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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by JediMasterBranondias, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    This is a combine between greyjedi125 and SquishyVic, we hope you enjoy it. ;)

    IC: Goku & Gohan

    Morning Time, Kami House

    A cool breeze was blowing as the morning sun heat up the sand around the beach that surrounded Kami House. It was an idyllic place for training warriors, placid and tranquil, and more importantly, away from civilization and prying eyes. It was here that Master Roshi trained his Z warriors, top martial artists and fighters who were known throughout the world and in various top fighting arenas. This particular morning heralded the begining of the World's Strongest Tournament, held at Avondale and hosted by none other than Kaito himself, who was at one time the greatest fighter alive. Now it seemed that he fully intended in recapturing the coveted title.


    A powerful ki-blast wave parted the beach waters as it travelled towards open sea. Goku held his hands together and performed the charged technique with costumary flawlessness.

    "Goku! You're hot to trot this morning! That one went on for almost two miles!" Master Roshi called out from atop a nearby rock. He quickly looked at Goku, then peeked back at his 'magazine'.

    "I'm feeling really excited about this tournament Master Roshi. I wonder if there'll be really strong opponents to fight?" Goku wondered aloud, then looked back over his shoulder at his old master after he felt the energy beam dissipate in the distance. Waves came crashing at him as he chuckled. Master Roshi was never going change.

    "I wonder where's Gohan? he said he'd meet us here."

    Goku scratched his head as he looked around, not only with his eyes, but he reached out with his ki and felt for his son's familiar presence.

    Gohan flew quickly over the ocean, anxious to get to Roshi's house. He flew with his arms to his sides and his legs stretched out, for maximum speed. The wind hit his hair and flung it back as he reached top speeds. Eventually, the sandy beach came into view. He could see the Kami house, and he noticed two figures standing outside. He also felt that it was his father and master Roshi. This will be good, he thought.

    Together, Goku and Gohan could reach the land of Avondale and take part in Kaito's tournament. It would be exciting,
    but being a tournament of the World's strongest, it seemed they would have to give it their all.

    He finally dropped down slowly as his clothes, those similar to his father's, shook in the wind as he descended. Gohan stopped and looked at Goku. He gave him a smile. "Hey dad!" He said.

    He jogged over to Goku's position and raised his hand for a high five, his smile still on his face. "You hear about the tournament?" Gohan asked, anxiously.

    Goku beamed at his son. After all that Gohan has been through, he was always a positive individual who also turned out to be a very powerful warrior. Goku was very proud of his son, Gohan.

    "Heard of it?" he said excitedly as their high-five smacked loudly in mid-air.

    "I can hardly contain my excitement, hehehe. I'll even bet that Vegetta will somewhow find his way there. He always finds his way into the big fights."

    Goku placed a hand on his son's shoulder then looked over to Master Roshi.The former World
    Tournament Champion was quite absorbed by his mag. Goku only smiled before he spoke aloud.

    "Hey master Roshi, Gohan and I are about to go find Avondale. Tell the others to take care of
    things while we're away. If Chi-Chi asks where we are, well, I'm sure you'll think of something
    good to tell her."

    Goku gave a wink to Master Roshi, who only managed to protest belatedly.

    "Hey Goku, wait a minit!"

    Goku gave him a grin, then turned back to Gohan.


    Gohan looked back at Master Roshi and smiled to him aswell, and chuckled a bit to
  2. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    Capsule Corp.[blockquote]
    The explosions continued to shudder the entire gravity complex, as Vegeta cut his way through the training droids he had brought in with him. He glanced at the computer. It read 400X, and still rising slowly. A partly-destroyed droid hit Vegeta in the back and knocked him into the back wall, supplying the perfect means for the Prince to display his anger.

    Vegeta unleashed a series of Ki Blasts, incinerating the rest of the droids and finishing his training early. He switched off the gravity chamber and grabbed a towel, proceeding to shower, his mind on the tournament being held by Kaito.

    He had been in the shower merely a few minutes, but soon emerged wet. "Time to go."
  3. JediMasterBranondias

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    Feb 27, 2003
    OOC: Great posts by everyone!

    IC as Kaito

    [blockquote]Kaito drifted in and out of trance-like stasis; somewhere in-between this reality and his sub-consicence, a dark place. He relaxed in a large stone basin full of steaming water; condensation hung in the air. Being a proper and orderly man Kaito never liked to remain unkempt unless urgency or some uncontrollable force prevented such; the blood from his previous victims turned the water around him bright red.

