortened to LV and I chose to write it out as Elvie, because otherwise it just looks like Roman numerals.

    It was Abbey Bartlet’s idea to shorten it to Elvie. Why Abbey Bartlet came up with my son’s name, is a long story for an entry tomorrow, maybe. But Elvie Santos has just kinda stuck to the kid. I don’t think there’s any changing it.


    the name (open)
    Okay, so the Santo’s third child was always going to be named Leo-Vincente – the name just popped into my head back when I wrote Junior – then Mav, you named Josh and Donna’s kid Leo, so I did think about changing it, but I decided to keep it (because I have had dinner with 6 Davids, I know 3 Michaels that live together, and in high school knew two best friends named Kate). A future President and Vice-President both named Leo doesn’t seem nearly as far fetched as the rest of our universe :p And as you will see, Leo-Vincente isn’t his name. It is Elvie.
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    I knew something bad was going to happen, I just knew it!!

    That was really exciting! Even though I knew Helen and the baby had to live and I was pretty sure that Matt would, it was still very tense. I LOVED Ron taking over and being there for Helen during one of the scariest moments of her life. I can't imagine being in labor and thinking your husband was dead, but if it did happen, I think I'd want Ron there. I love how you added more to his character here!

    [face_laugh] Poor woman! I'm sure it always feels that way, but when that many men walk into the room.... ugh!

    Leo-Vincente Alexander Ronen Santos -- [face_love][face_love]
    I love the explanation of his name, it is perfect! I wondered where Elive came from and I think it's great!
    Also that adds another dimension to the Lyman/Santos ticket, the Leo/Leo ticket :p

    And yeah, I had three really close friends who were Jeff, Jeff and Geoff. I ended up calling Geoff "Gee-off" not because I didn't know how to pronounce his name, but because it got really confusing. So I agree that having them both being Leo isn't a big deal.
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    Oh my goodness, but these have been an awesome few updates - the delivery of Elvie was probably one of my favourites - because a chaotic entrance into the world is probably something Sorkin would approve of in all its forms. :p

    I literally chuckled out loud for that one! What a hoot - and I'm so glad that they're trying to keep it lighthearted in the East Wing! Helen is not having the easiest pregnancy, and I can't blame her for being grumpy and uncomfortable one bit. (And I love that the banter is still there, even so! You have a great knack for dialogue going in this story. [face_love])

    And a Josh/Donna baby on the way too! Yes, all the babies in the White House! [face_dancing] Jed would approve. :p

    If she had something to throw at him, no one would have blamed her. ;) But I still loved the levity after that whirlwind of a chapter. Just . . . what a great job building up the tension! You definitely captured the chaos and confusion that would accompany such a terrible situation like that. Donna was so brave and stalwart, and Ron, RON! I loved every bit of him and Helen in this chapter - and I loved his full name. [face_love]

    Aw, a very fitting name for their child, and a lovely abbreviation of it! [face_love][face_love]

    Thanks for sharing, as always! This continues to be a fantastic read. :D [face_dancing]
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    Thanks. I think, what I really like about TWW, is that MOST of the conflict and drama is politically driven - it is very intellectual based conflict. BUT the show also occasionally got into the "over the top/lives on the line" drama, but those plot devices (IE people getting shot and blown up) are used sparingly.

    Haha. Me too. I really liked Ron, so I wanted to use him a bit more.

    That actually inspired my my friend's mom. She apparently had a nursing class watch her give birth, but she was at the point where she didn't really care.

    Super long name curiosity of the fact that Canadian Prime Ministers have had some bizarrely long names (seriously, it's like a requirement or something).

    Thanks :p

    LOL! I actually know so many Davids and Daves that one "Dave" gets pronounced with an Australian accent (his family is from Australia) just to differentiate.

    Thanks. I pulled out my inner Sorkin :p

    Thanks. i really enjoy writing dialogue for my TWW fics.

    Hahaha! Jed does approve! And there will be one other baby. Because this is the "Youth and Vigour" White House... or at least the fertile one :p

    HAHA! She probably should have thrown something. And thanks. I wasn't sure how to write Ron, but I really wanted him to be there/


    Thank you! I'm having so much fun writing this and I'm so glad you two are enjoying it!
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    Helen Santos - November 15, 2009 - Entry 16

    Alright. Perhaps now I’ll have time to explain why I have spent the past few days with President and Dr. Bartlet.

    The morning after I had Elvie (and after I had slept), I had to be a part of Matt’s daily intelligence briefing. I was fairly miserable and fairly bitchy. I was still in the medical wing of a military base, feeling the concussion I had, along with the fact that Matt was holding an 7 pound kid I had pushed out of my body just six hours before. Elvie was, thankfully, completely healthy and totally asleep in his father’s arms.

    I was meeting the members of Elvie’s Secret Service detail. Yeah, the kid was 6 hours old and already had a detail. I was given instructions to give my newborn to one of four people I didn’t know incase of an emergency. One of these four people will always be with Elvie.

    “Is this really necessary?”

    “Christine, Paul, Kennedy, and Regan will essentially be joining your detail, Ma’am,” Ron assured me. “However, they will always carry a pack needed to take care of Leo-Vincente if needed.”

    I turned to the four new members. “Sorry you guys basically got diaper-bag duty in case of the nuclear apocalypse.” Again I asked, “Is this really necessary?”

    “Len, we don’t know if you and the baby are safe,” Matt’s voice sounded so vulnerable. “We don’t know exactly how many people were involved in the plot last night.”

    I didn’t need reminding that someone tried to kill me and my baby. I rubbed my head against my monster headache. “I’m sorry. Thank you all.” I know these people put their lives on their line for me, Matt, and now Elvie. “I guess you want me and Leo-Vincente back in the White House as soon as possible.”

    Ron nodded. “The doctors have cleared you to travel already. Once you decide on a location that can be properly secured.”

    I looked at Matt.

    “We want you and the baby at a location that has the appropriate infrastructure in place for maximum protection for him and you. I know you had originally planned on spending some time away from the White House when the baby came.”

    I nodded. The White House has hundreds of people come and going - even the Residence has a minimum of twelve people around on any given day. Which means a lot of germs for a newborn. I had originally planned on spending a few weeks at one of the presidential guest houses for the first week or so, but those were out of the plan now.

    "This is why we need an actual home, Matt,” I reminded him. I sighed. “So what are my options?”

    Matt replied. “Camp David or,” he paused, “The Bartlets have invited us to stay with them for a few days. It’s actually where I would prefer you. They put in all sorts of security measures in after Zoey was kidnapped so that she and Abbey could stay there, even when Jed was in DC.”

    Which is how I ended up in New Hampshire.

    I was able to flush my colon and have a shower before leaving the military base. One of the few things women will tell you about having a baby is that your first bowl movement after giving birth will leave you needing a shower, which becomes like a bloodbath. But after those two things, you feel like a relatively normal human again. Traveling from the Southern US to the Northern US was actually survivable. Elvie wasn’t much of a fan of Air-Force One though. However, he was he fine as soon as his dad bounced him up and down the plane.

    When we got to the Bartlet farm, I actually began to question my decision. I didn’t want to be a burden to the Bartlets. I could have made the White House work for a newborn.

    But when we got on their porch, Abbey greeted me and Leo-Vincente with a hug. I began to cry and all she said was, “I understand. I understand.” Jed repeated the same words to Matt when they shook hands.

    And I knew they did. They too had nearly lost a child.

    “Come on,” Abbey said. “Let’s get you inside. I have the guest rooms all set up. Maria is on her way with Peter and Miranda. But you need your rest.”

    “Thank you so much,” I sniffled as I followed her with the baby. “I don’t know how I can ever repay you for your kindness.”

    She sat with me on the edge of the guest bed as I fed Leo-Vincente. “I wish I had someone who understood what I went through after Zoey was taken. I wouldn’t be much of a mother if I didn’t give you what you needed. You have done amazing work. I want to help so you can keep going. Besides, my life is boring and Jed is driving me insane.”

    Matt, Miranda and Peter stayed at the Bartlet farm for three days before I sent them back to DC. Peter and Miranda had to get back to school and Matt had to get back to Josh.

    Before he left, Matt told me, “The party needs to know for sure if I am running for re-election. I would like to run again. I would like to complete my work and get four more years not having to worry about getting elected again. But, if you are done, I understand. Just… think about it. Pray about it. I will do what you want.”

    I’ve been thinking and praying and I still don’t know my reply.

    I’ve been here ten days now and they have been a much needed ten days full of rest and laughing (which hurt so much, but I’m sure Donna will recount her visit in her entry and do the the tale justice better than my sleep deprived brain). But I leave tomorrow. I miss Matt and the older kids, but I am also not looking forward to resuming duties as First Lady with Elvie.

    Which brings me to my quick story on how Elvie got his name.

