Saga The Will of the Force (starts BtS ends TS - AU - Dooku/Qui) Happy B'day Layren

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    Well this is a quickie of a somewhat possible timeline where if Dooku left the Order earlier and Qui left with. Chopped but straight to the point.

    Happy b'day my old Master! [:D]

    Title: The Will of the Force
    Author: Kynstar
    Timeline: BtS - TS
    Summary: A possible AU where Dooku leaves the Order early and Qui goes with at the guidance from the Force.
    A/N: Could have gotten further in depth, but thought why not straight and to the point. ;)


    The evening meditation time was filled with whispers as words were exchanged from Masters to Knights and Padawans to other apprentices. Within an hour the majority of the upper levels of the Temple knew of the heated argument between Jedi Master Dooku and the Council. The aristocratic man had denounced the Order ? he was leaving.

    ?Master please?don?t do this! Rethink on what you have said?? Blue eyes looked upon the aggravated elder with a pleading expression that was hardly exhibited in front of his mentor.

    ?I have put up with their idiocy for as long as I can stand. They are blind and continue to be lead by the corrupt. I am relieving myself of their presence and influence?I have no time to stand by and watch the Republic fall to shambles! I am through with them?cleansing myself of their rot.? Dark eyes glowed as he growled out the last words.

    Qui-Gon knew his Master meant it. The last few times he had come close, he had been able to talk him out of it. Now?he wasn?t so certain. Deep down, he could sense his Master?s resolved determination. His shoulders fell, as he lowered his eyes and took in a slow breath. ?Then I will come with you.?

    ?You will certainly not!? This took the older man by surprise.

    ?If what you say is true?and there is no chance of the Order redeeming itself?then why should I stay, Master? Why?? Confusion bled from the youth. At seventeen, Qui-Gon was a senior Padawan and had to be an example to other younger apprentices. Was this the right way? Is he correct? I have seen what he has talked about?but I had hoped. No prayed that things would straighten up. But it hasn?t?it has slowly gotten worse. Is the Council that blind?

    The young man swallowed heavily, as he looked back up into those dark brown eyes of the man who had taken him on at 11. Who had been his mentor?his salvation from leaving the Temple.

    ?Do you have hope? I don?t?I can?t after all that I have seen. You my boy?you have the optimism that I lack to continue to help the Council see what is before them. Perhaps you will bring the enlightenment that they lack.? Dooku eyed the young man down his nose as he spoke. A slight tremor of pride was felt through their bond, as the elder of the two allowed the apprentice to sense through his tight shielding.

    ?I do?but my place is with you. Even if you leave?I wish to be with you. If you do attempt to right the wrongs of the Senate through another way?? He strayed off, as his throat constricted slightly. The Jedi had been his life as far back as he could remember. What am I doing?? He blinked once, but took on a serious expression and nodded slightly more to himself than the man standing before him. ?I wish to help you with whatever endeavors you tread. Perhaps together we can do what the Council hasn?t been able to do.?

    The slight sensation of pride erupted into a waterfall as Dooku reached out and thumbed the youth?s chin. ?You are ever the shining Light, Padawan. Ever one for wisdom and thoughtfulness. You would sacrifice your future to be with an old man? To go and do whatever it takes to rid the Republic of its corruption?? He had to be sure?he had to know how far the young man would go.

    ?The Jedi way is a hard life?I am sure it will be slightly more difficult out there, but I?m willing to take that chance by your side, my Master.? His blue eyes sparkled with hard determination. He had said it and was going to stick to his word. He would be there for his Master?for as long as the Force willed it. And as he took a second to draw
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    Very good vigette padawan! !!

    I look forward to the lengthy version later ;)

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    Kynstar how wonderful that both master and padawan lived and saved the galaxy. You and I always knew this is the way it should have been. ;) :D

    Wonderful fic.

    Just a couple days yet huh Layren?? :D
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