    With it he remembered the blood that had stained his hands on many a battlefield; sometimes his victims', sometimes his comrades'. Kaito had seen many a horror in his days, witnessed quite a few tragedies, and experienced numerous heartaches. But where before he had allowed that to crush his spirit, he now allowed it to bolster his resolve and strength.

    Through dark arts Kaito could now perfect his powers, each new evil or hurt (whether his own or another's) succeeded only in feeding his power. He now lived off of pain. Instead of letting hurt alter him, he would alter the hurt to his own benefit. Though the process of learning these things had bothered him and he had been rather reluctant at first the end result was now worth it.

    As he pondered all this he feed off the dark energies around him and soon the room grew dark. The mists swirled black and what seemed like fire rimmed Kaito's eyes. He could sense several of the fighters approaching in the far distance. In no time they would arrive. That is if they survived the journey through the wilds of Avondale.

    Avondale did have a way of making people lose their minds, it could take your greatet fear and bring it to life, or it could be gentle and only try to annoy you enough to turn back and give up. This would be their first test. He stepped out of the water and proceeded to towel off; now to go prepare their second test.[/blockquote]

  4. MissingNo

    MissingNo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 13, 2006
    Name:: Deoxys
    From Where Do You Originate?:: Hoenn
    Any Weapons?:: Pyschic powers and some fighting moves (E.g. Mega Punch, Mega Kick, ect.)
    Affliation [Good-Evil]:: Good (I guess)
    Physical Description:: Red and green with a crystal like organ in the middle of it's body


    (the picture shows the different forms Deoxys may take on during a battle: Attack Deoxys: Right, Defense Deoxys: center, Normal Deoxys: left, Speed Deoxys: bottom. Note: Normal deoxys is the form it's usually in. In this form it has a balance of power. Attack Deoxys has more powerful attack, Defense Deoxys has stronger defence, and Speed Deoxys is the fastest)

    Brief Bio:: Deoxys came from space. People say it was a virus and got hit by a laser. Ever since it came to Earth, it has been fighting with Rayquaza because Rayquaza thought it was a threat. Eventually, Deoxys got caught by Giovanni, Team Rocket's leader, so now, Deoxys has a trainer.

  5. JediMasterBranondias

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    Feb 27, 2003
    OOC: If you all have any comments or suggestions on what you would like to see feel free to send them to me. Just waiting on someone to post. Thanks.

  6. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003

    Unknown location, sometime around noon or perhaps quarter after

    [blockquote]The walk was somewhat pleasing for Kankuro, but pleasing often turned to annoying very quickly knowing from experience. The young genin walked the path before him, his eyes closed as if he were in concentration and observed his surroundings: the path was soft and frequently used, which meant that it was likely that a town or village was nearby; the trees and foliage grew near, but not onto the path, which struck Kankuro as odd. Usually underbrush and undergrowth spread onto pathways without being torn back by travelers; the air was crisp and clean, without the scents of many animals nearby, and Kankuro slowly opened his eyes.

    ?It?s almost perfect out here?? He looked ahead to see a familiar figure and paused in mid-step. ?Like I said, almost perfect??

    Kankuro continued walking slowly, a swagger of arrogance apparent in his step as he approached the walking figure. The Sand Ninja smirked as his eyes closed once more and surveyed his surroundings in case this figure noticed him. Kankuro could find a hiding spot easily, but why pass up a good fight?

    Suddenly, the figure before Kankuro stopped and Kankuro paused as well. Quickly, the ninja observed the figure in detail for the first time: red hair, short build, and? a rather large gourd strapped to his back.

    The boy just about tripped taking a step backward, a shocked glance clearly taking the place of the arrogant smirk. If it weren?t for his training, he would have easily fallen and given away his position to the figure.

    ?Gaara?? He whispered to himself, squinting to observe the look-alike. Unless Kankuro had stumbled into the desert and clearly had stumbled across a mirage, the figure ahead of him was clearly Gaara. Kankuro gulped slightly, not moving from his position, almost taking a step backward as he did so.

    He was interrupted in mid muscle movement. ?Going somewhere, brother?? The figure had called out to Kankuro. The ninja froze in his tracks and gulped once more. Kankuro couldn?t tell if Gaara sensed him or saw him, but he had to at least pretend that he wasn?t afraid or in the very least surprised.

    ?What?re you doing here? Where?s Temari and Baki-sensei?? Kankuro asked, taking a cautious step forward on the dirt path. In his mind, he estimated the number of walking, running, and leaping steps it would take either of them to reach the other: 24, 10, 2.

    Gaara didn?t answer, and kept his back to Kankuro as he approached him from behind. His arms were folded over his chest, and the oversized gourd on his back obscured any particular sight Kankuro might expect to see at this distance: kunai, shuriken, etc.