    After his father and siblings left, Elvie wasn’t very happy. I was pacing around with him one late morning muttering to him. I had been up with him since early in the morning. I tried to hush him as I made my way to the kitchen, but Abbey and Jed were already there. They greeted me with smiles as they sat at their table.

    “Oh, Leo-Vincent doesn’t sound very happy,” Jed commented (Yes, I call him by his first name. He gets mad at me if I don’t - something about if I have to put up with the current president, that should save me from having to call any former president “Sir”).

    “No, not when old white farts mispronounce his name,” Abbey snipped. “It’s Vincente dear.”

    “Sounds like an old fart name.” Jed held out his hands.

    “You would know,” Abbey quipped.

    I happily let Jed hold Leo-Vincente and the former president began to coo to the baby, who stopped crying (the kid just doesn’t like me). “You need a shorter name. How about Fifty-Five?”

    I didn’t get it, but I thought it was due to the sleep deprivation. But Abbey also didn’t get it. “Huh?” she said.

    “His initials are ‘L’ and ‘V’.” Jed held up his fingers to visualize his point. "That makes fifty-five in Roman Numerals."

    "Jed, that is dumber than the fact that you thought Jed was a shorter form of Josiah. I'm not sure you are qualified to come up with nicknames.”

    “No, when people ask this kid where he got such a cool nickname, he’s going to be able to tell them all about his dad and Leo.”

    I just shook my head at their banter. I hope Matt and I are able to lovingly banter at each other once this thing is all done.

    “Fifty-Five isn’t much shorter than Leo-Vincente. How about Elvie, as in El Vee?” Abbey concluded. “Elvie Santos.”

    And that just kinda stuck. First it was just Abbey and Jed calling him Elvie. But then I got tired of saying Leo-Vincente (sorry, kid, it is a long name), and he isn’t much of a “Leo” (both Leos I knew, I knew them as older gentlemen), so I started calling him Elvie on the phone to Matt. Finally, Donna just took it and ran with it. So my son’s name is Elvie.


    Donna Lyman - 11/15/2009 - Entry 16

    Mrs. Santos and little Elvie return from New Hampshire tomorrow so I’m taking the chance to update this diary.

    Since that horrible night, things have been relatively quiet in the east wing. I’ve been preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa festivities, but we always knew this year was going to be quite subdued with the baby. I attended the state funeral of Governor Alexander Jackson with the President and Josh since Helen was unable to travel back to Texas.

    And then I got to meet Elvie!

    The official reason for my trip to the Bartlets’ was to write an official press release for the birth of Elvie (there was a very basic press release, but since the Santoses didn’t want to make their very personal moments immediately public, all it basically said was that Helen and the president’s newest son were both healthy - needless to say, the media was salivating for more a happier story after coverage of the death of Governor Jackson). But it was an amazing day.

    Dr. Bartlet greeted me with a hug and welcomed me into her home. The former president was unfortunately away for the day, giving a speech at an university, so Dr. Bartlet was the one to guide me into her lovely living room. There the current first lady was rocking her son. Mrs. Santos was looking tired, but she smiled when she saw me. Her voice was uncharacteristically soft. “Peter told me you sat with him and Miranda during the lockdown. Thank you.”

    “I’m just glad everything turned out alright.” I then remembered Governor Jackson. “Well, with you and the baby, I mean.”

    Mrs. Santos shifted. “You want to hold him for a bit before we get some photos of him?”

    I nodded as I excitedly took the bundle of blankets. Elvie was so calm, so expertly swaddled. I laughed as soon as I saw him. “So what the President is saying is true. Junior does look exactly like him!”

    “What is my husband telling people my son’s name is?” Mrs. Santos snapped.

    I became unsure of what I had just said. “Well, Annabeth wrote the start for the official release we are putting out. The President told us the baby’s name was Leo-Vincente Alexander Ronen Santos. But he calls the baby Junior.”

    “Jackass!” Dr. Bartlet exclaimed. “The kid’s nickname is Elvie and only Elvie.”

    Mrs. Santos nodded in agreement. “I’m going to have a few choice words with my husband when I get home.”

    I nodded as I started cooing to the baby. “Elvie? Is your name Elvie? That is so adorable! Just like you.”

    I eventually passed Elvie back to his mother and got down to business, asking her how she and her husband planned to raise a newborn in the White House. She’s not taking any breaks from being the First Lady. If every other mother doesn’t get maternity leave in this country, neither will she. She is going to fight for paid parental leave, with a newborn.

    I shook my head. “With all due respect, Ma’am, you are insane.”

    Dr. Bartlet laughed. “I told her the same thing.”

    Mrs. Santos shook her head. “No, I did insane when I had a five-year-old and a newborn when Matt got elected into Congress.”

    Dr. Bartlet sighed. “Yeah. I remember the days when Jed was in Congress. Zoey was just six when he started, Ellie was ten, and Liz was fourteen. And I worked full-time at the hospital.”

    “How did you do it?” I asked, genuinely needing to know. I’m about to have a baby with Josh, and I personally love my job - and living in DC isn’t cheap - I still have to tell Josh. I haven’t even thought about how much time I will take off.

    “I’m not quite sure, I did have my sister living nearby, that helped a lot.”

    Mrs. Santos nodded in agreement. “Family - and friends - are a godsend.”

    My heart sank. Josh nor I have family nearby.

    “But the age-gap between kids has really helped. I had always wanted my kids to be close in age - my brothers and I were all very close in age and ended up being closer to them than to our much older sister. It didn’t work out that way, but it was a blessing it didn’t. Peter is such a help, and even Miranda is pretty independent.”

    Dr. Bartlet agreed. “Liz took after the younger two many times for me. If you ever decide to unleash Joshua Lyman’s offspring on us, please make sure it is only one at a time.”

    “And give us plenty of warning.”

    “Well,” I addressed the current first lady. “Consider this your seven month warning.”

    There was a chorus of “What?” and laughs of excitement.

    “How did Josh react?” Dr. Bartlet asked.

    “I haven’t had a chance to tell him. He’s been pretty stressed and busy. Plus he’s been waiting to find out if the president is running again. I’d like to know as well.”

    Dr. Bartlet rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well, that’s this one’s fault.” She hitched a thumb at Mrs. Santos. “If you wait until Joshua isn’t busy, the kid will five years old before Josh finds out he’s a father.”

    “Is the president running again?” I asked Mrs. Santos.

    She let out a breath. “I don’t know. He left the decision up to me and I really wish he hadn’t.”

    Dr. Bartlet snorted. “Matt is the most considerate husband to ever be president.”

    “I’m currently staying here because he sold our house.” The first lady sighed after her deadpan comment. “I’ll have to make up my mind soon, I know.” She looked at me. “But, you also have to tell your husband your having his kid.”

    Yeah. I know.

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    AN: The idea for this entry first inspired my short-fic “Junior”, but I changed some things… and then the muse just kept going :p This - I think - will be the last of the super long entries.

    Tags: @mavjade

    Donna Lyman - 11/23/2009 - Entry 17

    I first heard the rumour from Margret. Josh had “forgot” his lunch this morning (I’m trying to save us money - not to mention try to get my husband to eat healthier - by to packing lunches, but Josh would rather continue to eat out), so when I got to the White House this morning, I stopped by the West Wing to drop it off. When I was there, Margret asked me, “Is it true? Were the president and first lady fighting? I heard it was an all out shouting match.

    I guess I’m now known as the person who knows the private life of the Santos family. I shrugged. “I haven’t been over there yet. But knowing Mrs. Santos - probably.”

    When I got to the East Wing, Annabeth was on her computer, working on a Thanksgiving address from the First Family to the nation. She looked up at me. “Mrs. Santos just called. She asked for one of us up in the residence. She sounded rather… desperate. You mind dealing with it? I gotta finish this and explain to some idiot male reporter that the first lady is still working, but she isn’t making any appearances for awhile.”

    I nodded and headed for the residence. There, it was oddly empty. Usually I’m used to Maria rushing off Miranda or Peter (or the president), but Maria left for Texas yesterday afternoon because one of her best friends had passed away.

    I followed the one source of sound: a baby crying, which led me to a set of double wood doors: the president’s bedroom suite. Standing outside was a member of Helen’s Secret Service detail and a member of Elvie’s detail. I nodded to them before knocking on the door. “Ma’am. It’s Donna. Annabeth said you needed one of us.”

    I got a hoarse, “Come in.”

    So I did. I entered to see neither the presidential bedroom nor the first lady in their finest moments. Clothing and baby blankets were everywhere. On the floor I distinctly remember seeing a pair of men’s boxer briefs on the floor. I had to step over the president’s underwear. Just glad it was Santos’ and not Bartlet’s.

