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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Arclite, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Arclite

    Arclite Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 3, 2006
    First off, Has anyone even heard of The Wheel of Time? If so, PM. If not, PM. If the name sounds cool/familiar/worth RP-ing, PM.

    Now that that is behind us, Here's a brief backstory of the series...

    The Wheel of Time novels by Robert Jordan depict a wonderous fantasy realm filled with unusual and sophisticated cultures, fearsome monsters , sinister forces of evil and world-shaping prophecies. Since the debut of Jordans first novel, The Eye of the World, the stories of Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene and Nynaeve have went largely unnoticed even though the book stayed for weeks on the bestseller's charts.

    My two cents said, I want all who are interested to be able to at least scrape the surface of this marvelous realm. Here is a little more on my RPG...


    The terrifying and seductive might of the One Power(Magic, Male half tainted causing them to go mad), with which channelers can remake the very world around them...
    Deadly subhuman Trollocs(half-man, half-beast monstrosites), armed with weapons forged in Thrakan'dar, and driven into battle against the forces of light by eyeless Mydraal(Vampire like captains of shadow who control Trollocs)...
    The Machinations of the Aes Sedai(all female channelers who puppeteer the world), the Children of the Light(an organization who believes that channelers should be stopped at all cost lest they destroy the world), the Seanchean(invaders from across the sea), the Forsaken(13 dark channelers competing with each other to control the world after the dark one remakes it in his own image) the Aiel(desert warriors with their own combat styles and a strict honor system called ji'e'toh) and countless other groups as they seek to save the world- or conquer it...

    The Wheel of Time is modern epic fantasy at its finest, full of drama, adventure, action, intrigue, magic and the unique sense of wonder and imagination that binds it all together. The heroes, though larger than life and possed of powers almost beyond comprehension, nevertheless feel all-too-human doubts and fears. The villians, as the very embodiments of utter evil, stand ready to take advantage of the heroes' weakness and cast the entire world under the Shadow. The story is grand, the stakes are high and the world is lushly detailed. Plus, it's fun! Te heroes get to destroy evil creatures with magic , outwit the conspirators within the Aes Sedai, experience new cultures, go on quests to find items of amazing power, and fall in love. It's the sort of story we want to be a part of.

    *steps down from pulpit and wipes sweat from brow*
    Sorry folks it looks like I went off on a rant... now for the rules

    1. Follow TOS(how many times have we seen this one guys? last count... 71673781756787674676671267847617625878647617537672 times. it's a given.)
    2. GM=God
    3. No God-moding
    4. PM Character Sheets to me for approval
    5. Have fun! Immerse yourself in this little known fantasy world and relish its underrated goodness!

    Time for the art of character creation!
    (If you have any questions, just PM.)

    Character Sheet(blank)

    Name:(your name, given or false identity)
    Class: (see Classes in breakdown of Character, below)
    Age: (how old you are)
    Appearance: (What he looks like, augmented by stats)

    Statistics- (explained below)

    Actions- (explained)
    Majors:(two main abilities you wish to specialize in, augmented by stats, not including combat skills ex.climbing, jumping, balance, intuition, diplomacy...)
    Minors:(three side abilities you wish to have smae rules as majors)
    Failures: (two abilities you can't do very well, if at all, same rules as majors and minors)

    Greatest strength:(best virtue, ex.Iron will)
    Greatest weakness:(biggest flaw, ex.stubborness of a mule)
    Habits: (mannerisms of your character, quirks if you will)
    Personality: (What does he think about things?)

    Equipment: (including Weapons and Armor)


  2. Arclite

    Arclite Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 3, 2006
    Back online! Unlock for all to see please give us a Chance? Please... [face_praying]
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