    Seeing as how his brother failed to acknowledge his question, he asked another, ten steps from his brother. One leap and I could easily attack or evade him. But maybe that?s what he?s waiting for? Kankuro thought. ?Gaara, where are they??

    Gaara turned, and Kankuro paused once more, a bead of sweat rolling down his left cheek. ?I wouldn?t worry yourself over them. They would just get in the way?? With that, Gaara slid the gourd from his back and set it on the ground beside him. Kankuro, still a bit confused, put his hand on the bottom of the wrapped puppet on his back.

    ?In the way of what?? Dumb question. Kankuro knew what was coming: Gaara had finally challenged Kankuro to a one-on-one fight in which neither Baki-sensei or Temari could break up before one killed the other.

    The elder Sand Sibling pulled the strap on his shoulder, dropping the bandaged Karasu to the ground with a thud. He placed his hand on the visible shaggy mane of the puppet and narrowed his eyes at his younger brother. Kankuro remained silent, awaiting the first move to come from less than a leap away.

    Gaara remained silent as well, bringing his hands up
  7. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003
    OOC: Forgive the double post, but where is everybody? :confused:
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    Feb 27, 2003
    OOC: I was wondering the same thing
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    Apr 29, 2002
    OOC: Busy like you wouldn't believe. Anywho, here's my post. I also hope more ppl join.


    Goku & Gohan

    Outskirts of Avondale

    The Father and Son team had been flying for many hours as they used their ki-senses to track the strongest sources of Ki power. Certainly the strongest gathering of such power would lead them to Avondale. After encountering numerous other sources of powerful ki energy, which were obviously not Avondale or Kaito himself, Goku and Gohan finally made it to the area which they believed the Tournament would take place.

    "There, that should be it." Goku yelled over the gusting wind as they flew, pointing to the area below them. As they landed in the forested area, all seem oddly peaceful, though a strange and powerful force did seem to permeate the entire area. Sharp eyes spotted a trail that would certainly lead them to Avondale proper.

    "I hope this is it this time" Goku said with a smile, then place a hand over his stomach which had begun to grumble a bit. " I could use something to eat right now, I'm sure you could too, Gohan."

    Goku grinned at his son, however, the merry moment was cut short suddenly. Goku felt a powerful and sinister ki suddenly heading their way. What he sensed was so much to his displeasure, that it caused him to adopt a defensive battle stance.

    "What...who can possess such a terrible power? Do you sense that Gohan? It's heading this way...prepare yourself."

    Goku tried to recall if he had sensed such a terrible power ever before. It certainly did not feel like Freeza or Cell, but alot more terrible and powerful. It certainly dwarfed both of those two warriors combined.

    Could it be Kaito out on a stroll? He wondered to himself.

    Goku had no way of knowing as it was. The sensible thing to do was to get ready for potential trouble.

    "Just great..." Goku commented sarcastically. He was hoping for some food and rest upon reaching Avondale and not this kind of action. Either way, a warrior had to be ready for any eventuality. All that was left to do was to hold a defensive stance and see who or what would reveal itself to them as it got closer to their position.

    Tag: Squishy_Vic, Zeal92, anyone else
  10. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003
    OOC: greyjedi125, I know I wasn't tagged in your post, but perhaps it is the only way to get this game going again.


    Unknown location, probably around 1:00pm

    [blockquote]The young ninja yawned and continued his slow pace down the wooded path. To be frightfully honest, Kankuro was growing tired of all the walking, and was quite bored with the prospect of not having encountered anybody thus far to fight or even ask for directions. Kankuro closed his eyes and adjusted the straps on his shoulder to better shift the weight of the puppet inside.

    "You've gotta be kidding me..." Kankuro said in a defeatist tone. "This path goes on forever! Where the hell is everybody?" The Sand Sibling groaned and pushed his way through a clearing, suddenly catching the sound of a conversation just ahead. A devious smirk crossed his face as he continued through the clearing, coming upon two men with black hair and orange outfits.

    Kankuro stood silently for a moment, his eyes still closed (or at least it appeared that way), and shrugged the weight from one shoulder to the other, making sure that if he were to fight these men, Karasu would not be too hard to reach for.

    The sand ninja said nothing as he awaited the actions of these two men. Perhaps they are ninja from a water village. Kankuro thought after reading the insignia of the older man's outfit, noting that it mentioned a "Turtle Hermit" and a "King Kai". The young ninja wasn't familiar with those villages or schools, but he could read the insignias plain as day.