    In the corner, in a padded rocking chair, was Mrs. Santos - her hair half up in something that resembled a bun, and wearing a pair of pink pyjamas and a grey US Naval Academy sweatshirt. Her eyes were red an puffy as if she’d been crying. In her arms was Elvie. He was wrapped in a handmade quilt and wailing at the top of his lungs.

    “Oh thank God you are here. You can yell at me for not hiring nannies later,” she said with a sigh. “Is it horrible I regret not hiring a half-dozen nannies?” She shook her head. “Miranda and Peter off at school. I just need an hour to sleep and maybe tidy up. I don’t know if I’ll be able to rest if he isn’t with someone I completely trust.” Her words, residue from the attempt on her life no doubt. “Would you mind taking him? He’s fed and clean, just wants to be walked with and bounced. I’m just too tired.”

    I was more than overjoyed. I love babies and I saw an opportunity. “Of course I will,” I took Elvie from her and began bouncing him. He immediately calmed. “I’d love to take care of Junior!”

    “His name isn’t Junior. You people do realize this?” Helen asked with a sigh as she got up and headed for the unmade bed.

    “We know, and we all love his name, but he just is so much like the president.”

    “Unfortunately,” she muttered, climbing into the bed.

    I couldn’t help but be concerned. “Ma’am? Is everything okay?”

    She shook her head. “Now I know why only one other woman was dumb enough to have a baby while their husband was president. Frances Cleveland and I will go down as the most idiotic women in history. I wonder how often she fought with old Grover. Not sure if it’s postpartum blues, the sleep deprivation, the isolation, or being married to the President of the United States. Matt and I fought this morning and I know he still wants an answer if he is going to run again or not. I don’t know what to tell him. I just want to sleep.”

    “Then sleep,” I told her. “Every decision is easier after sleep. Elvie is safe with me,” I said, looking down. “Junior and I are going to bug some important people.”

    Mrs. Santos sighed. “That’s even now his codename with the Secret Service.”

    “But he does look like his father.”

    “Pray that doesn’t happen to your kid. It makes loving the baby so much harder when you are sleep deprived and pissed off at the father.”

    I shook my head as I made my way out.

    I bounced Elvie down the hallway with his Secret Service agent following behind us. Elvie was so content once I got him into new surroundings. I cooed to him and despite seeing Mrs. Santos in her wrecked state, I got so excited to have a child. I had to tell Josh.

    So that is who I decided to bug with Elvie.

    Margret said Josh was doing paperwork. I decided my business was more important.

    Josh didn’t even bother looking up. All could be seen was his forehead and greying hair. “What?”

    “Someone wanted to visit.”

    At my voice, he looked up. “What the hell is that?”

    “It’s Junior.” I sat down on one of the couches as Josh went back to work.

    “Don’t let the first lady hear you call him that. She hates it when anyone calls him that.”

    “I know, I was just seeing if I like the name.”

    “I’m with the first lady with this one,” he grumbled.

    “Really? I thought you of all people would want to name your son Joshua Lyman, Junior.

    “The whole Junior thing is stupid and narcissistic. Not to mention my mother would have a fit. You’re not allowed to name a child after a living person in Jewish customs.”

    Josh isn’t exactly religious, nor does he expect me to be, but we do like to repeat his mother and her beliefs.

    “Any other Jewish naming traditions I should be aware of?”

    He shrugged. “No.” He went back to work.

    “Is there any baby names you really like?” I pried.

    “After my dad died, I always thought I’d like to name a kid Noah after him. But, I think the president and first lady got it right with Leo.”

    I smiled. “I like the name Leo too. I think, if it’s a boy, we should name him Leo.” Josh didn’t pick up on my hints, so I continued. “But what if it’s a girl?”

    He shrugged, again. “Never really gave much thought to it.”

    “Well you should think about it. You should also use Elvie to get used to having a baby. Maybe we should offer to take him for a night, give his parents a break and give us some practice.” I was thinking out loud at this point, trying to get him to pick up on my thoughts.

    “Why would we want to do that?”

    For Chief of Staff, Josh is fairly dense.

    I had to say it. “Josh. I’m pregnant.”

    There was a moment of stillness before all chaos broke loose. First I heard an “OH MY GOD” from the direction of the office door. It was Margret.

    Out of instinct, Josh yelled at her, upsetting Elvie, who started wailing, which caught the attention of his father. President Santos opened the other door, which meant I had to stand up (when the president enters, no one sits). Except Josh still sat.

    “No one told me we had a visitor.” He took the baby from me and the kid pretty much instantly stopped crying. “Did we stage a prison escape from Mom?”

    I explained quickly, wanting to get rid of the president to make sure Josh didn’t just have an aneurysm. “The first lady got Peter and Miranda off to school and saw an opportunity to get some sleep. I was just wandering around with him.”

    The president nodded as he placed the pacifier clipped onto the baby’s onesie into the child’s mouth. “I can look after Junior for a bit.”

    “Just don’t let the first lady hear you call him that.”

    President Santos laughed. “Josh, I don’t have anything until the turkey pardoning later, right?”

    Josh didn’t reply. I thought I should step in to save my husband’s job. “I just told him I’m pregnant.”

    The president nodded, knowingly. “Congratulations.”

    The rest of the day was actually pretty quiet. Mostly because Josh was stunned silent. But I did catch him looking at my stomach and smiling.


    Helen Santos - November 23, 2009 - Entry 17

    I’ve officially lost my sanity. You’ll see why at the end of this entry.

    Life hasn’t been easy with a newborn in the White House. Elvie isn’t a colicky baby, but he’s still a baby. I’ve been handling duties as First Lady and mother fine, just so long as no one (read: my husband) crosses my path. Unfortunately Maria’s friend died two days ago and there was no way I wasn’t letting her go back to Texas and letting her have time to grieve. I’m a bitch, but I’m not a monster. She’ll be back later this week. I keep telling myself I can make it without sleep until then.

    Typically I take care of Elvie during the night, then Maria comes in the early morning, she takes Elvie, I get two or three hours of sleep, then she and I get Peter and Miranda off. This morning, however, Elvie was up at 3 and could not be negotiated with. He had just fallen asleep a bit before 6 and I thought I was going to get at least a power nap in before having to get up, then my husband showed up.

    Matt has insisted on sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom while I remain in the president’s bedroom with Elvie, which makes no sense to me since he still has to use our bathroom and closet to get ready. But it hasn’t been a big deal because he usually showers after his workout and his breakfast (at around 7) and by that time Maria has Elvie.

    This morning, however, the early shower woke up Elvie so when Matt stepped out, wrapped in a towel, holding his dirty laundry to put in the hamper (now beside the bed for all the lovely baby and boob juices I am now dealing with), I was not pleased.

    “What the hell? Why are you here early?” I groaned at him as I was tiredly bouncing his kid.

    “I skipped my work-out so I could get Miranda and Peter off to school. Here, let me take Elvie.”

    “I don’t need your help,” I snapped, undoing my nightshirt so I could try to feed Elvie. I was being spiteful by doing the one thing he can’t do. “I had everything planned out, but you had to come in and wake the baby.”

    “I can help.”

    “No, you can’t. You have to focus on your job.”

    He sighed. “This argument again?”

    “YES! THIS ARGUMENT, MATTHEW! THE ONLY ARGUMENT! Because my entire life revolves around you. But I can do it. I can be a single mother. I did it when you were off in Congress.”

    “Helen, I have a light day, I can help so you can get some sleep.”

    “I was getting sleep until you charged in, making a ton of noise! This sleeping arrangement isn’t working. I should be in the other bedroom and you should be in here so you don’t wake up Elvie.”

    “No, you and Elvie need to be in here.”

    “This makes no sense! You’re the president. This is this is the presidential suite!”

    “It is also the safest room in the building. I can sleep well knowing you two are safe in here.”

    I should have seen his heartfelt intentions. Instead I continue to be a bitch. “Well at least one of us is sleeping. Just drop your dirty clothes and go to where you are actually needed. It’s where you want to be.”

    He stood there, stunned. “Thanks for confirming what a horrible father I am, Helen.”

    I shook my head. Elvie, at this point, was not eating, so I had made myself decent and had wrapped him in a blanket. This allowed me to leave the suite in a huff, baby in my arms. After I got Miranda and Peter up, Peter asked me if I was okay - I think he saw the tears. I said no, but that I was just really tired. He assured me he could get himself and his sister off to school (which he did) and let me go back to bed. Back in the suite, I just started crying (with Elvie) as soon as I saw Matt’s discarded sweatshirt he sleeps in. I put it on. I called the east wing for someone to come get Elvie and I was so relived when Donna showed up.

    I wanted to apologize to Matt in that moment, but I knew I needed sleep, so I did that. I slept for three hours, had a quick shower and got dressed. I left the suite and asked one of my Secret Service agents - Zach - where my child was.