    Kankuro turned his eyes slowly to the other man, reading his insignia as well. 'Piccolo'? Must be from the sound village. Better watch these two. Kankuro continued speaking mentally to himself, sizing up the men in case they chose to attack him.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Goku & Gohan
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    Apr 29, 2002
    No worries Zedd, and thanks. I too would like to keep this thread going. ;)



    Outskirts of Avondale, Unknown location, probably around 1:00pm

    Goku was so on edge by the eerie feeling he was fighting-off, his senses went past Gohan and beyond visual range as he endeavored to get a fix on the source of the terrifying 'Ki'.

    He did not see, but rather, sensed movement behind and to the left of him. The overly powerful ki was overpowering and washing-out other signatures in the area, making them unusually harder to read than normal. Goku needed to fine-tune his Ki sense, but did not want to take a chance of an ambush. It wouldn't do to get taken out before he even reached the tournament, would it?

    Oddly enough, the nearby sensation did not feel like that of a forest animal whatsoever. It remained suspect and indistinct for the moment. Goku frowned as he imagined footsteps closing in, though he did not see anyone, but did sense some movement.

    But with a thought, ki energy gathered in Goku's hand as a brilliant ball of energy shimmered in his hand now. With a sudden motion, he twisted and threw the brillinat sphere like a missile, even as he followed his natural arc of movement and went into a side-roll. The ki-ball of energy sailed through the air and whistled as it chased away what shadows lay in its path. Even as Goku righted himself, he saw a figure hidden within the trees, now revealed by the light of his ki-missile. Goku's eyebrows shot upwards, as he realized at the last possible second that the figure he glimpsed was not the source of the unnerving ki he'd felt earlier.

    With a quick wave of his wrist, Goku caused his glowing missile to veer off-course and narrowly avoid it's intended target. The ki-ball shot upwards and exploded in a flash of brilliance as it hit the tree canopy, which caused a shower of leaves and splintered branches to fall down.

    Goku by now had already came to his feet into a crouching stance and slowly got up. A hand went to the back of his neck as he looked towards the figure in the trees. He turned a deep red colour from embarrasment.

    "Yikes!!.....uhm, I'm very sorry about that." He said in apology.

    The Z warrior was glad he was able to avoid disaster and was hoping he'd missed hitting a local villager, rather than a beligerent warrior. He was really hungry and would much rather eat at the moment than fight. Needless to say, he would do whatever the situation required of him.

    Tag: Zedd_Vega, Squishy, Zeal92, GM, anyone else

    OOC: Anyone out there looking at this game and finds it interesting, should join. ;)
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    Dec 13, 2003

    Outskirts of Avondale, Unknown location, probably around 1:00pm

    [blockquote]Luckily for Kankuro, the blast was averted by the older warrior. Kankuro had taken a step backward as a precautionary measure however. He must've used his chakra to control that blast. Kankuro thought, his eyes opening slowly as he placed his hand on the strap that would drop Karasu to the ground.

    "You don't know what sorry is," Kankuro called out to Goku, unaware that this man was nowhere near Kankuro's skill. In fact, he was true and far beyond his skill, but Kankuro was always arrogant, and if this man were to initiate combat, then Kankuro would gladly oblige. "Not yet anyway."

    The Sand ninja pulled the strap, but held it tight as to not drop the wrapped up puppet inside and turned his eyes to both of them once more. "Who are you? Ninjas from the Sound and Mist villages?" Kankuro asked, being ever so cautious as to not get caught in a trap by the two warriors before him. The way they controlled their chakra was amazing, but the Sand sibling would never admit it openly.

    He would have to calculate his distance from the two, then determine which jutsus to employ against them, then watch their movements from a defensive measure, finally he would employ their own offenses and defenses against them. Perhaps I won't need Karasu on this one. Kankuro thought yet again, but even if it were true, he wouldn't overrule the possibility that Karasu may need to make an appearance.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Goku, Gohan, anyone
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    Feb 27, 2003
    OOC: I readily apologize for my absence. College is starting soon and I've been dealing a few last minute details. Now that I have access to a computer I shall make my post. Thank you for giving me something to play off of.

    IC as Kaito

    [blockquote]After having toweled off thoroughly (he was a very obsessive man) and applying many fragrant lotions across his scarred body Kaito clothed himself in long, dark robes which drapped comfortably from his body. Handing his things to a nearby servant Kaito took a long polished cane from its stand (one with a great transparent orb on top) and proceeded to stroll his way downstairs to the very bowels of his complex.

    There was very little down here in the darkness, only that which would make your skin crawl. That was the way his "guest" preferred it. There a lone wooden door was positioned; all knotted and marked. Without so much as a knock Kaito barged in.

    "The time is almost at hand "my friend" he spoke placidly.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Anyone
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    Jan 23, 2006
    OOC: sorry for the late post, i'm using a library computer so it's a little harder to check on stuff.

    IC: Broly

    Broly was running. Fast for a human ,but nothing like he could be. He didn't know that thought. He thought he was running as fast as he could. It was suprising to him that he could run this long, shouldn't he be getting tired? His stomach grumbled to him about it too.

    Stopping again he panted slightly and went to look for some berries. He picked a few and ate them. After a few minutes he wasn't dead so he ate some more. Soon the entire bush was eaten and Broly was still hungry. Suddenly he felt something yellow pass by him and he instincly dodged it.

    He looked around through the shower of branches and leaves. Instinctivly he knew there was at least 2 people around. One felt like calm water, but the other was raging. Broly ran over towords them and after a couple of seconds he saw someone. He vaguely remembered both of them, but the one in the tree's nearby was unknown to him.

    The one with spiky hair suprised hin though. What were the odds of seeing him? He ran over to teh spiky haired man.

    "Kakarot?" He said a little quietly.

    Kind of knowing what he did top the man in the past, he kept his hands outto show he meant no harm.

    tag: Kankuro, Goku (and Gohan??)
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    Apr 29, 2002
    OOC: So, this is the part I was wondering about. Have Goku and Broly met before, other than when they were babies, or does this take place after their first encounter with Broly?

    I'm going with the assumption that they met only as babies since this is an 'AU' game. Please correct me if I'm messing this up. Thanks.


    IC: Goku

    Well, as luck would have it, it was not a villager that Goku almost hit with his ki-ball, but as he feared...another warrior, probably on his way to the tournament.

    Boy was he feeling hungry just now.

    "You don't know what sorry is..." the figure said gruffly. "...Not yet anyway."

    The man was obviously a ninja, judging by his garb. Goku could tell at least that much. That was kind of exciting, since he'dheard so many interesting stories about them and their unorthodox fighting techniques. This, of course, brought a slight smile to Goku's face.

    Not letting his curiosity get the best of him, Goku noticed the ninja pull a strap, but held it tight as to not drop the big bundle he carried. Goku felt a measure of Ki within the bundle, but it felt odd. The Ninja turned his eyes to both Goku and Gohan once more.

    "Who are you? Ninjas from the Sound and Mist villages?"

    Goku looked around a bit confused then pointed a finger towards himself and Gohan.

    "Us? Ninja's?" he said with a chuckle and withheld a laugh. He didn't want to appear as being rude and further irate the Ninja, who thus far seemed content simply with talking rather than attacking, although he was technically 'outnumbered'. He just found it amusing to be confused for a Ninja, but what the man said was indeed intriguing. Sound and Mist villages? Goku was willing to bet that these individuals possessed very interesting combat techniques. Once again, thoughts of competitive combat came to mind, which he quickly dispelled.

    "Oh, we're not Ninjas. We are Martial Artists, warriors, just like you. Perhaps you're on a similar quest to ours? Have you heard of Grand Master Kaito, the host of the World's Strongest Tournament? We were just trying to figure out our way there when..."

    Goku's neck hairs stood on end as he felt that powerful and odd ki-signature approach even closer than before. Talking to the ninja almost made him forget about it, and now it was almost upon them. Was this some sort of trick?

    Goku turned and got into a ready stance. He frowned as he waited, all the while homing in on the signature with his senses.

    "Gohan!" he called out to alert his son.

    Goku kept the Ninja in his peripheral line of vision, just in case. He also ignored his growling stomach.

    A hulking figure came at them from the trees. Goku's mind jumped in vague recognition, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Why did this figure seem so familiar to him? The lack of clarity was both intriguing and infuriating, that HE could not recall someone with such a powerful Ki was very odd indeed, especially assuming that they had fought at some point, but it seemed doubtful. Just the same, he was not about to take any chances for those same exact reasons. Goku made fists out of his hands and got deeper into his stance.

    To his surprise, the big man knew his saiyan name.

    "Kakarot?" the Big Man said quietly, if even a bit unsure. It was almost as if he too had trouble remembering. At a glance, Goku almost thought the man was also a saiyan...but....nah, that wasn't possible. Or was it?

    Speaking of familiar saiyans, where in the world was Vegeta? the Saiyan Price was sure to miss all the fun.