    “Anyone have eyes on Junior?” he asked into his mic as I rolled my eyes. After a moment he replied, “He is in the Oval Office, Ma’ma.”

    I thanked him and he walked with me. I’ll be happy once this assassination paranoia calms down.

    Ronna nodded me into Matt’s office and I shook my head. Matt was behind his desk, doing work, with Elvie in one of my baby-slings (Donna must have grabbed it).

    “Uh, oh, Leo-Vincente, you’ve been discovered!” Matt chuckled. He looked at me. “You should have told me you were up. I would have walked him back to the residence.”

    “It’s fine. I figured a walk would be good for me.”

    “Did you have a nap?” he asked as he got up.

    “Yeah,” I paused as I sat down on one of the couches. “I’m sorry for yelling at you this morning, and for storming out. I didn’t mean what I said… well most of it. I don’t need your help, but I want it. You are an amazing father. The kids love you. I love you.”

    At this point, he was seated next to me. He kissed me. “You were tired. It’s okay. But I do want to help more. Thanksgiving is tomorrow so I’m really not expected to do anything after I pardon a turkey in two hours. Plus, what do I ever do on Sundays but sit around? I want to be your husband again, and a father to all my kids. I think - baring nuclear threats - we should spend Saturday evenings as a family and you and I can sleep in the same room on Saturdays. I can help with Elvie and maybe get a little something-something when he decides to sleep.” He wiggled his brows.

    I snorted. “If he decides to sleep.” I sighed. “But that sounds lovely. So, what did Elvie get up to his first visit to the west wing?”

    Matt shrugged. “You know, meeting with the joint-chiefs… emergency meeting with the Chinese ambassador in the Sit-room.”

    “What? Why didn’t you get Donna to take him.”

    “Oh calm down,” he laughed. “The only visitors we got were Ed and Larry for the turkey-pardoning speech. The biggest excitement we’ve had was Donna telling Josh that she’s pregnant.”

    “She finally told him?”

    “Yeah. I’ve kept the door open. Josh occasionally wants Donna to confirm it’s real, then goes back to being completely silent.”

    Matt and I eavesdropped on Josh and Donna for a bit. Some of my favourite exchanges were:

    Josh: “So you are due in…?”

    Donna: “Seven months.”

    Josh: Hyperventilating.

    Donna: “Don’t burst. We have plenty of time.”

    Josh: “Yeah, and then you’re going to burst.”


    Josh: “We are going to have to go to a car dealership. To get a van.”

    Donna: “Our cars are fine. I’m only having one baby.”

    Josh: “Oh God, I just had a vision of what twins would be like.”

    And last, but not least:

    Donna: “I’m thinking, I want to try a natural birth, and maybe a water birth.”

    Josh: “Oh god. There’s going to be a birth.”

    At that last exchange, Matt had to cover my mouth to stifle my laughter. Finally I said. “Elvie and I had better let
    Daddy pardon his turkey. But, I wanted to let you know: I want you to run for re-election.”

    It was a hard decision for me, but in the end, I knew I had to do it. I can deal with another for more years if it means a lifetime of a happy and satisfied husband.

    “Thank you, Helen. I don’t have to do this if you don’t want me to.”

    “I want you to. I don’t want these past few years to go down in history and in your head as a job half done. We are finishing this because we have more to do.”

    He kissed me.

    I continued with a tease. “And I don’t want all this blackmail material to be negated by the fact that I wouldn’t let you run again. Plus it’s not like you’re actually going to win.”

    He laughed as I got up. “I believe you said that when I ran for city-council. If there’s anything you want me to, just ask.”

    “Yeah, get the secret service to change their code-name for our youngest child. It seems that everyone is now calling him Junior. I can’t imagine why,” I said sarcastically.

    Matt pretended to be innocent. “Me neither. I shall get right on that.”

    When the Secret Service agent outside the door saw me leave, I heard him say, “Jade is leaving Jaguar and she has Jackalope with her.”


    notes (open)
    notes (open)
    Okay, so I know a lot of people “head canon” that Santos only served one term, and I do get some of the rationale: he won by a tiny margin and it was only due to the nuclear accident, plus he would have been seeking re-election after 12 years of Democrat rule (and fairly left leaning under Bartlet). So I left the decision up to Helen after having Elvie, which means of you want to “head canon” Santos as an one-term president, I think it would be in character for Santos not to seek re-election if she said no.

    I personally head cannon a second term for Santos (because he was basically Obama) because we see in season 1, Bartlet was not that popular of a president at least before the shooting. So, I think if Bartlet could win the re-elect after the MS scandal, and if Santos was able to win against a super-popular central-leaning Republican (Vinnick), he could have been re-elected. Plus I’m Canadian. We kinda point and laugh at the idea of 12 years of a party being in power being considered “a long time”

    PLUS I just could not help myself but write Torvald Drumpf (as my drabble readers have gotten a peek of). I had to.
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    Okay, I could have sworn I commented on the previous entry, I remember typing it. I have no idea what's wrong with me recently.
    I loved them staying with the Bartlets! And that Donna told all the ladies before she told Josh. With Josh as her husband, I can completely see that being a good idea, lol.

    AHahah... awkward!! But I loved it! And while I've never had kids, from what I've heard, that's pretty realistic!

    The junior thing cracks me up! But count me in the not liking the junior thing. My brother is a 'the second', but never junior.

    And dense Josh is the best. He's so intelligent, but sometimes you have to hit him upside the head with things. We love him, but yeah...

    PERFECT!! Margaret is the best, and of course she'd be listening! And I'm sure the entire West Wing knew in about 30 seconds!

    Stunned into silence Josh was also great, I love how calmly Donna 'saved his job'. And the eavesdropping Matt and Helen were doing, I love it!

    Foreshadowing!!! :D :D :D

    Matt and Helen were so cute in this, even with the fighting. Having a newborn is hard no matter what, but I can't imagine what it would be like in that situation. And I love the history you drop, like with the Cleveland's being the only others to have a kid in the White House.

    And I agree, Santos could totally win another term even having won by only a small margin the first time.

    Loved both of these!!
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    Bahahaha. Yeah, probably.

    Yeah. Donna has probably seen more than she had ever asked for.

    And, yeah, never had kids either, but I had to do laundry/housework one summer for my aunt who had just had a baby. It was... scary.

    The whole Junior thing comes from when I was growing up, we had a neighbour kid who looked exactly like his father. so we called him Junior (he wasn't actually a jr.). The mother hated it. The father loved it. But, yeah, I'm not a fan of the whole Jr. thing.

    Dense Josh just cracks me up.

    BAHAHAHA. Probably.

    I think it would be hard not to eavesdrop on Josh.

    Of course!

    Thanks. Yeah, I can't imagine how stressful a situation like this would be.

    Thank you.
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    Tag list: @mavjade

    AN: Last few entries have been really long, so the next few are a bit shorter. Hope you still enjoy!

    Donna Lyman - 05/26/2010 - Entry 18

    Today the first lady surprised me with a baby-shower! I’m just a few weeks away from my due date and today was my last day in the East Wing, at least for awhile (hopefully… more on that later) so Mrs. Santos invited my mom, my sister-in-law, Ainsley Seaborn (who is also pregnant, but due in three months), Annabeth, and Dr. Bartlet into our office suite. It was mostly pretty relaxed - some food, some gifts, and some great company.

    The men were all together, doing something humans with Y chromosomes do. Mrs. Santos told them to leave us alone. They didn’t listen.

    They barged in all excited as we were eating cake.

    “Don’t get up,” the president told us. Elvie was in his arms, babbling away (he is 8 months old now and just the most adorable thing I have ever seen).

    “Good, because we weren’t going to anyways,” Mrs. Santos said as he sat beside her, placing Elvie into her lap. “Thought I told you all to scram.”

    “Give me my godbaby first,” Dr. Bartlet requested, stealing Elvie from his mother. Yes, the former president and first lady are Elvie’s godparents.

    “We have a plan,” Josh announced, sitting next to me.

    “Uh-oh,” Annabeth and Dr. Bartlet both groaned.

    “Does it involve a foot-rub?” I asked.

    “Oh! Good idea!” Ainsley said, jabbing Sam.

    It did.

    Sam then announced. “I’m not going to run again. At least for Congress.”

    “Okay, that’s nice,” Ainsley nodded.

    “Perhaps you guys should start from the top,” the former president suggested.

    “Yes, thanks Sir,” Josh said with a nod. “Basically, President Bartlet and Santos have told us being fathers will be the most important jobs we will ever have, but Sam and I also want to make the future better for them. We also know you and Ainsley like your jobs. Donna, you said to me before that you were so happy making a difference using the East Wing.”

    “Aren’t they getting sappy?” Abbey quipped.

    “So,” Josh continued. “After little Lyman comes, I’ll take a few days off - Selena can step in for me and we can get Ed or Larry to help her - but I’ll return to work. I’ll work until the end of President Santos’ first term, then when he is sworn in again-.”

    “IF!” the president shouted. “We do not tempt the Lord in this house!” The former president nodded in agreement.

    “Especially when it comes to Torvald Drumf,” Abbey added.

    “And we don’t say that name in here either,” Mrs. Santos added with disgust (I really hope she gets around the writing an entry about the candidate for the Republican nominee known as Drumf - he’s like some comic book villain).

    If I am sworn in for a second term, Sam will take over as my Chief of Staff,” the president announced. “Donna and Ainsley can return to work as they please.”

    Ainsley nodded. “The Counsel’s office is pretty quiet. I planned to come back pretty quickly anyways.”

    “And if either of you want to drop your children off here with Maria or myself, you can,” the first lady offered. “This place is practically a day-care with Elvie anyways. I’m sure he’d love some peer interactions.”

    I looked at Josh. “You’re retiring?”

    He shrugged. “We did discuss the possibility of me being the parent who stays at home. I can still be around as an adviser. I’m not sure my sanity can take being in the West Wing daily much longer. Plus I need to take a break before getting Sam on board to be the next president.”

    I rolled my eyes. I’m pretty sure Josh will make our baby president one day. The guy has an addiction.

    I got some lovely baby gifts at the shower: sleepers, a high-chair from the Bartlets, clothes. The first lady even made me a beautiful quilt with bears, moose and beavers on it. According to her, it was so that my child “can embrace his Canadian roots.”


    Helen Santos - June 19, 2010 - Entry 18

    Now the entry you all have been waiting for (if this diary actually ever gets published). Annabeth and I were in the East Wing, not doing a lot (things in the White House have been pretty focused on Matt’s re-election, which has meant some pretty quiet times for my temporary chief of staff Annabeth and myself), when the phone rag. It was Donna. She seemed fairly calm, but also had a twinge of excitement and fear.

    “Ma’am, I hate to do this to you, but I can’t get ahold of Josh and I really don’t want to call Margaret. I’m pretty sure I’m in labour.” I don’t blame her for not calling Margaret. Margaret is weird.

    But I also had to roll my eyes at Josh. With his love for his cellphone, how could the idiot not be reachable WHEN HIS WIFE IS NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!

    But this was my moment to repay Donna for everything. “I’ll get him to you.”

    I was then running across the White House (barefoot). I literally grabbed Ed and Larry on my way by. I found Josh with my husband and a few other members of staff in the Oval Office (so they weren’t in the sit room, which means I really wasn’t interrupting much - if I did, it’s okay, it’s me - they all already know I’m a bitch). Everyone looked at me confused. I first pointed at Josh. “Your wife is in labour.” I then looked at Josh’s (most recent) deputy, Selena. “Congratulations on the temporary promotion. Here are your temporary deputies,” I said as I gestured to Ed and Larry.

    Josh looked stunned and I knew there was no way he was going to be able to drive to his house to get Donna then get her to the hospital without running anything over (since Matt had said that Josh was technically temporary relieved of all Chief of Staff duties the moment Donna went into labour, so no Secret Service). So I got him in an SUV and I got my Secret Service to pick up Donna then we dropped them off at the hospital.

    The entire time I had to remind Josh to breath.

    That was four days ago.

    This afternoon I went to the Lyman’s house to greet little Leo Josiah Lyman into the craziness of life.

    Leo is positively adorable. I love that Leo McGarry lives on in the Lymans’ child.

    His parents are exhausted, but Josh always smiles whenever he picks Leo up.

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    What follows is my emoticon review, because apparently I couldn't express myself in words today.

    [face_laugh] I feel like I've been to this baby shower! Though the men folk weren't nearly as much fun as these guys!

    Yay! This made me so happy! I love that the Santos' and the Bartlet's are that close. And of course that puts the Lyman's are close to them both, it makes a big happy family! :D

    Baaaahhhahahaha.... *takes deep breath* hahahaha....
    I can't believe you worked Trump, I'm sorry Drumf into the story. That is priceless!

    [face_love][face_love] The idea of Josh as a stay-at-home dad until Sam is president.

    :D [face_love] The foreshadowing is perfect!

    But then also =(( because we know Josh isn't around when he does become President. :_| *Grabs onto Josh and refuse to let him go*
    *Remembers I was the one who decided that*
    *holds on anyway*

    :oops: Oh Josh. You have to love him other wise you'd just want to kill him.
    But the comment about Margaret was great. I love her, but she is a bit strange.

    The mental image of Helen running barefoot through the White House, into the Oval Office and just taking command of the situation was awesome! I love the little details you include like the barefoot running and her having to calm Josh down.

    [face_love] This makes me so happy.

    I just love everything, all the details we're getting of their lives, and the backstory to our future 'verse. =D=
  14. Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape

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    *cracks knuckles* Alrighty, time to mend my lacksidasical reading habits here . . . I'm so sorry, again, for everything I missed. :oops:[face_blush]

    Ouch. :( But, I can understand the necessity even without recent events in mind. Still, what a hard thing for a mom to swallow!

    Oh! All of the Bartlet/Santos family moments in this chapter had me so ridiculously happy. [face_love]

    Bwaha! [face_laugh][face_laugh] That had to be the most IC Jed line in this entire series so far, I love it. And I love how Elvie's name was developed over time. [face_love] So much better than Junior!

    More awesomely IC dialogue, seriously. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this really could be a continuation of the show for how well a grasp you have on their voices.

    I loved Donna with the baby, then, and giving Helen a much needed break! Though I completely understand her argument with Matt bubbling up and over, it was hard to read - for both of them! And I'm glad it ended well, and with a conclusion about Matt's reelection. (Good; there's no way Torvald Drumf should be left to win. :p [face_mischief])

    [face_laugh][face_laugh] JOSH!!! Seriously, again: THIS COULD HONESTLY BE A SCENE. Especially with -

    Yep. That couldn't have gone better from Sorkin's pen. I LOVE Helen and Matt listening in to Josh's subsequently panicked remarks later. That was just the best. [face_love] :D


    This was a very mature decision on Josh's part - and I'm so happy for the ease that will put on Donna, as well! The family dynamics are just wonderful here, and I loved the foreshadowing for the future presidents. [face_love]

    And little Leo is finally here! I can't wait to see more of that from Donna's POV. :D

    This continues to be an excellent story, again! I look forward to reading more. =D=
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    I understand the feeling.

    Lol. I think I've been at the baby shower too. Though, yeah, the men weren't as fun.

    I think the Bartlets being Catholic and the circumstances of Elvie's birth is probably why Abbey and Jed are Elvie's godparents, but, yeah, they are all close and just one happy family.

    Yeah, I had to.

    Yeah, I think Josh would have died if he had served as Santos' COS for all 8 years, but this way, Leo gets his dad and Donna stays in this diary.

    IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT (though one that I agree with). Though I think we need an AU where both Josh and Matt live to see their sons become President and VP.

    Yeah, it seemed like a Josh thing to do :oops:


    Thank you. Yeah, this really has turned from a "West Wing Sequel" into a prequel to our TWW 'verse (which, as you know, has just taken over my creative mind)

    It's fine :) Glad you are catching up!

    Yeah, I can't imagine what a scary reality that would be.

    I was disappointed in the lack of Bartlet/Santos moments in the show, because I really think Jed would have been proud that Matt was his successor, so I really wanted to try to explore some of that dynamic here. Unfortunately the muse just didn't give me much and, with the exception of a brief moment in the 2nd to last entry, the Bartlets don't make another appearance.

    Yeah, that is just so nerdy, it had to be Jed.

    Thanks. These voices were just so well done in both the Sorkin and post-Sorkin show, they are just a treat to write.

    Yeah. I've had that idea for that argument stewing in me for awhile and when I finally wrote it, I very nearly ended it in such a different way. The muse was briefly tempted to give this diary a very dark ending, but in the end, given our current dark reality, I just couldn't do it, and I'm glad I didn't because it has lead to mine and Mao's future 'verse taking over my brain.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    We do not tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing!

    Yeah, as you will see in an upcoming entry, Josh is like the only Sorkin character without Daddy-Issues, so I think he'd be an awesome dad.

    Thanks so much!
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    AN: Originally the re-election storyline was going to be much longer, but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make fiction stranger than fact, so this is really the only two entries dealing with Drumf.
    Tags: @mavjade

    Helen Santos - September 21, 2010 - Entry 19

    I can’t believe I’m actually writing this. Ugh. This entry will probably be why people will buy this book (if a publisher ever dares to even attempt to do anything with this). But I personally hope Torvald Drumpf will die within people’s memories by the time this is published.