    Presently, the man kept his hands to his sides so where they could be seen. This was a universal demonstration of non-aggression. Goku relaxed a bit, but did not let his guard down. He still didn't know if the Ninja was allied to the big man, not to mention the whole 'familiarity' thing.

    " seem familiar for some reason." Goku stated cautiously, but a name never came to mind.

    "So, is it
  16. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003

    Outskirts of Avondale, Unknown location, later than 1:00pm

    [blockquote]Kankuro gritted his teeth and kept a firm hold on the strap containing his puppet. This newcomer seemed stronger, at least physically, than the two men below. If neither of the first two were Ninjas, this man who addressed them certainly couldn't have been one either. The Sand Sibling made note of their names: Gohan and Kakarot. This newcomer however, had not introduced himself, and Kankuro leapt down from the tree to join Kakarot and Gohan in the clearing below.

    "Coming out of the woodwork are we?" Kankuro said, the heavy load he carried on his back dropping with an exaggerated thud to the ground. The Sand Ninja eyed them all, and took note of their physiques. The newcomer was huge by any standards Kankuro had ever seen, and he had seen Gaara shift into his demon form before. The bigger they are, the harder they fall Kankuro thought to himself. The other two were fairly the same, and may be just a bit faster than this new guy. Kankuro was fast, as was expected of a ninja, and assumed he could outmaneuver them.

    Kakarot spoke. "So, is it safe to assume that we're all going to Kaito's Tournament, eh?"

    Kankuro shifted his eyes towards Kakarot. "Yeah, but where is he? You would think he'd show his face and greet his fighters and potential successors." The young ninja stated in arrogance, speaking to them as if they had all acquainted themselves. The only two who had not were himself and the newcomer.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Goku, Gohan, Broly
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    Jan 23, 2006
    OOC: oh sorry ZEDD i thought i made it clear. This broly is from the movies. At teh last second he dodge the kamehameha blast that would have sent him into the sun. Instead it dropped him near/on the island of the tournement.


    Broly was suprised at how trsiting Kakarot was, hadn't he tried to kill him in the past? Broly knew it almost subconciously, that Kakarot sohuld remember him as an enemy. However if he didn't mind their past, then neither did he.

    "What is Kaito's tournement? Where are we, and who are you?" Broly said, the first question was aimed at everyone but the last question was aimed at the Ninja.

    tag:Kankuro, Goku (what happened to gohan?)
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    Apr 2, 2005
    OOC: Woah sorry about my lack of posting guys. I've been really busy with my part time job and my nephew was born a while ago. Well my schedules cleared up a bit, until school starts that is. Well im going to get back into this game then. Again sorry for the lack of posting :oops:

    IC Yusuke Urameshi
    Outskirts of Avondale

    Yusuke stopped his steady march as the heat began to get to him. Sweat trickled down the sides of his face. He let out a sigh, wiping the sweat off his face. The young fighter rubbed his eyes lightly, yawning. "Oh man. I am going to kill Koenma... hey who's that." The young fighter narrowed his eyes lightly as he peered at the other people standing around. Two were dressed similar, one was big and had spiked up hair, and the last was dressed in all black with a weird coffin looking like thing on his back. Yusuke slipped his hands behind his head again and started walking once more.

    'Maybe im in the right place after all.' Yusuke thought silently as he kept his steady gaze on the four people. Yusuke stopped walking a little bit ahead of them, looking back. The same serious look from earlier crossed his face and he turned so he was facing them. " Hey. Are you guys here for the tournament... I just need to see if i'm in the right place. I dont think this many people would make the msitake of coming to the wrong place."

    Tag: JMB, greyjedi, Zedd, Zeal
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    Dec 13, 2003

    Outskirts of Avondale, Unknown location, later than 1:00pm

    [blockquote]Kankuro narrowed his eyes at the large newcomer and a scowl crossed his face. "I could ask you the same thing," Kankuro replied curtly, eyeing Broly up and down. It appeared that Kakarot and Gohan knew this man, and it would leave Kankuro at a bit of a disadvantage if he were to face them all at once.

    Just as he was about to take a step backward, yet another newcomer entered the clearing. Was it Kaito? No. Kankuro had a feeling that this teenager wasn't Kaito just because he was as confused about the location as the others were.

    "I dont think this many people would make the msitake of coming to the wrong place." The newest newcomer stated. Kankuro scoffed and ruffled the exposed hair of Karasu.