    Drumpf is the Republican candidate against Matt for the 2010 presidential election. I personally think he’s a Neo-Nazi disguised as sock puppet with an orange peel as hair. He has NO EXPERIENCE in public office. I’m not even exaggerating. He’s a “real-estate tycoon” and businessman. He’s rich because his father was. And Republicans complained that Matt had “limited experience” four years ago. Ugh. Drumpf has no political platform - all he says he wants to do is build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico (AND has accused Matt of being an illegal immigrant) and cut taxes for the rich to create a “trickle down” economic effect.

    I dislike the man. But I’m not the only one. Secretary Vinnick - who swore up and down four years ago he would do nothing to help Matt get re-elected - endorsed Matt for re-election, simply to try to prevent Drumf from [redacted] up the world.

    I have no idea how Drumpf got the nomination, but Ainsley (who is so pregnant, she’s about ready to pop) said it sorta made sense. First, Matt won against Vinnick - a centrist Republican- four years ago, so it made sense the party would try a new approach: someone who is extremely right wing. Plus, all the Republicans who are sensible candidates are waiting four years. They don’t want to go up against an incumbent when, in four years (after what will hopefully by 16 years of Democratic rule) a Republican win is nearly guaranteed. Matt’s approval ratings are nothing special (though we saw a spike after Elvie was born - everyone loves babies), but the Left loves him, and many centrist Republicans tolerate him because he has Vinnick as his Secretary of State and Ainsley as his Counsel.

    People are saying Matt has this in the bag, but I’m not tempting God or the universe or whatever. I fear what America will become under Drumpf.

    Oh, and Drumpf hates me and the fact that I’m a Canadian. So that’s fun.

    Donna Lyman - 09/25/2010 - Entry 19

    I’m still on maternity leave with Leo. He’s 3 months old now and I swear every day he is discovering something new and I’m discovering more of his personality. I love being a mom, but I do plan on going back to the White House to work if the president gets re-elected. Josh deserves time as a father. Leo deserves his dad.

    In the mean time, I am so happy I am watching this election from afar (well, as far as I can, living with Josh). The fervent racist rhetoric from the opponents is making me sick. Ainsley is my best friend and I agreed with some of her standings on issues, but I don’t like what the Republican party is turning into. But I don’t think she does either. There are days when I just have to turn it all off. But it is hard to escape from.

    The first lady has been surprisingly vocal during this election. I caught a segment of a speech she made down in Florida a few days ago and it really stuck with me.

    “America is living my life: the country is living and breathing politics 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s poison. I’m not saying it is bad to be informed of the issues, but too much of anything is a bad thing. It is unhealthy. I would know. Hateful statements are addicting. We are all drinking the same Kool-Aid. And it is ripping our country apart. Republicans hate Democrats and Democrats hate Republicans. But that isn’t true. We are all Americans.”

    It is clear she and Annabeth have become impassioned about the current state of affairs. But I think they are also having fun.

    I was up late last night (Leo was hungry) and caught Mrs. Santos on one of the late night entertainment shows, hosted by Steve Stewards.

    Mrs. Santos walked out onto the stage in a flowing green dress. She shook Stewards’ hand and waved to the audience with a huge smile before sitting down. This was their conversation.

    Stewards: Wow, Ma’am, you look amazing!
    Mrs. Santos: Thank you, Steve. Two hours of sleep per night does wonders for the face.

    (As an side, I know that feeling well).

    Stewards: Let’s get right to it with the question that’s on everyone’s minds. How is Leo-Vincente?
    Mrs. Santos: Elvie is great. He’s almost 11 months old and took his first steps by himself a week ago. I’m pretty sure the Secret Service was horrified.
    Stewards: Is he going to be a trouble-maker?
    Mrs. Santos: Probably.
    Stewards: But he’s so adorable.

    A picture then appeared on the screen - it looked like Elvie, with his wide grin and perfect hair, but the photo looked about 50 years old.

    Mrs. Santos: You know, there was a quiz making the social media circuit a few weeks ago, testing to see if people could tell what images were of Matt as a baby and what ones were photos of Elvie. I can tell you, for a fact, that picture is my husband.
    Stewards: How did you do on the quiz? I got five out of ten.
    Mrs. Santos: Ten out of ten. My husband is the middle child out of seven kids. There exists exactly three pictures of him before his first birthday.

    Another picture appeared, this one of the president holding Elvie. They were wearing identical suits. The audience “awwwed”.

    Stewards: Something tells me Elvie won’t have that same problem.
    Mrs. Santos: No. People love it when I post pictures of him.
    Stewards: It’s the highlight of my day. I need them to get though this election season.
    Mrs. Santos: Can we please not talk about that? I’m having so much fun talking about my kids.
    Stewards: Are you as done with it as we are?
    Mrs. Santos: I can’t even joke and say I’m not voting for my husband in hopes that our lives will go back to normal. Because if he doesn’t win, he’s getting deported to Mexico and I’m getting shuttled back to Canada.
    Stewards: Is that really a fear?
    Mrs. Santos: Well, it’s better than what the rest of you will face.

    Part of me wishes I could be helping with the campaign. But I think I would also lose my mind. It’s a mess.

  17. mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager

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    Yes! An AU to our headcanon 'verse is kinda hilarious and I need it in my life!

    Oh man, I wish this was all dramatic license, but if Matt Santos was real and in the real election, I could totally have seen all of that happening. :(

    Your analysis of the reasons for such a candidate I think are spot on, well everything is spot on. I especially liked the speech the First Lady gave that Donna quoted. I think it's quite true. While we got some politics in PR, I wasn't bombarded with it all day and night and wow how I felt better even as I was exhausted.

    I also really liked Donna watching the late night shows while home with Leo. It was so cute!

    Another great entry!!
  18. Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager

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    I wish canon bunnies would stop biting me just so I could write this AU because I can just see Leo and Elvie making so many old jokes at their fathers' expense. Just endless references to founding fathers and writing the ten commandments.

    I think we need to do another TWW fic-gift exchange for the holidays.

    Yeah. The saddest part of this is that I didn't have to get that creative with this storyline.

    Thanks. Watching US politics from the outside is... interesting. Because people voting for Trump, as sad as this is, made sense. And, yeah, being Canadian means I can easily shut out American politics when I want to and sometimes I just have to. It wasn't so easy when I was in LA, so it was an interesting experience.

    Thanks. I wish I had more written for little Leo, but it has been so long since I've been around a baby that small. But I got a little bit more inspired with the next entry.
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    Helen Santos - November 4, 2010 - Entry 20

    It’s done. It’s finally over.

    The good news is that hatred has been defeated. The bad new is that now I have to live in Washington for another four years.

    I’m not sure if I can really recall all the absurdity that has happened over the past few months. I’m honestly trying to block it out. Between Matt being accused of being an illegal immigrant (no, no he isn’t - he was very much born in Texas), Elvie’s birth being labeled as a publicity stunt (I would have never have agreed to put myself though what I did for Matt’s career), AND a sound-clip of Drumpf openly admitting to sexually assaulting a woman and being proud of it, I have no idea if it was just all a bad dream. Ugh.

    I don’t mind the fact that I have to raise my three kids in the White House for another four years if I don’t have to say “ugh” in response to a candidate for president again.

    We are currently in a hotel in Houston - we travel back to the White House later today (I miss my kids so much - it’s Elvie’s 1st birthday tomorrow! We are going to have a huge party for him). There was a huge celebration here early yesterday morning when it came out that Matt had won California, Oregon, and Washington state - he had also won Texas and many swing states in the north east. Matt pretty much grabbed me and kissed me.

    When I woke this morning in our hotel bed, he was already up, watching me. “Hey there, Mr. President,” I said.

    He held me close. “Thank you, for everything, Len.”

    “I’m just glad we NEVER have to do it again.”

    “Yeah,” he laughed. “Never again.” He then paused for a beat. “But you still have to have sex with the president for another four years.”

    I shoved him off of me. “Yeah, you wish, Jackass.”


    Donna Lyman - 11/20/2010 - Entry 20

    Josh is home a lot more now, now that the election is over (we won!). During the last few weeks of the election, I hardly saw him, but when he returned home victorious two weeks ago, Leo (dressed in a three piece suit - he looked so adorable!) and I welcome him back.

    He hugged us both tightly. “It’s over,” I told him.

    He nodded and took Leo out of my arms. “It still feels weird though - that I won’t be around for term number two. Both Congress and the Senate are Democratic. You guys are going to get so much done.”

    Yeah, I think we are. “You’ll be around, I’m sure. Someone has to keep the dreamers grounded.”

    Josh kissed Leo’s head. “After this nightmare of an election, I think the President and Sam are allowed to dream for the future they want to see.”

    But, even though I’m joking with Josh about going through work withdrawals (on January 21st when his “retirement” begins - we both are well aware that this is simply a temporary leave of absence from work - I’m pretty sure he’s going to follow me to the White House like a lost dog), I think this will be good for him, Leo, and me.

    For the past few nights, Leo has just been not happy. I’ve started to wean him and Leo is just not liking that he can’t have his instant 3AM meal and cuddle combo with his mommy. Leo is just so opinionated these days. He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like and will scream if he doesn’t like something. Daddy will cuddle him instantly, but it takes a bit for Josh to get the milk to Leo. I know 5 months is a bit early to stop breastfeeding, but I need him weaned by the time I go back to work and his doctor has given me the okay since we have started him on solid foods (Josh actually got to feed Leo his first meal of mashed sweet potato. Let’s just say Leo was fairly orange by the time it was over).

    Anyways, last night, there was a storm and the power went out, so Josh had the task of warming Leo’s bottle using warm water. Leo just wasn’t having any patience and - with the power out - I couldn’t find any of his pacifiers.

    “Just let me feed him tonight,” I begged Josh. I had my head on the kitchen table.

    “No, Donna.” Josh was walking around the kitchen, bouncing Leo. “We gotta keep going at this.” He then went back to blowing raspberries at Leo. Josh hasn’t had nearly the amount of 3AMs with Leo as I have.

    “I am so tired and I have a solution. It’s not going to slow the process if, one night, I feed him.”

    “You’re weak, Donna. You’re slowing your son’s progress.”

    Finally, Josh checked the bottle. It was ready and Leo practically sucked it in, he was so hungry. Leo wrapped his hands around the bottle and no one was going to take it from him. In the light of the flashlight, Josh kissed my forehead. “Go back to bed. I got him.”

    I smiled as I got up. “You’re not going to announce that ‘victory is yours’?”

    “I think it’s heavily implied by the happy child in my arms.”

    I rolled my eyes. I was so tired, I don’t remember getting back into bed. But I did and when I woke up, I was next to my son and husband.

    Josh was awake, staring down at Leo.

    “I thought we were going to try getting him to sleep through the night in his own room,” I mumbled. “You’re slowing your son’s progress.”

    Josh kissed Leo’s fist. “Daddy could only take so much growing up for one night.”

    “You’re weak.”

    He grinned. “Yeah.”

    “Our son has made you weak in your old age.”

    Leo really has.

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    I did it again. I read at a time I couldn't reply and then forgot I hadn't done it. I gotta stop doing that.

    Hahah... yes!!
    And we totally need to do that again!

    Another great entry!!

    I'll just be over here crying and hiding in embarrassment. But I love that you included these things. It's very West Wing to do so and I certainly think it works well in this situation, as terrible as it is.

    [face_laugh] They are so cute!

    The mental image I had of Josh walking into his home from this was great. I can just see his body language screaming relief from all the stress, but also the underlying 'I'm going to go out of my mind with boredom'.

    I adore this what would seem like a role reversal, Donna is willing to give in and Josh wants to stay the course. Of course, like Donna says, he hasn't had as many 3am wakings as he has, but on the face you'd think Josh would be the one willing to give in. That being said, I think this is perfectly in character because we know once he sets his mind to something, he'll do it. The mental image of Josh getting to do the first solid food feeding was so adorable!

    Haha.. I loved this!

    Aaaannndd then there goes the Josh staying the course. But it's so cute I think we can forgive him. ;) I love good dad Josh, it just warms my heart.
  21. Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager

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    YESSSS!!! I MIGHT be more excited for this than I am for Christmas. Is that bad? :p

    I... yeah... ugh. I hate how those things were actually commentary on the current reality and not creations of a fictional universe.

    Just... ugh.

    I love them so much.

    Thanks. I think, if Josh Lyman was real, his head would have exploded from the last election.

    But, as you will see, Josh is really bad at "retirement".

    Thanks. Yeah, now that Josh isn't running a country, all his energy is going into Leo.

    They are so cute!!!!

    Josh is only stubborn when he wants to be. Josh is such a great dad, and you kinda see why in the next entry.
  22. Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager

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    AN: I had this idea for an entry since this diary was first forming in my brain, but I didn’t realize how long it was going to be. I actually took out a couple elements of this “really bad day”.

    Also, like many Sorkin characters, I have Daddy-Issues, so I appreciate those storylines, but I’m really glad Josh did not get lumped into that trope.

    Helen Santos - September 17, 2011 - Entry 21

    Donna and I are having some problems remembering to write this in diary, but with good reason. Elvie is 22 months now, and Leo is 15 months. Both are walking. Josie Seaborn is 11 months and can scoot around after the boys - she’ll be chasing after them before we know it. Quite often at least two of them are underfoot in the East Wing as we are trying to work. And working we are.

    We lobbied the government to make childhood vaccinations mandatory unless there is a medical reason not to. And now, with the help of Josh (yes, Josh is working a few hours a week in the east wing, and still is an advisor for my husband from time to time - Matt and I took pity on Donna), we are lobbying to change labor laws, to make paid maternity and paternity leave available to every new parent.

    Maybe it’s the weight of re-election off of our backs, or maybe after 5 years of this, we finally got the hang of this.

    Of course, there are still bad days. Last week, we had a particularly bad day. Not the country, but more personally.

    Of course, the day started at about 3AM. Elvie is going through his 2 year sleep regression; his back molars are coming in, so he’s just not having a great time. I was up with him till about 5:30, then Matt woke up and took him from me. Elvie is just his father’s son. Everytime Matt picks him up, he will just instantly stop crying and rests his head on Matt’s shoulder. Elvie can now say several words in both English and Spanish (like Peter and Miranda, we are raising Elvie bilingually: I only speak to him in English and Matt only speaks to him in Spanish), but Matt just glows every time Elvie says “Hola Daddy”.

    Matt went off to the west wing to work, and I had just got Peter and Miranda off to school (Peter is now in 11th grade - I can barely believe he’ll be driving soon; Miranda is now in the 5th grade. They both are amazing. I’m not sure how I did it. I’m not sure I can take credit. Both like to be very low profile and know how to not attract attention to themselves - even with the Secret Service following them around). I was getting Elvie dressed, when Josh entered the residence, Leo on his hip.

    “The Congolese military just invaded Equatorial Kundu. Sam and your husband have asked for me in the situation room,” he told me.

    I had no idea why he was telling me, and giving me Leo instead of his wife, but I took the kid, much to Elvie’s delight. Once Maria and I got breakfast into them both, the boys and I headed downstairs and to the east wing. Turns out Donna had an dentist appointment. Josh had come with Leo to work on the paternity leave stuff early, then got sucked into helping with the Kundu situation (as the US had a peacekeeping force along there, along with missionaries and medical volunteers).

    Ainsley Hayes came by to drop off Josie. Yeah, I’m running a day-care out of a room with 19th century furniture - but the kids have a ‘pen’ in my office suite with so many toys. I can keep them pretty entertained, but normally I do have Donna’s help. But today Elvie was just crabby and Leo wanted one of his parents (I don’t think both have left him before). Josie was pretty happy though, as long as I or Annabeth were helping her stand up. Needless to say, not a lot of work was accomplished. I felt sorry for Annabeth - this is not what she signed up for.

    Then, just after 10AM, the news broke: former president D.W. Newman had died. He served as president in the late 80s. It was a shock - he had died very suddenly of an brain aneurysm. He had given Matt much support. Annabeth quickly worked with the west wing communication office to put out a statement and I made it known to the family (through their secretary - the man had no wife or kids) that I was available to help in any way. Then Annabeth went to see if she could be of any help to those coordinating the plans. But I know things like this are planned to the letter.

    I had to write plans for Matt’s funeral five years ago. It was an emotional experience (also, very odd to do plan the small details and figure out what state offices had to coordinate, while Matt sat next to me, eating popcorn, telling me to just ‘put him in a cardboard box’) but also put me at ease to know it was all figured out. I coordinated former first lady Libby Lassiter’s - Owen Lassiter’s widow - funeral 3 years ago (it was awkward - I never met the woman but she made her disapproval of me and my thong very public), so I knew very little oversight needed to be done. I knew Matt would need to give one of the eulogies, dignitaries would need to be confirmed, and the body would be laid in state for a few days.

    Now, as odd as it is, there is only one former president and first lady alive: Jed and Abbey Bartlet.

    Around noon, Donna came back, clearly in pain. “Cavity,” she muttered. “Dentist had a cancelation and fit me in. Where’s my husband?”

    “My husband wanted help fixing problems in Africa,” I replied.

    “So he stuck you with our kid?” she said, ruffling Leo’s golden locks of hair.

    I shrugged. “It’s been quite around here, you know, other than the President dying.”

    “I heard about that. Does anything need to be done?”

    I shook my head. “I think Ed and Larry are on it. Annabeth went to keep them in check.”

    She sighed. “I’ve done this twice now with the Lassiters. Mind if I go help them?”