    "Seems to me like no one knows who this Kaito is or where this tournament of his is at. I don't know about you guys, and I really don't care to be honest, but I'm gonna make sure that I win that tournament and kill Kaito..." Kankuro then restrapped the giant marionette to his back and pushed his way between Goku and the younger newcomer. If they chose to stop him, he had already formed the substitution jutsu on his fingers as he pushed through. They would have quite a few nasty treats in store if they stood in his path now...[/blockquote]

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  20. ZEAL92

    ZEAL92 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 23, 2006

    Broly was suprised as the little man (he's really tall) tried to push by him. Broly let the little man, but still it was rude! Thinking to himself about what to do, he turned to Kakarot again.

    "Can we go somewhere else to talk? I don't want all these people to hear what we're going to talk about" Broly asked, then started to walk to where he'd stopped to eat some berries. It was isolated enough, and far enough away that they wouldn't hear him from here. Broly wasn't sure exactly what he was going to say, but he had a general idea.

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  21. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Outskirts of Avondale

    From his speech and mannerism, Goku could tell that the Ninja was not the friendly sort of fellow. Perhaps carrying that heavy looking sack all around made him cranky.

    "Coming out of the woodwork are we?" The Ninja commented when the big warrior with spiky hair approached.

    "So, is it safe to assume that we're all going to Kaito's Tournament, eh?" Goku ventured, not feeding into the Ninja's not so subtle taunt. The fact that they were a tricksy lot was a well known and documented fact, how tricky was 'this' one, was something that remained to be seen.

    The Ninja looked towards Goku and added another one of his double edged comments.

    "Yeah, but where is he? You would think he'd show his face and greet his fighters and potential successors."

    Before Goku could form an answer, the big warrior spoke up.

    "What is Kaito's tournement? Where are we, and who are you?" The last part of his querry was directed at the ninja.

    "I could ask you the same thing." The Ninja shot back at the big spiky-haired warrior, clearly annoyed. Goku looked at the big warrior and gave him a questioning look. Was it possible that someone who appeared so formidable really didn't know who Kaito was, or about the Tournament. In his opinion, the possibilityt of that happening was astronomical.

    There was no time to ponder the question, as Goku felt another warrior's powerful aura approaching. He partially turned to face in that direction.

    "Hey. Are you guys here for the tournament... I just need to see if i'm in the right place. I dont think this many people would make the mistake of coming to the wrong place."

    Goku gave a friendly laugh at the newcomer's words. It seemed they were all a bit lost together. Inwardly, he was glad that the newcomer was at least amicable. It helped to defuse any potential tension.

    "Seems to me like no one knows who this Kaito is or where this tournament of his is at. I don't know about you guys, and I really don't care to be honest, but I'm gonna make sure that I win that tournament and kill Kaito..." the ninja said gravely, then restrapped the giant sack to his back and pushed his way between Goku and the younger newcomer.

    "Hey..." Goku exclaimed as he regained his footing. The Ninja was being decidedly rude for no apparent reason.

    If he didn't know his way to the Tournament, where did he think he was going anyway?

    Goku felt a measure of ki emanating from the Ninja just then, but he couldn't decipher what it meant.

    "Can we go somewhere else to talk? I don't want all these people to hear what we're going to talk about."

    Goku turned at to face the big warrior who was now speaking. The Z warrior found the big man's speaking pattern and mannerisms somewhat odd. But what could he possibly have to speak to him about. There was only one way to find out.

    "Call me Goku." The Z warrior told the 'group' before he followed the big man.

    "Gohan, stay here and keep your eyes and ears open. Maybe Vegeta or Piccolo are already on their way.

    Goku gave his son a paternal wink, then dashed off.

    Goku reached the big man not too far away from the others, but they were sufficiently out of normal earshot. A saiyan possessed natural senses that were far greater than a normal man's. Goku half smiled when he saw the big man eating berries. His stomach growled and he forced himself to ignore it. Nevertheless, he did not let his guard down as he approached.

    "You know, I still don't know your name..." Goku said to the big man as he sized him up yet again.

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  22. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003

    Outskirts of Avondale, Unknown location, Almost 2:00

    [blockquote]As Kankuro cleared his way past the others, he re-assessed them in his mind. The big one could be a problem, seeing as how he was built like a mountain. The other two, maybe not so much anymore. They aren't ninja, and from what I can tell, they aren't as powerful at first glance. He thought softly, continuing on his straight-line path to wherever the hell he was going.

    Kankuro didn't know and it didn't seem like he cared. Anything to get away from the peanut gallery you know?

    Looks can be deceiving, but that other guy... he was no older than me. In his teens for sure. The Sand Ninja found himself gazing upward again, his eyes closed in deep thought. "One things for sure: those guys sure have an awful lot of chakra. Nothing I can't handle..." The Sand Sibling said looking outward as the forest ended and a grand palace stood before him.

    "Heh," A wicked smile formed on his face. "Must be Kaito's place."[/blockquote]

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  23. Anime_Fan

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    Apr 2, 2005
    IC Yusuke Urameshi
    Outskirts of Avondale

    Yusuke didn't really move when Kankuro walked past him. He took a step back lightly so as not to get too much in the way. Yusuke watched him as he left, sighing lightly. ' That guy doesn't seem so friendly. Better keep my eyes open whenever he's around.' Yusuke sighed lightly, looking at the man clad in red as he followed the bigger guy. The guy in red asked everyone to call him Goku before he left. Yusuke shurgged lightly, placing his hands behind his head.

    " Hm. I wonder if more people are going to show up. Well. See you later." Yusuke walked passed the remaining man, who's name he hadn't learned yet. No he had heard it before. Goku had mentioned it when telling him to keep his eyes and ears open. ' That's right his name is Gohan.' Yusuke sighed as he looked around, stopping. He turned around again, and smiled softly. " Dont stand around too long guys."

    Yusuke then turned around again and walked off, slipping his hands into his pockets. He wasn't really paying attention to where he was going. He was too busy thinking back on what Kayko would say to him once and if he got back home. Yusuke smiled lightly, shaking his head. " Well im going to get an earful that's for sure."

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    IC: Broly

    Broly's fists tightened for a moment, then relaxed again. A smile on his face, he stuck his hand out and said his name, Broly. Broly was conflicted after he'd told kakarot-Goku now- his name. On one hand, he might not remember those battles at all, on the other hand, Goku might decided to up and try to kill him then and there. Either way Broly didn't want to lie to one of the last of his species, so he told the truth.

    Broly waited for a reaction from Goku. He'd surely have one, after all he'd done to his family in the past. That being said, Broly kind of wished he hadn't intro0duced himself. Well its too late now.

  25. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Outskirts of Avondale

    Everything seemed to go very still all at once as Goku heard the Big Warrior speak his name.


    It was as if lightning had struck him and all the memories from that terrible battle came flooding back at him all at once. It was almost overwhelming. The battle against the Legendary Super Saiyan had been a near impossible one. Goku was all but convinced that it had all been a very bad nightmare. But, they had destroyed unstoppable Broly, he was as certain of that fact they way he knew his own name.

    Or so he thought.

    Nothing could explain to him why the one being who could destroy the universe was standing right before him once again....alive and well. If this was some sort of sick joke handed down by the fates, he certainly wasn't laughing.

    "....Broly..." Goku repeated in near disbelief, yet in complete recognition. The Z warrior took a leap backwards and gave himself some space. This wasn't good. He recalled how Broly seemed so placid when they had met and then suddenly turned violent without as much as a hint or warning. Goku had come to see Broly as an unstoppable engine of destruction. A single ki blast from the Legendary Super Saiyan could level several kilometers of forest area as if it were a mere afterthought.

    It just wasn't fair.

    Goku got into a ready stance and his eyes narrowed. However, he did notice that something seemed a little different about Broly. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but regardless, he would be unwise to lower his defenses.


    Goku wondered how much did Broly really remember, besides his name.

    This is worse than any nightmare. I need Vegeta. Fusion might be the only way to defeat him. Goku thought, but made no sudden movements. As he stared at the Legendary Super Saiyan, another thought entered his mind. If they could keep Broly busy during the Tournament and collect the dragon balls, perhaps they could simply "wish" him away. They needed a back-up plan in case Fusion did not work.

    Goku took a quick look around, and found that it was just him and Broly at the moment. Both the newcomer and the somber Ninja had gone, quite likely in search of Kaito's Palace. And though he couldn't see Gohan, Goku felt his presence nearby. Hmm...maybe he should try fusing with Gohan if things got out of hand.

    "That's really incredible Broly..." Goku said carefully. He was honestly amazed that the Legendary Super Saiyan had survived their last attack.

    "I don't think Kaito could have forseen this..." Goku managed a humorless chuckle. "This will be a Tournament unlike any he's ever held...and quite possibly his last."

    Goku straightened up, but did not drop his guard. He really didn't know what to expect of the World's Strongest Tournament, especially now. The Legendary Super Saiyan was the Strongest in the Universe. One thing was for sure, the possibilities were now endless. Whatever was going to happen was certainly going to be big, very big.

    "Well, this all can't be a coincidence." Goku said finally.

    "We....we should go to Kaito's. I wonder what he'll say when he sees you."

    Goku gave a short nod to the Legendary Super Saiyan.

    Silently, he waited for a reaction or a response.

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