    I let her go, knowing she wanted to help. Sometimes, when the world is crumbling at its seams and when people are grieving - whether it is for one man or one hundred - we can feel like what we do in the east wing - hosting events, lobbying for small changes - is “fluffy stuff” as Josh calls it.

    I was alone at 4pm. That was when I got the call. It was Lucy, Matt’s youngest sister. Luis, Matt’s father, had been rushed to the hospital. He died of cardiac arrest shortly afterwards. They are unsure what caused it. I was shaking by the time I could reply. I told her that Matt and I would be there with the kids as soon as I could.

    Luis was a kind man, a devote Catholic, a supportive father, and a loving grandfather. He never quite understood Matt’s draw to politics, but tried his hardest to. His death, though sudden, came as almost a healing balm - as strange as that sounds. Luis had Alzheimer’s. It had gotten quite bad - particularly since Elvie’s birth. So, as difficult as the news was, it was a premature end to a nightmare. Still, not being able to be there when it happened, to say a final goodbye, was hard.

    I called Donna first. I told her she needed to come get Leo and Josie. When she arrived, she asked, “Ma’am? What happened?” I was crying. Elvie was in my lap, crying too. I know he didn’t understand what happened, but he knew I was sad. I think Leo knew as well, because he sat quietly while Josie napped.

    “Matt’s dad died. I have to go, tell Miranda and Peter, then Matt.” I wiped my eyes, trying to compose myself.

    “I’m so sorry Ma’am. Is there anything I can do?”

    “Just watch Josie until Ainsley comes. I have to go.”

    She reached for my hand and squeezed it. “I’m here for you.” She the hesitated. “You know protocol, right?”

    I nodded. “I tell Sam first.” With difficult, personal news like this, the Chief of Staff is told first, then he decides the right time to tell Matt.

    When I got back to the residence with Elvie, Maria was on the couch, crying. We hugged. She took Elvie from me. “I have to feel useful, since I can’t be with Mom.”

    “We will leave. As soon as Matt knows, we will leave,” I promised.

    Miranda and Peter then entered, returning home from swimming practice. As soon as Peter entered, he said, “Oh, oh, Lord.” Miranda started to cry. Poor kids. They thought it was their father. What a nightmare to live a childhood thinking their father was at the heart of all bad news.

    “Grandpa Luis died,” I said softly.

    Peter almost looked relieved as he hugged his sister.

    I then had to head to the basement, to the situation room. I asked the officer stationed at the door, “I need to speak to Sam Seaborn, but please don’t announce it is me.” That would have just alarmed Matt and I didn’t want him distracted if he needed to focus. I was reminded of Luke 9:60. ‘Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God’.

    Matt had important work. The dead could wait.

    I’m shocked at how cold being the first lady has made me.

    Sam appeared and looked surprised to see me.

    “Matt’s father died about a half hour ago. Cardiac arrest.”

    “Oh! I am so sorry.”

    “Just tell Matt when the time is right.”

    I knew I should have gone back to my children, but my feet were planted. I had to be there for Matt.

    About an hour later, a dozen people, including heads of the army and Secretary Vinick started to file out. It was a few minutes later when Matt emerged with Sam and Josh. “Thank you, both,” Matt said with a nod. He then saw me and hugged me. His eyes were red, but he wasn’t crying.

    “I will make sure Air Force One is ready,” Sam said.

    “And whatever else you need,” Josh added before they disappeared.

    “How are you holding up?” he asked. “How are the kids?”

    “I’m fine. I think the kids need you though.”

    He nodded. “And I think I need them.”

    We left for Houston that night. It was a Friday. Matt, Peter, Miranda, Maria, and Elvie all just sat together on the flight.

    Luis was buried on Tuesday. It was a small service, but full of love. Matt gave the eulogy.

    President Newman was buried on the following Saturday. Matt, again, gave the eulogy.

    The UN has sent peacekeeping forces into the Congo and Kundu.

    Elvie is sleeping through the night again.

    The waters abated. They aways do.


    Donna Lyman - 09/17/2011 - Entry 21

    After that chaotic and hectic day at work, I returned home with Leo. Josh didn’t return home until three hours later.

    I sighed as I put our plates of dinner on the table (he had texted me before leaving the White House, so I knew when to have it ready - though I already had fed the bottomless pit known as Leo Lyman). “So much for your retirement,” I said.

    “No,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m glad I was there today.” He picked Leo up and placed the child in his lap. “I’m glad I was there for Matt.”

    Josh never calls President Santos by his first name. Josh continued. “His father was a barber, you know that?”

    I nodded, but let Josh speak.

    “President Bartlet’s father was a headmaster - had a doctorate in Theology - and would beat the crap out of him. Sam’s dad is a retired corporate lawyer - Sam still calls him the cheating bastard - he cheated on Sam’s mother for decades. Yet Matt’s father, was a barber. Didn’t even own his own shop. But, when Sam told him that his dad had died, Matt cried.” Josh shifted in his chair. “Told us how the last time he had spoken to his father, Luis was going on how proud he was that Matt had joined the marines, then listing off how much he hated each one of his sister’s boyfriends.”

    I swallowed my bite of dinner, hard. The president had become a pilot in the Navy nearly three decades ago.

    “Matt said he had just listened to his dad talk, never correcting him. Matt then wiped his eyes. I had asked him he needed anything and he just shook his head, smiled, and said he was okay. He was okay because he had gotten to say goodbye to his dad that night, and his father got to die knowing who his children were. He said Luis would have wanted that.”

    I shook my head. “Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease.”

    Josh nodded in agreement. “Yet, I find myself wanting to be remembered like a barber. I want Leo to be able to smile when he thinks of me after I’m gone.”

    “How do you remember your dad?” I asked him. I had been the one, back in 1998, to get that call for Josh. I had to tell him that his father had passed the night President Bartlet had won the nomination for Democratic candidate for president. I had never met Noah Lyman and Josh doesn’t talk of him much.

    Josh smiled, but I don’t think he was aware of it. “I remember the smell of his cigarettes. In the 60s, every lawyer smoked. Even smoked in the courtroom. Every night, after dinner, he’d help me with my homework, but he always did it while smoking. I remember, after Joanie died, he gave smoking up - never touched them again.” He paused. He doesn’t talk much about his sister either. She died in a house fire when he was 7. She was 13. “After she died, I’d have these horrible nightmares - probably survivor’s guilt or something - and my dad would just come into my room, never complaining about the hour, and sit on my bed with me, stroking my hair, until I fell asleep. Sometimes it would take hours for me to get to sleep again, but he was always right there. I prefer to remember Dad like that, and not his later self. After he got sick….” He had to again pause. He composed himself by kissing Leo’s head. “I could barely be in the same room with him. I tried to be - but I was also busy with Hoynes’, then President Bartlet’s campaigns. He was just so thin; so tired.”

    Josh called his mom that night. I called my parents. Then we both watched a movie with Leo.

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    It would have been so easy for them to fall into that with Josh's dad dying at what was at that time the highlight of his life. Josh has his issues, that for sure, but I'm glad that was one he didn't get as well.

    I love the mental image of all the kids running around the East Wing, and Josh helping out there as well. I guess Josh could be considered one of the kids. :p

    Dawwww.... [face_love] So, so cute! I love that they are raising their children bilingually. Not a day goes by I don't wish I spoke another language. It's a great skill to have!

    This made me giggle. Josh having a young child on his hip and saying those words, it's such a great image. Also, I'm quite happy that Matt and Sam are including Josh in important matters, I'm sure that makes him feel like he's still contributing.

    Yeah, that's gotta be hard. "Here, in case your husband gets assassinated, tell us what you want to happen because you won't have time to do that then!" I mean, I completely understand the idea, but wow, talk about a reality check.

    At least Donna didn't have a 'woot canal' or Josh might have been making secret plans. :p Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    I love that you included this, I don't think I would consciously think about it, but it makes sense. The President has to make so many decisions that affect so many lives, it has to be the right time, as awful as that is. It's another reality check. And poor Helen, it really has been quite a terrible day. :(

    Another detail I really love. Using his name says several things to me: they've become good friends, and since Josh is no longer his CoS, he feels comfortable calling him Matt in situations where he isn't the President, but a man, like when a family member dies.

    You've also shown something we see in the show, Josh tends to pick up on little things and hold onto them, like Matt's dad being a barber. He sometime can see so much from something so little and I love how it does it here. He sees that it didn't matter to Matt what his father's job was, just that he love him.

    That just about did me in. It's such a beautiful thought, and a big growth for Josh.
    I also loved Josh's remembrance of his dad. It's always so interesting what we remember about people, how the seemingly innocuous things can sometimes be the strongest tie to someone. It was quite beautiful.
    And now I want to call my parents even though I just talked to them last night.

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